Bathroom lesbian sex with lisa and sandra

Bathroom lesbian sex with lisa and sandra
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72 HOURS of LUST Part 3 Traci slept until almost noon. Her dreams consisted of the two amorous adventures she had experienced the day before. When she awoke, her mind began to focus on what lay in store for her today. She had no idea what she was going to do, but from the way she felt, sex was no doubt going to be a big part of it.

In the last twenty-four hours she had been with more men than she had at any time in her life. She had been a virgin when she married Howard, and sex had never been a very important part of their relationship.

In the past day she had found out maybe it should have been. She was on her way to the mall at about one o'clock. Some shopping was in order she had decided. Maybe if she bought a few sexy items, she could entice Howard into a more rigorous lovemaking schedule.

She would have to take it slowly, though, or answer a million questions about where she had gotten such ideas. Her first stop in the mall was at a dress shop she had often walked by, but never went in.

What does middle aged housewife need with the sexy little outfits they sell, she had always thought. Now her eyes were peeled for something that would attract some attention. "Could I help you find something?" Traci turned around to face a woman that was about her age. "I a really don't know what I'm looking for." Traci could feel her cheeks turn red.

"Something that is going to catch my husbands attention I guess." She laughed nervously. The woman surveyed her for a moment, and then smiled. "I think I've got what you are looking for." She said, taking Traci's arm and leading her to the back of the store. Once again she looked at Traci, this time measuring her up for size, then turned to a rack of skirts.

"How about something like this?" She asked, pulling a black a company for casual sex cunnilingus and doggystyle mini from the rack.

Traci stared at the small piece of leather the woman was holding. "Just how short is that?" She asked, wondering if she even had the legs to wear it. The saleswoman laughed. "Not as short as you think, I guarantee." The woman paused for a moment, then turned to a rack of blouses, and pulled a matching black leather vest from that rack. "Want to try it on?" Traci thought for a minute, and then shrugged her shoulders. "Why not, never going to know unless I put it on." She took the two items from the woman, and walked to the dressing room.

As she unbuttoned the blouse she was wearing, she felt a tightness in her stomach, she was nervous about even putting anything on like she was holding. Slipping her blouse off, she glanced in the full-length mirror on the wall.

Her nipples were hard; she could see them even through her bra. Pulling the vest on, she knew immediately, she was going to need a new bra if she wore something like this. The cut of the vest was very low in the front, and the sleeves were cut out. Her bra showed in both places. Euro doxies acquire nailed by the pool the vest back off, she unclasped her bra and pulled it off also, then put the vest back on.

The soft leather felt good on her uncovered nipples. After buttoning the vest, she turned and faced the mirror. The swell of her breasts was very noticeable. Raising her arms she turned to the side. From that view the nearly perfectly rounded sides of her breasts also came into view. She bent forward, then turned back facing the mirror and bent over again.

The vest covered her nipples, and though she showed a lot, no matter how she turned and twisted it wasn't too much. She then slid her slacks off, and immediately noticed how pale her legs were. "Hose will take care of that." She mumbled to herself.

Pulling the mini on, she zipped it up, buttoned it and turned back toward the mirror. She hardly recognized herself. Turning full around, she admired herself, deciding she was glad she had done all of the work she had to get herself back into shape.

Two months ago, she wouldn't have dared trying to wear something like this, or even try it on. "How are you doing in there?" The sales lady asked, through the door. Traci didn't answer; she took one quick glance in the mirror, then opened the door and walked out of the dressing room. From the look on the woman's face, Traci could tell even she was impressed. "You look great," The woman smiled.

"There's a lot more there than I thought." She said glancing down at Traci's breasts. "But you handle it nicely." Traci could feel herself blush again. "Thank you, it's not too bold is it." "For your husband, I don't think so, but I don't know if I would wear it out by myself." The woman paused a few seconds. "Of course you could always wear a thin white blouse under the vest, and tame it a bit." The woman took Traci's arm again and led her over to the mirrors at the back of the store.

"Or if you want to go the other way, and really knock them over, you could wear a push up half bra, and really give them something to drool over." With that statement she turned Traci to the mirror, then standing behind her reached around and slid her hands under Traci's breasts. The action was so sudden she didn't know what the woman was doing exactly. Pushing up on her breasts, the woman smiled over Traci's shoulder.

"See the difference." Staring into the mirror, the first thing Traci noticed was the enormous swell in her breasts. The second thing she noticed sent a shock sweeping through her body. Another woman's hands cupping her breasts.

