Fucking my sopping pussy with a handle

Fucking my sopping pussy with a handle
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Denise and her family Part 1 The Funeral By Docker5000 Introductory. A Mother and her two drunk son's bond in a Hotel room after a family funeral. Denise huddled closer to her husband Tony she was trying to keep under his umbrella as the rain was now coming down hard. Her two sons Gary 15 and James 17 both shared an umbrella. However, even this did not stop them both from getting wet-through. Everyone at the grave side was now wet-through the vicar was trying his best to read the funeral service, but the wind had now started to get up.

Finally he finished his service and everybody now watched as the coffin was lowered into the grave that was busty babe gets a mouthful of cum a third full of water. Tony tossed a flower down onto his uncle's coffin as it disappeared into the ground.

He then led his family away from the grave side.

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A few people stayed a few more moments to pay their respects and also tossed flowers down onto the coffin. Then everybody left as the weather was getting worse. The grave diggers wasted no time and too big men with spades soon had the grave filled in and they too quickly got out of the rain. Everyone was now rushing to their cars to get out of the heavy rain and strong wind. Tony and his family were now back inside his old Volvo estate car.

As usual the car started first time. It was very reliable even after 15 years. Now a long line of cars now left the cemetery and headed to the pub were the family was holding a wake for the dead man. Tony and his family were also staying at the pub were the wake was being held.

It had been a long drive from their home to the funeral here in the far north of Scotland. Once back at the pub Tony and his family quickly slipped up to their room to get out of their wet clothes. The room was a large family one. With a large double bed and two singles beds in it. For once modesty was forgotten as everybody quickly stripped down to their underwear.

Gary and James couldn't help having quick looks at their mother as she was now only wearing her bra and panties. Tony also grinned to himself when he saw his son's checking out their own mother. Tony thought to himself that Denise's choice of underwear was really not appropriate for a funeral. However it was the only black underwear she had packed.

So Denise was now parading around for them all in a low cut black bra which showed off a great deal of her ample cleavage. Black silk panties and a suspender belt and black stockings. No wonder Tony could see that both his sons were getting hardon's in their trousers. However his wife was so cold that she had not realized the effect she was now having on her son's.

She quickly pulled some white underwear and a light blue dress from her suitcase and then she disappeared into the bathroom closing and locking the door behind her. The boys just looked at their father and he just grinned at them both.

The boys were now a little embarrassed when they realized that their father knew what they had been looking at and they quickly concentrated on getting dry and getting dressed. Tony and both his sons were now changed into dry clothes. When Denise came back out of the bathroom wearing her light blue dress now.

Everybody just looked at her now. Denise stopped dead in her tracks and looked at the three of them. She then asked them. "What the hell were they looking at?" The boys and their father now exchanged glances and all three of them couldn't help bursting out in laughter. She just looked at them a little confused. It was not until Tony whispered something into her ear that she under-stud the funny looks the boys were now giving her.

Denise just looked at her sons then she went red in her face and tried to forget about her just giving her son's a display of herself in her best sexy undies. She now looked at all of them and said to them. "That they were acting like school boys, and they had better go down and join the party before someone wondered where they were." The small pub was packed with Tonys relatives now.

Tony and his family had moved from Scotland down to Yorkshire when he was only 7 years old. So he did not have a Scottish accent anymore. Denise circulated and talked to his relatives, but she found it hard to understand some of them as there accent were really hard to understand and she could only understand every other word they were saying.

She also didn't really like the way some of his bi boyz and their cute awesome gf relatives kept leading him off into dark corners. It was like they were trying to get him away from her.

His male relatives had no problems in accidentally rubbing up next to her and she had lost count on how many times they had bumped into her by accidents and gave her bottom or boobs a squeeze. However, she did not want to cause a scene at a funeral. So she just smiled at them and tried her best to move out of the way. Tony was now no were to be seen. She could not see him anywhere so she now decided it was time to find him and time for them to go up to their room. While she was searching for him she came across her sons.

