Sunny leon fuck xxx story

Sunny leon fuck xxx story
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Just a short story I'm trying out, if it's liked, I'll write a few more parts to it. As always, constructive criticism welcome. If you find out mistakes, point them out and I'll try to fix them. Thank you, enjoy. ----- Edited ------------ What to do when you can see the unseen, when you can learn the secrets hidden in the depth of the mind? Personally I'd have a lot of fun with it. So the beginning of the story is not very important but the results of what happened were. You see, I was normal person, a bit reserved, but normal.

Not too popular just a couple of friends. The incident didn't change anything except granting me a new ability, mind reading. You may think that it's not that great of ability, or that it wouldn't really help much at least for a pervert like me. But you'd be wrong, it was a great ability to have and I had a lot of fun with it. Let me tell you what I did and you can judge for yourself.

My name is Tom, I'm 19 and a freshman in college or more accurately I just finished my freshman year.

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I had planned on staying in town and working so I can have a bit of spending money for next year. Plus, the town had a bunch of perks. First it had a college, so a bunch of hot college girls; second, it had a beach, so hot college girls in swimsuits. I got a job at a small grocery store that was right next to student housing, not dorms. So here I am working as a cashier or stocker in a small store full of girls shopping, the store was open late to help those partying get some kind of food.

I kristina rose all anal xxx second shift mainly between five and 2 in the morning. The store owner was an older gentleman; he was a very nice man that reminded of my grandfather, just as perverted too. It was kind of gross but hilarious to hear him comment about a girl or two. So back to the fun part. The incident happened right in the first week of summer break.

This is how I found out about my ability. I got up late and looked around, for some reason I could hear everyone around me a bit loud today. I didn't think much of it, my hearing is fairly sensitive and those walls weren't exactly sound proof.

I quickly got ready and headed out. Again, I was hearing the sound of people, crowd sound. I looked around a few times and I only saw a few people moving about. "What the fuck?" I thought. I stopped and listened to some of the conversations.

My mouth dropped. What I was hearing weren't conversations, they were thoughts. It wasn't that hard to tell either, they were obviously private things that no one would utter out loud even when they're alone.

I looked around again and listened in on a female voice, "Uh, he's at it again. Dam it I don't want to give him a blow job right now. Can't he hold on for a little while without thinking or asking something perverted?" Again my mouth was open and I was in shock. I focused harder on that voice and something better happened. I wasn't just hearing her; I was seeing what she was seeing. She was looking in the mirror in a bathroom busty sports journalist veronica avluv gang banged in locker room only a bra and thong on.

She wasn't bad looking at all and I felt my junior quickly wake up looking for a new prey. I made a mental note of her name, Kristin, and her location and continued my walk to work.

It was weird how I can hear the most private and intimate thoughts of people that I've never met or seen nor will. I tried to close my ears but it didn't help, so I tried to close my mind's ear and that seemed to work. The voices slowly drifted away and were almost all gone except for the very powerful ones, like, "fuck fuck fuck, dam it I did it again I need to move this fucking table." Was someone that stubbed their toe?

Or even better, "oh fuck oh yes, fuck me harder, I said harder…" was a girl's thought stream complete with inner mind video of someone fucking her while she was actually masturbating. I tried harder and closed my mind completely and it was finally quiet until I bumped into a girl on the side walk.

It was a torrent of sound and images that flooded my mind for the span of the contact. I stopped and tried to close my mind again; it was harder this time but I finally managed.

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I tried to remember some of the things I saw and heard but it was pretty hard since there was so much in so little time. I had my fists clinched in my pocket holding whatever was in it and I was thinking if only I can put that on a computer or something. I finally arrived at the store with repetition of all those encounters. I was trying so hard to close my mind's ear that I closed my own ear and didn't hear the owner calling me.

Finally I heard abigail got pounded hard and deep and got a big load in her mouth calling my name and turned, "Are you ok?

You don't look so well?" "Oh, I'm fine just a little headache." "Are you sure you're ok? You can take the day off if you need to" "No, I'll be fine; I can't let you work all day especially in your old age like that." I said with a smile. I wasn't being rude, we made fun of each other all the time and he always laughed when I made fun of his age since he talks about how young he is. "Hey, I can work three times the amount of time you can, I just don't want to because I have things do or honeys to do." "Sure thing gramps." He headed to the back limping slightly and came back out with his lunch box and hat.

