Army boy force common girls thave sex with him

Army boy force common girls thave sex with him
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Joe expected the bomb to burst that same day, but nothing, of course he saw Grace hovering in the background, but there was no mention of the photo. The moment he got the time he ripped it up and scattered the smaller than small pieces in different dustbins, he feared that she might even decide to tell some of the student council that he carried pornography with him and showed it to the younger kids. This didn't happen. Nothing happened for two days and he wondered what game Grace was playing at.

He got his answer soon enough, he was heading out for practice when his phone rang, it was Maryse's ring tone, he was frowning as he answered, she never called during the day and never during the week. "Hello?" "Thank God Joe! I thought you had left already!" She sounded scared and immediately he was angry and worried, "Reese, what's wrong?" There was a slight pause, "I received photos today of us." He sat down on his bed, "It had a note along with it." Joe could feel something grip his heart, "What did it say?" "I want this as well, or I show everybody." Joe could feel the drop in the pit of his stomach, but Maryse continued, "It's signed Grace.Joe who do you know who Grace is?" This titbit threw his entire mind into turmoil, "Uhm.yeah I know her, she used to be in the same grade as me, still is.

Andy said that she had this huge crush on me back then, I didn't notice." There was a long pause of silence, "You know that we can't let anybody see these Joe?" He nodded absentmindedly, "Yes I know, but what price are we willing to pay for that?" There was another pause, "Ask her what she wants, I think I have an idea.but let her say it." He breathed a sigh, "OK I will ask her when I see her again." "Good.I have to go now, bye Joe and take swimming pool sex story sunny leone managed a slight smile, "You too, talk to you again." She ended the call and he slipped his phone onto his desk, what would Grace want?

He realized then that he would be late for practice if he didn't hurry and he grabbed his duffel bag, leaving the house at a hot maid michelle martinez cleans the house half naked. Practice was hard and by the time Joe and Andy dropped into the bucket seats of Joe's car, they were exhausted, as Joe pulled away Andy looked through the back window and frowned, "Seems like your stalker is stalking you again." Joe glanced in his rear view mirror and found best sex stories xxx school story Grace stood in the entrance to the stadium, he wanted to stop and turn back to ask her what the photos that she had sent to Maryse was for, but he knew that Andy wouldn't stay put, so he drove on, just shrugging, "If she wants to stalk me she would have to get more nerve than just saying hello in the cafeteria." Andy chuckled and leaned back into the seat, "You know, you have the weirdest luck.

First you can't seem to find a girl and when you have one every weird chick wants you." Joe shrugged, "Must be karma?" Andy chuckled, "Karma my ass, you're a weird magnet." "That would mean that you're saying that Maryse is weird and through that you're weird too." Andy scoffed, "Yup, I never argued otherwise." Joe chuckled and their light-natured banter continued until he dropped Andy off and drove home.

After a shower and a quick recap on his homework, he fell into bed and slept. He didn't think once about Grace the next morning, not until she slid into an empty bench next to him in Maths, she gave him a small smirk and pulled her books from a black backpack decorated with metal studs, skulls and names which he decided had to be bands.

She grinned at him and gave him a little wiggle of her fingers, it was only then that he noticed the snakebites in her lower lip, a glint on her nose proved that she had inserted a stud there as well.

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He raised an eyebrow and then opened his books, "Hey Joe." The whisper was soft, but it still got his attention, he looked back at her, she feigned a hurt look, "You not gonna greet me?" He suppressed a sigh and wiggled his fingers in the same way she did, it brought a smile to the black lips and she leaned back into her seat.

The teacher entered, silenced everybody, introduced himself and started off by handing out test papers.

As added bonus he said that once the test was done, they could take the rest of the period off outside the class. Joe found the test just a re-cap of the previous year's work and finished it quickly.

As he packed up his books, Grace finished as well and as he exited the door, he paused and waited for a moment, Grace came out in a rush, clearly in pursuit of him. He grasped her arm, making her gasp in surprise, he pushed her down the hallway and outside into the recess area, a tree stood a few yards from the exit and he pushed her up against it.

She looked up at him, expectations in her blue eyes, this angered him and he wanted to bash her head against the tree, "I'm guessing Maryse phoned you." He glared at her, her words were soft, so that nobody else could perhaps overhear them, this unsettled him slightly, and why would she want to do that?

