Clubtug sexy milf gives you a pov hanjob

Clubtug sexy milf gives you a pov hanjob
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Then let me introduce someone else into our fantasy. They are fictitious, mind you. But, what good is a fantasy if you can't explore that part of you that you can't live out? We'll call her Debbie. She's 5' 10", fair skinned with strawberry blonde hair that is slightly wavy. Green eyes and a smile that is straight from heaven. She's an average build, maybe a little fuller but nowhere near plump. She has all the curves in all the right places. 38D, 28, 36.

Plenty of leg. She has dahlia sky all access pov pornstars hardcore soft angelic voice, is intelligent and can be a tiger when aroused.

As we enter the bedroom, you and I, still naked from our exploits on the couch, she's sitting on the edge of the bed. She's wearing a bathrobe, one of those full soft terrycloth type that only the finest hotels have. It's not tied tight and you can see her ample cleavage. I feel your hand tighten on mine as we enter. She stands and says "I thought you two would never finish.

It looked like fun and I wanted to join so badly." The realization hits you that she was watching us and the fascination starts your juices flowing again. She looks at me, smiles and says "you really know how to 'em don't you?" I blush.

What can I say?

I picked you didn't I? I look over at you with this thought and can't help but notice your nipples&hellip.hardening. I full move sex dad xx over and whisper in your ear, "Look at her, you can almost see her tits in that robe." And with this I pass my hand over your breasts.

Debbie looks on, watching my hand as it glides over your nipples. I whisper again, "You can see her pussy hiding behind the ties that hold her robe closed. It looks like she has a nice bush." With this I let my hand slide over you pussy lips.

I look at you and see you looking at her pussy. Debbie continues to watch my hand. I whisper, "Wouldn't you love to touch her pussy? Wouldn't you love to run your fingers through her bush?" I can hear your breath coming faster causing your breast to rise and fall. "Come here" I say, leading you over to where you're standing directly in front of her. "Take her robe off……slowly……gently. I want you to appreciate her body as I appreciate yours." You look into Debbie's eyes and she nods letting you know that this is what she wants, this is what she desires.

You reach up, hands shaking slightly and undo the loose knot holding her robe shut. It opens and I hear you gasp lightly. I follow your eyes and see your looking at her bush. The same reddish blonde as her hair, full, curly, neatly trimmed. You lift your hands to lift the robe off her shoulders but your eyes remain on her bush. Finally you look up and notice her noticing you. As you slide the robe off her shoulders she looks at you and asks "You want to touch it?" You can only nod as she takes your hand and guides it down to her bush.

The thick curls engulf your hand as your fingers slide into it. Down through until your cupping her pussy. You can feel her heat radiating through her bush and it excites you. The soft swell of her lips fits perfectly in your cupped hand. You close your eyes and revel in the feel of her softness, her warmth.

Then suddenly, unexpectedly you feel a hand on your pussy. Not a rough male hand, no, these fingers are delicate, light to the touch, sensitive. The fingers slide down the length of your lips and form a cup holding your pussy perfectly as if they were made for you. She squeezes your pussy and pulls upward. As she does one finger finds its way between the folds of you lips, moistening itself in the wetness it glides across your clit. You shudder, eyes still closed, lost in the sensation.

You're brought back down a little as you feel that same hand cupping your hand as it lies on her pussy. She presses on your hand spreading the juices on the back as she urges you touch her&hellip.deeper. You cup her pussy and slowly pull your hand back up; copying her movement you deftly allow one finger to find its way inside. To your surprise she's wet, not as wet as you, but definitely wet. As you pull your finger up across her clit you marvel at how large it is. It feels like a small pebble encased in flesh.

You can't help but circle your finger around it. She smiles at this and takes your hand from her bush. Raising your hand she places the finger in absolutely gorgeous babe ani black fox certified bukkake slut mouth.

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OH THE SENSES. The smell of her is intoxicating. The taste of her is invigorating. Your head swims as she takes her fingers, moistened with your juices, our juices, and sucks on them, just as you suck her juices. She pulls you close as you each remove your fingers. Her hands go around your waist as she pulls you in. She leans forward and you follow her lips. Soft, inviting as she tilts her head, the tip of her tongue hiding behind her pearly white teeth as she leans forward and brushes her lips across yours.

Softly at first, then with more determination, your lips touch, then kiss. Soft pecks turning to fuller longer kisses as your passion for each other grows. Her tongue snakes out and seeks out yours as you open your mouth to welcome her in.

As your bodies come together and your hips touch you notice every little thing. You notice how your breast touch. The smoothness of her skin on yours, the firmness, the hardness of her nipples. You notice how her bush brushes up against your bare pussy, soft and inviting, like a tender breath. All these senses at once. Kinky teenies pound the biggest belt dicks and spray spunk everywhere glance over ever so briefly out of the corner of your eye.

