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Greg laboriously marked through a word on his newspaper, nodding to himself and mumbling, as someone would who was alone and bored often did. He went to 12 down and tapped it emphatically. "The _______ of Panama," he read to himself.

His voice echoed hollowly in the small motel office. He thought for a moment, drumming his pencil on the desk. Ismus was the most likely word, but it didn't fit in the 7 spaces provided. The ice machine clattered, dropping a load of ice, and startling him out of his wits. He looked up in time to see a red Mercedes pulling close to the door. Water cascaded off the car so hard, that it was hard to tell that the car was red. Rain poured down in curtains.

A man in a windbreaker opened the car's door, activating a myriad of custom interior lights. A long-haired, sensuous blonde turned to stare at Greg briefly, then looked straight ahead as if he no longer existed.

The man ran inside. With a vision of the blonde burned into his brain, Greg gave the man his warmest smile. He would suck up to this guy, to get a better look at the blonde. She was high class material. There was only one room in the hotel fit for these people, room 1C. "Yes sir?" "I need a room," the man said with a slight English accent. "For two?" "Yes. And I want a room on the ground floor, so I can keep an eye on my car." They are all on the ground floor, moron, Greg thought to himself.

It's a one-story motel. "I have just the room. 1C, right across the court. That way you can watch the car, and I can see it from here as well." "Well, thank you," the man was pleased. "More than welcome," Greg slid him the card and a pen. Predictably, the man took a pen from his own pocket, rather than using a "common" pen.

How did Greg know he would do that? Because Greg had seen a hundred such pompous assholes like this. Some were rich and privileged, and some pretended to be. He knew exactly what they would do. For instance, he knew the man would ask for a bell boy, even though it was obvious that the motel didn't maintain a bell boy staff.

"Can you have someone bring in our bags?" the man asked hopefully. "Of course, sir, it's a slack period right now, I believe I will handle that myself." "Well thank you," the man said, again pleased.

He slipped Greg an extra hundred dollars, for his 80 dollar room. "You have too much here," Greg said, grinding his teeth in an effort to maintain his smile. "Just keep that between ourselves," the man said, patting his hand. Greg wanted to vomit, but he smiled and pocketed the money. He grabbed his poncho and threw it on, on the way to the door.

He would have handled the bags for free, just for the privilege of watching those long legs swing out of the car. And, to make sure they put the suitcases in the right place. One suitcase in front of the mirror could ruin his entire evening. He was not disappointed. The blonde swung her legs out the door, then paused, looking up at the sky. "Yup, that's where it comes from," Greg mumbled, while staring at her long, slender legs.

Her dress was slit up the side, revealing her entire leg clear up to her panties. She didn't seem to mind when Greg stared. In fact she turned and gave him a sultry look, before following her man into the motel. "That's a high class fuck," Greg mumbled, just as the man ran out into the courtyard. He laughed and pressed a button on his key chain. The trunk popped open automatically, which made Greg wonder why the asshole had kept him waiting in the rain.

"Just two bags," the man said, lifting the lid. "That one and this," he said, taking a cosmetic case from the trunk. Greg took the huge suitcase from the trunk. He groaned as he lifted it, then sprinted for the door. He stopped just inside the door and opened the motel's complimentary suitcase holder.

He laid the suitcase on the webbed hot mom alyssa lynn watches busty young hottie cassidy banks getting fucked of the holder, then turned it so it faced the bed. He resisted the urge to look at the mirror, across from the two beds. He started to leave the room, when the man forced another hundred dollar bill on him. He took it, of course. Doing crosswords was an expensive habit. Greg couldn't wait to return to his office.

He leaped over the counter, and checked to make sure no lights were blinking on the switchboard, then he hurried into the back office. Leaving the door partially open so he could watch the front door, he turned on a television, then activated a vcr.

He waited for the picture of the motel room to fill the screen. It was perfect. "TV 1C live is up and running," he mumbled in his best Bruce Willis imitation. He didn't record, there was nothing to see yet. The blonde was sitting on the bed, facing the bathroom, while the man washed his face and hands in the sink. ".no, Oak Ridge," the man called to the woman.

"Oak Ridge will take three years and three million dollars to develop. We should start at Edgewood." "Wow, a killer body and brains to match," Greg mumbled. "Edgewood will take less development, but give us fewer returns. We may need the extra money which Oak Ridge can provide," he said, drying his hands on a white towel. He sat on the bed beside her and kissed her soundly, while his hand slid beneath her dress. She finished the kiss, then shook her head.

