Pink pussy spreading with asian sex slave

Pink pussy spreading with asian sex slave
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Chapter 1 I don't hate my parents but there are times that I almost hate them. They are very strict, especially my father, and they stick to their very conservative religious beliefs totally. So, this has affected my life, not only have I lived in a very strict home, I've been sent to an all-girl's boarding school where they are just as strict.

Basically, dating is not allowed and there are no dances, no times where we ever see boys. My only salvation from going totally nuts is that some of my friends grew up in homes a little less strict than mine. Here's the prime example: sex. My parents have never used the word. At least in front of me. Birds and the Bees? Not a word. I have never seen ever my mother naked, not even her breasts. Sex doesn't exist if all I have to go on is what I've learned at home. Nothing. I'm seventeen. I've never had a kiss.

I've never had my boobs felt. No one has ever touched my pussy, I've never seen a boy's dick, nothing.

Now I was sheltered, yes, but I was also curious. Very curious. I wanted to know about sex, about boys, about their dicks and their balls. Balls, especially, they just seemed so odd to me. I wanted to hold them and feel what they were like. And I wanted to see a boy's dick get hard, actually grow in length and width. It all seemed so odd and unusual. I hated how I was brought up. Then, this past summer, I was home from school when some friends of my parents came to visit along with their two children.

They were rather younger that me, David or Davie as they called him, was thirteen and their little girl, Tiffany, was ten. I hadn't seen them for a number of years, they were just toddlers back then. Even now, me being seventeen, they looked pretty young. Davie had curly light brown hair that actually made him look even younger and was pink-cheeked more like a ten-year old. So, he wasn't even feeding my nascent sexual fantasies. I had gone baby school girl sex rap bed, did what I usually did, masturbated, and then, feeling thirsty, went downstairs to get a glass of milk.

As I opened the brandi love and bella rose share a cock door, I heard some sounds from downstairs where our rec room is, in the basement. I tiptoed to the basement door, heard some soft moaning, then slowly crept down until I could see across the room. There was David, on the bed next to the wall, across the room, naked. Naked. As the bed was facing away from the stairs, he couldn't see me as I watched him and it had to be, yes, masturbating up and down.

As my eyes were already adjusted to the dim light, I could see his penis, it was actually larger than I had imagined, he was a fairly small boy, even for thirteen. With his other hand he was tickling and pinching his nipples. I had never heard any of my friends ever talk about that before. I could feel a twinge between my legs as I silently watched him, his eyes closed, stoking slowly, softly moaning.

He looked so young laying there, from where I was, somewhat above on the stairs, his body looked smooth, hairless, except for a tuft of dark fur right around his penis. I could feel a tingle begin between my legs and my nipples harden as I watched.

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Then, almost suddenly, his back arched upward, he let out a muffled groan, and arcs of white fluid spurted up out of him as he moved his hand up and down.

God, that's what it's like, I thought. He was cumming, having an orgasm. His pace slowed way down and he lay there with his head slightly thrown back, a look of bliss on his face.

He was happy, very happy. Not wanting to risk being seen, I carefully made my way back up the stairs and went to bed without my milk.

But I did masturbate twice more that night, once right after I got back in bed, once in the middle of the night when I woke and the image of his cum spurting out came rushing back into my mind. Both times I masturbated I closed my eyes and imagined David's dick going in and out as my fingers did.

David's cumming was burned into my mind now, forever. The next day, it was all I could think about, Davie stroking his cock and making it cum. Every time I looked at him, I saw him jacking off. We were together quite a bit. As I said, his curly locks and fair skin, with his small stature, made him look more like ten than thirteen. I had to keep remembering (like I was about to forget, ha) what his dick looked like.

It was rather large, though I had nothing actually this is our real amateur couple one of thousands in this freezing city but i and my gf never pay att compare it with. Of course, I was looking at Davie with quite different eyes after watching him so dramatically prove he was beyond puberty the night before. We had a normal day and evening but I knew for sure exactly what I was going to be doing later tonight.

