My blonde secretary zoe clark

My blonde secretary zoe clark
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Ethan Harrington is 27 year old single guy. He has jet black hair and blue eyes. He stands 6' tall, weighing about 400 lbs. He had long been picked on over his weight, especially when he was in college, and that is the main chubby ebony honey has her slit pounded he was single.

He owns a local auto body repair shop, having only one other employee, Jason. Jason, is 25, stands about 6'1" and weighs about 370lbs. himself. He has short blond hair and brown eyes.

It was a quiet Thursday afternoon, when the door in the office open. Ethan heard the ding of the door and dropped what he was working on. Jason was off for the day, so Ethan made his way to the office. As he entered the office the girl had her back to him, looking at the displayed wheel rims. "Can I help you?" Ethan asked as he walked up to the counter. The girl turned around saying, "yes I." she trailed off, recognizing Ethan.

"Wait a minute, Ethan?" She exclaimed. Ethan stared at her, trying to figure out who she was, or how she knew him. She noticed the puzzled look on his face, she chuckled, "its Bonnie, we went to college together." Ethan raised his head in acknowledgement.

Bonnie Rockwaller had been in college with him. She stands 5'6" with shoulder length blond hair and blue eyes. She has a sexy build weighing about 120 lbs., with a firm 38C chest and a nice firm ass. She had constantly picked on him and other people about being overweight. He often times wished there was a way he could get revenge on her. She was wearing a low cut v-neck top, that gave a good view of her cleavage, and a mid-thigh length skirt.

"Wow did you lose some weight or are my eyes playing tricks on me," she said sarcastically, and with a laugh. Ethan looked at her sternly, "what do you want Bonnie?" He asked almost tough hammering of taut gap pornstar hardcore. She walked up to the desk and said, "I need to get an estimate done on some damage on my car." Ethan took a step back and nodded, "ok pull your car into the open shop door." Bonnie nodded and exited, she pulled her car into the shop and Ethan closed the door after her car was completely inside.

He walked around the car, holding his clipboard, "so where's the damage at?" Bonnie got out of the car and walked to the back, pointing at the bumper, "right here." Ethan looked at it, noticing a small dent and some scratches on the corner of it. As she lowered her arm back down, her hand grazed across his sweaty arm.

She cringed at first, but then felt a warm tingle run through her body, and froze in place, staring straight ahead. Ethan studied the damage, taking notes and figuring prices. He stood back up, "ok your looking at $300 to $400 sunny leone sex vedidounlod su paint," he said looking at her. Bonnie didn't say anything, or move at all, just staring off into thin air. "Bonnie are you ok?" He asked.

Again no response. He snapped his fingers in front of her face, "hey Bonnie." When his fingers snapped it broke the trance, "did you see the damage?" She asked. Ethan had a strange look on his face, "umm yeah, I said $300 to $400 after paint." Bonnie cocked her head to the side, "why are you looking at me that way?" "You were just acting weird, staring off into thin air and not paying attention to me," Ethan said.

Bonnie chuckled, "what are you talking about?

I think your fat blubber is going to your head." Ethan wanted to reach out and choke her, but he resisted, "ok, whatever, do you want me to do the repair or not?" Bonnie nodded, "yeah that sounds reasonable." Ethan turned around saying, "ok let's go inside and do the paperwork." Bonnie followed him into the office and walked in front of the counter.

Ethan quickly drew up the paperwork and laid it down in front of her, "ok this is an agreement contract for the repairs, I need your address and phone number here, and your initials on these three lines, and your signature at the bottom." She filled in the information and moved down to initial the lines, she stopped her hand at the wrong line.

Before she could put the pen on paper, Ethan grabbed her hand, "no not there." The warm tingle ran through her body again and she froze in place again. Ethan pushed her hand to the correct line and she initialed it without looking at it. He looked at her, "yeah right there and the." he trailed off noticing her staring straight ahead again. "Bonnie!" He yelled. She didn't jump or respond just as before. He snapped his fingers in front of her face again, bringing white wazoo for black pounder interracial hardcore back to reality again.

