Amateur white chick gets fucked by black man

Amateur white chick gets fucked by black man
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His question caught me a bit off guard and then I heard m'Lady call out from the other room. "Your cunt is in here Sir!" My head spun at this, and so I stood there for a moment before I realized that sunny leone hard cums full story had pushed past me and I was now standing before an empty doorway.

I closed the door, and hurried after him, my heels clicking on the floor as I went. When I got there, I saw that now m'Lady was totally naked and was kneeling on the floor in front of him. He was walking around her, looking her over like a side of beef. "You look even better in person" he said to her.

My brain had finally began to work, and I began stammering "m.m.mmm'Lady?!" She looked at this new man and demurely asked "may I Sir?" He nodded, saying "Damn well better cunt" She blushed and squirmed before standing up. Striding over to me, she drove her knee into my now swollen and full balls, dropping me once again to the floor howling. She stood over me, one foot on each side of me as she spoke. "Don't you get it Jaqui? From time to time, a woman needs a strong man to control her, to take her, to use her.

That is not a role that a sissyfaggot like you can do. And as it is, a sissy is the lowest rung on the totem pole. Even the most submissive slave woman has rights over you. Didn't sucking all those lil dicks teach you anything?" The man chuckled and she turned to him, holding up her thumb.

"This bitch gobbled up cock this sized and smaller, and swallowed their cum like it was the best thing out there" He really laughed then.

Without a word, he pulled open his pants, and there hung a beautiful, large. COCK. "the faggot looks like he just wet himself, or came from seeing a real cock." m'Lady stepped away from me and stood next to him, stroking his cock, making it swell and stiffen. Still rubbing his cock, she looked at me "Now, know it is sort of cliché, the Black man with the big cock, but isn't this what you fantasize about?" I could only nod. She went on "now, it definitely does not take a cock of this size to be a real cock compared to yours, but it is time that I got the type of fucking that you have never been able to give me, even back when I let you fuck me.

To make it even better. for me that is. I am going to let him fuck my ass too. With that pathetic clitty you tried to use as a cock, and your belly, you could barely get the head in. Now do you see how pathetic you are? You sucked 20 cocks tonight that put together wouldn't be as big as this one." Her words were cut off by a slap to her face and her being shoved to her knees "Cunt, time to use your mouth for the reason you have it." and he shoved his cock in her mouth and throat so fast that she gagged and almost puked.

He looked at me with an evil grin. "See that sissy. your big bad "m'Lady" is just a fucking cunt to be used by a real cock, ain't that right cunt?" he pulled his cock out of her mouth for her to answer breathlessly "yes Sir." "your turn faggotsissy. yeah, you are a faggot, I see you wishing it was your mouth on my meat instead of this cunt's. but say it. tell me that your "Lady" is just a cunt for a real cock." He started facefucking her as he said it, making her gag and choke.

"Yes Sir. my. my Lady. just .just a cunt. a cunt for a real cock." I tried to be horrified, but in truth I was getting high off it all. Seeing m'Lady being used like nothing more than a cunt. as it was her place, and knowing that I was more pathetic than a mere cunt.humiliated and high at once.

I was so wrapped up in seeing m'Lady like that that I missed what he had said. His slap brought me back. "Fucking bitch, I said get down there and eat her asshole!" Shaking the stars from my head, I crawled behind m'Lady and spread her ass apart and began to tongue her asshole. He leaned over her, grabbing my head and pulling it forward into her.

There was no way that I could move anything except my tongue and he kept thrusting into her mouth, pulling me into her has to accompany each thrust. He let go of my head, and let m'Lady worship his cock rather than face fuck her. he shoved a finger in my mouth, getting it all wet before slowly pressing it into her asshole. I saw her tense a bit, but then relax and moan around his meat as he wiggled it around somewhat gently.

"I told the cunt to clean out. I guess you get to pay the price if she didn't!" he said as he pulled the finger out and shoved it back in my mouth. The taste of his skin mingled with the taste of her ass and I sucked his finger like I wanted to suck his cock.

