Wife cheat in restaurant bathroom

Wife cheat in restaurant bathroom
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The Futa Fairy Futa Doctor's Hot Wish Chapter Two: Dr. Rita's Futa Medicine By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 I rolled off my sleeping beauty, both of us breathing so heavily. Already, Nurse Pita was dressing, a big smile on the Hispanic nurse's face. Carly Wright, my sleeping princess, had an equally large smile on her face, though hers was adorned with Pita's tart pussy juices. The hospital room reeked of sex. It was the second time the three of us had sex tonight.

The first time was right after I healed my delicious, sleeping beauty with my new, magical futa-cum. Thanks to a wish I made, Leanan Sidhe the futa-fairy had visited me in my dreams. She changed me, transformed me into a futanari doctor, and gave me a huge, throbbing dick in place of my clit. A dick story lesbianas lesbians mexicanas mujeres mexican amateurs peludas casercasting senora gritona sexy made magical cum that healed people.

Like it healed Carly. Five hours ago, she was in a coma. She had no prospects of ever waking up, her brain destroyed in a car accident. For the last three months, she had slumbered in this room at St. Clare Hospital. And then I became a futa, came in her mouth, and cured her. And then I loved her. And that was when Nurse Pita caught us.

The Hispanic nurse had been so turned on she couldn't help but join us for round two. And now round three was over as we neared the end of my shift. "Well, I say you bffs truth or dare turns in lesbian sex still 100% recovered," I proclaimed to my blonde beauty as I lay beside her on the hospital bed, my large, ebony tits rising up and down as I breathed, my big, Black cock wet and hard on my stomach.

"Mmm, thank you, Dr. Rita," she purred, pressing that ivory body against my ebony flesh. She kissed me hard on the lips, letting me taste Nurse Pita's delicious, tart pussy again.

I groaned, my futa-dick throbbing. I wanted to fuck her so badly. But I had work to do. I was a doctor. "I will check-in on you tonight," I told her.

"If you're not already discharged." "You mean, after they run more tests," she laughed. "They already gave me one MRI tonight." "It's a miracle," Nurse Pita breathed.

"Your cum, Dr. Rita. A miracle." "Yes, it is," Carly agreed, her pale fingers grasping my dark cock. "When I'm discharged, you have got to let me buy you coffee." "Mmm, that sounds perfect," I told her.

I had been in love with her for a month, watching her sleep. Ever since the futa-cop had fucked me when she pulled me over for speeding, I had a switch flipped in me. I found girls so sexy. And now that I was a futa, they were irresistible. I gave her one last kiss before I broke away. I had responsibilities.

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I was a doctor here at St. Clare's Hospital in Lakewood. I needed to finish my rounds. And I needed figure out how I could use my futa-cum as medicine without fucking all my patients. They weren't all women. And I doubt the men would appreciate having my dick thrust into their mouths. I know I didn't want to suck on theirs. I pulled on my karina white sex xxx pussymovies scrubs while Nurse Pita ran a hand through her dark, flowing hair.

Her eyes were smoldering as she stared at my panties struggling to constrain my futa-dick. I smiled back, pulling up my scrub bottoms, hiding my dick. "We're going to start testing ways to administer my futa-cure," I told her. "When I come in for my shift tonight. You're going to be my right-hand slut." "Oh, yes, Dr.

Rita," Nurse Pita moaned in that delicious, Hispanic accent. It made me tingle.

"Madre di Dios, but I need that cock again." "Oh, yes," Carly agreed. "Maybe it should be coffee for three." "Maybe," I answered, glancing back at my blue-eyed goddess.

"And you might want to get cleaned up. That's a lot of cum pooling out of your pussy." "Your cum," she breathed, running her hands through her pussy. "Maybe my next nurse will want a taste. After all, I'm a patient and need to be cleaned up." Nurse Pita gave a purring moan. I hooked her arm, pulling her away. "No, we have our jobs to do. Break's over." "Yes, Dr. Rita," sighed Nurse Pita. We left Bis zum anschlag rein in den mund gathering my cum out of her pussy, my dick aching in my panties.

But I ignored it. I headed through the hospital, checking in on my other patients, making sure all the paperwork was in order for the day shift to take over.

Despite nearing the end of my twelve hour shift, I has so much energy, my futa-cock filling me with stamina. It was hard not to attack every sexy nurse in the hospital. Literally. My cock didn't get soft the entire time.

When my shift came to an end, I went to say goodbye to Carly, but she was having another MRI. Neurologist would be studying her case for decades to come, trying to figure out what had happened to spontaneously regenerate so much damaged gray and white matter.

That made me giggle as I drove home to my house in Parkland that I shared with my daughter after divorcing her father, Stefan.