They were drinking beer with some of Tony's younger members of his family. And she could see that they were both nearly pissed. She did not want to embarrass them, so she just got their hands and led them out of the bar and back up to their room. Tony was now outside. He had his back up against first taime sex sex stories vidio old tree and he was smiling and looking down at his uncle's widow. Tony and his auntie had always been very close; he would come and spend some of his holidays with them.

If his folks were not taking him anywhere special. He was an only child. So he got spoiled by his family. The women in his family especially spoilt him as he was very good looking and he had inherited his ancestors warrior built and flaming red hair.

Tony now turned to watch a woman who was approaching him with a big smile on her face she was in her mid forties slim but very attractive with short dark hair. Tony returned her smile as the woman drew closer to him. However, his attention was now brought back to his auntie as she gently bit his cock with her teeth. He looked down at her and smiled. She was once again taking his big hard cock back into her mouth and sucking on it. While latin family and milf double dildo ryder skye in stepmother sex sessions hands played with his big balls.

All the time she sucked him off, she kept eye contact with him. She loved him in her mouth. Now the woman was stood next to Tony. She put a hand on his chest and started to undo his shirt. She then said to him. "I see mum hasn't wasted any time she has really missed you." Tony now tried to reply to his cousin Morag, but his aunties sucking now increased and all he could do was moan out with pleasure as his widowed aunt really started to suck on his hard cock.

His cousin just smiled at him then she dropped down to her knees and started to lick his big hard cock. Soon both mother and daughter where licking up and down the full length of his big hard cock-shaft. They then took it in turns to suck on his big hard cockhead.

This wasn't the first time he had his auntie and her daughter suck and fucked him At the same time. Tony was now desperate to get his hard cock into something tight and wet. He then said to both of them. "Ok who wants my cock first?" Gwendolyn his auntie was the first to bend over and pull her skirt up over her ass and slip her panties down for him.

Morag just laughed and said to Tony. "I think mom is in more desperate need of you than I am. I will catch up with you later on." She then got up and gave him a long kiss on the lips. She then slipped back into the pub. Gwendolyn was now looking at her favourite nephew and begging him to "screw her." Tony just smiled to himself.

A few seconds later Gwendolyn is moaning in pure pleasure as her handsome nephew banged away at her 65 year old pussy. Tony was also squeezing her big tits through her black widows dress as he banged away at her tight wet cunt.

Denise managed with a great deal of effort on her part to get both her sons back up to their room without anybody really paying attention to them. Once in the room both boys complained that they were feeling very sick. She had noticed a couple of buckets outside the pub so she now went to get them. But first she sat both boys down on their beds. Gwendolyn's soft moans now filled the night air. She was breathing very hard now and she was on the verge of coming.

She then said to him. "Harder really pound my cunt." She wanted to come and she also wanted him to cum deep in her cunt.

She wanted her cunt full of his wonderful sperm. Tony grinned to himself as he started to thrust in and out of his auntie's very wet cunt.

He remembered the first time he fucked her this way many years ago. Tony was now pounding into her at a rapid speed. Gwendolyn's moans were now getting louder and louder.

Gwendolyn thought she was going to pass out from pure pleasure. Then she screamed out as she had a wonderful orgasm.

She squirted her cum all over his cock and balls. Tony now also moaned out as he now started to pump load after load of his cum deep into her widow's cunt. Tony and Gwendolyn now shared a passionate embrace and a couple of minutes of tongue filled kisses.

Then they made themselves decent and slipped back into the crowded pub. Luckily for them the wake was in full swing and most people were already pissed so nobody noticed them both slipping back in. However, Morag saw Tony and her mother coming back into the pub. She could see that her mother had a huge smile on her face now.

Morag knew that her cunt must be full of Tony's spunk. She would bend her mother over later that night and she would then enjoy licking his cum from her own mother's cunt very much.

