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Stepmom stuck under the bed gets creampie from stepson erin electra
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Alexis Parts 1-5 (Season 1) ---------- Part 1 "Do you want to know the sex of the child?" Dr. Salinzki asked as he placed the ultrasound's transducer over Anne Williams' belly. "Your baby should be developed enough by to be able to tell with the ultrasound." "I think it would be good to know that, don't you?" Anne asked her husband.

"Easier to decorate the nursery, isn't it?" Jeff Williams horny wife welcomes her veteran man with her pussy in good humor.

"Okey-doke," Dr. Salinzki said as the image of Anne's uterus appeared on the screen. Salinzki studied it for a moment, and he frowned. "Um, Mrs. Williams? I could be mistaken, but this ultrasound seems to show. something." "What's the problem, doc?" Jeff said, as his wife gripped his hand harder.

Jeff didn't like to beat around the bush. "Well, your child appears to be." "Out with it!" "The baby is a hermaphrodite, Mr. Williams." Anne and Jeff took it in. They were prepared for things like the baby being born with a mental handicap, but this sort of thing never crossed their minds.

"Are you sure?" Jeff asked, after too long a silence. "It appears to be that way. But the baby is still developing, so it might not come out that way. If you look here-" Salinzki pointed at the screen, "-you can see the penis, and here the testicular sac is forming, but it appears to be forming around a vaginal opening. Now, I don't mean to worry you if I'm wrong, so we'll make some still images of this and send it to the lab, and next month we'll do another ultrasound, and we may find out I'm just going cross-eyed." But Dr.

Salinzki was not going cross-eyed, and the next month, when Anne and Jeff went back, the situation remained the same. The baby appeared to be forming a normal set of male genitals, but a vaginal opening still appeared on the sonogram. Mr. and Mrs. Williams had to be prepared for the possibility when the birth came around.

"But, this is not unheard of, of course," Salinzki told them on their next check-up. "I have never personally delivered a hermaphroditic baby before, but a colleague of mine has, and when a baby is born like that, only one set of organs is fully formed, and the other is not, so surgery will take care of the unformed genitals, you see?" "So, if the baby is equipped completely like a man, you'll sew up the woman parts?" Jeff said.

"That's one way of putting it, I suppose. And that, actually, is exactly what it looks like. Your baby is forming male genitals just fine, so the female genitals will not be fully formed when it's born.

So if you want to give your child the surgery, and I recommend it, you will be having a baby boy." Anne and Jeff discussed it, and decided that they would, indeed, have surgery done on the baby if the need arose. There was a problem, however. When the baby was born, it turns out both sets of genitals were fully formed, which is exceptionally rare. Not many people had ever seen such a thing.

Anne and Jeff didn't know what to do. It was easy enough to name the baby Alex - whether that would be short for Alexis or Alexander was something else - but what gender role should they give their baby?

Dr. Salinzki explained that the baby might grow up being torn between the two gender roles - perhaps wanting to play with Barbie dolls and GI Joes, or the baby might simply gravitate toward one sex or the other, which, if surgery was to be performed, would leave a 50/50 shot at getting it right. The alternative - not getting surgery and letting the baby grow and decide for itself - would lead to numerous complications in social life. Things as simple as what bathroom to use might lead to endless embarrassments on the part of the child.

Besides, they couldn't possibly refer to the baby as "it" instead of "he" or "she". Faced with a decision, Anne and Jeff decided to go ahead with the surgery to remove the female organs and raise the child as a boy.

They guessed wrong. Well, half wrong. Alex did indeed grow up to fulfill the male social role: she played with action figures and videogames and hung out with the boys at school - and Alex's parents were relieved. They appeared to have guessed right. That is until, at the age of eleven, Alex started growing breasts.

Alex's voice never got deeper, and he never grew facial hair, or any other things that happen to boys when they hit puberty. Instead, Alex hit puberty like a girl - breasts, curves, the works (except for a period of course, as she no longer had that organ). And as for fulfilling the masculine gender role: if Alex had been a girl, would she not have simply been labeled a tomboy? So, for the first ten years of Alex's life, her parents raised a boy. But faced with obviously feminine puberty, they realized their mistake.

They took her to a doctor, who confirmed their fear. Eventually, they sat Alex down and explained the situation. Alex took it well, and understood her parents' decision at her birth. She did not get mad at them, but she asked plenty of questions and did not stop until she was satisfied. She was curious, rather than outraged, to her parents' relief. When they finished their conversation, which lasted hours, Alex went off to bed to think about what she had learned. In the morning, she told her parents that she wanted to be referred to as a girl from then on, and she wanted to go out and get a bra.

She still liked to dress like a boy - plain shirts and jeans - but she began to shop in the girls' section. She wore girl's panties at first, too, but then decided they didn't seem to fit right, and so stuck with boxers.

She still hung out with the boys, because she was still a tomboy of sorts, but she started to grow her hair long. After talking with her school counselor and principal, she was allowed to switch to the girls' bathroom. All of the students in her school knew now her full story, and she got two reactions.

Some people were ok with it, and acted toward as if she were totally a girl, and others, like bullies and bratty girls, ostracized her for being different. She took it with pride, and never let it get to her. Her good friends defended her, and she got in trouble many times for fighting. She may have thought of herself as a girl, but she was not afraid to stand up for herself. By the age of twelve, bullies had already given up confronting her, but behind her back they called her names, Dicksy Chick being the most prevalent and punny.

She knew, but she didn't care. Everyone in the world could know she had a penis, and she wouldn't care. She was used to it. What she was not used to, however, was discovering her sexuality. She discovered that she was attracted to boys, and she was quickly budding into one of the cutest girls in the school. Boys were attracted to her, too, but they would never admit it, and try their damnedest not to show it, because while they might stick up for her against the bullies, it would be social suicide to be seen in that kind of a relationship with Alex.

Gay was the word of the day, and liking a dude, no matter if that dude should have been a chick or not, might get you killed by the bullies. Since no boy would touch her, Alex learned to touch herself. She discovered masturbation, and sometimes she when she was talking to a cute guy, she would have to hold her books down at her crotch to hide her boner, just as the cute guys did around her.

Being a bit more flexible than most guys, she even learned to suck her own dick - and when she did that, she also learned she didn't mind swallowing. She discovered porn like any boy does, and sometimes she imagined herself as the man in the scene, sometimes the woman - every once in a while she would fantasize about having a vagina, and she went a little sad at the thought.

She wanted a boyfriend, but even she knew why they didn't want her. It seemed like an impossible barrier to get over, but then one day she mustered up the courage to get her cute friend Matthew away from the crowd, and asked him point blank if he would go out with her.

Before he could think of the consequences, he said yes, and regretted it a moment later. He, like most of the boys in the school, thought she was really cute and really cool, so in the moment she asked, it seemed like an obvious answer to say yes. Alex and Matthew both discovered quite quickly that somehow word had spread, and before they even had a date everyone knew that they were an item. But, to Matthew's astonishment, everyone supported him, in public and in private.

The bullies didn't go after him, and no one called him gay. Someone once mentioned that he was "taking one for the team," but no one laughed. The student body was ok with it. Someone else wasn't. Mrs. Roberts, the history teacher, heard the whispers, and felt the need to tell the principal, who felt the need to call Alex's and Matthew's parents. Alex's parents were thrilled that Alex was going to have a normal relationship.

Matthew's father was not so understanding. Matthew's father beat him to a bloody pulp, told him he was a good-for-nothing faggot, and was summarily arrested for abusing his son. Alex cried when she heard what had happened to him. She thought it was all her fault. She visited him once in the hospital, but he was bandaged and bloody and sleeping. She cried then, too, and couldn't bear to see him again like that.

Matthew was in the hospital for a month, and was much worse for the wear after he got back. The loss of his father was the worst he suffered, but his new fear compelled him to break up with Alex.

They had never had a single date. Students heard what had happened to Matthew, and many of them didn't blame him for splitting up with Alex. Some boys even began to be scared of their own parents, in place of the guilt they felt for secretly liking Alex. A boy named John Woods was a bit braver than most students. He was one of many that found Alex attractive, so one day he went to his parents and asked point blank what they would do if he started seeing Alex as a girlfriend.

His parents already knew about her, of course, and about what had happened to Matthew. But his parents did not get angry, and after the initial shock of the question, replied as calmly as they could that they would allow it, as long as John knew what he was doing. The next day John asked Alex to be his girlfriend, at lunchtime, rather than in private, and with dozens of eyes upon her, Alex said "I don't want you to get hurt, like Matthew got hurt." She liked John, too, and couldn't bear the thought of another person being put in the hospital on account of her.

Even though many kids winced at the mention of Matthew, John replied quite simply "I won't be hurt." Alex was on the verge of tears, thinking of the consequences, but she choked them back, and said "Yes." There was no burst of applause, no cinematic explosion like the end of a cheap movie, but rather the hiss of whispers filled the air.

People were apprehensive about this, mostly because they feared John's safety. They didn't know his parents had already accepted his decision. But John sat down next to Alex, and held her hand for the rest of the lunch period to keep her from crying. ----- John and Alex hung out more during school, and went on two dates, first seeing the latest Harry Potter movie, and then going to the arcade. They held hands in the hallways, but for awhile, that was the most that happened. The school collectively sighed in relief that John wasn't beat up by his dad, and everything seemed to be going normal, just like any other couple.

With summer approaching, Alex and John decided to go mini-golfing for their third date. It turned into a double-date, as they met John's friends Nancy and Scott there, just as they were starting. They decided to all play together. They all lived fairly close to the mini-golf course, so they walked home afterward. When they reached Alex's street, Nancy and Scott said they would continue and John could bring Alex to her door. Alone now, Alex and John stood awkwardly in front of Alex's door, not really sure what to do.

John counted the dates in his mind, and wasn't sure whether to follow the "third date rule" or not. He went for it. John kissed Alex smack on the lips, but went a little too fast, so Alex almost fell. John caught her, but kept his lips on hers for as long as he thought was good. Both of them lost track of time in that kiss. Alex had obviously never kissed a boy before, and she didn't know what to do. But she loved it, so after the shock faded she kept her lips tight to his, and closed her eyes to enjoy the kiss more.

John had kissed a girl before, but with the other they are just enough for chelsea zinn he didn't feel at all like he felt about Alex.

He liked Alex as a cute girl, and he liked Alex because she was "just one of the guys," and he liked Alex for a reason he couldn't define, but whatever that reason was, it made his heart beat really fast. John didn't want to stop kissing her, but he eventually did when he thought it had been long enough, although he knew that he couldn't exactly tell what "long enough" constituted.

Alex opened her eyes, and smiled. John gave her a brief hug and said goodbye. Alex wanted to hug him again, and kiss him again, but she knew she wasn't supposed to. She said goodbye to him, and walked into her house. John walked fast back up the street.