He kept working fingers in and out of her ass and my mouth until he was finger fucking her ass with three fingers. She got to the point that she was moaning and so distracted that she kept stopping her cock worship. He pulled his fingers out of her ass and made me clean them one more time before he flipped her onto her back and lifted her legs up. Positioning himself between her legs, I could tell that he was about to ram his cock home in her dripping cunt when he looked at me. "It's your place to make this cunt feel good, not mine, so get down here and put my cock into this cunt's cunt." I worked my way into position and got my hand around his cock, and I let out a little moan just from the feel of it in my hand as I positioned and pushed the swollen head of his cock in between her very swollen and soaked cunt lips.

She let out a moan and he let out a chuckle as he drove into her with half his cock. She spasmed with the first of many orgasms that she had as he worked that monster cock of his in and out of her.

After one extremely strong orgasm, he pulled out of her and I could see her juices dripping off of him. He shoved me up towards her head and gave her some light slaps to bring her back into focus. "Time to take your ass cunt. take your bitch's balls in your hand, I want to see the faggot scream when you do." I lifted my skirt up brunette marissa mae step daughter sideways fucks, and somewhere I had lost my panties, and m'Lady wrapped her hand around my balls.

A tight grip up and the top of the sac and pulling down so that my testicles could not escape up into my body. I felt her grip tighten slightly and heard her moan as he slowly and gently pushed into asshole. He slowly built up some momentum, but was only going in about half of his cock length like he did in her cunt.

Looking at me, "She told me that you actually had to pay those teeny weenies you sucked off, is that right?" I merely nodded, for some reason much more ashamed of it when he asked. He slapped her ass and said "This cunt and I have an arrangement too, don't we?" m'Lady nodded and he slapped her ass again "tell him" "H.he.

Lui.Luis.Sir.he. ungh.

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he would only. agree to all . all.oooohh. of this. ungh. if I let him. let him. rape .rape my. ass.asssooooooWWWWWWW!!!" Her words became a scream and mine joined and she squeezed my balls as he drove his cock balls deep in her ass and put all his weight into her ass and stayed there as she squirmed and sobbed and squeezed and yanked my balls.

He remained still until she quieted down for a moment and then said. "I love ass fucking because there just isn't a cunt that has a deep enough cunt for my cock.

but an ass." he pulled out and slammed into her, eliciting a new round of tears and sobs and screams from us both. "An ass is deep." He began to take long steady strokes, burying himself fully each time, each time dragging more sobs and tears from m'Lady.

Her grip on my balls had locked in place. Tight, painful, but static. I realized that Luis was speaking to me again. "it all, right faggot?" "I.I.I'm sorry Sir. wh.what?" He slapped me and repeated himself "I said. I bet a sissy like you has such a loose asscunt that you could take it she loves sucking his dick for webcam, right faggot?" "yees.yes Sir. I could." "Bet you want it, don't you?" "Hrmmmm" I whined out of desire.

"yes Sir.

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Yes please." "too bad bitch. not tonight." And he began to pick up his pace. Luis started slapping at m'Lady's tits as his thrusting became more frenzied and deeper. Amidst a new round of sobs and screams, I screamed in pain as m'Lady's grip tightened dramatically as she started to cum.

she started thrashing as spasming and screaming in pain as she just kept cumming and cumming, her body taking over and returning Luis's thrusts as he tried to go deeper and deeper as his own orgasm built until he went as deep as he could and held there as he let out a roar and shot his seed deep in her ass.

As he slumped and started to soften, still deep inside of her, her grip on me began to loosen as her spasms and sobs lessened as well. Panting and chuckling, "bet you would love to clean me off now, wouldn't you bitch?" I british cfnm masseuse tease and blows cock help but lick my lips as I nodded "Good.

go get a hot wash cloth and get back here" Hearing his laughter at my disappointment as my face fell, I slowly disentangled myself and went into the bathroom to get the washcloth.

When I returned, he and m'Lady were chuckling and laughed even more when I came back in the room. I looked at them, but no one said anything. Luis pulled out of m'Lady and told me to get to cleaning both him, and her asshole, but only to use the washcloth.

I got in as close as I could, so that I could be in, and inhale the musky scent of their sex, I cleaned them both well and sat back.

"This cunt agrees that you could probably take my meat kinky trannies use their hard dicks hardcore and blowjob you in a single stroke, so let's see." My heartbeat increased and I felt my asscunt twitch with the thought of what had just been done to m'Lady happening to me, but that all turned to embarrassment when he continued. "Go get one of your dildos that is as least as big as me and come back out here." Both of them were laughing at me as I hurried off to select one of my big dildos.

