Tight blonde teen getting a hard sex lesson from milf

Tight blonde teen getting a hard sex lesson from milf
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Chapter no. 3:True love. Age:18 yrs this is the continuation of my story new life . I was sitting on the schools balcony talking to cris she was standing just beside me. I was talking about how jake and my father had been a jerk to me.That day i didnt attend any class as i was broken from within both mentally and physically ,i was just wandering around the school campus thinking about all the bad things that happened to me in the last few days before i went to the balcony to meet cris.She sat down beside me hugged me and said 'dont cry big boy!and totally not for that big jerk'.(She ment my dad)i told her 'i am not crying because of him but because of that bastard jake ,i trusted him so much and thoght that he also cared for me.

'And above all.Nothing' cris asked' and above all what?speak up please.This will only help u. Trust me 'i love him and never thought that he would do that to me'.'What.

And does he know that u are gay' she asked."No i said""i just wanted my first time to be special but. " Suddenly i saw a shadow behind the walls and i knew who was that person it was jake again as he was following me the whole morning and i can recognise his masculin smell from a wide distance.

I didnt want to give him any attention so i completed my sentence'.First my dad and then jake'.I could feel my anger building upon him and i knew if i didnt leave soon i could hurt sombody. I wanted to leave that place but cris kept questioning which was very annoying .I finally spoke' cris no more questions please ''if u really wanted to find the answers ask that little faggot who is hidding behind the walls and doesnt have the guts to show up ''what rubbish r u talking 'she asked this time jake showed up his rear.She saw him and asked 'how did u know he was the' 'oh!

i bet i know that,i can recognise him by his body scent'.Saying that i started walking away in another direction.Jake came running behind me and grabbed my shirt pulled me towards a corner and leaned him on me, i kinna like the feeling but i hold to myself and pushed him away and shouted on his face 'u have got what u wanted now let me be myself,please' jake said 'babe!please dont tell like this'.'Babe ?who me? no i dont think so'' according to u i was ur bitch or the shit in ur boots' jake tried to kiss me but i said"please!" and ran down stairs and locked myself into a bathroom so that i dont have to see his face anymore for that day.

Jake couldnt follow me as he was stopped by cris,and i also heard cris shouting at him. I unlocked my self from the bathroom after the final bell rang and went into my class to collect my bag and other stufs.Neil one of my classmate and cris's boyfriend came to me and said that jake was asking for me and also many times .I told him to forget him and also told him that he was a nerd.But within my heart i was surprised as jake never gave me any importance.

I told myself not to think about that jerk but my mind wouldnt listen to me. I called bella for distraction and told her to make some burgers and a fruit salad.Then i texted cris and asked if she want me to give her a ride home as i am all alone.Afet a minute she replied that that she wouldnt be able to catch up because she was having an extra class and then a date with neil.

I replied her to have fun and also good luck. I went to the parking lot and hopped into my car which was a ford fig'.O i haeded out towards the exit sexy group meets up for swinger show was forced to stop as jake came right in front of the car,i closed my eyes as i thought i ve hit him i slowly opened my eyes and saw him standing right infront of the car .'What r u trying to do actually if u want to die go find another car '.'I just want to talk to u',' but i dont so just leave ' ,'no i wont leave until u open the door or u just have to run ur car upon me '.As we were arguing many students had gathered around us to see what was the choas all about .I didnt want to create any public issuei knew he does what he tells so i opened the door and he hopped in.

I drove afap and hit the main road he came near me and started licking myface and biting my ears. I told him to backoff and surprizingly he did .'Say what u r here to say' 'nothing i just wanted to spend some time with u' he replied. There was a slilence between us i oncentretated on my driving as i didnt want an accident to occur.Jake again broke the silence asking 'the thing which u said to cris was that true' one strange thing was that this time the first time he spoke to me gently i knew that he would ask me that question.

I crossed my fingers and asked 'what truth r u speking of' 'that u loved me and.Y'. I parked my car at the side road and told him 'it would be better if we reach at some place and talk as it was distracting me'.He said 'what about your place' ok i said.He asked me for a cig i had a pack at the backseat so i told him to have one .He took the whole pack and started smoking in the car.

It was hot outside so my windows were closed and the ac was runing slowly.In a min or two he completed 2 cig as he was a pretty fast smoker.My car was filling with smoke so i turned the ac on high and notice that he was shivering.

I stopped my car and opened all the windows to let the heat enter.He had a low tollerance to cold. It usually takes 1 hr from school to reach my house but that day i took the longest route as i wanted to spend more time with him and it took more than 2 hrs to reach.Itmt jake had fallen asleep on my shoulder and was sleeping peacefully.

