Carter help her stepsis become a lesbian

Carter help her stepsis become a lesbian
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Author's Note: This is obviously not a true story, but I WILL share several tales which are in fact, 100% true, but these are just a few things that come out my mind from time to time, and I have fun writing them in between being Mommy or wife! Enjoy! Saturday evening was delightful, the club was jumping, and there lots and lots of pretty people around to enjoy.

A tall brunette was giving me the eye, and the way she was looking at me told me we were on the same wavelength. She finally walked up to me and spoke. "Can I buy you a drink, pretty lady?" Silly girl, of COURSE you can! "I'd love that, and I love Cosmos. My name's Elizabeth, and you are?" She smiled and it was the kind of smile I liked. "I'm Kendra, and I'm impressed, you're very beautiful." "Didn't your mother ever tell you that flattery will get you everywhere, Kendra, especially with girls like me?" I quipped and she giggled.

"Well, I certainly HOPE so, I'll keep it up." She didn't need to, she was stunning, about young playgirl licks and rides old cock foot ten, with an athletic body, and that gracefulness that being an athlete gives you. The tone of her legs was a good bet that she'd played volleyball or soccer.

Her ass was to die for, and her gorgeous breasts were at least a solid C cup if not D's, her blouse was a bit on the loose side so I couldn't be certain. I was, however certain that a closer inspection would be in the immediate future so I'd know for sure. Her blue eyes sparkled, and she had a simply lovely smile, and she was focusing it all on me, which I liked.

Yes, I like girls, and yes, I like boys, but it's not a big deal, I tend to like who I like and let the chips fall where they may. I was off work as of an hour ago, and I needed some fun. Kendra looked pretty promising, and no one was going to stop me from having a good time. A co-worker gave me the rolled eyes as I chatted with Kendra, but I just ignored him, I'm on my own time here. We talk, we sip our Cosmos, and she asks if I want to dance and we hit the floor. She's got some great moves, and her ass is indeed, incredible.

We touch a bit as we dance and after a few songs they slow it down. She holds me close the way I like to be held, and our lips finally meet.

It's a sweet, sort of shy kiss, but it leads to others and our tongues get involved after a few moments. She pulls back for a second and looks me in the eyes. "Do you want to fins some place a bit.quieter?" "Yes, I'd like that very much, your place or mine?" "My hotel room is only two blocks away?' "That will do fine!" I grab her hand and tell her to lead the way. Her hotel is indeed just a few blocks away and as we enter the elevator, we start kissing sexy dark whore adores sex a lot. She can kiss like few others I've been with, and I love it, so I show my appreciation for her skills by softly caressing her ass, and it's every bit as toned as I'd hoped it was!

Her hands find my butt and her strong fingers show their softness by stroking me very gently as our tongues heat up the kissing even further.

The chime sounds and we're at the right floor and we fairly sprint, hand in hand to her room which is only a few doors away. We tumble into the room, and it seems that removing our clothes happens pretty quickly, but I carefully turn away as I remove a special item of clothing and slip it into my purse, but the rest of them fall away quickly and we're both naked except for a very tiny thong on my part and her thigh highs, which I notice have a lovely lacework top, and I know that my sort of fetish for them will be treated tonight.

She looks at me and shakes her head. "Lose the thong, it's covering up the view!" she says with a giggle, and I slowly slide it off and keep the reveal of my smooth pussy as long as I can. I have no desire to have her remove the thigh-highs, so I say nothing, but we close together and begin our kissing again, but we slowly slide over to the king size bed and and fall onto it, together, exploring each other as we go.

I decide to let her take the lead, so when she moves down, giving my neck tiny kisses as she descends to my breasts, I breathe deeply and get ready for a night of incredible pleasure and passion. Her mouth is.a joy as she sucks and licks my nipples, and her fingers gently caress my pussy lips as I get wetter and wetter.

I run my fingers through her long dark hair and softly massage her shoulders. She moves down from my breasts and deliberately kisses her way down and I spread my legs for her as she sweetly nuzzles me before slowly slipping her tongue deeply into me.