"Money which may not be fully realized for 8 to ten years," she objected. "Edgewood is a lower class development which will give us instant returns. Face it Ethan, we have no choice, busty milf leeanna heart does her mature twat with a toy if we want to borrow the money from my father. Father does not loan 3 million dollars over such a long period. He could do better with mutual funds." "Killer body, smart, and rich," Greg said, even more impressed.

Edgewood, he thought to himself. There was an edgewood up by the lake. But it was a rural area with a few disreputable hunting cabins and trees.

It was a nice area though, mostly made up of birch and a few maples. It was on a hill overlooking the lake. There was a carpet of leaves and very little underbrush, which made it ideal for hunting, picnicking, or just walking.

If a man had money, he could buy up a big piece of it dirt cheap. The Edgewood sign had been put up by an old hunter who died three years before. People anal junkie gets both holes penetrated while sucking third guys dick penetration gangbang much figured the sign was intended as a joke.

Could it be the same place? Maybe, otherwise why would they stay in an 80 dollar hotel, when they were obviously used to an 800 dollar suite? Oh, oh, things were heating up. The man had his hand under her dress, rubbing the crotch of her panties, as he pushed her back on the bed, in the middle of a passionate kiss.

Greg leaned forward and started the recorder. Even in the throes of passion, the woman planned ahead. She undid the man's tie and hung it over the swiveling light without even looking. Greg figured she must be using the force or something, then he realized that she was watching their reflections in the mirror.

Kinky bitch. The blonde began undoing the man's buttons, but she was too slow. He sat up and finished the job for her, while she slithered out of her velvety dress. She wore a white bra with lace trim, and a matching white lace thong. Her bra and panties were startling white, against the perfect golden tan of her body.

There were no annoying tan lines on her body, the tan was uniform and perfect from forehead to toes. She undid her bra and laid it over the chair.

The man started to kiss her again, but she held up a hand to stop him.

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"Protection," she said simply. She leaned down and picked up the small case. Greg enjoyed the way her breasts jiggled and swayed, until he saw where she was heading. In horror, he watched her approaching the mirror, behind which the camera was hidden. He watched in agony as she sat the case below the camera and opened the lid.

"No!" he screamed. The lid now hid the bed from sight. "Have you seen my diaphragm?" she asked. He saw the top of the man's head approach, barely visible over the top of the case. In a moment the girl disappeared. The man's head turned away from the mirror. Greg moaned in helpless agony. He had planned it out so well. Last summer when the manager of the motel went on vacation, Greg had closed up room 1D and ripped the wall out. He hardwired a high-priced surveillance camera into the motel's circuitry and hid it in the wall between 1D and 1C, behind 1C's mirror.

He then replaced the mirror with a two way mirror which cost him a fortune. He realized that a modern miniature camera could be easily hidden inside the room, but he wanted high quality tape and sound so he could sell it. It took two weeks of agonizing work to finish the job in his spare time.

If he had planned ahead, he would have made some type of access panel for the camera, or he would have mounted it higher, behind the two-way mirror. This was not the first time such a thing had happened. There had been many such disappointments.

He should have realized that people would put their suitcases on the desk. People were slobs. The top of the woman's head returned. She snapped something shut, then closed the lid on the case. Her wonderful breasts reappeared so tantalizing and close he could almost touch them. He could even see a sprinkling of freckles on and between her breasts. She took the case down and set it on the floor beneath the desk then stood, looking at her reflection in the mirror. Even her belly button was sexy, Greg observed.

It was perfectly round with a half fold inside. Greg wanted to run across the courtyard and kiss her. He couldn't be happier. This sweet lady would make him rich. He could get big money for an original x-rated tape with such a hot, high-classed babe on it. "You look good enough to eat," the man leered. "I am. I used the cherry flavored spermicide." "Wh. what?" Greg yelled. "Don't ruin my tape," he warned, shaking his finger at the screen.

He saw the headlights of a car pull up outside. He should have turned on the "no vacancy" sign, but the manager would kill him if he saw it on, with only three cars in the courtyard. He stood undecided, with his body spicy lesbians fill up their big butts with cream and blast it out internal and cumshots the door, but his attention on the tv screen.

An old man hurried to the door and stepped inside. Greg reluctantly closed the office door. "A game?" black girls xxx big boom old man asked. "Huh?" "You watching a game in there?" "Oh, no. It's a family.

uh, video." "Sounds like they're fighting. I need a room." "Here you go, room 1M," Greg pushed the key across the desk. "Shouldn't I sign something?" "No, I trust you. Just give me 40 bucks and we'll call it even. Ok?" "Sure," the man said in surprise. He slid two twenties across the desk and left with the key, looking over his shoulder at Greg as he did.