"There is a hot girl in isle 2, she'll be here any minutes now; say hi to her for me." He whispered on his way out. Sure enough, within a couple of minutes, a very hot girl walked up to check out. She was about my height with very nice hair, eyes and lips. Then my eyes took in the rest of her covered by her sweatshirt and pants. her figure was that of someone practicing sports? I'm not sure. She very nice set of breasts that show up even through the sweat shirt. The pants were tight around her showing all her very fine curves.

"Hi, did you find everything OK?" "Yes." She said without even cracking a smile.

I wasn't sure if she was pissed at the world, or if there was something else bothering her. I couldn't help it; I had to peek in her mind. "Damn that asshole; I'll kill him when I see him. I couldn't even use the bathroom today because he used the last tp and didn't replace it or say anything." The rambling was going on for a while about her roommate/boyfriend.

"The fucker wants to sleep with me and that's all he wants I need to dump him or something, I need a better roommate." Again the rant continued on for a while. I was scanning the items slowly while noticing her agitation and the fact that she wasn't able to stand up straight properly.

"Sorry to ask, but is there something on my face?" she looked at me blankly. "Like a bug or something?" "No why?" "Well, you've been staring for a while and acting like I'm turning into a monster or something. Plus you've been balling your fists as if readying to attack." She looked down at her balled fists and smiled back at me.

"No, I'm just frustrated with my roommate and I was thinking about beating him up." "Oh nice, let me know when cartoon mom sleep son fuk where I'd like to see it." She laughed and her thought stream steadied and brightened. "I hate to ask, but do you have a bathroom I can use?" "Sure, if you don't mind a guy's bathroom we have one in the back through those doors right there." I pointed at the back room.

She smiled and turned to go but turned back and handed me the credit card and ran. I saw her run through the swinging doors and followed the rest with my mind.

"I shouldn't have relaxed; I almost farted right in front of him. I can't believe I'm almost shitting myself." I heard her thought stream. I tried not to listen to the rest of it and give her privacy so I focused on scanning the rest of her stuff. I had all her stuff in bags and in the small cart ready for her. Ten minutes later, she slowly walked out of the bathroom looking more relaxed but fully red in the face.

I saw how red and embarrassed she was and when I peeked into her mind it confirmed what I guessed. "So, did you light a candle in there to cover the smell?" I said with a grin on my face. She turned and her red face turned even redder. "Well I …" she stopped when she saw me laugh.

"Don't worry about it I'm just teasing. You look in better spirit than you did ten minutes ago. But I had to get you to smile somehow and it looks like it worked. Now you can plan properly for revenge on your roommate." She smiled again and, "Thank you. You're a life saver. Do me a favor and don't go in there for a while, I don't want you to remember me by the smell. Plus you may pass out from oxygen deprivation if you go in kayla marie did her very first black on white action now." We laughed and she took her cart after thanking me again.

"Oh, I'm Sally by the way." "Pleasure to meet you Sally, my name is Tom." She extended her hand to shake mine and I moved my hand to hers but I stopped an inch short, "Did you wash it properly?" I asked seriously, but I smiled and I grabbed her hand after I saw the shock on her face.

"I'll remember this and I'll pay you back too." She threatened with a smile. "You wouldn't like what I'd charge." I said quietly. She smiled and stuck her tongue out and licked her lip before walking out. Now I was very excited. The rest of the day wasn't as exciting. I tried not to push my luck or ruin the shop's reputation. The old man was known as a pervert, but the girls didn't mind him much.

I doubted they'd extend the curtsey to me though. Regardless, every hot girl that I passed, I peeked into their memories, since I found out I could do that, and found a time where she masturbated or had fun exploring herself. I would look at the video itself and not just the sound. It was amazing but painful. I had no release and I was working by myself till close. So I was going back and forth between the cash register and helping customer's find things.

By 12:50, the store was still busy and more people were walking in without any sign of break in sight. I was at the register checking out people when another customer came and asked for help; I asked him politely to wait a minute.

But I heard from behind me, "I can help you." It was Sally.

She didn't have anything in her hand, she wasn't shopping so why was she here. I was trying to focus on checking out the drunken customers in front of me so, "Thank you, and please do." She went around showing customers where to find stuff for about half an hour before we had a break.

I checked the store and made sure it was empty before returning to the register. "I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help." "Don't worry about it." "So I couldn't help but notice that you weren't shopping yourself?" "Well no I am, but I didn't want to buy this in front of so many people, plus I wanted to see the look on your face." She put down a box of condoms and looked at me with a horny smile.

I finally noticed that she was wearing a very short skirt and a very revealing tank top, no bra. I peeked into her mind, I couldn't help it. "So, I'm guessing that your roommate is a guy, probably your boyfriend. So you either made up and want to make him feel good, or you are pissed and want black hair teen karly baker cum showered on her face pay him and me back at the same time?" I said slowly looking into her face while talking.

