Gets for a what she begs

Gets for a what she begs
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I am a college student who has always lived on a farm. Like most typical farms we have cows, horses, pigs, and of course dogs. I have seen my share of animals mating. What I could never understand was why I would get a hard-on when I saw them. Our dogs were never neutered and so many times when they were horny they would wrap themselves around any available leg and hump away.

We always thought it was funny. But again even this caused me to get a hard-on. I was always mostly fascinated with seeing the horses mate because of the huge dong hanging from the horse. The mares weren't always willing and would run off if they weren't in the mood.

But when they were in heat the horse's cock would stiffen, he would mount the mare and fuck away until he planted his seed. I would sometimes get behind a tree to watch and xxx sex chines girl fuck. I attributed my fascination and excitement of watching the animals fuck to just being a typical kid.

I called my parents from college one day to let them know that I was coming home for the weekend. They sadly told me that they would not be home that particular weekend because they were going away to a church retreat. Then they told me that besides the 2 dogs we have ( Rocky and Creed - both just medium sized mutts that we took in as strays), a neighbor that moved gave them a rottweiler named Jumbo.

They told me the neighbor had to come around for a week with the dog because the dog was aggressive around people he didn't know. Once the dog got used to my parents the neighbor left him.

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So they told me to be careful with him when I came home. I came home on Friday evening. As I was parking I saw Rocky and Creed running up toward the car. I saw the rottweiler laying down on the porch just looking. Rocky and Creed jumped up on me as I hugged and petted them. Thye walked beside me as I walked up toward the front porch. At this point the rottweiler stood up and barked at me. I froze in my tracks as I saw Jumbo glare his teeth.

I called out his name but he kept up the menacing bark. Rocky and Creed climbed up the stairs to the porch and Jumbo actually snapped at Rocky. I wasn't sure what to do. I approached the stairs slowly trying to calm Jumbo down by talking to him. He inched forward menacingly barking more ferociously. I stopped in my tracks again and put out a hand talking to Jumbo. He moved forward and snapped at me.

I reacted and fell off the stair I was on falling to the ground. Jumbo rushed me and snapped at my leg. Luckily I moved it in time but I balled up not knowing what to do. I took a peek and saw Jumbo behind me barking loudly.

Suddenly Jumbo lunged at me and knocked me to the ground. He put 2 paws on my back as he barked at me. He suddenly bit at my gorgeous babe in fishnets getting fucked mayhem and started pulling on them.

WTF - I was terrified as he continued to pull on my shorts and pulled them down to my ankles. I then thought he had tried to bite me in the ass but he only nipped me as he grabbed my underwear and also pulled on them. When he had torn them and also had them at my ankles he lunged forward and drove his nose right into my ass crack.

He nipped at me and I instinctively got up on my knees hoping I could somehow take off and run to the car. Jumbo pushed his nose harder against my ass crack and I fell with my face to the ground and my ass up in the air. I suddenly felt Jumbo jump up on my back and I quickly realized he was mounting me in an effort to fuck me.

This scared the heck out of me as I tried to crawl forward. Jumbo then barked right in my ear and nipped my neck with his teeth. I froze in a position dogs know all to well. I was now on my hands and knees as I felt Jumbo get a hold of me with his front paws. I felt his cock poking around my asshole when I suddenly felt him penetrate me.

I yelled in pain as he lunged forward and started fucking me.

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I was afraid to do anything. As he fucked me I started thinking back to the days on the farm when I saw all the animals mating. Unexpectedly I felt my cock growing as Jumbo continued to fuck me. I suddenly started forgetting about the pain and tried to concentrate on the fuck. When I did this I actually started to enjoy it. "Rape me Jumbo. I am not going to fight you any more. Fuck me like I am just another bitch on the farm. OMG I can feel myself getting ready to cum".

I suddenly felt Jumbo grab me tighter and felt something slip inside my ass and realized he got his knot in me. He then fucked me harder as I leaked precum. Then I felt him cum inside my ass which triggered an orgasm from me. My cock started shooting cum with such force I could not believe it. Jumbo continued to shoot cum inside my ass for another p v big booty jeans minutes.

When he finished he pulled out and walked away. My ass was sore as hell as I got up. I looked at Jumbo and since he did not bark at me any more I made my way up the stairs of the porch and into the house. As I walked up to the porch I noticed Rocky and Creed had their cocks peeking out. I went inside and took a shower. I couldn't believe what had just happened.

After I cleaned up I got something to eat. Then I went to the door and saw all 3 dogs on the porch. I didn't know if my parents allowed Jumbo inside altho Rocky and Creed were allowed.

I noticed my parents had left them food and water in their bowls outside on the porch. I opened the screen door slowly. Rocky and Creed quickly got up and stood by the door. I quickly let them in as I looked at Jumbo who stayed there laying on the porch. I went and sat down on the sofa with Rocky and Creed laying on the floor in front of me. I turned the TV on and watched some shows. I drifted off to sleep and was awakened the next morning when I noticed Rocky was licking my crotch thru my shorts.

"Rock NO"! He backed off but I noticed he had his cock peeking out. Thinking back to last night I got to wandering what it would be like to let Rocky fuck me or even if he would for that matter. Just for the heck of it I got down on the floor on my hands and knees. Rocky walked up to me and nudged at my asshole the way Jumbo had done. I realized that I wasn't getting excited. My cock did not show any reaction even as Rocky climbed up on my back and began to dry hump me. I felt Rocky release some precum on my leg and quickly got up.

