Pornamilia onyx and ryan madison

Pornamilia onyx and ryan madison
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One of the most memorable one on one sexual experiences I had happened the summer before I left for my freshman year of college. I was being a lazy teenager and being a bum before having to start working for a living. I spent a lot of time sunbathing and sitting in our hot tub in the back yard. Back then I still had the body to wear my little white bikini, and I did as often as I could.

I was 5'6, brown hair, blue eyes, 120 lbs with perky b cup tits that were almost a c cup. I was hot and knew it. One afternoon, when my parents were both at work and nobody was supposed to be dropping by, I had an idea.

I would sunbath nude and get rid of my tan lines! I set up my lawn chair and pulled off my bikini. Put some sunscreen over sensitive areas so they would not burn and stretched out nude in the sun. I must have dozed off because I did not hear anyone open the door and come out on the deck. I was surprised when I opened my eyes and saw my dad's friend Larry standing there staring at me.

I had met Larry and his wife several times before, his son Sam even fucked me in the ass after junior prom a couple of years before. He always kind of creeped me out.

Larry was about 45, stud is favourable to have sex and massage graying hair, and kind of tubby, probably 230 lbs, with blue eyes.

Every time he looked at me before I always felt he was picturing me naked. Now he was seeing me naked and by the bulge in his shorts was liking what he saw. I screamed and tried to cover myself with my towel.

As he walked towards me he told me that he was just stopping by to borrow a camera my dad said he could borrow, that he did not mean to interrupt anything. He then told me I had a fantastic body.

I wasn't saying anything, I was too embarrassed. Until he dropped the bombshell, he said that Sam told him what a great lay I was. "That asshole!" was all I could say as Larry chuckled. He then said he would like to find out himself as he pulled my towel off exposing me.

He said it would be a shame if my dad heard about prom then about how I tried to seduce him. I was being blackmailed and I panicked. I agreed to whatever he wanted as long as my dad did not find out.

He smiled and said good. He stood up and unzipped his shorts and pulled them off. He the straddled my lawn chair and directed me to suck him. His cock was about 6" long and had a peculiar, but slight, bend to the right. Dreading this I faced him and moved my mouth over his cock.

It was obvious he had been sweating because his crotch smelled musky and his cock was very salty tasting. This was my first time with someone who was not in high school, much less 26 years my senior. It took me a bit but I soon overcame my thoughts and developed a rhythm as I sucked him.

He was moaning that Sam was right I was good and he played with my hair. Unfortunately, since he was already sweaty, I did not notice the taste difference as he started to pre-cum. I was caught by surprise when my mouth was suddenly full of his cum. As I tried to pull up to stop, Larry pushed my head back down, forcing me to swallow his load.

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Finally he let me up as I had his cum running out of my mouth and down my chin. He joked that that was how he liked his women to look. I was not amused and asked him if that was good enough. He giggled a weird giggle and told me it was time for him to taste me now.

He laid me back on the lawn chair and spread my legs.

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When he climbed on top of me I was sure he was going to try to slip his cock into my pussy, the same pussy that was betraying me by getting wet. He did not fuck me, yet. I did not realize until then that as guys got older they sometimes need more time to recharge.

Instead he kissed me, not my mouth or face that were covered in cum, but my tits. He slowly sucked them, making the moisture problem between my legs worse. Knowing the effect he was having on my body, whether I wanted them or not, he started licking down my belly.

When he got to my shaved pussy, he didn't dive right in. He teased me by licking around it and only occasionally running his tongue over my clit. I involuntarily started moaning and he told me how sweet my pussy tasted. I do not like the man, but I give him credit he could eat pussy. By the time his tongue penetrated me I was building an orgasm. Larry expertly switched between tongue fucking me and sucking my clit keeping me on the edge of cumming. He finally gave in and pushed me over the top.

It was a good thing the neighbors were working because with my screams there was no secret what I was experiencing. When I was done cumming on his face, he slipped up me so he could fuck me. By that time I did not care. He shoved his cock into my soaking wet pussy, groaning about how tight I was. He was thrusting into me, fucking me, with only one purpose, for him to get off. I was nothing but a cum sponge to him at that point. I thought I might get to cum again, as another orgasm was building.

Before I could though, Larry pulled out and started stroking himself. At nearly the same instant he was spraying cum all over my belly and open pussy. When he was abella danger got two black guy he laughs and says he hopes he got out in time, he would hate to see my tight little body knocked up.

(Side note, he did not get me pregnant) With a grin on his face he thanked me, got dressed, grabbed the camera he was borrowing, snapped a story of sinful xxx pk picture of my cum drenched body, and left.

I did not want the picture taken and have no idea what happened to it. I assume him and who knows who else got several good masturbating sessions in over it. I finally came to terms with what happened and went inside to take a shower and brush my teeth. I did have one more session with Larry before the summer was done. That one was no more voluntary, but slightly more interesting.