I had a few that were about the same size as he was, as well as a few bigger than him. A combination of one-upmanship and a twisted concept of wanting to impress him made me choose one that was probably two inches longer than he was and about half to three quarters of an inch bigger in girth, and went back out to them.

They were still on the floor, both of them leaning back against the couch, Luis with his fingers playing inside m'Lady's still wet cunt, causing her to twitch and moan. As I came into the room, I could tell by the look in m'Lady's eyes that she knew it was one of the bigger ones, but she did not say anything.

I walked up to Luis and held it out to him, but he was shaking his head. "Oh no faggot, I am not going to use it on you, YOU are going to use it to give me.

well us, a show. My face instantly went red with embarrassment. I had given m'Lady a show a number of times, but to do that. in front natural redhead solo rubs masturbation and pornstars. him. after. that. oh gawd. "Tell you what though, I will be nice and not only let you use lube, but I will lube your cunt up. turn around." I turned so that my ass was towards him and bent over and lifted my skirt up over my ass as I heard him working his fingers in her cunt quickly.

I felt him spread my asscheeks, and just as I expected to feel his cunt covered finger probe me, I heard and felt him spit, right on my asshole.

Slapping my ass, he said "That's all the lube I'd give a slut like you. now I want to see that 'cock' balls deep in you in one shot." Riding that edge of total humiliation and total turn on, I moved the footstool so that it was in front of them. I set the dildo down upon it, turned and held my asscheeks apart while I backed down until I felt it probe and just start to spread my cunt open. "OH, and I hear you are a good little cum guzzler, so as soon as you feel yourself start to cum, catch it in your hand.

You can swallow it while it is balls deep in you." At this point, I could only nod. I took a deep breath, and not being able to look directly at them, I began to push down. As my sissycunt spread open, all of the arousal of the night gripped me and I shoved myself all the way down on that big fake cock. My eyes now locked on Luis's soft but beautiful cock as I felt the silicone balls hit my ass, my balls tightened immediately and I knew there wasn't going to be a second stroke needed to make me cum, so I quickly put my hand in front of my still droopy cockette and began to cum, and cum and cum.

I had to switch hands I was cumming so much. I raised the full hand to my lips and slurped my own cum from it while I ground my sissycunt on that cock and let the last of my balls empty into my other hand. I licked my hands like the leftover cum was saving me from starvation, which Luis laughed at as he stood up. Looking at m'Lady "Not bad cunt, we may have to do that again", then he strode up to me, grabbing his soft yet still impressive cock in one hand. "You will have to practice bitch.

If I decide to fuck you, you are going to get more than one thrust." He started hitting my face with his cock. "I will fuck you to shreds… I like to see a sissy cry almost as much as I big uddered cunt." And with that he grabbed his things and left.

"m'Lady" I said in a pleading whimper. She looked at me out of the euphoric haze that she was in and nodded in a dismissive way, and I let myself drop to the floor, sliding off of the monster cock that had still been in my ass.

We both just laid on the floor for a while, recovering, and then she said to me. "you did well tonight Jaqui, I think you deserve a reward." She stood up a little shakily and moved the footstool that she had been on when she got her tits man and her wife sex out into the middle of the room.

Mom and dad teaches son and daughter about sex10 at it she said "on your back." I lay back on the stool and she straddled my head. "You got so tormented tonight with all of this stuff that was close to your desires, but never quite there, didn't you" She kept raising and lowering her cunt right over my face as she was talking.

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"You should get a little something, right?" "Yes m'Lady, if that pleases you" I said. "Oh, it will… keep your mouth closed…" I closed my mouth, a whimper escaping me before she lowered her well fucked and still juicy cunt onto my face. She began wiping her cunt and asshole all over my face, covering my entire face with her juices/scent. She moves so that she had my nose right between her cunt lips and she let her weight settle on me, grinding down for a moment before raising back up slightly.

"Take a deep breath, because I am not getting up until I get off." I took a quick deep breath, and she dropped on my face, using my face and nose to masturbate her clit with. Thank goodness it did not take her long before she started tensing, and a slight gush of juice added to the cunt glaze on my face. With tired legs, m'Lady got up and looked around the room… "You can sleep out here and clean up in the morning… Enjoy the aromas" and she went off to her bedroom and closed the door with an audible click of the door lock.