Big tit blonde student and ass gym when a stranger calls

Big tit blonde student and ass gym when a stranger calls
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Daddy said thank you for your comments and he will do his utmost to make me pay for making him look silly. What this entails I cannot say but he has read all the comments and is furious with the results and me.

I haven't been allowed to have sex for about a week now but I have been present when mum, Tina and Dad have had visitors over and engaged in all kinds of lovely sex in front of me. Daddy won't even allow me to aletta ocenna evde yatakta pornolari anybody, just sit there and watch.

I'm not game to relieve the constant pressure in my balls and they are now causing me some pain and feel swollen to the touch.

Daddy has told mum to sleep with me every night in the nude and make sure I don't have a nocturnal emission as this would make him even angrier. My spelling isn't good but I have tried to make it more readable to try and make Daddy happy………&hellip. Dear Diary- I was awake early and found myself spooning with Angie with my morning piss hard on between the cheeks of her arse so I started to rub it and she pushed back further into me gangbang budak kedah 12 tahun I used the pre cum oozing from my cock to lubricate her arse and pushed the knob in.

There was no response from Angie except a slight moan so I lay there with just the knob in and relaxed but the temptation to go further made me push ever so lightly into her and my cock started to disappear into her arse hole. When it had finally got right in I just lay there again and still no real reaction from Angie except the occasional groan or a slight movement as though moving in her sleep.

This was a new experience for me and I decided I liked it very much with just the heat of her arse and the slightest of movements keeping my cock hard inside her. The pressure to piss was building and I decided to give Angie a piss enema and released a stream into her arse that kept going and going and her already extended belly was getting more and more swollen as the piss entered.

Angie woke up and tried to pull away but it was too late and I held her in place until I had finished with nothing stopping the piss coming out except my rock hard cock.

I rolled her on her stomach and pulled my cock out and told her that if she wet my bed I would tell her father and he would not be very pleased with his daughter. Angie got up and I could see her visibly trying to tighten her sphincter to stop the piss from leaking out and when that wasn't sufficient she plugged her arse with a finger and made her way to the toilet to evacuate her bowels.

I went and took a shower and went down for breakfast. As I passed the lounge we saw that Tina was still lying there where we had left her last night and after making sure she was just asleep those present all had a very good meal and a few drinks and started to plan the next day and a half with Tina and Angie as the guests of honour although some of us wanted to taste the delights of Robert once african hottie outdoor fucking white rod interracial ethnic and ebony. Robert was so enthusiastic after being able to fuck real women and a man woman that he wanted to start straight away but dad told him to pace himself as it was still a long way to go before we had to part.

We all went into the lounge room as woke Tina who looked like a startled rabbit caught in headlights until she realised where she was and who we were. Mum and Joan took her up the mum's room for a shower and a repair job just leaving the four of us to our own devices.

Dad suggested that Angie get on her hands and knees and suck each of our dicks in turn for a minute each until we came and the one that came first would suggest the next game to play and sit out that game until the next round.

As Robert was too big Angie to suck she was allowed to give him a hand job and she set to work, first on Dads cock which she throated straight away and after a minute changed to Brads cock and did the same and then onto Roberts cock before turning her attentions to mine. I survived the first minute and she repeated the process, each man trying as hard as possible to not cum but after the fourth round her dad, Brad, couldn't hold it back and splattered her throat with his spunk.

Brad then told her to lie on her back on the couch and each man would just put his knob into her cunt for a minute and she would use her muscles only to milk our spunk. As Angie had got to Brad last it was Roberts turn and it took him almost pregnant girl enjoys home sex with friends mins to get the knob into her cunt and Angie tried to milk him but he was too big for her muscles to react properly and after a minute I placed my cock in her cunt and as she tried to milk me I realised that going after Robert gave me an advantage as her cunt took some time to return to normal size so all I got was some mild stimulation until it was Dads turn and her cunt was now able to grab his cock and work on it with a vengeance but somehow Dad resisted and it was Roberts turn again and this time his cock entered quite quickly into her and she did mange to give him a little extra massage.

This went on for some time and the other women had returned before Dad finally gave way and spurted into Angie's cunt.

Dad told Angie to bend over the back of the couch and hold on as each of the rest of us would have a minute in her arse and that included Robert. The look of fear in Angies' eyes was something to behold and we were on tenterhooks to see if she could take the monster but it was Brads turn first and he easily inserted his knob into her arse and we could see the concentration on Angie's face as she worked her sphincter to milk his cock.

The minute was up and the moment we had all been waiting for arrived as Robert moved in behind Angie and with and great deal of lube tried to force his knob into her arse. Angie tried to move forward to escape the beast but her belly stopped her from moving to far and Robert pushed and pushed and then asked the women to hold Angies arse cheeks apart so he could get better and wider access.

The women jumped at the chance and pulled her cheeks as far apart as the could and we watched as the knob slowly started to enter her hole until it was in and sealed her arse so that even if he did spunk no spunk would be able to escape. He stood there with a look of triumph on his face until the minute was up and he realised that Angie's muscles had had a spam of some sort and his cock was captured in a vice like grip that was starting to cause him some pain.

We tried to pull him out but to no avail and the girls tried to pull her arse cheeks further apart but no amount of push or pulling was having the desired affect. It was then decided that the women give what was left of his cock sticking out of her arse a hand lob so that once he spunked in her his cock would become soft enough to pull out.

It was difficult as his cock wasn't that long and only one girl at a time could wank him and then only an inch or two at the most. I remembered that he enjoyed an arse fuck and moved behind him and lubed my cock and stuck it up his arse and the extra stimulation caused him to spunk and I continued to fuck him until I to spunked and slowly his cock started to go soft and after a while we were able to pull them apart to cheers all-round.

Angie was in some distress so we carried her to the lounge and laid her down and decided to continue the game with Tina as the object of our lust. As it was my turn but I had just spunked up Roberts arse I let Dad have a go at her arse so we put her over the back of the lounge and Dad quickly lubed his cock and placed the knob in and told Tina to masturbate him with her arse muscles as Angie had been doing.

As Tina wasn't as accomplished as the other women it took her some time to work out how to use the muscles but it was too late for Dad and Brad took over and then myself and around we went without Robert as he was still smarting punished teen he know where the taco shop is the squeezing his knob has endured until Dad once again was first to let his load go.

Dad the suggested that the lucky guy gets to fuck a blonde babe try Tina out whilst our cocks recuperated and the girls surrounded Tina and started to make plans as to what they would do to her and how they would do it.

Angie, although still somewhat groggy didn't want to miss out on the fun and it was decided that the men would be used as tethers to hold Tina in any position that the girls wanted and we all agreed as long as we didn't have to use our cocks for a while.

It was first decided that we would hold Tina's legs blonde milf is to horny not do it on webcams in the splits whilst she was face down over the back of the lounge and the sex xxx vedesex stories com could take turns at licking and sucking her cunt and arse until she was ready to cum and then stop and let her subsided before doing it again and again until one of them took her over the edge.

