Horny redhead teen and girl gets caught masturbating first time orange you glad im so tiny

Horny redhead teen and girl gets caught masturbating first time orange you glad im so tiny
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Submissive Incest Mind Control A Story of the Institute of Apotheosis Research Chapter One: Naughty Daughter Spanked By mypenname3000 Copyright 2018 Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this!

"We're not angry with you," my mother said, giving me a slight smile, "we're just disappointed, Bess." "Disappointed?" I groaned. "That's it? Disappointed?" I glanced at my father's car, the front end crumbled, radiator fluid forming a larger and larger puddle.

I pushed up my glasses and then rubbed at the back of my neck. The tow truck beeped loudly as it backed up to the vehicle. "That's right, Bess, disappointed," my father said while nodding. He stood tall over me but his brown eyes stared at the wreckage of his car.

He loved his Mustang. The cherry-red, sleek sports car held a prized place in our garage. Every Saturday he spent a good hour or two washing and waxing it, stroking the vehicle with all the care of a man caressing his lover.

"We're just glad that you're okay," my father added. My mother nodded, her light-brown hair spilling about her face. She put her arm around my shoulder, pulling me to her. I winced, my neck aching more from the violent impact. I couldn't believe she was comforting me. "You're not going to punish me?" I demanded. "Honey," my mom sighed, shaking her head. Her green eyes focused on me. "What is going through your head these days?" "That I wished my parents would be my parents?" I muttered. "And how are we not your parents?" my father asked.

He ran a hand through his black hair, the same shade as my own locks spilling down my face. "Because we don't do something as hindering to your development as punishing you?" "Yes!" What did it take to get them angry at me?

"You're just going through a phase," my mother said. "I was rebellious when I was eighteen, too." "Did you steal your father's car?" I muttered. "Steal?" my mother asked, amusement in your tone. "I'd hardly call what you did stealing, Bess.

You're part of the family. You borrowed your father's car." I stared at her, shaking my head in shock. "I only have a learner's permit. Dad never even teaches me in his Mustang." "Being curious and testing boundaries is a part of life," my father said, quoting that dumb, hippy philosophy my parents subscribed to. "That's all. You were just exploring your potential." He let out a sigh. "And your potential is not in driving my car." "So.

what are you going to do to me?" I asked, squirming in my mother's embrace. "Love you," my mother said. "Perhaps we need to give you more attention." I ground my teeth together. "You need to punish me! I was bad! I wrecked Dad's car! After I stole it." "What do you want us to do?" Dad asked, his brown eyes finally falling on me, puzzlement crossing his handsome face.

"Spank you?" "Yes!" "My father spanked me," my mother said, "and it didn't do anything but make me resentful." "It's cruel. Children shouldn't be harmed by their parents," my dad said. "Misbehavior is merely a cry out for attention." "And you must really want our attention." My mom gave a smile. "We should have a family night tomorrow. We'll go see a movie, have a nice dinner, and—" I let out a shrieking groan.

Nothing. There was nothing I could do to get my parents to punish me. To treat me like an actual daughter. I glanced over at my cousin Louisa, my partner in crime. She had been riding shotgun after I suggested we steal my father's car and go cruising. I was eager to show off what we were driving. Her parents, Aunt Georgia and Uncle Wayne, shouted at her like proper parents. She shrank between them, squirming and wilting beneath her mother's angry tirade.

The words weren't clear, drowned out by the traffic streaming by on the road, but the anger was there. Louise would face actual consequences to her actions. They would make her do chores, or maybe even spank her. I would love to be spanked. I shook my head. How could Aunt Georgia and my mom be sisters? What went wrong with my mom? How had she infected my dad with her hippie nonsense? Children needed to be disciplined, dominated.

They needed to be controlled or they would do dumb things. Like me. "Is this like when you borrowed my vibrator?" my mom asked. "Did you take your dad's car so we'd punish you?" "Yes!" "See," my father said, "this is what society does to people.

It gives them horrible expectations. It's brainwashed you to think we need to be authoritarian. It's so confused you, kiddo. You don't have to act this way. We love you." "So let's go home, sweetheart." My mom rubbed my arm. "We can get ice cream on the way home. Cold Stone's on the way." Ice cream.? Ice cream.? My parents were insane. Poor Louisa was trembling. She had tears glistening on her cheeks.

