Big ass milf teacher fucked in classroom tube porn

Big ass milf teacher fucked in classroom tube porn
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I was in the city one day and was really horny and thought about visiting a glory hole if I old find one. So I went online and looked up sex shops.

There was on not too far from where I was so I went there.

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It was a fairly busy store mostly men. I wonder around the store for a few minutes before finding a guy looking at the gay porn section. I walk up to husky and ask him if he knew of any glory holes near by. He said yes and told me to go to a gas station a few blocks away, he gave me the location and after a few more minutes of browsing and thinking about it, I left and headed for the gas station. On the walk over all I could think of was how bad this was.

It could be anyone on the other side of the hole.

What if they were expecting me to put my dick through the hole. I didn't want that. after weighing the pros and cons I was committed to going. The thought of having a complete strangers cock in my mouth and swallowing their load was exhilarating, I couldn't think of anything else at that point.

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when the gas station was in sight I was excited and scared at the same time. The washrooms were inside and straight to the back of the store around a corner.

Inside the washroom looked very dirty. It had toilet paper in some corners, puddles of water under the sinks, one hand dryer was ripped off the wall and placed on the floor leaving the outline of where it should be on the wall. there was a fan that on consistently that was kind of loud, but at least that muffled the sounds if someone is loud I thought.

There are 3 stalls, the one to the very left had someone in it and the other 2 were free, so I went into the middle one. As soon as I opened the door I saw a hold cut in the stall walls on either sides. I was excited and scared thinking "wow there's 2, this could be fun." Both holes were about 3.5 inches across. I closed the door behind me, locked it, put the toilet seat down and cleaned off the top.

There was nothing on it I just wanted to busty brunette bombshell pleasures a massive dong sure. I pull down my pants and start to stroke my cock waiting for either someone else to come in or the person next to me notice what I was doing. A few minutes pass and I hear the man next to me stir. To my disappointment he didn't notice me and he left. So I continue to wait as I pull up glory hole videos on my phone. about 5 minutes pass and nothing.

I was getting worrisome that no one was going to come. And just as I think that I hear the door open some heavy footsteps and someone goes into the stall to my left.

He immediately notices me. He sits down and starts asking me questions. "Hey, having fun over there?" I say "it could be better". He asks how I say "I could use something to play with".

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he laughs and says "I think I know exactly what you mean, give me a minute" I sit there excited to see what is about to pop through that hole. moments later he stands and slides his cock through the hole.

It was a decent cock, a solid 7 inch cut and decently thick, he had a huge head. I look at his cock and I get super horny and excited. He says "is this the something you were hoping for?" I say "why yes, how did you know" and I wrap my hands around the shaft of his cock Brutal rough forced rape bondage. I can feel his cock jump on contact.

I slowly stroke his cock and lower my head closer to it. I lick the head of his cock like a lollipop 3 times before inserting the head of his cock in my mouth.

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I slowly start to move my head while my tongue works the underside of his cock. At this oiled up cam girl plays with her pussy I had a lot of saliva built up in the back of my mouth, I use it to lubricate his cock as I push his deeper into my mouth. Eventually I got his cock completely in my mouth.

I start to move my head back and forth at a slow pace for a few minutes and I can feel his pull back and push forward like he wants to fuck my throat. So I his cock deep in my throat and keep pushing until my lips were poking through the hole for him to see. He get the idea and starts to fuck my throat. I push my face against the wall hard so he doesn't push me back With his thrusts.

His constant thrusting is forcing drool out of my mouth. He fucks my throat for what seemed like 10 minuted.

Until I could hear him moan a bit, loud enough to be heard ofer the fan. And I knew what was about to happen. His first few thrusts shot cum down my throat, then he pulled his shaft out of my mouth leaving my lips wrapped around his head and shot about 5 more jets of cum ladyboy with big tits and tattoos gets fucked after giving head my tongue and filling my mouth.

I pull my head back keeping the head of his cock in my mouth, grab the base I of his cock squeezing a little and pulling the rest of his cum out and into my mouth. He says "I hope I see you here again". I say nothing because I wanted to keep his cum in my mouth as long as possible.

he pulls his pants up and he is gone in moments. I just sat there swishing his cum around in my mouth. I wait a few minutes before leaving. His cum still in my mouth I exit the gas station and when outside I swallow every last drop of his cum. I let out a sigh of refreshment and begin to walk away with the biggest smile on.

I have since been to that same gas station several times after that hoping to find the same man, but had no luck. The holes have since been covered/repaired as sad as that is. However I am always on the hunt for glory holes in Toronto if anyone knows of any, let me know ;)