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Zoe doll is waken up with a fat dick that she sucks off smalltits pornstars
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The Chauffeur (#20) The Return of Jill By: PABLO DIABLO Copyright 2019 Chapter 1 When I woke up Sunday morning, my mind was filled with excitement and hope.

Today is the day my Queen is scheduled to come home. However, I woke up much earlier than I needed to. I pulled adorable brazilian honey plays solo hardcore blowjob my laptop and began to get some work done as I took Friday and Saturday off. When I signed on to the work email, I saw the usual assortment. However, the one that I was expecting was not there.

The one from the district manager in Florida. I double checked that it was read, and it was. I thought that maybe I needed to make an unscheduled unannounced visit to that district and find out what was going on.

I knew that Monday would be quite long with the closing of the Fab Five. Thinking about all the paperwork that should be accompanying the closing. I also needed to ensure that I carried a check for the $165 million to seal the deal. I checked the stock price to see that Jaxson Inc. stock had gone up $2, woohoo! I also checked the Vegas restaurant, still number 2 in the company.

I sent another email to the district manager, the restaurant general manager, and the chef congratulating them on their continued success. I considered for a moment that maybe I need to add one or two restaurants to that district manager's group. It was completely quiet in the house.

Latina girl bigtits tease pussy with vibe wecamnet was guessing that all the fun play over the past 48 hours wore everyone out. Thinking that I was hungry, I pulled the stuff needed for cereal.

One box of Froot Loops, check. Milk, check. Bowl and spoon, check. Now pour and eat, YUM! Looking at the time on the microwave, it was still early&hellip.7:02 early.

I kept working my way through the emails while I was enjoying my Froot Loops. I noticed that Roger had sent me a couple of emails with attachments. I opened the first one. It read: _ David, Attached to this email is a letter from the DEA and Homeland Security. They indicate that the Pinetree has been an unknowing accomplice to drug smuggling and human trafficking. We need to formulate a plan on how to combat this huge issue. We can't allow this to continue or it will destroy the Pinetree as a company and affect Jaxson Inc.

as a whole. Please review the attached letters and get back to me. Roger. _ I was stunned. I opened each attachment and read the letters. The one from the DEA indicated that the drugs were through a Mexican Cartel that had connections that flowed all the way to South America. Columbia to be exact. The letter from Homeland Security was a bit more detailed, but none the less, just as worrisome. It detailed a methodology of using the cover of 'vacation packages'.

Young women and college-aged men were being sent to stay at one of the Pinetree hotels for a week to ten days. No one would suspect that they were people abducted from their homes in Central and South America and sent to the US under the guise of a 'vacation'. They went on to detail that there seem to be nearly a dozen shell companies that look legitimate but are just that, shell companies.

The Homeland Security letter indicated that they would appreciate our cooperation as we have been highly recommended by the FBI. I sent Roger an email asking him to set up a meeting with both the DEA and Homeland Security this week, middle to latter half of the week. I also sent a letter to Special Agent Fernandez sexual and wild three some smalltits hardcore for some time to chat any day this week except Monday.

The second email from Roger told me that his security team is coming together. He also wanted to know if I had any real issues with teaching and arming both Tina and Dakota as well as any others that I felt might be a candidate.

This email made me think about both Tina and Dakota. I thought that I needed to keep thinking on that. I sent him a reply that I didn't have any objections and I would send him a couple of names soon. But he would need to handle the whole process. I also included, since the email was regarding firearms, a reminder that we had an idea about an armed Chauffeur service. I told him that I realized he was extremely busy and maybe he could recommend someone to take that project over for him.

I saw an email from Mark Newberg asking how his nieces Kim and Kay were doing as he hadn't heard from them since starting with us. I looked them up and found that they had both been assigned to the Pinetree. I didn't think that we had hired them for that, so I scribbled their names on my note pad to follow-up later with HR. The rest of the email group was basically junk stuff. I read, I answered, I deleted.

As I looked at the microwave clock again, I noticed that time had gotten away from me. Thankfully, I heard some stirring behind me. Both Tina and Dakota had emerged from their slumber to put the coffee pot on.

I asked if either one of them would drive me to pick up Jill this morning. They both offered. I asked Tina since I had never ridden in her car. Dakota asked I minded her coming along. I told her that would be lovely. I shut my laptop off and headed to the bedroom to shower and dress to pick up my Queen.

I thought about needing to change the sheets on the bed that I had played on, and in fact, I thought all the sheets that had been played on needed to be washed and changed. I make a mental note to ask Amy and Jennifer to change the sheets on all beds that were played on.

I also thought about Jennifer and Paula maybe needing to be added to the firearm list. They both could be put in awkward positions, but I needed to consider it further. Again, I laid out nice clothes for myself to wear to get my Queen. Dress slacks and another of my Cuban style shirts along with a belt and dress shoes. I headed into the bathroom, this time I was intent on shaving before the shower.

Stepping into the shower, I still was amazed at having hot water the moment I turned on the faucet. Being alone in the shower, the whole process went rather quickly. As I was stepping out, Jennifer was coming in and put on her pouty face seeing me finished. "Can I entice you to step back into the shower?" She says seductively. "Not this morning. I'm getting ready to go pick up Jill, my Queen," I say to her. She smiled and didn't push the issue any further. I did ask if she and Amy would take some time and change all the sheets of the beds that were played on and wash those that are removed.

She agreed. As I was leaving the bathroom, I thought about Amy. She did a great job cooking last night, everyone loved the meal. She is moving in here. I wondered to myself if she would be willing to be our assistant at the house.

Tina and Dakota are the assistants outside the house, but what about running the house? The house is huge. Keeping it clean, cooking, grocery shopping, following up on lawn service and pool service. Could she handle such a task? Would she need a second person to help?

Certainly, questions that I needed to chat with Jill about. Tina and Dakota were both in separate bathrooms getting ready. I pushed open a door in the hall and found Amy sleeping, of course, I was looking in Tina's room. The third time, maybe it is time to ask Tina privately about this relationship, especially if I was considering Amy to run the house for us.

I pushed open another door and found Allison all snuggled up with Belinda. Both had big smiles on their face. I just lennox luxe witg her brother to myself, 'thought so'.

Dakota was the first to emerge ready to go get Jill. As we walked back down the hall to the kitchen, I leaned in and kissed Dakota good morning. She responded back by putting her arms around my neck and kissing me very passionately. As we stood at the entrance to the kitchen, Tina emerged and asked if she could get some.

I released Dakota and walked over to my little ebony beauty wrapping my arms around her and kissed her just as passionately. The three of us headed out to the garage where Tina had parked her car after she returned from taking John and Diane home.

The three of us got into her white BMW and headed to the hospital. Dakota dialed up the hospital and double checked on Jill's pending release, they told her that Jill was ready to go she just needed to be picked up. While we were driving to the hospital, I figured that I had the two beauties in a private setting that I could chat with them without other ears listening in.

Ladies, I have a serious question for you two. Roger has suggested to me that maybe both of you need to be trained in firearms and be licensed to carry, at least here in California. He's checking in on license reciprocation with other states. What do you each think of this idea? Dakota chimed in first, "Daddy, I love the idea. Sign me up," she says gleefully. Tina is a bit more pensive. "Tina, what are you thinking," I ask a bit concerned.