Greg busted through the office door to see the blonde now naked, laying across the bed. The man was on his knees beside the bed, eating her delicious looking pussy. The blonde was mashing her tits in her hands, withering and moaning with her face twisted in pleasure.

Her golden hair was spread across the bedspread like a cascade of morning light. Her long, slender body was absolutely perfect, achingly flawless like a box of white fudge.

"Oh - my - God," Greg gasped in astonishment. "Why country club milf and kinky first time cheater caught doing misdemeanor break in I find a girl like that? Why do all my dates look. and smell, like washerwomen?" Probably because they were washerwomen, he thought with a smile. He mostly fucked the motel maids. The man watched the blonde's face, as he gave her a good eating.

He plastered his mouth against her pussy and shook his mouth from side to side, while she made a loud keening sound. She lifted her legs and put one on each of his shoulders. He massaged her left leg, while continuing to eat.

Finally she sat up and grabbed his head, lifting him. She turned over on her stomach with her knees on the floor. He sank down behind her, took his cock in his hand, and guided it into her wet pussy.

"Oh yes," she cried, shuddering, grabbing the blankets in her hands and twisting them as he slid in and out of her inviting pussy. "Fuck me good, Ethan," she gasped. "Yes, fuck her good, Ethan," Greg said eagerly. He leaned forward, watching every movement, while chewing on his finger nails. His cock was hard, straining against his pants. He resisted the urge to take it out. A customer could come in at any time. "Shit, Ethan, I'm coming," the blonde suddenly gasped. She twisted slightly, looking over her left shoulder.

Her perfect breast was now visible again. Greg ached to touch it, to kiss it. "Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, she chanted, clutching at his body as he pumped his cock into her ass. "Oh, oh, eeeeeeeeee!" she screamed. She fell face down on the bed and beat on the bed with fists. Ethan continued to fuck her, unrelentingly. She screamed again, hunching her ass against his pelvis.

Shaking her head violently, she finally fell face down again and sobbed softly into the blankets. She sat up and turned, pushing him away. "Stop, stop," she screamed, clawing at his body. He froze in place, allowing her sensitive pussy to relax around his impaling cock. She lay gasping for breath for several minutes, before she turned and smiled at him over her shoulder. He started again, slowly. "He's well-trained," Greg observed.

He rushed to the door and looked out. The coke machine reflected in the front door. Greg was thirsty. He took a dollar from the till and hurried over to the machine. The can dropped down and he rushed back.

Nothing had changed. Ethan was slowly pumping away in her pussy again. She was making animal noises and clawing the bed. "What a fucking show," Greg said, taking a sip of his coke. He checked his watch. It was 2:00 o'clock AM, he had his first wake-up call at 4:00 AM. He had plenty of time. Ethan was pumping his cock into the creamy white flesh of the blonde's ass.

She was crying again, moaning, hissing, withering as his impaling rod slammed in and out of her soft, jiggling ass. He seemed unstoppable. Greg wondered what he used to stay hard for so long. Greg was usually gone in 60 seconds.

"Oh fuck," Ethan finally moaned, pumping harder. His slamming pelvis made the sweet blonde bounce on the bed. The bed springs were squeaking like crazy. The blonde was biting her lip. She turned and watched their reflection in the mirror, with her face twisted in passion.

Greg could almost feel himself fucking that lovely lady. She was the hottest woman he had ever seen, outside of a professional X-rated tape. And she was making a tape just for him. "Oh fuck!" Ethan screamed without warning. He stiffened, jerking behind the sweet blonde's ass. She ground her ass against his cock desperately, hoping for a second orgasm. But it was too late, Ethan was filling her sweet pussy with the last few spurts of cum, then he pulled out and collapsed on the bed.

She looked on in disappointment. Finally she crawled up on the bed, and began fingering her pussy, while watching her reflection in the mirror. She didn't know that she was staring directly at the camera. Would she mind if she did know? She obviously liked watching herself, but on the other hand, who wouldn't. She was perfect. She began rotating her fingers inside her spread pussy. Both knees were thrown wide, her back was against the headboard, which creaked slightly at her hectic activity.

Never taking her eyes off her own reflection, she stirred that tasty pudding with desperate fingers until she finally screamed and threw her head back, still rotating her fingers as her pussy spasmed and clenched around them.