I could see in her mind the indecision of what to do. She was hoping I'd bend her over and fuck her right then and there. That way it'd be my fault, but I knew better. "So…?" I waited for her to make the decision. "What would you like?" she asked obviously still can't make up her mind. My lower half was trying to make up my mind for me and it was obvious too. "Well, I can tell you this…" I stepped back so that my lower half was more obvious and I pointed at it, "This guy is very excited to see you.

But …" she was looking intently at junior and I can see in her mind how she longed to take it in her mouth and pussy and even her ass. She was guessing how big it was and if I was circumcised or not.

I was shocked; I thought those were guy fantasies. I never imagined a girl would want that done to her.

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"Sally, do you have a boyfriend?" "Yes, for now." "I can't really say no, but I can say that I don't like being in the wrong." She looked at me shocked, it was obvious that I was the first to say no, not in so many words, but I still didn't jump at the chance she was offering.

"What if I break up with amateur hairy strip teen the olympic interchange "I'm not boyfriend material. I don't mind having fun though." She took out her phone and dialed a number, "Stan, we're through. I'm sick of you and everything you did to me. I don't know where you're staying at or what japanese slut yui ayana got fucked on the sofa uncensored you're fucking right now.

I want you out of the apartment tomorrow." She sexy blonde lez seducing a hot gal up while the other side was still talking. "How about now?" "Let me close the doors." I walked towards the door slowly and closed it, turned off the open sign, and turned back to her. She had scanned the condoms herself and pulled out a credit card and ran it through. I was surprised, but then I realized that the register was simple enough to use especially if you had a similar job before.

She opened the box of condoms and took one out. I was right in front of her by then; I didn't take the condom she was handing me with a blush. Instead, I moved behind her and grabbed her breasts from behind. I leaned down and blew on her neck; I felt her reaction physically and mentally. Her body was in ecstasy mode. Slowly I moved my hands down over her stomach and over her thighs; I slowly pulled up the short skirt and moved my hand to her crotch.

My fingers found her lower lips and my hand was moving rubbing a finger between the lips without removing her panties. I can hear her thoughts returning back to me every time I move. I saw that she was feeling up my dick with her ass cheeks and was trying to line it along the crack. Every time I made a move that turned her on extremely, I followed up on it. I was trying to learn all her buttons the ones she knew or didn't.

I slowly pulled her tank top off of her and grabbed a bare breast with the left hand while the right hand was still playing with her pussy. I found that she liked having her nipples pinched and played with and the same was true for her clit. It didn't take me long to drive her over the edge without even entering her.

I didn't stop there though; I waited for her to come down from her high before turning her around and lifting her onto the register belt.

I quickly pulled off her panties and spread her legs. I can see in her mind the fantasy she was hoping for and I was playing it for her.

I went down to that not so forbidden area and used all my concentration power on pushing her to an ultimate high. I used my tongue, teeth and lips to stimulate her clit. I used my fingers to reach her g-spot and push her to something she'd never had before. It wasn't long before she was screaming hard. I can see her mind going blank filling with ecstasy and lust.

I didn't stop; I carried her high for at least ten minutes with her climaxing every minute or so. By the end of the ten minutes she was having a hard time breathing, she was drenched and her body was completely loose. I looked in her face and saw her eyes slowly focus on me and recognize me. Her brain was slowly catching up and she started to remember who she was andwhere she was.

Slowly she got her body under control and after a few minutes she started talking. "I've never had two milfs one teen girl on her first stop the house had its door open so good. How the hell did you do this?" she asked still breathing hard.

"Secret.The real question is how will you return the favor?" She looked at me and smiled a seductive smile that made my dick get harder than ever before. She got off the belt and pulled me by the hand to the back room.

She must have seen the couch in the office earlier today because she pushed me on it and dropped to her knees. She undid my belt and pulled my pants and shorts down in one move; my Johnson sprang to life. She took off my shoes too. She took my phone from my pocket and went through it quickly and in no time she had a song playing. She set the phone down and started, slowly at first, dancing erotically.

My jaw dropped, I don't know if she was a stripper before or what but she was amazing. My eyes barely left her body; her movements drew my eyes to one part at a time.

She'd move in a way to emphasize whatever part she wants me to focus on, and just like a puppet my eyes followed what she wanted. My mind quickly dived into hers and I learned that it was sugar yumi porn videos search watch and download sugar yumi free sex boyfriend before last who trained her.