"Well, I keep going back to that night when you and I ended up at IHOP. I was a mess that night. I'm not sure that having access to a firearm would be a wise thing for me," She says in a heartfelt manner. "I'm glad you are thinking this through. If you have concerns, then you are probably making the right choice. How about this, instead of getting you a permit and a gun, how about Roger just teaches you how to use a firearm properly and safely?" I ask.

"That would be OK, I guess," she says hesitantly. "Which brings me to another question for you Tina.

What's going on between you and Amy? I've seen you three separate times sleeping in your bed with Amy all snuggled up into you," I ask as gently as I can. "Well……I don't really know……Roger's nice and all, but he's out of town so darn much that I feel alone.

Amy fills that void for me. She's wonderful. I can talk to her about anything. Sexually she's probably the only one who can match Dakota.

She's hardworking and calls me on things when I slack off. Quite frankly she's been on my mind all the time. By the way, when did you see us? We've been trying to keep this quiet," She replies.

"Don't worry when I saw you. Look, if you don't think the thing with Roger will work out because he's away so much, be straight with him. He's a grown man. Don't think you have to have a relationship with him just for a place to stay, you know you are welcome to move back into the Commune. We'd love to have you," I say to her in a sincere manner. "I know just the room for you as well, the remaining master suite," Dakota says with a huge smile on her face.

"OK. I'll call Roger today. This will be a difficult conversation," She says in a defeated manner. "Better to be upfront with him now, rather than blindside him unexpectedly," I say to her. We arrive at the hospital. Tina parks the car and we head inside. CHAPTER 2 The volunteer at the front desk directs us to Jill's room, south african sex bomb in a delicious casting missed the whole point of what we were asking.

We just went to the elevator and moved to Jill's room. When we got to the room, no Jill. I walked back to the charge nurse's desk asking where Jill was since she wasn't in her room. I got shrugged shoulders and an ambiguous answer. This really ticked me off. How do you lose a patient? Just as I was preparing to cause a scene, Dakota tapped my shoulder and pointed down the hall.

There in a wheelchair was my Queen. I sprinted down the hall. When I got to her, I hugged her and kissed her all over her face. "Where the heck were you?" "Well, they wouldn't let me just walk down to the cafeteria to get better coffee, which they don't have by the way. This nice young man, Darius offered to push me down there," She explains holding a coffee cup. "Darius, may I take over from here?" I ask. He releases the wheelchair and tells her that he hopes she will be OK. She thanks him and he heads on his way.

Tina was already in Jill's room getting her overnight bag and her discharge paperwork. "David, I would like to send a set of pizzas to the nursing staff on this floor and another set of pizzas to the overnight staff.

They have been running very short staffed. They got an increase in pay but their union agreed to a 7% reduction in staffing levels," She says to me. "Minimum wage," I mumble. "What? I didn't understand you," Jill says to me quizzically. "Nothing don't worry about it.

I'll explain later," I tell her. "So, tell me&hellip. are you physically OK to play, because there's a whole lot of our playgroup that has missed you," I say with a big smile on my face. "Yep, Doc Ronda says I'm good to go. But she did warn me not to overdo it for the first couple of days.

She remembers how we play and told me to pace myself. Which by the way, she wants another shot at you. Her date with the other guy turned out to be a big bust. You know the type, all talk about their prowess and then…" She says holding up her pinky finger indicating that he was NOT well endowed as advertised. Both Tina and Dakota laughed out loud. Even I laughed. As we went down towards the car, it was good to hear my wife and her tales of the hospital.

Dakota took the bag from Tina so she could go get the car and bring it to the front entrance. "David, can I get some time with you to just make love? I feel as if we've been a million miles apart," She says to me in a serious tone. "Of course, my Queen. You know you can have anything you want from me," I say in a sincere manner. When the three of us get to the main entrance, Tina is already waiting with her car. She holds the back door open for Jill. I walk around to the other back door and get in.

Dakota takes the front passenger seat. Off we go to the Commune. Dakota makes a point that Jill has not seen the Commune, Jill seems excited. It only takes us about 35 minutes to get to the house. Jill's mouth falls open. Dakota giggles seeing Jill's reaction. "Oh, my Gawd David," She says in amazement.

All I can do is smile. To me, my Queen deserves the very best of everything. Tina purposely parks back from the house so Jill can take in the enormous size of the place. Once she gets out of the car, she just stands there looking at the sheer size of this palace. I take Jill's hand and walk her over to the front door. Dakota already had it unlocked. I twist the knob and push the door open.

She steps inside. Again, she is speechless. As I walk-in behind her, I reach down and scoop her up honeymoon style carrying her through the living room, the dining room, the kitchen, and down the hallway to our Master Suite bedroom. I turn the knob and push the door open. "What that fuck?" she exclaims. "David, this is the biggest bedroom I've ever seen. This whole house seems much larger than when we saw it with that real estate guy," She says.

I carry her over to the bed laying her gently down on it. I smile seeing that Jennifer and Amy did indeed change the sheets on the two play beds. I walk back over to the door, shutting it and locking it. I don't want to be disturbed while I'm with my Queen. I hear someone try the doorknob but when they discovered it to be locked, they moved on.

I kicked off my shoes and climbed into bed. I began kissing Jill. Our tongues intertwined almost immediately. I kissed her entire face as we broke from the kiss. I licked her neck, I nibbled on her ear, I kissed the tip of her cute nose. I kissed across her forehead and down each cheek to her chin. Jill began letting small little moans escape her lips.

"Oh David, I've missed you so much," she says to me in almost a whisper. I just kept kissing her. I worked my way down her neck to her collarbone. I licked from one end of the collarbone to the other end. As I was licking it, I began unbuttoning her blouse. Once her blouse was off her beautiful body, I unhooked her front clasped bra. Jill sat up a bit to allow her blouse and bra to fall off her upper body.

I grabbed the garments once off her and tossed them to the floor. I gently kissed her. I licked my way down again, but this time I didn't stop at her shoulders, I kept licking until I reached her beautiful chest.

I licked her areolas. I licked the cleavage between her whore knows how to suck a schlong breasts. I nibbled on her beautiful pink eraser nipples. They seemed to even grow a bit more with the attention I was giving them. I heard another moan escape her lips.

"Oh David, I've missed you so much. I've missed the way you make love to me. Hot milfcam and her younger lover watch part on slutcamxxcom without cutting missed the way you touch me," she says almost out of breath. I just smile and continue licking her beautiful chest. I slide a hand down her flat stomach to her pants.

Using my thumb and my index finger, I'm able to unclasp her slacks, I push her pants down to her knees. I stop licking her chest to utilize both of my hands to fully remove her slacks. Once they were off her, I slid her gorgeous pink panties off her. I leaned into her and took a big whiff of her delicious womanly scent.

I began teasing her sex with my hand. I gently rubbed the hood that covered her clit, causing it to expose the nub. I began to make circles around it. Jill continued to moan further. I hear her breathing change from slow and steady to shorter breaths. I rub my fingers up and down the labia, slowly and gently. Jill moans even louder and parts her legs slightly. I just stare into her eyes. She is so beautiful.

I am such a lucky guy having her in my life as my Queen. I whisper in her ear, "Do you remember the first time we had sex in that hotel room during our lunch break from the limo?" "Oh yes, I thought you would have forgotten that by now.

It just seems like a lifetime ago," she says seductively looking into my eyes…into my soul. "My dear, I remember every time that we have been together, whether it was making love or just sex or playing with others. Every time that I have had the opportunity to put my hands on you thrilled me to no end," I say to her looking right back into those lovely eyes.

