Naughty czech girl gapes her tight pussy to the strange

Naughty czech girl gapes her tight pussy to the strange
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Your pussy slowly eases its tightness on my fingers and I slip them out of you. Not wanting too, but you look as if a rest is needed. I slip up beside you and kiss you deeply.

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Tongues wrap around each other. Breaths so deep and long.lips crushed together. This is still sexual.and pleasure is all we want now.

As our lips touch, I feel their softness, their wettness, imagining the pleasures that they soon will bring me. I pull away, all the while truely enjoying the wonderful view of you that I have in front of me. So flushed, wet, heavy breaths, eyes slightly closed, spent. I only hope that we can make it all happen again.and again. I am so hard for ready to explode for you.

I am now in need of relief.

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I slide up closer to you."Just lie here. watch me." I whisper to you. My fingers, still drenched with your juices wrap around my cock. As you watch, you can see just how hard I am. So erect. Veins pulsing. Lovely addie simply loves masturbating in bed cockhead so deep in color.all for you, you think to yourself. As my hand tightly grips my shaft, a drop of my juices drips from cock. It slowly slides down the shaft to my fingers.

I use it to help lube my cock even more. Not that my fingers aren't still wet enough from you. I squeeze harder as I stroke, and more and more juices appear. A stream of my juices are connecting us now. Starting from my cock.dripping continuously to your soft nipple. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Looks so sweet, so slippery. A smile comes to my face as I trace around your nipple with my juiced finger. As your nipple hardens, my cock seems to grow even more.

My hand is now riding up and down the entire length of my cock. You can see that my grip is even tighter. My balls, so full.slowly following the strokes of my hand. You reach out and gently feel the weight of them in your hand.

A soft squeeze draws a deep breath from me. And my hand slides faster up and down. Your fingers lightly tickling my balls. I look at you, but your eyes are transfixed on my balls, my cock, my hand.

You lean closer, I feel your breath against me. I've waited so long for this.I'm not sure how long I'll last. but I have to feel your mouth on me.NOW! I slip my cock closer as you lean in.your tongue finds my dripping juices. Your lips kiss so softly on the head of my cock. I don't think I can stand much more. Your fingers release their grip on my balls, and wrap around my cock. All the while, your soft kisses teasing more and more and more juices from me.

Still watching your every move, your eyes finally lift from my cock, as you tell me, "It's my turn.I am going to suck you so deep, so long, so'll never want for any other again." Then your lips granny norma comes back more horny than ever me, and start their wonderful slide to the base of my cock. So fucking incredible. Your fingers slip back and wrap around my balls once again. They feel so much heavier.

They are so full and ready because of you.

Your mouth slipping slowly up and down my entire length. As I watch. my cock so hard, so full.filling your mouth. My hands take your hair between my fingers, holding you as you stroke deeper, wetter, longer on my cock. I can feel a tingle deep inside, I know that I am so close. I want to stop.I want to savour this.but. I WANT TO CUM.

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I know you can sense that I am close, you squeeze my balls tighter, your lips wrapping wetter, harder around me. I'm starting to match your strokes. Slipping my cock in and out of your mouth with each of your stokes.

It feels so good.I'm watching my cock, slipping deeper in and out.faster in and out.wetter in and out. My balls tighten, your fingers grip lift your eyes to mine. Looking so deeply into yours.a whisper escapes, " I'm going to cum." Somehow a smile radiates in your face.and with that, my release is here.

My long awaited for warm, wet, sticky juices free themselves from deep inside me.and now that smile radiates from my face.