Denise now came round to the back of the pub in search of a couple of buckets. If she had been a few minutes earlier she would have caught her husband and his auntie fucking like dogs. However, they were both now back in the lesbian ginger beauty sucks gf hairy pussy. She quickly found the buckets; she now rushed back up to her room. She just hoped that they hadn't been sick yet.

Just as Denise entered the room carrying the buckets. Gary her youngest son looked at her and said. "He was going to be sick." She grabbed one of the buckets and quickly rushed over to him.

Just as she got close to him. He was sick; it was like something out of a horror movie it went all over her and into the bucket. She now just stood there, however she stopped herself from going into a state of panic.

She now saw that his sick covered her dress and was just about to drip onto the carpet. Denise quickly pulled her dress off and rushed into the bathroom were she tossed the dress into the bath. Now she got a towel from the bathroom and she started to clean Gary up. Gary had now collapsed back down onto the bed. 20 minutes later Tony not seeing his wife or sons downstairs slipped young fucked old tube porn up to his room.

When he entered the room Denise was knelt by the side of one of the beds holding a bucket. James was now being sick into it. Tony now wondered why she was only wearing her underwear which seemed very odd to him. Tony now asked her. "What the hell was going on and why was she only in her underwear?" Denise now quickly explained to him about Gary throwing up on her dress. She told him. "That there was no point getting dressed to get covered in puke once more".

Tony now told her. "That he had better get back to the wake." Denise just looked at him in wonder.

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She couldn't believe he was going to leave her alone with two ill boys. He just smiled and said to her. "Let them sleep it off as long as they have been sick they will be ok." Tony now said to her. "Don't worry about me I will bunk in with one of my cousins tonight. You try and get some sleep." Just as Tony was leaving the room her shoe hit him on the side of his head.

He now ducked and quickly closed the door behind him as her other shoe hit the door instead of his head. Tony now went back to the party and enjoyed himself, after he explained to his widowed auntie and cousin.

Gwendolyn and Morag where more than happy to let him sleep sunny leone daisy maire fuck their room with them both tonight.

Tony just accepted with a huge smile on his face. Denise was awaken around 1am by both boys complaining that they were not feeling very well. Denise was exhausted and she needed to get some sleep.

She now told both boys. "To come and get in bed with her." She had forgotten that she was now only wearing a pair of small white panties. James and Gary were both only wearing their underwear; she hadn't wanted them to be sick on their pyjamas. Both of them now climbed into bed next to her. Gary got behind her and James on the other side of her.

Denise told them both. "To settle down and try to go to sleep." She now turned her back on Gary and was now facing James's back. She patted him on his shoulder and told him. "To try and get some sleep, he would feel better in the morning." In a room at the far end of the corridor Tony, Gwendolyn and Morag were having some fun.

Gwendolyn was laid on her back with her legs wide open and Morag was licking Tonys cum out of her mother's cunt. And at the same time Tony was slamming his big hard cock in and out of Morag's pussy. Gary was asleep however he did move closer to his mother and he did put his hands on her hips. Denise feeling uncomfortable with this moved away from him. She was now pressed up against James's back and Gary had continued to move up to her. She was now pressed up between both of them. She just groaned to herself and tried to go back to sleep.

However it was nearly impossible with both boys so close to her. Denise now pushed both boys away from her and made some room for herself. She was now laid on her back looking up at the ceiling and feeling very frustrated.

She didn't understand how Tony could leave her alone with two ill boys. Denise didn't know when she dropped off, but she did fall into a very restless sleep. Gary woke up about an hour after Denise had fallen into her restless sleep.

She was still asleep on her back. Gary could see his mother's body there was some light coming through the bedroom window.

There was just enough light for him to see her breasts which were not covered any more by the bed-sheets. Gary looked at his mother's face. She was still fast asleep. He then looked over at his brother James.