Yes, I set up my watching post on the stairs and got to see Davie during about the last half, I guess, of his masturbation. Again, the thrill of seeing gobs of his cum flying out of the end of his dick made me wet and eager for a finger or two inside me. But I had to be quiet, I would just die if he ever caught me watching him giving pleasure to himself. As I quietly snuck back upstairs, I knew that I wanted to be the one to make his cum spurt out, I wanted to give him pleasure, I wanted him to give me pleasure.

I was going to have Davie inside me for sure. The next day, I got hold of some condoms, it's really pretty easy these days, and set my plans for Davie's lovely dick. Davie and I were watching a movie, everyone else had gone to bed a while earlier, I was trying to keep him up until I could be sure everyone was sound asleep.

The sound was turned low, I had snuggled up to him and we started talking about boys and girls and dating and the like. "Do you have a girlfriend, Davie?" "No, I just get shy around girls. I don't think they like me." "What do you mean, they don't like you?" "They go for the guys who play a lot of sports and I don't and I just don't look like some of those guys." "I think you're really cute, kinda sexy." "Sexy, me?

You're kidding, right?" "Not a bit, Your long, curly hair," I said as I ran my fingers through it, "really sexy. There's more than muscles that turn girls on." "Well, I just never thought of myself as sexy, that's all." "I do, I think you're sexy," I said as I began to rub my hand along his bare thigh just below the hem of his shorts. I was sure this would get his attention, after all, he's thirteen and I've been watching him jack-off.

I know he's interested in sex.

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"You do? I sure wish some of the girls in my school did." "Well, I do, I think you're sexy. I may not be in your school but I'm right here," as I leaned over and kissed him.

I got him a little crooked on his lips but it seemed to be good enough. I put my arms around him and he embraced me and we kissed again, this time perfectly centered. I remembered what some of my friends had told me about frenching and slipped my tongue between his lips.

We were pressed together kissing, his chest pressing against my breasts, and I ran my fingers up through his hair as we kissed. He was turned now, leaning into me and I could feel him pressed against my leg, an erection obviously pressing against me.

"It's really too bad that my family is so strict. I've never had a boyfriend and I've always wanted one," I said as I continued to rub along his leg. "Yeah, it's too bad we live so far apart, I mean, I know I'm younger and all, but I'd be your boyfriend." All I could think about was watching David's naked body, his hand stroking as his penis poured out his cum. "Davie, you could do reality kings stacy jay stacys treasure hardcore cumshot a big favor." "What, Cindy?" "You could be my boyfriend and we could make love, you know, have sex." He looked shocked, his eyes got big, kind of startled.

I was still rubbing along his leg as he said, softly, "I want to do it, too. Where could we do it?" "Well, we could do it downstairs where you're sleeping but I want to check and make sure everyone is asleep first." He whispered, "Okay," and got up and went downstairs as I went up and listened carefully, then went in my room and changed to my pajamas and got a condom out of my drawer and went downstairs, the image of David, his hand gripping his hard cock foremost in my mind. As I started down the steps to the basement, Power rangers giga rangers xxx turned and latched the door behind me.

Davie was sitting on the edge of his bed still wearing his shorts and tee. I sat down next to him and we kissed again as I put my hand up under his shirt and pinched and tickled his nipples.

Davie, being four years younger, a lot for a teen, was pretty shy about initiating anything between us which I didn't mind since it was so cute. And I had enough resolve for the two of us. "I'm gonna get more comfortable, Davie," I whispered as I began unbuttoning my top, then slipped it off. Chapter 2 Davie gazed at my breasts, bared for the first time to a boy.

"You're so pretty, Cindy, just beautiful. They're perfect." I reached over and pulled off his tee shirt then took his hands and brought them to my breasts, whispering, "They're for you, Davie, just for you." He began to rub and feel them, reluctantly at first, but soon I could tell that he was wanting more. My heart began racing, my breathing deeper, as he began to rub my nipples between his fingertips like I'd seen him do to himself.

"I love what you're doing, Davie, it really feels good," and I dropped my hands down and pulled the zipper on his shorts down, pushed his briefs aside and pulled up his hard dick out of his fly.

"Oh, Davie, you are so nice, big, just right. Lay back," I whispered. I moved my hand up and down on his for a minute or so, then leaned over and put my mouth around it and started sucking like I might do to a lollipop. I had no other experience in sucking a dick but, I suppose, the first girl, Eve, no doubt, must have picked it up pretty quickly.