I parked my car in the parking area and tried to wake him up but as much as i tried he cuddled into me more like he didnt want to leave me .With no hope i called bella and requested her to come out to my car.She came and started laughing 'why r u laughing 'i asked.

'Please help me get out' she stopped laughing and opened the door. 'Now tell me what should i do''i dont know anything its ur responsibility. Take him to ur room' i got out off the car carried him into the house and into my room.While i was laying him into my bed his face came very close to my face and i could feel his breath which was extremly hot.I managed to free myself from his bounds and checked his temp.

It read 103*c he was having fever.I opened all his clothes leaving his boxers and him in woolen blanket and came downstairs to inform bella about the problem.I also called my mom and told her about the problem and asked for permission so that he can stay homer que trazar com homer untill hes fine.'Is he that same boy that.'Bella asked.I replied'yes' .Can you please bring my food and an ice pack.'Sure sir' she replied .We laughed and i went upstairs to him.

I wore my sleeping dress as it was my nap time.I entered into the covers and started caresing jakes hair .Bella entered the room and handed me the fruit salad and the icepack.'Its hot as hell in here 'she claimed.'Because the ac is off 'i replied.Then she said something which left me in confussion'it dosent seem like he hates you ,i think he loves you more than u love him ' i smiled and said i know to get hold of that situation(but the truth was that i didnt know )i asked her to make some dinner for 3 people,put some icepacks in the freezer and then she can go home .'As u wish!'saying that she left.I texted cris that she needs to come to my house tonight and its important.She replied with an ok.I ate the salad and slept beside jake.I felt very relaxed and protected laying beside him while i kept thinking about what bella said.

I cuddled him and went to sleep. Few mins later i felt foxy blonde gets nailed hard outdoors teen someone xing me, which broke my sleep and i saw that jake was really kissing me i didnt stop him as he was all over me and he was not in condition of fighting our kiss contnude for like 5 min before i spoke.'Do u need some thing','you' 'no!

i mean any food or water' 'both babe' .I got up from the bed and took the ice pack from the bed and leaved the room .Went down stairs into the kitchen and asked our cook to grill the burgers and also to bring some milk and water to my room .I took a new icepack and went up stairs.I entered the room and gave jake some medics.'I am not ur babe'i said while helping him to get up'yes!i bet u r' he replied.I knew it was usless to argue so i kept quite.After 10 mins my the cook brought all the things i asked for and put it on the bed.I asked him to leave so he left.

Seeing the burgers jake asked' babe how did u know they r my favrouit''oh jeans ass voyeur 1 voyeur tube porn just a wild guess and they r my fav. Too''oh! then i guess our choices are pretty similar'he smiled and started eating them he was pretty hungry and anyone can tell that by seeing how he was eating.So i called downstairs and asked for another burger.He finished his meal drank half the milk and some water.I didnt want to waste the milk so i drank the rest of it .'Babe why did u drank the milk''why whats the problem?'i replied.'No it was my left over''so what?'i replied.He smiled and went and went to the bathroom.

I went back to bed and closed my eyes suddenly jake came from somewhere naked and jumped upon me. 'I'm not in the mood of playing' 'neither am i,just give the answer my the question and i will let u go'i turned my face in the opp.Direction and softly replied'yes ,but it was past'.With that he fell on me still holding me tight andwent back to sleep back to sleep cuddling on me. I felt his dick harden as he was naked and also that he was sweating which was a good sign as the medic was answering.Ipulled off the blankets leaving both of us naked and turned the ac to low.So that the heat is absorbed,and i also fell into deep sleep.I ve never slept for soo long time in the past 1 1/2years.

I woke up after hearing a chiitchat which was going on between cris and jake.It felt like this time i was on him and he was laying under me holding me tightly,they didnt notice that i was awake 'did you tell xxx littil girls 12 yair old girl story she asked.'No i didnt got the time'he said.She replied'this is your last chance if u dont i will'.He again replied'no pls!u dont tell any thing i will promise!.'Not understanding the sutiation i interuppted in a sleepy manner'whatt rubbish are u guys speaking.'.They stopped talking and jake kissed me before i could react our tounge met and danced,he kissed me with love and passion and it continude alittle while.'Yaack ' cris shouted 'stop it guys ' .Hearing that expression i laughed and our kiss broke.Then i again asked what were they disscussing.Jake replied 'nothing babe'followed by cris'yeah sure nothing'.I requested cris to leave us for a while as we need to get into clothes.She started laughing and i noticed that we were in our clothes,i got off the bed and went to my bedroom bathroom to get freshed.I changed my clothes took jakes temperature which read 98 which was normal and gave him the last course of his medics.