James too was still fast asleep. He just continued to watch her breasts rise and fall as she breathed in and out in her sleep. Gary now moved even closer so his body was now touching hers. He now put a hand gently on her belly and very slowly started to rub it. All the time he was rubbing her belly he watched her face just encase she suddenly woke up.

Gary couldn't resist it any longer he now moved his face closer to her breast. He then very gently used his tongue to lick her nipple.

He then stopped and watched her face. No reaction she was still asleep. He now licked her nipple some more once again no reaction. He now took her full nipple into his mouth and he started to suck on it. His eyes were on her face all the hot blonde girl gets her ass plowed just in case she woke up.

But she slept on peacefully. However, she did start to make some strange noises in her sleep as he sucked and nibbled on her nipple. James was having the strangest dream he could hear strange moaning sounds coming from close to him.

Eventually he woke up and turned around. He couldn't believe what he saw in the half dark of the room. Gary now saw that James was now awake and looking at him with a shocked expression on his face.

Gary just winked to his brother and continues to suck on his mother's nipple. Denise continued to moan softly in her sleep as her son pleasured her breast. James was getting extremely turned on and he could feel his cock hardening in his underwear. He now positioned himself so that he could take her other nipple into his mouth. Denise was now moaning louder in her sleep and she was having the oddest dream. Both boys were now happily sucking on one of their own mothers teeny lovers romantic sex with wild passion now.

James who was more experienced than his brother because he had a girlfriend started to pull her panties down exposing their mom's neatly trimmed pussy. James now pushed two of his fingers deep into her pussy. Gary noticed that his mother was starting to moan and groan a lot louder now and her face started to pull some odd faces and her body started to move about a lot more on the bed.

James just grinned at his brother and continued to work his fingers in and out of her pussy. James now pulled his fingers out of his mother's pussy, they came out with a loud popping sound and her moans and groans instantly ceased.

Her breathing was coming very hard and fast now. However, she was still asleep. But her body was now covered in sweat.

James put his finger in his mouth and licked them clean. He then grinned at his brother and said to him. "She tastes even better than my girlfriend does. You must have a try little bro." Gary was just about to put a finger into her pussy, when James stopped him.

James now just grinned at him and said. "I bet you that you are too scared to use your tongue on her pussy. I do it to my girlfriend and it makes her go fucking wild." Gary now had images in his head of his brother doing this to his girl-friend. His parents did not know about his girlfriend because she was nine-teen years old and they would go wild if they ever found out about her and James.

James now called his brother "Chicken" under his breath. James knew that this would really piss Gary off. As he really hated being called Chicken. James could get him to do most things by winding him up and calling him names.

Gary was not as smart as his older brother. Gary now just gave his brother the finger and pulled a funny face at him. He then surprised his brother even more by positioning himself in-between his mother's legs which he now pushed open.

James now looked at his mother with a worried expression on his face. He was thinking to himself that this must surely wake her up. However, her breathing was now back to normal and she was still sleeping soundly. Gary's face was now very close to his mother's pussy if they had been more light he would have seen her pussy juices leaking from between her pussy lips.

However, the smell that was coming from her pussy was now making his mouth water. He had never smelled anything like it before. He now very slowly put his tongue onto her pussy lips. Some of her pussy juice now dripped onto his tongue and he tasted his mother for the very first time.

He now looked up at his older bro and just grinned at him. Gary now really started to lick at her pussy. His tongue even slipped inside her cunt and he was rewarded with a mouthful of her hot sweet juices. Gary had now pulled his mother's pussy lips apart so he could get better access to her pussy and more importantly so he could get more of her tasty juices into his mouth. His face was now completely soaked with his mother's love juices.

Denise was once again tossing and turning on the bed as she continued to have the most erotic dream she could ever remember having. James was now fully hard and he now got on top of his mother's belly and put his cock in between her big bubble butt miku kohinata rides on a pole expertly hardcore action pussy licking. He now wrapped her fetish sweetie jizz mouth pornstars and blowjob around his cock so that he could fuck them.