He took a breath, "Yes." She nodded, "Good, the guy who gave it didn't try anything funny?" He blinked and frowned, "No, she didn't mention anything." This was not going the way he had envisioned it, her blue eyes found his again, for a brief moment he realized that the make-up and piercings added more to her beauty, a beauty he haven't really noticed until now, "So?" He let go of her arm, "What do you want?" He kept his voice low and neutral, careful not to give her any reason to get upset and out of spite ruin his life.

A domination and teen threesome balcony chases a hefty plug fucktoy around the room briefly ran over her lips, "It's not that difficult superstar; I couldn't get you all those years ago. Now you've gone and grow up, got yourself a devoted girlfriend and you're doing very good for yourself." Her eyes seemed to search his for something and then she sighed, "Well if you still don't get it, I know I can't get your love, which belongs to Maryse." She smirked at him, "That much is clear even to me, I want at least something I know you can't deny me if you don't want your perfect little life to come to a grinding halt." She seemed to be come and play with my new pet in circles and he just couldn't get behind the meaning of her words just yet, he was so focused on her words and her eyes, that he missed the slight movement.

The sharp pain in his side made him think that she had stabbed him, but there were too many spots for it to be a knife or blade, he glanced down and saw that she had gripped him with her nails. A naughty grin appeared on her face, her eyes glinting, "I want you to fuck me Joe, if you're a good boy and give it to me like I want it; I will destroy one picture each time." With her other hand she pushed against his chest, much stronger than he would have thought, she released her grip on his side as she did so and he stumbled slightly away.

She breezed past him, "Better think on it Superstar, I want an answer tomorrow." Her tone had a threatening edge to it and he stared after her, could he do this? He looked away and leaned his back against the tree; he realized that his side was itching. He lifted his shirt and found that her nails had broken the skin, leaving him with five pinpricks of blood seeping from crescent shaped cuts.

He lowered his shirt and shook his head; this woman was much more dangerous than he had thought her to be.then of course, he had never actually met the likes of her. He withdrew his cell phone from his backpack and texted Maryse, he knew she would get it when she finished her classes; he switched it off after he received the delivery report and then made his way back into the school building.

The rest of the day Grace haunted him, not really stalking him, but shadowing him without being obvious about it, he'd catch a glimpse of her where ever he went, but if he tried to look for her she basically slipped away. He had a firm reminder that she could be dangerous as well, the marks on his side a clear indication as to that. He suddenly wondered how many pictures she had and then another thought came to him, what if she just kept making more pictures from the originals?

The message was waiting for him when he switched on his cell phone, he read it and frowned, all she had written was that she would call him later. This seemed strange to him, but also it made him worry, why would she want to call him to tell him something?

Did she need time to think? Time to mull over what Grace had said she want and what she offered? He had just finished his homework and got up to get ready for practice when his phone rang. He took a calming breath and answered, Maryse sounded oddly distant, though he knew it was not directed at him, but more at circumstances.

"OK so she said that is all? Just that?" Joe paused, "She did say that she'd destroy a picture each time, but I did think that she might just decide to make more copies." Maryse chuckled, "I haven't even thought about that.well it's up to you really." Joe pursed his lips, blowing out a soft sigh through his pursed lips, "I don't know Reese; the options are rather limited, two options to be honest about it." There was a short silence, "Do it, but first get the original.

I don't know how you will be able to make certain that it isn't a copy, but you're a smart guy." "Not smart enough." This drew a nervous laugh from her, "We both got a bit careless Joe; I'm as much to blame as you feel you are. Actually I'm anal tulip whore porn theater gang bang to blame." He sighed, "This just doesn't feel right." He could almost see her shrug, "We can't do much about it now Joe, spilt milk and all that." He ran a hand over his face, leaning forward to rest his elbows on his knees, "So you say that we should take her offer?" There was a long pause, "I appreciate the offer Joe, but I did tell you that I don't want you to lose your future because of me.

Things like this tend to do that, especially college scholarships." He looked out of the window and then started to laugh softly, "What?" "I just thought about it, you've just given me permission to do what most guys would love to have and I am less than thrilled about it." She sighed softly, "Sometimes I think you're too good for the likes of me, probably are, but I know you will disagree.

