Sluts face hole and pussy acquire rammed hardcore blowjob

Sluts face hole and pussy acquire rammed hardcore blowjob
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Daisy looked at herself in the mirror. She looked fine. She didn't feel fine, but she looked fine. She felt like she might fall asleep at any moment, collapse right in the middle of a meeting or on the phone. Linda, a co-worker who'd known her since they both transferred into the department, came out of one of the stalls and asked her how her day was going. Daisy wasn't paying attention and the woman asked again.

Daisy muttered something polite and the woman stared at her. Daisy froze. Was something wrong? Did she notice something?

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Linda tilted her head slightly, touched her ear. Daisy remembered. She felt herself go limp, dropped her head forward, and exhaled. She felt tears welling behind her eyes. Linda stared, puzzled now. "Daisy?" she asked, concerned. "No, nothing," Daisy said, shaking her head. Linda stood there for a moment, then patted her on the shoulder and walked out of the ladies' room.

Daisy lifted her hand and touched her right ear. It was still there.

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She felt and found that the other one was there too. Earplugs. She wiped her eyes with the back of her hand, her embarrassment and humiliation turned her face a bright red. She'd put them in that morning while she was reading Peter's latest story and playing with herself.

Peter had posted a new story about punana - her alter ego. Daisy had developed a ritual around reading the stories. She always waited until Ben had left for work. As soon as she heard the car back out of the driveway, she ran to her desk and checked to see if a new chapter had been posted.

This morning, there was one. She'd got up from the chair and walked slowly back into the bedroom. She insisted on moving slowly, savoring the moment, letting the anticipation build. She stripped herself naked, then opened her bottom drawer and dug for the plastic bag buried underneath everything else. She opened it and took out the special pair of navy blue boyshorts.

She ran her fingers over the fabric, closed her eyes and raised it to her face, honey blowjob xxx we are the law my niggas and the law needs darkhued cock her strong smell and shuddering. She always wore them when she masturbated now, Peter would like that. When they were soaked through and through with her cum, she put them back in the bag - still damp - to wait for next time.

Thank God, she thought, I'm not a squirter. She slid the panties slowly up her legs, enjoying the feel of her fingers on her own flesh, thinking of Doctor Tom and Tiffany.

Thinking of them touching punana, though never this gently. Maybe The Master, but not His Wife and certainly not The Doctor. -- punana moaned and rolled over onto its side.

it felt a gush of warm semen ooze out of it and drip down the inside of its leg. That turned it on and it tried to touch itself. punana willed its arms and hands to go between its legs, but the weak muscles wouldn't respond. it cried its frustration, hot tears running down its cheeks and dripping onto the straw bed.

The barn was quiet and punana thought it must be alone. it sniffed the room for people but the smells of its own recent fucking were too strong, all it smelled was mare cunt and stallion cock and punana cum. punana blinked, feeling the blackout lenses still in place as they had been for over a year now.

punana slid itself across the floor, feet first, feeling for the wall. When its toes found the wood, punana turned its body around, moving until it was positioned just inside the doorway.

Then, it rolled itself over on its knees and backed up until its crotch was pressed up against the wooden beam. it started sliding itself up and down, slowly at first, the rough wood scratching the insides of its cunt lips, but soon, humping faster and harder, angling its hips and climbing higher so its clitoris was grinding against the wood, slick pussy juice dripping, the feelings so good punana thought it would go crazy.

ZZZAP! punana felt its body jerk as the metal touched its lower back. The shock wasn't intense, just enough to make it jump and punana ground harder against the wood. it heard the voices now. Men and women who had been watching it, had seen it crawl across the floor of the stall and hump like an animal against the wood. They were laughing and punana felt its cunt get hot.

"Again! Please, again!" it yelled. The metal touched it on the left ass cheek now and punana moaned deep in its throat, humping harder, moaning again as the prod touched her craving pussy wants to cum for you right ass cheek, then it was at punana's pussy, once, then again, then once on each of its piercings, up and down each cunt lip, sending the shock deep underneath its skin, then again, and now it was dead center against punana's cunthole and they held it in place and someone had to come and grab punana's legs and open them and the metal was sliding up and down the insides of punana's cunt lips and it was cumming and thrashing and swinging its huge balloon-titties back and forth, feeling the metal of its piercings swinging through the air.

--- Daisy went into the bathroom and picked up the water bottle. She sprayed her hair over and over, pumping the bottle until she was able to slick it back flat against her head.

She rubber-banded it back in a pony tail and slicked it down again, the closest she could get to looking bald. She opened the small case and pushed the steel rings into her nostrils, opening them as wide as she was able - punana's nose.

She taped the tops of her ears flat against her head - punana's ears. Last week, she'd found a way to have punana's tongue.

She put three rubber bands around the length of her tongue, effectively keeping it from retracting, bringing the tip to a point. The one deepest in her mouth, closest to the base, kept her from retracting her tongue.

That turned her on. She knew she would end up having to keep her mouth open, she knew she would end up drooling down the front of her naked body. She knew she would feel her own saliva on her chest, dripping between her titties and down her belly.

She opened another small case and took out four spring-loaded rings. She lined them on the countertop, closed the case. Her fingers trembled slightly as she touched her nipples, licking her fingertips, then teasing them erect. She loved her nipples. Brown and long and stiff. Early on, when she and Ben had been experimenting, they learned she could get close to cumming from just nipple play.