"Did I initial the right line?" She asked, looking at him. Ethan slowly nodded, confused about how she was acting. Bonnie initialed the other lines and signed on the bottom line. "Ok you can pick up your car tomorrow afternoon," Ethan said, picking up the contract. He held his hand out and she handed him the pen. Her fingertips brushing against his palm as she did. Ethan was looking at her as the tingle shot through her body again and she froze, staring at him.

'What the hell is going on here,' Ethan thought to himself, looking at her, staring at him. "Bonnie are you there?" He asked. She didn't say a word, still staring at him.

"Ok quit playing games Bonnie," he said almost laughing. She didn't respond at all. He snapped his fingers in front of her again and she snapped out of the trance again. She looked at Ethan, "so my car will be done tomorrow?" Ethan nodded, looking at her as he brushed his hand against hers. He watched as her body shivered and she went into the trance again.

'Wait a minute, I'm doing it to her,' he thought to himself as he came up with a devious plan. Ethan walked around the counter until he was standing valentina latina amateur blowjob cowgirl homemade pov to her, "I wanna see your tits," he said. She looked at him and smiled, "sure master," she said in her normal voice.

She grabbed the bottom of her top and pulled it over her head, revealing a black lace bra, holding her tits in place. She reached behind her back and unsnapped it, she wiggled it down her arms and let fall on the floor. Ethan watched her wiggled her body, her firm tits shaking around. "Do you like what you see master?" She asked, cupping her tits in her hands. Ethan nodded as he licked his lips, staring at them. Her dark brown areolas were puffy, her nipples pert and erect.

He slowly lowered his head towards her chest, sticking out his tongue and running it across mom make me pregnant son of her nipples. "Ohhh that feels good master," Bonnie moaned, pushing her chest towards him. Ethan opened his mouth wide and wrapped his lips around her puffy areola, sucking it into his mouth. "Oh wow master, yes suck on my nipples, mmm." Ethan could not believe this was happening, he had no idea of the power he possessed, but he knew that he liked it.

He moved to Bonnie's other nipple and sucked it into his mouth, flicking the tip of his tongue against it. This caused Bonnie to moaned louder and she pulled his head into her chest hard, "oh master you're turning me on, don't stop." Ethan sucked on her nipple a little longer, then pulled away from her, "wait here Bonnie," he said as he walked to the back office.

He retrieved a camcorder, figuring he better record this or he wouldn't believe it ever occurred. As he walked back out front, Bonnie was still standing in the same place. He locked the door and put the closed sign out, he grabbed her hand and said, "let's go out to the shop." Bonnie followed him into the shop as he lead her over by her car. He turned around to face her, his back to the car, "ok now I want you to suck my dick." Bonnie nodded and moved to her knees in front of him, "yes master." She fumbled with his belt, finally she got it unbuckled and unsnapped his jeans.

She tugged them down his fat legs, along with his briefs, exposing his skinny 6" cock to her. Ethan looked down, over his fat gut, trying to see what she was doing as he felt her take his semi hard dick into her hand and lightly fondle it.

"Is this for me master?" She asked looking up at him from her knees. He nodded, "yes, but you gotta get it all hard for me first." Bonnie nodded as she moved her head towards his crotch. Ethan turned the camera on, focusing it on her head as it disappeared under his gut.

New school prt 1+2 (tH7r) He moved the camera, focusing it the side of her, so he could watch open her mouth amazing mature bombshell gurgles a massive load take his cock into her mouth. As he felt her hot breath against his cock he groaned loudly, "oh yes suck my cock baby." She wrapped her lips around the shaft of his dick and sucked hard.

He laid his free hand on the back of her head and pushed her into his sweaty gut, "fuck yes, take it all into your throat you dirty bitch," he groaned as he felt the head of his cock push against her throat. She choked a little but didn't pull back at all. Ethan watched the viewer in the camera as she fondled his hairy nut sack and slowly moved her head back and forward on his dick. He felt his dick throb hard as it fully hardened in her sucking mouth.

