Only big cocks can please this sweetie

Only big cocks can please this sweetie
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Something Borrowed Having evidently managed to slutty blonde babe is looking for some fun and is craving for huge coc tube porn myself off the bathroom tiles in the early hours, I awoke in bed the following morning with the sun beating hard against the window, head thumping and Lisa nowhere to be seen.

Immediately my sadistic brain began to reassemble the previous night's tawdry antics like some horrifically complex jigsaw, prompting me to burrow deep in the covers to hide my shame. Half an hour elapsed before gingerly I rose and only then because it was too gorgeous a day to waste cowering in bed. Lisa and Emily were visible on the patio beneath the window, chatting away merrily. Eavesdropping for a few moments, thankfully I didn't seem to be the topic of conversation, though they may have been down there for for hours planning my obituary.

Oh well, I had to face them sometime. With the rest of the family busily engaged on the far lawn in preparation for the wedding, cooking and fetching to a grand marquee that had sprung up magically, just the three of us remained by the house. Glancing furtively from Lisa to Emily for signs of malice, there appeared to be none, though little bonhomie either.

The pair, it seemed, had cooked up a plan, confirmed when Lisa remarked: "Emily and I are going for a bike ride shortly." "I'm going to show her the countryside beyond the estate," piped up Emily, with a sweet hangover-soothing smile.

"You look rough, Gary," she observed keenly. "Maybe you should join us, help clear your head." I liked the sound of the idea if only because it meant time in Emily's company - though shame it wasn't just the two of us.

I looked over at Lisa for approval, her face not exactly full of enthusiasm. "Grandad has some bikes we can borrow and gran's packed a picnic and some drinks," my sweet young cousin added. "Oh come on Gary, it'll be fun." I looked once more to Lisa for validation.

She retained a pokerface. I didn't want to be accused of cramping her style, yet with my sexy little cousin practically begging me to join them, how could I possibly refuse? As it transpired, the girls' bikes were in a far better state of repair than the tattooed transsexual isabelly ferreira strips naked for your viewing pleasure boneshaker I was given.

Loaded with the cool box of goodies, it went at a snail's pace. There was one fringe benefit to that however: a sumptuous view from the rear. From this angle and, based purely on shapeliness, I had to admit Lisa held sway, emphasised when, breaching an especially steep incline, she was forced to stand on the pedals, puffing furiously. The tight lycra shorts clung like a second skin as both cheeks chewed the light material.

Damn, I was going to miss that arse when the weekend was over. Though I wasn't going to miss her attitude, illustrated when she turned and called out: "Come on Gary, put some effort into it, you wuss." Lagging behind painfully, I was regretful at having spent more time in the pub than the gym lately, a sad yet inevitable symptom of the break-up.

We cycled for what seemed like forever but was probably less than fifteen minutes before Emily, who was our guide, stopped to take a drink from a water bottle, allowing me to saunter past. Now from this angle, in profile, Emily came into her own, the sweat gathered from the uphill exertions having coated her chest and glazed the tight white top.

Bra-less, the outline of her crimson aureolae on a pair of ripe tits was clearly visible. The look was complemented by a pair of high cut denim shorts. "Right, we'll head to the stream," she directed, breaking the spell. Lisa led the way this time, arse bobbling seductively. Over the mound, we could first hear, then see the aquamarine stream lapping gently against the bank. Abandoning our bikes on their sides, we set down the blanket and unloaded the packed lunch of sandwiches, cheese slices, salad and crisps.

There were also six litre size bottles of grandad's homemade cider, gratefully received by me now that the hangover had been absorbed by the summer air.

Having filled our stomachs and polished off a bottle each, we settled back to absorb a few soothing rays. ---- When I came to a short while later, leaning up on my elbows, the sun glaring in my face, Lisa and Emily were sat side-by-side at the water's edge, toes dangling. My awakening, however unobrusive, interrupted the dense wall of silence. "Coming for a dip, Gary?" Emily enquired, glancing back over a shoulder, hair a golden, sun-trapped halo around a pretty cherubic face. "I've no gear," I countered.

"That doesn't matter," the teenager replied, our eyes locking momentarily. "I'm happy here," I added.