We watched as these very talented women worked on Tina and we could feel her legs quivering and see the colour of her body change as she neared orgasm and the women stopped, had a drink and a chat before starting again until Tina was on the verge again and they stopped and waited and this went on for about 30 minutes and Tina was becoming hard to hold as she wiggled and tried to thrust he body back into these mouths that were giving her so much pleasure but wouldn't allow her to finish off.

Joan finally was the one who didn't stop soon enough and as her tongue penetrated Tina's arse for the umpteenth time Tina let out a shriek like a banshee and came in buckets as the juices spurted out of her cunt and over the upturned faces of the waiting women who tried to get every drop that flowed. Tina went as limp as a dishcloth and we lowered her legs to the floor but she was unable to support her weight and sank to the floor as the women licked each others faces and necks for the nectar.

After a short break we were asked to lift her back onto the back of the couch but this time on her back so that her torso was upside down with her head resting on the seat of the lounge. This time the women decided to fist fuck her cunt and as Angie had the smallest hand she was allowed to go first and lubed her tight amateur blonde babe pussy railed at the pawnshop spycam and petite and started to introduce her fingers one by one into Tina's cunt until they and her thumb were all in and then she pressed forward and her hand slowly entered Tina's cunt until it was up to the wrist Angie was wearing a bracelet that was rather tight on her wrist and we made bets on how far she could move the bracelet up her arm by burying her hand further in to Tina.

It was good fun for us as we bet sexual favours with each other and Angie continued to push further and further until Tina pleaded with her to stop, which she did and then withdrew her hand and we marvelled at the distance that it had been up her. Dad won the bet and I was obliged to get on my hands and knees and suck his cock until he came in my throat a task that was bliss to me and I welcomed the opportunity to suck my Dads cock again and taste his spunk. Whilst I was sucking Dad, Joan whose hand was slightly larger than Angies started to fist fuck Tina in long slow strokes making sure the tips of her fingers never quite left her cunt before going back in as far as possible and Tina started to hump back a much as possible on the intruder.

Joan moved to one side after a minute and mum then had her chance to do the fist fucking and she took to it with a vengeance making Tina scream each time her hand and arm went right in until she slowed and told Angie to slide her hand in beside hers and the women double teamed her cunt with both hands acting as one.

Mum then told Angie to remove her hand and Joan to use hers and they continue to fist shcool sex techar free dawonlode best storys com this young body mercilessly until Tina succumbed to pleasure and orgasmed again just about the same time Dad unloaded his spunk into my mouth and throat and I was in heaven. Tina however was in a kind of limbo awareness, neither unconscious or conscious and lay there on the back of the couch unsupported, dribbling fluids down out of her cunt over her arse and onto the lounge fabric.

We left her there for a while and had a drink or two and then paired off to enjoy an evening alone with just one person. Dad chose Angie and her swollen belly and huge tits whilst Brad chose Robert and I was left with mum.

Tina needed as break so she just curled up and went to sleep on the lounge whilst we repaired to our various rooms to enjoy our partners. Dear Diary- Mum, I couldn't believe my luck, mum brutalclips stretching her pussy to its eveready and facial I together, just meters way from Dads room but it may as well been a mile as we lay on the bed and I rolled over her and supporting myself on my arms and kissed her fully on the mouth like a lover and she responded in kind and our tongues mingled together and we both knew that this was the start of something completely new in our relationship.

The kiss lasted what seemed like ages before mum pushed me away and straddled my body with her legs on either side and I saw the magnificent breasts just inches from my face and raised my head and sucked first one and then the other nipple until both were rock hard. Mum then lowered her head and did the same to me and we rubbed out breasts together and my cock already as hard as a rock was caught between my belly and hers and she moved ever so slightly causing me to belly fuck her until she raised herself a bit and using one hand guided my cock into her wet cunt and she sat down until we were locked together with no space between us.

I wasn't game to move and stopped mum from moving because I knew that if she did I would cum to quickly and have to wait until we could continue so we just lay there together with just or pulses doing the work and for the first time since becoming a cum slut I actually focussed on the cunt I was in and who it belonged to, the heat, the texture and then different feelings that I was discovering.

I rolled mum off me and took up a position between her legs which I held up in the air with my arms and my cock found that waiting cunt again and I started to slowly fuck my mother, running my tongue up and down her legs, bending forward to take a nipple in my mouth and tease it with my tongue or kiss my mother again and again on the lips as though my life depended on it.

We rocked together for what seemed like a lifetime until we both started to feel the imminent arrival of my orgasm and this triggered mums orgasm and we both came together with little cries of pleasure and pain and I collapsed onto her body and we lay there entwined and fell asleep in each others arms.

I awoke to the feeling of a hot mouth on my cock and looked down between my legs straight into my mother's gorgeous eyes as she deep throated me and ran her tongue around my cock.

I was in a quandary as I wanted her to continue but also wanted her to stop but the feelings in my cock soon made up my mind and I relaxed and enjoyed the sensations of that talented mouth enjoying its work and the look in her eyes as we kept eye contact the whole time. I really don't know whether it was that eye contact or the knowledge that this was my mother or the feeling of her mouth or a combination of all three but I soon found that I was going to cum very quickly and asked mum to stop, but she just smiled and continued to suck me until I filled her mouth with my spunk and I spilled what seemed to be a gallon into her and when she felt I had finished she took my cock out and showed me the spunk in her mouth before she swallowed the whole load, never once taking her eyes off me and then proceeded to lick my cock clean.

We lay together for a while to recover then decided to have a look in the other bedrooms at what the others were doing so we quietly moved to Dads room and inside we saw Robert on his hands ands knees with Dad fucking his arse and Brad fucking his throat. Dad was really pounding into Robert which made Brads cock go right down his throat and Robert was helping by moving backwards and then forwards against the cocks that invaded him.

Suddenly Brad shook and we knew he was spurting in Roberts throat and mouth and seeing this Dad started to shudder as he unloaded into Roberts arse. Angie who for the most part was just an onlooker took the opportunity to suck her dads cock and balls and then suck my Dads before turning her attention to Robert and the spunk flowing out of his arse. The men looked up and saw us and expressed the wish that we had had a restful sleep and we looked at each other and smiled and mum replied that indeed that was so.

We all retired to the kitchen and had a meal and relaxed and it was only then that we remembered Tina who was found still sleeping on the couch so we roused her and I carried her up to my bedroom and put her to bed.

Soon dusk started to fall and it was time for us to part, but not before we made plans to have another party in the near future with some other invited guests and the thought of that gave me a hard on that as a parting gesture was deep throated by Joan until I came. We were all physically and mentally fatigued and soon after our guests left we found ourselves in our own rooms and after a shower and the usual ablutions we drifted off into a well earned sleep.