I had a bigger cock than him now. And he always boasted about his girth. I walked in and found my daughter wearing pajamas and sitting on the couch, the TV on. She was a eighteen-year-old freshman at Washington College and had a clear look of misery on her face. She coughed as I came closer.

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"I'm not feeling well, Mom," she groaned as I put a hand on her forehead. She was hot. "I'll say." Pattie knew better than to try and fake it around me. "Did you take any medicine?" She shook her head. I rolled my eyes. She never liked taking her medicine and. My dick throbbed. "I have something new," I told her. "I think you'll like it.

Let me whip it up for you. You'll feel right as rain in moments." "Okay, Mom," she said, wincing. She must have a sore throat, too. Well, Mommy would soothe it all away. I couldn't believe I was really going to do this, feed my own daughter my cum. I entered the kitchen and grabbed a glass. Chinese young girl tube porn unlaced my scrub bottoms, shoving them down followed by my panties. My huge, ebony girl-dick flopped out, the tip smacking the rim.

I groaned, loving the sight of my girl-dick. "Oh, yes, Mommy's going to make you feel so much better," I groaned, grasping my girth and stroking it, my pussy clenching. "Just you wait, honey." "Okay, Mom," her hoarse voice called back. My hand stroked up and down my dick. I stared at the ebony shaft, the dark tip throbbing with my heartbeat.

Precum dribbled from the slit, a clear rivulet running down the glass towards the bottom. So much precum. Far more than a man would produce.

My pussy clenched again as I stroked faster. I shuddered every time my hand reached the pinnacle, brushing the sensitive crown. It was like touching my clit, but it was so much larger. So it had much more surface area full of all those nerve receptors to stimulate me. It increased the pleasure a hundredfold, making me groan, my eyes fluttering. "Oh, yes," I muttered to myself as I jerked my cock.

"Mommy is whipping you up a big batch of futa-cum to make you feel better. Your Mommy loves you so much." It was so naughty. So taboo. So perverted. I couldn't believe I was even considering this. But Pattie was a blossoming hottie. I had noticed her the last month running around the house in her panties, often pink or lilac or other pastel hues that contrasted with her ebony skin.

She had such a bubbly butt and round breasts that filled out her tight, baby doll t-shirts. My hand flew up and down on my dick. My pussy dribbled juices as I groaned and gasped. My orgasm swelled, my ovaries growing so full as my hand flew faster and faster on my cock, bringing me closer and closer to exploding. I pictured her drinking the cum, tilting back the glass to get every salty drop, her body shuddering.

I came. Hard. My cum ejaculated with force. My cum splattered the bottom of the glass, splashing and swirling. I shuddered, more and more blasts firing from my futa-dick. Every spurt adding more and more milky delight to the bottom of the glass.

I groaned, staring at it, the pearly jism floating in the whitish liquid. I shivered, my pussy clenching, the taboo pleasure rushing through my body. "Oh, yes, Mommy loves you," I moaned as my orgasm peaked, my cock firing its last load of futa-cum into the glass. I filled a quarter of it. So much jizz. Far more than a man could.

I swirled it around, staring at it through the green-tinted glass. I shivered, pulling up my panties and scrubs then licking a small rivulet that had trickled out at the end, washing across the back of my hand. My cum tasted amazing. Pattie would love it. I walked back into the living room. She had the blanket wrapped around her shivering body, her head poked out the top. She had her hair braided in rows from her brow to the back of her neck, ending in small beads. She never undid them between her weekly salon visits.

They took too much time to braid. They clacked as she shifted her head, turning to smile at me. "Here you go, honey." She frowned at the cup. "What is this?" she asked, taking it.

"It's a lot." "You'll enjoy it," I promised my daughter, stroking her brow as I sat on the arm of the couch. "Drink up." "Okay," she sighed, a shiver wracking her body. She tilted back the cup. I tensed, watching the thick liquid through the glass slid towards her lips. I held my ravishing lisa ann rides on a bbc mouth boobs. My heart grew so tight.

I squirmed. My incestuous cum reached my daughter's lips. She ingested it. A groan rose in her throat. Her body convulsed, this time not from her sickness. She gulped down my spunk. She kept drinking, lifting the glass higher and higher, eager for every drop of her Mother's futa-cum. I felt her brow grow cooler and less clammy as the girl-jizz worked its magic, healing her cold. Her eyes were so wide. She shuddered again, groaning, squirming beneath the blanket. When she finished, she was breathless, staring up at me, her dark eyes so wide.

"Mom." "Wasn't that just delicious medicine?" I asked her. "And I bet you're feeling so much better, right, angel?" "Mom." She said again, her eyes shooting down to my crotch. Then her hand latched out. I gasped as she squeezed my futa-dick through my scrubs and panties. "You're a futa!" I blinked and then groaned as her hand shoved into my scrubs and panties.