Her father was shouting at her now, standing over her, looking so handsome and strong, so powerful. A naughty wave of heat washed through me for Uncle Wayne. My eighteen-year-old pussy clenched. Such dizzying lust spun through me. I swayed against my mother, wishing to be Louisa so badly. If my father was as strong as Uncle Wayne. That would be so hot. My phone beeped. My parents wouldn't even take my phone away since they paid the bill. As my mother lead me to the family minivan, I swiped in my unlock pattern on the screen tiffany nunez sucking sean lawless cock deep throat tapped the notification, bringing up a long text message.

"What?" I muttered as I read: CONGRATULATIONS Bess Atwater!!! You have been chosen by our top team of researchers for our exciting new product! The Halo is the answer to all your life's needs. Tired of your parents treating you more like a friend than their daughter?

Tired of them not living up to your expectations? Well you're in luck. Our patented Halo mind control technology will allow you to take control of the people in your life and mold them to your wishes. I know you are as excited as we by this amazing possibility. Out of all the billions of people in this world, we think you are one of the TWELVE lucky candidates to utilize this ground-breaking technology.

So congratulations and get ready to seize your new life! Your package should arrive in moments by drone. Enjoy!

Sincerely, Deidre Icke, Esq. President of The Institute of Apotheosis Research Mind control? Wouldn't that be nice? To have real parents. Not ones who bought me ice cream after I wrecked a thirty-thousand car. Or after I was caught masturbating in the living room with Mom's dildo. Or getting into my parents locked liqueur cabinet. Nothing I could pretty blonde babe double stuffed by bbc would get them mad at me.

I tried so hard myfirstpublic pierced babe came to be model but get fucked by older stranger be naughty. I just wanted them to be strong and dominating.

I yearned for it. Especially my father. I wanted them to punish me. To degrade and humiliate me when I was bad. It made me so wet. It had me masturbating furiously just thinking about it. How wonderful would it be, to be spanked.? Oh, I would love to be bent over my father's knee and feel his hand falling on my rump. I sunny leone sex sex storiesstorys sanny lione com to feel his anger.

To feel his punishment. I wanted the pain burning through my ass. To make me shudder. I swiped away the crazy text message. Mind control. It didn't exist. It would be wonderful to mold my parents. I climbed into the back of the minivan, taking a seat.

My eyes stared out the window. I caught my reflection, my narrow face wistful, my green eyes yearning. I rubbed my thighs together, my virgin pussy so wet, my panties getting soaked with my excitement. I wanted to squeeze my small breasts and pinch my large nipples. I had bigger nipples than my cousin Louisa despite her larger breasts.

Father started up the minivan. He adjusted to mirror until I could see his eyes. They seemed to be smiling. "Let's get you some ice cream, kiddo." Kiddo! He should call me pumpkin or sweetie or slut. He should be so angry. He should be growling, "When we get home, young lady, you're going over my lap and feeling my hand on your bare bottom.

I'll make you understand why you don't steal my car and wreck it! Then I'll tie you up to your bed all night, shove your mother's wand massager against your cunt, and leave you like that all night. You want my cock fucking your cunt, you'll earn it, slut!" I wanted to masturbate so badly.

I squirmed and groaned as we drove down the street, my cheek pressed against the window, feeling the cool kiss of the window. My heart thudded beneath my chest, my nipples so hard against my bra. I rubbed my hands up and down my thigh. I so wanted to get home, get in my bedroom, and satiate my hot cunt.

Abuse my slutty pussy. I would cry out so loud. I would say such obscene things. My father would hear and realize just how much of a whore I was. How he needed to discipline me and make me his sweet daughter again. He'd have to be so strong, so dominate, a father, not a weak man who wanted to buy me ice cream for wrecking his car. Only he wouldn't do any of that. A year of masturbating and moaning and letting my parents know I pleasured myself had done nothing.

My mother just gave me an understanding smile and my father pretended I didn't do anything. "It's good that you're pleasuring yourself, sweetheart," she'd told me. "You shouldn't let your desires bottle up. Do you want me to buy you any toys?" It wasn't right. The closest I came to punishment today was suffering going to the Cold Stone Creamery and sitting with my parents eating ice cream like a child. While my pussy burned and itched.

I couldn't satiate myself. I was denied my own pleasure. I focused on that, trying to fantasize it blue sexy film in foreign sex stories download deliberate, that my father knew I had a hot cunt needing to be touched and punished me by denying me any chance of satiating myself.

But he had no idea that I needed to masturbate. I was sure if he did, he'd drive us home right now and give me all the privacy I needed to satiate myself.

If I asked, he'd probably go buy me a sex toy to make sure that I had the best masturbation session possible. So I ate my mint chocolate chip ice cream and waffle cone in silence while my parents chatted about boring things. I suffered, aching to get home. I couldn't wait. I would abuse my pussy so hard. I would scream out in rapture, begging to be spanked and disciplined. It would be such an amazing orgasm.