Dear Diary- Dad is pleased with Tina and often spends the night with her alone which means that mum and I get to fulfil our needs together in private which is great but now I get jealous when Dad brings home a client for mum and I have to watch as she services these people and I have to help. I realise the Dad has the power over all of us but more and more I want my mother to myself and often fantasise about her when I am the one doing the servicing.

But I digress. It had been a slow 2 months for us and Tina had been taken to the lad that does our piercings and had her nipples done and her labia with an extra piercing above her clit with a ring through it that rubbed her clit every time she moved so she was always in a state of heightened sexual arousal at all times.

When we went out to the shops she would leave little puddles of juice on any chair she sat on and the smell of her sex really attracted the men and some women to her which meant we always had a goodly amount of money to spend as she put out for these people in toilet stalls, change rooms and where ever there was some privacy. Mum and I also added our bit but it was Tina who raked in most of the money on those days. After one such shopping day after we had divested ourselves of our street clothes and washed up that Dad told us the in two days time we would be required to host a party for five Afro-Americans off the latest navy ship to enter the port and that if it went well we would be on the list, unofficial that is, for places that were clean and disease free for servicemen to visit during their stays.

This was certainly a prize to win but the thought of mum being fucked by those men saddened me a little but once we got together and started to make plans for the day I forgot all about it. Mum decided to colour my below shoulder length hair an Ash Blonde colour as it suited my looks and we also decided to put long curls in Tina's red locks like the little girl in Interview with a Vampire.

Mum was going to put a black rinse through her hair to give it that green/black look that really suited her eyes. We would dress Tina in a red bustier with a quarter cup bra, a pair of red crutch less knickers and red fishnet stockings and red high heels whilst I would wear a special wrap round bra that showed the bottom of my tits but covered the rest as it was gathered at the middle of my tits with a sting tie that did up around my neck but around the back was about 6 inches wide, a white garter belt that had a heart shaped centre in the front and two sting straps that went up over my hips and crossed over in the back to hold it in place where the sides which went around the tops of my thighs met and white panties, white fishnet stockings and white high heels and mum would wear a purple bustier with a quarter cup bra, purple garter belt and fishnet stockings and purple high heel shoes.

My cock and balls would be pulled back and hidden until one of the men found out the truth and then I would only wear the ball stretcher that I had grown to love and no panties. All of us would wear weights on our pierced nipples with the little cages that made the nipples appear even larger and the women would wear weights on the piercings in their labia's.

Having made all the arrangements and making sure there was plenty of alcohol in the bar a fridge and especially some of Dads favourite drink which although slightly alcoholic had something else in it that acted on the sexual organs of both men and women and kept them going for hours, we retired for the night in separate beds so as not to indulge ourselves as usual and spent the next day cleaning the house, putting clean linen on the beds in the rooms and making sure that everything was spot on, including a session with the wax and tweezers as any stray hairs were promptly removed from our bodies and we went to bed that night with a heightened expectation of tomorrows events.

We rose early and started our preparations with each of us helping with the makeup of the others and giggling like little school girls getting ready for their first dates and by the appointed time of 2pm we were waiting and ready for the day to begin.

Dad was first to enter and introduced some of the most handsome men we had seen in a long time and they were real gentlemen although somewhat startled by the mode of dress tamanna without dress sex images had adopted and one by one they kissed our hands and escorted us into the lounge room and we all sat there with a fervent teen is gaping spread hole in close up and having orgasm you could cut with a knife.

Dad told mum to get some snacks and a drink for the men and for Tina and I to help her and we could feel their eyes on us as we went into the kitchen and poured 9 of dads special drinks into long stemmed glasses and got the prepared snacks from the fridge and re entered the lounge and went from man to man giving then not only a drink and a snack but a good view of what was on offer later.

It was then that Dad did something that he had never done before and excused himself as he had a previous appointment and wouldn't be back until tomorrow night. I later found out that he spent the night at Brad and Joan's and fucked Angie who has only given birth 3 weeks ago and was craving cock and someone besides her daughter to suck her milk laden tits.

So there we were alone with these men and mum suggested that they might feel more comfortable if they divested themselves of their clothes and that we would be more than willing to help.

We moved to the men and started to run our hands over their bodies and especially their crotches and soon we had five guys with raging hard ons getting out of their clothes as fast as they could and these huge black cocks sticking out in front like a policemen's truncheon, hard and thick and as black as the ace of spades, no offence meant, with large purple knobs on the ends and huge ball sacks hanging below.

Mum then dropped to her knees and took the closest cock into her mouth and licked and sucked the knob before sliding her mouth over it and into her throat. The other guys gave a roar of approval and moved to Tina and I and offered their cocks to us and we obliged by sucking and licking and swallowing as much as possible while giving a hand job to the ones without a mouth for their cocks. The man I was sucking started to set up a slow rhythm as he rocked back and forth in my throat and pretty soon I felt his knob swell and his hands on the back of my head pushing me further onto his cock as he jetted spurt after spurt of lovely cum into me and I endeavoured to swallow it all.

Tins was having a bit of trouble stopping the man she was sucking from ripping her throat apart but he soon came and she was able to slip his cock from her mouth and relax.

We asked the guys to at least give us a little respect as we were quite capable of making them come in a variety of ways without them having to resort to any violence and the man Tina had been sucking apologised and said it was over 4 months since any of them has had real sex and they were a bit toey. The two guys we had been wanking then put their cocks in our mouths and we proceeded to give them a nice slow throat job until they too exploded in us and Tina and I turned to each other and gave each other a passionate kiss that mingled the spunk together before we swallowed the latest load.

Mum in the meantime had been taking her time and finally she was rewarded with a mouthful of cum which h she swirled around her mouth and finally swallowed for all to see. The guys sat back and invited us to sit on their knees so that they could avail themselves of the goodies we had to offer and Mum and Tine sat between two guys each and I sat with the last bloke.

He went to work on my tits pushing my bra up and exposing my nipples which he sucked and bit and teased with his mouth and tongue and I used my hand to arouse his cock once more and then the moment of surprise when he thought that he would get a handful of cunt but instead found a cock and balls as his hand went between my legs.

To say he was surprised was an understatement and we didn't know if he would accept the fact that he was actually caressing a man instead of a girl. He pushed me off his lap and told me to take off my panties and there I stood with my tits exposed and my cock and balls on show and the men forgot about mum and Tina and started to have a good feel of me especially my cock to make sure it was real and told me to parade before them in all my glory and I walked around, struck lewd poses and slowly masturbated my cock.

Mum bought the ball stretcher out and her and Tina fastened it to me and attached a small lead and the men took pleasure in leading me around by my balls pulling so that my already stretched balls stretched even further and the more they stretched them the harder my cock got.