My daughter grasped my dick directly, pulling it out and, before I could even act, her mouth was latched over my shaft's spongy crown. I groaned, my daughter sucking my futa-cock, her cheeks hollowing as she moaned out her delight.

"You know what a futa is?" I groaned, so shocked as she bobbed her mouth up and down my futa-cock. She was no stranger to this. She had blown a cock this huge before. She had no trouble taking it in her mouth. "Who?" Her mouth popped off my dick. "Ms. Marcie at my college. And there's the two futa-cheerleaders, Kimmie and Cassandra. Oh, and Officer Cindy." "Oh, I know her," I panted, my eyes so wide as my daughter sucked my cock again, engulfing as much of it as she could.

"Oh, damn, Pattie, this is so hot. I know it's wrong, but I love it. Suck Mommy's big cock. Make sure you're feeling better. Get another load of cum in you." She sucked once more, making my pussy clench so hard, and then she ripped her mouth off my dick, shaking her head.

"No, Mom, I want that healing load right into my pussy. I want to fuck my Mom's cock. It's so hot watching Officer Cindy and Ms. Marcie fuck their daughters during class. I want that, too. I want to fuck my Mom's big futa-dick!" "Yes," I moaned, my pussy clenching so hard. "Yes, yes, yes.

Let's do that. Fuck your Mommy's futa-cock!" I slipped down on the couch while my daughter hopped to her feet, ripping off her pajama top and the flannel boy shorts she liked to sleep in, revealing her naked, underage body.

My futa-dick throbbed as I stared at her shaved pussy, her dark flesh gleaming with excitement, a hit of taboo pink peeking out of her slit.

Her breasts were round and so firm, an ebony version of Carly's ivory tits. I gasped those, squeezing my daughter's mounds and pulling her to me.

I kissed my daughter hard on the mouth, tasting my salty girl-jizz on her lips. This was so wrong, sexy babe gets cum shot on her face eating all the love juice taboo. She was my daughter. This was incest. And I loved it. I couldn't wait sunny leone fucking sex stories storys for view feel her pussy around my girl-dick as I fondled her underage titties, squeezing those firm mounds.

"Mom," moaned Pattie, breaking our kiss and rubbing my cock against her pussy. I gave birth to her, and now she was about to fuck my futa-dick. This was so wonderfully wrong. "I'm going to fuck your big cock so hard!" "Yes, angel," I moaned. "Fuck mommy's futa-dick!

Ram that sweet, succulent cunt down Mommy's big girl-cock!" My daughter impaled herself on my big, throbbing futa-dick. I shuddered as her hot, succulent pussy sank down my shaft. She was so tight, her hot flesh engulfing my dick. She was dripping, her flesh so silky tight. I groaned, incestuous passion surging through me. I was in my daughter's underage pussy.

The most taboo cunt in the world. I loved it. I savored it. I had just healed her. I had just made her feel amazing, and she was rewarding me with her sweet pussy.

Such pleasure crossed her face as she grasped my shoulders, her fingers digging through my scrubs. There was such rapture on her face. "Oh, Mommy, your cock is just as huge as Officer Cindy's and Ms. Marcie's," she moaned.

"Mmm, this is so awesome!" "Uh-huh," I groaned as she slid her tight pussy up my shaft, my hands squeezing her round, ebony tits again. Her beaded braids clacked together as she shivered. Her lower lip quivered. Such delight shown in her eyes. And then she slammed down my cock and groaned, her pussy engulfing every inch of my dick. "Oh, yes, Mommy! I love your cock! This is so awesome.

Now I get to fuck your cock at home, and Ms. Marcie's cock at college!" My right hand moved, reaching around to grab her ass as I groaned, "No wonder you're always talking about that naughty teacher!" "Yes," she squealed, her pussy clenching down so hard on my girl-dick as she impaled her pussy down it. "She's the best, Mommy! Just the best!" "Sounds like it," I panted, savoring my daughter's pussy.

It was so hot, so wrong. I squeezed her ass, feeling her butt-cheeks ripple beneath me as she worked her dick up and down my cock. My eyes rolled back into my head. I groaned and squirmed, my hips thrusting up into her hot cunt, bouncing her on my cock. The couch groaned as we fucked. As we reveled in our incestuous passion. My ovaries swelled with a fresh load of healing cum for her, injected right into her pussy by my big, throbbing futa-dick.

Right into my daughter's underage flesh. God, I was such a wicked mother. "Oh, yes, baby," I moaned. "Oh, that's so good. Mmm, yes, work that pussy up and down Mommy's big cock. I'm going to cum so hard in you." "Do it, Mommy!" she hissed, her fingers bitting into my shoulders. "Cum in me! Cum in your baby girl's pussy! This is so hot!" And then she spasmed on me, her pussy writhing about my dick. I knew that feeling now. Pita and Carly's snatches had both done the same, spasming so hard about me, making me shudder and groan.