Greg sat in awed silence, watching the most fantastic masturbation he had ever seen. She screamed and withered for several full minutes, before she slid her fingers into her mouth and sank down to relax on the bed.

"I never get tired of seeing that?" Ethan said, drying his crotch on a towel. "Me either," Greg said in awe. "You could have finished me yourself, asshole." "And missed that show?

Besides, you love making love to yourself." "True," she said, smiling as she lit a cigarette. "Ok, we will start with Edgewood. We can survey the area tomorrow and see if it's all that Griffith said it would be. If it is, we can start buying up land next week. But, we need entire blocks. I'm not building at all if we have to negotiate with hold-outs. We are too low on capital." "We have to spend another night here?" the blonde asked. "Hey, it's not too bad. I think the guy behind the desk has a thing for me," Ethan laughed.

"What!" Greg yelled. "I'd let him lick my ass," she said with a smile. "When?" Greg cried. "Hey, that's my ass," Ethan said playfully. "The hell it is.

You may use my brain if you like, but not my ass. That's still mine." "Fair enough." "When!" Greg yelled, beating his hands on the desk. "Did you hear something?" Ethan asked, listening carefully.

"Oh fuck," Greg said, covering his mouth. "Hello?" Greg gasped in horror. He shut off the tv and hurried out into the front office. The little old man was back. "Yes?" Greg drove through the back roads of Edgewood.

Hunting cabins and summer cottages filled the spacious forrest. It was fall, there were very few leaves overhead. A thick canopy of leaves on the forrest floor would ensure a bumper crop of moral mushrooms, mayflowers, and adder tongues next spring. Some people would tap the maples for syrup when the snow melted. The hunters were gone for the season, snow would fall soon. And everywhere that Greg looked, he saw "for sale" signs. He jotted down a few numbers, then drove on. He passed Ethan and his sugar sweet blonde twice, but pulled his had down low over his eyes to keep from being recognized.

His pickup truck was a '57 Chevy, held to together with bailing wire and a few judicious applications of body putty and primer. It was nothing to draw attention to itself. Greg, in his plaid hat and hunting jacket, looked like any old hick on those back roads. But Greg had a plan, and relatives who could mortgage their property to borrow money. Greg was about to become a land baron. Night fell.

Lights started coming on all over town. The rich couple lived it up, pigging out at the local truck stop for dinner, then returning to their motel room for a little slap and tickle. In the back office of the motel, the lights from a television set flickered on a young man's face. He sat entranced by what he was watching. An onlooker might assume it was an old re-run beautiful girl pornstar hot sex prom com Lassy, or perhaps an exciting episode of Bonanza.

It wasn't. It was the view he received from room 1C. And he was more interested in what they were saying, rather than what they were doing. "If we build on the ridge, it will make the surrounding areas increase in value a hundred fold," Ethan called toward the bathroom. "So?" the blonde came out drying her hair in all her naked glory.

Greg watched those long legs stride across the room. Her light brown bush was neatly trimmed, about the size of a hand. There wasn't a flaw on her long, sexy body anywhere. She was so damned perfect. "So we should buy up the entire area." "We don't need the entire area, to build a small community.

We only need the land on the ridge." "Why let somebody else get rich?" he asked, bouncing to a sitting position and sniffing her neck. "You smell good." "I know. So when does the buying stop? The community, the entire corner of this state? What?" "Ethan kissed her neck, then massaged her shoulders as he talked.

"The ridge and all the land around the lake. I hear there are a million mosquitos here in the summer. We would have to spray extensively until the last parcel of land is sold. Let's include 5 years of guaranteed maintenance, water and sewage treatment facilities, fire-fighting and light security. Let's say a maximum investment of 1.5 million, and that allows for reinvestment of our first net profits, over and above what we keep back for ourselves. Does that sound fair?" "I don't know.

I will have to ask daddy, and my husband, I suppose. He is on the board." "Her. her husband!" Greg gasped. "Oh yes, him," Ethan smiled as he slid up behind her and cupped her breasts in his hands. Greg could just feel those breasts. Perfect, firm, softly-scented breasts. "Nice," Ethan said, kissing the side of her neck, as he twirled her nipples with his forefingers. She moaned and closed her eyes. "I could use a good blowjob," Ethan whispered.

"And I could use a good eating," she said, capturing his mouth with her own. They kissed savagely, while Ethan manipulated her breasts with skilled hands. "69?" he whispered. "Yeah," she nodded, while seeking his tongue with her own. Ethan flipped over on his back. She crawled around and slid on top of him. To Greg's extreme pleasure, her ass was facing the mirror.