I would pretend I had real parents! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Feed's live," Alexis Icke's twin brother, Alex, said. She squirmed on his lap, naked, her eighteen-year-old breasts swaying. She rubbed at her stomach. She'd learned only an hour ago that her twin brother had bred her, following the last god's instructions.

Brother's should breed their sisters. It sent such giddy delight through the girl. "Good," she moaned. "I'm so eager for what Bess will teach us. She's our age." "But has no brothers," sighed Alex, his hand rubbing Alexis's belly, sending waves of heat through her body. She whimpered as they stared at the screen. An image appeared, broadcast from a drone hovering up in the air.

"A drone feed?" "Why aren't we seeing a spycam from inside the house?" Alexis asked. The Institute of Apotheosis wasn't really a typical tech company. While they produced hardware and software, they were dedicated to creating new gods, using the Halos created by the company's dead founder, Dr.

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Henry Peter Blavatsky. The guru of their group had a vision to enlighten mankind and staffed the company with his followers. Even after him and his wife's deaths, Alexis's mother continued the work.

Today, the fifth god, Bess Atwater, had been sent the halo. Alex tapped the keyboard, cycling through the various spycams embedded in Bess's house to monitor her progress and witness her revelations to the world. Alexis frowned, the house appeared empty and.

"She's not home?" Alexis asked as they returned to the orbiting drone feed. "Look, look, the package is still on the doorstep." "Delivery must have messed up," muttered Alex. "They were supposed to make sure she was home before letting the drones deliver it. Now anyone could find the Halo and make themselves into a god." "No," Alexis gasped.

"She has to find it." She squirmed on her brother's lap, fear twisting through her stomach. Alex nodded his agreement. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Finally," I muttered as my parent's minivan pulled into our driveway.

The garage door opened. The space father's Mustang should be parked in looked so bare. Bbw ripen best eu solo let out a sigh as he pulled in and, for a moment, I had hope I'd feel his anger and be disciplined. But that wouldn't happen. My phone chirped again as I climbed out of the car, so eager to solo bikini beauty toying smalltits and toys. I grabbed it and saw another text message from that same place.

It mentioned my package had been delivered to the doorstep. I didn't care. I had a hot pussy to enjoy. I darted into the kitchen and raced through the house. Why wouldn't my parents just punish me? Why couldn't they be normal and spank me? Just once? To show me that they saw me as their daughter, not their friend. I thudded up the stairs and threw myself into my room. I flung myself onto my bed, surrounded by my stuffed animals. I kicked off my shoes and attacked the fastener of my jeans.

I wiggled them down my lithe legs, my rump squirming, my pussy clenching. "Ooh, Daddy, just spank my bare bottom," I moaned as I threw my jeans to the floor. I grabbed my body pillow, fluffed it, and then threw myself over it, my ass up in the air. I yanked down my panties. "Look, look, my naughty ass needs to be disciplined." My pussy clenched as my hands reached behind me to grope my rump. I kneaded my butt-cheeks, my nipples throbbing in my bra. Juices dribbled down my thighs.

I breathed in, smelling my spicy musk. It tickled my nose. "Just spank my naughty bottom!" I moaned. "I was so wicked today!" I smacked my own ass, but it just didn't feel amazing. I felt it would be incredible if my father did it. I spanked myself a second time. My pussy clenched. My fingers itched. I slid them down my butt-cheeks to my pussy. I rubbed myself.

I groaned, pressing my face into my bedspread as I stroked up and down my virgin pussy.

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My flesh quivered, drinking in the sensations of my fingers. I groaned, brushing my clit, sparks flying through me. My eyes closed. I pictured my father watching me, such a stern look on his face, so strong, so dominating. He would just take control of me.

He would just dominate me and spank me so hard. His hand would crack over and over on my ass. Seeing me masturbate, witnessing that I was a wanton slut, would make him control me. "Yes, yes, punish me, Daddy!" I moaned, not hiding my voice as my fingers penetrated my cunt.

I sank into my juicy snatch, pleasure rippling through my body. "Spank me so hard! Look at me, fingering my cunt, wishing it was your cock in me!

That's so wrong! You should spank me and show me how nasty I am!" I frigged my fingers in and out of my cunt. My eyes squeezed shut. I groaned and gasped, wiggling my hips. The delicious fingers stirred me up faster and faster. I whimpered and moaned, my snatch clenching hot and wet about them. "I'm masturbating to you, Daddy!" I howled. "I wish you were fucking me! That's how nasty and filthy I am!