Whatever I was doing to his penis was good enough, it was getting some nice, soft moans. I lifted my mouth up off him and rubbed him up and down a few more times, noticing that some pale, cloudy liquid was seeping up out of him. I was glad I had a condom, for sure. Then, I began kissing my way up his body, abdomen, tummy, licking his navel, kissing his nipples, sucking them, licking along his chest.

His skin was so smooth, so soft, just like mine, really. I whispered, "Davie, I want you to suck my nipples, okay?" and raised up and he took one in his mouth and gently began to suck as I petted his face. The feelings were incredible, soon, I could feel liquid slowly dripping down my leg.

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My breathing was fast, I could feel my heart pounding, and I reached down and rubbed him some more. He went from one breast to another sucking my nipples harder and harder.

I knew I just couldn't wait any longer, I pulled my nipple out, reached down and pulled my pajama bottoms off, retrieving the condom from my waistband. As he was watching me, he asked softly, "Can I see you, um, see you between your legs?" I quietly spread my legs open and he put his hand down and traced his finger along my slit sending shivers up my spine.

The first boy to ever touch my pussy. Then, he slid his finger in and began rubbing me around on the inside. "This feels good, huh?" he asked. "Oh, yeah, real good, here rub right here," I said as I guided his thumb to my clit.

"Mmm, just rub right there, Davie, mmm, don't stop, just keep going, I'll tell you when…uuh, uuh, uuh," as this young thirteen-year old boy brought me to orgasm. I had to stifle my cry of ecstasy and in a minute, I whispered, "You really got me off great, Davie, you're a great lover but now I want this in me," as I put my hand around his dick.

I stretched out on his bed, he crawled up between my legs, I rolled the condom on his cock, and he pushed inside me. It was really easy, I'd taken care of any obstructions with some masturbation with a friend's dildo last year and Davie's penis was still making the transition from boy to man, so he wasn't as large as for a boy my age. This felt so good, I really liked Davie, thought he was really nice.

Even loved him as he pushed and pulled in and out of me. My hands were down holding his smooth, soft butt guiding him in and out of me, my legs wide, savoring every stroke. Then, I saw the peaceful, serene look on his face that he had when I first watched him masturbating as his back arched and he pushed hard into me.

"Uh, barely legal big tit russian girl rides your big dick, uh," as I felt his warmth enter deep inside me.

It was all I needed and I wrapped my legs up around his back, jerked him deep into me and began thrusting back and forth until I had an enormous orgasm. We held each other in a tight embrace as the wonderful sensations of bootylicious babe tina hot enjoys intense anal fuck treat lovemaking flowed over us. He kept moving in and out of me as I asked him softly, "Can you do it again, you think?" "Yes, I really want to," and he began fucking me faster and, in a few minutes, I could feel another orgasm begin to build.

"Mmm, that's feeling really good, Davie, just keep doing it, you're really doing it good." "I can't believe you let me do this, can we do it again before we go home?" I said, "Mmm, yes, I sure want us to," just as my body shook violently and I felt like I was floating up in the clouds as this feeling of ecstasy swept me from head to toe.

Oh, it was wonderful, the most wonderful feeling of my life. "I'm gonna cum again, oh, here…UUH, uuh, mmm…" and I wrapped my legs up around his back pulling him into me as I kissed him long and deep. We lay there peacefully in each other's arms and enjoyed our warmth and closeness. "I can't stay here any longer, just in case someone gets up, okay, Davie?" and I bent over him and kissed him good night. For good measure, I went down and sucked him for a minute or two then tiptoed back up to bed.

My lonely, cold bed. There wasn't much chance to be alone with Davie the next day though I did tell him that we could watch another movie like we did last night. He caught on exactly to what I meant and said he couldn't wait, that movies were now his favorite thing. So, we again began the evening as we did the night before and, soon, everyone had retired to bed as we sat on the sofa making out, his hands under my shirt with my bra pulled up and my hand down in his shorts squeezing his cock.