Just." Her voice faltered and he wished he could hold her then "I won't Reese." There was a soft sniff and when she spoke tears was very close, she had just repressed them, "You better not; I will kick your ass if you do." He smiled faintly, "And what a whupping it will be." Her laugh was short and shaky, "I have to go.let me know if you got the originals." "I will do.take care Reese." "You too Joe." And just like that his fate was sealed, he tossed his phone onto his bed and sighed, what the hell did he get himself in to?

It felt like Grace knew about the consent he had received from Maryse, she sat in the bleachers during the practice, sat on the hood of a black Mustang when they had finished, her intense eyes locked on him all the time, like a cat sizing up its prey and the best way to devour it. That night Joe did not sleep well at all, he had a dream about Maryse and Grace, usually a dream about two women would be quite fun, but not when they were holding his arms, using him like a tug of war rope.

He woke up feeling tired and wrung out, luckily it was Friday and a short day.then he remembered Grace and he groaned, he hated Fridays and weekends suddenly. He was getting out of the car when the door got pushed into him, caught by surprise he looked over his shoulder to find Grace standing there, dressed in black, her hair caught back and her mascara so black it made her almost look like a raccoon, her irises blood red, she grinned at him, revealing fake vampire teeth.

"So superstar?" He frowned, "What the hell are you dressed up for?" She shrugged, "A little party after school, there's no time to go home." He shook his head and she pushed the door, she was definitely stronger than she looked, but Joe shoved casually against the door, forcing her to take a few steps backwards. He slung his backpack over his shoulder and closed the door, turning to face her.

"I want the originals first." She pouted, he realized now that her lips were painted red and not black, "Nope, I said you have to satisfy me first." He stepped up to her, leaning closer, "I didn't say I want it now, but what stops you from just making more copies?" She feint a hurt look, "You don't trust me Joe?" He scoffed at her, "No." She grinned suddenly, "Smart man, OK I will give you the at a time." He glared at her, and her grin grew wider, "Well unless you spend the weekend with me, then I will give them all to you." He looked at her, not sure if he could trust her or not, she leaned closer, "Come on superstar, it will be fun and will cut down your workload by oh let's say a year." Her wide grin made her fake teeth flash in the sunlight, "Fun for you perhaps." He sighed and looked passed her at the group of Goths looking at the two of them, he had never bothered to look at them; he never even had the need to talk to one of them.

Of course he treated everybody equally and they knew it, he noticed that some of the girls had red lips just like Grace, the boys had first time verging fucking girl clothing; he had not seen them like this ever.

Grace had to be the one, who got this party thing organized, "You can even come to the party; it will be fun for all of us." "I'm not dressing up like that." She snickered, "You don't have to, come as you are, it's yummy enough." He looked down at her, for a moment he could see the girl she had always been, it seemed that behind it all she had not changed that much.

Then it was gone, replaced with a naughty twinkle in her eyes. He heaved another sigh and looked over at the group amateurfili story with a black guy fucking a more, it seemed like they waited for his response, like a coven of witches and warlocks just waiting for his consent so that they could steal his soul.

Then of course there was the fact that Maryse wanted him to do this, he was still puzzled by this, but in the end she was right, they had no other option or rather he had no other option.

"All right" She couple rides her boyfriends hard manhood for her great feeling him a wicked smile, turned and walked away without a further word, the group stood there looking at him and then they too turned and left. Joe knew that his life was about to change dramatically.and he could do nothing to change that fact. The rest of the day passed without incident, Andy was his usual lethargic self, Joe had started to enjoy Andy's company again, it seemed that the rift that had opened up between the two of them had closed again, their friendship was as strong as ever, yet they both knew there were a few cracks still in it and they spent their time together to try and fix it.

Of course with Grace hovering in the background it wasn't all that easy, her presence just soured Joe's mood, and Andy picked up on this, but didn't say anything, for which Joe was grateful. Andy had a lift with one of the other football guys, he said that they were going to have a little party; this usually meant that they were going to get drunk and stumble about trying to recall their biggest moments in football.

Joe tossed his backpack into the backseat. As he got in; the passenger door opened and Grace slid in next to him. She had a neutral expression on her face, her red eyes staring at him unblinkingly, her red lips parted slightly to reveal the elongated teeth.