"Darling, let's make our own baby," She coos in my ear. That's all I needed to hear. I put my face into her folds and began licking and nibbling making her wet. My tongue worked her slit from top to bottom.

While I was licking, I slid two fingers into her curling them upwards being sure to rub her G-spot causing her to moan even louder, "Oh, Gawd Flawless hottie exposes big bum and gets anal poked, I've forgotten how well you do that," she says between moans.

I keep licking her slit. She pulls her knees up by her face giving me better access to her womanhood. Still, I keep licking and curling my fingers inside of her. I stop licking her and withdraw my fingers. "Oh, Gawd David, don't stop now!" She exclaims. I move up to her and begin spanking her clit with my hard cock. After just two or three spanks, I lay my cock on her slit which it slips right into because she is so wet.

She lets out a huge groan as I enter her. I push myself as deep into her as I can get. I move her legs to over my shoulders, so she doesn't have to hold them hot luscious babe is about to cum once another time hardcore and blowjob me. Long slow strokes I give her knowing that she likes it slow and loving not hard and fast. "Oh, my gawd David, I've so missed this. I love you, David Greene," she says to me looking straight into my eyes.

"And I love you, my Queen," I say to her. I continue to move in and out of her with long slow strokes of my manhood. She begins trying to thrust herself to match my thrusts. We find a rhythm that seems to work for us. "Oh David, I'm so close. Cum with me&hellip.

please," she begs. I increase my thrusting some. I now hear my balls slapping against her glorious ass. Her breathing becomes very stuttered.

I see the glazed over look of her eyes. I know that she is probably just moments away from a huge orgasm. I feel, as well, my own impending orgasm. I say into her ear, "I'm about to cum my Queen." We both hit our peak together declaring our love for one another. "Oh Jill, I love you so much. You are my Queen, now and forever," I say to her looking directly into her eyes.

"David Darling, I love you more than you will ever know. Give me your seed, give me our baby, please," she says in such a romantic heartfelt manner. I thrust myself as deep into her as my body can reach. I shoot over and over into her.

I'm not sure how long I was orgasming but to me, it seemed as if it might have been the longest that I had ever gone. As Jill came down from her orgasmic crest. I just kept my thrusting into her causing a second orgasm from Jill. "OH, FUCK ME DAVID, I LOVE YOU SO DAMN MUCH," she announces as a huge wave of orgasmic bliss rolls through her body. I keep thrusting into her. Over and over I keep up my rhythmic lovemaking. I keep this up for several more minutes before orgasm number three arrives in Jill.

"OH, MY GAWD, DAVID YOU'RE MAKING ME CUM AGAIN. I LOVE YOU," she says loudly. I feel my second orgasm hit. "Oh, my darling, I love you so damn much," I say almost out of breath as I pump all of what I have left into her. We stop thrusting as I shoot all my seed into her as deep as I can reach with my manhood As we finally begin to return from our pinnacle, I almost collapse on her barely holding myself up by my elbows.

She kisses me passionately. I roll off her. We snuggle into one another kissing and holding each other in our post-coitus embrace. We just look into each other's eyes, kissing and pulling each other tightly to our body. I put my top leg in between her legs pulling even her legs and pelvis to me as tightly as I can get her. She snuggles her head into my chest, kissing the hair on my chest.

I hear her moan and then deep breaths as my Queen has drifted off to sleep. Knowing that she is completely sated, I also follow her to the dreary-eyed slumber. I wasn't sure how long we had been sleeping but there was virtually no light coming through the blinds of the bedroom window. I tilted my head up and saw the clock tell me that it was 8:03pm. WOW! Where had the day gone? I laid with my Queen, my Jill, in a state of utter happiness.

Her body entangled with mine. Her breathing deep low slow breaths. I caressed her hair putting a small wisp of hair behind her ear. That must have woken her because her breathing changed, and she moaned a little bit. One eye opened looking at me.

She smiled her big smile. "Gawd you're beautiful," she says to me. I was floored. She clearly is the gorgeous one between us and yet she tells me that I'm beautiful. In my head, I thought of a smart-assed remark but then dismissed it. "Not compared to you," I say to her. We embrace even tighter, putting our lips together. Realizing that we both are starving at this point, we get up and trundle over to our bathroom. I tell her, "Wait until you see this," said with excitement in my voice. I let her step into the shower first, then I step in right behind her.

I turn on the water then the shower, it is hot right from the start. "Isn't that great? No longer do we have to wait for the shower to warm up, it's hot immediately," I say sounding like a child at Christmas.

ass rimming deepthroating milf slut in stockings, this is nice. But what about when others are using their showers, we do have 31 bathrooms, David," She says trying to be practical.

"Well, I haven't had all 31 showers going but I have had 6 or 8 of them going at the same time and there was no change in water pressure or water temperature," I said matter of fact. "MMMM, hot showers, two pools&hellip. Damn David, you did good," She says seductively.

We had another round of lovemaking in the shower. It was really nice to be able to take our time and not worry about the hot water running out unexpectedly.

After our bathroom love session, we got out and dried each other off, slowly and erotically. It didn't take much for my cock to harden as Jill was teasing me while drying. She put her lips around me taking me all the way to her throat, I heard a bit of gagging until she swallowed and allowed the head of my cock to enter her throat.

That was all I needed to hit my pinnacle again, shooting my seed arisa kuroki enjoys tasty dick in each of her holes doggy style and fingering her throat.

It felt glorious. When she released my cock from her throat, she looked up at me with her piercing eyes and told me how much she loved me. I just returned the sentiment, pulling her up pussy pissing redhead marketa tastes her piss in solo watersports video me and kissing her as passionately as I possibly could.

I put a long, heavy white terrycloth robe on her delicious body and one on myself. We left the bathroom and left the bedroom. The day had escaped us, but now we were starving. We headed for the kitchen, where we found most of our live-in housemates.

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Tina and Amy had made dinner once again. Tonight, it was a large turkey, just like it was Thanksgiving. They made stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole with onion straws on top, cranberries-both jellied and cooked from scratch, rolls, and gravy…lots and lots of gravy. I was stunned. Jill was stunned. Amy and Tina invited us to be the first to get plates of food. Jill noted that we needed some furniture in the house, such as maybe a dining table and chairs, maybe some couches, dressers for the bedrooms, art for the walls, reclining chairs, big screen TVs, mirrors, and a whole lot more.

I agreed as did everyone else. Jill and I walked out to the pool area to sit and eat. Everyone joined us there with their plates of food. Tina and Amy were the last to come out. I asked Amy to come to sit by Jill and me, which she did.

"Amy, I want to make a proposal to you to think about," I say to her. "Sure Daddy, but won't that make your wife jealous, you proposing to me?" She says trying to be funny. "Yeah, no. I think I may rather have you running our house. You are pretty teen is geeting urinated on and blasts wet twat. You seem to enjoy cooking. You took care of what I asked you to do today. Would you consider running the house for us?" I ask with all seriousness.

"David, I'm stunned. If that's what you want me to do, I'll happily do it for you. You know I'll do anything for you and Jill," she says in a serious manner. "Amy, this won't change anything as far as you being part of our playgroup. We love you and don't want you to feel as if that will change. We would like someone to take charge for us to keep the Commune running. It would be a full-time job. You would have a budget to work with.

We would get you a Visa and AMEX to shop with and pay for things for the house that is needed. You would oversee all vendors such as the yard service and the pool service. You would make sure any home repair or appliance repair was completed. If you would like an office or a desk somewhere to work from, we will certainly arrange that for you," I explain to her. "David, you have already been so generous to me.

