Small compilation of the best bukkake whores tube porn

Small compilation of the best bukkake whores tube porn
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It's been a month since I first fucked my daddy. It definitely was not the last! We made a ritual where we would fuck at least once before turning ourselves into bed; a good ritual if you ask me! It was almost always the same thing; for instance, last night he came home from work, things were casual and I made dinner. After dinner we watched a bit of TV, fondling and touching each other while watching.

After, we took a shower together, lathering up our bodies and getting ourselves turned on for what was to cum next. We dried each other off, touching our genitals softly as we did so. I started to get wet and became impatient, so I dragged him to his room it varied each night as to which room.

I kissed his body until I got to his cock; I kissed the tip and then slid it inside my mouth. I always moan as it enters my mouth. Although sucking his cock was for him, I was doing it for me, I loved it just as much as him. Like always, I stopped when I thought he had had enough and when I was ready for him to play with me.

Some days I would get too excited and would stop sucking his cock instantly, I knew he didn't like it, but I more than made up for it later. I always made him lick my cunt, I love it and I can tell he likes doing it. Sometimes I'd ride his face so he didn't have a choice, but not last night; he wanted it as much as I did.

I am almost always on top. I prefer it that way; I have control. Besides, my clit receives more attention in that position. I love rough action on my clit; it's not as sensitive as it is for some girls. Last night we started out with me on top, but then he got a little fussy and wanted things his way, so we moved to the doggy position. I pretended as if he got his way, but amateur japanese son and mom, that's my second favorite position so it didn't bother me too much.

As he was ramming his cock in hard from behind, he had his hand in front of me, playing with my clit. How could I object to that position if he was going to do that for me? If he hadn't, I probably would have held his hand there so he had no choice or change the position. After all, I wanted to get off too. As he shot his load into me and I could feel his cum run down my thighs, I came onto his softening cock and his hands that were still big tits milf pawns her pussy to earn cash for hubbys bail hardcore brunette with my clit.

It's the beginning of August, the weather is still very hot, so I don't start grade 12 yet for another month. I spend my days around the house where there is air conditioning or in the pool out back.

I made friends with our neighbor's daughter, Mackenzie, who is the same age and going to the same school I will be going to next month. She's nice, taller than I am, 5'6 with blond straight hair and blue eyes. She's skinnier than I am. I have an athletic body, slim but curvy; she's super skinny, almost no meat on her and little boobs maybe just a B cup.

That's not to say she's grossly skinny, like anorexic, but just kendra star woodman casting x.

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Today we're sitting at the pool relaxing and enjoying the sun. I was expecting my dad home any minute, but with Kenzie being here, I couldn't do anything too extreme.

I have to admit that I was horny. Kenzie was a bit of an exhibitionist; she changed into her bikini at the pool in front of me. I definitely prefer men, but seeing her naked body glow in the sun got me a little turned on.

We heard a car door shut; I knew it was my dad. I don't know why, but I was really promiscous blonde tied and fucked on a cliff forward to seeing him. I knew that I couldn't do anything until later tonight, once Kenzie left - it's not like I could make her leave now. My dad walked out from the patio and said hello. "Hi dad. You remember Mackenzie?" "Yes, hello." "Hi Mr.

Wood." "Are you two staying out of trouble?" He asked with a wink. I said of course and walked over to him to give a hug. I decided to be a little bold and run my hand over his ass and give it a little squeeze.

I don't think Kenzie noticed, but if she did, I didn't care. I'd just say we were a close family. After he walked into the house, she turned to me and declared once again that he was the hottest father she had ever seen.

I agreed. I guess I wasn't thinking when I did that because she looked at me in shock. "You think your father is hot?" She asked with surprise. "Yeah, I won't deny it." Now that it was too late and I had admitted that my father was attractive, I decided I could play with this a bit.

What if she was willing to play with us tonight? I know my dad would be more than willing and its not like she's a virgin. She's been with a couple guys before, once with a girl when she was 12, but that was just experimental, even still, this could work.

They could both make me cum and I wanted to cum really bad. Anya ivy gives blowjob and fucks pov thinking of it was making me wet. I looked over and smiled, she just gave an awkward smile back.

When we laid down on the pool chairs, she looked back over at me and smiled, I smiled back and we started laughing. I knew that we were laughing for different reasons, but I needed a good laugh. "Okay, I'm gonna roast here, I'm gonna go in and take a shower, wanna come?" I asked. "Yeah, I don't wanna burn, besides, it's nice and cool in your house." I knew that this would be probably my only chance to see if she was game, so I tried to milk it for all it was worth.

"You want to have the first shower?" I asked since she was already undressing. "Naw, you can, I just want to get out of this bathing suit." "Why don't we share the shower to save water and time?" I asked her while my eyes lingered over her body.

I don't think she was expecting that because she looked up and stared at me.

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Once she saw that I was composed and serious about my inquest, she agreed. I stripped off my bathing suit in front shcool sex techar free dawonlode best storys com her. I can tell she was thinking along the same lines as I was, because she kept staring at my chest as I was undressing. This only turned me on more. After we hoped into the shower, I grabbed the soap and sponge and lathered them up.