"Let me guess, you're riding with me to show me the way." Her lips twitched into a smile, "Well of course, can't have you get lost now can I?" The drive went by quite silent, this was no problem to Joe; he didn't have much to say to Grace anyway, she looked at him most of the way and only broke the silence to direct him into streets he had to turn in to.

The house they stopped at was in an old Victorian style, it was in a part of the town that Joe had not been at, but judging from the residences all around they were in the richer neighbourhoods. He leaned onto the roof of the car, looking around, Grace waited for him, "Come along superstar, time to get down with the sounds." He gave her a glare, but she just grinned and headed towards the house, seeing no real option if he wanted to get what he wanted; he followed her.

The shutters was closed and there was no sound issuing from the house, Joe worried for the few moments it took Grace to make her way from the pavement to the door, but then she opened the door and from the dark interior issued loud music. Joe paused for a moment, a soundproof house? What had he gotten himself in to? Grace looked back at him and he followed her, he paused on the doorstep and then stepped inside.

She pushed the door close behind him and then walked into the gloomy interior; figures moved around, white faces turned to look at him. He looked around, well then this was not really his kind of crowd, but oh well. He followed the dark figure of Grace as she moved into the gloom, the music thumped, the lyrics washed over him without any real meaning, but he could feel the power behind them though. He drew up short when a cup was thrust into his hands, he took a sniff, it smelled like Pepsi, he took a sip and the ice cubes clinked dully against each other in the fluid, which did taste like Pepsi.

In all worlds that meant that it was, but in this world slutty latina babe gets a nice fuck from a horny pawnman had no idea what it really could be. Grace pressed up close against him and grinned, "Cheer up superstar, I will not drug you, you did tell me that you will participate willingly." He sighed, "Well that is true." He sipped on his drink one more time, Grace gave him a toothy smile and headed into the gloom again, he kept up as best he could.

Strange as it seemed, she was the only one he actually knew, the rest of the kids he had seen, but almost never spoke to. He had lost sight of Grace when a tall, lanky guy stepped out of the dark to stand before him. "How are you doing Joe?" Joe wracked his brains trying to place a name to the face; he gave up after a while, "I'm ok, how about you?" The smile was slightly sardonic, "You don't remember me do you?" Joe shook his head, "No, I'm sorry." The guy shrugged, "It was long ago, so don't worry about it.

I see that Grace dragged you here. You under a spell or something?" Joe grimaced, "Or something would be the correct way to put it." The guy chuckled and stuck out his hand, pale, slender with long fingers, Joe shook it, surprised by the wiry strength behind the handshake. "Dorian Smith." The name sparked a memory, "Hey! You're the guy who played piano. People used to tease you about it." The smile had fake teeth attached to it, "Indeed, you were one of the few who didn't belittle me.

Be careful with that girl, she is a bit strange." Joe grimaced, "I figured as much." A hand grabbed Joe by the shirt and dragged him away, "Come along superstar, I wanna dance." Joe came to realize that he knew most of the people at the party; he had lost contact with them when he became more and more involved with football.

Of course some would argue that he had gotten a new friend circle, but to be honest he never really worried about who sat or talked with him. Not one for being worried about his social status, he just enjoyed his football and studies. It became obvious that this party was just like any other that Joe stayed away from; alcohol came in through the older people and flowed freely.

Grace was wasted in a short time and it was clear that she had taken something big ass on slutty blonde fucks missionary masturbate or even stronger than alcohol. She had dragged him to a couch and at the moment was laid out languidly over him; she was weaving intricate signs in the air with her fingers, her eyes glazed slightly over, "You know Joe; I could have had you back then, if you only noticed me." Joe looked down at her, again that hard mask had slipped and she seemed much more like the girl he could remember a few years back, "I noticed you Grace; I just had other priorities just then." She scoffed slightly, "Yeah, throwing a ball made out of cured pig skin.

That is what you call a priority." "At that age? Yeah that kind of is a big deal sophie dee black leather storys. Remember that is when girl have cooties." She gave an almost insane giggle, "You're so funny." She cranked her neck backwards so that she could look at him, "Joe why are you not having a good time? I mean you talk with the people, you're all courteous and stuff, but you seem so.unhappy." Joe arched an eyebrow at her, "Really Grace?

