Smutty milf prepares for hawt scene pornstar and hardcore

Smutty milf prepares for hawt scene pornstar and hardcore
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Melissa pulled into the drive, jumped out and stripped. Going through the gate, she expected to see or at least hear the dogs' But nothing. She made her way to the dog houses, as she passed the porch she noticed something laying on the ground. Walking over she saw a blanket, pillow along with a note, opening the note she read quietly to herself.

"I will allow you to use a blanket and pillow tonight due to the weather will be in the 60s. In the morning you will be up at 5:30 am to help with the dogs, as well as Mary's dogs, she will be bringing them by before taking us to the airport. Attached is a set of chores you will see as well as things you are allowed to do while I am away." 1) Every morning you will make sure the dogs are allowed outside to use the bathroom and since Mary's dogs will be there as well, let her's out first, then put them back in the garage before letting out the boys.

I do not want to explain why her dogs are either torn up or dead. 2) Feeding time for her dogs is 7:30, so feed the boys at about seven while her dogs are outside, then let them out and bring the others in and feed them. 3) You will make sure the boys get plenty of play time with you.

If you do one, you do all three, no playing favorites. Mary's dogs are off limits for sexual play. 4) You will keep the house in an orderly fashion at all times.

Lesslie will be dropping by to drop off the toys I purchased as well you owe her some pleasure. You will please her if not then turn around get in your car, and you can be homeless for all I care. 5) You will remain naked at "ALL" times inside or out and no matter who comes by, I don't care if your dad comes by you had better be naked.

6) You are not allowed to masturbate at all, the only time you can cum is if Lesslie fucks you or the dogs fuck you. 7) You are only authorized to sleep on the floor at the foot of my bed where I have a dog bed laid out for you or on the couch with one of the dogs.

8) You may not leave the house for any reason except work. After work, you will return immediately home. 9) I will be returning home next Thursday you will be at the airport to pick me up at 8 pm.

10) And finally, after you have completed the housework and the dogs are taken care of you may relax and watch TV. Melissa stood and stared at the note, part of her hoped that Leslie would raunchy kelly divine gets her ass rammed brunette big tits be coming by, she felt she wasn't ready for that experience.

Keeping the dogs happy actually excited her. She picked up the blanket and pillow and set them up in the doghouse, then ran back to her car and grabbed her cell phone. She didn't care for waking that early, so she wanted to get her alarm. She sure didn't want an ass beating for not waking up on time. She set her alarm fuck marathons my mom captured on spy camera 5:25 am so she would be up with plenty of time, laid down and fell asleep.

Melissa heard her alarm go off and could have sworn she had not been asleep long enough or was it she just enjoyed her dream of being put in a dog pin and forced to service a bunch of male dogs.

Her pussy was sopping wet, and she had a dog cock on her brain. Melissa got up folded the blanket and took them to the porch and set them next to the door. Then got on her knees and pawed at the door and barked as loud as she could.

Mike looked at his clock as soon as he heard Melissa bark. It was only 5:26, so he took his time getting to the door. Mike had cecilia vega gets her ass throughly pounded admit she was doing good by being early instead of late. Plus he didn't feel like dishing out punishment. He opened the door to find Melissa kneeling waiting patiently. "Get up and take the dogs outside, and no playing, Mary will be here in a few minutes, I don't want her freaking out." "Yes, sir." Melissa whistled and called the boys.

Seconds later all three dogs came running and tried jumping on her excited to see her. Booger was so excited that he tried his best to mount her, his hips humping the air. "Sir what do I do?" "Booger down!" Mike reached over and thumped his ear. Melissa took the boys outside and watched as they did their business. Once Bo was done he came over and shoved his muzzle into Melissa's crotch and started licking. "Bo no, bad boy! You can do that later, now come on, and let's go in." As Melissa turned, Booger came up and attempted to lick her ass.

"Booger no not now, down boy down." Now with two of the dogs trying to lick her, she was getting excited, and her excitement was getting the boys turned on. Melissa quickly made her way to the door trying to push the dogs away.

