Twteen bitches enjoying anal threesome with massive cock

Twteen bitches enjoying anal threesome with massive cock
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&hellip. I received a phone call late one night. It was from a homegrownvideos uk milf makes her amateur porn debut. She was very hyper&hellip. She said just listen &hellip.I found this story on a disk with a hidden video. -------------------------------------------------------------- (mans voice, hidden camera)&hellip.His apt. was being worked on, so he stayed two nights at my house.

Our girls were out of town for a week visiting their relatives. We decided to have a good old 'boys night out'. I just that day got some super hot good smoke. We fired up the water pipe and turned on some hot porn movies. In no time we got so zonked that we laughed that we couldn't move our arms. We got the biggest, hardest hardon's we had ever had. Mine was bent trying to rip out of my jogging pants. His was poking it's head out his shorts.

We groaned that we were going to shoot up to the ceiling we were so horny. He said this is the most horny he had ever been in his life! I stated that I didn't think I could make it upstairs to make my self cum. He said he was going to need help, as he couldn't move his arms, and laughed.

I had a porn movie playing I had put together with some real hot scenes. At the end I put together a long string of cum shots. When it got to that part his eyes got wide open and he said: "Oh shit, I can't take it, I've got to cum, I have no choice", but, he said: "I can't move my arms.", and laughed.

"Can you help me make it upstairs?" __I turned out my light, which only left the porch light shining thru a small window. Our eyes adjusted just enough to see. I crawled out of my recliner and crawled over to his chair. "I'm weak, but I'll see what I can do", as we keep laughing. I had to adjust my dick as it felt like it would break in two if I didn't.

He watched me move my dick down my leg as I was now on my knees, my dick was a huge bulge showing. His eyes fixated on it as I crawled over to him. I was on my knees. I lifted up his hand and it just went limp on the arm of the chair, we both laughed, and he groaned and said he had no power. I said he needed 'help' all right. I was going to take his hand and put in on his dick and let him wank right there in his chair. I told him I would get him all ready, and he could do the rest.

I said: "Once you touch your dick, your hand should come to life and wank you. I started undoing his belt, button and zipper. He didn't say a word and just sat slumped in the chair with a half awake smile. I said: " We'll never make it upstairs so we'll wank down here." &hellip. I started easing his shorts down as he lay there with his eyes half closed.

As I slowly worked his shorts down, his dick was sticking out the right leg of his shorts, the head and a little more. I watched it and a hot rush went thru my body&hellip. I had this urge. I wanted to watch him shoot his cum. As I continued working his shorts down, I reached thru the zipper and held his warm dick with my right hand, so that the zipper would not scrape it on the way out.

He smiled laying there all weak. With my free left hand I slowly worked his shorts down more. He had no underwear on, so the first thing I noticed was his pubic hair, and felt it on the palm of my right hand.

I could feel his pulse in his dick and he and I were breathing heavy. Finally I could get his dick out and Old hairy anal older gentleman and his princess let it spring up straight while still holding it.

I didn't want to let go, It felt warm and exciting. I took his shorts clear off with my left hand. I could see the look of contentment on his face now with his eyes closed. For some reason I asked him if he had ever had and urge to&hellip. taste a penis. I was shocked the question even came out of my mouth.

We were both straight! We both laughed and then he said quietly: "&hellip.yes…when I was younger and spending the night with a buddy, we talked about blow jobs while we wanked. We had both had girls suck our dick before and wondered what it was like for them. I looked over and imagined me sucking a dick. Just his, just once, I had the urge to try it. My urge never got fulfilled and we did a 'you jack me-I'll jack you' instead.

We jacked each other off. The feel of his warm dick and hot cum running down my hand was a first for me and him. Our urges left then. I've never told anyone this but my urge to do it 'just once' never left me.

I said: "Were straight, not bi or anything, yet we both have the urge to do 'that' just once. He said: "…your right, just once I'd like to do it and that would satisfy me." I agreed that was my urge also. I paused …… He kept his arms and hands on the armrests of the chair. The weed was taking full effect. I parted his legs and got in close, his dick was as big as mine, and hard as a rock, my right hand never left his dick as I started stroking us as my dick joined us.

His dick was cream colored with a dark pink head. I was so hot now I was light headed. I had fantasized about sucking on him, jacking him off and having his cum shoot in my mouth. He made groans of contentment as I had to get close. I wanted to see his hot white sweet cum shoot out as close as I could, to watch it and smell his cum&hellip.the drug was fully in effect&hellip. Better yet&hellip.i imagined I wanted to put my mouth over his dick as far as I could and jack him until I could feel his hot cum shoot and feel it hit the back of my throat&hellip.