He started moving his hips into her, watching through the viewer as she held her head still, letting him mouth-fuck her. Every time his skinny dick hit her throat she would gag and spit out saliva all around it, but didn't move back at all. After a few times of making her gag on his cock, he let go of her head and pulled away from her. She looked up at him, "is that all master?" Ethan looked down at her, her saliva running down her chin and glistening on her firm tits, "oh no I want to fuck you yet." A smile crossed her face as he held his hand out to help her up.

As she stood up, he started tugging at her skirt, and she helped him by wiggling her hips to shimmy it down her muscular legs. She stepped out of the skirt and he pushed her forward until she bent over onto the hood of her car.

He stepped back admiring her firm ass, covered with black lace, bikini cut panties. She lifted her head to look back at him, "do you like what you see master?" Ethan nodded as he focused the camera on her covered pussy, showing a small cameltoe against her panties. Without saying anything she reached back and pulled panties to the side, giving him full view of her shaved slit and puckered asshole. He licked his lips as he stared at her inviting pussy.

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He looked around the shop, looking for something to set the camera campus ex girlfriend blaire ivory riding on dick point of view. Ethan found a rolling chair and rolled it behind her, setting the camera on it and focusing it on her pussy.

After he was satisfied with it, he walked up behind her, "so does my slave want my dick in her pussy?" He groaned as he ran his finger through her wet pussy lips. Bonnie arched her back, arching her ass up as she moaned, "oh yes master, I want you to pound my pussy hard." Ethan moved his big body to the side of her, so he wasn't blocking the camera, as he grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them apart.

"I think I'm gonna fuck this hole too," he said, spitting on her puckered asshole and rubbing his forefinger against it. "Oh yes master, my holes are all yours," she moaned, moving her hips up and down, as he continued rubbing her asshole.

He leaned down and groaned, "hold your ass open for me." Bonnie laid her chest on the hood of her car and reached back, pulling her ass cheeks apart. Ethan spit on her asshole again, then started pushing his forefinger into it. Bonnie moaned, holding her ass cheeks wide apart, "careful master I've never done anal." Ethan could care less, he was still amazed this was happening, as african twerking while having sex his finger into her backdoor hard.

Bonnie jumped, but didn't stop him. Ethan laughed to himself as he started moving his finger in and out of her puckered hole. Bonnie responded by slowly moving her hips into his movements. Ethan pushed a second finger into her asshole, spreading his fingers apart, trying to loosen her up. After moving his fingers around inside of her ass a little longer, he pulled them out and watched her asshole slowly close again.

He moved behind her and held her hips steady as he moved towards her.

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His huge body blocking the camera's view as he pushed the head of his cock against her slit. He couldn't see his dick under his gut, and the head of his dick slipped down her slit, not penetrating her. Bonnie reached under her and helped guide his dick into place as he moved back. As the head entered her pussy, Ethan groaned and slammed into her hard, his fat smacking against her ass.

He held onto her hips as he started moving in and out of her, hard and fast, his gut slapping against her ass loudly.

Bonnie moved her hips back into his thrusts, as she pinched and rubbed her engorged clit, "oh yes master, fuck my pussy, make me cum," she yelled in pleasure. Ethan felt her pussy squeeze his dick and relax around it as he slammed into her as hard as student loves to ride cock in her dorm could. "Yes master, yes I'm gonna cum for you master," Bonnie squealed as her orgasm built up inside of her. The next time he slammed into her, Bonnie's body trembled and she laid her head on the hood, "oh fuck, I'm cumming, yessss," she screamed, her orgasm rushing through her body.

Ethan felt her pussy squeeze tight around his dick, almost pushing him out of her. Bonnie continued to cum, her body shaking erratically under him, pussy juice leaking out around his dick, and running down his nut sack and her inner thighs.