Creed was laying in a corner watching the scene. I then went to the kitchen and made myself some breakfast. I had brought some homework so after breakfast I decided to do some of that. I drifted off to sleep again and got up around 3pm. Rocky and Creed were laying on the floor. I walked to the door and Jumbo was there looking at me. Suddenly he barked at me menacingly like he had the day before. Old age women blue films startled me as I took a step back.

My mind wandered to what happened yesterday and my cock suddenly started getting hard. "Holy shit - I think I want Jumbo to rape me again. It wasn't the same when I let Rocky hump me willingly".

Those thoughts gave me a raging hard-on. I went back and sat on the sofa taking all sexy latina sucks and rides a boner in. After about 15 minutes I went back to the door. I didn't see Jumbo on the porch. I needed to get something out of the car and figured I would take a chance that Jumbo was off somewhere.

I opened the door slowly. Rocky and Creed both sneaked past me and went outside to run around. I still didn't see Jumbo. I slowly walked out and stood on the porch. I didn't see Jumbo. I started to walk toward the car. When I was about half-way there I heard a low growl. I froze in my tracks. I looked back and saw Jumbo looking at me menacingly. I took off toward the car.

Big mistake. Jumbo was faster and jumped up and knocked me down to the ground. I tried to get up but Jumbo nipped at my leg and forced me down again. Just like yesterday he then lunged at my ass and grabbed my shorts. He pulled them down. I tried to move again as he lunged at my ass and grabbed my underwear. He didn't even bother to pull them as he just ripped them apart and again dove his nose up my ass crack. I puckered up as he managed to get me on my hands and knees again.

I felt my dick harden as I felt Jumbo mount me and begin to poke his cock around my asshole.

As he found the mark and drove his cock into slutty curvy milf tiffany blake picked up and fucked by bbc I released precum upon penetration of my asshole. I instinctively moved forward which made Jumbo nip at my neck to make me stay still. I did and Jumbo gripped me tighter and started to fuck me hard.

It didn't hurt as much as yesterday since my asshole was no longer virgin. He was fucking me hard as my cock kept growing and throbbing in anticipation of cumming. As I felt Jumbo slip his knot inside me I released more precum. He fucked me even harder. I then felt him cum inside me as I once again released a strong string of cum that shot out of my cock. I even pushed back against his cock as he kept squirting his cum in me. He stayed tied to me for about 10 minutes when I felt him tug trying to slip his knot out.

He couldn't but managed to turn around and leave us ass to ass. This hurt but forced more cum out of my cock. He was able to slip his knot out 5 minutes later.

I leaked a lot of cum out of my ass as I felt it drip down my legs. As Jumbo walked off to lick his cock I picked up and headed back inside. Rocky and Creed followed me and again I noticed they had their cocks peeking out. I felt bad for them as I knew they wanted to get some action as well. I also realized I wasn't going to enjoy it unless I felt they were raping me like Jumbo had done twice already.

I had to come up with something. I went inside and showered. I prepared some dinner after cleaning up. I then went to the sofa to watch TV. Rocky jumped up on the sofa next to me. I could see his cock peeking out. I slipped my cock out of my shorts.

Rocky put his head on my lap and started to lick it. "No Rocky". He kept licking. "Rocky no" I said as I got off the sofa. To my surprise Rocky jumped off the sofa and stood in front of me barking. I turned to walk away and suddenly Rocky nipped at my foot and kept barking. My cock began to swell. I kept walking and suddenly Rocky jumped up on me knocking me to the floor. I tried to get up but Rocky bit me in the ass and got hold of my shorts tugging on them. I kept trying to get away but it just allowed Rocky to pull my shorts down.

He then nipped at my ass again and grabbed my underwear. As I tried to get away he tore them exposing my ass. "Rocky no" I said again as my cock began to throb.

Rocky suddenly mounted me and started to hump me. As I kept moving forward Rocky then nipped at my neck still humping and as he did he suddenly penetrated my asshole. He then started fucking me fast and hard as my cock spewed precum.

I then saw Creed come over. He was watching us and his cock was peeking out. I felt Rocky grip me tighter as he gave a big lunge forward and I felt his knot slip in. At this point I shot some cum. Creed came over and licked it off the rug. Then I felt Rocky cumming inside me which triggered my cumming harder. Creed licked up every drop. Rocky stayed tied to me for about 10 minutes. As he slipped his knot out of my ass I noticed Creed had moved behind me. He quickly tried to mount me as Rocky got off.

I tried to get up and Creed bit my leg. I flinched as Creed jumped up and mounted me. Before I could move to get away he had penetrated my ass and started fucking me even harder than Rocky did. I couldn't believe I was getting raped by both of my dogs just like I was hoping. It was the only way I found this exciting. These dogs knew how to fuck. Creed was fucking me so hard he was actually making me inch forward with each thrust.

My cock was throbbing again when I felt Creed slip his knot in me. As he did this I pushed back hard and began to meet Creed's thrusts. This triggered a her tight pussy gets fingered and fucked brunette latina of cum shooting out of my cock as I then felt Creed shoot his load deep inside me. As Creed kept spewing his cum inside me I kept pushing back. My cock kept spasming and dripping cum.

Oh this felt so good. When Creed pulled out of me 15 minutes later I was spent. My ass was a little sore from taking a double fuck. I then got up and started heading for the stairs when I saw Rocky coming toward me. Just in case he was thinking of another round I bolted up the stairs to go wash up. As I showered I started thinking that I hope my dogs don't suddenly become aggressive toward me or anyone else, especially my parents.

When I came downstairs both dogs were lying on the rug. I sat down to watch TV and big brother reality show 2019 sex scene hungary dogs just stayed there. That was a good sign. My parents would be back tomorrow morning. My ass still being a bit sore I wasn't sure if I could go another round with Jumbo later this evening.