My eyes rolled back into my head as that hot, underage pussy milked my cock, trying to draw the incestuous load of cum out of my ovaries. My hands squeezed her ass and breast. I shuddered, the pressure swelling as my daughter bounced and writhed on me, working that hot pussy up and down my dick.

My cunt clenched. I groaned, every muscle in my body tightening as ecstasy hurled towards me. Then, with a load grunt, I exploded. "Pattie!" My cum fired out of my futa-dick. It splashed into my daughter's fertile cunt. My Black angel bounced and writhed on my girl-cock.

Her pussy milked it, drawing out more and more of my jizz. She drank it in, screaming out her passion at the top of her lungs. "Mommy! Oh, Mommy! Yes! I love it! I love you!" "I love you, too, angel," I groaned, the pleasure rushing through my veins. "Mmm, yes, Mommy loves her sweet angel." "And my pussy?" Pattie asked, such a huge, naughty grin on her face as she slumped forward, her orgasm petering out. "Yes. Mommy loves her sweet angel's heavenly pussy!" Then Pattie kissed me.

Hard. I savored my daughter's tongue thrusting into my mouth. I groaned into the kiss, our tongues dueling. I shuddered, such pleasure rippling through my body. What we did was so taboo. So forbidden. It was incest. She was underage. And I didn't care. Then Pattie's eyes widened.

"Oh, no, I missed the bus." I groaned as she hopped off of me, cum running down her thighs as she bolted for her bedroom. "I can't miss college! Officer Japanese beautiful babe gets a hard fuck coming in for a 'demonstration!'" "Excited for college," I muttered. "That's a first." She dressed so fast. I was certain she had pulled her panties on over her cum-stained pussy.

Probably wanted to show all her friends. My mom fucked me before school. She's a futa, too! I bet she'd be popular. I groaned, standing up and putting my cock away. She was already racing out the door, bouncing like a child beside the passenger door. I unlocked my sea-green Toyota Corolla and drove her the short trip to her college. I didn't speed this time.

Though I thought of it. I was feeling tired after that last orgasm. It was time for bed. And then it happened. I was just about to her school when the sun peeked over the horizon, falling on the chilly, autumn day. An electric shiver raced through me.

As a prize for a good workout lady dee gets huge dick from her trainer pornstars hardcore gasped, staring down at my crotch as my futa-cock shrank in my panties. "No!" Such panic surged through me. My futa-cock couldn't be going away.

I needed it. I had patients to heal. This wasn't fair.

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It was important. My futa-dick was necessary. I couldn't loose it. I was supposed to have it forever. "Don't worry, Mom," Pattie said. "Don't worry, angel?" I demanded, my heart racing. "It's sunrise. Your futa-cock just went away. You're like the cheerleaders. They only get their cocks at night. While right now Ms. Marcie and Officer Cindy are now growing their dicks." I stared at my daughter. "What?" "They come and go at sunrise and sunset," she said.

"You'll have yours from sunset to sunrise, and Ms. Marcie's the opposite." "Why?" Pattie shrugged. Then she bounced. "Hurry up. My first class has already started." I pulled into the college, absorbing this new information. Why was it tied to sunrise and sunset? And why did it vary from futa to futa? That didn't make any sense.

Shouldn't it be the same for every futa? And why did it have to go away at all? These questions kept me from finding sleep right away. I wanted to. Believe me, I wanted to sleep. But they kept pouring through my mind. How did this all work? What was the reason for the sunrise, sunset thing? Was it just magic had to have weird rules? Was it like that show Once Upon A Time? They were always talking about how magic comes with a price.

Was the price for becoming a futa only having my dick for half the day? No, I'll have it for more hours in the winter and less in the summer. Wait, but Leanan Sidhe's the Esquire of Summer. Why would she give me a cock I'd have for more in a twenty-four hour period during the winter instead of the summer? But Officer Cindy had one that would last for more hours in the summer.

Did Leanan Sidhe give her that cock? Or was there another futa-fairy? Was there an Esquire of Winter? What favor would Leanan Sidhe collect upon? I finally fell into a sleep, the day passing before I woke up around milf tiruzza will make a fine addition to the harem time my daughter got home from school.

I groaned, hearing her putter around the house, wanting to sleep for a little bit longer.

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But I couldn't. I emerged, my daughter smiling at me. And giving me a hot kiss as a greeting. That helped to wake me up as I moaned into my daughter's lips, our tongues dancing. Incest was really growing on me.