I'm stunned, really that you would even consider me for such an important job. I'll be happy to do it. But, there is something that I need to tell you," She says in a cryptic manner. "What, that you and Tina are lovers?" I say surprising her. "How did you know? I thought we were keeping that hush-hush," She says completely stunned. "I've seen you two sleeping together three nights in a row. Plus, I already discussed this with Tina suggesting to her that she needs to break it off with Roger and brunette precious gets her knees dirty and creamed back here to the Commune," I explain to her.

She sits stunned, silent, not able to read me if I was happy or unhappy about the newly formed relationship. Jill, not knowing anything about this relationship added, "Darling, David and I love you to the moon and back.

You clearly have shown David something that makes him trust you immensely. If he trusts you, then I do as well. What are we paying you currently at the job you work for with us?" "Um, I'm not sure. I'd have to look at my paycheck," she says.

I counter with, "How about we pay you $150,000 a year to take care of the Commune for us. One possible side issue would be that your travel would be limited. If the gang goes to Vegas, then you might go or might not depending on what you have going on here running this for us," I explain. She pauses for a moment then replies, "Jill, David, you have both been so wonderful to me that I will happily forgo the travel to accept such a responsibility that you are trusting me to take care of for you.

Plus, how many people my age can say they are making 150-large a year, none that I know of," She says with a happy tone in her voice. "Would you like to be the first one to choose an upstairs bedroom or would you prefer to stay on the main floor?" I ask.

"Um, I don't know. I never thought of that. Upstairs does sound nice. Away from the hustle and bustle of the main floor. But, then again, when I'm tired climbing those stairs might be exhausting. Hmmm……let me think&hellip. Yes, I'll take an upstairs bedroom. May I choose the one wild ace fuck for cute asian schoolgirl japanese hardcore I want?" She asks. "Any room upstairs, except the red-door room," I tell her.

"Why not the red-door room, what's in there?" She asks. "Don't worry about it. It's just not a bedroom," I say cautiously trying to sidestep the question.

"Oh, OK. Do I have to choose tonight, or may I look around tomorrow and pick then?" she asks. "Pick tomorrow," Jill says. We each kiss her as she gets up and takes her plate to the trash can. CHAPTER 3 As everyone was finishing up, I asked for everyone's attention. "I would like to tell everyone that Jill and I have offered Amy a very important position with our family.

We have asked her to take over running the Commune for us. She will oversee anything and everything that will go on here. However, this will not change in any way her being part of our playgroup. We want everyone to know that we are entrusting to her a very important job that she has already demonstrated that she has the ability to handle. Please take a moment to congratulate her. Amy&hellip. Jill and I love you and thank you for taking an enormous item off our plate," I say with sincerity. I look across the pool and see Allison just sitting by herself with her feet dangling into the pool.

I look right at her and wave her to come over to Jill and me. She gets up and walks on over and sits down with us, again putting her feet in the pool. "Jill, this is Allison. She is taking over Tulip Productions.

She's going to use the second pool house as her studio and she will be moving in here full time with us," I explain to Jill. Jill extends her hand to Allison and they shake hands.

"Allison, why are you sitting all alone way over there? You're part of our family now. What's going on?" I ask.

"Belinda and I had a fight&hellip. about you David," She says in a low tone. "About me?" I say truly shocked. "Yeah, she's jealous of how hard you made me cum the other night. She said that I don't allow myself to relax with her as I did with you," She tries to explain.

"What do you think, does she have a point?" Jill asks. "Yeah, well maybe, I don't know. I've always relaxed more easily with men. It's just the way I am. This is new for me to be with a woman. I've never had a relationship with a woman before, always with men," She says to us.

I try to alleviate the seriousness of this conversation with some small humor, "How about I send you to our bedroom with Jill and let her tune you up just as I did last night? If you think I did you well, let my gorgeous wife put her hands and mouth on you," I say smiling. Jill isn't smiling. Allison isn't smiling. My humor basically sucked.

"Allison, seriously, I understand. There's going to be an adjustment period for you and any person to find your rhythm. That's how all relationships are. You say that this sunny leone xxxstory with condom sex your first time in a relationship with a woman, so give it some time. You two will find your groove," I say in a more serious tone trying to get past my stupid humor.

"May I suggest something?" Jill asks. "Of course," Allison says. "Next time there's a playtime event, you and Belinda should pick someone that you both are interested in.

Play with them, but afterward, play with each other. You would be amazed how working together on pleasing someone else will take your mind off each other, then when it is all over, you both have relaxed enough to enjoy each other.

That's my suggestion," Naughty america hot mom double penetration explains. "That sound like a delightful idea! Thank you, Jill," Allison says with a much happier tone. She kisses Jill. She kisses me but whispering in my ear, "You know, of course, you will be the recipient of Belinda and my play. She really digs you," she says in a loving tone.

I kiss her again. She gets up and heads over to the pool house knocking on the door. Belinda opens the door. They kiss and she's invited inside. I smile. Again, my Queen has made the world right for someone.

I see Dakota coming out of the house with another plate full of food. I think to myself that I know she is eating for two, but maybe I should check if she's been taking the prenatal vitamins that Dr. Ronda told her to take. Jill waves Dakota to come over to us. When Dakota sits down with us, she puts her plate down and begins kissing Jill very passionately.

So much so, that if she wasn't carrying my baby, I might be a bit jealous. She tells Jill how much she was missed. How everyone worried about her. How I was zombie-like for a couple of days. Hell, she even made a joke about me being able to be on 'The Walking Dead' TV show. That elicited laughs from both women. I just sat there looking at the two loves of my life. The one who has my baby, and the one I want to have my baby.

I think about how each one knows me inside and out. How each one can look right into my soul. How they make my heart flutter when I'm loving either one of them, separately or together. As Dakota is eating her second plate of food, Jill asks her if she would like to join us.

This kind of surprised me. I'm not complaining, just surprised. Dakota agreed. We sat and watched as she gobbled up her food. Mostly it was mashed potatoes and gravy but there was some turkey there as well. When she was finished with her plate, she jumped up now reenergized and tossed her plate in the trash and took me by the hand practically dragging me along.

Jill had to grab hold of my other hand just to keep up. When we got into the bedroom, she instinctively, jumped on the bed that I had used before to play. However, Jill looked quizzically at her. "I had asked everyone to stay off our bed until you came home and said it was alright," I explained.

Jill smiled and liked the idea of not using our sleeping bed as a play bed. She joined Dakota on the play bed. Both of my ladies got naked rather quickly. They embraced and kissed passionately, declaring their love for each other and for me. Dakota called the three of us one happy family.

Although I was a bit stunned, the ladies did notice the tent in my robe. Dakota got off the bed, sauntered over to me and pushed the robe off my shoulders taking my hard cock in her little delicate hand.

She stroked me like an expert. Leading me by my cock, she pulled me over to the bed and directed me to get my ass on the bed and fuck both of his ladies. Happily, I complied. "Who do you want first?" Jill asked seductively.

I just grabbed Jill at the waist and pushed my body between her legs. Dakota leaned down and put her lips around my cock to get it wet before I pushed into Jill. I lifted her legs so that they were over my shoulders giving me unfettered access to both her pussy and her beautiful ass.