An agonizing hour or so after everyone had gone to bed, I snuck upstairs, changed into my pajamas and got a few more condoms. When I locked the door and went down the remaining steps, Davie was sitting on the edge of his bed, naked, his penis standing right out from his lap. "Wow, Davie, you're all ready, huh?" "Oh, I can't wait, I just want to do this so much," and I come over to him and pulled off my pajamas.

"You are so pretty, I just love to look at you like this, with no clothes on." I leaned over and pressed a breast to his mouth which he began to suck as I gently gripped his dick g queen u15 japanese junior idol uncensored began rubbing it up and down.

His other hand is on my other breast, tweaking my nipple, making it hard. Davie was so cute, so darling, that I had really gotten to liking him a lot and was glad that he was my first lover, even if he was just thirteen. I really did love Davie, he was such an eager and caring lover.

I knew we just didn't have all the time in the world, so once we got the condom on his, I got up over him and lowered myself down, leading his cock up into me as I wiggled down. Once inside, I began rocking slowly back and forth as his hands kneaded my breasts, his fingertips tweaking my nipples. "I'm so happy, Cindy, this is so wonderful, what we're doing. I really love you, I really do," and I leaned down and kissed him, my tongue swirling around in his mouth.

"I love you, too, Davie, and I'm glad you are my first lover. This is so nice," and I dropped forward over him hugging him to me as I continued rocking my hips up and down. "Oh, it's feeling really good.

Oh, really good. Oh, I'm…UUH, UUH, uh, uh, oh, Cindy, oh, so good." He had that look on his face just like right before he would shoot his stuff when he was masturbating, a look of intense pleasure and serenity. I could feel the warmth of his cum as it spurted into me, even with a condom on. It was so lovely. I was rocking his dick in and out of me, the feelings so wonderful.

This is sex, I thought, oh, it feels so good. I knew I wanted Davie and me to make love every night while he was still here but we had to be really careful. I had gotten to like him so much, he was just so nice and gentle but also so eager, he thought I was so sexy, so mature, oh, I just loved it.

No wonder grown-ups don't want young people fucking, it's just too wonderful, it just feels too good. I've heard that girls and women can have a lot of orgasms and still keep going while men and, to some extent, boys just can't keep on cumming over and over and over. They tend to give out, I guess. But my young lover, Davie, he still feels nice and hard inside me and he's going at me like he'll never have another chance.

Oh, I am so happy. My hands gripped his muscled butt as I pulled him into me with each downstroke, holding him inside me for a second, then letting him go back up, then pulling him deep into me again.

Oh, it just felt so good. "Mmm, Davie, you make me feel so good. So happy." "I hate that I'll have to leave and go home and we'll never see each other ever again." "Well, maybe we can.

I'll be eighteen next year. Maybe I can come and see you. I'm going to college, I'll be more on my own. Maybe we can do this more." "Oh, I'd love it so new sunny leone red xxx story. I can't believe how wonderful this is, how good it feels." It was feeling good, very good, in fact, I was getting close to cumming.

I raised my legs up higher and he was able to push a bit deeper into me, just enough. "UUH, UUH, oh, Davie, oh, Davie, mmm, oh, you feel so good." Then, he stiffened, arched his back, drove into me hard, "OOH, OOH, OOH, uh, uh, oh, Cindy, oh, I love you, Cindy," and continued going in and out as we held each other for the longest time.

My seventeen years of guilt were over. Now I really knew what sex was all about. Not evil and guilt and shame but joy and passion and ecstasy.

Now I knew what my future would hold. As Davie and I held each other, his cock still inside me, I knew that my life had changed and so had his. Davie and his family did leave and go home. We do keep in touch through emails, some with photo attachments that we've taken of ourselves.

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I'll just let you imagine what the photos are like. I think you have a pretty good idea. So, I am counting the days until I'm eighteen and will be able to be on my own.

I will be nadia ali big special xxxx story to college next fall and have been accepted in the college that is in Davie's famiiy's home town. I have a full scholarship so I won't have to rely on my parents and Davie's family has said that I could live with them. He told them about what had happened while they were visiting us and, once they got over the initial shock that there is four years age difference between us, they've accepted the fact and he tells me that they pretty much know that he and I will probably take up where we left off, which is with my favorite part of him deep inside his favorite part of me.

We'll be reunited soon. Oh, so reunited.