After a lot of laughing and crude joking mum decided that to stop a free for all and make sure everybody was accommodated that we should play our favourite game of Musical Pricks, so she asked the men to sit down, three on the couch and two on separate lounge chairs and she went up the first and lowered herself onto his cock so that it went right to the hilt in her cunt and slowly rode him for 30 seconds before hoping off and moving to the next one and doing the same for all five explaining as she went that the girls would fuck each and every man for a short time each and repeat this until one blew his load at which mexicana se deja follar por el palomero he would sit to the side whilst the girls continued to fuck the others until all the guys had spunked.

She also told them that I would lick and suck their cocks to clean them after they had been eliminated. When she had finished the five Tina sunny leone first virgin sex defloration story free download to the first man and the routine started again although Tina was having a bit of trouble getting some of the cock all the way in as they were to say the least quite a bit bigger than we were used to but towards the end of her turn her cunt was so lubricated that she easily slipped down on each one.

Mum then took over again and it was about the fifth turn over that man number two unloaded into Tina's cunt and he moved aside to allow her to continue onto the others.

It wasn't long before they all started to come and mum collected two loads in the next round and I was kept busy cleaning their cocks and balls with my mouth. Finally Tina finished the last two off and after I had done my duty we all sat round and relaxed for a couple of minutes before mum asked the last man to come what was his preference and he replied that it was time to sample the delights of my arse on their cocks, but only after I had licked and sucked both mums and Tina's cunts clean of any stray spunk which I did with relish .

The men then sat back in their respective places and I got mum to lube my arse well and went to the first man and sat down on his cock. As we had separated the men into cock size this was the smallest cock but still took some getting into my arse and it was only by pulling my arse cheeks apart and wiggling down that I was able to sit on his lap and his cock housed as far as it would go. It felt lovely to have my arse once again filled with cock and as an added bonus mum was pulling the lead on my mammy and son xxx fack stretching them longer and longer.

I started my movements up and down this cock just rising enough so that the knob stayed in and then plunging back down until the whole cock was in and I felt him getting harder and harder but the time was up so I moved to the next man and sat on his cock which although slightly bigger than the previous one slipped in quite quickly and soon I was again impaled to the hilt on a lovely cock. I wasted no time and repeated the performance and then moved to the next and the next all the while the bigger cocks stretching my arse and going deeper into me.

I went back to the first man and had only just inserted his cock before he came in a rush, flooding my arse with what seemed like gallons of cum.

I sat right down on his cock and waited until his spurts stopped and then raised myself off him and moved to the next man. Tina lovely fuck for my secretory on an office table over to the first man and sucked and licked his cock clean and waited for the next man to fill me.

I got to the last man with the biggest cock and after about 15 seconds of fucking he too unloaded into my arse shouting way up into my bowels with each spurt and after waiting for him to finish I moved between the men left and fucked each one with my arse until all three had spunked into me.

I felt like my belly was going to burst as the accumulated spunk was better than any enema I had ever had and after Tina had cleaned all the men they told mum and her to lie side by side with their heads togetherone one way, and one the other so that their legs were opposite to each other and then told me to squat over their heads.

I did so and the men held me up and two grabbed my arse cheeks and pulled them apart and the stored up spunk started to dribble out of me, to become a torrent as I bore down, all over the women's faces and they tried in vain to get as much as possible into their mouths. When I was empty the men lifted me off and mum and Tina turned to each other and licked all the escaped spunk off each others faces and necks. We all needed a rest and mum went to the kitchen and returned with drinks and some finger food to keep our stamina up and we just collapsed where we were and rested.

Tina was between to of the men and mum took her place between two of the others on the chaise whilst I went over the last man and we just cuddled and relaxed and allowed our bodies to recuperate. The men of course wanted to continue to feel us up and have their cocks seen to and it wasn't long before they were up and ready again and I saw mum being lifted onto one man who was still seated on the chaise, facing him and his cock well and truly sheathed in her cunt whilst the other one went behind her and shoved his cock into her arse and she was filled to capacity and moving between them so that their cocks sawed in and out of her.

The guys with Tina thought that was a great idea so they positioned Tina in the same way and in a flash she was also being double teamed. The bloke I was with made me sit facing away from him on his lap with his cock entering my arse and going all the way in while he massaged my breasts and twisted the nipples and pulled the lead on my balls up towards my head as hard as he could stretching them to the limit before releasing them and slowly masturbating my prick.

The cries and moans and the smell of sex filled the air and we realised that these men had already come several times so this fucking would be a long one before we got our rewards. For the first time in a while I could see that mum was really getting into it as she had the two biggest cocks in her but it was something else, maybe the thought that Dad wasn't present or that maybe if we finished these men off, she and I could spend some quality time together as we had become lovers in the true sense over the last weeks curvy adorable chick rides a thick cock smalltits homemade took every opportunity to be together whether sexually or just friends.

Tina whispered something to the man in her arse and he withdrew and placed his cock beside that of his friend in her cunt and I watched as it opened and both cocks entered her cunt and both men moved together filling her up with spunk as the friction of her cunt and the two cocks caused them to unload into her and I could see the cum leaking out although she was still fully plugged.

Tina allowed the softening cocks to slip out of her and she quickly got down to the task of cleaning them up with her tongue and mouth. The men fucking mum decided to go one better and stopped fucking her, took their cocks out and turned her around and guided the man sitting downs cock into her arse and the other man lifted her legs and guided his cock into her arse as well.

Mum went off like an express train as the two cocks filled her up to the hilt and her body bucked and shuddered as her orgasm refused to subside and she cried out and screamed and this caused one of the men to spunk in her and the feeling must have been too much for the other man as he also came in her arse and both men just stopped as waited for mum to also stop and then withdrew their cocks and lay her down on the chaise and presented her with their cocks to clean and Tina her arse to clean.

As for me I was slowly moving up and down the rigid cock in my arse not wanting this moment to end and as I felt him start to stiffen even more I stopped and waited until he relaxed a bit before starting my slow ride again and did this several times until he grabbed me and forced me up and down his growing cock and released his spunk into me in spurt after lovely spurt before allowing me to sit back down on his cock and feel the hotness of his spunk forcing its way past his cock towards my arse hole.

His cock became really soft and I could no longer hold it in and it plopped out and the spunk followed coating his cock and balls and I turned around and licked and sucked to get every drop that had escaped.

We had been at this for several hours and we all decided to take a major break so mum showed the men to the guest rooms and asked them who they would like to have a nap with. The man with the biggest cock wanted me to join him and his friend agreed that it would be great if the three of us shared a bed together whilst Tina and another one of the men paired off and mum was left with the other two chaps.

We had something to eat and drink and retired to our respective rooms and just fell asleep together as we were all very tired and worn out. Dear Diary- I awoke the next morning lying between the men who had had their pleasure with me the day before and I sat up and watched as they slept. I was intrigued by their flaccid cocks lying on their thighs and impulsively positioned my self so that I could take one or the other into my mouth.

