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Young girls open seel seel
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I had my fair share of sex in high school but my favorite and most interesting experiences came after I had joined the Army. I hadn't originally planned on joining, at 5'8" and a very stocky, muscular 200lbs I was the star running back at a school with the second worst football program in the city, but a broken ankle at the end of my junior year sent the mandatory summer football camp out the window along with scouts and their scholarships and therefore college.

Dad couldn't pay for it and since I had started paying more attention to football than class since middle school, I wasn't going to pick up anything but a few thousand a semester from the government. While in my self pity the summer after junior year a recruiter called and hooked me.

It gave me a way out after high school and I managed to get a job in aviation to keep my ass safe in the desert and give me some skills for after I got out. When I got to basic it nearly seemed I bit off more than I could chew, sure I'd been yelled at camp and practice but the drill sergeants got personal. I'd found some solace and friendship in a couple girls named Patton (her last name, no relation to the famous general) and Smith (again, her last name& the way I'm Pete: short for Peterson, my last name).

Patton was about 5'2" and couldn't have weighed more than 110lbs. She was button cute with shoulder length black curly hair and perky B cup breasts with hips and ass to make a tiny and tight hourglass for her frame. Patton was also crazy smart, having graduated high school at 16 and earned her bachelor's degree at 19, she then joined her state's National Guard out of boredom.

While at college, the girl developed a wild side that shone through as you got to know her better; she was the first to start to flirt with me. Smith on the other hand was pretty much a tomboy and right out of high school like, basically the same situation as me.

She stood about 5'6" and weighed roughly 120lbs of mostly muscle, she wasn't really cut so she seemed slightly stocky for a girl. She had long dirty blonde hair that got cut to chin length a couple weeks into basic. Smith was the less attractive of the two, she could've used a little dental work but she was by no means a dog. She had a more innocent look with round facial features, tiny A cups and at tight small ass that connected to her sexy powerful legs.

As I had said before, Patton started everything by flirting with me at every possible chance. busty stepmom threeway with teen couple in the bedroom oldvsyoung threesome

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Our first consummation happened on our first field exercise, we snuck off into the South Carolina woods while everyone was eating. I asked her if she were sure, "I haven't had dick in two weeks Pete, FUCK ME!" I responded with a sheepish ok, I was really just being coy, I knew I needed it too.

Her hands grabbed my neck and pulled my head toward hers and our lips met in a passionate kiss and we soon had our tongues down each other's throats. My hands were the first to wander, down to her perky tits. I soon started unbuttoning the standard issue "jacket" to get a better feel. I pulled of the jacket and then started reaching under her t-shirt and bra to get to her nipples. She quickly pulled up the shirt and pushed her bra up to let her breasts free.

My mouth moved down from her mouth to her neck and then to one of her nipples while one of my hands played still with the other. She started to moan as my tongue swirled around her areola and then flicked the little bud of a nipple.

Before getting to loud, Patton bit her lip to keep from attracting attention. I switched my mouth her other nipple while my hand undid her belt and unbuttoned her pants. She shuttered as my hand inched down her tight stomach to her waiting snatch.

Her bush was trimmed into a nice little patch right above her lips. My middle finger slid over her clit down to her waiting hole where I inserted just the tip. Her breathing became heavier at that movement, "Stop teasing," she quietly moaned. I quit playing with her tits to a story of sinful xxx pk on pleasing her aching pussy. I sank my finger into her sopping wet pussy and probed for her spot. I knew at her shutter I had found it.

Her first orgasm came at my prodding of her G-spot. Patton then pulled my hand out of her pants and said "My turn." She undid my belt and pants and pulled them down to my knees as she dropped to hers. My hard-on was already straining against the cotton of my boxer-briefs.

Her eyes widen as she pulled the underwear down and my 9" long and rather thick dick (one very curious girl in school measured it for me) bounced out in front of her face.

I had scared a few girls in high school but Patton seemed up for the challenge. A mumbled "Huge" was all she could say before she took the head in her mouth.

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Her tongue made figure 8's around the head and then she started to try and force more into her mouth and throat. She managed to get ¾'s of the way down and then gagged which was impressive compared to some of the high school girls I had screwed. She sucked and slurped with intensity I had never seen, she seemed to enjoy gagging on my monster. After two minutes of one the best blowjobs I'd ever had, I pulled her up and yanked her pants and panties (which were soaked) down to her boots and bent her over.

Patton grabbed a tree in front of her and commanded, mom giving warm breafast and fuck at chicken me with that giant dick Pete, Do it!" I had no reason to disagree, so I started to sink my cock into her tight love box.

Her tightness resisted at first but I was able to ease halfway in after a few easy thrusts. Her moaning grew louder so I stuck two fingers in her mouth to bite down on to stifle her oncoming orgasm.

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Her second cumming of the session was from my full thrust, "Oh my gaaa&hellip." she mumbled through my fingers in her mouth. After much more deep pumping into her tight sex she couldn't hold herself up so I wrapped my arms around her waist and lifted her slightly off the ground and continued my work and caused her orgasm after orgasm. I continued my pounding of her tight twat until it was time for me to get off. Still helpless from my fucking, she nearly fell of my dick when I let go of her.

"Going to cum in my mouth?" Patton seductively questioned from her knees. "Open up," I playfully suggested. Patton grabbed my busty brunette babe banged on the bed stick with both hands and shoved the head into her mouth and started sucking and stroking me. I was soon shooting rope after rope of sticky juice down her throat.

She released her grip and lips and swallowed my load in one gulp. "Impressive," I said.

"Not too bad yourself," she quirked back with a naughty smile. We cleaned up and pulled on what clothing was removed and headed back into the camp on opposite sides as to not cause any suspicion. "Where the hell were you?" my tent mate asked.

"Those damn MRE's went right through me," I remarked smoothly. "Eww," was all he had to say. I walked towards the side of the camp where Patton and Smith shared a tent and conveniently where the water was.

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I casually refilled my canteen while eyeing the girls. They spotted me and giggled together. Patton had told her and I didn't mind, it just meant more fun for me. They motioned me over so I walked over and knelt down at the opening of the tent to hear what beautiful girl xxx handsome boy sex stories vidio had to say.

"I heard about dessert," Smith said with a knowing smile. "It was DELICIOUS!" Patton exclaimed. "So good it made you weak in the knees?" I asked. Patton nodded furiously with a huge smile on her cute face. "Sounds like something I might like sometime," Smith admitted with a sexy smile. "It could be arranged," I said coolly knowing Smith wanted it tonight, "Too bad none of us have guard tonight." Smith suddenly frowned, "Sorry babe, just wait till the next field training," I told her.

"That's another week without cock, damn," Smith said sadly.

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"Trust me, the wait will be worth it," Patton said told her. Smith exhaled, "Fine. Looks like it will be back to you and me girl." The two girls sent each other smiles, "That's what you two have meant by 'Without cock.'" Patton started, "Well when a dick can't be found…" Smith interrupted, "Tongues, fingers and licking pussy have to fill in!" We all laughed at that but we were stopped by the drill sergeant yelling that it was time for lights out.

I said my goodbye and got a seductive look from each of them. I couldn't wait until the next field outing.