Well hung guy destroys bald girlfriend homemade american

Well hung guy destroys bald girlfriend homemade american
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I looked out the window while my teacher, Mr. Lewis, talked on about something. Our high school was located out of town, so from here I could see the woods.

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I imagined a guy with me as he led me into the woods… I felt hot thinking about it. " Jade, are you listening to me?" Mr.

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Lewis asked me. He was our new teacher, fresh out of collage. I don't know how old he was, but it had to be young. His hair was a straight black that covered his neck in the back, then just above his ears and finally resting right above his eyes that made him have to flip it.

"can you repeat the question?" I asked. Many of the students around me snickered. " come by my class when the bell rings and you have your stuff," Mr. Lewis sighed. I sighed to, but thought better of it than to argue.

Too soon the bell rang and I went to collect my stuff. The teacher was at his desk, grading papers when I got back, his dog, Granite, was laying down next to the desk. During the day Granite was in the back room, and he came out in old men fucks young teen girl with big dick after noon.

" Sit down, Jade," Mr. Lewis told me, and I went and sat down on a chair. "no, I did not say on a chair, you are to sit on the desk." I got up slowly and sat on the desk. He want in the back with his coffee cup and bag that he had put all the papers in. Granite went with him. Mr. Lewis closed the door on Granite on the way out, empty handed, he glanced at me and looked up my skirt for a second. " I forgot my cup. Go and get it please, try not to let Grant out either.

That was the dogs nickname. I got up and spotted the cup as soon as I got in the back room.

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I shut the door behind me and walked all the way in the back and grabbed the cup off the counter. When I got back out the door was closed and a chair was next to Mr. Lewis' desk., he was closing the last shade.

"thank you, sit down," he said while sitting down at his desk.

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I felt weird with my tight shirt showing off my good sized breasts, not to big and not to small. I was also wearing a mini skirt and just a natural amount of make-up. "Now, you've been dazing off in my class to much, I'v talked to the other teachers and they don't have this problem.

Is it my teaching methods that are making you daze of?" he asked, I clearly saw a bulge in his pants. "no, not at all, I just don't get history at all," I lied, he didn't need to know that I dreamed of sex in the forest while in his class. " im afraid I'm just going to have to teach you a lesson," Mr. Lewis sighed heavily. He grabbed my tit and started to squeeze it hard while forcing his tongue in my mouth. It happened so suddenly that I didn't feel that he had put both my hands behind my back, and I could feel the fuzzy hand cuffs lock them together.

"Stop it," I gasped when he let me go. "no, I've dreamt about you for far to long Jade," He replied and pushed his pants and boxers down. His dick was seven inches long at least, and thick. It was fully erect and he stuffed it right in my mouth and down my throat, causing me to gag. He kept going in and out, and out of habit I began to suck lightly on his way in and harder on his way out.

"ohm jaade," he moaned out. His dick was so huge that it filled up my mouth just barely giving my enough room to lick his dick. Suddenly he pulled it out and got on his knees. He pulled off my tight skirt I wanted him to stop, but my mouth was frozen shut with shock and my hands were behind me.

Mr. Lewis started to rub his fingers up and down my pussy through my under where. Juices started to soak my panties and he smiled evilly at my. He took his pant and shirt off all the way and yanked off my juice soaked panties. He walked back to his desk and came back with scissors, instantly making me panic. " what are you going to petite teen blonde casting intimate family affairs my voice asked him weekly.

" don't worry you little slut, I wont cut you," he replied.

Bending down, he started to cut off my tight shirt. "No!" I yelled. " Shut up you little cunt," he slapped me across the face. I quieted down and he tore my shirt off and took off my bra. I was now completely naked and hopeless.

He leaned down and started to lick me and tease my clit while rubbing and squeezing my tits. I couldn't help it, after a few minutes I moaned and cummed. "That's my little whore, you like that, don't you?" he asked, and started to kiss me on the lips before I could reply.

He started to finger fuck me, starting out with two and going to three fingers not long after. I moaned in pain and in pleasure as he continued. " your so FUCKING tight," he whispered into my ear. He picked me up and sat me on the edge of the desk and making me lay down, then he pulled me so my ass was laying on one of his hands, with the other he forced my legs open harshly and got in between them.

Panic rose up inside me, I had never had some one so think and just plain big before. I whimpered and he slapped me again.

In one thrust he was inside me and humping at full speed, his balls kept hitting me and he moved his hands to my thin waist to push me into him harder. It hurt so much! But I found myself cumming onto him, and not long after he pulled out. Relief came, but it left as soon as he flipped me over. " if your nice little cunt was that tight, I have to try your ass," he moaned into my ear.

"no, please," I pleaded with him. He slapped my ass really hard and told my to shut up. His fingers scooped up some come from my cunt and smeared it into my hole. He thrust in and started to fuck my even faster than before, hitting my ass every once in awhile. I winced and whimpered, which made him hit harder. "Your so damn tight Jade!" he yelled and came. He took out his dick and splashed the rest of his hot cum onto my sore ass and somehow uncuffed me.

Mr. Lewis took his clothes in the back room after putting me on the floor. I layedbthere, grateful that it was over. Juices poured out of me. Something wet and long leana sweet of swankmag fucked hard on the couch licking at me and I looked back to see Granite.

I tried to crawl away, but it was just to hard.