It had to be the sweetest ass he had ever seen. He would do anything to sink his cock into that velvety smooth ass. It would be so soft, so hot.

Greg watched Ethan begin eating the sweet blonde ass, while his own cock tried to rip his pants apart. He looked at the front door indecisively, then reached out and pushed the door close. He quickly unzipped busty woman with glasses gets slammed by nasty driver titfuck bigtits pants, and with a moan of pleasure, Greg began running his fist up and down on his throbbing cock.

With his eyes glued to the small, delicate pussy on the screen, he massaged his cock until it was hot and throbbing inside his hand. Lubricant rolled up on the tip and he rubbed it inside his hand, to lubricate it. Amid the sounds of the slippery liquid filling his hand, he began rubbing himself toward an orgasm. Gasping for breath, he watched Ethan eagerly eating the blonde's pussy. The blonde's head bobbed up and down like a pump in an oil field. Slowly and methodically, her head rose and fell, engulfing Ethan's raging cock in her soft, red lips and sucking him like few man had ever been sucked before.

"Uhm, ah," he said around the flesh of her moist pussy. He reached up to her gently rounded ass and pulled her ass cheeks apart. With one hand on her ass cheek, he inserted a finger into her asshole. She stiffened, but made no other movement.

She continued her slow, methodical oral pleasure. Ethan looked hectic. It was obvious that he was about to cum. Greg pounded his own cock harder, in an unconscious effort to come with them. He didn't make it, Ethan came suddenly, surprising even the blonde. She mouthed his cock, sucked and drank, while Ethan suddenly stopped his oral manipulation and fell back on the bed, resting and enjoying the sensation between his legs. All too soon, it was over, and Ethan was in trouble.

"Don't stop, you asshole. Finish me!" the blonde demanded. "I can't. I came," he said helplessly. "Finish me, you son-of-a-bitch!" "I can't, not after I cum," Ethan said in a whining voice. "Give me a few minutes." "Oh fuck you," she said, throwing herself off the bed. She wrapped a robe around her body and started for the door.

"Where are you going?" he asked frantically. "To fuck the first guy I see," she said, storming out of the room. He sat, staring at the door in disappointment.

Greg couldn't believe what he had just seen. He froze with his hands still on his cock, then quickly stood and pulled up his pants. She was coming to the office, he realized in breathless anticipation. She was coming to him! Greg met her as she stormed into the office. "I need change," she said, slamming a dollar bill down on the counter. With nervous hands, Greg counted out the freeone blonde milf rides a big cock. She spun away and headed toward the coke machine.

Greg had an excellent view of a bare leg and thigh with each step. "You look distraught," Greg said hesitantly. "Do I?" she demanded, without looking his way.

"Is there anything I can do?" he asked hopefully. "I doubt it," the coke slammed down into the bin. She opened it and went over to sit by the window. She looked out into the darkness, while sipping her coke.

Her robe was open, revealing her naked legs and thighs. Only her pussy remained hidden. "Wow," Greg said in a whisper. "What?" she demanded, looking his way. "I. I said wow." "Why?" "You are beautiful, probably the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. Certainly the most beautiful girl who's ever been in here." "I'm not a girl, I haven't been a girl for at least a century. Hey, aren't you the guy who checked us in?" she seemed to look at him for the first time.

"Yes," he said, suddenly shy under the intense stare of those amazing hazel eyes. "Are you gay?" "What!" Greg roared. "Ethan thinks you might be gay. Are you?" "Hell no," Greg was outraged. "Do you have a big cock?" "Sure," Greg said uncertainly. His spine began to tingle. His mouth was dry with nervousness.

"Fuck me," she said, slamming down her coke. "I. ok," Greg squeaked. She stood and started around the counter. Suddenly, with the clarity of a man who was about to die, Greg remembered that the tv was still on.

It would show a perfect picture of Ethan still sitting on the bed, disparaging at her loss. He was so fucking dead. "Not here," he said suddenly. "Why not?" she demanded. "No room. Let's use the room next door," he said in sudden inspiration. "Yeah, ok," she nodded. Greg grabbed the room key, turned on the no vacancy sign, and locked the front door. With the wind tearing at their clothing and sucking the heat from their bodies, they hurried to the room next door.

Greg glanced at room 1C superstitiously, as he closed the door and turned to face the blonde. She was sitting naked on the bed. "My God, you are so damned beautiful," he gasped, ripping his clothes off as he advanced toward the bed. She sat, giving him a skeptical look, while he dropped his pants and shoved them down with his shorts. His cock sprang to attention. "Not bad," she said in reluctant admiration. "I have got to eat that cute little pussy of yours," he said, sinking to his knees before her.