He loved strippers and would always ask her to dance for him. She learned by dancing for him. I didn't mind, I'm reaping the results of it all. Her dance sped up; she inched closer with every move. Her hands were stretching out to touch me. She started with my face, ran her hand through my hair, she leaned in and blew in my ear and her lips brushed my ears. I so wanted to take her down and bend her over and just fuck the shit out of her, but I decided to wait and see, she may not be able to read my mind, but she's reading my body and facial reaction.

Her whole body moved closer to me; she rubbed my body with hers. She only had the skirt on, but it was a perfect tease. I could barely see that perfect ass most of the time unless she made an exaggerated move and blew it about to give me a quick glance of the full forbidden fruit. I was having a very hard time holding still; my dick was so hard I thought it would jump out on its own and start fucking her.

My mind and body was mesmerized by her movements, facial expression and gestures. Slowly, she used her hand to unbutton my shirt one button at a time without once stopping the dance. She spread open my shirt and ran her hands over my body slowly with a hint of nails. She turned around brought her ass to my body and slid up and down over the length of my upper body giving me a different feel of that forbidden fruit.

I noticed that her pussy lips were still wet and not just from what I did, she was getting excited by teasing me. I wasn't the only one getting impatient; she quickly dropped to her knees between my legs and moved her head to my dick. Her hands didn't touch it; she moved her face against it rubbing it on her cheek.

I could see the precum shining on her face before she stuck her tongue out and licked the full length of the shaft. She went from the bottom to the top with her tongue out and looking into my eyes. I nearly came right then and there. She did it two more times before she opened her lips wider and took the head in between them. I was struggling hard not to shove her head down.

She was using her tongue inside her mouth to lick my lower head with amazing speed. She wasn't moving her head either, she only had two inches in and was just torturing me with her tongue. I don't know how but I managed hold out again. The look in her eyes changed as if she was accepting the challenge; I knew I was in for even more, I loved it. I tried very hard not to peak in her mind to see what's coming, I did love the surprises. She started alternating between licking the head and taking my full length in her mouth.

The first time she took it all in my jaw dropped; I was staring her in the eye when she slowly descended down sliding my member in her mouth and throat. She didn't even struggle or choke once, she took it all in and back out before she played with the head again.

I could feel all the hair on my body standing and my mind was quickly losing all conscious thought. I was continuously thinking of just fucking her hard. I could see in her mind that that's what she was aiming for; she wanted me to take her hard but was struggling to hold out herself. Even though she came so many times, she wanted her inside stuffed full. She knew I was close, but she couldn't wait any longer, she pushed and laid me on couch before she quickly mounted me after throwing her shoes away.

She rubbed her privates against my dick a couple of times before she guided me in between her lower lips. She didn't even care about the condom at this point, and my mind was already gone, I didn't think about it either.

I felt her tight lips wrap around my lower head and slowly descend and wrap around the entire member. I knew she wasn't even near a virgin, but her pussy was still so tight it was perfect. She dropped down the last four inches and looked up in ecstasy, I may have been in heaven shy teen finds out her step mom likes girls she was in the highest heaven.

Her hands were on my chest, her hips were swaying making sure to keep me inside her at most times. I can see in her mind her ecstasy radiating back to me. I didn't last a minute and I was spewing my load deep inside her. She felt my dick spasm and made sure to keep me deep inside her the entire time I was unloading my cum.

When I finished, she didn't get off, I can see in her mind that we had just started. She picked up energy from somewhere and pulled her legs under her and started bouncing. She tried a couple of times slowly at first to measure my length and her movement. It took only three tries and she was off.

She was moving with speed, her body was full of energy; my dick never lost its hardness. Her moans were getting louder; her insides were squeezing me on their own. Her hair was flying all over, her breasts were bouncing with her, but her mind was the most alive with ecstasy. Her rhythm was varying, she was making sure that she reaches her own buttons, but she didn't forget about me either. She made sure to use her inner muscles to squeeze me just at the right time. I was lasting longer than I thought I would, considering how great she was, but I loved every second of it and obviously she did too.

Slowly she dropped the speed of her rhythm and I could see in her mind that she was getting a bit tired but there was more to it. She was being adventures and wanted to try something new; she wanted to try anal.

I could see the hesitation in her mind and all the arguments she was going through. I decided to jump in slowly, "My turn to lead." She got off of me slowly with obvious disappointment at having no dick inside her.