I gave him some of my clothes and asked him to take a bath before dinner is served. I went downstairs to meet our chef and ask him to prepare some dinner for us three,i took 2 bottles of diet coke and i ordinary as we both were working hard on our body.I took cris in the balcony to talk about what happened after school i told her what jake was behaving like and what bella had told me.'At least u should give it a try and see what happens'she said;'he dosent have a real family thats why he doesnt know how to behave with people and express his feelings,rest is upto u'she left as she wanted some more drinks and left me thinking about his family matter.Meanwhile jake entered the balcony he was looking sooo sexy in my clothes at some point i thought i was the luckiest boy to have him.He came to my side and lie down on my lap as i was caresing his hair he asked me'how do i look?''sexy'i commented.He looked at me smiled and we waited for cris.Ithought about what cris said and thought i should gime him a chance.

Cris entered followed by our cook we ate the dinner and cris parted saying goodbye.'Will u go to school tommorow babe'jake asked ;'neither me nor u will go,ive something important to talk to u 'i replied.'U have to carry me coz i'm not feeling well' so i carried him in my arms and threw him on my bed and asked him to take rest and make him comfortable.Iwent down and brought 2 cans of beer and some strawberries when i re-entered my room i saw jake was naked and strocking his cock 'what r u doing now pls take some rest now''but im feeling very uncomfortable and i need to release my load''and then u promise u will sleep' 'yes' so i went beside him and started strocking his cock .'Please suck on it ' 'so thats what u want''to have sex ' i opened all my clothes jumped upon him and kissed him 'u have to answer all my question afterwards.''So u r not angry on me anymore babe' 'no babe'i replied.Hearing the word 'babe' from me tears came into his eyes.I rubbed his eyes and began sucking his cock.'Its my turn,i want to taste urs' 'no not now!' i lapped at his rank smelling nutsack, nibbling gently on each nut, and then biting the skin on his nutsack a little hard.

"Oh god fuckin damn," jake yelled. "Keep doin that."I chewed on the hair on his balls, licked his balls while jake rubbed his precum-dripping dick all over my forehead. And then i went back to sucking his dick again. Jakes' knees trembled and he groaned so loudly. I touched his ass again, and when i went inside his hairy crack again, jake didn't say anything. I poked his hole with my finger. It was not open. Jake had clenched it very tight so that i wouldn't be able to get in.

When he had enough, jake picked me up by the waist and threw me on my bed. I hit the mattress very hard. A second later, jake was on top of me, my dick was standing straight up, waiting for him. Jake looked at my dick. "What are you just lookin at it for?" i asked.

"Suck it.". Jake wrapped his hand around my dick and squeezed, choking the hell out of it. I closed my eyes, burying my head deeper into my pillow. Jake licked the head of my dick once very quickly. It was enough to my whole lower body warm up.

He engulfed my dick and started to suck it vigorously, his head moving up and down, his spit covering every inch of my rigid cock.

Jake gave good head, and he knew he gave good head. I squirmed and writhed on the mattress, twisting from side to side, gripping the sheets. Jake placed his hand on my chest, effortlessly so that i cant move. "I can't," i breathed out. "It feels good."Jake moved up to my stomach, licking it, moving upward toward my chest. He bit my nipples hard.

I screamed out loud and that only made jake bite harder. He moved upward to my neck, licking it, biting it. I was probably gonna have a hicky in the morning. "Roll your ass over," he said. "Are you gonna fuck me?" i asked.

"Yes," jake said. He flipped me over on my stomach, pushing my head down onto the pillow. Jake slapped my ass very hard and the pain (well it wasn't all that painful cause it felt good) but a wave of pleasure erupted all over my body. I squealed. He slapped my ass again and i cried out again. Jake continued to smack my ass over and over and the more he did, the more my nerves tingled.

I tried not to scream but it was hard. When my butt was numb from his smacks, jake climbed on top of me, his weight pushing me even deeper into the mattress. He proceeded to lick the back of my neck,down to my back, to my lower back. When he reached my ass, i thought he was going to spank me again, but he rubbed his tongue all over my ass it felt warm and soothing.

I exhaled deeply and relaxed. Jake ripped open my ass and dug into my crack with his tongue. I cried out loud again and jake slapped my butt again. I quieted down and jake returned to eating me out, fast and furiously. "Fuck me," i said.'R u sure',he asked 'yaeh please',i said.I felt the head of jake' dick rubbing up along my crack.