He had seen this done in a porn film he had watched at a mate's house last month. James was now moaning and groaning and thrusting his cock in and out of her big tits. The sensation going through his cock was out of this world and he was in heaven. Gary continued to lick her pussy. Until James told him. "To stick his cock into her pussy. He would really like the sensation of fucking a wet cunt." Gary hesitated only for a few seconds he then slipped off his underwear and positioned himself at the entrance to his mother's wet pussy.

James was still fucking his mother's tits and groaning with pleasure. Gary took one more look at her pussy then thrust forward burying his small cock completely into her pussy. Her pussy lips instantly ceased his cock and held it tight.

Gary now let out a low moan of pleasure. His brother had been right his mother's cunt did feel wonderful wrapped around his cock. Now Denise woke up she couldn't help noticing that something was wrong. She then could not help letting out a low moan of pleasure.

Gary was now thrusting in and out of her pussy. She looked up and opened her mouth and as she did so James rammed his cock deep into her mouth. She just looked at him with shock on her face. His cock was now buried deep in her mouth.

James just gripped her head and he now started to face fuck her. She didn't have any choice but to swallow his cock every-time he trusted it back into her mouth. Gary continued to thrust in and out of her pussy and it was not long before he gave her a wonderful orgasm.

She tried to scream out in pleasure as she came, but James's cock was still deep in her mouth. And Gary was still fucking her cunt. Gary was still pounding away at his mother's pussy he had never experienced anything like this before.

Now he understood why the older boys at his school had told him fucking a cunt was completely out of this world. James's cock was still deep in her mouth, but he had stopped fucking her face. Denise was looking at her oldest son now a single tear was running down her left cheek. James just gave her one of his innocent smiles. Like he did when he was a little boy and he had been court doing something wrong.

Mother and son now just looked at each other. James seeing tears on his mother's cheek realized what he had done and he started to regret everything. He now started to pull his cock from out of her mouth. However, she clamped her lips down tightly on his cock. She now just looked at him. James could not help letting out a little moan her mouth felt just too good. James just sexy gia providing us with double pleasure at his mother now and then he too started to cry.

The only sounds in the room now were Gary ramming his cock into his mother's pussy and James's soft cries. And Gary moaning and grunting as he fucked her. Denise to let out soft little moans and whimpers as her younger son pounded into her cunt giving her two more orgasms.

Gary now grunted through clenched teeth and he now had his first ever orgasm. He now shot his first ever load of cum deep into his mother's pussy. His body convulsed every-time he shot a load of cum into her cunt.

He shot off around five times before he collapsed onto her body. Denise was still looking at James. She now just grinned at him and she even gave him a little smile. Her hand now went to her youngest son's head and she gently started to stroke his hair. Gary now looked up directly into his mother's eyes. She was now looking at him very intently with a strange expression on her face. Gary suddenly felt very frightened and scared and he just looked at her. He was just about to start crying when she gently touched his cheek.

James now pulled his cock from his mother's mouths a little pre-cum now dripped onto her lips. Denise now said to Gary in a very gentle and soothing voice. "For him to go get a shower, and then for him to go to bed. In his own bed." Gary slowly pulled out of her. He then looked at his brother who was now holding his hands over his cock and looking extremely embarrassed. Gary now quickly disappeared into the bathroom and a few seconds later they both heard the sound of the shower running.

Denise now looked at her eldest son. She now told him. "To move his hands away from his groin." It was now nearly morning and more light was now coming gorgeous czech kitten gets seduced in the hypermarket and nailed in pov through the bedroom window.

James reluctantly looked down at his hands but he did move them away from his cock so that she could see his penis. Denise looked at his penis in the morning light, and she had to admit it to herself that he was very big for his age. He definitely was going to take after her husband. She now gave him an odd little smile and said to him. "You don't have anything to be ashamed of James your penis is beautiful." James now got even more embarrassed and went red in his face.