"SIR HELP!" Mike opened the door to find Melissa desperately trying to get away from the dogs. "Damn it slut why are you teasing the dogs. I told you no play time.

Now get your ass in here." "Sir I wasn't trying to tease them, Bo just came up and started licking me, then booger joined in." "Then you should have stayed inside and waited till they did their business and let them in. Now go get my bags and get them to the door." Melissa ran to the room grabbed Mike's bags and took them to the door. As she reached the door, the doorbell rang.

Melissa looked towards Mike.

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"Well fucking answer the door." The door opened, and Mary stepped back when Melissa opened the door in the nude. "What the fuck girl put on some damn clothes." "Hello Ma'am, Sorry but sir doesn't allow me to wear clothes." Mary pushed her way by Melissa. "Mike what the fuck, have you lost your ever-loving mind. When did you turn into a total asshole." "Mary first of all none of your business and second none i love working a bull to cum your business.

Now can we get your dogs so we can put them out back? I want to get to the airport." "She is taking care of my fur babies, I didn't drop them off for her to take care of them, but for you to take care of them. I don't know her so, therefore, I do not trust her.

How do I know she will not fuck Duke or not feed them properly." "Because if I can trust her, then you should as well, nothing will happen to your dogs, she has strict instructions on how to handle your dogs, and she will follow those instructions to the T." Mike opened the door and grabbed his bags. "Now can we please go I can not afford to miss my flight." "Fine." Mary turned and pointed at Melissa.

"If my dogs get hurt I will beat the living hell out of you." Melissa bowed her head. "yes ma'am they will get the best care and will be unharmed when you return ma'am." Melissa heard the garage open and heard two large dogs barking. Once the garage door shut, she headed outside and watched as Mary and Mike left. Once Mary's truck was big bobes milk aunty saxy story of sight Melissa hurried back into the house.

As she passed the couches, she looked at the boys and smiled. "When I get home we will have some fun, ok boys?" All three dogs perked their ears and looked at Melissa and started wagging their tales. Melissa ran to the bathroom and started the shower. As she was showering, she wanted so badly to masturbate but knew Mike had cameras or thought he did and thought better of it. Melissa knew some cameras had remote access to phones and damn sure didn't want to get caught playing with herself.

She quickly finished her shower, dried off then without any thought about it went to her car naked to grab all her things from her car.

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On her last trip, she realized what she had been doing. "Mike has gotten to me if I'm doing this without thinking about it." She felt her pussy begin to moisten. Once everything was hung up and fending off the dogs several times, she grabbed her work clothes and headed for the door.

"You boys behave while I am gone, and when I get home, I will have a treat for you." She hurried out the door and got dressed once she was in her car. All during hot pov interracial with sexy emma heart pornstars and creampie Melissa couldn't get the dogs or Mike out of her mind. She was in mid-thought when her boss walked into her office.

"Melissa do you have those finance reports ready for me?" "Yes, ma'am I do they are in your inbox on your desk. I put the papers there about 45 minutes ago." "Oh ok good job then, by the way, when did you start wearing a dog collar?" Melissa's mind went into a frenzy she had completely forgotten her collar was on, she had planned on taking it off before she got to work, and now here she was with her boss questioning her.

She reached up, and to her relief, it had turned and showed the buckle and not the front. "Oh um a few weeks ago, I completely forgot it was on." She unbuckled it and put it in her desk door. "It's ok if you wear it but please try to wear one that doesn't say slut." Her boss turned and left her office.

Melissa's heart dropped to her stomach, and her face turned a bright red.

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She laid her head on her desk. "Oh my god, I am such a fucking idiot." Once work was over Melissa grabbed her collar and headed for her car. As she was getting in, she didn't notice Lesslie at the other end of the building watching her.

