Adorable brazilian honey plays solo hardcore blowjob

Adorable brazilian honey plays solo hardcore blowjob
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"Regina, May you please stay after class so we can discuss your performance in my classroom." "Ok Mr. X" Mr.

Xavier was a new teacher at Demion High, home of the fighting Demons. The head master was always a little cautious when hiring male teachers at his all female school. He does not want any person to corrupt the hooking up with arab chics for cash habits of his students.

Xavier was always criticized for looking to young by the older teachers and was always eyed by all the students. His blond short hair only served to compliment his blue eyes. Mr. Xavier taught world history which to most students would be the worst class to have in their schedule.

However when the girls saw that they had Mr. Xavier as their teachers their heads filled with ideas of watching his muscular arms reach across the board and having those deep blue eyes look at them.

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Most girls get a little wet when they see him patrolling the halls strutting with his muscles showing through his shirt. Xavier new that all the girls looked at him in a funny way but never thought of doing such things with his students, partly due to the fact that they where his students and he could get fired for it, and the second part that he would end up doing jail time for soliciting a minor.

One student however stood out among the rest though. One particular student that had brown hair that went down to her perfect round ass and brown eyes that you could get lost in if you look to deep. "Regina I need to talk to you about today's test, I hottie uma jolie fingers her wet pussy you with your hand underneath your desk and I think that you might have been cheating" "I didn't cheat" "Regina I can't have students cheating in my class" "I was not cheating Mr.

X I swear" "Then what where you doing Regina?" Regina goes quite; she does not know what to tell Xavier because what she was really doing was touching herself to the thought of him. She saw him look up at her and to her it was the same look her boyfriend gave her when he eats her pussy. Regina wondered what kind of tricks a little bit of an older man would know on pleasuring a woman.

While Regina's and Mr. Xavier's eyes were connected Regina felt something stirring between her legs. Regina looked down in-between her legs and noticed big tit charlee chase housewife confessions pt seat was a little wet.

She rubbed her thighs together hoping that it would make the feeling go away, but it would not go away, if anything it pushed her on to do more. Mr. Xavier looked back down and Regina tried to continue to her test, although her free hand had found its way to her leg and slowly pushed her own skirt up. She felt her wet panties and tried to just push on her pussy to stop the feeling. The pushing lead to more intense feelings that lead to her hand slowly rubbing up and down on her wet panties.

She made herself orgasm quick and returned to finishing her test before time was up. "I'm still waiting for an answer Regina." "I was…&hellip.

I was&hellip. I can't say" "Well then I'm afraid I'm going to have to search you" Of course Xavier had no right to search a student for cheating on a test, but he was not going to miss the chance to touch Regina's voluptuous body.

Her perky breast underneath her white school shirt and her plaid green skirt only serve to help Xavier's lust for the young woman. They young girl did not know what to do; she has never cheated on a test before, or had ever accused of cheating.

She let the teacher search her bag and books for any cheating material. After searching her bags he turns to her. "I need to check your clothing." "MY CLOTHING!? WHY!?" "I have to make sure you did not right on the bottom of your shoe or on your skirt somewhere." Regina gives him a look of stun; she can't believe that a teacher asked her to basically strip off her clothes. She found this to be absurd for him to ask, however she thought about it and how she wanted him earlier, maybe doing what he wants she might get what she wants.

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Regina takes her shoes off first fasadnye setki sankt peterburge v the bottoms to Mr. Xavier, he sees no writing. Next Regina takes her socks off next and shows that nothing is inside them. Xavier takes a look at Regina's feet and realizes how adorable and petite they are, just proving how young she really is. Mr. Xavier then walks over to Regina and asks if he could inspect her skirt. Regina smiled and said in a slow; low voice "sure Mr.

X, go ahead and take a good look." Xavier gets down on his knees and slowly lifts the edges of her knee high skirt to look for any hidden answers. As Xavier lifts the skirt more and more he notices the blue underwear that Regina is wearing. Xavier sees her beautiful lips through the soft see-through fabric. He starts breathing heavily and she feels every breath hitting her, the warmth driving her crazy.

She lets out little moans that Xavier clearly hears, and enjoys. He grabs her hips and turns her around while his head remains underneath the skirt of the young girl. As she turns he admires the girl's luscious leg muscles, then he realizes that there is no back to her underwear, it's a thong she is wearing. Her ass in perfect form in front of Xavier, his head leans forward. His soft lips come in contact with Regina's smooth bare ass.

Regina coo's and smiles, she is getting what she wants. "Find anything sir?" Regina asks in a tempting voice. Xavier takes his lips off of the young girls ass, looking at the spit he has left on her thinking to himself about what he has done.

"well…IIII&hellip.I found nothing to suggest you cheated." Xavier tries not to look into her eyes as she stares him down inching closer and closer to him. If she wanted prey she picked the wrong one. This one knew how to play possum. "Is there anything else you would like to see Xavier?" Regina tempting him with her own desires, only inches away from Xavier's face now, he can't stop looking into her eyes. Her deep brown eyes. "It's Mr. Xavier&hellip." As Regina turns to starts to leave, Xavier has a change of heart.

He grabs Regina's hand and twists her back into his body. She stands trapped with Xavier's arm wrapped around her. His lips get closer and all she can do is staring at him. Their lips make contact; it sends a spike of pleasurable sensation down both their bodies. Not only cause of the taboo nature but because of the lust they have had for each other. Both act like savage animals wanting to consume each other; kissing so hard against each other, as the others tongues probing deep inside the others mouth, moving all around.

Xavier uses his free hand to fondle Regina's right breast, drawing little moans of pleasure from her mouth as they both continue to explore each other's mouths.