Denise smiled and said to her son. "There is no need to get embarrassed, however you do need to cum and we all need to get some sleep we need to be leaving for home in a few hours." James was still fully hard and totally embarrassed, he just wanted to jump into his own bed and hide under the covers. However Denise had other ideas in mind for him. Denise was ashamed because she had really enjoyed Gary fucking her and he was only half the size of James.

Denise was desperate to get her son inside of her. She wanted him to cum in her pussy. However, she acted like she just wanted him to cum so that they could get it all over with and forgotten about.

Denise could see by James's face that she would have to be a little sterner with him. She now told him. "To get back onto the bed and positioned himself in-between her legs." As he hot blond teen model topanga fox is fucked ampamp punished for payback now got off the bed and was heading to his own bed.

Reluctantly James got back on the bed and got into position. He had his hands still over his cock. Denise told him. "To stop being so silly." And she slapped his hands away from his cock. She then used one of her hands to open up her pussy lips. Her pussy was now a right mess, her own and her sons cum was now leaking out of it and soaking into the bed sheet.

Denise now used both her hands to pull her cunt lips open for her son. James was still hesitating and Denise knew that she needed to get tuff with him and she badly needed to get fucked.

And he really needed to cum. Denise now said to him. "What's up with you? His your little brother more of a man then you are? He fucked me really well?" She now just glared at him. Her little trick sunny leone second sex story of life and James was now really pissed off with her. He just looked at her. But he did not say anything to her. James now rammed his cock deep into her cunt." Denise now moaned out with pure pleasure and she wrapped her arms and legs around his young body.

Denise now dug her long nails into his back. Denise bit his ear hard and then whispered into it as blood dripped into her mouth from the wound she had just inflicted on blond lad cruelly fucked awesome girls striptease and hardcore. "Fuck me hard make me your fucking cock swallowing whore." Gary was just getting out of the shower and drying himself on a towel when it hit him that he was no longer a virgin.

He had just lost his virginity to his own mother. He just smiled and started to giggle to himself. This was one tale he could not tell his friends. Gary now opened the bathroom door, his plan was to make a quick dashed to his bed dive under the covers and get to sleep as quick as possible. Gary now just froze in the open doorway of the bathroom. His young eyes were fixed on the bed. His mother was on the bed on all fours and James was behind her ramming his cock in and out of her cunt.

He had his hands holding her big boobs as they wobbled underneath her. She was saying some obscene things too. Both her and James were moaning and grunting. James was really thrusting deep into her pussy which was making her moan like a whore.

She now saw him out of the corner of her eye and she told him. "To get into bed. He could watch them if he wanted too. But to get into his fucking bed right now." Gary quickly got into bed and pulled the covers up to his neck. He couldn't take his eyes off his brother and mother fucking. He played with himself as he watched them fuck.

She was begging James to fuck her harder. She then said something that Gary would never forget. Denise now screamed out to James. "That she wanted him to ram his cock into her ass and keep fucking her no matter how much she begged him to stop." James was a little unsure about her request.

But she kept begging and crying and telling him that she really needed him in her asshole.

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James still was not really sure about her request. However, he pulled his cock out of her pussy. Luckily his cock was nice and lubricated with her pussy juices and his own pre-cum. He now positioned himself at the entrance to her shitter and pushed in.

Her asshole was so tight that he really had to thrust hard into her ass. Her screams now filled the room and she was begging him to stop and crying. But he kept on pushing his cock into her ass until he was completely buried in her shitter. He now started to fuck her like the whore he was just learning she was. This was the first time that James had ever fucked anybody in the ass. However, he now knew that he was going to like doing this a lot from now on.

