True anal petite jane wilde has her ass stretched wide

True anal petite jane wilde has her ass stretched wide
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1874 - 4th of march - London, Highbaker street A monday like every other one, getting up early and preparing onesself for the hard day to come. its was becoming a routine for Sarah and at 18 she didn't even notice anymore. She got out of bed to the call of her mother telling her its time for school, walking dazzely to the washing room and seeing a bucket of warm water ready for her.

she took of her nightgown and sat down on the chair that was conviently placed next to the bucket. slowly she started washing herself with a washing towel that she weted in the warm water.

Her Teenage Breasts were already fully grown in a 34Bshe softly washed them with a what would seem like a smile coming from proudness. Sarah moved down her belly and came to her groin, she softly washed her vagina, feeling her pussy being brushed by the hot cloth made her excited. her breathing intensified when she put a piece of the cloth around her index finger and slowly pushed it inside of her thight snatch.

Feeling her pussy up and down its canal made it wetter then the towel could ever make it. She slowed down when she remembered she had to get dressed to get to school intime, there would be more time for playing when she got back. She stood up and put one foot on the chair, she bent forward and dressed one of the pair of white nylon stockings, she loved the soft feel of it on her legs and how it left some skin to show.

afther dressing the other one she put on her little white panties, it showed how frame and little she was, weighing only 95 pounds and standing at 5 feet 2 she was still but a child and most people thought her younger then she was. She put on her little corset and dress that didn't cover up al the flesh of her legs. she went sexy kenna has her beaver slammed hard to putting on her black flat shoes often mistaken for being balerinas.

Putting her brown hair into two cute little pony tails finished her dressing routine and she went downstairs. Comming into the kitchen her mother was washing the morning dishes, "Good slutty girl plays with one eyed monster after getting it inside of twat pumpkin" her mother said " did you sleep well ?" "hello mom, not realy, I had some nightmares but I'm ok." she said with a faint reasuring smile on her face.

Her mother walked over to her and whispered to her " don't you worry about those dreams pumpkinthey are mearly dreams and nothing more, here drink your milk and you get going to schooldon't want you to be late now do we" "yes mommy, thank you" she smiled brightly in the morning sun shining through window, life was good for the hemmingberg Family, Sarah's father was an accountant and thus they could afford some luxury and sending their dear Sarah to school.

Sarah left her homethe day was still young and light was but a shimer in the distant horizon, a fog hanged low over the cobled streets of Highbaker street as she went her way to school. Strangly the street was empty and the only sound was the constant rhitmic beat of her small shoes hitting the cobles 'tak.tak.tak.tak'. when she was halfway to her destination, the fog seemed to thicken around her, altough it seemed that she was still alone in the street she felt a presence around her, as if she was being followed and watched.

the fog dissipated and she came into an alley she hadn't gone into before, "how did I get here?" she thought out loud, it seemed that she got lost in the fog. Thinking nothing of it, she went through the alleway believing that the other end of the path, might be more clear to see and she could find her way to school from there. Stepping slutty blonde babe lexi lowe sucks and fuck black cock the shadow filled allyway she felt uncomfortable, was it the fog that made her a bit paranoia or was there trully something with her?

Sarah quickened her step as she started to hear a faint shuffling behind her, she followed the alleyway and took a sharp left turn, almost running into a high brick wall.

The alley seemed to have a Dead end and she would have to retrace her steps to get out of it. She wanted to turn around but at the exact same moment, her whole world turned black, as she screamed. "Got Ya now little missy!" a hard and foul voice said behind her.

She couldn't see a thing but felt that she was put in what seemed like a big bag. Franticaly she tried to find an opening in it, but it was to no avail. "the m-masters are going to be p-p-pleased with you, yes yes they will, hehehe" Sarah screamed for her parents to come help her, but they couldn't hear her, no one could.

The last thing she remembered was being draged across the cobbled street when she fainted of the experience. Sarah felt groggy, she opend her eyes and couldn't see straight, with the bright light in the roomshe tried to move but couldn't for some reason. Her sight regained its potencie and she looked around, she was in a bright lit room with lots of gears and clockworks running, she could hear a constant pumping sound reverberating in the room, the 'whoosh' sounds of steam being released in the room scarred her a bit, the room was warm and humid because of it.

She looked at what was holding her down, it was then that she noticed she was naked expect for her cute little schoolgirl stockings and her black flat shoes, she was held in place on somekind of table, she was postioned in an 'Y' shape with her arms behind her head. thick copper rings held her wrists in place as well as her ankles. "Where Am I ! Why am I undressed!? Let me out of here!! please mister! I just want to go home to my mommy!" the childs words reverberated in the room, but no immediate responce came.

untill a smal metal arm protruded from the ceiling coming down to about her height on the heightened table she was strapped too. it carried a cable with it and at the end was some kind of round box with what seemed like a mesh around one end.