You have to punish me!" I shoved a third finger into my cunt, stretching out my hole. Only fingers and dildos had touched it.

I had never had a man inside my twat. I wanted my father to fuck me so badly. To get so hard from spanking me and kitty at the cohf condo to ram his cock into me so hard. To bury his cock over and over into me. My pleasure built and built.

More and more of my juices spilled down my thighs. I whimpered and moaned. My left hand squeezed at my butt-cheek, my fingernails biting into my rump. I shuddered at the sharp pain shooting through me for a moment. The sound of my fingers plunging into my cunt made me shiver. "Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me so—" A soft knock came at my door. "You got a package, sweetheart," my mom said. "I'm leaving it out here for when you finish." My cheeks went scarlet.

She didn't care that I was masturbating. Or that I wanted to fuck my father, her husband so badly. My family was so fucked up and not in the way I wanted. My lusts died. What was the point in being a filthy, nasty slut if they wouldn't punish me and try to make me into a proper young woman? I ripped my fingers out of my pussy, wiping them off on my thighs.

I rolled into a sitting position. I stared at the door, biting my lip. A package. Mind control. If only that was real. My heart thudded in my chest. I squirmed on the bed, my heart beating faster and faster. I could feel the package on the avi love sure loves to suck cock pornstars side of the door.

Just waiting for me to claim it. To make my family the way it should be. To have them punish me for being such a freak. My pussy clenched, itched. I could be fucked by my father. I stood up and tottered to my door. I didn't care that I only had a shirt and bra on as I opened it and peered into the hallway.

Let my parents see what a filthy slut I was. I looked down at the box and, feeling bold, stepped out into the hallway, bending over and pointing my naked ass and barely legal cunt right at the stairs, hoping one of them would find me as I studied the box. It had my name and address on it, but no return address. That was strange. There was no packaging slips or stamps or anything. Had someone just dropped it off on the porch? How weird. My heart beat faster and faster. I was so aware of my naked pussy pointing at the stairs.

I fought the urge to run into my bedroom as I ripped open the packaging tape. They would have to punish me for this. For pointing my pussy at the stairs. They would see my cunt juices dripping down my thighs. I fumbled at the tape. I pulled at it. The cardboard ripped up with it as I pulled harder. Packing peanuts spilled around a foam container. Instruction manual lay on top for the Halo. I furrowed my brow as I picked it up, still bent over. I ignored the growing ache in my back and the juices rolling down my thighs.

I was such a filthy slut. I shuddered. Why couldn't one of my parents walk up right now? They would have to punish me for this level of naughtiness, right? Probably blonde babe gets nailed by her man. I sighed and flipped through the instruction manual. It was written in a dozen different languages like stereo instructions. I frowned, stopping on an English page and read: The Halo's patented nanotechnology will bond with your DNA, enhancing the generation of your brain waves.

Simply place the device on your head, and you will gain the ability to control others actions. Your brain waves will be so powerful, broadcasting from your mind, that they will override the brain waves of others. This is all thanks to the ground breaking work of our founder, Dr. Henry P. Blavatsky and his wife Alicia Bailey. "That's crazy," I muttered and threw it on the floor. I looked at the foam packaging.

I pulled it open and found a gold circlet inside. My forehead furrowed more. It definitely looked like a halo. I grabbed it, feeling the cool surface. This would give me mind control power? It would bond with my DNA? This was so dumb. A nervous writhe went through my stomach. My heart beat faster and faster as the excitement of my exhibitionism rippled through me. I wanted to dive into my room. But. I still had to put on the halo. I still had to give my parents a few more seconds are you ready to become my full time slave catch me being a nasty slut.

I put the halo on my head. Heat washed through me. I gasped and shuddered, blinking at the fuzzing warmth that spread across my mind. I gasped and ran my fingers through my black hair, searching for the ring to take it off and— Where was it? My fingers slid faster and faster, scratching at my scalp through my hair, searching for the feel of the gold ring. It had to be on my head. I'd just set it down grandma sandra fucked by blacks cocks interracial and stockings my head and.

Where had it gone? Did it.? Did it melt into my brain? Had it bonded with my DNA? Did I have mind control powers? Stairs creaked behind me. I froze, hearing footsteps walk up the stairs. I shivered, biting my lips. I had a second to dart into my room and not get caught pointing my pussy right at the door. I should just dive in. My parents wouldn't care.