Her screams were so loud that Gary feared his father would come rushing in the room. However, his father was busy down the hall with his own auntie and cousin as he continued to fuck both of them all sixcy story mom nad san the same time. He was completely oblivious to anything his wife and sons were getting up to. Denise loved the feel of her sons cock in her butt. She had always enjoyed getting fucked up the ass.

However, Denise now wanted a cock in her pussy as well. Denise turned her head to look at Gary in his bed.

She could see that his hand was moving up and down under the covers, so she knew he must be jacking himself off. She now called over to him. After a few moments he stood before her completely naked. Denise now smiled wickedly at her youngest son, which made him grin. Denise now got James to slowly pull his cock out of her. She was very reluctant to gwenanie rentre doucement dans mon petit cul him go.

But she needed to rearrange her son's and herself on the bed. Denise now got James to lay down on his back on the bed. James now nervously laid down on the bed. He looked at her and his younger brother. Gary seemed very excited and not at all nervous.

Denise now climbed up onto the bed. She now took hold of James's hard cock and lowered her aching pussy down onto it. She let out a long low moan of pleasure as she took him completely inside her pussy. James also moaned with pleasure as his mother's pussy slipped down onto his hard cock and gripped him tightly. Denise couldn't help herself now and she bounced up and down on her son's hard cock a few times.

Her face showed how much she was enjoying him being inside of her. James just looked at his mother and grinned as she bounced up and down on his hard cock. Denise now made herself stop bouncing on his cock and now beckoned Gary to get on to the bed behind her. Gary quickly got onto the bed and quickly positioned himself behind his mother.

It was then that he stopped and looked confused. His brother's cock was buried deep in her cunt so he did not know what to do. He was still a little naïve, when it came to sex. Denise now lowered herself a little more so that her big tits were now hanging down near James's face.

She mom and her son fucking her forcely one of them to his mouth and James's lips quickly clamped down on her nipple and he gently started to suck on it which made her moan through clenched teeth. Denise now reached behind herself and then pulled both her ass cheeks as wide open as she could in this position. Gary was now looking at his mother's asshole. Denise now looked back over her shoulder at Gary.

Who was looking extremely nervous now? Denise tried to keep her voice calm. But that was a little hard as James sucked on her nipples and thrust his cock deep into her cunt at the same time as she tried to speak to Gary. Eventually Denise managed to say from her moans of pleasure to Gary. "For him to push his cock into her bottom and then to start thrusting in and out of her ass." She even tried her best to give him a smile.

But James's cock was now really banging into her pussy and his cock just felt to good in her cunt. Denise just started to moan with pleasure as her eldest son continue to fuck her with his hard cock. And his teeth on her nipples were also driving her crazy with desire. Gary now put the tip of his cock at the entrance to his mother's asshole and he now pushed forward his cock easily slipped inside her ass as it had been stretched and lubricated by his brother's cock.

Denise smiled and moaned with pleasure as she felt Gary entering her asshole. All she needed now was one in her mouth and she would be very happy. She would have to try and arrange that as soon as possible. Now her sexual desires had been unleashed.

Both boys now moaned and groaned as they fucked their mother. Denise was in complete heaven as James pounded away at her pussy and Gary really pounded in and out of her asshole. Each of them had many orgasms. But the boys didn't stop and she never asked them to stop once. They fucked for a good hour before they all collapsed into a big heap on the bed. Denise lay in the middle of the heap with a boy on each side of her and each boy was now sucking on her big titties like a baby.

She allowed them to suck on her titties for several minutes before she reluctantly made them stop. After they had all got their breath back she got her son's to quickly strip her bed of all its bed sheets. She then told then both to go and get a shower. After both boys had taken their showers she made them put on their pyjamas and get into their beds and go to sleep. The boys were exhausted and they soon were asleep. Denise just stood and watched her son's sleeping.

She just smiled to herself as she felt there young sweet cum leaking out of her pussy and asshole. She now put a hand over both her holes and quickly went to take her own shower and then she too went to get some sleep.

End of Part 1