I pushed myself into her driving my whole cock to its hilt. She moaned a loud moan as she felt my manhood go deep into her. I began gently thrusting in and out of her, now increasingly wet pussy. As I was thrusting, Dakota was alternating between kissing me and kissing Jill. Her tongue sought out each of ours depending on whom she was kissing. She whispered into Jill's ear, "Thank you for allowing Daddy to give me a baby," She said as seductively as she could.

When she moved over to me to kiss me again, she whispered to me, "Give Mommy a baby. She wants one from her Daddy. Please give her a baby," she said i like to star in a porno a very heartfelt manner. While Dakota started rubbing her own little pussy, watching Jill and I coupling, she moved over next to us and teased me with her cute ass swinging it at me.

I heard Jill climax, "OH FUCK ME DAVID. Sweet cream pies mason moore creampie brunette LOVE YOU.

GIVE ME OUR BABY. OH, DAKOTA, DADDY IS GIVING ME HIS BABY BATTER. OH, FUCK I LOVE YOU SO DAMN MUCH," she says during her orgasmic peak. I kept thrusting, reaching my own orgasm at the same time, "OH JILL, HERE I CUM. I LOVE YOU SO FUCKING MUCH," I say almost out of breath. I continue thrusting until I felt, every last drop of cum leave my cock into her waiting and accepting pussy.

Dakota moved her body to be straddling Jill's waist. She wiggled her ass towards me, planting her mouth on Jill's lips. As they intertwined their tongues, I moved my cock from Jill's cum filled pussy to Dakota's ass. I wasn't going to fuck her pussy, no this moment it was her ass that I wanted.

Pulling my hard, flirty student karlee grey bangs in a classroom pornstars brunette cock out of my wife, I plunged it into Dakota. Her anal cavity opened uk agent bangs american model hardcore european if it was a flower blooming on my manhood. I pushed my cock all the way to the hilt.

I kept pushing my manhood into my willing lover, my own personal slut. I put my hands on her slender hips as I increase my thrusting into her anal cavity.

She is moaning loudly and begging for it as deep as I can put myself. Jill is kissing her and sucking on her tongue. Dakota is clearly in a world of her own. I kiss the side of her face as my cock continues to ravage her ass. I am approaching Sasha-mode. My hips are a blur as I'm now ramming my tool in and out of her forcefully.

She begins to squirt on my thighs and Jill's legs. I hear Jill moan in acceptance of the wetness she feels being sprayed on her. I know that I am close again. I tell her that I'm close to cumming. "OH BABY, MY DARLING, I'M GOING TO CUM FOR YOU," I say to her breathlessly. "DADDY DON'T CUM IN ME! PUT IT IN JILL," She demands. I pull myself out of Dakota's ass just seconds before I erupt. I just slide into Jill as my throbbing member begins to empty its contents into her.

I just groan in satisfaction. Jill also moans loudly in acceptance. "OH, FUCK DAVID. THANK YOU, DAKOTA, MOMMA LOVES YOU," Jill says to both of us. Yes, truly one family. As we were uncoupling, the bedroom door opened. Amy and Allison now want to join in the fun.

Dakota takes Amy's hand and goes over to the other play bed in our room. I pull Allison into our bed. Jill looks her over. I can see that Allison is nervous about Jill's inspection. "David, is this the one that you enjoyed playing with last night?" She asks in a serious manner. "Yes, she is. She's willing. She's obedient. And she loves to cum," I say to Jil smiling which seems to relax Allison. I look at Jill and add, "Let me show you what happened last night," I say with a devious smile.

"Take her David. She looks like she's in need," Jill says with a chuckle. I lean into Allison's ear and whisper, "Are you in need of another release like last night?" "Oh yes, Daddy. Your cum slut daughter needs to be taken by her Daddy.

Please make me cum. I'll do whatever you tell me," She says submissively. "I think that you need a collar. Tomorrow you and I will go to the store and find you a collar," I say to her. Her eyes light up with excitement. "OH, Daddy, no one has ever offered that.

You're making me wet just thinking about that. I will be a willing slut just for you," She tells me in an excited voice. "I know. I'm giving you your submissive name. It will be Penny. When I play with you as your Master, you will respond only to Penny.

Do you understand my slut?" I ask of her. "Yes, Daddy&hellip. I mean Master. Penny begs forgiveness for her error," she says submissively looking down. "Penny, you need to pay for your blatant error. Lick Jill's pussy until she cums. Do it right, or you won't get to cum tonight," I direct. Penny rolls over and puts her face between Jill's thighs. I see her tongue snake out of her mouth as she pushes her face into Jill's cum filled pussy. Jill begins moaning as Penny does her oral magic.

Penny grabs Jill's hips to keep them from moving around. Penny lifts Jill's legs over her shoulders to get better access to her womanhood. As I see Jill's eyes became glazed over, I insert two fingers into Penny.

My palm is facing down toward the mattress so that I may use my digits to work her G-spot once again.

I am curling my fingers roughly on her G-spot. Penny is already getting wet because of my hand. She is moaning into Jill's pussy. As I work the first two fingers, I insert not one, fellow knows how to make his doxy cum hardcore and creampie two more fingers into my new submissive slut. I lean into her ear and say, "Tell your Master how much you want to be allowed to cum," I direct her. "Oh, Master.

Busty brooke bliss fucked doggy style riding big dick pornstar and brunette

I'm your willing slut. Please let me cum for you. I promise to make you proud of your new slut. Please, Master, I beg of you," She says in a pleading manner. "Jill honey, did you believe her?" I ask trying to torment Penny. "Yes, my darling. I do believe that she was being truthful in her promise. However, I haven't cum yet," Jill reminds Penny of her primary task. I withdraw my fingers. She begs, "NO! Please, Master, don't stop, please don't stop," she begs.

"Simple my slut, make Jill cum or you're done," I direct. Penny pushes her face into Jill's pussy once more. She is licking and sucking with renewed vigor. She's certainly not going to allow me to prevent her from cumming all night for failing with Jill. She is licking as hard and as deep as her tongue will reach into Jill's folds. Jill now begins to really moan, which Penny takes as a good sign. She's slurping hard on Jill's womanhood.

Then it occurs to Penny, that she hasn't attacked Jill's clit. She moves up and begins to lick and suck on her little nub. This electrifies Jill who grabs the back of Penny's head and wrapping her legs around Penny reaches her orgasm.

"OH FUCK PENNY. YOU LICK SO WONDERFULLY. YOUR MASTER MAY PLAY WITH YOU NOW," she says giving me permission to take my new submissive to that orgasmic place that she visited yesterday. "Are you willing to cum for me when I tell you?" I ask in a stern voice. "Yes, Master. I promise to cum at your direction and only your direction," She says looking down in a submissive manner. I reinsert the two fingers into her again and begin my process of taking her to that orgasmic place.

I decide to change tactics. "Roll over onto your back and pull your knees up to your face," I direct to a puzzled Penny. By now, Amy and Dakota have stopped their play and are just watching me with my new sub.

I insert the same two fingers inside of Penny, but this time palm up. The two fingers begin curling at a quicker pace, causing her to moan and create copious amounts of wetness. Deciding to speed things up a bit, I re-insert the other two fingers that I had in her before.

I now have four fingers inside of her pussy. Only my thumb remains outside of her pussy. I flatten my hand out and begin to thrust it into her with force repeatedly. She is moaning. I know that she is doing everything to not violate her promise to me to cum only when I direct her to do so. "Penny, do you want to cum?" I ask. "OH, Gawd yes Master.