Just think it was my exhibitionist phase and it was perfectly natural for eighteen-year-old girls to walk around displaying their pussies. But. The halo vanished. The groaning grew closer. The footsteps heavy. My father. A hot wave washed through me. My pussy clenched. A fresh line of juices trickled down my thighs.

My heart beat faster and faster as he climbed the stairs higher and higher and— "Kiddo?" he asked, his voice strained. "What are you doing?" "Being a filthy slut," I said, shoved my right hand between my thighs, and plunged my fingers into my pussy. "See!" Discipline me! "Kiddo," he groaned as I masturbated right before him.

"Why are you acting like this? Are you that desperate to be punished?" "Yes!" I hissed, pleasure surging through my body. My heart thudded in my chest. I whimpered, wiggling my hips, my fingers plunging faster and faster into my cunt. "Fathers punish their daughters when they're naughty, filthy sluts!" My thoughts prickled.

I gasped as I felt a thousand, thousand needles stabbing into my mind. Darkness fuzzed across my vision. I trembled and groaned, my entire body shaking as my cunt clenched down hard on my fingers. "Kiddo," Daddy said, his voice hard. "Y-you're grounded for.

for being a filthy slut!" I gasped, standing up and pulling my fingers out of my pussy. I whirled around, facing him.

"Y-you're punishing me?" A look of shock crossed his handsome face. "I. I guess I am. You're being a filthy slut and. and fathers have to punish filthy sluts. S-so you're grounded, kiddo." "Young lady!" I snapped. "Fathers should address naughty, filthy sluts as young lady.

Not kiddo! And grounding isn't a punishment. Fathers spank their daughters who are wicked whores and do nasty things like me!" The pain stabbed into my mind again. I swayed and gasped.

My eyes fluttered as the darkness fuzzed my vision. I swayed and grabbed the wall with my fingers coated in my juices. My heart pounded in my chest, blood screaming through my veins. "Young lady!" Daddy said. "I. I'm going to spank you. Right now. So put on panties and. and come to my bedroom." "No, spankings are done bare bottom!" I commanded. This time my thoughts only prickled. My heart pounded. It was working.

"And bare handed unless I've been really bad. Then you use your belt." "I. Yes," he nodded, shaking his head. "What is wrong with me?

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I. This is so wrong, but. get your butt into my bedroom right now, young lady." A hot shiver ran through me. "Yes, Daddy," I moaned, so excited. It was happening. I was being punished. I darted past Daddy into my parent's room, just so thrilled. I grabbed the hem of my t-shirt and pulled it off as I raced by, dropping it at his feet. Then I reached behind me to unhook my watch worthy interracial xxx hardcore and blowjob, freeing my little titties and my big, fat nipples.

They thrust so large from my tiny breasts, so at odd with my barely budding mounds. "Young lady," Dad gasped, his voice sounding so strangled. "What are you doing? Why are you getting naked?" "Because I'm a naughty, filthy slut!" I moaned. "So I guess you'll just have to punish me even harder!" My thoughts buzzed. He groaned as he stumbled after me. He looked so dazed. He shook his head as something almost like fear glinted in his eyes. That wouldn't do.

I faced him, naked, hands on my hips. I would have to mold him into the perfect dominating father. "When you have a rebellious, filthy, nasty slut for a daughter, you have to be a dominating daddy," I told him, my thoughts prickling more and more.

"You have to want to spank her. To punish her. You have to think of new ways to control her. Orgasm denial. Bondage. Nipple clamps. Spankings. Rough anal sex! All of it! You have to consider all of it. You have to take her by the scruff of the neck and discipline her. "Because it makes you hard!

It excites you to discipline your naughty, slutty daughter!" I gasped as more needles jabbed into my mind. Daddy groaned and then. then he transformed. Lust burned in his eyes. He suddenly loomed so tall over me, his back straightening.

For the first time in my life, he felt like a man, like a Daddy. I quivered, my pussy clenching. A faint, shuddering wave of heat washed out of my naughty cunt. "I'm sick and tired of how you've been acting lately, young lady," he growled.

"The way you've been masturbating, moaning and groaning, letting your mother and I hear all your shameful words, begging to be fucked by me. We thought it was a phase. That you would stop doing it if we ignored it, but you keep persisting." He seized my black hair in a strong fist as I felt his true feelings. He was angry with me. He was frustrated by my actions. "You! Wrecked! My! Car!" he growled, pulling on my hair so I looked up at him. "Then you come home and masturbate in front of me?" "I'm such a wicked girl, Daddy.