I shivered, breaking the kiss and smiling at Pattie. She smiled back, such a naughty look on her ebony face. "Mmm, you're going to have so much fun at the hospital tonight," she groaned. "All those sexy nurses for you to fuck." "And patients to heal with my futa-cum," I groaned. "That is so wild that you can do that, Mom," she said, licking her lips.

"I mean, I went from hot brunette fuck horny glory hole huge cock like shi.bad to feeling like a million bucks. And I'm so horny. I just wanted to fuck you so badly. Oooh, it was so hot." "I bet," I grinned at her. "You ravished me." "When you get home from work, we can have another quickie." "You'll miss the bus again," I pointed out.

"College's more important than fucking." She pouted. I laughed and gave her another kiss. Later, after coffee, showering, and eating breakfast at 4 PM, I headed to work. The sun was setting, the world growing darker and darker. An excited tingle shot through me as I pulled into St. Claire's parking lot, eager to start my shift and grow my cock. "Dr. Rita," Nurse Pita groaned, scurrying towards me through the other cars in the parking lot.

She wore a gray winter jacket over her purple medical scrubs, a naughty glint in her eyes. "Good evening." I pulled her to me, giving her a hot kiss, not caring if anyone saw us. I shuddered as she undulated her hips, grinding her pubic bone into my crotch. She blinked, breaking our kiss and staring down at my scrub bottoms, muttering in Spanish. "It'll come back," I told her. "Sunset is at 4:47 PM today. And that's in ten minutes. Let's get clocked on and then meet me in my office with a specimen container.

We have tests to run." She nodded her head and we headed into the hospital, breaking apart. At the nurse's desk, I was handed a note. "Carly Wright left this for you, Dr. Rita. She was discharged about an hour ago." I smiled, unfolding the note, grinning at the phone number. "Call me. Let's do coffee. And bring Pita." "It's a miracle what happened to that girl," the nurse said.

"Yep," I nodded, pocketing the note and beaming. I would definitely be calling my sleeping beauty. Once I clocked in, I headed to my office and stripped naked. It was easy. I only had my doctor's coat and medical scrubs on. I didn't bother with a bra or panties today. And scrubs were easy to strip out of. I didn't even have to take off my shoes. Pita burst in a moment later, such eager delight in her ebony eyes.

She grinned as she saw me standing there naked. She licked her lips, her hips swaying from side-to-side. She was clearly eager for the fun to begin. "Two minutes," she said, a specimen container in hand. She fell to her knees before my pussy, staring at my dark bush. She parted my folds and curly hair, rubbing my clit. "Not long." "No," I groaned, trembling, my black guy boy xxx story sex stories racing as she sent such ripples through my body.

Blood pounded through my ears as we waited in breathless silence. She kept stroking my clit, making me twitch, my large, ebony breasts jiggling.

I stared down at her hungry face. Pita had such a hungry glint in her eyes, her golden-brown cheeks flushed dark. And then it happened. Sunset. I felt the world change as the sun vanished. Energy surged through the air, and my body absorbed it. Like a lightning rod in a storm, the energy struck me and ran down my body, grounding out into my clit. My futa-cock grew. "Dr. Rita!" Pita gasped in awe as my pink clit swelled out before me, sliding through her fingers.

The pink nub grew thicker, longer. The pink darkened into that ebony, chocolate hue of my skin as it grew thicker and thicker, spreading apart my pussy lips. I shuddered, my futa-cock throbbing with my heartbeat as it kept expanding. That mushroom-shaped crown appeared, so spongy and sensitive, beading with my precum. Pita licked it. I shuddered, my pussy clenching in delight. Her tongue swirled around it before she latched her lips on it and sucked. I shuddered, delight surging through me.

Her cheeks hollowed as her powerful suction shot to my ovaries. "That's wonderful, Pita, but we need a sample of my cum to study. I can't fire it down your throat." "Sorry, Dr. Rita," she moaned, her voice so throaty. "Your cock is just asombroso!" "Uh-huh," I agreed. "Jerk me off, Pita. Make me cum." "Yes, Dr. Rita." I shuddered as she stroked my dick, holding the cup before it.

Her golden-brown fingers ran up and down my ebony shaft. My dick ached and throbbed. Spasms convulsed my body. My eyes widened at the pleasure racing through my nerves. I shifted, my ass clenching as the pleasure built in my ovaries. I grabbed Pita's wavy-brown hair, gripping it as she jerked me faster and faster. My precum flowed, lubing her hand, letting it glide with ease. The tip of my dick throbbed and twitched every time she touched the spongy crown.

Pleasure shot through me. It built so fast. I groaned, my eyes rolling back into my head. My body shuddered. My pussy clenched harder and harder.

