Petite teen ruby rayes gets rammed by mature coach

Petite teen ruby rayes gets rammed by mature coach
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My son used to bring Alex over sex xxx mom sex com our house when he was younger. Even at 14 years old, his toothy grin and cheerful disposition made everyone around him feel good. We passed each other in the hall during his sleepovers at our house and when I made breakfast for all the kids the next morning, I used to wink at him when he smiled at me. As the years passed, I saw less of Alex.

My son made friends with other kids in the new neighbourhood after we moved to a nearby town. After my divorce, I had dated quite a few guys but I found that none my age could fully satisfy my unyielding unquenchable lust. I was 47-years-old, a redhead with 40DD tits and a nice round ass that men loved to fuck. The problem was they came during our encounters and fell asleep.

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I was ready to go at it again and instead had to settle for hearing them snore for hours on end afterwards. I thought about having a gangbang but though I hungered for more men, I wasn't yet ready to make such a leap.

One day, out of the blue, my son told me that Alex would be coming over and dropping off some DVDs. He asked me to answer the door since he would be out for the evening.

I said sure. Alex knocked at the door and after Interracial blonde and milf rubs pussy sink xxx prostitution sting takes crank off the opened it, I bent down to pick up something that I had in my hand that had fallen to the ground.

I could see his eyes staring at my bountiful bosom and his cock bulging, reacting to what his mind had conjured up. I stared at that boyish face that was more handsome than I had remembered. Without thinking, I expertly and fastidiously unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, reached in and grabbed his exquisite black meat. With a wide grin on his face, Alex responded "Mind if I come in, Mrs.

Sommers?" Embarrassed I let him in and closed the door shut behind him. He took my hand and placed it back on his aroused cock. Falling to my knees, I looked at his uncircumcised dark instrument that had to be a good 10 inches long and thick. I could feel my pussy moisten and my hunger for having his cock in my mouth build. "Suck me baby," Alex moaned as I stroked his hardening prick.

My wet tongue licked every inch of his shaft, more fervently than usual. I ached to devour his black dick. When my lips finally covered his erect throbbing cock, my head began bobbing up and down while I looked up at his piercing dark eyes.

Alex moaned and shot his huge load into my mouth. His hot sticky cum went down my throat, some dripped down my chin.

I couldn't believe it but I came at that very moment. I could feel my release dripping down my pantyhose covered legs. I had never orgasmed before just from sucking a man. Alex suddenly moved my mouth away from his hot rod and lifted me from the floor. My tongue reached out and licked as much of his cum as it could. He tasted wonderful. Alex carried me over to the sectional sofa and lay me down on its soft inviting leather. It was his turn to pleasure me and he didn't waste any time. He slowly unbuttoned my low cut blouse, helped remove it from my body and flung it to the floor.

Unhooking my bra, he kissed my exposed tits, one at a time. The heap piled up on the ground. I gently rubbed his cock with my left high heel as he stood in front of me.

He removed my left high heel and began massaging my left foot, then the same to the right shoe and foot. His hands slowly moved up my shimmering willowy legs.

Upon reaching just below my waist, he peeled my nylons off. Putting my big toe in his mouth he began gently sucking on it and then licked between each toe. I softly moaned. My black lacy thong along with my short red frilly skirt was alysha laine lesbian anal fisted that remained on my body.

He didn't let them get in the way of what he wanted, what we BOTH wanted him to do. He squatted on his knees and opened my legs wide, lifting my skirt and moving my thong to the side with his fingers. As his tongue licked up and down my wet slit, he slipped in a finger and then a second into my hole.

I could feel another orgasm building up. His nose smelled my aroma and he sucked on my swollen clit until I lost control.

His face got soaked with my pussy juices and he lapped it up like a happy puppy, with his prick springing to life once again in lieu of a wagging tail. He helped take off my wet thong, licking my fresh nectar that was on it. My skirt was removed with little effort julia ann my friend mom he was set for action.

Swiftly he removed his jeans and briefs, moved his 19-year-old cock into position and grabbed a rubber from his pocket, covering his penis with it. I was impressed that despite his young age he was mature enough to be responsible. I didn't have long to think about it as I quickly felt his dick entering my wanting cunt. He held up my legs to get in deeper and I looked at his black cock moving in and out of my very fair skinned pussy. The red hair on my mound added to the visual delight. His thrusts were powerful and each left me wanting for more.

His enthralled face looking at me during his movements in and out of my hot wet pussy, heightened my arousal. When our bursts of ecstasy exploded, his condom was the lucky recipient of his outpouring. I covered his safe prick with my sweet nectar. He pulled out of my juicy cunt and spilled the contents of his protection all over my ripe tits. His warm tongue generously licked my upright left nipple while I eagerly used my mouth to suck my firm right nipple, all the while tasting the gift he had left me.

Moving his tongue up my body, I finally got to have it deep in my mouth.

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He swirled it inside and the feel of our tongues dancing together and our juices mixing was exhilarating. This was the point where I knew I would get to watch him sleep while I yearned for more… or so I thought. Alex instead got off the couch and pulled me towards him.

"Lean over and spread your legs Baby," he said while motioning me to the edge of one side. I did as he asked, hungry for more chances to have his immense prick inside me.

I was insatiable and he knew it. My firm round ass facing him, he stuck a finger inside my asshole after lubricating it with my pussy juices. I rubbed my clit hard as he opened my ass up more to get it ready to accept the enormity of what was to come. He gently pushed his cock into my anus while I screamed out by the pleasure and small amount of pain it caused. "Fill me up. Give it to me. Give me your big cock NOW," I heard myself shout out as he rammed more inches than I had ever thought my tight asshole could accommodate.

"Oh God, fuck me harder, faster," I pleaded. Alex didn't need coaxing. He held onto my ass cheeks and he pushed in and out of me, grunting audibly. When his sperm shot inside me I realized he hadn't put on a condom but it felt soooooooooo good, I didn't care.

Never had a man made me feel so complete, so fulfilled. I shuddered and came yet again and my legs were drenched from the night's activities. Reality sunk in as we lay in each other's arms.

Reluctantly I said that Alex should leave so that my returning son wouldn't catch us. "Yes Mrs. Sommers," he said, this time winking at me. He put on his jeans and I was sorry to see his cock slip away from view. Moments later he was gone but the memories would linger on. The next morning at breakfast, my son asked me if Alex had come over the previous night. "Yes, Alex came," I replied. Many times over, I thought to myself.