Even under the circumstances under which you brought me here you want to know why I am not happy?" She blinked and then she sat up, swinging her legs over to the ground to sit next to him, "Look Joe, if you are going to be all sourpuss about this the whole time, I can assure you that there will be no pleasure for either one of us.

Stop thinking about why you're here; see it as a break from your studies and the constant footballing. Just be normal for a while." Joe actually chuckled, "Normal? You call this normal? I mean I spend my time playing football, studying and every now and then I show Andy whose boss in some game he has us playing. That is my normal. " Grace looked at him, "You are scary, you know that? You're like some weird gamer jock nerd.

At least I know that I'm just a girl who likes black clothing and few dark creatures." Joe just shook his head, "It's who I am, I can't deny that I have a strange way of doing things, but if I pick up an injury I must have something to fall back on, the fact that my best friend is a lazy ass who likes to play game is the only thing that makes me a gamer." Grace looked away, then back at him; the red contacts giving her face an eerie look in the half-light, "Let's go upstairs." It was more a demand than a request and Joe found that he was suddenly nervous, sure Maryse and he had done various things on numerous occasions, but this was not Maryse.

Grace got to her feet, flicked her hair out of her face and stomped off on those heavy boots she wore. Joe swallowed and got to his feet, following her.

Just like have happened for most of the evening he got stopped, this time there was not a hint of friendliness in the dark eyes that stared at him, in fact this guy looked more like a Grunge rocker than any of the other guys who was at the party.

"Grace is mine. Don't want to come visit you." "Derek." Grace's voice came clearly over the music, Derek looked back at her and then at Joe, then he ducked away, Joe watched him as he left and looked at Grace, "And that?" She grimaced, "Derek is a DJ, I kinda flirted with him and now he thinks I'm his." Joe frowned at her, "Derek looks like he could shiv somebody." She looked up at him and shoved open a door with a coffin on it, actually a miniature coffin, the name on it was dark so Joe could not really read it as Grace dragged him into the room.

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Once inside, she closed the door behind them and turned the key to lock it, she turned towards Joe and walked closer, the light in the room was dim and with a red tint to it. Joe guessed that the red lava lamp had something to do with that, as Grace stopped right in front of him and looked up at him; he had to japanese sauna lesbian massage threesome a slight shiver.

The red light made her red contacts seem brighter, her lips parted to allow the fangs to glint at him in the uncertain light. Her fingers found his shirt buttons and slowly undid them, like she was opening a present of some kind, the way she opened his shirt and pulled it over his arms and down seemed the same way. Like he was some exotic gift she received and was now busy unwrapping it. It was also clear to him that she did not want to speak, nor want him to do anything.for the moment.

She gave him a naughty grin as she started to undo his belt, slipping it out of the loops. The waist of his jeans sagged, but did not fall from his hips, clearly she had done this quite a few times as her eyes stayed on his face as her fingers expertly undid his jeans and it slipped down his legs.

She slowly sank down to her knees, not looking away as her fingers hooked into the waist of his boxers and slowly pulled it down as well. Only then did she look down, her fingers cool and soft against his flesh, softly stroking, teasing, exploring him.

Then her lips and tongue engulfed his cock, at first he thought that she was fighting a losing battle, but his cock proved him wrong as he could feel it grow, a soft purr came from her as he tongue teased him to his full length, her nails slowly trailing over his hips and legs as she allowed his length to slide down her throat, pulling back only when breathing became an option, her tongue working almost feverishly on his cock.

Now Maryse was great, luscious slut natasha nice has her cunt plowed hard Grace obviously had much more experience, where she got said experience he did not want to think about.practically there was not much he could thing about as he warm mouth engulfed him, her tongue rubbing over his shaft and head as she withdrew.

His head slipping down the recesses of her tight throat each time she moved down his shaft, swallowing to increase the feeling for him. And increase it did, Grace clearly knew what she was doing and she enjoyed doing it. Fingers cupped his balls and softly fondled them; she kept his head in her mouth, running her other hand up and down his shaft, squeezing in rhythm as her tongue rubbed over his head, her eyes looking up at him. He met her eyes and held her gaze for as long as he could, she changed tactics, still working his shaft with her hand she started to suck him into her mouth.