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She goaded me with the words: "Bah, you're no fun," followed by the tempting retort: "Well, I've no gear either." It was followed by a seductive smile that got to my very heart. I hesitated for a moment before standing, avoiding Lisa's glare that inevitably rivalled the sun's in its daddy woke me up with his cock. Fuelled by the strong cider and an urge to impress the pretty young thing, I dispensed with t-shirt and jeans, stripping down to my boxers.

A few unwanted pounds around the middle, otherwise I was in good shape. Hurtling past the pair, as the bank gave way I grabbed my knees and bombed, surfacing with a corkscrew twist. Heated by the midday sun, the water was benign and welcoming. Paddling back to the edge, I circled at their feet in a predatory manner, gazing up. "So come on then, join me." Following my bravado, Emily stood and wrenched clear her top, unashamedly exposing a proud pair of globular breasts.

Nipples that resembled two thimbles sprouted from aureolae the size and hue of a ripe tomato. Not perhaps as large in the flesh as I'd first adjudged, Emily's top heavy appearance came from having such an ultra-slim waist. It was so slender that if I held her, my fingers could almost certainly touch.

Comfortable with her nubile young body, slowly and teasingly Emily unbuttoned the Daisy Duke's, letting them slide down her legs to reveal a skimpy pair of sheer white panties, little more than two inches of lace material covering her modesty, and the faint outline of well defined plump young pussy visible beneath. As I glided backwards to attain a better view, head and neck only above the surface, Emily lowered carefully from the edge, thighs submerging in the shallow.

Propelling forward with a ripple, she eased in up to her middle. I gazed awestruck as the water lapped around her floating breasts, before she kicked forward, breaking into a front crawl and moving towards me.

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Treading water a few feet away, she took the plunge, shoulders then head submerging. Springing up with a gasp, wet hair sticking to her brow, she encircled me before waving ashore, cajoling Lisa to join us. Lisa screwed up her face. "Oh come on Lisa, the water's gorgeous," Emily added, her ultra-persuasive nature rising to the ascendancy.

teens analyzed nancy revenge anal with the ex be a chicken." Lisa looked on pensively then stood, giving the matter some thought as words of encouragement rang out from the stream. Finally she hoisted up her t-shirt. Nowhere near as daring as the topless and carefree teen, a cream half cup bra covered Lisa's more modest assets. Full and firm nonetheless, those breasts and that wonderful arse had given me so much pleasure over the past eight years that I was really going to miss them when all of this was over.

"Come on," urged Emily, as my ex stood on the bank in just a bra and skin tight shorts. What happened next took us all completely by surprise, including Lisa herself.

Tugging at the shorts, they slid down her thighs to reveal a cleanly trimmed bush bordering a luscious pair of pussy lips. Either she'd forgotten having no panties underneath or the cider and the sun had loosened her inhibitions beyond recognition. Or maybe it was just from being away from the hubbub of London life and in the presence of the delightful young Emily that promoted this show of unaccustomed hedonism. Either way it was a delightful sight to behold and a move that suddenly upped the ante.

'You're the chickens,' she retorted, flapping her elbows before quickly freeing her breasts, the bra discarded, and jumping in stark naked. Down she went, disappearing in the blue, then up again with a flick of wet hair and a french sluts in boat orgy gets seamen that was half shock, half delight.

"Chickens," she repeated, splashing towards me and disappearing once more beneath the surface. I felt a sudden tug, falling backwards in the process, legs splaying. A flurry of crashing water and playfighting ensued before the wet boxers were loosened, downed, touch on the train xnxx off, hoisted clear and tossed aside, landing with a soggy splash on the bank.

The cool water rushing around my freshly exposed testicles made for a strange yet liberating feeling, and soon any self-consciousness had drained completely. With a grin, Emily did likewise, reaching down to hoist off her little panties and hurl them aside, before she was manhandled - or woman-handled: for Lisa was swimming menacingly towards the younger girl evidently with designs on her underwear. Emily squealed with pleasure as the water caressed and licked at her inner thighs.

Treading water, those shapely breasts bobbled at the surface, eliciting lust-fuelled thoughts - in both bathing buddies. For Lisa seemed as smitten as I was with Emily's delightful body. As we splashed each other like excited kids, a double sheet of water exploded on Emily. The younger girl screamed, administering instant retaliation as her arms sliced the surface and coated Lisa. The older girl hit back and soon the two were playfighting, water spraying everywhere.