The pleasure boiled through my body. I groaned, my tits heaving before me. "Pita, you delicious nurse," I moaned. "Oh, damn, yes! I'm going to cum so hard!" "Do it, Dr. Rita! Fill the specimen container with your magical jizz. It is such a wondrous thing!" "So wondrous!" I agree, my eyes widening.

"Damn, that's good." My body shuddered. The pleasure surged through me. I groaned, my breasts rising and falling as my orgasm spurted from my girl-cock. My pussy clenched. Juices trickled down my thighs. I groaned, my nipples aching. My ovaries boiled. Erupted. I groaned as my cum spurted hard into the specimen container. The milky delight poured into the cup. Every blast added more and more. Pita moaned, licking her lips in greedy delight as I filled it with my pearly jism.

"Damn," I groaned, panting as my orgasm peaked. "So much, Dr. Rita," she groaned. "That's easily twenty times what a guy produces. You are amazing." Then she licked the tip of my Black dick, gathering the remaining drops of pearly cum. I shivered in delight, my breasts heaving. And then my beeper went off. I groaned, pulling away and finding my beeper. I had a patient that needed attending, admitted from ER. I sighed, pulling on my scrubs quickly, my dick still hard. It bulged the front of my light-blue bottoms.

I didn't care. "Take that to the lab," I ordered. "Began having tests run. I want them all done ASAP. Let's figure out if there's anything in my cum that we can duplicate to spread the cure or if it's limited to just my jizz." "I bet it's limited," Pita said. "That's how magic works.

You're a bruja now." "I'm no witch," I laughed. "The futa-fairy did this." "Either way, it's your cum that's enchanted. I guess you'll just have to help as many people as you can with it." I nodded and headed to room 207. I paused outside the room, grabbing the chart off my door. Missy Lowell, eighteen, with deep cough and running a fever. I looked over the notes and vitals. From inside, I could hear her sore, whooping cough.

My dick throbbed, eager to cure her. I knocked once to give them warning, then opened the door. Missy Lowell was a black-haired girl sitting on the exam table. She wore her street clothes, a long skirt and a sweater. Her face was flushed, making her look even younger. And that was exacerbated by her cute pigtails and button nose.

Sitting beside her was an older woman, brown hair, shoulder length, with that soccer mom harried look about her. "Hi, I'm Dr. Rita," I announced upon entering. I liked using my first name. "Doctor," the woman said while the girl coughed again. "You're the mother?" I asked, walking forward. "Yes," she nodded. "Sheila Lowell, and as you can see, she's very sick." "Yes, she is," I said. "So why don't we take care of that." I pulled at the laces of my scrub bottoms, loosening them.

"Sheila, why don't you help me administer her cure." "Help?" she frowned then gasped as my big, ebony futa-cock flopped out. The White woman's eyes widened at the sight of my girth "Yes, help," I told her, grabbing her hand and pulling it to my cock. I couldn't believe how bold I was being, but I knew my wish. There was real magic in it. Just like Officer Cindy was able to fuck me in public with no one caring, I knew this would work.

"Just guide my girl-cock to your daughter's lips. A taste of my precum should help her out before we administer the injection directly into her pussy." "And that will help, Dr. Rita?" the mother asked. "Oh, yes, your daughter just needs to be my little slut, get a good dose of my cum, and then she'll be right as rain." "Okay, Dr.

Rita." I almost came just from how accepting she was. Leanan Sidhe's magic was amazing. I loved it. My dick throbbed so hard as the mother's ivory fingers wrapped around my dark shaft. Her daughter hotbollywod actress karisma kapor sex fucking in english man at my big, Black futa-dick, her green eyes so wide. "Don't you worry, sweetie," I told her as her mother brought my cock to those moist lips.

"You're going to love being my slut. You're going to cum so hard on my dick. Now, just lick at the precum." "Yes, Dr. Rita," Missy said, her voice rough and hoarse, pain flicking across her face. The poor thing. I would make her feel all better. Then she leaned forward the last inch. Her pink tongue flicked out and ran across my cock. I shuddered, my dick throbbing in her mother's hand as she gathered that drop of precum beading at the end of my ebony shaft.

Her tongue darted in and a little shudder ran through her. "Feeling a little better?" "Yeah," she answered, nodding her head, her pigtails dancing. Then she licked again, gathering another drop. I groaned as her lips latched onto the tip of my dick. The naughty girl sucked so hard, her cheeks hollowing.

Already, the flushness changed in her cheeks, the sickliness fading, replaced by something new. Desire. "That's it," I groaned. "Now, Mom, I'm going to need you to pull off your daughter's panties and make sure her pussy's wet for my cock. You might need to lick her a few times." "Okay, Dr. Rita," Sheila said. My dick throbbed again. After experiencing incest with my daughter, I was eager for more mothers and daughters to discover insisting step mom for fuck same forbidden delight.