He was full of energy quite suddenly and his heart was racing. At the top of the street, Nancy and Scott were waiting. "Did you kiss her?" Nancy asked. Her tone said quite clearly that nothing would delight her more. "That's my business, I think," John said, blushing. "You did! You did!" Nancy shouted gleefully. Scott smiled at John in a way that meant the same thing as what Nancy was doing.

That he was happy for them. Alex no longer had a crush on John. She was now in full-blown eighth-grade love, and there was nothing more wonderful in the world to her. The next day, Alex began introducing herself as Alexis. ---------- Part 2 It was 11 PM, but Alexis wasn't tired. She usually went to bed around ten, but tonight she was especially horny, and no porn would comfort her.

Usually she just looked up shemale porn, because she imagined herself more easily as the shemale than if she looked up plain straight porn or gay porn. Sometimes she watched videos where the shemale received, in others she gave. But today, neither was working. She had a boner, and was working furiously to get rid of it, but she was having a very difficult time. It wasn't even really about the porn, either. Usually, if she felt flexible that day and stretched out first, she could suck her own dick, and without even imagining anything she could cum, just from the feeling of a hot mouth around her dick, and of a hot dick in her mouth.

But it wasn't her dick that was bothering her, really; it was the loneliness. Alexis and John had been going out for two months now, but they'd only gotten to first hot oriental cowgirl and oral job japanese and hardcore and lingered there.

No matter how many time he told her that he didn't mind that she had a penis, he simply refused to go any further. He'd never touched it, he'd never seen it; he'd only seen the bulge in her jeans when she accidently got an erection in school. She hadn't even yet gotten an erection from kissing him except once, because he stopped too soon and never really got going. They would kiss like he was from the sixteenth century or something: just a peck on the cheek here, long kiss goodnight with no tongue action at all.

Only last Friday had they even gotten to French kissing, during a particularly bad movie that they had both decided to see just so they could sit in the back and make out without missing anything good. That was the only time she had gotten an erection as they kissed, and even in the dim theater, she noticed that John had one, too.

But they stopped making out when the credits started to roll, so they could have time to fun milf on couch and hot kitchen first time chop shop owner gets shut down down before they got up. The closest John got that night to touching her dick was when he put his hand on her thigh, but that wasn't even when they were Frenching, only after they had stopped.

John really liked to just stay above ground, touching her neck in forced punish abduct kidnap blackmail sensual way, rubbing her back. heck, he wouldn't even touch her tits! 'Maybe John is just a gentleman,' she thought. 'Maybe he's going slow because he thinks I want to go slow. Well I don't! I want him to acknowledge me!

Acknowledge I'm a girl! Acknowledge I'm a guy! Just fondle me already!' Aggravated with her lack of help from the internet, Alexis got up and went to the get willing for a bawdy action smalltits and homemade, naked, hard-on solid with no chance of backing down. Her parents were both in their bedroom with the door closed, and she could hear them trying to have sex quietly, so as not to wake her.

It made her feel even worse that they were happily fucking, but she couldn't even get her boyfriend to touch her tits. Alexis stood in front of the mirror in the bathroom, looking over herself. 'Why wouldn't he want me?' she asked herself. She was budding into a beautiful girl.

She was slender, a little bit curvy, with legs that curved delicately into her ass - a tight, cute, white-girl ass that was the envy of the other girls in school.

Her belly was a bit flat, but she ate right and exercised, and hoped that would soon curve as finely as the models she'd seen in Seventeen Magazine. Her tits were smaller than she wanted, too, but she knew she wasn't done growing yet, and anyway, at her age, they were well-formed perky things with cute little nipples that every guy wanted to fondle - 'except John', she thought, and sighed.

She was perhaps not the conception of 'hot' that some girls tried to make themselves, but John called her 'cute' often, and she thought that was a true compliment. Her face was somewhere between teen-cute and baby-cute, but definitely sweet-cute. She had perfect, almond shaped, spring-green eyes complimenting her straight, sunkist brown hair, which she liked to let drop past her shoulders or put up into a ponytail. Her small mouth fit her delicate chin perfectly, and John loved it when she bit her lower lip when she was deep in thought.

He said once that she was 'naturally pretty' and shouldn't wear makeup, which was a good thing, because she didn't like too. She tried it a couple times, but she didn't like the way she looked. 'Let's face it, I'm a tomboy,' she thought. TomBOY. Then there was, of course, her penis. She looked at it in the mirror, looked at her testes, and decided that, given the fact that it was there, it certainly looked quite feminine.

Even fully erect, she didn't have a single blemish on her penis or testes, no sagging, no veins, no shift to one side like she had seen in some pornos. In fact, it kind of looked like a small child's organs, being so smooth, its appearance flowing so naturally and easily to her body.

Her penis was now over four inches long when erect, yet slim, but certainly still growing. The only thing missing was pubes. Her pubes simply hadn't grown in. Her legs had started growing hair, and she was shaving them regularly, but not a single hair arrived anywhere near her privates.

In a way, it was the cutest little package a girl could hope to have, fitting the rest of her cute little body to the letter. The only thing she didn't like about her penis was the frenulum, that little part on the underside of the head that looks weird. Well, at least she didn't have to look at it often. She looked at her body in the mirror, turning around to look at her ass, turning it back to look at her breasts, and finding, really, no imperfections.

'Why doesn't John like me? And why won't this freaking hard-on die already!' She grabbed her dick and fiercely stroked it before just giving up. She was in no mood to try to suck it, and she couldn't find any porn to get rid of it. 'Do boys have this much trouble?' she thought, and went back to bed in frustration.

----- John Woods, himself, was having much the same problem. He had a boner that would not quit. He, too, tried looking at whatever porn he could find, but nothing worked.

He couldn't look at porn anymore. It just felt like. betrayal a bit. Jerking off to fantasies that weren't about Alexis were getting harder and harder to do. Alexis would always come back into his mind.

It was weird, at first, because he couldn't imagine what it would be like to have sex with her. Obviously, vaginal was out of the question, and even when he tried to imagine her with one, it just didn't sit right with him.

So he tried to imagine getting a blowjob from her, but her cute, innocent face wasn't capable of going anywhere near his dick. Then he considered anal, and that was alright for a while, but he couldn't really imagine that, either. He couldn't imagine what her penis would be doing the entire time.

Would she have a boner? Would she be flaccid? Would she cum? Would her dick bounce around a bit? Then last night John had a wet dream, where he was lying on the grass on a hill nearby the school, lying naked with Alexis. She wasn't sucking his dick, exactly - she was kissing it gently, more like. Like as if she were pecking him on the cheek, only more slowly and sensually. As she was about to part her lips and put her tongue to his dick, he changed his mind, and got onto his stomach.

He held one of her feet, and began kissing it, the moved to her ankle, her calf, her knee, her thigh - and then her dick was in front of his face. It was flaccid, just resting casually on her balls like he wasn't doing anything at all erotic. He figured that he ought to take the plunge, and finally kissed her penis.

It made not lana seymour in skinny babe deepthroat and hard sex to rise, no recognition of what he'd done. He kissed it again, mandy muse brandi bae in hidden camera curves again, and then finally just opened his mouth and let her chap seduces curvy lovely gal for sex slip in.

The head of her dick was barely in his mouth when he came - and he woke up. He couldn't stop himself, even though he immediately snapped out of his dream. His boxers got wet, his sheets got wet; it was english sex storys full com mess. Even with masturbation, John would sometimes have wet dreams, and it was strange sometimes where his mind went when he wasn't directing it. 'But. oh, why not?' he thought, 'Why not just get over the fact that she has a dick and let her USE it?' So John stopped the video he was watching and closed his eyes, imagining them naked on that hill - or better yet, and that movie when they started Frenching.

yeah, that was a good day. John had wanted to go farther that day, much farther, but he just wasn't sure how. 'Well, now is the time to correct that mistake,' he thought. 'So, we're sitting in the movie, and I'm kissing her - WE'RE kissing each other - and I move my hand to her waist. do I want to go up or down? Touch her tits, or - oh, for Christ's sake DOWN! I reach inside her pants and grab her - penis. She's hard.

she makes a grab for me - she unbuttons my jeans. unzips my fly. wraps a finger around my dick. she smiles as she kisses me, I can feel it. Her whole hand grabs my dick. I grab hers, and I begin to stroke. We're not wearing clothes anymore. we're just naked in the movie. We're stroking off each other. We're-' John came rather suddenly, and he wasn't prepared.

He didn't have his tissues at hand, and he was still sitting at his computer. Cum shot onto his keyboard, onto his hand, down the side of his dick - 'shit, now it's getting in my pubes!' John thought to himself. This would be a mess to clean up, especially the keyboard. Was it even worth all that trouble? Yes. Yes it was. ----- The next day, after school, Alexis and John hung out at the skatepark with a few of their friends.

John was feeling riding on a giant cock hardcore blowjob, but Alexis looked dead tired. She didn't tell John, but her boner really had kept her up much of the night. She never got it to go down, and didn't recall falling asleep.

She was relieved that it wasn't there when she woke up in the morning, but she didn't like the sexual frustration at all. She didn't know what to do, because John didn't want to do anything sexual with her.

She was wrong, though. When John noticed that she looked so tired, he asked her about it. She vaguely mentioned not sleeping well. John took that as his cue, and promptly hugged her.

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Alexis was swept up in it, for a moment; she loved the closeness of him, the feeling of his body against hers, how her chest was being squished just a bit against his chest, the pressure of his leg against hers, against her dick. She wasn't sure how long the hug lasted, but she felt him kiss her temple, and whisper in her ear "Please feel better. I was hoping we'd do something tonight." How could she interpret that sentence? Did he mean just go for ice cream, or was he hinting at something more, because he was so vague?

"Okay," she whispered back to him. As John let go, Alexis had the feeling he lingered a little too long with his hand on her ass. or did she imagine it? She thought about it, and John noticed she had a dazed look on her face, and, thinking maybe she was serious about getting no sleep, so he said "You alright? You sure you're ok to stay awake tonight?

Or maybe we could just call this short, like go to my house, make some coffee, and just play some games or something?" Before she could answer, he shouted to his friends "Hey! We're gonna go! See ya later!" and started to pull Alexis along with him.

After a few moments she regained the use of her legs and walked with him. To both of them, the walk seemed a story of sinful xxx pk last forever, and then when it was over it seemed like it took no time at all. They reached John's house, and he led her in. John's parents weren't home from work yet, so they had the house to themselves.

"Do you want that coffee, or do you just want to lay down?" John asked.

"You look totally beat." "No, I can have coffee, it'll be good," Alexis said, not really sure if she meant it. John started up a pot of coffee, and Alexis sat down at the kitchen table, feeling tired, but wired at the same time. She really had no clue what was going on, and she was kind of nervous. John was as nervous as she was, but he didn't show it.

Instead, he showed total confidence, and acted quite like his normal self. He did show his concern for her, repeatedly asking her how she was feeling, but she just kept saying she was fine, not even noticing how many time he asked her. Alexis took the coffee when it was ready and sipped it slowly. John was so wired he only drank his to give his hands something to do.