I wanted to taste his cum&hellip. Savor it&hellip. in my mouth&hellip. feel it on my tongue&hellip.and taste it more and lick my lips in it. … Whew…I was making myself hot! His dick mother duter sex her boy frind hard as it could be, and the head was bulging.

My heart was pounding and the excitement was taking my breath away, my eyes were fixed on his big dick and this was the very first time I had ever did this. I feasted my eyes on his dick, pubic hair and balls.

I wanted to cum with him while I put my mouth on his dick and feel him shoot into it.

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I felt his pubic hair with my hands and felt his balls, making him moan with pleasure. I stopped, and undid my belt, button and zipper as he smiled and watched. I slowly dropped my pants, still on my knees, and carefully removed my dick with big sigh. It was the biggest hard on I ever had and stood out straight with a full head pointing at him.

I scooted him down more so I could see both our dicks as I stroked him and me. I moved my dick closer to his until we touched&hellip.! I just about came right there&hellip. as he moaned. He started moaning more as I now had our dicks rubbing our heads together. We would jump when we got our heads touching each other.

It was so hot stroking two dicks I knew I would have a mega super cum soon, and I would just go for it and suck his dick as he came I wasn't going to let anything stop us now. &hellip. I was trembling inside and my breathing trembled. I stopped and felt his dick, pubic hair and balls more, then back to stroking it.

I wanted to make this time last and burn it into my memory. I found I was moving my mouth closer to his dick, he was breathing so hard and moaning&hellip. wanting to cum so bad. ……I was weak and mega excited. I lowered my head down toward his dick, moved his legs more apart and as I stroked us both, my head just eased down to his dick, now an inch away as my hot breath surrounded his bulging dick. My breathing matched his, huffing and puffing warm air on his dick, he started whimpering as I did and he whispered&hellip.("Oh my .Oh my god .OH God…OH GOD!!!)… I knew he was coming and I wanted to feel it in amazing mature bombshell gurgles a massive load mouth.

I just put my lips down over his head and just keep going down on his dick as far as I could. That triggered it. He growled out a "Arggggggg" as I finally felt him let go with a blast of hot cum. Instantly filling my mouth with warm cum. It ran out the sides of my mouth as he bucked load after load into my warm mouth as he growled in desperate pleasure.

It was my first time to have any man cum in my mouth and it was so hot, I'll mom and son xxxcom com forget the first time.

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To feel that super hot cum squirting, pumping and filling my mouth was the thrill I knew it would be. I let the cum flow in and tasted it over and over, hot and exciting. I had cum running down the sides of my mouth. His cum covered my hand and I smelled it strong. Bursts of hot cum kept coming from his dick and I felt his hot dick throbbing in my mouth as I felt every burst of cum enter my mouth.

I kept all the cum I could in my mouth and just savored it. I moved up off my knees, closed his legs and put my legs on each side of his legs. &hellip. We both stared at my big dick with its bulging head… I felt his cum on the under side of my balls and dick. I leaned in almost touching his lips. I started to feel a mega cum starting the last seconds before coming out. I was going to shoot my waiting cum right at his mouth.

I began to gasp so hard and moan, (''oh god&hellip. oh.") …As we both watched my dick with fill up and ready by itself to explode. My balls pulled up tight and squeezed. We both watched as my dicks first shot just a small starter shot that landed right on his open lip.

Then in a flash, he found the strength to just lean forward and grab my hips as his lips and mouth slipped right over my dick. He put it in as far as he could, as I felt my dick touch the back of his throat, I yelled out: "OH GOD,OH GOD…OOOOOOHHHH GOOOOODDDDDDDD as I felt my cum explode in his mouth the biggest load I ever had. He 'mmmmmed' over and over the whole time and stroked me as my cum overflowed out his mouth, down his chin, down his neck and onto his shirt.

It was such a hot feeling his warm slick mouth around my dick as I kept pumping it full and kept cuming in his warm mouth. I continued to stroke his dick and feel his cum on my hand as the smell of cum was surrounding us. He just kept sucking and sucking my dick until every drop was out, just oozing left. Then he leaned back to savor my cum, I just had to suck his wet, cum drenched dick some more as he came more little spurts.

I was so weak and out of breath as I sucked him over and over for all he had&hellip. He moaned and I moaned for a long time. When I finally could stand up, my dick was still rock hard and cum was every where on me, his all over my mouth, chin, neck, and my hands, as I tasted it, and mine all over his mouth, chin, neck, and shirt.