So bad!" I shivered. "Bad girls have to be punished." "Yes!" He hauled me by the hair to the bed, acting so strong and dominant. Finally. Finally he was my real daddy. He sat down and young girl jassie capri loves old cock me over his lap. I squirmed across on him, bent over for real, ready to be spanked. I squirmed and. His cock bulged in his jeans. I felt him pressed against my stomach. I whimpered in utter delight.

My daddy was hard for me. It excited him disciplining his slut-daughter. I wanted to weep for joy. This Halo was amazing. I loved it so much. CRACK! "Daddy!" I howled as pain—true, searing agony—erupted across my right butt-cheek.

I shuddered on his lap, my toes curling, my pussy clenching. The heat melted down into my cunt, turning my juices into molten passion. This was what I needed.

"Yes, yes, punish me!" "I'm tried of you being such a nasty, filthy girl, young lady!' CRACK! "I have been!" I moaned, the pain exploding across my right butt-cheek. I squeezed my eyes shut, forcing out tears. It hurt so wonderfully bad.

"Your two foxy babes share a small penis blowjob facial and I have tried to raise you!" CRACK! "But you just want to be a naughty!" CRACK! "Whore!" CRACK "A slut!" CRACK! "Masturbating all the time!" CRACK! "Wanting me to fuck you!" CRACK! "Yes, yes, yes, Daddy!" I howled out, my ass a mass of burning, stinging pain.

Every smack sent a wave of heat through me. My pussy grew tighter and tighter. Agony verged on the edge of ecstasy, teetering back and forth, whip-lashing me between the two opposite sensations. "I make you so hard, don't I?" "I fought against my lusts!" he hubby offers buxom brunette to younger guy cunnilingus hotwife. CRACK!

"I fucked your mother thinking about your pussy!" CRACK! "You made me want to fuck my own daughter! That's how much of a slut you are, young lady!" CRACK! "I'm such a wicked daughter!" I moaned, squirming harder, pressing my stomach into his cock.

"And you're so hard right now. I made you just ache, didn't I? You're throbbing against my belly. I'm so sorry, Daddy." CRACK! "Sorry?" he growled. "Will that repair my fucking Mustang, young lady?" "No, no," I moaned. "Let me make it up to you, Daddy? My pussy. No guy has ever fucked my pussy!" His hand suddenly cupped my furred muff.

I gasped at the feel of it. My burning butt-cheeks clenched together as my labia drank in the feel of him rubbing up and down my slit. I whimpered and writhed on his stomach, pressing my belly into his hardon, letting him know I would satiate him. I would give him such pleasure with my naughty body.

"You're wet!" he growled. "Are you so much of a filthy cunt that you get off on being spanked by your father, young lady?" "Yes!" I howled. "I'm so turned on right now.

My cunt just makes me so wanton." He drew back his hand from my pussy. Then I heard the air swish. SMACK! I gasped as he spanked my cunt.

Pain exploded across my labia and clit. The agony shot into the core of my pussy. My entire body bucked as the agony triggered ecstasy. My twat convulsed. Juices gushed out of my pussy as waves of rapture washed through my body. I came from being spanked! I drank in the wonderful abuse. I savored it as I bucked so hard on his lap. My nipples rubbed into the comforter on my parents bed.

My pussy spasmed while juices squirted out and bathed his hand rubbing at my cunt. "You nasty whore," he groaned. "Young lady, are you cumming like a filthy slut?" "Yes, Daddy!" I howled, grinding on his hardon, making him ache and throb as the ecstasy seared through my mind. "I'm that wanton! You have to dominate me all the time! You have to make sure I'm punished and controlled.

Bad girls like me just need that sort of control from the man in their lives!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Man in their lives," Alexis whispered, staring at the screen in awe as her pussy clenched down on her twin brother's dick.

Is Alex the man in my life. Or is it Daddy? She rubbed at her belly as her twin gripped her hips, working her cunt up and down his dick.

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Pleasure fluttered through her. She had her twin brother's baby in her. Fucking her dad was wonderful, but. But it was her brother to whom she truly loved. Whom she truly enjoyed. "You're my man, Alex!" she moaned as her orgasm exploded through her cunt. "When I'm bad, you have to spank me like Daddy does Mommy!" "Yes!" he howled, slamming her convulsing cunt down her dick.

Then she groaned at defloracion vaginal de jovencitas inocentescom gratis para ver wondrous delight of his hot cum spurting into her bred depths. She quivered and shuddered on him, rapture boiling her mind.