Sheila pulled up her daughter's skirt, revealing a pair of yellow panties with a little, red bow on the front. They were such cute panties. Then Mom pulled them off, revealing a downy bush of black covering a tight slit, juices already leaking out. "She looks pretty wet, Dr. Rita," groaned Sheila. "Very aroused." "Better give her a few licks anyways," I groaned, the daughter sucking so hard on my dick.

Pleasure shot down my shaft to my pussy then rippled out through the rest of my body. "We wouldn't want to hurt her with my big dick. Especially if she's a virgin." "She is, Dr. Rita," groaned Sheila. "I can see her hymen." Then the mother licked her daughter's pussy.

Missy moaned about my cock, her green eyes squeezing shut as she experienced her first taste of incestuous passion as her mother's tongue lapped through her virgin pussy. I was going to pop that cherry and heal this girl. Mom licked again, her daughter squealing about my dick. She nursed so hard, the pressure reaching into my pussy.

My cunt clenched at every bout of suction. Her moans grew smoother, the rough soreness vanishing as my precum already healed her. But she needed my jizz in her. "That's enough, Mom," I panted. "Your daughter old guy inserts knob in young hole her treatment." "Yes," Sheila moaned, her eyes glossy, her lips stained with her daughter's cream.

"She's very wet, Dr. Rita. Her virgin pussy's ready for your sex worth a poem facial cumshot cunnilingus girl-dick." "Excellent," I groaned, pulling my dick from Missy's mouth.

"And are you ready to be fucked and cured? Ready to be my slut?" "Yes, Dr. Rita," the eighteen-year-old cutie moaned. I shivered and mounted the exam bed. I shrugged out of my doctor's coat and ripped off my scrub tops, baring my ebony breasts.

They bounced and heaved, Missy's green eyes following them. Her ivory hands seized them as I leaned over, squeezing them as my cock nudged at her pussy. "Mom, I need your assistance.

Guide me to your daughter's virgin hole." "Yes, Dr. Rita," the woman moaned, grabbing my dick and brining it to her daughter's pussy. She pressed me right against her daughter's hymen. "She's ready! Cure her!" I thrust hard and popped my first cherry. It was so exciting feeling Missy's virginity stretch before me. Her hymen was elastic, but it could only take so much before it tore. I shuddered, my thick, Black dick burying into her little, White pussy.

She gasped, shuddering, her hands squeezing my tits. Her pussy squeezed my cock. It was so hot rough anal fucking with big cocked stepbrother and blonde stepsis in stockings tight in her virgin depths. I groaned, shuddering as I drew back my hips. I slid through her hot folds. The pleasure surged through me. It was so exciting.

Her cunt clenched down on my girth, making me tremble. "Oh, Dr. Rita," she gasped, her face twisting, almost all the hoarseness gone from her voice. "Oh, yes, Dr.

Rita, I love this cure! This is the best!" "Yes," I panted, thrusting forward, burying my cock back into her sweet, untouched depths. I stared into her green eyes, watching the pleasure burst through her. "You just love it!" "I do!" she moaned, her hips bucking, her thighs latching about my waist. "I'm your slut, Dr. Rita!" "She is," moaned the mother, her hips squirming in her blue jeans as she watched me fuck her daughter's once virginal cunt.

It was so hot having the mother superb young woman brutal dp and dap as I violated her daughter's pussy over and over. My cock hammered into her depths, driving so deep. The pleasure shuddered through me. Her cunt was so hot and juicy around my cock. I groaned, drinking in the friction as I pumped my hips so hard. "Oh, yes," Missy groaned. "Oh, wow, that's so hot. Oh, Dr.

Rita, I love your cock fucking my pussy. Cure me! You're making me feel better and better!" "I can tell," I groaned. "You're so hot and tight. You're going to cum hard on my dick." "So hard, Dr.

Rita," the cutie moaned. Her hips bucked harder into my thrusts. The White girl loved my big, Black futa-cock plunging over and over into her pussy. She twitched and groaned, her breasts jiggling. Her eyes were so wide. So full of pleasure as I took her over and over, my dick thrusting into her depths. It was so hot. So naughty. I loved it. it made me so happy to give her this delight.

To cure her and give her such pleasure. Her hands kneaded my nipples. She brought my dark nub to her lips, sucking on it as I fucked her hard, the exam table creaking beneath me. "Heal my daughter, Dr. Rita," moaned the mother, rubbing at the crotch of her jeans, her own pussy getting hot as she watched her daughter writhing on my big, Black girl-dick.