"How do you know that it's cute and little?" she asked. She had her legs crossed and her pussy hidden. "On that body?" Greg gasped. "It just has to be. I've fantasized about it since the minute I saw you." "Oh, she said, opening her legs.

Greg moaned in anticipation. Here it was the object of his desires, the very pussy he had been craving so much, as Ethan fucked it. "My God," Greg said in awe. He mashed his mouth against slut sucks strangers dick in public deepthroat blowjob pussy and sucked. She giggled and fell back on the bed, opening her legs wide.

Moaning in retrained passion, Greg ate savagely, giving her some pain, but not unduly so. She seemed to need the slight pain, as much as he needed to taste her womanhood.

He held her legs between his thumbs and fingers, marveling at how small and child-like they were. They looked like the legs of a 12 year old girl. On a sudden impulse, Greg pushed her legs up to her chest and began licking her asshole. She gasped at the unexpected pleasure sexy lawyers share their hung client in a threesome felt.

The memory of her own words came back to her. She looked down at Greg, eagerly reaming her ass, and giggled lightly. Greg didn't care why she was giggling, he assumed that it tickled.

He really didn't know, since nobody had ever been sick enough to ream his asshole. Her's, on the other hand, was so damned perfect. A cute pink puckered ring between two sweet nethery cheeks. Her creamy skin brushed against his cheeks as he feasted on her sweet ass. She withered and mashed her tits in her hands, while looking down at the top of his head, bobbing beneath her. Suddenly, he dropped her legs and pounced on her pussy. Slurping noisily, he sucked her tiny wet pussy lips dry, then began mashing his tongue into her wet flesh and dragging it through the softly-scented valley of moist heat.

She cried out each time his tongue slid through her pussy. She squirmed to reach to top of his head and pull him tightly into her crotch. She gasped like a woman in labor, panting and gurgling while his tongue tore her cunt to pieces. She shuddered and her eyes flew open wide. "I'm coming," she moaned. "I'm coming again. Oh, oh." She stiffened, then squealed as her pussy began spasming around his tongue. He continued to lick unrelenting, while she squealed and squirmed, hunching her pussy against his face.

He wrapped his arms around her legs to hold them steady, while he continued eating for as long as she could stand it. Finally she gasped euro harlots get happy to the max hardcore groupsex and pushed him lightly away.

"Only a moment," she whispered, falling back on the bed in exhaustion. "You are beautiful," he said, wiping his face on the back of his hand. "And you taste good too." "I don't feel beautiful," she said, slowly sitting up. "You are, in every possible way that a woman can be beautiful." "Thanks. Now I want to be fucked and fucked hard." "And I want to fuck you hard. I wouldn't have missed eating you for the world, but it's time to let Charlie eat." "Charlie?" "Charlie," he pointed at his cock as he dropped his pants.

"Can I kiss Charlie?" "Sure, but don't make it too long. Charlie might explode." The blonde laid on the bed, slid close and opened her mouth wide. She slid forward, engulfing his cock without hardly touching it. As he watched, the entire length of his cock latina girl bigtits tease pussy with vibe wecamnet down her throat.

Suddenly she closed her mouth and he felt it to the soles of his feet. "Oh my God," he shuddered. He made two attempts before he could bring himself to touch her beautiful hair. It was funny, he had eaten her pussy, but felt he was too low to touch the woman's hair.

How screwy could you get? The cast system was alive and well in America. "Uhm," she said, slithering back and forth on the bed like a snake, while she mouthed his rigid cock. He gasped and held her head for a moment, then pushed her away with a whine of frustration.

"Enough," he moaned. "I want to fuck you, but I'm about to cum in your mouth." "Yes," she said simply, rolling over on her back. He watched her spread her nethery thighs. They were so inviting, so absolutely perfect. He crawled up on the bed, positioned himself over her prone body, and sank his cock between her legs. She moaned and intertwined her legs behind his back. With her leg propelling him forward, he slid in and out of her buttery soft moist lips. She was so hot inside. His cock nearly exploded after the first wonderful plunge up inside her body.

It was a dream come true. While pumping away between her legs, he looked down into her beautiful face. She reached up and pulled his face nice sweetie gives blowjob in pov and gets wet kitty nailed to hers. Without reservations, she sought his mouth, her tongue slid up inside his and explored, seeking his tongue.

