Fervent sweetie is gaping narrow snatch in close range and cumming stretching and pleasing

Fervent sweetie is gaping narrow snatch in close range and cumming stretching and pleasing
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Katie picked up her phone and pushed the answer button."Hey Vincent".She said. "Hey beautiful.got two jobs for you and Tara.".He said.Katie looked at herself in the mirror."Sweet when and where and what.".She asked with a laugh Vincent was so use to her using that line now.

"Friday and Saturday night.Friday night its just a small party of eight business men just need you both to serve drinks flirt stroke their ego,s usual bullshit. saturday night now these are first time customers a few high rollers so iam told and this is full services twenty men are expected so it will be you,Tara and two other girls.

They have requested that you all only wear white panties they dont care what styles so whatever ok.".he said "Yeah no problem i will let Tara know now where are these two events happening?".Katie asked as she grabbed her diary and penciled it in.

"Now beautiful on a personal note when you coming to see me again.?".He laughed. "Now Vincent you know you just have to ask and i will be there if iam not working off course.".Katie said with a smile. "yeah i know.just so damn busy ok will get back to you on that one.".he said and hung up. Katie called Tara and told her about the jobs."Damn Tara we could make a killing at the saturday night party.".She said witha giggle. "I was thinking the same thing such be a good night.ok hun talk soon last class is about to start.".Tara said.

"Ok i just finished.ok talk soon.".Katie said and hit the end button.

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Katie walked towards the uni carpark on the way stopping to talk to a few friends before finally reaching her car and getting in. Katie looked at the two bookings and grinned she was so glad she was introduced to Vincent and he told her about this work its suited her needs right to the ground.

She got to make alot of money to pay for uni and fuck alot of men something she loved to do and Tara was just the same girl lick ass old man both of them at twenty years old had nice like nest eggs saved up from the jobs they did.

Friday night rolled around and Katie had just finished dressing when Tara arrived and called out for her to hury up. "Ok iam coming.".Katie yelled back and made her way down the stairs and called out her good,byes to her parents.

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They arrived at the hotel room and were ushered in a room and handed two see through short outfits."They ask that you wear these please?".the older looking man said. Katie nodded."Sure whatever the customer wants.'.She said and undressed and put on the outfit and walked out with Tara throught the eight leering men Tara was giving a tray of drinks and Katie a tray of finger food both the girls started to mingle in amoung the men. Katie was hit on told how beautiful she was her ass was grabbed or a hand ran over it but that was just standard stuff for these parties.About two hours had passed katie had sat on everyone of their laps did the usual giggles and stoked their ego,s.When one of the men walked up to her he looked a bit nervous."Hmm the men here have pooled together a few hundred dollars.what we want is for you and your friend to make out." he asked and showed Katie six hundred dollars.

Katie smiled."Sure.".Katie smiled and called to Tara to come over. "We have been offered six hundred dollars to make out.".She said with a grin.Tara returned the smile then faced the eight men."Well boys get front row seats so you miss nothing.".She said and began moving the table from the centre of the room.Tara looked to Katie."Just as well i brought my black friend back in a sec i will get it out of my bag.".she said and walked off quickly and returned moments later hold a eight inch black dildo.

Once all the men where seated Katie looked at Tara and stepped to her and kissed her deeply her tongue shooting in and out of Tara,s mouth Tara started put her hand up and cupped one of Katies tits and squeezed it softly both girls pulled apart and undressed then smiled at the men who were now rubbing the bulges in their pants.

Katie lent down and took one of tara,s nipples in her mouth and sucked as Tara put a hand down between katies legs and began rubbing her Katie let out a moan.Tara and Katie had done this quite a few times on the job and off the job. Tara frisky sweeties plow the biggest strapon dildos and spray sperm everywhere her hand out and went to the floor and laid down her legs spread then smiled up at Katie.

"Come on Hun my pussy is already wet and russian slut jill aka toma you tongue to lick it.'.tara almost purred. Katie dropped to her knee,s and put her head down and flicked Tara,s pussy then Katir laid all the way down on her stomach and pushed her tongue into Tara,s opening.Tara moaned and put her hand to Katies head and ran her fingers through her hair.

"that feel,s so good suck me".tara asked Katie did much to Tara,s delight by now both girls were getting into it. "DAMN this one is dripping she is so wet.".He said pointed to Katie pussy.

Tara smiled."Well i better lick that up would you like that handsome?".Tara said the man nodded his head eagerly. Katie sat up and looked at the man."Since you noticed how fucking wet and horny iam i might just sit on your lap and let her lick this".Katie said and got to her feet and sat on the man,s lap as so as she did the man,s cock was pushing in her ass Tara got to her knee,s and buried her face into Katie,s pussy and licked her hard and fast.Katie lent back on the man and moaned and grabbed Tara,s head and pushed her in deeper."Oh god keep going ohhhh god.".Katie said in between quick breaths.Tara stopped and pulled Katie to her ravishing capri cavalli pleasures a big shaft brunette big tits and pulled her back to the centre then rammed two fingers into Katie and began fingering her.

"Ohhh god.iam cumming.".Katie said and moments later Katie exploded over tara,s fingers Tara pulled then out and walked up to one of the men and told him to open his mouth and shoved her fingers in for him to suck."Good boy".Tara said and went back to Katie.

Katie had the dildo in her hands and was waving it gently."Now you turn to cum.'.She said as tara got on all fours Katie put the black dildo in her own pussy and got it wet then slipped it into Tara. Tara let out a moan straight away as Katie quicken the pace Katie fuck her with the whole eight inches Tara pushed herself back hard so the dildo was ramming her pussy good."keep going iam nearly there.".She said and let out a yell when she did.

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Katie pulled the dildo out and laid it on the floor and told Tara to lay on her back Katie got on top in the 69er postion both girls had their faces buried in each other,s pussies.Tara lift her hand to Katies arse and slippped a finger in then put in a second after a few seconds off this she reached over and picked up the dildo and put it to Katie,s ass hole and pushed it in Katie,s head came straight up and she pushed her legs further apart as Tara began fucking her ass with the dildo.

Katie dropped her head again and began licking Tara.Tara turned her head and looked at one of the men."Come and fuck her with the dildo and don,t be gently she like her ass rammed hard.and i can get back to eating her.".Tara said as a man walked over and took over.Katie lifted her head and looked over her shoulder.

"Ram it in will you a want all of it in my ass".Katie said and went back to Tara,s pussy and groaned as the man rammed her ass with the dildo. About five minutes later amateur lisa massage turns erotic man was getting right into fucking Katie,s ass Katie begging him to keep going as she came again on Tara,s face.Tara followed suit a few seconds later.Tara put her hand and took the dildo from the man and smiled.

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"Alright as a treat we will lay here and you can all blow your loads on us anywhere you like." Tara said and held her mouth open as eight men stood above them jerking off and spraying their seed all over them.Katie licked her lips and moaned.once the men had finished they helped the girls up and all stood around then watching their cum drip over the girls. one man spoke up."We had spoken and we want you both back but we want to be able to fuck you both next time.".He said.

Tara shrugged."Call vVncent and book us and we will fuck you as much as you want for the hours you pay for.now were is the shower?"Tara asked. To be continued