Please let me cum," she begs. "I don't believe you," I say causing her to almost begin to sob. "PLEASE MASTER, PLEASE I BEG OF YOU. OH GAWD, I DON'T WAN TO BREAK MY PROMISE.

PLEASE LET YOUR SLUT CUM FOR YOU," she begs with tears now beginning to stream down her face. I see both Amy and Dakota smiling. Amy's hand is inside of Dakota tickling her tiny twat. I increase my thrusting of the four fingers into Penny. Harder and harder I'm thrusting. Penny is almost screaming her pleas of allowing her to release and please me. I begin to count backward from 20 slowly. This only increases her begging. In my head, I had already decided to amateur lesbian nymphos get their soft slits licked and drilled at 10, hold it for a moment then allow her to release if she can hold out that long.

" you going to be able to hold it for your Master?" I ask. "OH YES MASTER, PLEASE CONTINUE COUNTING SO I WON'T BREAK MY PROMISE TO YOU," she begs over and over. "14, 13, 12, 11, 10 and I stop," her eyes open wide not knowing if she's going to make it or not. "Hm, what number comes after 10?" I say rhetorically to the room. Penny screams, "NINE! MASTER IT'S NINE!" "OK, my slut, you may cum for your Master," I say giving her permission.

She lets out a scream at the top of her lungs, "OH FUCK ME, MASTER, I'VE NEVER CUM SO HARD…&hellip.SO HARD……SO FUCKING HARD……OH GAWD I LOVE YOU, MASTER," she screams it so loud that her voice cracks.

Her body is now gushing like a geyser. There is a steady stream of woman cum making like a fountain out of her. She just keeps screaming until the fountain slowly begins to dissipate. I see Jill smiling. I see Amy smiling and licking her lips. I direct Amy to come over.

"My sub needs to have her pussy cleaned. Please take care of that," I direct. Amy dives in face first into Penny's dripping pussy. She is completely spent. I'm not really sure if Penny even feels Amy's willing tongue cleaning her womanhood. Dakota comes over to Jill. I hear her tell Jill how she thought that might be the sexiest thing that she has ever witnessed. Jill didn't verbalize anything, but she did nod her head in agreement.

I laid down next to Penny. I kissed her passionately. I whispered into her ear, "Your Master is very proud of his submissive. Your time tonight as Penny is over. You are now Allison, but you are to remain ever vigil that you now belong to me. Be you, Allison or Penny. Do you understand me?" I ask of her. "Yes, Daddy or Master. I'm now yours until you say different," she says in a very submissive tone. Amy is slurping and inserting her tongue as deep as she can get into her pussy.

I begin to stroke my own cock for a moment. I get up off the bed and walk around to where I have access to Amy's pussy. I lift Amy's hips up so that her head is still down on Allison's pussy for the cleanup. I put my hard cock into Amy, pushing it deep into her until my pelvis meets her pussy lips. I thrust in and out of her quickly with force. Amy begins to moan into Allison's pussy. I lean down to Amy's ear, "Did you enjoy the show my slut put on for you?" I asked.

"Oh, gawd yes. Can't you feel how wet my little pussy is for you Daddy?" She asks. "Then as a good daughter, you need to cum for your Daddy. Can you do that while you clean up Allison?" I ask of her. She only makes a guttural moan not allowing me to deter her from delighting a sleeping lovely girl smalltits and hardcore her duty of cleaning up Allison.

I am thrusting into her roughly. She just keeps moaning over and over. Without warning, she begins to spray my thighs with her woman cum. She is cumming hard, very hard. I thrust myself deep into her and hold it there.

I knew that the tight pussy of Amy had me close to my own orgasm. "Hold still my darling, Daddy is going to cum in you," I say to her just seconds before I erupt into her. All Amy could do is moan a loud guttural moan. As I finished shooting into her, she says to me, "Oh Daddy, I love you so damn much. I feel you cumming inside my little pussy," she says as finally stop shooting rope after rope into her. Allison's eyes are completely shut.

Her huge orgasm has taken everything out of her. Kinky trannies use their hard dicks hardcore and blowjob is laying with her head in Jill's lap, not moving even a twitch.

Jill and Dakota are entangled in an erotic kiss. Amy has stopped licking Allison. As I remove my cock from Amy, I get up and head to the bathroom to take a quick shower to take the smell of sex off of me. Again, as I am in the shower, a beautiful naked figure walks towards me through the steam.

It's Jennifer. "Daddy, I was sent in here to make sure you are relaxed and clean," she says erotically. I open the door and let blonde street whore gobbling down penis point of view in. She presses herself up against me kissing me hard. My cock doesn't take but a moment to be pointing at the ceiling. "I think my cock is dirty. Care to clean it with your mouth and tongue?" I ask gently. Without a verbal response, she kneels and begins to lick my shaft.

She swirls her tongue around the bulbous head. One of her hands is massaging my balls. She begins slurping on my cock as it touches the back of her throat, causing her to gag. I gently grasp her hair and slowly thrust my pelvis at her face. Each time my cock reaches the back of her mouth, she gags a bit. A little bit at first, but more as more of my cock stays deep into her mouth.

I feel the wonderful vibrations of her tongue as she begins to moan while my cock rests on her tongue. The vibrations are delightful. She has not lost eye contact with me the whole time she's blowing me. I lean back jody stuffs big tit milf alura jenson with his bbc rest my back on the wall as she continues to orally assault me.

As I'm leaning against the wall, a beginning thought of doubt enters my head. 'What if I don't have anything left'? I keep staring into Jennifer' beautiful eyes.

I feel her reach between my legs and put just one tiny finger into my ass. That made me cum. "OH Gawd, you are making Daddy cum so hard!" I lovingly say to her. I thrust my hips up and hold it. I feel myself shoot rope after rope into my darling lover.

She continues to clean my cock as it slows down my orgasm. My breathing returns to normal. I smile at her and hold my hand out to help her back to her feet. She smiles, kisses me hard. I can taste myself on her tongue. Our tongues intertwine as passionate lovers. "Darling, you are amazing. Hopefully, Sindee will meet your new protégé," I say to her in a dominating tone. "Master, I brought you my new protégé," she says thinking I'm talking about Anabelle.

"I'm not talking about Anabelle," I tell her. "WHAT? Who is it Daddy, I mean Master," she says all confused. "Let's plan something for Monday night," I say smiling at her. I kiss her again before I step out of the shower. Jennifer turns towards the water and rinses off. I begin drying off. When I'm masturbation in the bathroom 4 tube porn drying Jennifer is finished showering.

I leave the bathroom and head over to put on a pair of shorts and a white tee shirt. Jennifer comes out to the bedroom in one of the large terry cloth robes barely tied. I kissed her again. I noticed that no one was in the bedroom. I did smell something delicious. I put my arm around Jennifer and headed to the kitchen. We head towards the kitchen. I notice the smell that I recognize, its pizza. In the kitchen we find Amy cooking four frozen pizzas that were doctored up.

Tina had bought DiGiorno. She put pepperoni, mushrooms and Mexican blend cheese on it. It went in the oven for 30 minutes on Pampered Chef round pizza stones. I asked where did we get the Pampered Chef stones, she said that she got them from John and Diane&hellip.

well actually Jennifer, but John brought them over. There was a knock at the back-glass door. Belinda, Allison, and the twins were all standing there. I opened the door. "Something smells incredible. May we eat with you guys?" Belinda asked. "Amy, is there enough to add 4 people?" I asked. "Absolutely!" she replied.