She was running her hair under the water with her eyes closed so she didn't notice when I moved to run the soapy sponge over her body. When I moved it over her breasts and tummy, she opened her eyes and smiled at me.

This was going to be easy. I continued to lather her body, running my hands and the sponge over her arms, chest, tummy and legs.

As I came to her thighs, I went extra slow. I moved over her pussy with my hands, which were soapy themselves, and rubbed from her mound to the bottom of her ass. I looked up at her. She had her eyes closed and was leaning up against the wall. Even though she was clearly enjoying this, I pulled my hand away and stood up, I didn't want her to cum yet.

"Can you rub me?" I handed her the sponge. "Sure." She was gentle over my body, paying close attention to my breasts. She moved the sponge over my breasts, around my nipples. She got a little more confidence as she did a sloppy job on my stomach, but when her hand got to my pussy, she went slowly and rubbed for several minutes.

My pussy was on fire, but I didn't want to cum yet either. We rinsed off and stepped out. I grabbed a towel and dried her off, again moving slowly over her pussy and breasts. As I moved to dry off her pussy, my hand glided over her pussy slut is willing to get cumshots pornstar and hardcore and she cried out in a moan.

Her pussy was very wet, even though I had already dried it off with the towel. As she was drying me off, her hands squeezed my breasts through the towel.

I wasn't at all thinking she would do that and I gasped. "Sorry, did I hurt you?" "No, just surprised me. I felt good." She smiled and continued to rub my breasts with the towel.

She gave my nipples another squeeze. My body was starting to lose control, but I hung on with all I had. As she was drying off my ass, she squeezed it as well. Her face was an inch from my pussy when she reached around to my ass. I could feel her warm breath on my pussy, along with my juices starting to run down my thighs.

I could feel her mouth open. I thought 'Oh please don't lick my pussy, or I'm gonna lose it. Don't lick it, not yet, please.' As if she was reading my mind, she stuck her tongue out licked my clit gently. I moaned so loud, I think my dad could have heard me.

She took my cue and continued to lick my pussy. For a girl who had never done it before, she was really good. I spread my legs farther apart and pushed her head into my cunt. I didn't care if I came, I had to cum now, there was no turning back. She started licking my pussy more furiously and stuck a finger inside me. I screamed out "That's it, lick my pussy you bitch!" and I came all over her face. I would have fell to the ground if she hadn't have held me up. We were both on the floor of the bathroom, lying next to each other.

She was rubbing my breasts as I was catching my breath. She leaned over and slid a nipple into her mouth, sucking it softly. It felt so good; my dad was rough when he sucked on my breasts, but she so gentle, I felt as though I was in heaven. She broke off from my breast. "I just love your breasts, I wish I had breasts like that, I'd play with them all the time." "Well you can play with mine anytime you want.

Besides, there's nothing wrong with yours. I like yours." And with that, I pushed her onto her back, straddled her and brought my head to her chest. I licked a nipple at first, and then flicked it with my tongue. She moaned as I circled it with group sex one girl ten boys tongue. I could feel the heat from her pussy under me.

I started to grind my pussy over hers as I sucked on her breasts. She was moaning loudly now. I knew that with the acoustics in a bathroom, my dad probably heard everything. I stopped grinding and sucking on her tits. I got off of her and moved in between her legs, spreading them wide apart, admiring the pussy in front of me. I began rubbing my finger over her pussy lips, which glided with such ease, because her pussy was so wet.

I circled her clit with my finger and slid my finger along her clit. I was moving so slowly that I knew she would cum soon. As I was rubbing along her slit, I moved two fingers inside of her, going so slow, I knew she could feel every movement of my fingers.

She inhaled deep. I brought my head down and inhaled the smell of her pussy. I ran my tongue along her slit. I could feel her thighs quivering; it wouldn't take much now. I flicked her clit with my tongue gently and brought it into my mouth. I was sucking her clit and lapping up all the juices she was producing and fingering her cunt when her body stopped and tightened.

She shuddered and came with such force, I knew she screamed, but her legs were wrapped around my head so tightly, I couldn't hear much. When she finally calmed down and released her legs, I got up and laid down next to her.

"Feel better?" She just nodded her head in the affirmative and smiled. "Want to fuck my dad?" I asked. She looked at me in shock and eyes wide open. There was no sign of a joke on my face and she could see that, but she was still unsure about what I just said.

"I've been fucking my dad for a month now and I know he'd enjoy your presence in bed for a change. If it helps any, he's really good at what he does." I finally broke a smile, but not one that showed I was joking, just to show that she doesn't have to be uncomfortable.

"Um, of course I want to fuck your dad, but…but ah…is that okay with you?" "Of course, I asked you didn't I." I got up and left the bathroom. She followed, just like I knew she would. When we were in my bedroom, I shut the door. Before she knew what came, I pushed her up against the back of the door and held horny hot babe kat arina wants it large for her wet pussy there.

For the first time, I kissed her. She began to relax and our tongues danced together. I broke the kiss and looked into her eyes. "Tomorrow, be here around 6. You and my dad are going to make me cum. Got it?" She shook her head and I gave her another quick kiss. As if nothing happened, I turned around and got dressed, but I could tell she was staring at me with disbelief.