Another amazing revelation from one of the new gods. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "I'll control you, little slut," Daddy growled, rubbing at my cumming pussy. I still ached from his hard spanking. I savored that wondrous bliss rushing through me. "I'll make sure you are punished whenever you're naughty." "Yes, yes, yes!" I moaned. "And you deserve your reward, Daddy. To use me. To finally fuck my tight, young cunt like you've always wanted. When I make you hard, Daddy, you don't have to settle for Mommy's pussy.

You can fuck my slutty twat!" Only the faintest prickling raced across my thoughts. "Yes!" he snarled. And then he grabbed my long hair and yanked. I gasped in pain as he forced me off his lap. I stood before him, trembling, my body quivering. He rose, looming over me.

My slender frame trembled. I pushed up my glasses, my heart thudding beneath my small breasts. He grabbed one of my fat nipples and twisted hard. I groaned at the shock of pain shooting down to my cunt. I whimpered and squirmed, my pussy growing so hot and juicy. Despite just cumming, I was so eager for more.

He abused my little nipple as I looked up into his dark, commanding eyes. "Strip me naked, young lady!" "Yes, Daddy," I moaned. I sex redwap xxxx porn story his t-shirt and untucked it out of his jeans.

He released my nipple and lifted his arms over his head so I could pull it off. I groaned at the sight of his revealed, fit body.

My parents' hippy nonsense led them to be health nuts. So it had one positive. I salivated over his strong body. I ran my hands down his chest and torso, shuddering in delight, my pussy molten passion. I reached his jeans. I fumbled with his belt loop.

Then I undid it. I worked it open and then hauled down his jeans. "Oh, Daddy," I moaned, squeezing his cock through his white boxers with red hearts on them, a Father's Day gift from me. "I made you so hard, Daddy. I'm so sorry. I'm such a nasty daughter for doing this to you." "Yes, you are, young lady," he growled. I shivered and fell to my knees before him. I trembled, so eager to obey him, so glad I mind-controlled him to the perfect father.

I hooked my tanya and cindy eat each others twats into the waistband of his boxers. I ripped them down and groaned as his hard cock popped out before me. He was thicker than Mom's dildo. My eyes widened. A hot wave of heat shot through me. I opened my mouth and sucked on his cock. He groaned at the incestuous feel of my mouth wrapped about his dick. My tongue danced about his crown, bringing a long, low groan from him.

He seized my black hair as I sucked and bobbed my mouth, putting all my fantasies into play. Finally! Finally, I sucked my daddy's dick. I loved it. Drool ran down my chin as I made such sloppy sounds. My cheeks hollowed. His precum flowed. This wondrous, salty flavor spilled across my tongue. My pussy clenched. Daddy growled. He held my hair so tight as I moved him. My hands slid up his thick, hairy thighs to his black bush. I cupped his heavy balls with my right hand, cradling them, feeling the incestuous spunk in them.

He'd soon fill my barely legal pussy with his jizz. "You slutty girl!" he groaned, trembling. "Did I tell you to suck my cock?" I popped my mouth off his dick long enough to moan, "No, Daddy!" "Young lady!" he grunted as I sucked on his dick again. "Just a wanton whore. Where did we go wrong with you?" No discipline.

"We were too easy on you. Your mother and I thought we could spare you discipline, that you would turn out fine. But you became such a slut." He groaned. "Ooh, yes, yes, just a whore. You're going to make me cum in your mouth." I sucked harder. "But I want to cum in your cunt, young lady!" I gasped as he ripped me off his cock by the hair. Wondrous pain flared across my scalp. Then he pulled me to my feet. I whimpered, tears burning in my eyes.

He manhandled me the way I always dreamed and threw me over the foot of the bed, my ass pointed at him. He smacked my rump again. Hot pain seared through me. I moaned into the comforter, my nipples throbbing against the cloth, as I wiggled my hips. Then I groaned, feeling his dick nudging my upper thigh. It slid higher and higher.

My pussy clenched in anticipation. "I love you so much, Daddy!" I moaned when he found the entrance to my cunt. "Fuck me, Daddy! You've earned the right to use my cunt whenever you want for finally becoming such a dominating daddy!" "Good!" he groaned and thrust into my tight snatch.

He let out such a moan of pleasure as I squeezed down on him. "I'll use your young cunt whenever you're naughty and flash me." "Yes!" I moaned, feeling him in me to the hilt.

His crotch pressed on my burning ass, adding a flare of pain to this wondrous moment. Then he drew back his cock while I whimpered in rapture. Such delight flooded through me. My daddy's dick was fucking me. He groaned, his hands sliding up my sides and back, so strong.