I was very careful to just lift one cock and place it in my mouth so that it just touched to back of my throat and I just lay there not moving just allowing the cock to rest in my mouth where the heat and moisture started to bring it alive and I felt it stirring in my mouth and pair of sisters bribe their car salesman into a threesome got bigger and bigger and slowly made its way into my throat and when fully erect I removed my mouth and rolled over to do the same to the other man.

It was heaven as I felt it at first soft like a baby and then harden with each growing second until once again I was deep throating a huge cock. I removed my mouth once again and slipped quietly out of bed and made my way to mums room where I heard the unmistakeable sounds of fucking and I looked in and saw mum sandwiched between the men with a cock in her arse and one in her cunt.

I walked in and climbed on the bed and presented mum with my cock to suck and she took it in her mouth and sucked it right back into her throat and tongued my balls and it wasn't long before I felt that feeling that starts in your balls and slowly moves up your cock when the spunk is starting to rise and I held her head firmly and unloaded my pent up spunk into her mouth until my cock started to go soft at which point I pulled my cock out and left the room to fix breakfast for us all.

Having made breakfast with Tina's help we called everybody into the kitchen and we all ate a hearty meal and then we told the men that we were going to our rooms to freshen up and do our makeup and we would be pleased to wear anything they desired if it was in our extensive wardrobes. The men said they didn't really care what we wore as long as they had easy access to our cunts cocks and arses so we retired and started the day with a long shower, blow dried our hair and styled it, put on makeup and then decided what to wear.

The first item for me was the ball stretcher which had become almost part of my body and we all agreed to wear the same outfits but in different colours. My colour was white to match my Ash blonde hair, mums were black to match hers and Tina's was red to match hers.

Our outfits consisted of rubber leggings/stockings with rubber garter belts and a rubber bustier without any bra cups and of course the obligatory colour matched high heels. Add to this old crock loves juvenile bodies oldvsyoung and hardcore nipple rings were also colour coded and the rings in the girl's cunts matched their chosen colour whilst the rings through my cock did the same to me. We all had weights that were hung from the various rings and I had a lead attached to my ball stretcher so I could be led around.

We looked pretty special when fully dressed and there would be no need to take anything off to have any kind of sex.

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After a final check that we were ready we made our way down stairs to the boys and the wolf whistles was proof enough that we had done a good job.

We paraded for the men and gave them a good look at the wares that although they had already partaken, were now presented anew. Apparently the men had decided that they wanted to have us one by one with those waiting to help maintain their erections and help in any way that was necessary and mum was their first choice, so the escorted her to the chaise longue and lying her down each man took a turn at licking and sucking her cunt and clit and mum was soon having orgasm after orgasm, with her fluids literally flowing out of her and coating the men's faces which they presented to either Tina or I to lick clean after every turn.

When they decided that they had had enough they took hold of mum by the arms and legs and lifting her moved to where the odd man out was standing and told me to fit his cock into her cunt, which I did and then they started to move her backwards and forwards faster and faster until the man in her cunt came and then they changed places so then one of the others could put his cock into her cunt and fuck her the same way. Tina and I were instructed to get underneath her and lick up any of the spunk that dribbled out of her and of course help the men enter her.

This was quite a good deal of fun and Tina and myself vied for every last drop that spilled from mum as well as making sure the other men were hard enough to enter her at a moments notice. After all five of the men had filled her they cast her aside and took hold of Tina who they made sit on their respective faces whilst they gave her a good licking and it wasn't long before Tina in her usual fashion was gushing all over them.

I was in heaven as it was my job to clean them up and the more she gushed the more I had to drink. Mum had recovered somewhat and joined me in the cleaning process and every now and then I would turn to her and we would kiss passionately using the juices as an chloe callahan tranny full story. The men decided to double team Tina so one of them lay down face up on the floor and Tina was then told to sit on his cock with it in her cunt and then to lean forward so that her arse was presented to the man moving in behind her.

He then guided his cock into her arse and they started a sawing motion in and out filling her holes with cock until one after the other they spunk in their respective holes.

The then lifted Tina off them and placed her on the next couple of men and they continued to fuck her until they too came and all the while mum and I licked their juices off their used cocks.

When they had finished I was told to lie down and Tina was told to sit on my cock and the louna avril beurette bledarde et son mari tube porn with the biggest cock moved behind her and in one go shoved his cock right up her arse causing her to squeal and scream as he pummelled her arse without mercy and it wasn't long before I came in her cunt but t going even after my cock had slipped out and he forced Tina onto her hands and knees and really gave it to her, jamming his cock right up into her bowels without respite until he cried out and released a torrent of cum into her battered arse.

Tine slumped forward and his cock slipped from her and mum was quick to dive in between her legs and lick as much of his man juice as she could before turning her attention to his cock and making sure it was clean.

We all just lay where we were and it was quite a while before any of us could move and it was decided to have a short rest and recuperate before it was my turn with the boys.

Mum went out and returned with drinks and snacks and we sat there eating without saying a word as the men had their fill of the snacks and the drinks and stretched out on the lounges and the floor and had a small nap. MumTina and myself quietly went upstairs and the girls went to the loo to clean out their arses and cunts of any spunk that may sex with fascinating black babe hardcore big butt stayed there and then we did our makeup againtidied ourselves up and crept downstairs and lay amongst the men just caressing them and holding them as they slept.

Everyone must have fallen asleep as three hours had passed when mum finally roused us and we could see that the drink and the sleep had made a difference to all of us as we were ready to go again. I moved over to one of the men and took his half hard cock into my mouth and allowed it to slip into my throat as it became hard and just ran my tongue around his cock and sucked it without releasing it. I felt some one behind me and the unmistakeable feeling of a cock trying to force its way into my arse and I reached behind and spread my cheeks and the knob entered and the rest of the cock followed and I was like a pig on a spit and one cock fucked my mouth and the other my arse until without warning the cock in my mouth let go a stream of hot spunk that shot down my throat and I pulled back a bit to get the taste does anyone know her name or name movie my tongue before swallowing as much as possible.

The man in my arse rolled over onto his back and pulled me with him still embedded in me and held my legs up high and I looked down and saw another cock coming towards my arse and soon I felt the knob enter me and the shaft pushed up beside the cock already invading me.

I was stretched to the limit and the two cocks continued to push into me and they just fucked and fucked until both came almost at the same time and flooded my arse with sweet hot cum. The men rolled me onto my side and their cocks slipped out and before I could even move I was again lifted onto another cock and the whole process started again, much to my delight.

I was a cum slut and this was what I had been trained to do and I loved it, the feel of cock invading my arse and throat, the taste of cum, the sweat from men dripping onto me as they fucked my arse, my nipples being pulled and twisted and sucked, my tits squeezes and slapped and manhandled, my balls being stretched and sucked and abused and dick woods german brutal rape pussy licking knowledge that this was going to be my life for years to come.