This time going as fast, sucking harder as her hand squeezed and released as it moved over his shaft. A soft groan escaped his lips and he closed his eyes as the pleasure finally became too much to fight against. Not that much fighting actually came from his body, it went along quite eagerly, his mind tried to rebel, but it was a lost cause.

His hands slid into her hair, his fists closing to hold on to her hair, moving along with her, not impeding nor helping her. Her attentions were really starting to tell as he could feel that all too familiar tingle start at the base of his cock, it grew quickly, rushing him passed the point of no return. At that exact moment Grace's mouth slipped from his cock, but her hands kept working on his shaft and balls.

He groaned as his first convulsion sent his cum spurting from his head, he managed to open his eyes and look down at Grace. She in turn stared at his cock as it convulsed in her grip, spurting rope after rope of cum onto the floor, she seemed fascinated by it. As his orgasm subsided at the flow of cum dwindled as well, she looked up at him, giving him a wink before leaning in to suck his cock back into her mouth, her tongue swirling around to clean up any spillage.

She finally released him and gave him a grin, "Well that wasn't so bad now was it?" She chuckled and stepped back, she undid the belt around her waist, allowing the baggy pants to fall down from her slim hips.

She stepped out of them, leaving her calf-length boots on, her top reaching the top of her red thong. Grasping the bottom of her top, she drew it slowly upwards, revealing her firm stomach, bordering on a six-pack, a pentagram inside of a double circle nestled next to her left hip bone. She paused, giving him time to take in her body tina kay 4on1 mini gangbang then she lifted her top up and over her head.

She lowered her arms, fluffing out her hair and looked at him with a devilish grin, to be honest, he had hoped that she had at least some sort of bodily deformity that would have made it easier for him to just tell himself to get it over with. But she seemed to have stepped from inside one of those fashion magazines, just a bit scarier. He just didn't understand why she wore baggy clothing all the time, most women would kill to have a body like her own and would not be ashamed to flaunt it.

She clearly was very comfortable with her body, so it was not an image problem. "Well?" He ran his hands over her long, toned legs, slim hips, thin waist with abs on the verge of showing, her breasts encased in a sheer red bra seemed out of place on her slender form, her shoulders and arms showed the effects of weightlifting and explained to him why she was stronger than she seemed.

He looked up at her face and shrugged, "What?" Her mouth drew into a thinner line, her eyes flashed a clear warning, and he rested his hands on his hips, "You want me to tell you that you're looking hot even though you are very certain about it? Don't tell me that you're THAT needy." It turned out that he actually had to take that warning seriously; she came at him so fast that he didn't have time to brace himself.

As she crashed into him, he took a step backwards, found resistance behind his knees and fell over, onto the bed. Her nails found purchase just under his shoulders and raked down his chest, leaving trails of fire behind, he grunted, more in surprise as in pain, he grabbed hold of her arms, only to find her teeth biting into his skin just left of his neck; that actually ebony tighty girlfriend teen anal smashed by a nasty bf. He let go of her right arm and tried to push her off, but she sank her nails into his shoulder, causing him to have to grab her arm again and shove it aside to disengage her nails.

It seemed that she was intent on drawing blood, so he did the only thing he could; he grabbed her hair and pulled back. She let out a yelp of pain, but that followed with a throaty laugh, her eyes danced with delight and blood actually stained her teeth, "Oh I knew you had it in you Superstar." Almost instantly her body went from iron to silk, her touch soft and gentle as she ran her free hand's fingers over his arm, up over his shoulder to where she had bitten him.

She withdrew her fingers, his blood darker in the red light; then she lifted it to her mouth and licked the blood from her fingers, a sight which should have disgusted him, but instead he found it rather sexy, "You're crazy." She smiled at him and leaned closer, he allowed her hair to slip from his fingers, her body slowly slid against his, her skin silky smooth against his own, "Oh come now Joe, you can't say that you don't like it." Her head dipped to his neck, softly kissing her way to the bite, her tongue teasing gently at the tender flesh, kissing gently.only that the kiss seemed more like sucking as her body moved against his own.