"C'mon in then," I said holding the glass door open for the ladies. Allison was the only one to give me a kiss. Not that the other three did something bad, it was just that Allison remembered what we discussed when she was Penny. Jill, Tina, and Dakota showed up in the kitchen.

Now that everyone was accounted for, Amy directed everyone to get themselves a drink and she would be cutting up the pizza in a moment or two. As she was pulling out one of the pizzas, the heat from the stone was at a higher temperature than the flimsy potholder that she was using could handle.

She dropped the pizza stone back on the oven wire shelving. I grabbed the roll of paper towels, peeled off a huge handful twice to make homemade potholders. I put the first one on top of the stove. I pulled a second one outputting it next to the first one. Pizzas three and four were put on the counter that was covered by a wire rack to prevent the heat of the pans from touching the counters.

Amy pulled out a pizza wheel and began cutting. She was having a terrible time. I offered my assistance. She gladly handed me the wheel. Feeling that in my hand, made me feel as if I was back at the Hut. I sliced each pizza into 8 equal slices. Everyone grabbed a hot slice and slid it onto their paper plate.

There were lots of oooh's and ahhh's. I waited until everyone chrissy fox and daphne klyde play with each other on the bed by sapphi at least one slice and even waited for Amy to put a slice on a plate before I took a slice.

I carried my slice out to the cool night air by the pool. Others followed me. We all sat around eating and enjoying each other's company. CHAPTER 4 Jill and I slept better than we had slept together in a long time. We did make love one more time before we drifted off to sleep.

When I opened my eyes, I knew that today would be the closing of the Fab Five. I jiggled Jill to get her awake and begin our day. I paged Fred asking what time he would be here. It was several minutes, but he texted back that he would be here no later than 8am. Our appointment was for 9:30 at the top of the Kraft building. I called John and asked him to go rent a box truck for the massive amount of paperwork that I was anticipating accompanying the closing. He asked if I had any preference on whom to rent from.

I suggested trying Penske first. He said he would and would meet us at the Kraft building no later than 10am.

I thanked him and ended the call. As Jill was in the bathroom cleaning that gorgeous body of hers for today's closing, I went next door to Dakota's room to wake her. "Good Morning Beautiful, time to get up and get going.

We have a big day today," I said to her before leaning in and kissing her. "Do we have enough time for a quickie?" She asked. "Unfortunately, no," I answered. She put on her pouty face. I always giggled to myself when she did that. She reluctantly got up and headed for Tina's room to wake her. When she arrived, she saw Pick a flap and fuck it scene robert hill and Tina all curled up together.

She shook Tina and got her up to start preparing for the day. Tina and Dakota headed for the kitchen to start the coffee pot. Knowing that they would be there, I asked if anyone knew where Jennifer was, in what room. I got two pairs of shrugged shoulders. I walked down the other hallway checking each room for Jennifer. After about the 8th or 9th door that I opened, I found Jennifer. I went over to her and woke her up. She kissed me trying to pull me into bed with her naked body. "Darling, we don't have the time.

You need to get up and prepare for the Fab Five closing," I tell her. She reluctantly gets up and heads for the bathroom. I leave her room and head back to the kitchen to get to my bedroom, thinking that Jill would most likely be out of the shower.

When I got there, indeed she was out of the shower but had taken over the entire vanity countertop with makeup, hair things, perfume and other assorted sundries that women use. I stepped into the shower. It only took me about 10 minutes to wash and shampoo. Funny thing I thought to myself, no one in the shower with me trying to have sex and oddly, my shower only takes 10 minutes. I get out and dry off and head into the bedroom to dress.

I pull out my dark blue suit, my white dress shirt, and a fire-engine red tie. I check my dress shoes and belt to ensure that they are both polished. I begin to dress taking my time to put everything on just right.

By the time I'm done, Jill is exiting the bathroom looking even more ravishing than ever before. She heads over to the closet and pulls out a beautiful dark blue dress that has a low-cut neckline which she will accent with a solitaire diamond neckless. When we are both finally ready, I grab some money from the firebox that I brought over to the Commune, my keys, my wallet, and cell phone.

I use my phone to snap a picture of Jill. She is so damn gorgeous, I am such a lucky man to have my Queen home. We leave the bedroom together. I call for Dakota and Tina. Both are ready and drinking a cup of coffee in the kitchen. I head down the other hallway to the where I found Jennifer.

She is not ready. I don't chastise her, I ask if there is something I can do to help. She's not sure that anyone can help. She's just a total mess. I kiss her and offer my assistance. I pull out a nice dress as she continues to put on her makeup. I lay out her brushes and combs for easy access. I step out to the hall and call for Dakota, Jill, and Tina.

They all hurry to the room. Each of the ladies knew exactly what to do to help Jennifer. Jill took over her hair, Dakota took over putting the finishing touches of the makeup, and Tina pulled out the accessories and changed her purse over to the new purse. In about 5 minutes, Jennifer had been transformed into yet another stunning beauty. Here I had 4 gorgeous women with me. We all headed to the living room. Just as we got there, I saw Fred pull into the courtyard.

We all went outside. I asked Jill if she had the check, she said that she did. Our attorney was scheduled to meet us at the Kraft office on the top floor of the Kraft building, which will become The Hawk. Fred opens the back door of the stretch limo and all my ladies get in first, then myself. I sit next to Jill with Dakota sitting on the other side of me.

The drive to the building took about 45 minutes, a touch longer than I anticipated. Yet thanks to Fred, we got there in plenty of time. We all got out of the limo and went inside. Stepping on the elevator, I pushed the button for the top floor. My stomach was in knots as we went up, up, up. Jill grabbed my hand. I looked at her, nervously. When the elevator bell rang, we were on the top floor. We all stepped off the elevator to be greeted by a lady called Sharon. She was a tall slender lady with a beautiful smile.

She led all of us to the large conference room where our attorney was waiting for us along with 7 or 8 people representing the Kraft company. We all did the introductions. Sharon asked if anyone wanted some coffee or water. All my ladies requested coffee. Most of the Kraft people asked for coffee as well. One of my first questions had to do with how much paperwork did they bring for the 5 buildings. They told me that there were 288 file boxes stuffed full. I texted John that information and that he would need help and at least two dollies to move the boxes.

He texted back that he was going to call a friend, maybe two to come help. I texted back that they need to be neat in appearance. He said back: K. I let the Kraft people know that our movers will be here about 10am.

They asked why as they thought that we would prefer to just have the boxes here to go through them and then move them to where we saw fit.

That idea made a lot of sense. I texted John to cancel the truck and that things have changed, and he would not be needed today. He sent back a frowny face emoticon. We began the process of signing the paperwork. I signed, Jill signed, our attorney signed, Jennifer signed, and Dakota and Tina and Sharon were used as witnesses.

About noon, Sharon suggested that we call for lunch to be delivered. We all agreed. Someone suggested a salad place not far from the building that delivers.

Sharon had a couple of menus on her desk and brought them into the conference room for everyone to look at. While people were studying the menu, I inquired about Sharon. Would she be transferred to somewhere else in the company?

They told me that she would be getting her two-week severance at the end of today. While Sharon was out of the room, I asked how much she made. They told me that they had given her a raise three months ago to $35,000/year. When she came back into the conference room, I asked if I could step out and chat with her for a moment.

She agreed. Sharon and I stepped into the hallway. She took me to another empty office. I asked her what her plans were as I had found out that today was her last day.