The men fucking me were just there to give me their cum in whatever way they wanted, whether directly into my arse or throat or indirectly as I sucked and licked someone else's arse or cunt or cock to get my reward and finally the men fucking me came and I was again filled to the brim with load after load of hot milky cum which leaked out of my arse and I lay there as mum and Tina licked it up as quickly as it leaked out.

After this little episode it was quite late and the men retired to have a shower and get ready to go back to their boat and we tidied up the place, wiped away all the stains on the floor and lounges and when they were ready we saw them off with kisses and hugs all-round and they swore that they would let their shipmates know where they got the best service they had ever experienced and then we were alone, just mum, Tina and myself and we closed off downstairs and repaired to mums room and after a hot shower we all got into bed and fell into hot mom fucked by friend well earned sleep.

Dear Diary- It's been a while since I last filled this in but things have been really good lately. Tina has a baby bump and we think it might be from the weekend we spent with the Afro Americans and she is in great demand at parties and those that come here to visit. I myself have indulged a few times and find that doing her doggie style is the best with her belly hanging down. Her tits have grown and so have the nipples and the milky white skin shows off the blue veins a treat. I love nothing more than to fall asleep with one of her nipples in my mouth, sucking like a baby and in the last week she has been producing a bit of milk which adds to the delight.

We have remodelled my bedroom to fit a huge over king size bed and we often sleep all of us together, Dad, mum, Tina and I and often we wake to find that lust had overcome a couple of us and we watch as they fuck or suck before our eyes. Our large TV blew up the other day and Dad asked me and Tina to go and buy another slightly larger set. We looked around and I noticed that Tina caused quite a stir amongst the male shop assistants in the stores we entered as she was dressed in a short, short mini which showed her arse whenever she bent over, sans underwear, a midriff top that barely contained her tits and showed the hint of brown nipple to one and all.

In one shop we got this older guy who had exactly the TV we were looking for but the price was way to dear so I suggested to Tina that maybe we should use her charms to con this shop out of the TV and save the money for ourselves. Tina thought this was a giggle so when the guy came back she started to ask all kinds of questions moving closer to him all the time and rubbing her tits accidentally on his arm or steadying herself with her hand on his leg or hip and I watched with amusement as the guy became redder and redder, his face breaking out in a sweat and the bulge in his trousers grow larger as he viewed Tina bend down to check out the controls on the TV with her back to him.

She explained that we didn't have enough money to buy this set but really wanted it and was this the best price that he could offer and her told us to wait while he went to his office and checked but Tina followed him and closed the door after her as they entered.

I watched through the blinds as Tina walked over to him and caressed his cock through his trousers and say something to him and she undid his fly, dropped to her knees and took his cock in her mouth, deep throating him in one easy swallow and proceeded to suck his cock as he leaned back against the desk. After about a minute she stopped and stood up facing him and lowered her top to reveal her milk laden tits and he greedily took a nipple in and started to suck.

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While he was doing that Tina stroked his cock and lifted her skirt and rubbed the knob on her labia and the pre cum made her cunt glisten in the dull light. He stopped sucking her nipples and pushed her back onto the desk with her arse just on the edge and shoved his cock into her cunt and started to go like a jackhammer and was nearing orgasm when I entered the room and acted the wounded husband.

The poor bastard got the shock of his life and pulled out of Tina and spun around his cock spewing spunk all over the place. He tried to explain that it was Tina who instigated the fuck but I wouldn't have any of it and threatened to call the police and tell them that he had raped my pregnant wife and he feel to his knees and told us it would ruin his and his family and after a short while I relented if he would make it worth our while.

At this stage we could have asked for the world but all we wanted was the TV and maybe a sound system to go with it and we suggested this to him and he grabbed the phone and told a clerk to pack up the TV and a quality sound system and put it in the car of the people who would be leaving his office in a few minutes.

We tanked him and Tina dressed herself as best she could and we left him sitting at his desk a sorry and forlorn figure. When we arrive home we showed Dad our bootie but didn't tell him how we came by it and we split the money ebony babe gets anal and dp pounding Tina and me.

Mum came into my room later and asked how we really got the TV and the sound system and we told her the truth as we knew she wouldn't tell Dad. She told us to be very careful as we knew how terrible Dad temper could be and she didn't want to see us get hurt.

We promised not to do it again and she was happy with that and we all had a laugh over the event. Dear Diary- Its been 6 months since I last entered a word in here but I have been to Thailand to have my breast enlarged to a 36 C and my nose slightly redone to make it more appealing and slender.

Mum came with me for the operation and stayed with me while I recuperated. We went shopping and bought some really lovely clothes and shoes and jewellery and the people that we met thought that we must be sisters as we looked so much alike and mum looks so young.

It was true that mum looked young as she was only twice my age and still had that youthful glow to her face and body. Small laugh lines around the eyes were the only betrayal of her age. She was a marvel, a taut body with no excess fat, lovely high breasts that needed no support, topped with the cutest nipples that one could ever hope to suck, a flat stomach with no tell tale stretch marks from childbirth, a backside so lovely that poems should be written about it and the sway that she generated as she walked hypnotised many a man and woman and her legs were just the right length.

When she wore high heels her legs and arse were a sight to behold. In fact one of the sexiest things and the one that turns me on time and time again is seeing her standing with her back to me and the small heart shaped gap at the top of her legs that just shows off a glimpse of the pussy lips and the rings that penetrate them.

Add to this the nicest, juiciest and sweetest smelling cunt that is good enough to eat and she was the envy of dirty girl hillary scott gagging on meat lot of women back home and wherever we went. Her habit of wearing the shortest mini's and the tightest tops with no underwear added to this delight on two legs and always caused a stir and a string of followers as we went about our business.

This made it easy to earn money to pay our way whilst overseas and mum was a welcome addition to the scene where we were staying and would often be gone for a day or two and come back to our hotel looking somewhat the worse for wear but pale redhead teen fuck playing hooky for some tushy with a stack of cash to swell the coffers. Her muscle control was something else, she could take a cock into her cunt and without any discernable movement make a man come just by utilising her muscles and I used to take advantage of this as we lay in bed with her arse pressed into my groin and I'd slip my cock into her cunt and we would lay there as she milked me dry with Dad only millimetres away in the same be.

But I digress, it took sometime for me to heal but when the bandages were finally off and the swelling and the bruises had gone down which took a few weeks, mum and I took a small holiday to a resort for the well heeled to just relax and maybe make some money to pay for the holiday and the surgery.

We asked Dad of course and he was delighted as he had moved Angie in with Tina and had two new mums to keep him sexually satisfied but who were a bit adverse for a while to putting out in the excesses we encountered but said that he would have this sorted by the time we came back.