Regina's hands start to crawl all over Xavier's body, her finger tips getting underneath Xavier's green button up shirt. She is enjoying the feel of his rippling muscles as she uses one hand to start unbuttoning the shirt.

She wants to see what she is gona get. As she slowly takes Xavier's shirt off, Xavier drops both his hands down her sided, she shivers at his touch but loves every minute of it. His Hands reach her panties, he feels the wetness, she is already excited, to temp her more he gives her slow long rubs to get her going more. Little gasp come from her mouth as he hit her clit.

Her hands now quickly rip the rest of his shirt off and undo his belt, her hands brush up against the bulge in his pants as she does. It causes little spikes of pleasure though Xavier. Regina, unzips Xavier's pants, Xavier's cock flies out hitting her cheek leaving a little precum on her.

She gives an intense look up at Xavier with those eyes, "o god those eyes" is all that Xavier could even think to himself. She leans forward her lips hitting the head of Xavier's dick. She smears the precum all over her lips, teasing him with little licks ever now and then. Xavier has taken the time to unbutton Regina's white top, Xavier gets a surprise to see that she is wearing a bright slit licked and gangbanged pornstar and hardcore lace bra, it is nearly see though.

Regina backs off of Xavier's dick for a sec, Xavier moans in protest. Regina licks her lips off. "MMMMM… you taste good." "Why don't you try the whole thing?" Regina smiles and goes forward again. Xavier takes hold of her head wrapping his hands in her hair.

She takes in his head only at first licking his slit tasting more of the precum. Xavier groans at the feel of her warm mouth just on his head but he wants more. He forces her head to go down further on his cock.

He hits the back of her throat. Her mouth is an entire warm sensation that he has never felt before. Her tongue moving all over his cock is unbelievable. Regina moans as Xavier plays with her tits. Her erect nipples so easy to play with, he pulls and twist them making her make all kinds of sounds. Xavier rips her off of his cock and throws her onto his deck, screwing that wide spread cindy starfall pussy naturaltits hardcore ass hanging over the side he puts his arms on her legs and spreads them apart, Xavier leans down and sniffs her sweet scent.

"God this is the greatest aroma there ever could be." "Take a taste, it's just as good" Regina purrs the words. Xavier sticks his tongue out and licks the edge of Regina's pussy lips. Regina moans at the air that hits her pussy. Xavier licks her slit sending shivers down her legs, but she bucks when he finds her clit.

He laps his tongue over it again and again, sending spikes through her body. Xavier then sticks his tongue deep with her pussy moving around in her. She bucks into his face begging him to go deeper.

Xavier just stops. "Fuck &hellip. Fuck me X fuck me harder." Xavier takes his hard dick and pushes slightly on her tight pussy. She has some resistance but slowly it goes in. Xavier moves slowly to let her get use to the pain but also the please. Xavier gets faster and faster he grabs her hips to force her back onto him even harder.

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She whines more and more as she comes closer and closer to cumming. Xavier takes one hand and slaps her on her nice firm ass.

She moans and the rough treatment but she loves every minute of it, his fingers digging into her hip and his rough hand slapping her soft petite ass. Xavier stops and slowly and tortuously takes his dick out. "I told you to call me Mr. Xavier" Xavier flips her around and puts her full in the desk.

He climbs on top of her inches from her body, he does not touch her though, he stays inches from her, breathing on her letting her shiver at the lack of touch but the amount of attention she is getting.

"Please… please…fuck me… right now please… fuck me…" she squirms underneath him. He slowly lowers himself onto her body, his lips reach her breast while one hand trails down her body and slowly rubs her sweet clit. He sucks and nibbles as her hands reach down and grab his erect cock.

She slowly strokes him at first to keep him excited; she pulls him up by his dick slowly cocking him to her sweet juicy pussy that his hand has been pleasuring. She moans little by little as Xavier plays with her beautiful tits. Xavier's head finally hits her pussy. "Please fuck me, fuck me hard" Regina says in a childish innocent voice. Xavier thrust himself forward, not holding back at all.

He pushes again and again harder each time, drawing little gasps from Regina's beautiful mouth. His hard dick sliding in and out of Regina's tight pussy, Xavier can't believe the pressure that is on shay fox tries out and shares cock with daughter dick. Xavier takes hold of her and twist her over so that she is on top now, she simply stats pumping up and down on his big cock. Her breasts bounce up and down in rhythm with her. Xavier grabs her breast and massages them as she continues to bounce on him.

She leans back and screams his name as she cums again, juices flowing onto Xavier's balls. She continues to slowly bounce keeping him on the edge of coming but not just yet. Xavier moan loudly in demand for release look at Regina with demanding look.

Regina just smiles back. "We are not done yet Mr. X" Regina giggles like the little school girl she is. She pops herself up and off of Xavier's ready to explode cock and climbs off of the desk and in-between his legs. His cock aching for release, she teases him with grabbing it and doing a slight stroke and lick ever now and then. "Suck it, suck it now" Xavier barks at her. Mmmmmmmm is the only sound you hear as she takes his cock back into her mouth.

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She licks the tip little by little then puts the whole thing back into her mouth. She uses' her free hand to massage his balls as she continues to stroke and suck on his wonderful cock.

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He groans and breaths raggedly, she knows that her cue to go faster and harder. She does so and does so very well. Stroking and sucks so hard Xavier finally cums. She does not let up off of his cock; she keeps sucking and drinking all of his cum. She drinks ever last drop and then smears a little bit on her lips. Xavier lies spent on the desk while Regina gets her shirt and skirt back on, she throws her bra in her bag and gets ready to walk out the door.

"well that was a fun lesson hehe" "well that was only the first lesson, you still have much to learn on the subject" "guess that means I will be back." She gives a smile and leaves.

Xavier goes back to his desk and thinks what he should teach her next time.