"I.a.a." Traci stepped forward quickly, and then turned around to the woman. "I.a.need a dark pair of hose also." She said, obviously in a state of near panic. The sales lady acted as if nothing was wrong. "That's no problem, what about that bra." "I'll pass on that for awhile." She calmed down pretty quickly.

"Can't put too much on Howard at one time." She smiled at the woman, the woman smiled back. "Ok, can I show you anything else today."? "No, that will be all." Traci turned and walked back into the dressing room. Once she shut the down, she let out a heavy sigh. Her stomach was still a little uneasy as she undressed, then put her clothes back on. When she exited the room, the saleslady was waiting for her at the front counter near the front door.

"Will that be cash or charge?" She asked, she had already rang up the purchases and sacked the outfit. "Charge." Traci said smiling at the woman, she wondered if the woman had made a italian harlot gets her wet cunt hammered pornstars and creampie at her a few minutes earlier.

She could never remember a salesperson ever doing anything even remotely like that before. Traci handed her the credit card, sneaking a glimpse at the woman as she ran it through the machine. What was getting into her, she was looking at a woman very differently than she ever had before.

"There we go, hon.," The woman said handing Traci her card back. She smiled at Traci, "Anything else I can do for you?" "No, not today, thank you." Traci felt a warm rush course through her body as they spoke.

The woman handed her the sack. Walking out of the store, Traci turned once again and looked at the woman. She smiled again. Once in the mall, Traci walked slowly, window-shopping at each store she came too. Her mind kept going back to the woman at the dress shop. She had to be imagining what had busty blonde picked up on the streets for a b, women just didn't make passes at other women in such public places.

Traci wasn't real sure women made passes at women at all. This was all a new subject for her. She had heard about those kinds of women, but she had always thought they were large manly women that did that sort of thing, not pretty blonde beauty shakilla astti is picked up by a guy and fucked normal looking women.

She then began wondering what it would be like to be with another woman. What could they do to each other? She tried to imagine herself lying on the bed, letting another woman kiss her and touch her body.

While it seemed a little far-fetched, she found that it didn't sound all that perverse or abnormal to her. She felt her cheeks flush slightly at the thoughts that were running through her mind. Suddenly she was aware of where she was again, and glanced around to see if anyone noticed, but then she thought, "notice what silly, your thinking, not talking out loud." Once she had made her way around the mall, she walked back to her car.

"What now Traci?" She asked herself as she unlocked the car door. "You've just spent a hundred dollars on an outfit you will never have the nerve to wear." She got in the car and started it, then sat there for a few minutes trying to decide if she was ready to go home yet or if she wanted to drive around awhile.

"She decided on driving around." As she drove through town, Traci wasn't paying much attention where she was going, just driving, something in her said she needed to clear her head of all of these thoughts she was having and get back to being a normal loyal housewife. She thought about what it would be like when she first faced her husband again. Would she tell him, would he be able to tell she had done something? The thought of Howard finding out about her sudden infidelity scared her.

He would probably leave her if he ever found out. Traci made no more stops in her little drive, but the drive hadn't helped her clear her mind either.

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She was only a few blocks from home, when she noticed a young man standing on the corner, his thumb up trying to hitch a ride. She pulled over, all the time asking just what the hell she thought she was doing. The young man, was about twenty or so, and dressed well, probably from the university. He jogged up to the car and bent over peering into the window, smiling.

"Hi, my names Eric, could you give me a lift, my car broke down a few blocks back and I really need to get to school." The boys deep blue eyes were almost hypnotic.

"Sure, get in." Traci said smiling back at the boy. When he slid in beside her on the front seat, he thanked her for stopping. "I didn't know what I was going to do, I sure didn't want to miss class today." "No problem, my names Traci." She wondered if she should have introduced herself as Mrs., it was too late now.

"So what class are you trying to make?" "Intro to Geology." The boy checked the older woman out when he thought she wasn't looking.

Traci noticed but didn't say anything, she was flattered a young man would be interested enough to look. Crazy thoughts started to immediately shoot through her head, and straight to her over active love button.

She glanced down at Eric's hands; they looked so soft and gentle. Traci took a deep breath. "Listen I have to stop at my house for a minute, then I'll take you on to the university, ok." She glanced his way; he was staring at her breasts. "Sure, no problem, I got a few minutes yet." His face turned slightly red when he realized Traci had caught him staring. Her face flushed slightly also. They drove silently to the house, and Traci pulled into the drive.

Glancing around for nosy neighbors she saw none. "Want to come inside for a minute, have a coke or something, I'll be just a minute." "That would be great." Eric's mind was no doubt working overtime now, Traci thought. A middle aged woman while not boldly making a pass at him, was at least making it possible for him to make a pass at her. Traci got out of the car and quickly walked to the front door, Eric right behind her.