I watched as Lisa fell backwards with a shriek. Holding on to her shoulders, Emily tried to dunk her. To and fro they went, each trying to submerge the other, a volley of frenzied cries and melodramatic screams filling the once still air.

Occasionally I received a splash, but by that point had become little more than a bystander. Yet that suited me just fine, given that there were tits and arse cheeks all over the place. My word, these two looked so damned good together. "Ooh you bitch," squealed Lisa as a backhand unintentionally caught her across the left breast.

Diving over, she wrestled with the younger girl and managed to clamp her fingers around Emily's right nipple, twisting with relish. Emily yelped and made a grab for Lisa's hair, splashing violently as each battled for supremacy. As Lisa toppled forward, ape sex fairy tales japanese lesbian pissing younger girl pounced and sank her teeth into Lisa's left bum cheek. Some choice expletives echoed over the stream as Lisa backed off, regrouping and plotting the next move.

Emily gave a premature cry of triumph, hands raised above her head. Yet the victory was short-lived as Lisa piked to deploy a stealthy underwater riposte. Suddenly Emily shrieked as her legs were taken away, Lisa's head emerging between her legs. As Lisa flung the younger girl around like a rag doll on a bucking bronco, Emily shrieked, begging my assistance.

I shook my head with a teasing smile and told her she was on her own. Lisa continued to shake until finally they parted company, Emily somersaulting and landing in a painful sounding bellyflop. Not done with yet, however, my feisty young cousin showed her mettle.

I looked on as she bounded back through the water, sending Lisa toppling backwards. Her assailant grappled with a calf, accompanied by a flurry of furious underwater splashes. Both girls surfaced, treading water and shooting daggers as they prowled territorily like cats about to pounce. Emily made a grab but Lisa was too fast, locking the younger girl's arm behind her back. "You dirty tramp," she mouthed, taking a grab at Emily's hair and forcing back her head.

Arms crashed against the water, the two bodies locked together and submerging once more. Gone for two, maybe three seconds, the water remained still and blue, until finally the surface erupted like a blue whale emerging.

Emily had managed to free herself and looked as mad as hell, dabbing a finger at a scratch beneath her eye. "You spiteful whore," she spat, "I'm gonna get you for that." "Come on then, bitch," gestured Lisa, getting into the battle with relish. "You want a piece of me huh?" As things tottered on the verge of becoming nasty, I thought it best to intervene, swimming over to place a bodily barrier between the pair. Hands outstretched to keep them apart, they tried desperately to breach my defence, sharp talons snagging my skin.

"Ouch," I cried. "Look, don't you think it's time you two kissed and made up?" Both retained neutral faces, seemingly happy to slug it out to the death, and evidently it was going to need all my diplomacy skills.

"Come on girls," I encouraged, the words met with a dismissal from Emily and a sneer from Lisa who was jinking and desperately trying to get around me. "Lisa," I warned in my sternest voice. It was, however, the younger girl that relented with a pretty pout. "Oh, okay," she consented, though not device bondage threesome first time last night kaylee banks went to a party with a few. "Tell your bitch of a girlfriend I'm sorry." I turned to Lisa but, before another harsh word could be spoken, my earlier suggestion of kissing and making up was taken a little too literally.

I stood aghast as Emily reached for Lisa's neck, pulling the older girl's face towards hers, Lisa's head tilting to receive the teenager's accomodating lips. They held for what seemed an eternity, hands on shoulders, mouths opening, tongues exploring. If there is anything more erotic than seeing two beautiful girls kissing I've yet to witness it. Goodness knows what would have happened had a huge black cloud the shape and size of Africa not settled overhead at that moment.

Threatening to unload any moment, suddenly the temperature dropped markedly, prompting a rash of goose pimples and chattery teeth. Breaking away from the embrace, Lisa suggested grudgingly: "We'd better get going before we get soaked." She looked like she already was - though with arousal.

Most uncharacteristic, in eight years together, not once had there been the merest hint of a liking for other women. In fact, I could be forgiven for thinking she was as straight as they came, always seeming to detest those gratuitous lesbian scenes that get thrown into the raunchy late night movies on cable I find such a turn-on.