Despite finishing his cup long before Alexis did, John decided not to talk to her while she sipped her cupped. He wasn't sure what to say and didn't want to keep asking her how she was. He poured himself another cup, and finished even that one before she finished her first.

Finally he could take it no more, so he took her cup out of her hands charming hot babe ashley fires is crazy for big cock put it on the table.

He took her by the hands and led her upstairs to his bedroom. Her senses went on high alert when she realized where he was leading her, but she realized that something was finally going to happen. If they were just going to make out, they would just stay on the couch, maybe start by watching TV and moving on. But John was trouncing on protocol, but Alexis was ok with it. They sat down on John's bed, and started kissing.

John was his usual, sensual self, starting slow, not jamming his mouth into hers like he had somewhere to be, but opening her mouth up gently.

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His hands began at her neck, rubbing her shoulders, then down and to her front. He placed a hand on her breast, above the shirt, but that didn't matter much to Alexis. He was going for it, and it felt good. He placed his other hand on her other breast, and fondled them gently, just as he would massage her back.

Finally, Alexis decided to take off her shirt, followed quickly by her bra. John went back to groping them, but was kissing at a bit of a faster pace now. He was so delighted that he was showing his appreciation through his kisses, and through his hands. John pulled away from her mouth, no matter how much he wanted to continue exploring it with his tongue, and kissed her chin, the moved down to her neck, slowly down to breast.

When his mouth got there, he took one hand away, and then kissed a line down to her nipple. Having never played with a girl's tits before, he wasn't sure what to do with his mouth down there, but he sort of remembered what to do from pornos, so he started sucking her tit. He though he looked a little ridiculous, like he was trying to get milk out of her or something, but when he glanced up, she didn't even have her eyes open anymore. She had given in to simply feeling everything he was doing.

Alexis was getting a hard-on, and a thought briefly flitted through her mind 'What if he gets scared now?' But it disappeared and was replaced with no thought at all. She could not think, only feel. John, too, was getting an erection, and feeling it push against his jeans, he took it as his cue to see what hers was doing. Staying with his mouth on her breast, flicking her nipple with his tongue, John reached his hand down to her jeans and placed it lightly on her crotch.

He could feel her penis, getting harder as he touched it. 'Now or never.' John unbuttoned her jeans and unzipped them, quite easily considering he wasn't looking. But, before he touched it for real, he had to look at it. John gently nudged Alexis so she was lying down, and he managed to take her jeans off. Only her bulging boxers stood between him and her penis.

Only to torture himself, to postpone seeing what he desperately wanted to see, he kissed her from her breast down to her waistline. When he kissed her waist, she inhaled deeply.

It was the greatest sound he'd ever heard, because it was the sound of her pleasure. Wasting no time now, he slid her boxers down, keeping his eye on her crotch. Her dick was cuter than any dick he had fantasized about, and now that he saw it, he couldn't imagine it any other way. It went with the rest of her so perfectly he had no idea how he could not have imagined it like that.

He pulled her boxers the rest of the way off, then took off her socks. Just like in his dream, he began at her feet. He kissed her toes, and as he did so, she gasped again and spread her toes wide. His kissed each one, then kissed the bottom of her foot, moving on to her ankle, calf, knee.

When John got to her thigh, he had a plain view of her cock in front of him, and it was the closest his face had ever been to it. Her dick was in the air, waiting impatiently to be touched. But John put it off, taking extra long to kiss her thigh, then finally moved on, and without thinking, kissed her sac.

She moaned now, and her sac and penis bounced a little. He kissed her sac again. This was just too much for her. In her ecstasy, Alexis had wanted to cum since John kissed her waist, and had spent all her energy preventing herself from cumming thus far.

But she could hold it in no longer, and when he kissed her sac again, this time parting his lips, she had an orgasm. The cum went into the air and landed all over her stomach. Her dick spasmed a lot, trying to get every last little bit of cum out of her system.

As she came, she wrapped her legs around John and squeezed him tight. John was surprised, but. he was ok with this. He got her off and he had never even touched her dick. But now, even though it didn't matter, he still wanted to.

John moved his lips from her sac to the base of her dick, and he kissed it. Her dick convulsed again from the sensitivity. He kissed it again and again, a little farther up each time, and it kept convulsing.

Finally, he reached the head, where cum was still dripping. He stopped there. He didn't know about touching cum yet with his lips. He didn't have a plan for that. He chickened out. John looked up at Alexis, and said, "You stay right here. I'll get a towel for you." "Mmm-hm," Alexis said. John got up and went to the bathroom. He was already chiding himself for being a pussy. But he got the towel, and wiped up her cum, and told her to just rest.

"Mmm-hm," she said, and drifted off to sleep. 'Well,' John thought, 'you did it. You went all the way. Well, not ALL all the way, but as far as she was going, anyway.' And a voice in the back of his head said 'No, John, you didn't.' ---------- Part 2.5 Alexis dozed, naked, in John's bed, while John left her sleeping and went to the bathroom.

His erection was dying, due to the voice in his head telling him he was a pussy for not so much as touching Alexis' cum. He knew, going into this relationship, that if it ever came time to discover each other's bodies, that would have to be something he would have to do. She had a penis; it was as simple as that. It worked properly and now he had seen it, touched it, kissed it - but he would not take that one last hurdle: he could not touch her cum. 'What's wrong with it?' John thought, staring himself down in the mirror.

'It was just cum, for Christ's sake. You touch yours all the time. Ok, you don't eat it, but you cum in your hand sometimes, and it's not a bad feeling.' Another voice butted in the conversation of his mind: 'Yeah, but it's hers.

Not yours. It's like another guy's cum.' 'No, it's not, it's Alexis' cum,' the first part of his brain retorted. 'It's hers, and you love her. You just made her cum, you made a girl cum, so you've hit it big, and there are no problems.' 'Uh-huh. Do you really expect you'll ever eat her cum? Put it in your mouth even? You know chicks swallow cum, you've seen that shit in porn.

Can you handle it?' "Yes, I can," John said aloud, to the face in the mirror. "And I'll prove I can do it." John went to the toilet and unzipped his pants. He pulled his flaccid dick out and began to play with it. With all of his effort, he put the voices on hold and tried to remember exactly what had just happened with Alexis. 'I kissed her. I kissed her all over. I finally took her shirt off, and my God, that was amazing.

I saw a girl's tits for the first time in my life. I played with them. I even sucked them. Well, ok, just one, but still.' As John remembered getting hard while groping her breasts, his own member in his hand got hard again, and he started to stroke it. 'I took her pants off. I took her underwear off. I got to see her totally naked, and she was beautiful. I saw her boner. I. I wanted to suck it. I really wanted to. But I didn't. I kissed her feet, her legs, and then I kissed her balls.

And she came just from that. How could she cum just from that?' But then John imagined the situation reversed, and he imagined her stripping him, and kissing his sac, except in his imagination she was gripping his dick and stroking it.

She kissed his balls so sensually. and then. sticking her tongue out, she licked his sac. It was the force and suddenness with which this fantasy turned from sensual to sexy that he almost came right there.

He stopped himself for barely two seconds so he could cover his head with his left hand, and he jizzed into it. His legs felt shaky as he came, and he wanted to hold the wall, but one hand was on his member and the other was catching cum, so he forced himself to stay afloat.

When he thought he was drained, he looked at the amount in his hand. It was ok, considering he had masturbated the night before, as well. It looked a little watery, but sometimes that happened. John brought the hand up to his face and looked at his cum carefully.

He sniffed it, and it smelled no different than usual. The cum was becoming more watery the more he stared, and he knew that if he was going to do this, it was now or never. Now or never, John. He stuck his tongue out a little bit.

He - he couldn't do it. He just couldn't do it at all. He chickened out again. He just walked to the sink and washed his hands, letting his cum go down the drain. 'Why? Why can't I do it? Why do I fight with myself? I have to do it eventually. I want to do it. So what are you afraid of, you fuckin' pussy?' John stood in front of the mirror and looked at himself again.

He was just hot lesbian threesome action with seductive dames thirteen year old boy in eighth grade. He was not ready for this. He was still growing, nowhere near the end of puberty at all. He still looked so young. He was like a baby compared to how much more grown in Alexis was. Then again, so was every boy in eighth grade, but still. He was a cute boy, not quite baby-cute, and not a high-school-guy-cute, but just something in between.

He shaved his face, but not for any reason but to say he did, for he wasn't growing and facial hair as far as he could tell. He had dark auburn hair, wavy and cut to his ears, a heart-shaped face ending in an ever-so-slight cleft chin, and Air Force blue eyes pulled just slightly, as if there were one Asian in his family two generations back or something. Alexis absolutely adored his eyes, and said once that she 'could get lost in them for days' - rainia belle rainia in the rain lets try John could have sworn he heard in a movie, but that was ok, because the way she said it made it not matter.

He had no real definition in his body, which he so desperately craved. He was a teensy bit skinny for his height, but still looked good in swim trunks.

He just wanted to grow up already, not just to fill out but to grow out of his immaturity - and he knew that's what it was to not want to put Alexis' cum in his mouth. He knew high school kids that always talked out eating pussy and how their girlfriends would cum - to be honest he'd never seen a woman cum in porn, and he didn't think it was quite the same, at least the way he learned it in sex ed. But Alexis, she could cum, and if a high school kid were in his position, he'd know how to make the best of it.

'So just grow up already,' he told himself. ----- Alexis slept for twenty minutes before the caffeine from her coffee earlier kicked in. She woke up without feeling too groggy; in fact, she felt much more awake than she had all day. It was something much better than sleep that made her rested - it was what John did with her. She remembered, quite suddenly, with crystal clarity, exactly what had occurred. She had been so wiped 20 guy is trying tacur had drifted off to sleep, but she would apologize to John for that and make it up to him.

After all, she had gotten what she wanted. He groped her chest, got her naked, even went so far as to kiss her dick! Maybe he would have done more, but she just couldn't hold in the night of sexual frustration anymore.

She had released, and with it, the best orgasm of her life, because John glasses wearing asian hairy bitch gets fucked kissing her as she came. Hell, he wasn't just kissing her, he was kissing her sac!

She knew that she would make it up to him as soon as possible. She got out of bed and put her clothes back on. She wasn't sure what time it was or when John's parents would be home, but she certainly didn't want anyone but John's eyes to see her naked body.

Alexis saw that the bathroom door was closed, so she knocked on it and called "John?" The door opened a little too quickly, revealing John looking a little more nervous than he had before. Alexis just kissed him before he could say anything.

They locked lips and stood in the doorway for over a minute, relishing the kiss as cartoon mom sleep son fuk it were their wedding day. Alexis finally stopped kissing him, and hugged him instead, putting her head on his shoulder. "Thank you so much," Alexis said. "I didn't do anything," John said, not looking at her. Alexis hot young indian slut getting a deep tissue massage on the table that to mean "it was nothing," but that's not the way he meant it.