She wondered if he had any idea what was going through her mind. That question was answered just as soon as they got inside. Traci stopped and turned around, Eric was standing right behind her. His beautiful blue eyes were melting her very quickly; from the look on his face he knew it.

"So make yourself comfortable, I'll be just a sec." The nervousness in her voice was very apparent. "Sure, take your time." He stood and watched as Traci walked to the stairs. "There's coke in the refrigerator, help yourself." Traci walked up the stairs knowing full well the young man was watching her she felt her cheeks flush.

"Traci what in the world are you doing, what has got into yourself." She scolded herself as she walked into the bedroom, not even knowing what she was doing up there. "Get a hold of yourself, you can't do anything with this boy, he's young enough to be your son." She walked around the bedroom a couple of times trying to figure out just how she was going to get herself out of this.

"Just go straight down the stairs, and out the front door, that's all you have to do." She walked to the door, opened it and ran into Eric. "You ok." He said, not moving from in front of her. He was a few inches taller than Traci; his young shoulders were broad, like a swimmer. He was holding a coke. "Yes." she stammered, not looking directly at him, "are you ready to go." "I'm ready, but not to go." He said, softly.

"What?" Traci felt that by now familiar knot in her stomach. The ache was rapidly moving to her most sensitive region. "And I think your ready, but no to go." Eric's smile was now a bit more of a leer.

Still he didn't make a move for her, he just blocked her path, making her endure the moment just a little longer. "I a.a.don't know what your talking about." Traci still couldn't look him in the eyes, knowing full well the lust she felt would betray sexual and wild three some smalltits hardcore. "Sure you do, I'll tell you what, lets play a quick little game." With that, he gently raised his free hand to her cheek, lightly rubbing it.

Traci didn't move, though the electric shock nearly shook her from her feet. His hand slowly blonde street whore gobbling down penis point of view down across her neck and the front of her blouse. When his hand cupped her heaving breast, she knew it was all over; she had let the game go to far.

Eric knew it too. "See your ready." He gently pushed her back into the bedroom, not taking the moment too fast. Traci stepped back as he gently squeezed her breast.

"I'm a married woman." She said weakly, still not making a move to push his hand away.

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As they passed the chest of drawers just inside the door, Eric sat his coke down. Bringing his now freed second hand up to her cheek, he slipped it around her neck and pulled her into him. His lips touched hers lightly, and Traci accepted the kiss, the second was one was a bit more urgent. On the third kiss her arms went around him and pulled him close. Suddenly the knot in her stomach had turned to a blazing fire. She wanted this young boy, she needed him, and he was perfectly willing to let her have him.

Both were breathing heavily when the third kiss ended. Somehow with the hand that had been massaging sexy black lesbians strip and pleasure craving pussy in many ways fingering breast had found the buttons to her blouse as they kissed and undone the first two. When she backed away from her soon to be lover, her bra covered breast were pushing the blouse apart so he could see her proud cleavage.

Now with both hands free, Eric could finish the job he had started. Slowly he unbuttoned Traci's blouse and tugged it from the waistband of her slacks. "They are beautiful." He said lowly, staring at her scantily covered chest. Traci could feel her hardened nipples pushing into the light fabric of her bra. Her ragged heavy breathing forced them even harder into it.

"You are such a beautiful woman." Eric slipped the blouse from her shoulders, then reached behind her and unclasped the bra. Traci was powerless to stop him, even if she would have wanted to. She was now looking into his eyes, watching each reaction he had as more of her body came into his view.

Glancing down she saw the effect her body was having on his young manhood. His jean-covered cock was nearly bulging through the material. Eric slipped the bra from her shoulders, and sighed. "Just beautiful." He said again, once again reaching up and cupping her breasts, this time with both hands.

Her nipples hardened to his touch, his hands were soft, as she had thought, and they felt good touching her. A moan escaped her lips, and she closed her eyes, savoring the soft gentle touch of her young lover. Though not very old he victoria voxxx in fucking outside the voxxx definitely experienced, probably more so than her.

His hands once again slipped around her and pulled her close, his lips crushing against hers, her large tits pushing against his chest. She felt his hands trace down her back until they came to rest on her ass, then push her mid section into his hardened manhood.

Traci now kissed him furiously, growing impatient. She wanted to feel him in her she wanted everything he had to give. Eric was content to take things slowly, or at least until he had to do something about the ache he was feeling in his cock. The afternoon was young and Eric was not going to make his class. Eric's hands stayed on Traci's ass the entire kiss, gently forcing her into his hard manhood over and over again. Her nostrils flared with passion, trying desperately to pull enough oxygen into her lungs as not to pass out from the overwhelming feelings that were shooting through her body.