So there we were, in a prestigious hotel with staff at out beck and call and we spent the day dressing to kill and at dusk made our way down to one of the myriad of bars in the place and took up seats that not only allowed us to survey the people coming in but also that showed us off to the best advantage. We were dressed in long figure hugging evening gowns with plunging necklines and no back and a split up the side to mid or upper thigh, no underwear, stay up stockings and high heels.

We were dressed precisely the same and looked like two peas in a pod, two very close sisters out for a night on the town. The single men were certainly interested as were couple engaging in congress outside in japan with their wives but they were a bit apprehensive to look at us with them in tow but every time they had a chance we would see them looking and lusting.

One couple actually came over to our table and introduced them selves and asked if they could join us and we invited them to sit down as we noticed that the woman was striking in appearance and dripping in gold and diamonds and her partner was an elegant elder man with an air of authority.

We made small talk and found out that they were on their 20th wedding anniversary trip and were sailing the world in their luxury yacht that was moored in the bay and lustful teen whore gets good dicking during group sex hardcore amateur come ashore to sample the fine foods that were a feature of this hotel.

We had a few drinks and moved to the dining room where we had a table for four and waited to be served. The man who's name was Nigel asked us if we would accept his offer of a free meal to help celebrate with them and after a small and polite argument we accepted their kind offer and scoured the menu for whatever we liked and placed our order. Nigel ordered several bottles of Champaign and we toasted the happy pair and lapsed into silence as our food appeared and we partook of the excellent fair.

After the meal and a lovely dessert we sat around the table and consumed several bottles of wine and mum looked at me to alert me of something going on so I excused my self to go to the ladies and mum accompanied me and told me that both of them were feeling her up under the table with the wife Rhonda being the most aggressive.

I also had had several attempts made on me to feel my pussy and also agreed that Rhonda was the instigator. We returned to our respective seats and suggested we take a lovely walk along the sea side to allow our meal to settle and they thought this was a wonderful idea as they could then invite us onto the yacht for a quiet drink afterwards.

We walked slowly along the beach arm in arm getting to know each other and finally came to the wharf where there tender was waiting complete with two uniformed boatmen in attendance and we were ferried out to this yacht in a trice.

To call it a yacht was to somehow not do it full justice as it was 100 foot long, three masted and absolutely gorgeous. We police wali ki sexy picture our way into the main entertainment area and were greeted by even more uniformed people who took our wraps and served us drinks whilst we sat in leather luxury on one of the various couches that were on offer.

I took a sip of my drink and realised that I knew the taste and mum looked at me after tasting hers and we knew that we were drinking the same drugs that Dad used for our parties and would probably be in for good few hours of fucking and sucking and whatever else we could come up with. I watched as mum took Nigel aside and engage in a spirited conversation and mum winked at me after and I knew that a price had been struck between us.

I was wondering how they would take the surprise of m e having a set of balls and a cock and looked forward to seeing the looks on their faces. We then relaxed and Rhonda sat beside me and started to run her hand up my leg but I kept my legs tightly closed so she started to massage my new tits and released them from my dress and was delighted to see the nipple rings and pouting nipple ready for her mouth and tongue.

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She latched onto my nipple and stared to suck while moving my hand to her breasts and I massaged them in their confines before pulling her dress down and releasing them they were a good 38D and hung down with nipple the size of small cherries inside areola that were over 3 inches in diameter.

I tweaked her nipples between my finger and thumb and as I did she started to buck and move so I increased the pressure and she pulled away from my nipple and lay back as I let both hands do their work on her breasts.

The harder I pinched her nipple the hotter she became and I could smell her cunt juices ponfilm mit janete somi kostenlos to seep and it was lovely. I removed one hand and placed it one her thigh and moved it up towards her cunt and as I did she opened her legs and the smell invaded the whole room and then I found her cunt, covered by a small bit of fabric which I pushed aside and plunged two fingers into her as far as I could.

This was her cue to erupt in an orgasm that shook the boat and I added several more fingers as she tried to lift off my hand but the further she raised herself the further I shoved my fingers into her until she just collapsed back onto my hand and just shook like a leaf. I removed my hand and looked over at mum who also had her dress pushed down and her breasts released and saw Nigel's hand well and truly imbedded into mum cunt while she had his cock out and was slowly masturbating it.

I left Rhonda and moved over to where mum was and took Nigel's cock into my mouth and let it slip right down my throat as he continued to frig mum. He didn't last long and with a shout he unloaded a great stream of hot spunk into my mouth and throat. I looked up at him and allowed his cock to fall from my mouth and opened my mouth to show him the mouthful of spunk before swallowing the lot and showing him that it was all gone. He fell back onto the lounge and I took the opportunity to stand mum up and push her dress off her shoulders and it slipped adorable teens get legal age teenager twats licked hardcore and blowjob the floor at her feet leaving her in just stockings and heels, and then pushed her gently down so that she was sitting on the lounge and I got onto my knees and taking her legs placed them over my shoulders and lowered my mouth onto her succulent cunt and proceeded to lick and suck and teasing her clit all the while fingering her cunt and arse with one hand and squeezing her tits with the other.

Rhonda who by this time had come to her senses came over and removed my hand from my mother's tits and started to suck the brunette with big tits mastrubate for you masturbate homemade. Mum soon became a quivering mess as we worked on her until at last she orgasmed and I was lucky enough to be the recipient of all her juices, Rhonda leant down and kissed me on the lips to get a taste of mum and I allowed her a little taste although I wanted most of it for myself.

Mum pushed me away to allow Rhonda to get between her legs and lick her cunt and I started to finger Rhonda to make her as wet as possible and Nigel got behind me to start working on my cunt only to find a set of balls and a cock which stopped him in his tracks and he was somewhat nonplussed and sat back on his haunches in wonderment.

Rhonda asked him what was wrong and he just pointed to my crotch and waggled his finger and Rhonda felt under my dress and when she found my family jewels she laughed and exclaimed that this made for and interesting evening.

I stood up and remove my dress and there I was, 36Ds up top and eight inches of manhood staring them in the face and Rhonda immediately took my cock into her mouth and sucked it back into her throat like it was her last meal. Nigel could now see the funny side and joined in the fun grabbing my sack and rolling my balls like marbles in a bag.

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I pulled my cock out of Rhonda's mouth and asked her and Nigel to black teen girl white guy xxx horny girlongirl teens eating each other pussies so we were all equal and they both quickly doft their clothes and stood before me naked and I admired Rhonda's shapely figure and Nigel's large cock.

Rhonda lay back on the lounge and opened her legs and told me to fuck her cunt and I eased my cock into her and started to move but I was stopped by Nigel moving in behind me and placing his cock at my arse hole and pushing the knob in and then the whole shaft until he was buried deep in me and then we set up a motion where I would move and Nigel would fuck my arse and when I went the other way I would fuck Rhonda's cunt and we soon got the hang of it and each stroke resulted in one or the other of us up to our balls in an arse or a cunt and we went at it for sometime until with a shout Nigel spurted into me and I pushed back on him so that he was in as far as he could go and I felt his hot spunk way up in my bowels and this caused me to started spunk in Rhonda's cunt and I moved forward so that I was fully in her and gave her my load.

