Eliska cross sucking a huge black cock and being violated anally

Eliska cross sucking a huge black cock and being violated anally
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My name is Mike at the time this was to take place I was 15 years old average body, blue eyes, brown hair, and the girls seemed to think I looked good. My family was good friends with some another family that they where in a book club in. The family was made up of the 42 year old dad, who really isn't a part of this story so we wont go into detail of him, there mom whose name was Heather had just turned 40 last week and damn was she good looking 32 D cup, nice black hair down to her shoulders, bright blue eyes, and all the right curves in all the right places.

A son, who also isn't important, a 13 year old daughter named Lauren just starting to develop breasts black hair just like her mom, very thin, and bright blue eyes like her mom.

The second daughter was 10 her name was Savannah had no chest but was good on the eyes, thin, half way down her back black hair, and brown eyes like her dad.

The last daughter was 8 her name was Rayne no chest good on the eyes, curly brown hair down to her shoulders, thin, and blue eyes. We had known the family for years when the mom, dad, and son where going out of town. Heather was afraid to leave them home alone and asked my mom if she could watch them my mom had said she would but she had a out of town meeting and would be gone the whole week.

My mom then suggested that I could stay with them being 15 and could watch them and take care of them, Heather knew I was responsible and could watch them and make sure everything went alright. So it was settled I would stay the week at there house and watch the kids. The next jenna reid in teeny slut likes it rough I headed over to there house.

Heather told me I could stay in Evans, there son, room. I had put my stuff down and helped there dad and Evan take the stuff out to the car, they had ran to go get gas and I went back inside. "Mike, can you come here." Heather had yelled from her room. "Yes?" I said. "I don't mean to freak you out or anything but there are a few things my children require." "Okay, what?" "Well Savannah for one goes to bed at 10 every night&hellip." "That's not weird at all." "Well no but when she does she needs someone to help her with this&hellip." Heather pulls up a 6 inch fake penis.

"Umm&hellip. Whats that for?" "Well where letting them get used to sex early in life so they can please there husbands and boyfriends once there older." "Oh umm I don't know if I can." "Oh its easy watch." Heather pulled up her dress and pulled off her panties.

I was instantly hard. "See just push it in and out like this." Heather continued to masturbate until she came. "Ahhh&hellip. See easy." "I uh guess so." "Okay, and for Rayne you use this vibrator when she goes to bed at 9:30 only do it till she cums. Then if you could lick it up…You can do that same with Savannah they love watching me lick up there cum. Hehe." "What about Lauren?" "Oh well didn't think you would want that task&hellip.She normally gets a real dick, if you want to you can fuck her." "Oh umm&hellip.Can I really?" "Sure!

If you want when we get back you can do this pussy." "Really!" "Hell yea. I Love a nice dick in me." There dad and son pulled up outside and honked the horn.

"Well ill see ya when I get back." She pulled up her panties dropped her dress and gave me a fast peck on the lips. I don't think 9:30 could come any faster I spent the day just watching tv and ordered a pizza for dinner. Finally 9:30 came. "Come on Rayne, its time for bed." I said "Okay." Once we where in her room I asked her to put on a tshirt and lay down. I put the vibrator on her clit and rubbed it slowly as she moaned softly. 10 rolled and around and she finally came.

I bent my face down to her pussy and inhaled the scent of my first pussy, I slowly licked it clean when I looked up and noticed she was asleep.

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I kissed her pussy and then her cheek and whispered goodnight and headed to Savannahs room. Savannah was already in bed naked. "Hey Savannah ready for your fun?" "Uh huh!" I got the fake penis out and she licked her fingers and rubbed them on her pussy.

"Okay do me!" I masturbated her till 10:30 and she came I bent down and inhaled that great smell.

I then lick her pussy clean and was thinking about sticking my tounge or finger into her pussy until I noticed she was asleep and I didn't want to wake her. I was so ready to cum although I knew I still had Lauren left. I walked into the bathroom and stripped naked took a look in the mirror and walked to the living room where Lauren was watching tv.

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"What are you doing Mike?" "Im going to fuck you." "Oh really?" "Yep take your clothes off im ready for some pussy your sisters aren't old enough for a dick yet but im old enough for a pussy so chop chop." Lauren stood up and stripped slowly, after she finished she walk over to me and pushed me onto the couch and started sucking my dick.

"Oh that feels greeaaaaat." Lauren continued to suck my dick right up until I came and she stopped. "Why did you stop?" "you where about to cum, I want to get fucked before you cum!" I then jumped up and pushed Lauren down and started fucking her fast and hard.

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"Yes! YES!

YEEEEEEESSSSS!!!!!!!!" She screamed as I continued to fuck her. "OHHHHH I'M CUMMMMMING!!!!!!!!!" As soon as she said that it shot a rocket off and we both came. We then fell asleep in with my cock in her pussy. I woke up the next day to Savannah sucking my dick.

"Hey there sleepy head." She said. "Hope you don't mind." "Its fine how bout you flip over into 69?" Savannah flipped around and I finally got to eat my first pussy and damn was I hungry. Savannah came twice until I stopped, I stopped because I relized there where two mouths on my dick one ,Savannahs, and one sucking my balls I looked up to see Rayne. "Whoa you guys starting without me." Lauren said as she walked in. "Sorry sis." Said Savannah. "How bout you flip around and let Rayne lick your pussy mines wet and ready for Mikes mouth." Lauren said as she smiled.

I started the day licking a hot 13 year olds pussy having a 10 year old suck my dick and a 8 year old licking her pussy. Damn was this going to be a good week.