"Heal her so hard!" "I am!" I groaned, thrusting harder, my ovaries swelling, the pressure growing. "Your daughter's slutty pussy is sucking at my dick." I rammed into Missy's depths. The girl squealed about my nipple and came. Her pussy went wild about my dick. Her hot, tight, near-virginal depths milked at my plunging shaft. I shuddered, plowing into the White girl's underage cunt so hard. My pussy clenched.

I erupted. My magical futa-cum fired into her depths. She shivered, the last bunny fucked fetish anal sexstars double fucking face fetish her sickly flush fading from her cheeks, her breathing improving dramatically. She was cured by my jizz. I convulsed with every blast of my cum, the pleasure flooding through my mind.

"You're curing my daughter!" moaned Sheila, her spying sister watch part on cutescam com rasping on her jeans. "Uh-huh," I groaned, my pussy clenching so hard, juices flooding from my snatch as I pumped the last of my jizz into her daughter's sweet cunt. "But I'm worried about you now, Sheila." "Me," she groaned. "You've been exposed to her flue.

You might be sick. So you need my medicine, too. Luckily, I fired too much into your daughter." I grinned. "So you just need to lick it out of her." "Oh, yes, Mom," groaned Missy.

"Lick the medicine out of my pussy." "Oh, that's such a great idea, Dr. Rita. I was feeling something at the back of my throat. I might be coming down with it, too." I pulled out of Missy and Sheila bent over the foot of the exam bed, pulling her daughter's ass to the edge. She leaned over and buried her face into her daughter's pussy, licking my healing cum right out of that newly deflowered snatch.

My dick throbbed. Still hard. I loved Leanan Sidhe's gift. I rubbed at Sheila's bubbly ass as she devoured my cum out of her daughter's underage pussy. I reached around, finding the fastener. I unsnapped it. The zipper rasped. Then I ripped her jeans and her panties down, exposing her pale, White ass.

My dick was so dark draped over her ivory rump. My tits swayed as I moved my shaft, coated in her daughter's juices—the same juices she eagerly lapped up with my cum—between her butt-cheeks. I found her asshole, thrust. "Oh, god," she groaned as I buggered her. "Oh, Dr.

Rita! A suppository?" "Just to make sure," I panted. "But don't stop licking my medicine out of your daughter's cunt." "No, Mom, don't stop licking," begged Missy, grinding on her mother's face. Sheila's bowels clenched on my dick as I fucked her ass hard. I rammed it into her bowels as she tongued and devoured her daughter's cunt. It was so hot savoring the mother's ass after popping the daughter's cherry. Big booob sexy girls age 20 was such a wicked doctor.

My thick, ebony dick reamed her pale ass. She was so tight and hot. I groaned, loving the rougher texture of hot bowels compared to the silky delight of pussy. My cunt clenched with every thrust, juices dribbling down my thighs as I sodomized the MILF over and over. "Just lick it all up," I groaned. "Lick out all that wonderful jizz from your slutty daughter's cunt!" "Yes, Mom!" howled Missy, bucking against her mother's licking tongue.

She grabbed Sheila's brown hair, holding on tight as her pigtails flew. Her face contorted. "I'm cumming, Mom!" My dick ached in Sheila's bowels. The woman made her own daughter cum and now licked up all the naughty juices pouring out.

My thrusts grew harder and harder, pounding the woman's ass. Her pale butt-cheeks jiggled while she moaned louder and louder. And then she came. Her bowels writhed about my dick. She screamed out her passion into her daughter's cunt. I shuddered, plunging over and over into her spasming asshole. Her velvety flesh milked me, eager for my cure to flood her ass. "Cum in her, Dr. Rita!" moaned Missy. "Cum in my mother's asshole!

Cure her!" "Yes!" I howled, my pussy clenching, the pressure boiling in my ovaries. Then I rammed into the MILF's bowels. My ebony cock throbbed. I unloaded. I grunted, flooding the White womans' asshole with so much of my girl-cum. Dizzy delight shot through me. I was curing her and having hot, deviant sex all at the same time. "Oh, Dr. Rita," the MILF moaned, shuddering.

She turned her head around, lips and chin dripping with lyla storm in i have a wife daughter's pussy juices. "Oh, that was amazing." "Uh-huh," Missy panted, squirming. I grinned at them, pulling my dick out of the mother's asshole. "Well, I think your daughter can go home. But, just to be on the safe side, the pair of you should lick each other's pussies at least once a day." "For how long?" Sheila said, a glint in her eyes.

"Oh, for as long as you both cum hard doing it," I grinned. "Now I have other patients to tend to. A nurse will be here in a few minutes to get you checked out. Have a great evening." I dressed quickly then left with a smile on my lips, eager for my next patient to heal while wondering what Pita's tests would reveal about my cum.

God, I loved being a futa-doctor. To be continued.