"what is happening?" Sarah asked outloud. A static sound discharge came from the metal box., and made Sarah jump of surprise. A crackling sound came through the box.

"Well hello there child, I'm glad you are awake" "Who are you!? what do you want from me? why am I bound like this ?" "so many questions, first tell me your name" "Euhm.Sarah My name is Sarah hemmingberg" "Sarah, good, very pretty name, my name is Harlen" "Mister Harlen, sir, I don't know where I amI am scarred! I just want to go home now!" "calm down Sarah, Your in my laboratory, your perfectly safe," "but I have to go to school! and if my parents don't see I'm back they'll come looking for me." "thats being taken care of as we speak, your school will be informed that you have taken i'll and will not be about for several days maybe even weeks." " and as for your parents, they have been told that you went with the nuns on a short pilgrimage trip and will be back in a few days, they will have packed some of your belongings for the trip and won't worry about it, for all the olivia austin exchanging oral satisfactions with her masseur pornstar massage is informed, you are perfectly fine" Sarah's mind reeled by the implications of what this man, this mister Harlen told her, if no one was looking for her then she couldn't expect any help.

"what do you want from me? I'm only a 18 year old girl, I can't work a job and have barly learned anything of value at school." "oow but you are perfect my dear, at 18 your body is fully capable of sexual intercourse, Teen swallows old man cum and kissing young tender sex in jacuzzi have already taken a sample from you and my lab assistants are running the tests now." "Tests for what ?

what is sexual intercourse ? I don't understand what you are talking about." "my dear all will become clear soon, you see, I'm a high standing member of a cult that underwent an expedition to antarctica, what we found there was amazing, after months of digging we found a complex maze city right under the ice, within it we found the remains of a former huge intellectual civilisation, we searched the great city and thought they were all wiped out. We were wrong." "Look mister HarlenI don't understand what all of this has to do with me?" "patience my dear, you see although the species was not entirly erradicated there was little left of it to begin with, we found a way to communicate with one of them, what seemed like their leader .

we exchanged knowledge and came to an understanding, that if we helped them rise again, they would give us all the knowledge of their civilisation. and thus an agreement was struck." " these aliens are truly fascinating specimens, unlike humans they are sunny leone xxx face fuck all the same,not simply humanoid with simple differences in colour of our skin or hair, no far more, you see they have different degrees of forms.

But what is most intriguing of all is there ability to survive, for you see, sunny leon fucking with dress changing have the ability to mate with any other species, there DNA codes are an universal skeleton key to survival. thus we plan to help them with survival and what better then to breed them with human femals, the most beautifull on the planet, they are ofcourse very eager to get started" "so, you want to sacrifice me to them?" "in simple, yes I do, You see we are going to Breed you with them in my specially designed lab, now we had to restrain you, for all their glories they can be hideous creatures, aa I have the test results back, hmm very good Miss sarah It seems you are Ovulating, this means that we will be putting an alien baby in that little belly of yours very soon." " A baby!

But I'm too young to have a baby mister Harlen! Please let me go !" "no can do, ah! your partner is comming up, I suggest you enjoy it, I know I will, seeing such a young 18 year old getting raped by that beast, is perfect." the sounds from the box cut out and it retracted back into the ceiling. Sarah panicked, she pulled as hard as she could to get free from her bonds but they didn't budge at all.

She felt a vibrating movement comming from the table, it was moving her into a more vertical position so she could look better out into the room ahead of her, she could see the ground infront of her now, it was made of stone except infront of her was a round metallic ring within another ring, it was about 2 meters diameter.

the table stoped moving verticaly, but now the table started seperating her legs so she was in an X position but with her knees a bit loos from the table so her ass came up more. Infront of her the ring started moving a bit, steam gushed from the small openings and filled the room, the heat of the room made Sarah sweat, as if she was in a Turkish bath, little sweat druplets ran down her petit body, one ran down her bely and got caught in her navel, it tickled her a bit but she was too afraid to notice.

The middle Ring opend up and a 2 meter round gap was now infront of her, a wheerling sound came from the hole. "what is that smell ?" she tried to look down the hole when she smelled a ranck smell unlike anything she had smelled before, it wasnt much unlike fish that had gone bad for 2 weeks but less opressing.

the sound increased and from the gap now appeared what seemed like the tip of a fleshy green egg, some kind of goo ran down the length of the bulging egg sack.

the platform came to a halt ones it was alligned with the floor. "what in God's name?" Sarah said when she saw the egg. The egg started to move and the tip of it started to open up with flaps on either side like a peeled banana.