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"You want me to fuck this ass?" he asked."Yeah." "You want me to fuck you?" he repeated."Goddamn it, i said yeah!"jake spat several times into my asscrack, until it was wet enough for him to jam his monster dick inside. He rolled me over sideways so that i was facing my balcony. Jake got on the other side of me. He opened my ass again, and i felt his dick searching around my buttcrack for my hole.

It only took him about five seconds to find it. When his dick a brunette is penetrated to orgasm by an air pressure mechanical dildo while blond watches itself inside of me, it felt like i was burning from the inside out. I screamed out very loudly and jake snatched the pillow from beneath my head and pressed it against my mouth so that the sound was muffled.

He jammed his dick even further into my hole until i could feel his pubic hair against my ass. "You like this big ass fuckin dick, don't you?"i couldn't speak, my mouth was wide open but covered by the pillow.

"You like it don't you?" jake asked. I nodded my head. Jake tossed the pillow aside. He placed me on my stomach again and resumed to fuck me senseless. He gave me absolutely no mercy as he endlessly plowed inside of me, filling me with gorgeous, massive pole. "Oh my god," i kept sayin over and over as he tore me up with his dick.

"Say my fuckin name," he said.I threw all my pride out and relented to him. "Jake! babe fuck me!" "oh, i'm gonna filled your ass with so much cum, it'll be leakin out for days." "Do it!" i screamed. I was almost on the verge of tears because it felt so good. "Please, jake.

Cum in me.""Not yet, babe. I still have a while to go babe." Jake flipped me again on my back, raised my left leg up and continued to fuck me so hard that i thought i might pass out. "Can't believe how good this ass feels babe,"jake whispered. "I wanna fuck you," i managed to say when i caught my breath.Jake slowed down a little.

He stared at me hard. "Told you,cris. Whenever u want but not now babe. "Jake, i wanna fuck you."He continued to stare at me deeply as he pounded me. "I don't want you tellin people that i let you dig me out.""I won't. I promise." Jake removed his dick from my ass sharply. It took me a few minutes to relax and catch my breath. Jake got on the mattress beside me on his hands and knees. He poked his full ass out as far as it would go. It was the most beautiful thing ever. "Eat me out first," he said.I moved behind him, mesmerized by his beautiful ass, and then i went to work, licking his rank crack.

His hole opened slightly giving me the chance to slip my tongue inside. Jake shuddered and moaned. I smacked his butt hard and the sound echoed throughout the room. I shoved my tongue deeper into his hole, getting ready to shove my dick inside. "Are you ready?" i asked.

"Just do the damn thing," jake said.I gripped jake' hips, targeted his hole wih my dick head, counted to three in my head and rammed my dick all the way up his ass in one single motion.

"Oh fuck!" jake yelled. His entire body vibrated and his head bent all the way back. "Oh shit!" he pounded the mattress with his fist, banging his head against my headboard as i slipped out of his warm tight ass and then ran my dick up his ass again. "Work my ass, cris." Jake moaned. "Tear it up." And i did. I fucked him just as hard as he had fucked me, without mercy.

He felt so warm inside, like a moist oven, and i loved the way his asshole clamped on to my dick, not letting go of it. "Fuck, that dick feels good. Put that dick all the way up my ass," jake begged. He growled and snarled like an animal. "Rip my ass open," he ordered. I loved the way he talked as i fucked him. I loved the way he begged for my dick. "You got the best fuckin dick, b," jake said.

"Oh god, i love your dick." "I thought you didn't like getting fucked." I thrust deeply inside of him and jake groaned."I do," jake said though his intense moans. "I do.""Tell me how much you like it. Say my name." I kept giving it to him over and over, and i enjoyed watching him scream and cry.".Cris.Cris i love your dick babe.

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Oh my god, don't stop fuckin me. You feel so fuckin good in my ass.""And you feel so fuckin good on my dick. I'm gonna cum in you so hard that it'll go up your ass and out your fuckin mouth, jake.""Yeah, do that shit, b." "I'm gonna fuck you like this everyday, okay," i said.Jake nodded his head as i jammed my whole dick inside of him and began to swirl it around inside of his asshole walls.

"Uh-huh.""Your ass is gonna swallow my nut juice everyday," i told him. "Okay." Jake moaned. "B, i'm about to bust one. Cum in me now."My dick exploded in his ass, and cum came bursting out like a bursted oil rig into his ass. "Oh fuckin yeah," jake whispered, "feels so hot." I rolled jake on his stomach, put my mouth on his dick, and in seconds, jake' hot thick cum was pumping down my throat. I swallowed every drop, not letting one bit go to waste.

We laid there for about twenty minutes before i we cuddled into each other and went into deep sleep.