He pulled back until only the tip of his dick remained in my hot and horny pussy. I wished I hadn't broken my hymen on Mom's dildo. I wished I'd saved it for him. He slammed his cock into me. My eyes bulged at the rush of rapture followed the wave of agony. His crotch smacked into my spanked rump. I moaned, shuddering on the bed as he drew back and rammed in again. And again. And again.

My daddy fucked my naughty cunt. "Young lady!" he grunted, thrusting his hips so hard. "Oh, yes, yes, yes! You're just a nasty slut! You're just a fucking whore!" "I am!" I whimpered in utter delight. It was so amazing to be fucked by my Daddy. To feel his cock reaming my cunt over and over again. I savored it. I had such a huge smile on my lips as he plowed into me. "Ooh, yes, Daddy, just fuck me so hard! Just plow into me! Mmm, you're going to make me erupt so hard on your dick." "Uh-huh," he grunted, delightful ebony rides on pecker hardcore and blowjob away at my cunt.

His hands slid up to my shoulders. He seized my hair in a tight fist. "You love it, don't you, whore?" "I do!" I whimpered, clenching my cunt down on his dick.

"That's how much of a whore I am!

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Use my cunt, Daddy! Work that dick in my filthy depths! Don't hold back. You don't have to. Not any longer. I'm your submissive daughter. Your slut! Your filthy cunt!" "Yes, yes, yes, yes!" he growled. "I own you, don't I?" "You do, Daddy! Some girls just need to be owned! So they need to have strong men to control them! Control me, Daddy!" He grunted and thrust so hard. His crotch smacked over and over into my ass, spanking me again and again.

The pain mixed with the pleasure surging through my body. It made me whimper and groan. I shuddered on the bed, squirming, rubbing my hard nipples into the comforter as he used me. Threesome anal sex action anikka albright and valentina ass to mouth and hardcore orgasm swelled through me.

A magnificent promise of rapture. His every thrust of his cock into my juicy cunt, his every smack of his crotch into my aching ass, swelled it. An incestuous flood of ecstasy brimming to be unleashed in me. To drown me in such nasty delight. "Daddy!" I moaned over and over. "Daddy! Daddy!" "Young lady!" he growled. "I'm going to cum in your cunt! I'm going to pump your slut-pussy so full of my jizz!" "Yes!" I howled. And came. My pussy writhed about the incestuous shaft plunging over and over into my flesh.

My cunt squeezed and released it, so eager for his forbidden seed to flood into my twat. Stars washed across my vision as the bed creaked louder and louder. Such wondrous rapture filled my mind. It carried me to heights of taboo ecstasy I didn't know I could reach. All other orgasms I had paled before the delight of cumming on my daddy's cock. My flesh milked it, so eager for his spunk to fill me. "Yes, yes, yes, cum in me, Daddy!" I howled, bucking on the bed.

"Dump all your seed in me now!" My thoughts fuzzed just a tiny bit. dagfs from sweet dreams to ass fucking, young lady!" he snarled and buried his cock into my cunt.

I gasped as hot jizz spurted into me. My father's jizz. I whimpered, another orgasm sweeping through me as incestuous cum filled my fertile depths. My first taste of a man's passion came from my dominating father. My pussy convulsed about his dick, sucking at it, so hungry for every drop of cum brimming in his balls. I whimpered and moaned, my ass drinking in the press of his flesh as he leaned over me, trembling. "You naughty slut!" he snarled as he pumped me full of cum.

"Take it all!" "Yes, Daddy!" I squealed. "I am! Whenever you want to use me, you can fuck my cunt! And you want to fuck my cunt all the time! You're so horny for it!" My thoughts twinged. "I am!" he growled. "For my mouth, too. And my asshole. You want to use every bit of me. You want to tie me up. You want to clamp my nipples. You want to spank me. To flog me. To coat me in your cum! You want to use me for your pleasure, Daddy!" "Yes!" he howled as the last drop of his cum spurted into my pussy.

My cunt wrung him dry. He panted and moaned over me. I shuddered on the bed, my orgasm peaking. I mewled in delight and glanced at the open doorway. A shadow fell there. My mother entered, her face pale. Then her eyes flashed in anger. "You fucking bastard!" she snarled. "What are you doing to my little girl?" "Disciplining her," Daddy answered, sounding so strong and wonderful. I smiled. Now it was time for Mommy to learn how to be a parent, too.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Oh, yes," Alexis gasped as she squirmed on her brother's lap, his cum leaking out of her bred pussy. "How will she handle this? Will she make her mother a slut like her?" "Like you?" Alex asked. Alexis shivered as her twin brother pinched her nipple hard.

To be continued.