Milf bridgettes pussy gets sucked by morgans pervy tongue

Milf bridgettes pussy gets sucked by morgans pervy tongue
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I was encouraged by to send my story, It is my first attempt. My name is Ben, I am 30 years old. And it is a true story.

I always had this dream of having strange gay sex with my cousin. And the thought of such an experience made me so horny.

So what happened latter was a dream coming true. On a summer hot day I was driving my cousin Dani to his house which is about 30 minute drive, He was 14 years old good looking, I was 27 years old, I always imagined my self in such a situation where there is a chance for me to have a sex experience with Dani, I asked him if we could drop in our house for a drink, I knew my family were out and wont be back for a long time, he didn't reject the idea.

We arrived home it was so hot Dani asked if he could have a fast shower, I didn't mind at all, this a dream coming true for me, He went to the bathroom and he did not close the door behind him, then started to undress, so I was able to see him naked.

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He started showering, I just looked at him with desire, I decided to make my move, I asked him if I could join him in the bathroom, He didn't answer so I did, I took off my cloths and started showering with him. I was looking and admiring at his nice ass and oral pleasures and riding at a hot orgy dick, My cock started to be harder I approached him and started to soap him all over his body, with my hands, after that I saw his cock was growing bigger, with any hesitation, I sat down on my knees and started to lick it from its head with my tongue moving around it then socking it in my mouth, pulling it and squeezing it, with my lips, I gently put my hand on his ass rubbing it slowly with his dick in my mouth.

Then I started to put my finger into his ass hole moving it inside him, he was enjoying the operation. Dani said that he wanted to pee, I told him that he can do it in my mouth, He agreed.

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He then put his then large 5 inch dick into my ready mouth, then started to drop his golden drops in my mouth then the nice warm liquid started to flow into my mouth getting it all, some I drank It was so tasty, his piss was all over my chest, I was enjoying it. At that time I was going really wiled, When he finished ( unfortunately ) I turned him around with his ass in front of me, and bent him over and started liking his ass hole, using my tongue I felt so horny, he tasted so nice and soft, so I had my 7 inch cock in my hand ready to put it in his soft ass, Slowly I entered it into his ass he was in a little pain but he enjoying it, I could tell.

I started to fuck him gently moving back & forth grabbing his ass cheeks with my both hands, He was moaning a little, but it was nice for him, I asked himDani are ok ?

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He answered with no hesitation, Ben fuck me more more please, I did what I was ordered to do with pleasure, then I could not stand it any more I ejaculated in his ass filling him with my Sperms, He then gave a shout of pleasure, After that I realized that he is erected as hell, His cock looked so beautiful and delicious, I was ready to eat it, I took his cock in my mouth and sucked moving forth until all of his thing was in my mouth I nearly wanted to bit it off, I had my fingers plying with his balls, then I was sucking his cock with all my feelings concentrated at the thing that I was sucking, I did not want this to end so I asked him try his best to delay his shooting, He tried his best I could tell, but I had to have his come into my mouth, So at the end I got what I wanted badly, he came into my mouth with his sperms in my mouth which I happily drank and tasted every drop and enjoyed the ejaculation to the last drop.

I then slowly started to let the sperms stay into my mouth so I can enjoy it for longer time as I could. -My cousin Dani was looking at me with surprise, then at the end I let the sperms go into my throat. -I stood up looking at Dani.

I asked him to return the " favor" and to set down on his knees and drink my golden flow, he agreed to my surprise, so he sat down and opened his mouth waiting to drink what I will give him, I started to piss slowly to make the operation go longer, my droops went into his mouth, then I pissed on his chest down to his cock, which I noticed was erected, when I finished, I bent down and asked Dani to put his cock into my ready ass, he jumped on his feet and started to give it to me slowly, so I pushed my self hard on his cock cause I was sunny leone xxx pucy story downlod wanting it so hard, he was fucking me good, for a 14 years old boy, I could feel his cock peeping my niece while i jerk my dick in my ass hole I pressed on his cock so hard, after a while I felt his cock getting harder ready to finish, Then he came into me and I felt his sperms in side me coming and coming I really did not want it to stop.

-I was shouting " fuck me Dani fuck me". -Then I stood strait and looked at my cousin.

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-" Thank you Dani " I told him with a smile on my face We then washed up and went out to my uncle's house. On the way I asked Dani if we could repeat this situation soon, He replayed right away " next week end at our house " I waited for this week end to come and counted every hour, until the day came.

It was a Saturday morning when my cousin called to say that there is no body in the house and it is a perfect time for us. So I drove anal loving blonde on her knees nude bj to his house, I arrived and help my self in the house since the door was open, I went up to Dani's bed room just to find him on his bed with his just his shorts on, I moved close to him and pulled hit short down, turned up side down so my face is facing his ass, as I mentioned I do like ass hole liking, I started to put my tongue into his soft juicy ass liking it gently and moving my tongue around and into his ass hole, it was so sexy, I then placed my finger in his ass and pushed it into it slowly, Dani made a AH AH voice, mexicana se deja follar por el palomero I was fucking him with my finger, my cock was so hard, I then proposed a situation that will make us both sexed up, it was 69 position, Dani agreed directly.

We made our moves so we will be in the 69, Dani was on top, so at that time I was facing his cock which was touching my lips and my both hands grabbing his soft ass checks, so I started to suck his nice hard cock feeling his pre come on my lips, I then sucked it so hard reaching to his balls, moving my mouth up and down his thing. Dani at this time was keeping my cock aroused by sucking it, but unfortunately for me my cock was so big for his mouth, any way, as I sucked his dick I was putting my finger in his ass, and I was going so hard on his cock, I said to Dani lets finish at the same time.

He then started to suck my shaft faster and faster and pushing his ass onto my finger, I felt his cock getting ready to blow, I felt my own cock was ready to, so at the same time we ejaculated in each other mouths, I felt Dani's honey coming down my throat it was so hot, as I sucked every drop I could suck, Dani drank my sperms with pleasure, living nothing to clean, we both enjoyed the 69 game, and it was so clean that we did not have anything drooped on his bed, the reason for that was we both squeezed each other cocks to the last drop.

This was one off my horniest, hottest, wildest experiences off my single life.