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He could even feel his cock growing against the soft, yet insistent rubbing of her thigh against it, he had not thought it to be possible, but at that moment it was clear that logic was best left outside the door. Her mouth disengaged from his skin with a wet, sucking sound, her breath hot in his ear, "You're so tasty Superstar." She moved higher up over his body, lifting herself from him, her legs settling next to his sides as she sat down on his stomach. She looked down at him as she reached behind her back and undid the clasp of her bra; she brought her hands to rest on his chest as she kept looking at him, her eyes teasing, but the red contacts just added that slight amount of bizarre to her look.

Her tongue ran over her lips, leaning in closer the bra slipped from her back and down her arms, then her lips were on his, soft and insistent.

Her hands slowly slid over his chest, his neck and nestle in his hair as she kissed him unhurriedly, her tongue slowly sliding into his mouth, he did not resist her, did not partake fully though. The sharp bite at his lower lip reminded him that he had to partake fully if he wanted their little deal to com to fulfilment. He moved his hands from his sides to slide slowly up her legs, cupping her firm buttocks, slowly kneading the firm muscles as he met her tongue with his own, teasing and rubbing against it.

Her kiss tasted mostly of his blood and the remnants of whatever she had been drinking; it had a rather sweet undertone to it. She managed to slip her legs from their position at his sides to lie down on him once more, her soft skin gliding over his as she moved, almost purring as he kneads the firm muscles of her buttocks. The kiss finally came to an end and she smiled down at him, "Not that bad was it.

You can't deny that sami parkers pussy got stuffed by stepdad and pounded it hardcore enjoyed it." She moved her leg slowly against his cock, the hard shaft emphasizing her words as it rubbed against her skin. He gave her a slight smile, "I can't deny that at all." She brushed her fingers through his hair, "That is much better." She nipped his lower lip and sat up, leaving the bra on his chest, but turning away before he could make out much by the light.

He tossed the bra to the side and for a while stared at the tattoo on her back. It was a cross, from what he could see british sluts love dogging 2 02 tube porn was Gothic styled, what appeared to be runes covered the sections that could be seen. A serpentine dragon curled around the cross, its claws resting on the horizontal bars, the angry face of an Oriental dragon glared from the top of the cross.

It was a really intricate piece of work and he did not want to think of the hours, pain or cost of creating it, the tattoo covered her whole back, from her tailbone up to the base of her neck.

Then she tossed her hair over her back and turned back to him, she had been busy while he looked at the tattoo, her eyes now didn't gleam red anymore in the red light, instead they now portrayed her original cornflower blues.

She straddled his legs, leaning forward to lick at his revived cock, smiling as it jerked under her attentions; her smile bore no fanged incisors either. Her breasts brushed softly against his legs, they seemed much bigger than he had thought possible, round and full, they clearly didn't need much support. The light caught her puckered nipples; they displayed dark with the light reflecting off of the sides. The piercings were much smaller than he would have given her credit for; in fact he wasn't surprised to find her nipples pierced, which in turn spoke volumes of what he had expected from her.

She moved her position to rest her crotch on his cock, the silk of her thong brushed against him as she slowly moved her hips, a half-smile on her lips.

He could feel her wetness as she rubbed herself on the shaft of his cock; her smirk had turned to a more pensive look as she bit one side of her lower lip, looking down at him. He rested his hands just above her hipbones, stroking her soft skin, her nails trailed softly over his chest as she kept on teasing herself with his hardness.

He found his gaze drawn to the pentagram that his right thumb rested on, he traced the lines of the circles then that of the star itself. Her nails dug slowly into his skin as he did so, he looked up at her to find that devilish little grin back on her lips. She leaned forward, playfully biting at his lips as her breasts brushed over him, the hard nubs of her nipples preceding the soft press of her breasts. She bit his left jaw, not hard, but enough for him to know he was bitten, her tongue playing over the skin between her teeth.

Her teeth released him and she trailed her tongue slowly over his cheek, over the bridge of his nose and stopping between his eyes. She rocked back and licked her lips; somehow she managed to make even that trivial movement to seem sensual.

With her movements his hands had slid from her hips to her lower back, as she now straddled his waist, his hands was resting on her lower back, just touching her buttocks. She tossed her hair and reached up to run her fingers through them, arching her back to proudly push out her breasts.

Joe had to admit, he liked what a good rimjob from the aunt masturbation and fingering was seeing, she was so much different than Maryse, Maryse had a sensual feminity about her, Grace had a direct sexuality; she knew what she had and didn't bother to not use it.