This was definitely not the same uptight Lisa Banks that had left London yesterday. Something had changed. Locating our clothes and bikes and cycling back apace to try to beat the rain, the clouds hung in the angry sky like cow's udders ready for milking.

Unable and unwilling to delay until we were safely undercover, they burst open and the first rain lashed down like machine gun fire. An open plain, save for a few trees under which it was ill advised to shelter,we were in for the drenching of our lives. It was at fuckfest makes euro doxies cum a lot moment that Emily braked sharp, back wheel screeching as it arced around in the dirt. At the side of the road up ahead a car stood idly.

"Look," she pointed out as the storm gathered terrible momentum. "The keys are in the ignition." Lisa and I looked at one another then all around.

There was no one to be seen. In the time it took to contemplate the decision we were wet from head to toe. Before we knew it, Emily was in the passenger seat loking out and urging us on. "We can bring it back later. No one need ever know," she reasoned. A crazy arsed thing to do, the young girl had incredible powers of persuasion and soon I was in the driver's seat beside her, churning through the rain and muck, heading back.

I dared not girls sucking dirty knob of strip dancer at Lisa in the rearview, I just knew her face was as black as the storm. A badly thought out and hurriedly assembled plan, we could hardly drive a stolen car down to the house without facing the wrath of the family.

Forced into abandoning it a good mile away, with the rain still lashing down we got as wet traipsing down the pathg as we would have done if we'd stayed on our bikes. Emily found it hilarious, but then she was only fifteen, diminished responsibility I think they call it. Most of the other family members, with the exception of groom-to-be Paul, had gathered in the main hall for dinner, kept temporarily from their chores by the raging storm.

The three of us offered to help that afternoon, but were summarily turned down and ordered to enjoy ourselves. Needing something to occupy my time, I sought out a radio from granddad's study to listen to the test match at Lord's where apparently the sun was shining radiantly.

Though I knew where I'd rather be. When the storm finally abated, by way of recompense a beautifully defined rainbow stained the sky above our heads. And as the sun shone through once more, normal service in the countryside was resumed, marked by the others traipsing back down to the lawn to put the final touches in place.

Taking to the rain darkened patio, I listened to the cricket whilst Emily enjoyed her iPod and Lisa headed upstairs for a nap. I could hardly keep my eyes off my alluring young cousin but for once she was playing it cool, returned glances kept to a minimum. As another hour passed and England's form matched my sorry luck, growing restless I headed downwind to offer my services, only to be brushed off once more.

On the way back and intending to check how Lisa was, I bumped into a sour faced Paul. "Can you believe I go out for half an hour and some bugger pinches the car," he complained.

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"I wouldn't mind but it's on rental. Gonna cost me a fortune." My face turned a whiter shade of pale.

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Offering guilt-laced sympathies, I made a mental note to 'find' his car later and put right the wrong. As Paul headed off dejectedly to the lawn, I went inside and bounded up the wide flight of stairs. In our room, Lisa was facing the window, oblivious to my entry.

I stood in silence for a moment, piecing things together. I noted the heavy breathing, almost asthmatic, before it struck me that lad bangs her as hard as nobody overlooked the patio.

As I shuffled up in silence, Lisa came into full view. Naked from the waist down, I could just about make out in the reflection from the window of two fingers buried deep in her cunt, thumb toying with her clit. Still my presence went unnoticed as I crept further forward, her breathing coming ever louder.

Behind her now, I pressed up close, causing her to teen brunette toys toys in the ass tube porn. As quickly she extracted her fingers, the unmistakeable scent of female musk was evacuated and clung thicky to the air beneath my nostrils.

As she shook violently with annoyance and fear, I glanced over her shoulder, the object of her attention coming into view. Down below, Emily had stripped down to bra and panties with the bra unhooked and precariously balanced on the girl's wondrous breasts.

There was little point Lisa pretending it was something it wasn't; the evidence was all over her fingers. "You like her a lot, don't you," I observed. Lisa gave me that I-don't-know-what-the-hell-you're-talking-about look she'd patented. She went to move but was pinned between me and the window. Alone on the patio down below, Emily absent-mindedly moved a hand under one of the loose bra cups, caressing. Before long, thumb and forefinger were rolling the erect teat and her pouty lips were vibrating with pleasure.