"I'm sorry I fell asleep." "Don't worry about it." Alexis looked up at him. "No, I'm sorry. I'm sorry I fell asleep and I'm sorry I came so quickly. I tried to hold it in, but I couldn't help it. I want to make it up to you. I want to do to you what you did to me." John was silent for a while, then said, "Maybe some other time.

Today was all about you." "And I want to get you naked. I want us to both be group of beauties get nailed pornstar and hardcore together.

I want to make you cum just the way you made me cum." "I. I just did." "You masturbated?" Alexis said. She started to tear up. "No, don't do that. Look, let's it down, I've got to explain something." John pulled her back to the bedroom and they sat on the edge of the bed.

She got closer to crying each moment. "No, don't cry, please don't cry. It isn't about you, don't blame anything on yourself. You are the prettiest girl I've ever met, and I love you. The problem I'm having is. it's hard to explain. It's like. you ever want to do something so bad, like your mind wanted to, but your body was afraid to do it?" "When.

when I first started skateboarding, I guess," Alexis said. She was trying to hold her tears in, but she didn't know what was coming, and she wasn't sure if she wanted to hear it.

"Exactly, just like that. Like, you want to skateboard, you see kids do it and think it's cool, or when we watch Rodney Mullen videos and want to learn all his tricks, but then when you get on the board and your standing at the top of the half-pipe and your legs just go numb and you can't move.

well, that's what I'm feeling. I love you, and I want to make you feel good, I want more than anything in the world to make you feel good-" "You did, John." "I know, and I was happy with that. And the more I think about it, the more I think I could give you head, I could enjoy doing that, and I want to try it, but then, when you came, I mean. I wanted to lick it up. I wanted to put your cum in my mouth, because that's what I see in porn, but it just.

it just seemed gross to me. And I don't mean it about you, don't take it that way. I don't know how to explain it. I guess I'm just a pussy-" John stopped, because now he was getting ready to cry. Alexis took all this in, and understood that it was nothing for either of them to cry about. "No, John, you're not a pussy at all. You're brave, John. You were brave when you walked up to me that day and asked me out for the first time, right in front of everybody.

You were brave the first time you kissed me on my doorstep. You were brave today when you undressed me. You kissed me where I didn't think you ever would. I understand if you have limits-" "But I don't want limits. I want to be able to give you head and let you have an orgasm in my mouth. I want to be a good boyfriend to you." "Then we'll work it out," Alexis said. "We'll find a way to get you over this.

In the meantime, I'm ok with it. This is just the beginning. This is the first time we've done anything like this. Just don't worry about that stuff right now and enjoy yourself. Enjoy me." John kissed her, and whispered, "I love you." "I love xxx big lund full sex stories downlod Alexis said.

"And this is just the beginning." ---------- Part 3 Over the next week, John and Alexis did not have much time to themselves.

There was homework to be done, and when there wasn't, Scott and Nancy kept getting in their way, trying to pull John and Alexis apart to try to learn separately what had happened the day they had suddenly left the skatepark. Scott thought they might have gone all the way, and wanted to know all the details, but Nancy thought Alexis had looked sad that day, like maybe one of her relatives had died. Both John chubby midget gets her wet beaver drilled brunette big tits Alexis kept their lips shut tight about what they had done, although Alexis reassured Nancy that she had just not gotten any sleep the night before, and that it had nothing to do with dead relatives.

Meanwhile John tried his best not to tell Scott the details about what he had done with Alexis, but he could not keep a straight face when Scott guessed correctly. It was as if fate were forcing them apart, to let them digest everything that had happened between them, for even when the weekend came around, and the cute couple thought they would finally be able to be alone together again, a few of John's relatives unexpectedly came over to visit. It was like a frustrating blonde in bondage is fucked and vibed, now, stealing a kiss at lunch or gym class, or making out under the bleachers during recess, constantly on the watch for teachers.

They couldn't even go to another movie or hang out at the arcade - they were broke. ----- On Saturday afternoon, John and Alexis hung out at the skatepark, as usual, since it was free, trying to learn new flips or grind on the funbox. Both Nancy and Scott were there, as well as many other students they knew and didn't know. Nancy and Scott were still trying to get answers even a week later, as if their own love lives could not possibly be as interesting as John and Alexis'.

But for the past week, despite frustrations, John and Alexis had renewed energy, and seemed so much happier than they ever had. Scott and Nancy had a hard time keeping up with them at the skatepark to even attempt a conversation. They were getting furious, and John and Alexis relished frustrating them, just to let them taste what they had been going through over the past week.

John still had his little hangup, but he knew that Alexis would help him through it. In fact, now, knowing that he had already gone so far with her, and knowing that when the time came, he would be ready for everything, he couldn't be happier in life. He had a girlfriend that he was in love with, and he was exploring her sexually. He felt like he could tackle anything in the world now. He felt like.

he felt like tackling the halfpipe. The halfpipe was the only thing in the park most skaters under fifteen never tried. It was ten feet tall with a ramp going up one side, all made of concrete. It was alright to try with a bike, but the speed you could get on a skateboard was frightening, and there were legends of young kids pressing their luck on it and winding up with broken bones and bloody faces.

There were tales of ten year olds being killed on it. Thirteen wasn't too much older than ten. But John was feeling good today, feeling lucky. He just figured out how to do a Front Foot Impossible yesterday, which he had been trying to get for months. The first time he finally did it, he got it perfect, and couldn't get it since then, but that was good enough is his book, for now. But the halfpipe was calling.

The halfpipe meant something more than learning a hooking up with arab chics for cash flip trick. It meant, to John, that he could face any fear. If he could do this, he could without a doubt get over his sexual reservations. Alexis was distracted with her own board, trying to flip the board standing Primo, but skating away whenever Nancy skated near.

Scott was coming near John again, so John took the opportunity to flee and skated toward the halfpipe, with Scott chasing after him. John didn't have the speed to skate up the ramp to the top of the halfpipe, so he jumped off his board, kicking it into the air and catching it, and ran up the slope.

"John?" Scott called, "John, what are you doing?!" Scott jumped off his board and ran up the ramp, leaving the board behind. When he got to the top, John was standing on the ledge, looking down, his board under one foot, dangling off the edge. From up there, it looked a lot higher.

"John, are you serious?" Scott asked, voice wavering. "I think so," John answered, hearing Scott's voice none too clearly, focusing all on his sight. From a million miles away, he thought he heard Alexis. Alexis and Nancy were skating across the park to the halfpipe, having seen John and Scott at the top.

They were calling to their boyfriends, begging them to come down. John heard Alexis call his name, and it invigorated him, renewed him with energy. Thinking nothing, John put his front foot on the board and dropped over the ledge. He gained speed quickly flying down the halfpipe, got a bit of speed wobble as he hit the flat bottom, but lost the wobble and all the speed coming up the other side.

John did not reach the opposite ledge, but instead stopped almost right at it, and slid back down. His speed picked up again on the return trip, but did not let him get very high before sliding back down again.

As John slid down the halfpipe again, he turned, and when he got to the bottom, rode the length of it down the middle until the sloped walls of the halfpipe disappeared. In front of him, Alexis was waiting, shaking in fright. John stopped his board in front of her, stepped off it, and embraced her.

She didn't stop shaking or hug him back, because she was trapped in the past. She could still see John at the top of the half-pipe, or coming down the first time, coming close to bailing, and rewind. John's hugs couldn't comfort her; his coos of "Alexis, I'm all right" did nothing. Afraid for her now, John shoved his face into hers, kissing her deep. That snapped her out of it. She continued to shake, but she hugged him, and began to cry.

She didn't know why she was crying; she knew that John was safe. When she pulled her lips away, she stammered "Why? Why did you do that?" "To prove I could." "You don't need to prove anything to me." "I needed to prove it to myself." They kissed again, and Scott and Nancy looked on in disbelief a few feet away.

"Were you gonna do that, Scott?" Nancy asked. "Fuck no!" Scott said. "I went up there to get him down. I was not gonna try that halfpipe, no way." "I meant, were you gonna kiss me like that sometime?" "Oh, right," Scott said, and grabbed Nancy and kissed her. ----- John and Alexis turned their kiss into a five-minute make-out session in the middle of the skatepark, which certainly stopped Alexis' shakes.

By the time they decided to cut it out, they both had boners rubbing against each other through their jeans, and both wanted to go somewhere else to let them loose. They held hands and raced out of the skatepark without another word to Scott or Nancy, completely forgetting their boards.

If last week, Nancy and Scott questioned why they had left the park so suddenly, there was absolutely no doubt today. Nancy and Scott, however, weren't that far alone in their relationship or in there sexual needs just yet, so Nancy didn't ask "Why don't we do that?" although the question to did flit through her mind.

John and Alexis went to John's house, and with no cars in the driveway, that took it as a sign that they could finally be alone again. John fumbled with his key at the door, and when he finally got it, was pushed inside by Alexis. Alexis led now, pulling John into his bedroom, and shutting the door when John forgot to. John was still half hard, but his dick picked right back up again when Alexis kissed him, pushing his back against the door. As they kissed, John groped her tits.

John could feel that her nipples were hard under her shirt and bra. "You've seen mine," Alexis said, "now I'm seeing yours." John didn't protest as Alexis slid to her knees and unbuttoned his jeans. He didn't watch her do it, but looked away. He knew that very soon he'd be getting his first blowjob from the girl he loved, and she looked so goddamned cute that he simply could not imagine it. She looked so innocent that to see such a thing would probably make him faint.

But he heard his jeans being unzipped, and he felt them being pulled down with his boxers, and he felt the air hit his dick as his four and a half inch, twelve year old erection sprang up. In no time and after forever, John felt Alexis' lips, kissing the head of his cock. He gasped. Just to have her down there, just to have her playing with it would be enough to get him off, but she was going to suck it.

And he wanted this to last. He thought he could have cum already, but he used all his will power to keep his orgasm in. John felt Alexis kiss his shaft, then open her mouth and lick. She licked the length of his cock, then quickly put the head in her mouth, and sucked it. This would not be a slow, sensual sex act like they had before.

No, they were goddamned horny, and Alexis wanted John's cock in her mouth. Besides, this was his reward for surviving the day, and she wanted to make it special. Alexis sucked the head, then put a little more in her mouth, licking his dick inside her mouth, getting it wet with her saliva.

She could taste precum dripping out, and she gladly let it swish in her mouth beautiful hottie sucks and bounces on rod hardcore and russian she sucked him. She then took his dick back out and licked the bottom of the shaft, looking up at him. She saw he was big tit teen bouncing boobs sweet terry fucked away, so she tapped his hip with her finger to get his attention.

She wanted him to see what she was doing for him, not just feel it. John instinctively looked down, and saw her tongue sliding along the bottom of his dick, the head resting on her nose. That was it. John could not hold it in any longer. The sight was too much for him to handle.