She didn't see Lesslie take her phone and dial Mike. Pulling into the driveway, Melissa got out and quickly stripped off her clothes and put her collar back on. She would have to find the black one Mike originally bought so she could wear it instead of her slut collar. As she headed for the door clothes in hand a Red car pulled into the driveway, and once again her heart sank, she recognized it as Lesslie's car, hell she should remember it her face got to know It personally last night.

Lesslie got out of her car and strolled towards Melissa who was waiting for her. "On your knees slut, I have a message from Mike." Melissa dropped to her knees, wondering what the message might be. Lesslie got to where Melissa was kneeling and bent down grabbing a hand full of hair and roughly pulling Melissa's head back.

"Mike told me he is pissed off with you, you violated a rule, and therefore I get to punish you." "What rule I didn't violate any rule. Are you spying on me?" Lesslie grabbed her phone and pulled up the picture from earlier, then showed it lustful teen mickey blue gets her pussy beaten up hardcore big dick Melissa. "see anything missing?" Cause I do, and yes I am watching you per Mikes instructions, and it's a good thing too." Melissa felt shame wash over her she had forgotten to put her collar back on.

How did Lesslie know where she worked unless Mike told her. "You see taking off your collar tells Mike you don't want to be his, it also says you have no respect for rules. Rules that Mike takes seriously. It is not just me who knows what is going on here, Mike has a lot of friends in town, and they tell him things, Especially now that he has a bitch running around loose while he is away." Lesslie pulled her up by her hair.

"now we are going to go out back and have a little fun, well fun for me that is. Melissa knew that no form of begging was going to stop her and trying to run away was going to put her in a bad way. She followed Lesslie as she unlocked the door and led her through the house to the back door.

"Lesslie I need to let the dogs out first so they mom and son xxx story raip go to the bathroom." "Oh they will be fine, Mike had me do that earlier when I came by at lunch." With that, she gave Melissa's hair a hard yank and led her to the back door. Once outside she pulled her hair hard enough that Melissa went tumbling forward off the porch and into the grass.

"Now stay right there and do not move I will be back in a second." Lesslie returned with the braided flogger. "Now slut get your ass over there to the doghouse and bend over." Melissa thought of arguing but looked at the flogger with fear in her eyes.

Her bruises from last night were still fresh in her mind. She went to the first dog house and bent over waiting for what was going to be painfully next. "To answer your question, Mike permitted me to use this one and to punish you any way I see fit. You need to learn that rules are to be followed and not ignored. The fact you did it on the day he left pissed him off. So I figure 20 lashes will be sufficient." As she stepped up, she brought down the first blow down onto Melissa's back and ass.

When it hit Melissa felt pain rush through her body, The braids hit her spine and her tailbone, She tried not to move, but the reaction was involuntary. The next strike from the flogger caught both ass cheeks; Her already bruised ass caused her to scream out.

Every blow hit a different part of her body. Her sides, back, ass, hips, the back of her legs and the side of her legs. When she thought she had counted 15, tears were streaming down her face. "Now slut stand up and turn and spread your legs." Melissa slowly complied, her skin felt on fire and ached.

Once she was facing Lesslie, she spread her legs as wide as she could. She watched as Lesslie brought the flogger in an upward swing and hit her square on her pussy. Melissa screamed and dance asian 02 tube porn to her knees, and out of reaction took both her hands and covered her pussy. "Slut you better get back to your feet and put your fucking hands behind you. There will be plenty of time for you to be on your knees.

Now get the fuck up!" Melissa struggled to her feet and put her hands behind her. Lesslie wasted no time with her next two swings both hitting Melissa's pussy. "Now slut for chubby guy with big cock getting a handjob bdsm final two, get on your knees." Melissa dropped to her knees, tears and snot flowed down her face, she wanted to wipe it off but knew if she did she would get more.

Lesslie stepped to the side and swung the flogger in a side way motion hitting both tits. The smack of braided leather made a loud crack in the soft untouched skin and a loud scream from Melissa. She swung again striking the same exact place.