I let out a squeak as she tastes me and despite her tongue and mouth being busy, I hear her giggle softly at lovely dames pleasure boners in an orgy outburst. It only encourages her as she licks me as deeply as she can with slow intense strokes and I love that kind of attention! She's letting out small sounds of satisfaction as well as one hand slides up to tweak my nipple and this time I moan.

She's soooo gentle, so sensual, and her skin so soft and warm. "Such a tasty treat for me,'re so sweet to lick, baby!" And you're such fakecop aaliyah ca pelle pornstars big tits sweet licker!!! This woman is getting me some kind of hot! She starts concentrating on my clit, and I'm so hot that it's only a minute before I'm gasping for breath and I come with a low deep moan!

Her tongue doesn't stop, and I know she's trying to make me come several times, and with each moan, I do! Finally she sucks my clit as hard as she can and holds it in her lips and slowly releases me. "Ahhhh.that" I splutter out after I regain coherence.

She's just sitting there with a serene smile and a wet face. "You're fun, and taste even better when you're coming. Very, very nice, but those other lips look neglected, let me see what I can do." We start kissing again, and while I want to taste her, she doesn't rush me, she's into cuddling, which I really enjoy, post orgasm. So we snuggle and kiss for about fifteen minutes, but then I can't wait, I want her, so I push her onto her back, and start kissing my way down. They are D's, but with fine dark nipples, and I suck them as hard as I can.

Every vibe is telling me she wants it a little on the rough side, so I bite down softly and her gasp tells me it's exactly what she wants. Yes! This is how I like to love women! I spend no small amount of time on those beautiful nipples, and I'm so into it that I can feel myself getting wet again!

I kiss my way down and her skin is so soft, but she is so toned and tight, an athlete for sure, and that's my favorite type!

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I run my hands all over her hips and ass and slowly stroke her thighs as she spreads her legs for me, but I sit back because I want to use my fingers and hands before I taste her sweetness. The thigh highs excite as they always do, and I lovingly father and son mom daughter xxx story my fingers across the bands and up and down her legs, and I lift her left leg to caress it softly and then I gently kiss my way from her toes all the way up and plant a soft kiss on her neatly trimmed patch, I lean back and do the same on the other leg, and I'm getting so wet now, but I don't care if she knows I have a fetish for stockings, I've actually come from just caressing myself in them without even touching my pussy, that's how deep my little thrill runs.

I kiss them, I stroke them, I let my cheek caress the inside of her nylon encased thighs, and I sigh with pleasure and anticipation before I kiss my way up to her waiting pussy and I kiss it sweetly and her lips open up so I drive my tongue in as deeply as I can to taste her sweetness. She spurts a bit of wetness in a mini-orgasm but I do so as well at the same time, god, her pussy is sweeter than honey! I lick her passionately as my fingers caress her legs through the ebony mesh, and the electric thrill runs from my fingertips to my pussy and another mini-orgasm shivers through me as I suck on her clit and she lets out a small gasp as she quivers as I gently bite down with my lips.

"Harder, baby, harder!" she moans and I use my teeth and she shrieks out "Yes!!" as she gets even wetter, wetter than any girl I've ever known! I go to bites and licks and in a few moments she erupts in a massive climax that fairly soaks me, but I don't care as I keep licking and sucking because I want this sexy woman to come as much as possible!

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She's loud in her orgasm, and that just encourages me, but she eventually slumps backwards and I pull away. I look up at her beautiful face and she is lovely with her eyes closed, but a smile of pure bliss on her face. I gently reach in to kiss her and she opens her eyes.

"I am soooo glad I had the guts to offer you a drink." I fall back giggling. "So am I, so am I!!" We cuddle, talk, kiss, cuddle, discuss each other's outfits, and I fess up to my stocking fetish and she says if I enjoyed tonight, there's more where they came from. We keep talking and I wonder if there will be a round two, or if I should ask to to spend the night, because I'm not 100% sure how she feels, but the talk gets sillier and sillier and eventually a pillow pops me and the only thing I can do is retaliate!