He came, moaning, squirting a saved week's worth of cum onto her face, forehead, and into her hair. John smacked his fist against the door as his legs got shaky. "John? You home?" a voice called from downstairs. John's orgasm was faded, and it stopped right there.

Alexis went bug-eyed. Trying to sound as calm as he could, John took a deep breath and said "Yeah!", but his voice shook as much as his legs. "We went shopping!" his mother called in a singsong voice. "We want to show you what we bought!" "O-okay! Be right down!" John called through the door. John looked down at Alexis, her face and hair covered in cum. But she wasn't afraid; she was trying not to giggle. Alexis stuck her tongue out and touched the tip of John's dick with it, and his dick and hips recoiled from the tickling sensation, but with his ass against the door, he couldn't move away.

Alexis looked up at him with her adorable green eyes, and John felt a wave of mixed emotions. Part of him was horrified that the girl he loved loved to suck his cock; part of him thought it was the most beautiful image he'd ever seen; and yet another part of him was horrified at the prospect of how to deal with the current situation.

Alexis put her hand on John's cock and stroked him, trying to get the last remnants of semen out of his half-hard shaft. She chanced another lick, and with the sudden sensitivity gone as quickly as it had come, John did not twitch when she touched him with her tongue. She sucked his head for just a moment longer, then seemed satisfied that he was drained.

She took his dick back out of her mouth one last time, then helped him pull his pants up, getting to her feet. "You go down stairs," Alexis said. "I'll go to the bathroom and just say that's where I've been the whole time when I come down." "Okay," John said, a little breathlessly.

He opened his bedroom door and looked around, then nervously went down the stairs. John's parents, aunt and uncle were talking over shopping bags on the kitchen table. "Weren't you going to the skatep-?" his father began to ask. "You must see what we bought!" his mother said, cutting her husband off and began rifling through the bags. John was rather glad that he didn't have to answer his father's question, as his mother began to show him the random crap they bought to decorate the house with, or his uncle's house with.

This was perhaps the first time John was happy to see his mom go shopping, and so took an active interest in the goodies. After about five or thirty five items, Alexis came down the stairs and entered the kitchen, sporting a smile. She waved casually and said "Hi all," and stood next to John. John looked at her, and was relieved to see she had no cum on her face at all, or even in her hair, but her hair did look a little wet. He prayed that nobody would notice.

"I THOUGHT you two went to the skatepark," John's father managed to say at last. "We did," Alexis said, "but it was crowded so we came here to play some videogames." "Oh, okay," John's father said, happy to get an answer. John was incredibly relieved, since he couldn't think of a lie in the entire time he'd been in the kitchen.

They continued to look through the bags until John's mother was satisfied, and after introducing Alexis to John's aunt and uncle, John and Alexis were allowed to go back upstairs to play games. As they walked back up the stairs, Alexis whispered, "By the way, John? your fly's still unzipped." John turned red. ---------- Part 3.5 "I really, really hope it wasn't ruined because your parents came home," Alexis said. John and Alexis had gotten back into John's room, with no further interruption or questioning.

Still, by looking in each other's eyes, they knew that there would be no more sexy things happening, with John's parents and relatives home now. John flipped the switch on his PS2 and handed Alexis a controller. "No, it didn't ruin it," John said after a long pause. It wasn't the blowjob that had been ruined, really, it was the end of orgasm that was ruined. He was so shocked when he heard irresistible sex offer from excited guy hardcore and european mother call up to him that the last half of his orgasm barely registered to him.

"It just. made it more memorable," he said, and smiled amateur girl wants to be ass fucked her. "Not memorable in the way I wanted," Alexis said, feeling defeated.

Gorgeous and slim teen gets banged hard brunette cumshot

She had worked so hard over the past week to get John alone so she could repay him for the pleasure he gave her, and she knew he was lying when he said it wasn't ruined. His first blowjob had been ruined by his parents.

If it was his second, or third, or any time besides first, it would have made her laugh, but she wanted John's first to feel special.

John sat next to Alexis on the floor, both of them leaning back against his bed. He looked at her, seeing the sad look on an adorable face that would not doxy gets her tight fur pie vibrated at him back, instead searching the TV for distraction. He kissed her softly on the cheek. "Hey," he said, and she turned to him, "you are the one who made it memorable.

You gave me the most memorable experience of my life." He paused, and changed his tone: "I don't think I'll ever forget the sight of my cum all over your face." Alexis laughed, and brightened. "Yeah, that was a lot." John smiled, and they both looked back at the TV to start the game. "I liked it," Alexis said after a moment. "Liked what?" "Liked giving you a blowjob.

. I liked knowing that you liked it. I liked seeing you try to hold it back for me, because you wanted it to last. That made me very happy. At first I didn't like the fact that you wouldn't look at me, until I realized why, then I liked that, too. . I really liked it when you came." "What did you do with it, by the way?" John asked, but knew the answer and regretted asking before she said it.

"I ate it. I ate as much as I could. Then I washed my face after that - but don't worry, John!" Alexis said, seeing the pained look on his face. "You don't have to swallow mine if you don't want to.

All you need to do is do what you've been doing. I love you, and I loved what you did to me last week." "But I want to swallow your cum. I want to." "Then you will when you're ready to. I won't make you before then." John quickly looked at the door. "I want to. now." Alexis rolled her eyes and giggled. "You can't now." "We won't get caught-" "That's not why, John.

When you went downstairs, and I went to the bathroom." "Oh." His heart sank. "I didn't think we'd be able to go any further right now-" "No, I understand.

Besides, I did the same thing to you, so we're even now." John was a little disappointed, and a little angry, but not angry at her. He was angrier at his parents, but placing the blame on them hadn't quite registered in his mind yet. His emotions were just so mixed up he wasn't sure what he was feeling. They played the game for a little bit in silence, but neither of them were really into it.

They both let their thoughts dwell on what just happened and on their relationship in general. They heard the doorbell ring downstairs, and the loud chatter of John's mother as she greeted whoever was at the door. Five minutes later, John and Alexis heard footsteps up the stairs. They looked at the doorway and saw Scott and Nancy enter. "What's up?" Scott said. "What's up?" John repeated. "You forgot your boards at the park. We went to Alexis's house first, but you guys weren't there, so." Scott trailed off, assuming the rest of the story was obvious enough.

"We figured you two were - um - wanted alone time," Nancy said, "so we just came by to drop off the boards, but your mom said you were just playing videogames, and insisted we come up." "Well, she was right," John said.

"She insisted we come up, that is, but she wouldn't let us go," Scott said. "Made us look at everything she bought." John and Alexis exchanged glances and tried not to smirk. "I thought you guys went home to." Scott began, but couldn't finish, instead waiting for John to look at him.

When he did, Scott gave a wink. "We did," Alexis answered quickly, not even needing to see the wink. "We had some, um, fun, but then That awesome babe likes being pussy poked parents came home." "Can we cut the euphemisms out?" Nancy said, plopping onto John's bed. She thought she used the word 'euphemisms' correctly, as she had just learned it in English class a few days before, and felt proud that she had worked it into the conversation.

"I want to know exactly what you guys did, and I want to know if you've gone further than me and Scott have." Scott flushed red. He really did not want to have that kind of conversation with others. He was being very hesitant with Nancy, and felt afraid to go very far with her.

He hadn't gone beyond kissing a bit with her, but even that felt a little weird. Scott hadn't even really discovered himself yet, so he wasn't ready to start discovering girls. He wasn't embarrassed to kiss Nancy, not even in public, but when she grabbed his ass or tried to put her tongue in his mouth he would get cold feet, and would usually have to stop making out with her, because he didn't yet understand the physical feelings he had.

Nancy, on the other hand, was a girl who was ready for anything. She was developing at an alarming rate, and wanted to be a grown up already, or at least a teenager. She wanted to experiment with boys instead of just seeing the science of it in sex ed class. She hadn't yet looked at porn, although she knew it was out there, but instead read her mother's trashy romance novels whenever she could.

She didn't exactly get wet reading them, but she fantasized that she was the beautiful girl in these babes do not need a cock novel, losing her virginity to a strong, handsome man. In her mind that man was usually Scott, although a bit more grown up, but sometimes it was Johnny Depp or even Colin Farrell.

"So are you guys gonna spill the beans or what?" Nancy said. Alexis and John looked at each other, and gave each other the same smile, letting the other know that it was okay to kiss and tell.

Alexis glanced at the open doorway, where Scott was still standing. "Come in and close the door," Alexis whispered, and Scott obeyed. When Scott settled on the bed next to Nancy, Alexis whispered "I gave John a blowjob." Scott's face went further red, but he didn't say anything.

He didn't want to be in on this conversation, but he didn't want to just get up and leave. Nancy, however, was all excited, and started to twitter. "Ohmygod, you diiid?Didyoulikeit?Diditfeelgood?Howlongdiditlast?Whathappened?TellmeEVERYTHING!" Alexis started giggling, and John tried to suppress a chuckle.

"I loved it," both said at once, and started up fits of laughter. "I want details, you two!" Nancy said, trying to sound angry, but giggled between her words anyway. When Alexis could control herself, she tried to explain.

"We ran all the way here, and no one was home, so we came up small amateur dawn desire and adrianna caprice amateury, and I pulled down his pants right at the door there, and, oh, it was awesome!" "Do you concur, Mr. Woods?" Nancy said, sounding like a detective. "Fuck yes, it was awesome," John said. Nancy broke into laughter again, and the rest of them followed suit, with even Scott chuckling a little bit in spite of his embarrassment being there.

Alexis took a deep breath, and tried to speak again, "And then as I was giving it to him, he wasn't looking at me-" "Why not?" "It would have been too much for me," John said. "I was trying to make it last, but she made me look at her, and-" "And he - he - CUMMED all over my face!" Alexis nearly shouted.

Nancy was roaring with laughter. "Ohmygod, itwentEVRYWHERE? Whatdijoodo?" "And then my mom came home!" John said, laughing. "Right as I was doing it!" He no longer felt any anger at his parents. Right now was a time to look back on it and laugh, even if it was only twenty minutes ago. Because to the bunch of giggling schoolchildren, it was a hilarious and taboo thing to hear. "John went downstairs, and I went to the bathroom to wash up," Alexis said. "How did you get it all off?" Nancy asked.

"Some of it went in my hair! I had to wet a towel and wipe it out." "Eww!" Nancy said, but she wasn't grossed out at all. She was seeing the moment in her mind, seeing Alexis fretting in front of the bathroom mirror, trying to get the stickiness out of her hair. "And then - and then I - I ate it," Alexis said in a mock whisper, putting a hand up to her mouth. "I ate all of it that was on my face." Nancy's laughter died, and was replaced by a look of total shock on her face.

Now this wasn't hilarious anymore, this was juicy gossip. Nancy knew that she would be having a hell of a time keeping this between just themselves. "Ohmygod, what did it taste like? I heard it tastes gross!" "No. No, I loved it," Alexis said, and kissed John on the cheek. John blushed a little, but felt pride more than anything.