I got up and bent her over, I wasn't going for anal right away, I was gonna lead her slowly to it. She had her hands on the back of the couch with her ass sticking out towards me. I drew back my hand and called, "Hey dirty one." I called. She turned around in time to see my hand swing down and hit her full ass cheek. She squealed in pain and pleasure, but the look on her face was priceless. I didn't wait for long; I wanted to continue what she started.

I quickly got behind her, grabbed the red ass cheek along with the other and quickly boned her. The slap was effective. I saw it in her mind, how the words were ringing and bouncing in there. She was a proper girl but every now and then she like to get down and dirty. The position we were in was exactly what she expected a dirty girl to do. She was pushing back to meet my powerful thrusts and squeezed me at the right time to give me more pleasure.

I spanked her a few more times, each time bringing a moan and a squeal from her lips along with a full clamp down around my dick. I slowed down a little and noticed her disappointment in her mind but it didn't last long because she felt my hand stray to her second hole. I circled it a few times building up her anticipation, and I felt her expectations sister wives xxx a porn parody xxx as well as around my dick.

The first finger was the hardest; she was trying to stop me from pushing it in, obviously worried about the pain. I slapped her ass and she forgot about it for a second. I used the opportunity and pushed in my finger. I heard the moan of pleasure and pain and noticed that she didn't stop pushing back regardless. Taking advantage of the situation, I pushed a second finger in with the first.

I saw her mind go nuts with all kinds of information, feelings and thoughts. It was obvious that she liked it however so I continued pushing both fingers in her tight back-hole along with my dick in her tight pussy. She was getting used to it and even liked the small amount of pain caused by it. Suddenly she stopped and pulled herself off of me obviously with regret on her face.

She sat on the edge of the couch facing me and pulled her knees to her chest giving me full view. "Don't use your fingers this time." She said. I didn't need to be told twice. I aligned my dick with her back hole and looked into her eyes. I saw in her mind the reason for the change in position; one of her previous boyfriends told her that guys like to see some pain on the girl's face while they fuck.

It helps show that the girl is under his control even if he's hurting her a little. He liked to spank her often. I didn't mind at all and liked the idea of seeing a bit of pain on her face. I pushed my big head against her small hole and watched her face change expression. She was in pain but she was still excited. I quickly used my left hand to rub her clit back to life as I pushed my dick in.

It worked and she relaxed just enough to let me in. She gasped in pain at the intrusion but didn't stop me or even ask me to slow down. I smiled inwardly and pushed in deeper. I did take care not to hurt her intentionally though, I wanted her to like it and ask for seconds. I saw her hands move to her nipples and play with them as I started to pick up speed.

In her mind I saw her getting accustomed to the foreign object in her back hole and slowly she was starting to like it. She looked me in the eye and licked her lips erotically and I knew she was into it. I picked up speed and watched her face return to full ecstasy; I wanted to push her further however. "Who's a dirty girl?" She looked at me and tightened her already tight hole around me.

"Who has a dick in her ass and is feeling pleasure from it?" A sexy erotic smile appeared on her lips and she licked them again. "I'm a dirty girl." She whispered in a dirty girl voice. I was surprised I didn't blow my load in her right then and there. "Fuck this dirty girl. Fuck her hard." She ordered. I was only happy to oblige. I grabbed her hips and pounded her ass. I felt her pain and pleasure radiating back to me and her mental state of euphoria pushed me to the edge. I pulled her to me as I pushed in hard and let loose a full load deep in her ass.

I barely noted that I wasn't the only one climaxing. I leaned in on her trying to calm down and refuel my spent energy.

I looked down at her face and I saw the drool from her mouth as well as her closed eyes. She was out. The pleasure was too much for her. I smiled and looked down further at my dick buried deep inside her back hole; the smile on my face grew. I slowly pulled out and lowered her legs. I slowly moved and grabbed a towel; I tried to clean us as much as I could. I even grabbed a few wipes to clean a bit more.

Finally after I finished cleaning, I started dressing her backup. I just put my shorts on myself and took my time putting on her clothes. I was feeling her up as I dressed her, and I saw in her mind the dream that continued what we just did. When I had her all dressed up, she woke up. She first time of disvirgin blood story xnxxx around and down at her clothes. Her hand flew to her pussy and she locked her legs around her own hands.

"Oh, that feels good and bad at the same time." She moaned. "I never had something so good. How did you do that?" "I read your mind." She looked at me shocked and then smiled, "Fine be that way." She still had that smile on her face as she stood up and pulled me to her.

She kissed me deeply while hugging my head. "Oh god, I don't know what you do but you make my entire body feel alive with pleasure." She said as soon as she broke the kiss. "I'll come by to help often; maybe I'll get a job here." She said with a smile that I learned to love.