She felt her pussy get wet when she watched Melissa's tits jiggle from the resulting hit. "Fuck that is hot, so love to see tits jiggle. I think I will add five more just for good measure." With that, she swung and made contact again. Melissa tits started turning an angry red; the pain was intense. She wanted it to end quickly. She wanted Lesslie to leave; she didn't like her she was far more sadistic than Mike. She watched as Lesslie dropped the flogger.

She didn't expect the slap across her face. "Now slut it is past time you please me, but I want you to stay right here and think this through, Think about what will happen if you do not comply with my demands." Lesslie turned on her heels and went inside." Melissa reached up and wiped the snot from her face.

She sniffled as she looked down to see her tits an angry red and some bruises starting to form on them. Melissa knew what was coming. Next, she didn't want to, not at least for Lesslie. Part of her was scared of her another hated her. She couldn't understand what Mike even saw in her.

So far all the women that knew Mike were total bitches except one, and that was the girl who was with the guy who made all the leather for Mike.

She knew that it was going to be rough without Mike around, she had no idea how she was going to deal with her work and her collar, especially with Lesslie spying on her. Lesslie came out 15 minutes later wearing nothing. She walked over and stood in front of Melissa. "Now you are going to give me what I want. You will make me cum. If you do I will report to Mike that I feel the punishment you received was enough, If you do not I will say you need further punishment, and trust me I can use more than just a flogger.

Now so which is it slut?" Melissa thought for a moment then opened her mouth wide. "Wise choice slut." Lesslie pushed Melissa by her head forcing her to the ground. With her foot, she shoved her onto her back. "Now here is what is going to happen, I'm going to pee, and you're going to drink every drop then you will clean my pussy and lick me till I cum. Now Mike told me you like fucking his dogs, so if you can make me cum nice and hard I will let the boys fuck your brains out.

If you do not make me cum, the boys will not get to fuck you, and I will tell Mike you need more training. Melissa nodded her head in understanding. "I will do it. "Lesslie kicked Melissa in the side. "Bitch you will show me the same respect as Mike, You will call me fucking ma'am." Melissa winced from the kick. "Mike didn't put that in my contract, and he has not told me directly, till he does so I am not obligated to do so." Lesslie felt rage build up in her. She reached down and grabbed Melissa's hair and placed her knee on Melissa's throat.

"Listen here you worthless little skank; I don't give two shits what you think or believe. I will make your life a living fucking hell. You are mine to do with while Mike is out of town. If I want to fuck you I will If I choose to piss down your throat, you will drink every drop, and if I expect you to call me ma'am, you will by god call me ma'am and do it with a fucking smile." Letting go of Melissa's hair, she slapped her as hard as she could across the face.

Melissa screamed out in pain. Tears once again washed over her face as she tried to catch her breath and the sting of the slap resonated, and her head bounced off the ground. "I want to talk to Mike I want to hear that from him, not you." Lesslie slapped Melissa several more times, then kicked her in the side. "Fucking god damn slut you will pay for this, and you will regret your every fucking word." She slapped Melissa several more times across her face then started punching her in the gut.

When daddy woke me up with his cock was tired, she stood over the crying body of Melissa and began to pee on her face. "I am letting Mike know he needs to get rid of your ass, you are a worthless piece of shit" Once she finished peeing, she put her foot back on Melissa's throat pushing hard enough Melissa started gasping for air.

She lifted her foot to allow Melissa to catch her breath. Melissa was beginning to fear for her life and knew she needed to get away. But didn't know how she would get away. Melissa quickly curled into a ball trying to protect her body from Lesslie.

"Fucking bitch take your punishment like you are supposed to." Lesslie walked behind her and kicked her in the back, causing Melissa to scream out again. I will be back you fucking slut and when I return you had better have remembered your place and how to address me.

Melissa laid curled in a ball crying for all she was worth. Now her whole body hurt and she was now probably going to be homeless. When she heard the backdoor close, she got up and headed for the gate. She hurried to her car and jumped into her car. She found her keys and looked up in time to see Lesslie coming out of the house. She got her car started and slammed into reverse. Once on the street Melissa found her phone and started calling Mike and praying he would listen. When Mike answered, she went into a frantic explanation.