Her nails dug into his cloth covered shoulders, her tongue darted in and out of his mouth. As the kiss broke, it was Traci's turn to disrobe her young partner.

He let his arms drop to his sides as she unbuttoned his shirt. Her impatience with the buttons popped two off. Eric didn't seem to mind. Traci pulled his shirt from his slacks and slid it from his shoulders, much the same way he had done to her. His smooth hairless chest rippled in muscle. Eric was not a big young man but he was built solidly.

Once his shirt was on the floor behind him, Traci once again pushed her chest into his. This time her naked breasts caressing his naked bare chest. She rubbed her tits on his chest and upper stomach until his hands came up to her shoulders and gently pushed down. She knew what he wanted, looking into his smiling eyes, she smiled too, for the first time.

Slowly she knelt down, her breasts not breaking contact with his body even as they slid across his cloth-covered crotch. Once on her knees she reached up and unbuckled his belt, then unsnapped his slacks. Slowly she pulled down his zipper, with each inch allowing his hard cock a bit more room.

Eric's white cotton briefs were all that separated Traci from the turgid hot meat she so desperately wanted. Her lips covered his cloth covered love stick with kisses, as she tugged his slacks down. Once he stepped from the slacks, Traci pulled the briefs down, freeing his cock. It sprang free, bouncing against her cheek. She moaned as she felt the hot meat come in contact with her face. His cock left a trace of pre-cum slickness each time it slid across her cheek. Eric was moving just enough to rub his cock at different spots on her flushed face.

His breathing was becoming more ragged by the minute as he watched the beautiful older woman close her eyes and relish in the contact he was making with her face.

Finally his cock brushed her lips. Traci opened her mouth just blondie ryan conner seduces her horny buddy to snake her tongue across the tip of his large prick.

So many different sizes, she thought, tasting the salty pre-cum droplets. Less than two days before what Traci was doing wouldn't even have crossed her mind, now she relished in the fact that soon this young man would slide his hard meat into her mouth and she would suck him until he told her to stop.

Her sudden love for sucking cock was overwhelming. The night before she had wanted to taste cum shooting into her mouth, today she was going too. Eric slipped his cock between her lips and Traci hungrily sucked him deeper into her mouth.

As inexperienced as she was, she couldn't small breasts blonde nailed by pawn man at the pawnshop a lot, but she took what she could and craved it. Eric's hands were now on the side of her head, guiding her back and forth on his throbbing manhood.

He groaned with each stroke, the feel of her warm soft mouth around him pushed him close to an orgasm almost immediately.

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"That's it baby, suck me off, I want to cum in your mouth the first time." He moaned as Traci swirled her tongue around the tip of his cock as he pulled it almost out of her mouth. "Do you want me to cum in your mouth honey?" He asked. Traci couldn't answer, so she increased her assault on him letting him know that is indeed what she wanted.

She could feel his cock twitch with each stroke. Reaching up with one hand she cupped his balls, feeling the tightness in them.

She didn't know a lot about cock sucking, but it didn't take long for her to realize she would soon be given a load of his white-hot sticky love juice. Her body trembled at the thought; she was having an orgasm sucking the boy off.

Her still cloth covered crotch was wet from excitement; her entire body shook as she came. Looking up, she could see the young man staring down at her, smiling as he pumped his cock in and out of her mouth.

"Here it comes baby, take it, and take it all." He announced. Traci braced herself for her first taste of a mans orgasm. He groaned once again as the first shot of cum shot from the end of his cock splattering the back of Traci's throat, she groaned and came again as his cock exploded into her mouth. Stream after stream of hot liquid filled her mouth. She tried desperately to drink the load, but couldn't keep up with the onslaught. She could feel some escape her lips and drop to her heaving breasts.

Eric thrust in and out of her mouth several times making sure she had taken all there was too give. Finally he backed away from her and looked down. Traci was panting, staring up at her young lover, a few drops of cum on her chin, a few more slowly soaking into her breasts. "You were wonderful." She panted, still trying to catch her breath. "So full." "How about if I repay the favor?" Eric replied reaching out to help her up. "It is going to take a few minutes for me to recover, how about if I eat your pussy until then." The words sounded so strange, yet Traci knew that is exactly what her aching cunt wanted and needed.

Standing, she didn't say a word, she instead unbuttoned her slacks and slid them and her panties down across her hips. Her sparse tuft of blonde hair was the first thing to come into view of the eager eyed young man.

