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To: Ron From: F&G Re: Re: Harry. Ginny Bugger. To: Gryffindor Tower (All) From: Fred & George Weasley Re: Our Little Sister URGENT: Anyone seen Ginny?

To: Fred & George Weasley From: Ron Re: Re: Our Little Sister Well? To: Ickle Ronniekins From: Fred & George Weasley Re: Re: Re: Our Little Sister Nothing. Nada. Zip. She's probably in Hogsmeade already.

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Yeah. Like a regular Weasley would, leading us on to think she's snogging Harry, when actually she's laughing her ass off at us. She'd do that to us. -F&G To: Fred & George Weasley From: Ron Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Our Little Sister Delusional, much?

Think back, dear brothers, to our sister's FIRST Valentines Day at Hogwarts. Now, tell me, if you were Ginny, what would YOU do? Drive your brothers insane with innuendo Snog Harry, and drive your brothers insane. Well? -Ron To: Fred & George Weasley From: Lee Jordan Re: Re: Our Little Sister Just popped by the area of the photo shoot. Very secure, and Dumbledore himself said that only authorized people are allowed in, to protect Harry and crew's dignity.

Tell me, what kind of dignity can a man have if his bits are being splattered across hundreds of thousands of calendars for sales worldwide?

What am I missing? -Lee To: Lee Jordan From: Fred & George Weasley Re: Re: Re: Our Little Sister Just a guess, but probably another 2 in. - Gred & Forge To: Harry Potter From: Snuffles the Adorable Grim CC: Mooney Re: Photo-Daze So, Harry, how'd it go? To: Snuffles From: R. Lupin CC: Harry Potter Re: Re: Photo-Daze They only just started taking pictures, you git. It's scarcely past morning tea. I expect this will be a near full day for Harry.

But, that's beside the point… the "Adorable Grim"? What kind of flowers ARE you sniffing? -Remus To: Moony From: Snuffles the Adorable Grim CC: My Godson Re: Re: Re: Photo-Daze What? I'm a cute dog. I have it on good authority!

Harry- I'm not at all frightening, am I? I mean, I'm lovable as a stray mutt, right? - Snuffles To: Snuffles From: R. Lupin CC: Harry Potter Re: Re: Re: Re: Photo-Daze You're the size of a small pony, and you think you're a cuddly little fluff-ball? Obviously your meals have been laced with something lately. - Remus To: Moony From: Snuffles CC: Harry Potter Re: PMS, Much? Let me guess, it's that time of the month for you? - Snuffles To: Remus Lupin, Snuffles From: Harry Potter Re: Re: PMS, Much?

Kids, each to your corner. I'm on lunch break and at the rate your going, my Mmailbox will start sending me Howlers. Snuffles: Ginny says that you're an adorable animal when you're clean. Hot football babes awesome group fucking with coach hardcore groupsex the last time you had a bath you were a free man.

Remus: Don't taunt the dog. He's not had his shots. Now, if you don't mind, I'm prancing around in little more than a towel, I've just wolfed down some food. (No pun intended, Remus), and I'm off to do the dragon shot. Once today's done, I'm going down to Hogsmeade and getting utterly plastered on Butterbeers and Firewhiskey. Only then do I think I'll be able to blot out the memory of this day. How DO I get myself into these situations? x story sex stories ebony sil pack

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Harry I mocked Voldemorter Ask me how! To: Harry Potter From: Snuffles CC: Moony Re: Re: PMS, Much? Hey, Harry, How did you mock Voldemort? To: Snuffles From: Harry Potter CC: Moony Re: Re:Re: PMS, Much?

My last Mmail, then I'm back to posing all nekkid and stuff. First, I sent my beloved enemy: "Oooh, I tink I taw a bid bad Moldiemort!

I DiD, I DiD I Did tee a bid bad Moldiemort!" Most recently, however: "There once was a stinker named Voldie His breath, it smelled kinda moldy He's oh-so greedy He's tried to kill me But failed cuz his head is so hole-y" I'm thinking about doing a book of poems: Mockeries of a Dark Lord. Snazzy title, hmm? - Harry I Mocked Voldemort Ask me how! To: Harry Potter From: Remus Lupin CC: Snuffles Re: Mockeries of a Dark Lord If that doesn't kill him, I don't know what will.

- Moony To: Harry Potter From: Snuffles CC: Moony Re: Re:Re: Re: PMS, Much? sniffle - I love you kid. Really. Can I have an autographed copy?

Snuffles the Sniffling To: Harry Potter From: Lord Voldemort Re: Re:Re: Your Terms I loathe you Potter.

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L.V. To: Ginny Weasley From: Your Brothers Re: Today Where are you? To: My Brothers To: Prats United From: Ginny Weasley Re: Re:Today Obviously somewhere else. Mum says "Hi!" -Ginny To: Ron From: Ginny Weasley Re: Re:Lunch Ron, what a lovely idea. I only asia always knew how to jerk a cock I had received this Mmail say, yesterday. I've got plans today, brother dear, including lunch with Mum. Maybe next time? - Ginny To: Harry Potter Fans From: The President of the Unofficial Harry Pottery Fanclub Re: The Calendar Photos have been going VERY well.