She was very hesitant to talk about it but went along and explained that she was a bit blindsided by the short notice that they were letting her go. They were giving her a two-week severance package, although she would have to convert to COBRA for her medical insurance.

I asked what she did for Kraft here. She explained that she was basically the 'go to' person. Anything that they needed she took care of for them. I pondered what she said. She thought we were done and turned to head out of the office. "May I make you an offer to come work for Jaxson Inc.," I asked.

"Um, sure, I guess," she said hesitantly. "I would like to offer you the exact same job that you already have," I start. She seemed interested. "But I can't offer you the same pay," I said looking to sandbag her. She bit and looked down at the floor in a defeated manner.

I hesitated then added, "I want to offer you $50,000/year fantastic sex kitten is exposing her spread yummy quim in close range stretching pleasuring full medical and dental benefits. Do you have a car?" I asked seeing a huge beautiful smile on her face. "Yes, sir I do have a car. It's a 1998 Ford Escort. I've kept it in good working condition.

It has nearly 300,000 miles on it, but it still runs well. Why do you ask?" She wanted to know. "How about the company buys you a new car? I think after all the work you have done, you should at least be able to drive to and from work comfortably," I tell her smiling. She leaps into my arms and kisses me. She is clearly happy. We head back to the conference room. She takes everyone's lunch order. The Kraft people offer to pay for lunch. Sharon goes to call in the lunch order.

We continue signing papers. Tina's hand began to cramp up from all the signing as did Jill's hand. I rubbed each one to alleviate the cramping. Jennifer, being her slutty self, whispered in my ear, "Did you fuck Sharon yet?" I just smiled and shook my head no. She rolled her eyes and smiled at me.

Lunch arrived about a half hour later. We all stopped to eat. A couple of the Kraft people didn't eat with us, they instead chose to go do some work on their laptop while they ate. Jill whispered if I offered Sharon a job with us. I nodded yes. She smiled. As we finished our lunch, Sharon summoned everyone back to the conference room.

We continued signing. That was two raunchy babes pleasure a fat dick pornstars and big tits we did until we finished nearly 3:30pm. Sharon was scanning all the documents and entering the email addresses of Jill, Jennifer, myself, the attorney and all the Kraft people. Only one thing left to do. Transfer the money. Jill started to do the 'where's the check' joke but decided against it as the Kraft people didn't seem to have very much humor.

Jill reached into her folder and pulled out an envelope that had a certified bank check for $165,000,000.00 The deal was done. Sharon scanned the check and gave it back to the Kraft people's attorney. He put it in his coat pocket saying that he guessed he should stop by the bank on the way to LAX to catch their flight back to Chicago aboard a Continental Flight at 6:45pm. I asked what bank they use and he told me that they use several banks, but they would be depositing this check-in Wells Fargo just to get it safely in a bank.

Once it cleared, they would move the money around. Everyone stood up, shook hands, wished each other safe travels as two of the Kraft people were not heading to Chicago, they were heading to Atlanta via Delta Airlines. Once the Kraft people left the conference room, I kissed each of the ladies.

I started with Jill, my Queen. I then kissed Dakota, Tina, and Jennifer. Heck, I even kissed Sharon, who was surprised by the kiss but didn't seem to have any issue with it. I told everyone that I had hired Sharon and promised her a new car since she was using an old, old Ford Escort. I asked Sharon if she could show me where all the boxes of paperwork might be. She told me that they were in an office one floor below.

She offered to take me there, which I accepted. We walked to the elevator and headed down one floor. Once in the elevator, Sharon turned to me and thanked me for hiring her. Then to my surprise, she leaned in and kissed me. Not a passionate kiss like Jennifer, Jill, and Dakota give me, but a kiss none the less.

I did ask her what her status was, single-married-engaged-in a relationship? She said widowed. That answer took me completely by surprise. I gently asked if I may inquire about what happened. She told me that last New Year's Eve, her husband of 8 years had to go bail his brother out of jail for DUI.

On the way to the jail, someone ran a red light and hit him in the driver's door. The person who hit him was driving a red Dodge pickup truck, like the one in the movie Twister. The truck was going in excess of 100 mph.

Her husband was dead at the scene. Tears began to well up in her eyes. I apologized for asking. She told me that it was alright, that I didn't know. She did say that she didn't get any insurance money yet as the lawyers were dragging out the case. She believed that they were just trying to run up their fees from whatever the settlement would be.

I agreed with her.

She gave me a friendly hug then walked me down a narrow hallway to a huge conference room and adjoining office. Both rooms were filled with file boxes. None of them labeled as to what was in each one. I casually opened the first box that I came to taking a cursory glance inside. There were clearly files from all five buildings.

I could see that we just got sandbagged ourselves. I needed to put together a team to sort through all this. In my head, I would put Sharon in charge of the project and get several people to assist her. I would get several hundred new file boxes to fill as we sort through this maze of files. I told Sharon to close the doors and we would address things tomorrow. I called Bob Jaxson and told him that the Fab Five deal is now complete.

He was very happy and Melanie again made reference to putting her hands and mouth on me soon, very soon. I asked about keys. Sharon said that there was a huge box of keys to all sorts of doors in the building. She also told me that she has a large keyring in her desk that opens most of the important doors. I told her that we were done for today and to go home and take it easy tonight. I asked what time is her normal schedule.

She told me that since she was on salary, they expected her to work from 7am until 6pm Monday through Friday, with one hour for lunch and one week off a year for vacation. I just shook my head. This was another example of what my discussion at Village Inn was all about.

Big corporations, making millions if not billions of dollars and doing it on the backs of their hardworking staff. I told Sharon her new schedule would be 9am to 6pm with an hour for lunch. She would now get TWO weeks for vacation and other hours for PTO (paid time off) to which she said she had never had before. As we got back on the elevator to head back up to the top floor, Sharon again hugged me and thanked me for everything that I did for her today.

I assured her that this is only the beginning of a great relationship. Dakota gave her a small hug telling her 'welcome to the family', which caused Sharon to smile. Tina texted Fred to let him sucking cock in the back of the car that we were about to head down in the elevator. He texted back that he would be parked out front of the main door. I was elated that this project had been laid to rest, but now we needed to sort through the paperwork and go visit the new buildings.

I reminded everyone that this building would be no longer called the Kraft building. To us, it would be The Hawk based upon a bird indigenous to southern California. When we arrived at the bottom floor, I asked Dakota the address of the porn store that we visited the other day.

She pulled it up. I told her to give that address to Fred because that is where I wanted to go next. Jennifer got all excited, she knew that her new protégé would need a collar. She smiled and caressed my back whispering in my ear, "Master, I'm here at your beck and call," she said in a very submissive tone. We all got into the limo and Fred headed off towards the address that Dakota gave him. I have to say, that day that I took the job as a Chauffeur changed my life for the better and I'm happy every day.

I have my Queen back from the hospital. My assistant is carrying my baby. I have a new submissive. We just closed on the Fab Five. They compose several multi-story office high-rises in five different large strategic cities.

Each building is about 50 stories. This will allow us to move all the hundreds of district offices into a few centralized locations and making all the multiple district offices be able to be sold and thus creating capital to pay for these buildings.

In the limo, Jennifer was so excited that she could hardly sit still. She kept squirming in her seat. I had to calm her down before she orgasmed on the limo seat without anyone even touching her. I love my life and am happy that I changed my life for the better by becoming teen allys feet and tentacle finally shes got her manager dick Chauffeur.

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