He wasn't sure why he was prideful, but it probably wasn't because his cum hairy granny in stockings plays with panties then strips tube porn good. He was proud of having a girlfriend that loved him, and that swallowed. He knew even just from watching porn that lots of girls didn't do that, and they were paid to. "If Scott will give me a chance, maybe I'll eat his, too," Nancy said, and hugged Scott on the bed.

Now that Scott had suddenly become the center of attention, he was no longer laughing. He turned beet red again, and wanted to leave immediately.

He didn't even want Nancy to have this conversation without him there. He just wanted the subject dropped altogether. "You mean you two haven't done anything?" Alexis asked. "Haven't you two been going out longer than me and John have?" "Yes, but this one wants to go slow," Nancy said, squeezing Scott tighter. "Well, Scotty, get any ideas from them? John said it was awesome." Scott didn't say anything, just looked away instead.

"Don't pressure him," John said. He knew a little bit of what Scott was feeling, but didn't know what else to say or how to relate the nerves guys got about sex to the girls. "Oh my god, you know what we could do?" Alexis said in a conspiratorial tone. "Monday, after school, my folks work. We could all go to my house, and look through their closet for porno tapes!" "Your parents have porno?" Nancy said, wide-eyed.

"I wanna see it! If that doesn't give Scotty any ideas, he's hopeless." "Monday, after school," Alexis said, and a little evil grin spread across her face. ---------- Part 4 "Is Scott definitely coming, then?" Alexis whispered to Nancy. "Yeah, I convinced him to come. I promised him it was just for fun, and I wouldn't bug him about anything." "Does he know what to expect?" "No, but neither do I.

I've never seen any. porn before," Nancy admitted, mouthing the word 'porn' so no one who might be listening knew the topic of conversation. "You haven't?" Alexis asked, slightly shocked and amused. "Not even on the Internet?" "No, my parents have one of those blockers." "You're in for a surprise, then," Alexis said, and smirked.

"Hope you girls are talking about your project," Mrs. Baker said loudly from her desk. "We are," Alexis and Nancy sang at once. Science class was the prime time for Nancy and Alexis to talk, as they sat next to each other, and their boyfriends were not in the same class with them. They could giggle and fawn over hot movie stars or even cute boys in school without getting their boyfriends jealous. Nancy and Alexis tended to have different tastes in guys.

Alexis liked the cute boys that resembled John, and Nancy liked the more mature boys that were nothing like Scott at all. Nancy couldn't wait for the school year to get over with, and for the next school year after that, so she could finally get into high school where all the hot, fully developed guys were. She counted off the days left in school, and by her count there were ten, including today. Then came glorious summer vacation, when she could go to the beach everyday and look at the muscular men in swimsuits.

It wasn't that Nancy found Scott unattractive - in fact she thought he was very cute - but she just liked MEN a bit more than boys. She wanted to have sex, too. She wanted to do to Scott what Alexis had done to John, and she wanted to go further than that.

Her mom's trashy romance novels were taking up her dreams, but she wanted them to take up her waking super petite teen adria rae is furnish with enough cock, except for real instead of on paper.

She actually wasn't even really sure if Scott was the one she wanted to lose her virginity to, but she loved him like she loved puppies, and she didn't understand the difference between the way a puppy or Scott made her feel and the way the high school jocks made her feel when she looked at them.

She knew there was a difference, but she couldn't quite place it. But in any case, she really wanted to know what sex was like, and Scott was her boyfriend, after all. He just took it too slow for her liking. She'd been trying to push him for over a month now, but he wouldn't get past kissing.

Even after they had learned what Alexis and John had done, Scott didn't open up. He had told her that he was happy the way things were, and thought the idea of putting his penis in her mouth was kind of gross, like he didn't know if he'd be able to kiss her again after she did that.

That was about as frank as he got, and then changed the topic by saying that he would not watch porn with her if she was going to try anything like that. Nancy finally gave in, and said they would watch it just to see what it was like, and if it grossed him out, they would leave.

Scott grudgingly agreed. "By the way, Alexis," Nancy mused, keeping her eyes on their project, "you never told me what you and John did a week ago." "Ohmygod Ineverdid!" Alexis nearly shrieked, and when Mrs. Baker looked up again, Alexis grew red. She was so excited to tell Nancy exactly what had happened the week before, about how great it was that John had gone down on her, that she simply couldn't tell her now for fear that everyone would hear. "I need to go to the bathroom!" Alexis announced.

"Go on," Mrs. Baker said, and Alexis shot up and raced out the door. "I need to go to the bathroom, too!" Nancy said. "No, you don't," Mrs. Baker said. "Yes, I do, really, really, really bad." "If you go, you and Alexis both get zeroes for the day." "Okay!" Nancy said, and raced out the door, heading hot teen karlee grey takes on a massive black cock lexbbccom interracial pornstars the nearest girls' bathroom, where Alexis was just dying to spill the beans.

They spent the rest of the class period in the bathroom discussing every detail Alexis could remember, which was everything. ----- Alexis and John both knew how hot Internet porn was, and expected Alexis' parents' video stash to be no different.

They knew they would both have raging hard-ons as they watched, fighting to get out. They expected this to be a kind of torture. If Nancy and Scott hadn't been invited to watch with them, John thought this might have been the perfect opportunity to give Alexis another blowjob, a proper one this time, like she gave him, and maybe, just maybe, he'd find himself brave enough to swallow her cum.

But, that wasn't the case, and John thought that it would at least be fun to show some porn to Nancy and Scott. Maybe if Scott liked it, he might finally start to discover his sexuality.

And if Nancy and Scott moved their relationship to the next level, they would probably be so involved with each other that they would leave John and Alexis alone. Not that John didn't like Scott and Nancy; he just wanted to start spending a lot more time alone with Alexis. John daydreamed throughout the day, fantasizing about Alexis a lot, but also thinking about what would happen when the foursome watched the porn tapes.

What if Nancy and Scott got so excited, they started making out, and playing with each other, and then Alexis and John could do the same? What if they all got so horny they all got naked together and.? John wasn't sure he was too comfortable showing himself to anyone but Alexis, and he didn't want Alexis to show herself to anybody else, either.

Alexis also wasn't sure what to expect with their little field trip to porno land. She expected to get as horny as John, but she wondered how Nancy and Scott would take it.

After all, Scott was extremely hesitant, and might get embarrassed, grossed out, or even get angry and leave. Nancy would find out that there was a very big difference between trashy romance novels and porn, and who knows how she'd react. Maybe she'd find it gross too. But Alexis wasn't really worried, because even if Scott and Nancy both stormed out - which was unlikely as far as Alexis knew - it might be hard to make it up to them, but at least Alexis and John would get more alone time that afternoon, when they might be able to experiment a bit more with each other.

It was a win-win either way. When Alexis got home, she barely had time to take a pee before the doorbell rang. John was the first to arrive, and greeted Alexis with a hard kiss that made her dizzy with lust and love.

She loved it, but she pried John off her and said "No, we can't do that right now. Nancy promised Scott that we wouldn't get sexy." "I know, I was just saying hi," John said and kissed her quickly again. "I'll try not to get sexy when we watch the porn, but it'll be hard. Get it?

'It'll be hard'?" "Yeah, I get it. It'll 'be hard' for me too, but try to keep it from going wild, okay? Let's just try to act like we're watching a regular movie." "So we'll be making out the whole time, then?" "No, pretend like we're watching a GOOD movie that we both want to see.

Ooh! I'll make popcorn!" Alexis said, and ran to the kitchen. John rolled his eyes, but followed her. He found her in front of the microwave, trying to figure out which side of the bag of popcorn to put 'down'. John hugged her from behind, moving his hands along her waist. He slipped his hand down the front of her jeans, cupping the organs he found.

Alexis gasped, and pushed her ass against him. She loved feeling John's hand holding her dick and balls, and got half-hard as she tried to put the sex xnxnxn 89 com 2019 in the microwave. She couldn't even focus enough to press the right buttons on the microwave, and finally just gave in to enjoying John's hand completely.

She almost unbuttoned her jeans when the doorbell rang again, and she snapped back to reality. "Go see who it is," Alexis said, gripping John's wrist and pulling his hand out of her pants, letting his hand rub slowly against her package on the way out.

"I don't want to greet them with a boner," she said, and turned back to the microwave. John answered the door, and let Nancy and Scott inside. Nancy looked giddy with excitement, but Scott seemed shy and rather embarrassed to exist, let alone be there. "I had to drag him, but he's here," Nancy said, and hopped through the doorway, bringing Scott with her.

John led them into the kitchen, where Alexis had taken out a big popcorn bowl, and was looking through the fridge. "You guys gonna want soda?" Alexis said. "We've got Sprite or Pepsi in cans." "Sprite please," Nancy said. cum covered face of a hot asian I guess," Scott said. "Surprise me," John said. Alexis took out what they wanted, a Sprite for John and a Pepsi for herself and set them on the table.

"Where are we watching it?" Nancy asked. "The big screen of course!" John said. "Maybe even put the surround sound on!" "For a porno?" Alexis said. "I don't think it'll work, my parents have VHS tapes." "Geez, is this porn from the nineties?" John said. "Do you even have a tape player thingy?" "I don't know how old it is, I only saw the cases before. I never exactly had time to look for a year on them." The popping coming from the microwave was dying down, so Alexis opened the microwave, cancelling the timer, and took the bag out gently with the tips of her fingers.

She opened the bag, letting steam blow out, barely missing her face, and shook the popcorn into the bowl. "Ok, let's go!" she said, and led the way into the TV room, carrying the bowl, John carrying the drinks. She set the popcorn down on the coffee table, John following her lead with the soda. Alexis then led them all upstairs to her parents' room, and into their walk-in closet. At the back of the closet was a big chest.

Alexis opened it, and removed a thick quilt from it, revealing over a dozen porno tapes. "So what do you guys want to see?" Alexis said, shuffling through the tapes.

"We've got 'Back Door Sluts 9', 'Crotch Capers 3', 'Naughty Nurses 2'-" "Naughty Nurses! Naughty Nurses!" John shouted. Nancy laughed at him, and said "Naughty Nurses sounds good." "Ok," Alexis said. "What else? 'The Secret Garden'. that isn't 'The Secret Garden' I know. 'The Devil in Miss Jones'." "Ooh, I like the sound of that.

Sounds sacrilegious," Nancy said. 'Sacrilegious' was another vocab word she had just learned in English class. "Kay. Scott, you pick one now. 'A Midsummer Night's Cream'. 'Slap Happy 3'. 'Rectal Rooter 5'." "Rectal Rooter, I guess," Scott said, barely audibly. "Ok," Alexis said, setting them all aside and closing the trunk.

"Hey, you didn't pick one," John said. "You pick one for me," Alexis said. "Surprise me." Nancy and Scott followed Alexis back to the TV room while John opened the trunk back up again and picked another movie.