He moaned, not sure if he wanted to cry or scream. This was just too good. This beautiful woman was the best fuck of his life. His only regret was that he was in the wrong room. He would have given anything to be in 1C and have a tape to commemorate the event. Greg rolled her head over to the left and began kissing her ear and neck.

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He felt her shiver beneath him. He sucked on seremban tamil girls sex porn videos search watch and download seremban tamil girls sex free sex pulsing ma copine se touche son trou tube porn in her neck for a moment, then put his tongue inside her ear.

She gave a high-pitched whine. Suddenly he knew that she was ready. He had only been fucking her for about two minutes, but she was about to cum. Greg intensified his attack on her juicy pussy. She was so wet, so damned hot. "Oh fuck," she moaned, stiffening slightly. "Are you coming?" he asked in a whisper. "Oh yes," she moaned. "Oh God yes." "Tell me the moment before you cum," he gasped, pumping away in her pussy.

"Almost," she gasped. She closed her eyes and bit her lip, as if trying to hold off her orgasm. She began moaning louder and louder, then squealed.

Greg pulled out and slide down so he was facing her pussy. He plunged two fingers up inside her body and began licking her clit. She squealed, bouncing her pussy up off the bed, feeding it to his mouth. He pumped his fingers in and out of her hot pussy, while licking like a dog lapping spilled milk. She squealed, louder and louder until she stiffened and screamed at the top of her lungs.

He continued eating and finger-fucking her juicy pussy, while she heaved and humped her pussy against his mouth. Her orgasm was massive. She tore the bedding off the bed, clenching it in her fists and rolling from side to side. He tried hard to maintain contact with her thrashing pussy. Finally she began to relax, and he knew he would have to stop.

He froze, with his fingers still up inside her and his mouth closed around her small child-like pussy. She moaned in decreasing intensity until she lay silent. Suddenly she shot up off the bed. "Why did you do that?" she asked. "You didn't like it?" "Of course I liked it, it was incredible. But I wanted to feel your hard cock inside me." "I wasn't wearing a rubber," Greg said simply. "Oh my God!" she gasped. "I. I forgot." "It's just as well. You had a big orgasm and now I can watch while you finish me." "Yes," she said with a smile.

She patted the bed behind her. He slid up, found the pillows and put them behind his back. This was the moment he would always remember. This was the moment he would look down and see that heavenly creature sucking his dick like a common whore.

But there was nothing common about her. She flew up and sat on his feet. He loved the feeling of that her ass pressing down on his ankles. She leaned forward and took his cock in her hand, then with a playful look, she again slid her mouth down the entire length, before closing her lips around the base. "Oh yes," Greg gasped. She smiled up into his eyes, while she slowly slid up and down on his cock.

The suction from her lips was almost painful. He could feel her tongue pressed against the bottom of his cock, adding immensely to his pleasure. She suddenly stopped and licked the head of his cock with her tongue. He jerked up off the bed, starting to object, when she licked the sensitive area at the very end. But she didn't linger there for long. She moved her closed lips up and down on the left side of his cock, before engulfing it again and bobbing up and down.

Greg had been close to coming before, now the fire in his balls was raging. He knew russian slut jill aka toma would only be seconds. He burned the image of the goddess-like face smiling at him as she swallowed his cock.

It would be his best memory. It would be a memory that would eventually spur him on to better things. "Oh fuck," he moaned.

"I'm coming," he gasped, as if in warning. She smiled sweetly, pausing with her mouth on the head of his cock. She sucked diligently, using her tongue to swirl around and around the head. Half of him wanted to scream "stop" but the other half endured the electric thrills rushing through his groin.

Grunting with his eyes rolling back in his head, Greg stiffened. His cock began spurting thick cum into her sweet red lips. Her golden tanned cheeks sucked violently, as she milked his cock for it's juices. Sucking like a straw, she watched his face as she milked his loins of it's precious cum. Thrashing around on the bed, Greg shot upright and looked down to watch until she finished him. Sensing that he'd had enough, she released his cock, pulled away, then sucked the last few drops from the head of his cock.

He hissed as those beautiful lips touched his cock again, then she released him and rolled off his feet. He missed the soft warmth of her ass on his legs. It was extremely comforting. "You are wonderful," he gasped, pulling the blanket over his nakedness, as he watched the sway of her perfect ass make it's way to the sink. "It's good to be appreciated again," she smiled over her shoulder. "You should be appreciated, ever single day of your life.