Sarah Screamed in terror when she saw what emerged from the egg. The creature was not uncommon to an insect but far larger then any insect on earth, it was easely about 2 feet big of grey carcast body, it had 6 spider like legs on its side but with the thickness of a human finger, the head had 4 green eyes with an indented nose and ears, its mouth was some kind of protruding fleshy pipe from wich 3 long tentacled tongues came probing the air.

its neck had 6 more tentacles to search its surounding. in the back it had a long tail that seemed to be its penis it was easly longer then its body about 2 to 3 feet long and about the thickness of a human wrist. it was mildly spiked at about every 1 third of its length. the head of the penis was much the same as with humans except for a small outward pointed tip like a fountain pen in the centre half around the opening.

At the base of the penis on the under side of the creature hanged what seemed to be his balls, but unlike other creatures, parts of it were see through, you could see the gallons of Seed it was carring in its balls gushing like water in a half filled bottle with every sway of its elegant and quick movement. "Stay away from me!" Sarah screamed at the creature as it scuttled out of its egg and moved towars her, it jumped onto the sided table she was hanging on and seemed to stick to it, like a spider to a wall.

It moved upwards towards her vagina but seemed to ignore it for now, its legs were skiddling on her legs, it tickled her and made her skin crawl at the same time, moving upwards on her body, it stoped at about the height of her chest, it put its 6 legs around her body with the top two legs just under her breasts, like a corset it grabbed her hard so it wouldn't fall off her. Sarah felt its legs press into her innocent flesh, they felt hard like branches but with a certain slimy residue sticking to it, its head started looking at her young breasts ,the tentacles of its neck grabed her right breast tightlysqueezed it and pulled it down, Sarah moaned as the monster put its tube like mouth against her niple and gingerly started sucking on it.

she could hear the slurping sounds of the monster sucking her breast like step sister fucked his brother baby trying to get milk from her. the young girl could feel its tentacled tongues in its mouth carresing the niple, one of them slowly wound around the niple and pulled hard making her niple bulg out.

Sarah looked in the creatures eyes, and saw that it was looking at her too now, seemingly wanting something. The alien stopt slurping her niple and put some less pressure on its legs, it moved its body up a little so two legs were above her breasts now and clamped tight.

this brought him very close to Sarah's face, she pulled her face back in fear of the monster screaming and trying to get loose, but it didn't help no matter how hard she tried.

The creature's neck tentacles grabbed her neck and pulled it with a great strength towards him, her head was now dead on to his head, her mouth still open while she was screaming her lungs out. "GO AWAY disgusting thing!" It plunged its tubular mouth inside her mouth.

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Sarah's eyes went wide with horror if she could she would scream, but its mouth filled her's and no sound could be released now. Inside her it was probing this new interesting place, its tentacles found her tongue and wrapped themselves around it, it pulled it into its mouth and sucked on her tongue.

It gave her a depraved french kiss and took his time with it, it lasted atleast 10 minutes, sucking and rolling her tongue in his mouth tasting her spit and giving his spit to her, she almost wanted to gage at the tast of his juices coming from his weird mouth. she became more relaxed as time went by Realising that she couldn't do anything about it. She triedbut she started to accept that what the beast wanted, it could simply take anyway. It released her tongue and unwound its tentacles from her neck, which was now red with stripes doxy receives rammed with joy smalltits and homemade the pressure it was excersising on her.

It climbed above her so its balls were hanging just above her mouth, with a trust it pushed its balls inside her, The thick fleshy sack sank in her mouth, she could feel how soft it was in her but warm at the same time. the beast pushed up again, Sarah Lunged for air, and coughed. it ran above her now ,out of sight, Sarah could only hear its skinny legs scuttling behind her somewhere but didn't know where it was, she didn't care either as long as it was away from her.

it reapeared between her feet, it calmed down and seemed to be getting ready for something, as if it was at a point in its life it had been looking forward too for so long. "ow no, I think I know what you are going to do, please don't I'm too young!" It made a slurping sound fragile awesome teen screwed by large male hiddencam and hardcore if saying in its own sick and twisted way, ' I don't care, Your all mine and I'll do with you what I want' it moved up so its head was close to her cut little vagina, it started probing it with its tongues and slowly lubricated her with it, moving its mouth closer and closer to her ,now touching her vaginal lips, its tongues banded thogether and pushed inside her cunt, it opend it a bit so the mouth would have easier entry, it pushed it inside slowly but methodicaly.

Sarah's breathing was heavy now, She was being violatedraped, used by this monster that wasn't even from this planet! but yet its tentacles felt so good, her pussy was getting wet at the feeling of it starting to get inside her. it plunged its mouth in and started pushing hard as if it came against an obstacle, it was pushing against her maidenshead, it shred it open with a final push and started slurping the blood that came from it.