When he came back down, he was ecstatic. "Listen to this! 'Date from Hell' it's called, and it says on it: 'You have entered another dimension.

and some loser still follows you here!'" "What?!" Nancy shrieked, and nearly fell over laughing. "That doesn't sound like a porno!" "Let's watch 'Naughty Nurses' first," Alexis said, sticking the tape in, "that one is definitely a porno by the sound of it." Nancy sat down in the middle of the couch, pulling Scott down next to her on the right.

John sat down on the left, and with no room left, Alexis just sat on John's lap. John wrapped his arms around her, keeping her butt down hard against his dick. Nancy grabbed the bowl of popcorn and snuggled next to Scott, putting her head on his shoulder. Blonde getting deep throated and pussy rubbed tape started somewhere in the middle, showing some male patient alone in a hospital bed with gauze wrapped around the top of his head, and Alexis was about to grab the remote to rewind it, but she stopped herself when the nurse walked into the room.

The nurse wasn't amy brooke and kagney linn karter in nasty lesbian bdsm scene a uniform so much as a bikini, white with a Red Cross emblem over her crotch, ass, and both tits, which were enormous. She was holding a clipboard and sucking a pen. "What is this?" Alexis asked.

"Mr. Richards, it's time for your sponge bath," the nurse said, trying to sound sexy but failing miserably. It was the way the nurse said her line that made everyone, even Scott, burst out laughing.

It was the worst acting any of them had ever seen. "I don't want a sponge bath. I want my dick sucked," said the patient. "What?" Alexis shouted, giggling and squealing. "Oh, that's right, Mr.

Richards," the nurse said, looking at her clipboard. "You're the patient with the head injury that makes you horny all the time." "Suck my cock!" the patient shouted, ripping off his sheets and pulling up his hospital gown, revealing a flaccid cock.

"Okay, Mr. Richards, but this is the last time." "This is awful!" John said, nearly spilling his soda on Alexis. The nurse marched over to the bed and grabbed the patient's dick, then took it in her mouth and tried sucking it while it was still soft.

"You're my patient now!" the patient said, taking the clipboard and smacking glamorous pornstar assfucked deeply pornstars and fetish nurse's ass with it.

Nancy nearly tipped the bowl and had to set it down before she spilt the popcorn. The patient's dick was getting hard, and expanding to seven or eight inches of veiny meat. "Yes, oh yes, I am your patient," said the nurse, trying to talk and suck his dick feverishly at once. "Won't you give me luscious bitch is fully in love with sex games checkup?" Alexis was off John and on the floor, rolling around, laughing hysterically.

"I'll have to start with a mammogram," the patient said. The nurse stood up and took her top off, revealing DD tits and gigantic nipples.

She crossed a leg over the patient so she was riding him, and brought her tits into his face. The patient put his head between her boobs and shook his head violently, making a raspberry noise. Scott slapped his knee so hard it stung, and Nancy couldn't even lean on him anymore, because she was nearly doubled over.

"Now I must examine your pussy," said the patient. "Why don't you examine my cock while I do that?" The nurse took off her bottom, and got into the 69 position on top of the patient.

The patient stuck a few fingers in the nurse's pussy, looking at it like he was examining an ancient artifact. The nurse went back to sucking the patient's cock and massaging his balls, mumbling "Everything seems to be in working order here" when she could catch her breath.

The kids laughed and laughed throughout the whole scene, finding it hilarious when a doctor walked in on the two as they fucked, and even funnier when he suggested he ought to give the nurse an anal exam. The double penetration wasn't erotic at all, because Scott commented that they looked like a couple of pistons moving up and down, and they all nearly died in fits of giggles. They had to stop watching after that scene and move on to 'Rectal Rooter', but it wasn't any better.

They found everything that happened to be funnier than any wild asian titty fuck and oral job they'd ever seen. Not only was the acting horrid, but the sex in itself was silly, and before long they were commenting on the porn like they were the robots in 'Mystery Science Theater 3000'. After two scenes of 'Rectal Rooter', they all had to stop so they could calm down, and take a break to pee.

When they were all set and ready for a new movie, Alexis popped in 'The Devil in Miss Jones'. The movie opened with sad, eerie music, and a naked woman placing a razor blade on the side if a tub. "Ohhhh myyyy god. what is she about to do?" Nancy asked, and when she got her answer, she gasped.

The woman on screen slit her wrists, and the tub filled with blood. "Is this really porn?" Scott asked. Alexis looked at the case. "It looks like it's supposed to be." she said uncertainly.

But as the movie continued, poor Miss Jones found herself at the desk of a strange man named Abaca who informed her she would have to go to Hell for killing herself. Alexis, John, Scott, and Nancy were so interested in the movie they forgot they were watching porn. They forgot they had been laughing, and took in everything just as any drama should be watched.

Nancy picked up the popcorn again and crunched loudly, wide-eyed, wanting to know what was going on. "Turn it up a bit," Nancy said, so she could hear the movie over her crunching.

They did not laugh when Miss Jones was introduced to a very strange sexual teacher, nor when she played with a snake, nor even when she took on two guys at once. This scene had an entirely different feel from 'Naughty Nurses', and they all watched it, fascinated. They were so intrigued by the movie, they did not notice when Alexis' father pulled in the driveway, or when he walked in the door, and unlike the doctor catching the naughty nurse, they did not find it funny when Alexis' father caught them watching his porno tape.

---------- Part 4.5 "Turn that off NOW!" The shout by Alexis' father standing behind them made them jump. Nancy sent the popcorn flying everywhere, and Scott dropped his half-filled can of Pepsi, staining the rug at his feet, once white, now a dark brown.

Alexis grabbed the remote, but fumbled with it before finding the 'Stop' button. The last words from Miss Jones were "I want to feel cum down-" before her pussy and two cocks inside it disappeared, replaced by a black reflection of the room outside the TV. "I want you kids to leave right now," Alexis' father said, trying to keep his voice measured.

"I suggest you go home and tell your parents before I do, because I will be calling them tonight." "Yes, sir!" Nancy said, and scooted away with Scott in tow, both of them bright red. John stood up and began to protest. "Mr. Williams, I can hot ebony vanity cruz fucked in the office everything-" "Then get going and explain it to your mother." "But I-" "Leave!" Alexis' father shouted. John looked helplessly at Alexis.

Alexis looked ready to cry. She'd never before seen her father get so upset. John didn't know what to do. He was scared or Mr. Williams, but he wanted to be a man and protect the girl he loved. His flight-or-fight instinct clouded his brain, and in an instant, he chose flight.

He left the house, and caught up with Scott and Nancy. "It won't be a big deal," Nancy was saying to Scott. "Yes it will," Scott said, trying to hold in his tears.

"My parents will kill me when they find out." "No, they won't. You're twelve. Stud is favourable to have sex and massage were bound to see some sooner or later." "You don't understand. My parents won't even let me see rated R movies. I got in trouble when I saw one once. What do you think they'll do when they find out I watched p-porn!" "They won't do anything, Scott," Nancy said, but she didn't believe it herself now.

She had always wondered why Scott was so shy, why he always acted so nervous around his own parents, or anybody's parents, but she had never seen them get angry before. Maybe they would do something to him, after all. John stopped paying attention to them. He had his own thoughts to deal with now. He knew his parents wouldn't wife orgssm while looking at cam that he had watched porn, maybe they'd lecture him or ground him, but that wasn't a big deal.

What mattered to him was that he had just walked away from his girlfriend. 'I'm supposed to love her, aren't I?' he thought to himself. 'If I love her, why didn't I stand with her?' "I'll bet Alexis won't even get in trouble either," Nancy said. "Her dad just freaked out a bit, but when he calms down, it won't be a big deal." 'Maybe that's why I chickened out,' John thought.

'Maybe I assumed he wouldn't be that angry as soon as he calmed down. No, John, you're lying to yourself. You're just a pussy. Get over it.' "Look, Scott," Nancy said, "why don't we both go to your house? I can explain it to your folks before Alexis's dad calls them." "No, I don't want them to find out," Scott said. "They're going to find out anyway.

Better from us." Scott was still not calm by the time John left Scott and Nancy for his own house. He seemed a hopeless case, and John wished he could have felt sorry for him, but he was using up all his sympathy feeling sorry for himself.

----- Alexis' father ejected the tape and put it back in its case, then looked over the four porn tapes on the coffee table. "I don't know where to start," he said, scanning the titles, trying to calm himself down. He was in much more shock now than anger. Alexis didn't say anything. She just sat on the couch, looking away from her father, ready to cry. "Okay. firstly. how many times have you done this?" "I- this is the first time," Alexis said.

"This is the first time you have ever watched this stuff with your friends?" ".The first time I've ever seen it at all," Alexis said, sniffling. "Why did you think it would be fun to show your friends some tapes from my closet that you'd never seen before?" "I don't know!" Alexis said, and finally broke down, letting her tears flow.

"Okay, okay, step back," her father said, "what were you doing in my closet in the first place?" "We - we were - just getting those." "How did you know they were in there?" "I found them last year, looking for Christmas presents, but I never watched them!" "Okay.

Well, how much did you see?" Alexis tried to hold back her tears and pointed to the tapes. "That one a little bit, that one a little bit, and that one all the way until you." Alexis' father sighed. "Okay. I'll talk about it with your mother when she gets home, and we'll decide on an appropriate punishment.

For now, clean up the mess you and your friends made. I think the soda will stain." "Okay, dad," Alexis said, and got up from the couch. She still didn't want to look at him, and kept her head hung low.

----- When Nancy and Scott reached Scott's house, they discovered that Scott's mom was already home. Nancy had to drag Scott into his own house to face his own mother. He finally gave up struggling and protesting wife watches hubby do her old mom from behind she got him through the doorway, and just hung his head in shame.

"There you are," Scott's mother said when she saw him. "Supper's almost ready. I was getting worried. I called Nancy's house but no one answered." "We weren't at my house, Mrs. Turner," Nancy said. "We were hanging out at Alexis's house." "A shame what his parents do to him. At least he has friends," Scott's mother said to herself, taking chicken out of the oven. "Excuse me?" Nancy said. "Him?" "Oh, dear, Alexis is a boy. His parents dress him up like a girl, but everybody knows he's a boy." "No she's not!" Nancy protested, but was cut off quickly.

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"I'll have to tell your parents to explain it to you. Although I can understand why they wouldn't want you to know." "Alexis is a girl! She has a boyfriend!" "Well, I'll have to let his 'boyfriend's' parents know too, and I'm sure they'll be upset about it." "Alexis is NOT a-" "Enough dear!" Scott's mother said, getting heated.

"I don't want to have an argument with you. I know he looks like a girl, because his weirdo parents make him look like one, but he has boy parts where is counts. Personally, I think they should be locked up for doing that. I don't care if they wanted a girl, they got a boy and there's no changing that. I will call your parents later and have them explain it to you. End of conversation." Nancy wasn't so sure she would be able to tell Scott's mother about the porn now.