You see me but you're not concerned. Right now you're caught in the moment and the sensations. You see me, hard as a rock, with my hand on my cock. I'm stroking it and smiling, fascinated at what I'm seeing, raw unadulterated passion allowing itself to run its own course. I stroke my cock, consumed in the sight of you with her.

Seeing you let yourself open up to her is one of the greatest aphrodisiacs I've ever experienced. It makes me want you even more. You've never looked more like a woman than you do right now. But I want more. I touch Debbie on the shoulder and motion for her to lay back on the bed. She does so and her legs hang off the end of the bed at her knees.

I touch you on the shoulder and motion for you to kneel down at the foot of the bed. You do and find yourself between her knees.

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I kneel down beside you. "Look at her." I whisper. "She looks good, doesn't she?" You nod. "She looks good enough to eat, doesn't she?" You nod again. "You liked the way I licked your pussy didn't you?" I asked. You mouth a Yes mom and son sexspank bank is barely audible. I want you to let her experience the same ecstasy that you experienced. You look at me, unsure for a moment but I can see the wanton desire in your eyes.

"I'll help you" I say as I take your hand and pull you forward between her legs. I place one hand on one thigh and the other hand on the other thigh. Debbie's breathing increases as I guide you to push her legs apart.

As you do so I notice that your eyes are fixed on her bush.

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You stare at her pussy as your tongue lightly runs across your lips. You aren't even aware of your actions as you look, mesmerized by what you see. I see it in your eyes though. That knowledge of what you can do there. The ability to create in her a passionate feeling that is all consuming.

I see the lust dawning in your eyes as you lean forward. A few scant inches from her pussy your face encounters her bush. I see you pause and inhale, taking in all of her womanly fragrances. Swingers swap partners and pounding in playboy mansion scent is heady and leaves your senses tingling. You know that scent from when you smelled it on your fingers and it excites you.

I take your hands and place them on the insides of her thigh on delightful pretty teen engulfs cock hardcore russian side of her pussy. You seem to know instinctively what to do as you pull her bush back exposing her lips. This action also causes her hard clit to peek out and it's all that you can do to keep from attacking it. But you know how to please. You know how to lick her pussy, you know what feels good 'cause you have a pussy and you know what it takes to make it feel good.

And lick her pussy you do. Your tongue flicks out, working its way inside her lips and going up and down. You flick it across her swollen clit and delight in her body as it tenses up. You feel her hands on your head as her fingers run through your hair and it excites you, driving your passion fueling your lust for her, your hunger to deliver unto her the greatest pleasure you can give.

The fact that you have this effect on her drives you mad. You increase your speed around her clit knowing what it's like to have a hot tongue there. I notice that your only using one hand on her pussy, the other sitting idly by. So I take your other hand and place it on your own pussy. I guide your fingers to your clit and start rubbing your puss with your own hand.

It only takes a few rubs and you take over, knowing exactly what I want you to do. You look up to see Debbie squeezing her breasts, pinching the nipples, pulling them up hard&hellip. and it excites you even more.

Your tongue is moving faster over her swollen clit and she's loving it. She arches her back pushing her pussy up to your face as you bury it in her heat. Your hand picks up speed on your own clit as Debbie's bucking becomes more frantic. You know you're close and you use your hand to rub her clit.

It's hard enough that you can use your thumb and forefinger on it, stroking it like a small penis, squeezing it as you stick your tongue into her hole. Faster and faster your motions become.

She's pulling on her tits sooo hard, pinching her nipples sooo hard, and pushing her pussy into your face sooo hard.

You're jacking her clit with lighting strokes, your fingers are a blur on your own clit and I sense the edge is close.

I move around behind you, my cock rock hard, and position it at your pussy. So close,……so close……faster………faster……as she reaches orgasm, her body grows rigid, her hands grabbing her breast so hard that her knuckles are white, her pussy is up in the air begging for your face, your tongue is buried in her hole stabbing it again and again as your fingers fly over her clit, your body tenses, you feel the waves coming over and as they start to crash I slide into you all the way up to my balls in one swift stroke reaching around and grabbing your breast and pinching the nipple tight as I pound into you from behind.

Your pussy clamps down on my cock as your orgasm grows to a peak, in perfect time with hers you two are one x multiple cumshots mmf double her pussy orgasm, your mouth on her pussy, my cock in your pussy, all pulsating in waves of orgasm as your hand stroke your clit they touch my balls as I slam into you and my balls tighten and spew their load into you once again……………&hellip.

We collapse in place, your head on her thigh, your fingers running lightly through her bush, careful not to touch her swollen lips, me behind you, spooning, cupping your breast, enjoying you……&hellip.

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