Bonnie's orgasm slowly began to wane, her body still trembling with aftershocks. Ethan started moving in and out of her again, slamming into her as hard as before. After a few more thrusts he pulled his dick completely out of her, "ok slave time for you to open your ass open for me, and guide my dick into you." Bonnie moaned as she reached back and pulled petite slut and two massive meat poles ass cheeks apart, Ethan's dick nudging against her forbidden hole.

Bonnie held his dick steady with her two forefingers as he steadily pushed against her asshole. As he pushed forward, his dick slipped up her crack, his hips slapping against hers. He moved back and she grabbed his dick with one of her hands and lined it up again, holding it tightly. Ethan steadily pushed against her asshole again, this time her sphincter slowly relaxing and allowing his head into her. He let out a long groan as he felt his dick sink into her rectum.

He steadily kept pushing into her until his wide hips surrounded her ass cheeks, his gut resting on her lower back. "Oh my god master, it feels like I need to take a shit," Bonnie moaned, laying her arms across the hood, her body laying flat.

Ethan didn't respond, concentrating on her rectum squeezing his dick and then releasing it. He pushed against her upper back, pushing her into the car harder, as he slowly pulled back until his dick was just inside of her sphincter. Without pausing he jammed his hips forward, slamming her into the car hard. He started moving in and out of her, roughly slamming back into her ass hard, "how do you like that slut, am I a fatass now bitch." He growled angrily, taking all of his pent up anger out on her.

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"Oh yes master, fuck my ass, treat me like the slut I am," she yelled out, unable to move under him. The camera was focused on his jiggling ass, showing her tiny legs surrounded by his fatter ones. "I think I'm gonna cum in your dirty asshole bitch," he growled louder, as he slammed into her as hard as he could. "Yes master fill my ass with your hot and creamy load," she groaned in response. Ethan felt his cum rush up his dick as he slammed into her hard, "oh fuck!" He yelled.

His dick throbbed hard as his semen shot out, filling her bowells. "Oh god, I can feel it master, yes fill my ass up," Bonnie moaned. Ethan continued moving his hips slowly as his dick throbbed again and more cum spilled into her bowells.

His movements faded, as his dick throbbed hard one last time, emptying his balls completely. Ethan collapsed on top of her, crushing her against the car, he dick still lightly throbbing and deflating inside of her. As he tried to catch his breath, Bonnie grunted and used her anal muscles to push his limp dick out, that was followed by a small trickle of his cum, running down her crack and pussy lips.

Ethan groaned when he felt her push his dick out her, regaining his strength, he pushed himself off of her. He stumbled back, looking at her asshole. It sill agape, a trickle of his cum running down her pussy lips still. She pushed herself up and looked back at him, "did I do good master?" Ethan retrieved the camera from the chair and zoomed it in on her gaping butthole. He heard her grunt again, and watched as her ass flexed, followed by squishy fart sound expelling from her butthole.

Ethan watched in amazement as more of his cum was expelled out, spattering out and landing on the floor behind her. Ethan retrieved a shop towel and handed it to her, "clean yourself up slut." He recorded her using the lustful beauty performs rodeo hardcore and blowjob, using it on her ass crack, wiping the cum off of her pussy lips and down her inner thighs.

After she finished cleaning the cum off of her, he said, "ok slut get dressed," shutting off the camera and putting his jeans back. Bonnie pulled her skirt back on, then went into the office, picking up her bra and top, putting them back on. After she was finished getting dressed, Ethan snapped his fingers at her and she looked at him, "ok so I can pick my car up tomorrow afternoon?" "No way," Ethan said to himself.

She had no idea of what had just occurred. "Yep it'll be done about this time tomorrow," he smiled at her. She returned the smiled and turned to leave. Ethan watched her walk out the door, walking a little funny now, but didn't look back at him as she walked down the street.

Ethan stood there, recalling the events that had just happened. He looked at his hands, realizing he had a power to control people by touching them, and they couldn't remember it ever happening. To be continued, constructive criticism please.