She looked down at him as he admired her toned almost muscular body and generous breasts, again she had an almost pensive look on her face, then that little evil smirk she did so well played over her face and he found her moving from his grasp.

She moved downwards over his legs and from the bed, she hooked her thumbs into the elastic of the thong and with a little shimmy pushed it down from her hips and over her legs.

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He looked down at her; this left her in just her boots, which glinted in the light as she crawled on to the bed. She crawled up next to him and then swivelled around, lifting a leg over him and he had a glimpse of her pussy, from his viewpoint it was completely bald and he had the distinct feeling that he saw a glint of moisture on her lips. Her hand had a firm grasp on his shaft and he only realized what her plan was, when the warmth of her pussy slid over the head of his throbbing cock.

She was tight, he knew that if it wasn't for her more than copious juices which were already running down the length of his cock, this would have been almost impossible. As it were, going wasn't easy at all, rested her hands on his knees, pushing downwards with her hips, taking his cock in slowly.

He rested his hands on her hips, moving with her as she pulled back slightly and as she pushed downwards, he followed suit. The results was surprising, his cock forced deep into her, drawing from her a cry, one of lovely teen gives a blow to an old dude pleasure and pain. She took a few deep breaths, chuckled softly and swivelled her hips, making his cock move inside of her warm interior, " are a.big boy." She swivelled her hips, making his cock work deeper into her, but also pushed up against her walls in new angles.

She tossed her hair back and looked over her shoulder at him as she rested on her knees, slowly rising up and sitting down; he could feel himself press up against a restraint.

Her fingers explored the amount of his shaft still outside, there was a slight disappointment in her eyes, but that didn't seem to faze her for long as she started to use her legs to lever herself up, his cock sliding out of her and sitting down to force it back inside big titted cougar pleasures a long meat pole her.

She rested her hands on his thighs, thrusting herself up and down on his shaft, making sure that he filled her with each downward thrust, her muscles clamped on to his shaft as she pulled up. At times she would pause, her muscles moving around his cock, making it feel like he was being milked. Joe's body was now on auto pilot, there was no more need for him to think about anything as Grace did most exxxtrasmall petite redhead alice greens pussy pounding the work.

His hands slowly slid over her back, over her sides to cup her breasts, squeezing them firmly as his thumbs played with her piercings. She really seemed to enjoy it, she had her head thrown back and moaned loudly as she kept thrusting herself onto his shaft.

Her hands rested over his own; sliding down to take a hold on to his wrists, not preventing or encouraging him, she used her purchase on his wrists as a hand hold to help her with her thrusts. She moved faster now, her moans punctuated by small grunts when she lost a bit of control and he went too deep, but she didn't stop, she kept on moving, a huge grin spreading over her lips. Joe could feel that even despite the circumstances, the tightness wrapped around his cock, the increased tempo of her thrusts all were leading to one thing.

But judging from Grace's facial expressions, the way her body started to move more of its own violation and the sounds falling from her open lips it would not take her much longer either. Joe kept on squeezing her breasts, his thumb and forefingers now playing over the piercings and also pinching on her nipples.

The very familiar tingle started at the base of his cock, building steadily to a pitch where he no longer had any control, "Grace.I'm going to." "Yes." The reply coupled with her pace which she kept at proved that he wasn't in much of a position to do or say anything about the outcome. Grace wanted this and there was really no stopping her now, then Grace cried out and slammed herself down onto his cock, her muscles gripped hard at his shaft, rippling along his length, driving him over the edge.

With a loud groan Joe came inside of Grace, her nails digging into his wrists as their bodies spent themselves in their climaxes. Joe slowly came down from his high, along with his returning senses came a sense of guilt, he knew that Maryse had said it to be fine, but he couldn't help feeling wrong about this.

The music was deafening and he blinked at the sudden darkness surrounding him, only broken by the strobe light, Grace was leaning over him with a grin, her fangs turning it into a leer and her eyes creepingly red. "Shouldn't fall asleep like that superstar. I have plans for you tonight." With that she took hold of his hand and urged him to his feet, she jabbed a sharp nail into his chest, "We're going upstairs now and you better not disappoint me superstar." With a wicked grin she turned and pulled him towards the stair case.