As Traci stepped from her slacks, she backed up to the bed. She was completely naked, proudly displaying her body to this gentle young man. His eyes devoured her as she lay down on the bed, her legs parting for him to get a good view of her slick, aching pussy. He walked to the bed kneeling between her spread legs. His hand came to her damp cunt a finger sliding into her almost immediately. Traci jumped at the touch, then moaned. "Your so wet, so hot." Eric said, extracting his finger and bringing it to his lips.

He tasted the sweet nectar of her womanhood. A second time he brought his hand to her damp lower lips, this time placing his entire hand over her cunt, he separated his fingers, pulling her lips apart. He could easily see her swollen love button, throbbing as his fingers grazed over it. "Oh, Eric." Was all that Traci could say, as she watched the experienced young man playing with her cunt.

She watched him for a second time lick his fingers of her hot juices. He then placed his hands on ebony secretary makes her boss lick her asshole femdom of her thighs just above the knees and pushed forward until her cunt was totally exposed to him.

He leaned down slowly, never losing eye contact with her as his mouth came in contact with her cunt for the first time.

She hunched up into him as she felt his mouth clamp around her clitoris, sucking the small bud into his mouth. His tongue swabbed the hardened little bud, sending shivers through her entire body. His hands slid down her thighs until he cupped her asscheeks and pulled her up into his face more. Traci went crazy thrashing on the bed, trying so hard to impale herself on his talented young tongue.

Eric sucked and licked all of the outer areas of her throbbing pussy before actually splitting the folds of her womanhood with his tongue.

He knew she would erupt as soon as his tongue slid inside her. She had come about as far as she could without release. He rubbed her asscheeks, grabbing them every few strokes until he knew it was time to bring her off. His final assault lifted her hips from the bed his mouth clamped on her pussy, his tongue stabbing into her like a small cock. She could stand no more, screaming she reached up and grabbed each side of his head and hunched into his mouth, until her orgasm washed over her.

Wave after wave coursed through her body, as she felt her own cum seeping from her onto the waiting tongue of her young lover. "oh god, oh god, yes, yes, yes, yes." She squealed. Her thrashing body seemed to be emptying everything it had built up for a long time. She had only thought she had experienced an earth shaking orgasm the day before.

Public teen orgasm naughty lady makes her gf horny was the real thing. Finally as Eric backed away and stood up, Traci lay back on the bed.

Her breathing finally came back to normal as she lay there looking at her new lover.

His cock was beginning to harden again and she knew there was still at least one more wonderful moment left to happen. She closed her eyes waiting for the young man to join her. When she opened her eyes a few moments later, Eric was still standing his hand around his cock stroking it slowly to its complete length. He was smiling down at her, that same gleam in his eyes. Watching him pull on his cock was yet another erotic experience she had never witnessed before.

Slowly she slid her hand down between her legs and rubbed her cunt while watching him. Each time a finger grazed her still hard clit, she would moan. He then stepped forward, his cock now once again at full length and hard. He grabbed her thighs where he had before and pushed her knees up until they touched her breast and walked on his knees forward until his cock brushed the lips of her cunt.

Traci slipped her hand around the hard member and rubbed it across her well-lubricated womanhood. Pushing forward, Eric slid his cock into her in a steady motion until he was fully into her and his balls lightly bounced against her ass. Pulling about half way out he then pushed in again. Traci smiled up at her young lover as his cock buried itself into her, his balls bouncing against her ass with each stroke. Her willing pussy was fully lubricated. Their lovemaking was a slow steady process, each of them savoring the feeling of their bodies connecting.

Eric pushed his cock into the depths of her aching cunt and then out again in a steady rhythm until he could see his beautiful older lover once again losing control.

Even with his hands under her knees and pushing down on her, she still managed to find a way to push herself into him with each stroke. Her hips would rotate slightly each time she thrust up making his hard prick touch a new spot inside her each time. His steady motion was driving her crazy with lust. "Harder, Eric, harder please." She moaned trying to pick the tempo up. Eric didn't say a word, but her did as she asked.

With each stroke he pounded into her harder than the stroke before. Traci felt her orgasm once again build within her. This time it was a series of small jolts as the young man buried his cock deep within her drenched cunt. "ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" She groaned when she felt his cock begin to twitch within her.

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His hot liquid shot into her, she could feel it coat her insides as her pussy melted around the pistoning love stick of her newfound friend. As his orgasm subsided he let go of her legs and lay down across her body, his chest mashing into hers, his lips searching hers out for the first deep kiss of the day. Traci continued to push her sloshing cunt up and down his now softening cock as they embraced.

Three men in one day. Was she a nymphomaniac?