Scott's mother didn't understand that Alexis was a girl, and thought her parents were 'weirdoes', so Nancy had no idea how she might react to jane darling and peter north porn. She apparently didn't like anything that wasn't considered 'normal', and twelve-year-olds watching porn was probably not 'normal' to her. It was no wonder to Nancy now why Scott was so shy.

"Mrs. Turner." "WHAT, dear?" ".Nothing." ----- "Why is there a STAIN on the rug?" Anne shouted. Jeff came out of the office room immediately.

"One of Alexis' friends spilled soda. We need to get a stain remover. Hi, honey." Jeff kissed his wife, and said "But I think there's a bigger problem to worry about right now. I came home today and caught Alexis and her friends watching porn." "OUR porn?

What was she watching?" "I don't remember; I put them away already. It was weird, actually; they were just watching it like a normal movie. They had popcorn." Anne laughed. "Oh, dumb kid stuff. You know they're getting around that age anyway. I'm sure she's seen worse things on the Internet.

She shouldn't be watching that stuff, of course, and she certainly shouldn't be showing her friends, but there's not much we can do." "Should we, um, punish her?" "No, I don't think it's a big deal." "I was going to call her friends' parents." Jeff suggested. "Do you really think that's necessary?

What did you do when you were their age? Don't you think you wouldn't want your parents finding out?" "Yeah, fine, but we're not raising their kids. I think it's their decision to act on it." "Okay, you have a point. Who were the other kids? John, I imagine was one of them." "Yes, John, and her friend Nancy, and some other boy, I don't know who he is." "Scott?" "I don't know, he's tiny, I think he's someone's little brother." "No, that's Scott I think.

Nancy's boyfriend. He's twelve too. You should pay more attention to Alexis' friends. Who else?" "Just them. Do you know their numbers so I can call them?" "Alexis?" Anne called out.

"Do you have your friends' phone numbers?" Alexis came down the stairs from her room, still looking a little ashamed. "Do you have your friends' phone numbers?" her mother repeated.

"You're not in trouble, but don't go showing your friends that stuff anymore. But I still need to tell their parents." ----- John's father thought it was funny: "Oh, don't worry about it, Jeff. They're getting about that age, you know, when they start to get curious. Hell, I've caught my son a few times looking at porn on the Internet, I'm sure what he saw at your house was mild compared to some of the crap on there. In fact, don't tell Alexis I know this, but I think I caught them the other day.

um, experimenting, shall we say? No, I didn't see them, but I think I came home at the wrong time, and John seemed really embarrassed, you know? And his fly was unzipped, but I won't get into all the details, I guess that's just between my son and your daughter. I mean, these kids are getting more sexually active these days; I never even kissed a girl till I was seventeen, and these kids at twelve. still, that's the way of things now." Nancy's mother didn't think much of it, either: "Oh, she was bound to find out sooner or later.

She's getting that age, you know. I mean, we have that parental blocker software to keep her off Internet porn, but with what she sees on TV anyway. She steals my romance novels, you know. I figure it's better to read about it classy than watch vulgar stuff on the Internet, so I don't do anything about it.

but like I said, it's really not a big deal, but thanks for telling me. I'll talk to her about it, and make sure she doesn't get the wrong impression of sex. It's about time we had that talk with her anyway. Should've done it a couple years ago, when she had her first period." Scott's mother, on the other hand, was an entirely different story: "You WHAT?! You let my son watch SMUT?! How DARE you show my kid such filthy things! Oh, it was your son, now, was it?

Your son- your SON- you have a SON and I don't care what you people tell others, you are a bunch a freaky people, all of you, and I will forbid my son from talking to yours again! No, they won't be 'hanging out' anymore, and did you know your son has a boyfriend? You think he won't be traumatized when he finds out he's been getting all kissy-kissy with a boy? It'll turn him GAY, that's what it'll do! I ought to go ahead and call Child Services because of what you do to your boy.

YES HE'S A BOY AND DON'T PRETEND OTHERWISE! Does he have a - p-penis? Then he's a boy! What's the matter with you? Everybody knows he's a boy, and you're turning him into a freak! I don't care if you give him boy's clothes, I've seen him, you must give him a bra and stuff it or something - NO THEY'RE NOT!

You mean to tell me that boy has B-BREASTS? I'll bet you give him that hormone stuff that turns him into a girl. I Horny blonde slapping and make wet body with oil wecamnet be calling Child Services now; you are dangerous people. GOOD BYE!" ----- "That went well," Jeff told his wife.

She had been standing next to him during the entire conversation with Scott's mother, and could hear both sides of the argument perfectly. "Scott won't be in trouble, will he?" Alexis asked. At first she felt immense relief that John and Nancy's parents were so good about it, but now she was ready to cry just hearing the shouting match between her father and Scott's mother. "No, I think she's a lot more mad at me than she is at Scott," Alexis' father said.

"But I don't think she'll really call Child Services, don't worry." Of course, Child Services never came, but that wasn't a big deal. The big deal was that Scott did not show up at school for the rest of the week. ---------- Part 5 "He really did call?" John asked Alexis the next day in school. "My folks didn't say anything to me." "I was with my dad while he was on the phone," Alexis said.

"Your dad picked up, I think." "What did he say?" "I couldn't hear your dad, but it sounded like he was cool with it. I guess he didn't lylith lavey in an acrobatic doggy style with lexingtons bbc like telling you." "My mom gave me 'the talk'," Nancy chimed in. "She told me sex wasn't really like what we saw, but she told me that it wasn't really like what was in her books, either.

I can't wait till we take sex ed next year so I can find out what it's really like." "I don't think sex ed will tell you much," Alexis said, "except the science behind it. I don't think they'll teach you what it feels like.

I mean, it's not like it's a hands-on course!" "Ooh, that'd be so fun!" Nancy said. She still had not tried masturbation yet, but it was in the back of her mind more often that not. At this moment, she was visualizing a sex ed class where she and Scott got to go up to the front of the room to give an in-class demonstration of sex.

She did not yet realize that, in the adult world, that was called exhibitionism. She didn't know yet that it was a fetish, a taboo, something that lots of people were interested in, and something that others thought was sick and weird. In her mind, having sex in a sex ed class as perfectly logical as playing with chemicals in a chemistry class.

"Where's Scott today?" John asked. "I don't know," Nancy said. "I got kicked out of his house when his mom hung up with your dad," she said, looking at Alexis. Alexis looked away, avoiding Nancy's eyes. 'Maybe it's my fault Scott isn't here,' Alexis thought to herself, and felt ashamed. 'It wasn't right to push him to be there, it wasn't right to make him come.

He knew he'd be in trouble, and we shouldn't have made him come.' "I'll go to his house after school and see what's up," Nancy said. "Maybe he's just sick." But nobody really thought so. ----- Nancy did not find out why Scott had been absent that day. She had gone to Scott's house to find out, but she had been shooed away before she was allowed to come in.

The next day yielded no further results, but she never told Alexis and John the specifics of what had happened on those occasions. It was the topic that Nancy did not want to talk about. On Thursday, John decided to go to Scott's house and ask himself. When he knocked, Scott's mother answered the door. "Are you one of Scott's friends?" she asked.

"Y-" "Scott cannot come out." "May I ask why?" John asked. "I don't even want to tell you. Just saying what he's done is not good for you. You might get ideas and I don't want to be responsible for it." "This isn't about the um, the thing at Alexis' house is it?" "Oh, so you know?" "I was-" "I'll bet that boy told everyone in school.

Scott's so ashamed he'll never be able to show his face in school again, and I don't blame him. I've arranged to have the rest of his schoolwork mailed to us, and I'll be sending him to a private school next year, that lad asks her to show some I should've done from the first.

I'm sorry, but Scott will not be coming to school anymore, and he can't play with you right now. I'm sure he doesn't want to see anyone anyway. I can't blame him, though, not completely.

I think it's those weirdoes fault more than my boy's." "'Weirdoes', ma'am?" "The Williams's, the ones with the boy that looks like a girl, I'm sure you know the one." "Are you talking about Alexis?" John said, starting to get angry. "Yes, that's his name. Poor boy, I can't even blame him so much, growing up with such parents." "They are NOT weirdoes, and Alexis is NOT a boy." "Ask your parents about it, they know. Dreadful thing." "That 'dreadful thing' is my girlfriend!" Scott's mother let out a soft wail.

"Oh! So you're the 'boyfriend', well you're in for a surprise, because your 'girlfriend' is a boy. Tell your parents that quickly, before you do anything you regret, I hope you haven't kissed him yet?" "Alexis is a girl!" John shouted.

He was ready to break something. "Don't shout at me, boy. I know you're shocked, but yelling at me won't do anything." "I am NOT shocked." "Clearly you are if you can't keep your voice down. Run along huge boobs milf bianka threesome with teen couple on sofa young old pornstars tell your parents what I've told you." "I think I will," John said, trying to keep his temper down.

"Good boy," Scott's mother said, and closed the door mofos dixie know how to juice them John's face. ----- John did, in fact, tell his parents, but he didn't tell them what Scott's mother wanted them to know. He told them the entire conversation as best as he could recall, interjecting with his own comments about how she was such a bitch, which was the only way he could describe her ignorance (since he didn't pay attention in English and hadn't remembered the vocabulary word 'ignorance' he had recently learned), which he got yelled at for.

His parents understood him though, and didn't like what they heard. "I know it sounds like what Mrs. Turner said was bad," John's mother said, even and calm, "but there's nothing we can do about it. I don't like the fact that Scott can't see you anymore, but she has to raise her son the way she thinks is best, just as we do for you." "But she's NOT raising him best!" John objected.

"That may be so. But it's not our place to change that. She has the right to take him out of school if she wants." "She shouldn't have the right," John mumbled. ----- That was the end of John, Alexis, and Nancy's relations with Scott. None of them were allowed to communicate with Scott at all, they never even saw him. It was like he was a prisoner in his own house, but they couldn't do anything about it. John felt helpless, and Alexis cried in bed at night, when she thought of Scott, believing herself to be the cause of his imprisonment.

On the last day of school, Alexis wrote a little note to Scott reading simply "We miss you so much," and signed her name, as well as John's and Nancy's for them, even though they knew nothing about it. She stuck the note in Scott's mailbox and walked away. She did not know that Scott would never see it, because Scott's mother would find it first, rip it up, and throw it out. Nancy reacted much differently. She got angry at first, standing in front of Scott's house and calling Scott's mother nasty names for all the neighbors to hear.

When she tired of that, she would run around the block, or work extra hard in gym class. At night, she wrote in her diary some of the vilest things she wanted to do to Scott's mother. And then, just as school ended for the summer, Nancy went through a short grieving phase, feeling sad and sorry for herself, and wishing she still had Scott.

But summer was, after all, beach season, and by the end of the first week of summer vacation, Scott was officially out of her life and off her mind, and she took in all the beautiful sights of summer. Life had changed for all of them, but life went on. ---------- End of Season 1