The pillows don't fare well, and I feel bad that she'll get charged, but we're having fun! Finally a good shot by me knocks her back a bit, but as she goes backwards her hand flips out and knocks her purse off the night stand. It crashes to the ground and spills it's contents; a wallet, some makeup, a mature goes naughty in a sex game of some sort, a comb, a bottle of perfume, and finally, a 9mm Browning pistol with an engraved stock, sporting a back and silver star.

I look up in wonder at her. "Oh, the gun?

A girl can't be too careful these days because I-"she reacts faster than my punch and she dodges quickly enough that it only glances off of her collarbone instead of taking her in the throat, which would have killed her instantly. She's on her feet and so am I, but neither of us is close enough to the gun. Mentally I kick myself, SHE was the agent we were looking for in the club!

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I'd been relieved, and was only looking for a good time, and now my fellow agent was back at the club looking for the assassin I'd just slept with! "Oh, this is too rich, we're both in the same business?" she laughs, but there is no humour in it, she will kill me, or I will kill her. I don't plan on dying tonight.

"There's a difference, you kill people for fun and profit, I'm trying to save lives!" I shoot back. "Save your own!" she says with a snarl as her kick glances off of my hip, not a cum covered face of a hot asian hit, but I felt it as my chop takes her in the thigh, not enough to take her out, but it scores and she winces as she pulls back.

Neither of us is any closer to the gun, but she's closer to the bed, which is where I want to be. I lash out with a nice shot but it's only a feint, as my knee is what I'm using and I score another shot on her leg and she jumps back, favoring it a bit, but she throws a mean shot at my face that I duck, and come up with an uppercut to her jaw that should have taken her head off, but she just staggers backwards, and I'm too off balance to follow up!

I recover and go for her head, but her duck is perfect and she gets me across the stomach with a glancing shot, but because she's wearing a ring, it draws blood. My left rockets out and she catches it on the shoulder and either I've broken something or it got her right on the nerves as the arm hangs loosely, but her right comes up and I pull back, but not far enough as she catches the side of my head.

I'm staggered now, but I didn't spend then years in intense training to fall back now, I feint again, and the leg sweep takes her to the floor, I dive in as she hits and the knee takes her breath in a huge whoosh of air, and my fingers clench as I lash into her throat and finish her.

I hold for moment and then collapse to the side.

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The fight took a lot out of me, and I'm sore. I recover as best as I can and make sure of her. She's dead, mission accomplished, but I rapidly search her purse. The jump drive is there. I can only hope the data we need is on there. I freeze as there's a knock on the door. "Room service, Miss Yamiguchi." Relief floods through me. It's my side! I toss on my dress and open the door enough for him to hurry in. Robert Wellings is kristina rose all anal xxx my side and he's a very capable guy to have around, like when you have a dead body to explain.

"Jesus, Elizabeth! You fuck her to death?" he quips. "No, we were having fun when her purse got knocked open, she tried to cover with a story, but it was her or me. Here's the drive. Let's hope this mess was worth it." He popped the drive into his tablet and downloaded all of it, and sent it to HQ so they could make sense of it.

"Why did you follow me?" I ask. "I got word that we'd ID'd our assassin, tall, knockout, brunette. The target wasn't due at the club for another hour and half, and I just had a feeling." "Do we have backup covering the target?" While I might have messed up a bit here, I'm still his superior.

"Yes, he's covered and safe, but I don't know how much of this we can cover up. You can say you came up here with her to talk fashion, but the Chief knows your appetites. He's not stupid. You got lucky, this time." "We'll, let's get out of here, send in a squad for clean up and let's hope for the best." "You got it, Elizabeth." Are you confused, dear reader? Thought me a flighty libertine who was only looking for fun?

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I'm not. Let's just say I work for the government. You don't need to know which part. The Yamiguchi is a code name, but I'm of Japanese/American descent. Kendra worked for the other side. You don't need to know exactly who, but the black and silver star is an emblem of theirs. I'm good. Very good, but I got lucky indeed, I thought Kendra was nothing more than a flighty libertine herself, and it almost cost me my life.

This mission is over, but there will be a new one as soon as the Chief finishes chewing me out. However, I do like my fun, and Robert and I have, uh, worked well together over the years. maybe I'll invite him over for dinner and tell you all about it later. TTFN, Elizabeth