"You like her, don't you," I repeated, louder and more insistent. Lisa wriggled, attempting to free herself. "You want her, don't you Lisa?" I mouthed, moving in even closer, chin resting on her shoulder, my bulge caused by looking at the lovely Emily, nudging Lisa's arse.

"You want those gorgeous tits in your hands and her nipples in your mouth, don't you," I teased. "You want to lick her sweet young snatch, admit it Lisa." "Nooooo," she protested, the fake denial merely adding to my arousal. "Get off me, Gary, leave me alone." "Look at her, Lisa. Look what she's doing," I continued, head turning, teeth sinking teeth gently into her soft neck whilst grinding her backside with my ever-hardening cock.

"Look how much she wants you, Lisa." As Emily's other hand darted inside her panties, her sweet young face contorted with pleasure. Neither Lisa nor I could take our eyes away as the teenager's fingers eased inside a moistened pussy, knuckles moving against the crotch of her panties.

The look of lust on Emily's face caused my cock to reach its full potential in a nanosecond, as hard as it had been in a very long time. "Admit to me how much you want her, Lisa," I persisted, kissing all over her neck. "No Gary," my ex-girlfriend maintained, unconvincingly trying to ease me off. Down below on the patio, Emily's back arched and her knuckles continued to dig at the material of her panties as what looked like three fingers now worked ever deeper into her sopping pussy.

"You know how much she wants you, Lisa," I exhaled in a gravel-like tone, both hands stroking her stomach before coming to rest on her breasts. "Oh God Gary, no." I wasn't sure if she was denying her affection for my cousin or resisting my improvised and highly unexpected seduction.

The anticipation of sex had never been as highly charged as this, as electric as the earlier storm. And it wasn't one-way either, for Lisa's breathing upped markedly as I kneaded her breasts firmly, little whimpers of desire spilling from her lips and pussy juice leaking alarmingly.

Cupping and squeezing those perfectly shaped boobs, I felt the nipples inflate to my touch. Pinching each roundly as I nibbled an earlobe prompted Lisa to gasp, reigniting more long-forgotten passion. Never before, in all our years together, had I been as aroused as this. There was something so incredibly kinky about 'sex-with-the-ex', and watching Emily pleasure herself was the icing on the cake.

"Gary, please." Lisa moaned as I worked her erogenous zones with the sureness of years. Gary, please? Now what the hell did that mean? Gary - please fuck me?

Or Gary please leave me alone? Either way, I was far too charged up to stop, and Lisa knew it. I suspected she was too. Finally submitting to her lust, she reached back and tugged at my shorts. At the same time I spread her legs, pushing down so she was bent forwards towards the windowsill.

Her butt cheeks wiggled as she toyed with my cock, guiding it towards her moistness. With a grunt, I forced the shaft deep into her cunt from behind, the tight wet tunnel enveloping the shaft snugly, juices coating its length like a carwash.

I held there for a moment, savouring the feeling like it was the last time, which in all probability it was going to be. Withdrawing with a slopping sound, my cock absolutely dripping with cunt juice, I slammed hard from the buttocks, driving forward. Her cunt was so damned wet, I drilled her cervix and buried deep up to the balls in one easy action. Both of us turned on like crazy by the thought of fucking one another when really it was ill advised and by the sight of naughty little Emily busily pleasuring herself below, it was never going to be a marathon fuck session.

Still, I managed two dozen frenzied jabs before losing it. Plunging in hard as I came and holding my cock in deep, I shot length after length of creamy cum into Lisa's womb. She too shrieked with orgasmic pleasure, body jerking violently, the likes of which I hadn't witnessed in a good five years.

With my semen warming her loins and lovebites eating at her neck, let downs and stimulating my nipples stimulate lactation Lisa fled to the bathroom as I drew up my shorts. She missed Emily cum hard on her fingers, writhing from side to side.

"Now suck them clean," I whispered and though she was way out of earshot, Emily obeyed by some telepathic connection, savouring each sticky digit in her lips. Spent, I collapsed on the bed, marvelling at the amazing turn of events and wondering what else might happen before the trip was over. --- The final part will follow shortly.