Nigel collapsed on my back and I feel forward onto Rhonda's body and we lay there for a minute until Nigel pulled his softening cock out of me and I was able to withdraw from Rhonda and mum latched onto Rhonda's cunt and sucked my spunk out of her whilst I concentrated on Nigel's cock and gave it a good clean. When mum had finished with RhondaRhonda got down on her hands and knees and moved behind me to suck her husbands spunk out of my arse and I used mature lady wants to suck his juices hardcore and blowjob muscles to make sure she got a full load.

We all relaxed for a few minute and had a drink served by the uniformed men on the boat when Rhonda called them back and ordered them to strip and they obeyed immediately and showed us their muscular bodies and their stiff cocks which put mine and Nigel's to shame.

Rhonda then told mum to choose a man to fuck her and mum always being the greedy one choose the man with the biggest cock and moved over to him and started to give him a head job and slowly made his cock disappear into her throat so her nose was in his pubic hair, then pulled back and throated him again and we watched as his balls bounced off her chin on each forward thrust.

This intrigued Rhonda and she watched closely and then moved over to me and took my cock into her mouth and tried to swallow it but each time I hit the back of her mouth she chocked and spluttered and couldn't seem to get it right. Mum took the mans cock out of her mouth and told Rhonda to wait until the gag reflex was just about to kick in and then to swallow which would open her throat to my cock. Rhonda tried again and again until finally she managed to swallow my cock without gagging and she was so thrilled that she immediately moved to her husband and took his cock into her mouth and after a couple of tries succeeded in swallowing him down to his balls and mum and Rhonda knelt there with cocks in their mouths going stroke for stroke.

I moved behind Rhonda and using the moisture oozing from her cunt lubricated my cock and placed the knob against her arse hole and pushed it in and sunk my cock right up into her in one smooth push and Nigel and I had her like a pig on a spit with a pole at each end and I just relaxed and let her do the moving until Nigel filled her throat with spunk and took out his cock and moved away.

I then proceeded to pound her arse like there was no tomorrow but I didn't spunk as I wanted to save it for later so I pulled out and invited the other man to take my place and he moved in behind Rhonda and tried to push his knob into her arse.

As his cock was much bigger than mine he had some trouble but Rhonda braced herself and pushed back until the knob penetrated her arse and then slowly the man moved forward until he was fully up her and started to fuck her in long slow strokes as she pushed back into him. Nigel in the meantime was trying to get his somewhat soft cock into mums arse as she sucked the other man and finally after I sucked him a bit to get him harder he succeeded and both men started to fuck her in earnest.

I was sitting there taking this all in when I noticed off to the side two more men who seemed very interested in me and my family jewels and I motioned them closer and with Rhonda's consent told then to strip and join the fun. Both men were nude in a flash and their cocks were magnificent, about the same size as the other although one was a bit bigger in length and much wider in girth. I motioned then to sit either side of me on one of the lounges and started to play with their cocks while one of them leaned over and kissed me full on the lips with his tongue entering my mouth and I returned tight girls gives head and get pounded by bald dude compliment whilst the other kissed to top of my cock and took a few inches into his mouth and ran his tongue around the knob and underneath.

We broke the kiss and the large cocked men made me sit on his lap and allow his cock to enter me and slowly sink into my bowels. It was a bit of a struggle but I managed to finally take him all in and it felt good once again to have a huge cock invading me.

He then leaned me backwards and the other man grabbed my legs and hoisted them into the air and I felt his cock pushing against my arse trying to go in although I was already full but this didn't deter him and he persisted until at last his cock was sliding up me beside the already huge cock I was accommodating.

The others stopped what they were doing and watched as my fuckers drove into me time and time again without let up and I hadn't felt this full for ages and then one of them unloaded his spunk into me and this caused the other to also unload and my arse was awash with a very big load of hot and sticky spunk and I loved it as the men kept pounding my arse and the spunk started to squish out of me on every thrust and run down over the mans balls and arse whose cock I was sitting on.

The man in front finally found his cock was to soft to continue and pulled out and allowed Rhonda to lick it clean and the man underneath me just allowed me to sit there for a while until I had regained enough strength to move and I slowly raised myself until his soft cock also plopped out of my arse followed by a stream of spunk over his cock and balls.

Nigel decided that it looked good and moved over to clean him up with his mouth and we all sat back and watched as out hosts did the chores. After a break and a clean up and drinks Nigel decided it was time to have mum and I as the centre of attention and told us to get it on together and the other men present would join in.

I needed no second chance to fuck mum and had her bend over the back of the lounge and shoved my cock up her cunt and started to fuck her whilst one of the men went around to the front of the lounge and shoved his cock in her mouth and another moved behind me and started to push his cock into my arse and I wiggled and wiggled until it was firmly imbedded and then we all fucked each other until the man mum was sucking off came in her mouth and the man in my arse also came and then I came due to the increased stimulation of an arse full of cock and spunk.

Mum just relaxed and allowed both cocks to slowly soften in her then I moved back and my cock slipped out of her and the man behind me also slipped out of me and mum and I just stood there with spunk draining from us like a pipe to a cream factory had burst.

I feel to my knees and licked mums arse and cunt as best I could then she made me bend over the lounge and she licked and sucked my arse of all its man juices. As mum moved away the man with the big cock took up a position behind me and in one shove buried his cock to the hilt in my arse and fucked me like a demon while Nigel moved to the front and made me suck his cock which I did with relish.

This was what I was trained for, to be a complete cum slut for one and all and that night I craved to be fucked like never before and swallow gallons of rich creamy spunk until the sun rose.

The man fucking my arse didn't come but pulled his cock clear of my saggy tits beauty loves his white cock and I felt a cold object being inserted into me and realised that Rhonda had put on a strap on dildo of some proportions and was attempting to shove in me as far as it would go.

The knob entered my arse with some effort and I felt fingers on my arse covered in cold lube trying to make the entrance easier for all and slowly this monster gain a little at as time until I thought that it would rip me apart and then it stopped and I felt the buckles and straps that held this monster pressing against my arse cheeks. The men then stretched my arse cheeks apart and the thing slid even deeper into me and although it was painful at first I soon became used to the intruder and Rhonda started to fuck me very slowly, pulling almost all the way out and then sliding it back into me.

Mum somehow got herself under me and took my cock in her mouth and throated me as I was fucked and it wasn't long before I filled her mouth and throat but she continued to suck me as my cock wouldn't or couldn't go down. This was heaven for me having a large cock in me and mum sucking my cock to orgasm as well as sucking another mans cock at the same time until Nigel spurted into my mouth and I again spurted into mums and Rhonda finally took the monster out of me and I collapsed on the floor, staring in wonder at the size of the monster that had been used.

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