Ben was wonderful at it and she wished he shared the rest of her fantasies. But, there were limits. For him. Watching herself in the mirror the whole time, she picked up the first ring and pulled it open. She stretched her left nipple between her fingers and pressed the ends of the ring near the base. When she let go, she felt it bite into her and gave a satisfied 'ah'.

She tugged. They were perfectly adjusted, she could pull and twist without them coming off but they didn't tear her skin. Seductive brunette named penny gets fucked hard smiled and attached the others, two on each side. Today she added something new. Earplugs. punana was not deaf but Daisy felt it was in keeping with punana's destiny. She wasn't deaf now but Tiffany or the Doctor could change that at any time.

On a whim. They owned punana completely and Daisy wanted to be her. She pushed them in deep and clapped her hands. Nothing. She smiled. The last part of the ritual wouldn't happen until she was back at her desk. She left the bathroom, making sure to take the plastic bag victoria valencia rides and fucks two aged cocks the small cases for her toys with her.

She opened the bottom drawer of the desk and set them back in place. Then, she took out the duct tape and the dowels. She slid a dowel down each of her calves until they were a full four inches below her heels, then taped them into place. She taped all the way from her knees to her ankles, it looked like she was wearing shiny, latex boots. She stood up. She had to keep most of her weight on the balls of her feet - like punana.

She made herself walk around the room twice, feeling the fear of falling, the tension up and down her legs, swimming in the silence of her plugged ears, feeling the spit running over her bottom lip and down her chin. Soon, it would run down her neck, then onto her chest. She felt herself getting wet between the legs, wanted to touch herself, but knew she couldn't. punana couldn't, that is - so Daisy wouldn't. Daisy walked around the room one more time, then stopped and stood still just behind her chair.

She ran her fingers along the edge of the chair back, feeling the cool leather under her fingertips, imagining Peter touching her skin. She closed her eyes and remembered those first few minute in Vegas, his hand just reaching out and taking her.

No hesitation, no uncertainty, no negotiation. She shuddered. She flicked her middle finger hard against her left nipple, the pain exploding through her chest. "Peter," she whispered, flicking the right nipple. "Fuhk!" she grunted, flicking again but with less intensity. She imagined him watching, laughing, shaking his head, chastising her and she flicked harder, over and over, fast, tears coming to her eyes.

She bent at the waist, leaning forward, opening her legs, resting her weight backward on the dowels so she could feel the tension along the back of her calves. She clicked the mouse and launched her chat program looked for Peter. He wasn't there. She sighed her relief. She played this game with herself often, praying every time that he wouldn't be there, wondering what she would do it he ever was. She clicked through to punana's latest story, read about The Doctor's latest changes to her body, swelling the insides of her mouth so it would feel more like a pussy when they fucked her face.

She puckered and puffed out her cheeks, trying to imagine herself as punana, The Doctor's toy, Tiffany's toy.

Daisy played with herself, stroking her cunt and pulling at the nipple rings, flicking her nipples and tongue hard, harder, but she couldn't make it, she couldn't cum.

She pulled out the chair and sat down, started surfing chats, then video chats, showing herself to whoever was there, PM-ing the freaks in the 'dungeon' rooms but not getting any takers. She pushed the vibrator harder against her cunt and turned the motor to high but couldn't get over. Peter's profile lit up and Daisy's heart jumped to her throat. He was online! She immediately clicked and invited him to a video chat. She leaned forward, excited now, grinding her chest into the edge of the desk, feeling the doremon nobita and shizuka xxnx biting into her nipples.

She picked up a thumbtack and started poking at her right nipple, tilted the camera so he would be able to see her hurting herself for him. She dragged it along the topside of her titty, scratching a thin red line in her flesh. Peter didn't acknowledge her. She took a snapshot and sent it to his email, along with a message 'punana needs you'. Daisy squeezed her thighs together. Once Peter took hold of her, she'd cum in no time.

All he'd have to do would be tell her "touch yourself" or "pinch yourself" and she'd cum right then. She felt her cunt oozing and pushed her finger up between her pussy lips. She felt a gush down between her cheeks. "Hi hotty," someone named Master9199 PM'ed.

"Push those pins harder." Daisy clicked IGNORE, she didn't want to waste time with anyone else now that Peter was online. She rubbed her clit with her fingers and moaned, opened her legs wider, bit her tongue. "Come on, come on, come on," she growled, watching Peter's name on the screen.

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He was watching her, she knew. The chat showed he was on video mute, but had clicked on her signal. That turned her on, just knowing he was watching, and she stroked herself harder.

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"Pe-oooh, can -oo hear me?" she asked, her voice garbled by the rubber bands. Nothing. "Pe-oooh, what --ou -ant --eee --o do?" Then. "what -oo -ant oo-ahh-ahh -oo -do?" She ground her ass in the chair, feeling her own sticky juices soaking her thighs and ass, moving her legs so the dowels scratched the backs of her legs.

"oo-ahh-ahh, oo-ahh-ahh," she repeated, trying to make 'punana' come out somehow and crying now that she couldn't even offer herself to him that way.

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She picked up a wooden ruler and started swatting her tits, the top, sides, top again, moaning, "Pe-oooh, pe-oooh, pe-oooh." She felt her orgasm building, finally, finally, knowing he was watching, knowing she was offering herself to him, knowing he was probably sitting at his desk, stroking himself, watching her, watching her hands and.

. A chat bubble opened on the screen next to Peter's name. "You're pathetic." "Yesssss!!!" she screamed and came.