Sarah Screamed in Agony "Aa! what are you doing?!" the beast pulled out slowly while her pain started to subside and was again replaced by a sexual desire she hadn't felt before in her life. The thing crept up on her belly again which was by now as sweaty as the rest of her cute little 18 year old body,it grabbed thight and for the first time its tale came into action. "this is it isn't it ? you realy are going to make me pregnant arn't you ?

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I'm only 18, I shouldn't have sex on my age in the first place leave alone having a baby from an alien insect." the beast slurped again but now with a calmer sound as if reasuring her. Its penis started moving towards her 18 year old vagina, its pointed tip was the first part to enter, the rest gradualy followed. slowly it pushed its babymaking stick inside her, inch by inch, Sarah felt the pressure in her pussy increase every moment he pressed into her, she felt the sting of its first row of spikes hit her slithly, at which point it seemed he had reached deep inside of her, its tip was resting against her cervix, slowly he pulled out again, and in ones dark hole of pretty chick drilled hardcore blowjob, and on and on, he started fucking her slowly, Sarah started moaning harder and harder as the beast gradualy increased the speed of his insectoid thrusting, she could feel every bump of its penis inside of her love canal.

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She came hard for the first time in her life and that with an alien girls putting big things in there pussy inside of her, Her mind reeled with the thought, but she didn't care, she wanted it to fuck her. No she needed it to fuck her, she felt part of its long penis outside her brush against her innocent white stockings, it was getting aroused by them. For all the insectoid looks of the thing it was more intellectual then one would expect, it knew good enough what it was doing and to who it was doing it.

It turned the monster on that it was going to impregnate a human female, but not just any human female, no, a young 18 year old schoolgirl, human society would have demonized it, but it revelled in it, it wanted to breed this young innocent child for what it was. seeing her cute pony tailes and the innocent stockings with the cute little black shoes made its penis pulse with desire to shoot its biological Bomb inside her womb, to make her a carrier of its alien children to ensure the future of the species.

he didn't just want to Breed her, he NEEDED to breed her. Sarah wasn't far off of the same thought by now, feeling it carres her legs, while it was thrusting its cock inside of her and his legs holding on for dear life around her belly, her breasts bouncing up and down with each hard push of the creature inside of her, her breathing was steady but deep, her sweat was everywere aswell as her vaginal juices, The beast thrust so hard this time, she came all over its cock, Squirting fluids all over the table and flooding on the ground.

She wanted it to make her pregnant by now, she needed his baby making seed inside her, she wanted to feel that warm seed inside her and know that the egg she had laid in her womb was being invaded by alien sperm."I want it, Give it to me she said, breed me please!". The creature slowed down a bit and started trusting deeper in her vagina, the tip of its pencil like penis was resting in her cervix, it pushed it inside of her slowly not wanting to hurt her too much, slowly it wicked czech girl spreads her spread vagina to the extreme inside and opened up the hole, the beast pushed deeper so the rest of the penisses head was inside the cervix, it slowly started fucking her again making sure the cervix was kept open.

Sarah moaned hard, she screamed in pleasure as she felt what he was doing with her cervix now she understood what the purpose of the point was, it was to open up her cervix to make sure that when it came, its cum could be deposited straight into her womb for maximal chance of pregnancy.

the creature squeeled and started shaking, its penis started bulging and one could see the semen in its balls getting drained gallon after gallon, the spikes on its penis enlarged and grabed hold of her canal. it was necesary, for the pressure of the cum was immense, It cam hard inside of her womb, gallon after gallon of fertile alien insect sperm shot in the innocent 18 your old girls womb, slowly the pressure in her belly build up as the womb was being flooded, she could feel the penis pumping strongly, every drop lusty babe with a huge ass gets nailed seed was being deposited just to be sure Sarah got pregnant.

her egg swam in the insectoid's semen. The sperm started to gush out of her womb as the building pressure became too great. gallons kept cuming in her, the semen came out of her vagina along the sides of its massive bulging Cock and went all the way down the table and onto the floor. That was it, Sarah was pregnant of this Hideous alien insectshe could feel it, there was no other way this could turn out.

she Screamed in extasty. she came hard again as she kept feeling the cum cumming inside of her. this creature was amazing. It started to loosen its grip and fell on the floor, apparently out of breath, slowly she could see the cum comming out of her, her shoes and stockings were messy with it as it had exploded out the moment its cock came out of her pussy.

The creatures balls were slowly starting to reflood with potent semen. "you made me pregnant little insect" Sarah said. A mechanical arm from above came down and injected her with somekind of drug, she doused away into sleep and dreamed of her bearthing its wonderfull children.