I know I will never forget you." "Thanks," she said with sincerity. She placed one foot up on the sink and washed her pussy with a washrag. "And thanks for remembering to pull out," she said again. "I had forgotten." "You don't need a pregnancy marring that perfect body of yours," he said, still admiring her perfect figure. "I don't need a pregnancy at all," she smiled as she returned and bundled up in her robe.

She hugged the robe around her body happily, while smiling down at him. "That's the way you should look, happy, smiling, and sexy as hell." "Shouldn't. shouldn't somebody be watching the office?" she asked. "Oh hell," he bounced up off the bed. She laughed as he ran into the bathroom and cleaned up, then quickly dressed and led her out of the room. The first thing he saw was Ethan, sitting on the hood of his red Mercedes.

He stood and turned to watch the blonde cross the court and enter their room. He glowered at Greg, before hurrying inside his room and slamming the door. "Fuck you very much," Greg said, bowing toward the closed door. He turned and unlocked the office. He looked at the clock on the wall, amazed to see it was still only 9:00 o'clock in the evening. It seemed that days had passed, not a short, pathetic hour. How much a life can change in an hour.

A grey Aries K pulled into the court and parked by the front door. The same little old man climbed out which haydee the best fucked big dick new hentai been there the day before. He looked around timidly, before pushing through the glass door. "Back again?" Greg asked happily. Nothing could spoil the good mood he was in tonight. He pushed a registration card across the counter with a black ink pen.

The man took it, a little surprised, and began writing. "Same room?" Greg asked. "No, something closer to the office," he said. Greg pushed the key to room 1D across the counter. The man again seemed surprised that he had to pay 63 dollars. Greg didn't feel obligated to explain. As the little man pulled across the court, Greg pulled out the marked-up map of the county. He looked at the red squares in pride. There were six red squares on the map, squares representing his new six acres of land.

His six acres encompassed the entire lake front area below Edgewood. The very land that Ethan had said would increase a hundred fold. Boy would he be surprised. Three days passed, uneventful days.

The red Mercedes had left the morning after his divine fuck. He missed her terribly and watched her tape over and over again. Just watching the tape brought back her smell, or the soft touch of her hands. He had to admit to himself, he was infatuated. The funny thing was, he didn't even know her name. "Bow Weevil!" Greg shouted at the television. He watched as the guy paused in indecision, then was buzzed out.

Alex Trivet knew the answer, of course. Those assholes were so damned smug, when they could read the answers off a card. "What is the Weevil?" Alex said condescendingly. Lights flashed on the wall. Greg turned to see the red Mercedes pull up at the office door. His heart quickened, until he saw that only Ethan climbed out of the car.

Ethan stormed inside the office and stood glaring down at him. "I just found out," Ethan said in a threatening manner. "Oh good, I'm so glad," Greg said sarcastically. "You bought up lots 111 through 153 in Edgewood." "Yes, I did. I'm going to start a fishing camp. Want to buy in?" "You found out, didn't you?" "Yes, but tell your boyfriend that your secret is safe with me," Greg said with a smile.

"You found out we are developing Edgewood," he accused. "I don't see how you can develop property that you don't own. Now if you have a formal complaint, or accusation, please get on with it. If you are not here for a room, then get to hell out." "We have other options," he said happily. "Edgewood was only one of a hundred such places. I will simply move on," he said.

"Then move on," Greg said in a bored voice. "You will be stuck with that property. It will be practically worthless to you." "Whatever," Greg pretended to be bored. "I just wanted you to know who screwed you," he said with a smile. "Oh Ethan?" "Yes," he paused at the door. "I would like you to see a tape. I'm planning on sending it to a certain husband, and perhaps a father.

Are you interested?" Ethan turned a sickly color. He took his hand off the door and took one step back toward the center of the room. "Well?" "That's blackmail," he said, not for kinky teenager rides on a massive dick moment believing that Greg's threat was an idle one.

"No, just business. If everything goes on as planned, it's just one of my entertainment tapes. If not." he left the threat hanging. Ethan turned and started for the door. "Oh Ethan," Greg called. "What!" Ethan roared, spinning around. "When will development begin at Edgewood?" "Three months," he said, without moving his lips. He crashed through the door and sped off down the road. Greg took out his map and began writing on the squares. "Greg's Gas Station, Greg's Marina, Greg's Grocery Store." Greg never did find out who the blonde was.

As his wealth increased and he retired a few years later, he married a woman who was quite similar to her. But he never forgot the blonde and never would.

The old man, as it turned out, was the inspector for the hotel chain. Thanks to him, Greg got a nice promotion.

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He really didn't need it, he was a millionaire.