"Sir I am so sorry I made a mistake, and I am very sorry I disappointed you, please forgive me." Surprise caught Mike with the admission of guilt. "What did you do slut and why the fuck are you bothering me while I am at work, are the dogs ok? "Sir, my boss, came into my office and complained about my collar, and I regrettably removed it. I forgot to put it back on when I left work and Lesslie saw me.

She said you told her to punish me. And yes the dogs are fine sir." "Wait what did you say?

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That Lesslie said, I gave her permission to punish you? I did nothing of the sort.

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It is not her responsibility nor would I ever do that." "Sir she said I had to comply with everything she said I had to call her ma'am. I told her you never said I had to and that till you said sir, I was not going to When I stated that, she slapped me around, kicked me and punched me several times tried choking me, sir I don't trust her." As she said this, tears began to roll down her face, and she nearly drove her car into a ditch.

"Sir I had to escape, I'm in my car I don't know where to go, and I am scared of not having any clothes." "What the fuck, I gave her no right what so ever to do anything. I am calling a good friend of mine to come to the house; she will watch over you and the house, you can trust her she will not harm you. But Lesslie is not to come around." Mike told Melissa where she could go and wait for his friend to call her, he hung up the phone furious that he was not home but Mike knew he could not let Lesslie get away with this.

Mike went to his contacts and dialed a number. When a voice answered on the other end, "Beth I need you to go to my place and evict someone and then call my girl to come home. My girl Is in danger, do not let her out of your sight." Melissa nervously waited at the location Mike told her to go to, never in her life had she feared someone. Mike, she was scared of, but part of her trusted him, With Lesslie, it was total fear.

She didn't understand why she was this way; Melissa did know that Lesslie would not give up till Lesslie got what she wanted. Melissa jumped blonde teen sucking bigdick watch more of her at ulacamcom her phone rang; she looked at it not recognizing the number. When it rang a second time, she answered it. "Melissa its Beth, Mike sent me here to watch over you and the house. He said for you to call him when I got here and it was safe.

You can come home." Melissa headed back home when she pulled into the drive she saw an enormous woman standing in the drive. As she got closer, she looked at Beth and guessed she was at least 6' may be a little taller and muscular, long blonde hair and medium sized breasts.

To Melissa, Beth looked like she could beat a gorilla into submission. She put her car and park and got out of the car. Beth took one look at Melissa and whistled then turned her around to look at her backside. She pulled out her phone and turned on the camera. She took several pictures then turned her to face her and took more.

"That bitch did a number on you girl; she had better not come around while I am here." "Some of the bruises Mike gave me because I disobeyed him, but the fresh ones are all her doing. Please don't be mad at Mike for those." "Hunny no worries I understand Mike and know what he can do when mad, but I also know he would not harm you. Lesslie, on the other hand, has just proved she is a psycho bitch.

But that is ok Mike will make her pay for this." As she stood there, she sent the pics to Mike. "Now I know some things about you and Mike; I also know he didn't want you, but you managed to weasel your way into his house. Right or wrong I will warn you if you hurt him in any way Lesslie will be the least of asian toysex fingerings masturbate girl show adultsmartlinksorg worries.

Now let's go inside before psycho bitch returns. Fortunately for Mike, I just started my three-week rotation from the rig. "How do you and Mike know each other? If you don't mind if I ask?" "I have known Mike for many years; he is the reason I look the way I do now and the job I have. I was a miserable bitch and didn't care about my well being.

But Mike showed me I was wrong; he got me to work out and become a better person. I have watched him suffer over the years and if he had let me each girl that hurt him would be regretting their own life. But I had also wanted to kick his ass when he screwed up a few relationships." Beth flopped down into Mike's recliner.

Melissa walked over and knelt on her pillow next to Beth.