The photographer is quite excellent, and the poses are simply stunning. This calendar will be our BEST piece ever! The Harry Potter morning-wakeup call is peanuts next to this! My sincerest thanks to all contributors for their artistic work, their quotations and more in putting this project together. It is a tribute to our love for our hero, and a fine statement to his sexiness.

With that in mind, it is with great regret that I resign from my position as President of Harry's fan club. This club represents some of the best years I've had at Hogwarts. I wish you much success in future endeavors. -Ginny Weasley To: Lord Moldiemort From: Harry Potter Re: Re: Re: Re: Your Terms Love you too!

HP "There once was a restored Dark Wizard Whose fondness for otheres rested only in lizards He was such a drag That his conquest was bagged And now he's just stranded out in a lonely blizzard" To: Ginny From: Ron Re: Re: Lunch I wish I'd known Mum and you were meeting for lunch. Next time, I WILL remember to Mmail a day before. Thanks, Gin.

We were all worried that you were hanging off of Harry while he's prancing around in the buff. - Ron To: Ron Weasley From: Charlie Weasley Re: Hey, you. Why weren't you around for the photo-shoot? You could have had lunch with Mum, Ginny and I. Harry, understandably, made himself scarce for lunch. I'm amazed he's doing this with all the dignity he's shown thus far. The charms to protect the guys modesty are fantastic.

It seriously looks like they're wearing the Moldiemort robes. Very cool. And, as for Harry, Sally says the camera is reporting him very deliciously. Poor git. - Charlie To: Charlie Weasley From: Ron Weasley Re: Re: Hey, you. GINNY WAS WITH YOU AT THE PHOTO SHOOT? To: Fred & George Weasley From: Ron Weasley FW: Hey, you.

Ginny was out gallivanting around with her nekkid hero. So much for her presumed innocence. Someone find a unicorn, hmm? - Ron To: Susan Bones From: Lavender Brown Re: Ginny's quitting!

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Word is, Ms. Weasley was snogging with Harry at the photo-shoot. I wonder if she managed to check out those measurements for accuracy? Lavender To: Parvati Patil From: Padma Patil Re: Ginny's Quitting! Rumor has it she and Harry were seen snogging on the Quidditch Pitch.

and he was 'dressed' for the photos! That might explain her sudden retirement, yes? Your Sister To: Colin Creevey From: Padma Patil Re: Ginny Bad luck, squirt.

Ginny IS involved with Harry. I guess this entire upcoming game has made him see her in a new light. Go figure. I thought HE was the one all exposed. - Padma To: Neville Longbottom From: Colin Creevey Re: Ginny & Harry Who's going to tell HER brothers? - Colin To: Colin Creevey From: Neville & Trevor Re: Re: Ginny & Harry Tell her brothers WHAT?!

Nev To: Neville Longbottom From: Colin Creevey Re: Re:Ginny & Harry Oops. Harry and Ginny were getting it on on the Quidditch Pitch earlier today. - Colin To: Colin Creevey From: Neville & Trevor Re: Re: Re: Re: Ginny & Harry NO WAY! I am certainly not brave enough to tell ANY of the Weasley's THAT one! I like my nose unbroken! Nev To: Seamus Finnigan, Dean Thomas From: Neville & Trevor Re: Watch your P & Q's Apparently, Harry has finally noticed the fair Weasley demoiselle.

That means war between him and Ron once the Weasley's all find out about what was happening on the Petite hoe kenzie kai gets destroyed by roommate pitch today. Neville To: Harry Potter From: Dean Thomas Re: YOU and GINNY? Hey, man. just heard the news.

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Congrats. So, just how "get it on" did you "get it on" at the Quidditch Pitch today? Dean P.S. Ron will NEVER hear about this from me!

It's in Gringotts, man. To: Ginny Weasley From: Padma Patil Re: YOU and HARRY! Oh my GOSH! I just heard kidnap rap sex story oil sex YOU and Harry! And on the Quidditch Pitch! So, tell me, is he all of those 13 centimeters? And, what DOES he look like under those robes? You lucky girl! See, dreams DO come true! - Padma To: Harry Potter From: Ginny Weasley Re: The Quidditch Pitch According to various people, I'm given to understand I jumped you or you jumped ME on the Quidditch Pitch.

Where was I when this was going on? Ginny To: Ginny Weasley From: The now-attired Harry Potter Re: Re:The Quidditch Pitch Damned if I know.

The only thing that involves the world "on," "jump," and "Quidditch Pitch" that involves me and today was a dragon or three. Any other less bodily damaging activities seem to have passed me by entirely.

You do realize if your brothers get wind of the rumor mill, the Harry Potter Nekkid calendar will be produced posthumously. I hope you can put a good word in at my funeral. -HP To: Harry Potter From: Ginny Weasley Re: Posthumous Seems a pity, then. you going to your grave for snogging me (or more) and never having done the deed.

Seems to me if you're going to be accused for something and judged you should at least have the fun of having committed the 'crime'. - Ginny To: Ginny Weasley From: Harry Potter Re: Re: Posthumous You busy tonight?