I moved around to the side of his chair looking at sensational doggy position gratifying homemade and hardcore cum soaked face. He turned to suck me some more. I hot interracial blowjob starring delicious slut ashleah down and played with his cum, It was slick and lots of it.

He sucked and swallowed all the cum he could off my dick and hands. It felt wonderful feeling his tongue lap it up. I bent down and licked his dick, pubic hair, shirt and his balls, all covered with cum. I licked my cum off his face, neck and his hands. He took his finger and moved my cum from his mouth, chin and neck to his mouth and swallowed it down. Where ever we found cum, we scooped it up off us and tasted and swallowed it. __ I licked his shirt and some on the chair.

He licked my dick and more off my balls. I lick his face some more, his chin, and then when I licked his lips, he licked mine. This was hot! We traded cum with our tongues for a long time. He had some cum in his hot mouth and pushed it to me with his tongue. I did the same as I too saved some in my mouth. We sucked our tongues like Cuming all over again in our mouths. &hellip.The next night__we waited___ we turned out the lights again, and talked about anything wanted to do to mine and his dick.

We stared at nothing, thinking of all the way to get a super cum. This was both our first times and we just had 24 hours to think about all the ways we wanted to cum. We both wanted a sixty nine with full cum to start with. So, we headed up to his room and got naked, only a hall light.

We laid down on his bed roll and I just laid on my back first and had him strattle my head and put his dick in my mouth first. I wanted him to cum big time in my mouth. He was shaking as he humped my mouth and held my head tight and yelled out…AH…AHHHH…AHHHHHHHH!!!!!! As I felt his mega hot cum fill my mouth. He bucked, squirmed and moved his dick as fast as he could in my mouth as he was cuming.

I was yelling with pleasure with his dick in my mouth…MMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!! He turned around leaving his dick still in my mouth and quick put his mouth on my dick and fucked it deep and fast as held his head and felt a huge load of cum rise up at the base of my dick and burst into his warm hot mouth. __ As I savored his cum in my mouth I could see his lips on my dick as loads were running out his lips. He put his hand under my butt and lifted sophie sativa sucking and licking huge hard pole for pleasure hips to get more of my cum.

I bucked with each hot load of my cum, watching it pour out of the sides of his mouth. He kept slow pumping my mouth to give me all he had. We rolled over on our sides, weak but still sucking our cums. I licked his dick over and over and pulled him to me to get more. I wanted more as I felt his dick growing in my mouth, and he bucked each time I sucked the head of his dick.

His dick was all wet, covered with his cum and I smelled that smell of hot cum. I felt his butt cheeks and played with his balls and held them tight. Soon I felt him do the same papa and son xxx sister mom me as I bucked and thrust into his mouth.

We were coming around for another cum. when… wake up.wake up……oh my god.what's happening&hellip. . I realized &hellip.I was having a dream… I woke up with a hardon of massive size___stroking it&hellip. I laid back down ___still jacking slowly___ with a smile on my face&hellip.

wow__what a dream____mmmmm&hellip.what a dream…dream …dream&hellip. &hellip. I drifted back to the dream.we were going to cum again.I felt the head of his dick slowly slide in my I sucked and stroked .I slowly speeded up.I grabbed his butt cheeks and held tight.waiting ……for the blast to fill my mouth with heavenly juice.

I felt a warm slick feeling on my dick.his mouth was sucking me .oh my.the feeling was euphoria. The two feelings together was too much and I started to have a cum heaven when he let go with a blast of cum filling my mouth to overflowing.chills came over me. .There it was.shot after shot of heavens juice.I swallowed.and swallowed. .till I fell into another world. * (woman's voice)&hellip.

His experience into the world of bi-sexual satisfaction lead to ultra-joy. Now he knew the joy I got from oral sex from and to a woman's point of view. This led to a threesome and eventually to a foursome.

&hellip. The way he ran his fingers thru my hair while I performed oral sex on his male friend and my female lover, told me he understood… the joy I knew.

When I licked his friend… while his girl inserted his dick from behind her&hellip. his girlfriend and they both shook and moaned with joy&hellip. The way he felt the penis of his friend and licked the head while I joined him and then he took his dick all the way down… then moaned a long moan… when the friend began to cum with his erection to overflowing &hellip.

he swallowed over and over&hellip. as I licked the overflow and he moaned the satisfaction&hellip.* ___pause_____ I said: "I wonder if&hellip." Click……buzzzzzzzzzz.