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Pale redhead teen fuck playing hooky for some tushy
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My apologies for the extreme delay, but here is the next part in the series! It has been a dramatic, life changing year for me, and I would like thank everyone here who has supported and encouraged me along the way.

All of the local bus sex infront of other peopls messages and comments truly make my day and inspire me to write just for beautiful people like you! Now that I'm recovering, I hope to be back on my feet very soon. Don't lose faith in me, for I promise that I will continue this story until its end!

I proudly present to you: The Sixth Prince Part V Jasmine felt a nervous excitement grow inside of her as soon as he had spoken those few words. A third soul: she was pregnant! She was held protectively in his strong, silvery arms, floating almost magically with The Sixth Prince of Hell inside a nearly invisible pool in his bathing area. He nuzzled her. "I have never been a father before." His voice was ecstatic, but wary of his inexperience. "Well," Jasmine laughed quietly, "neither have I." Izial chuckled and kissed her.

"I know." He drifted over to the shallow end and gradually rose up above the water as the depth receded, still carrying his petite, now pregnant, human girl in his arms. Droplets of water became drizzles rushing down their naked bodies as the demon stood up and set Jasmine delicately back on her feet. The soft water from the bath lapped lazily at her toes. Her gaze drifted to her belly. She opened her mouth hesitantly to speak, but her lover accidentally cut her off.

"Catch, Jasmine." He tossed her a dark, fluffy towel. "It is time to carry on with the hour, so dry yourself." His smile bared the tips of his pearly fangs. She watched him, entranced by his gorgeous figure and his inky hair, sleek from the bath. Knowing her too well, the prince was fully aware of her lusty eyes devouring his naked demonic body, and he was certainly not shy to put on a bit of a show.

A sly smirk played across his face as he decided to show off his expertise. He winked and glided the soft, absorbent towel seductively along his toned physique, slowly caressing his smoky body and taking time to linger on each gorgeous aspect of himself. His aura naturally filled the air with temptation and he effortlessly directed it onto himself, leaving Jasmine staring in awe and lust; completely captivated by his display. His well groomed hands skillfully highlighted his muscles, still shimmering in the candlelight from the water.

He looked at his exposed, silvery complexion with longing and glanced over at his lover as he touched himself with lust. Once his torso was dried, he leaned over and wrapped his towel around his long legs, dipping low to the smooth, featureless obsidian floor.

With his firm ass in his lover's view, the dark prince swayed his arrow tipped tail in the air and swiftly flung the water droplets off of it with a sharp, effortless flick. Jasmine hadn't even noticed that her dainty hands had slipped down between her thighs until her towel dropped to the floor. She blushed lightly and gazed at her demonic lover with desire and passion as he swooped back up and stretched. She discovered that his bright eyes had begun to glow green just before he closed them and hung his head back, running his fingers through his boyish, midnight locks.

His eyes reopened and instantly caught hers, playfully coaxing her to come to him with a simple, charming look that she knew too well. She scooped up her towel from the floor and smiled as her smooth feet padded against the warm rock below.

Izial caught a corner of her towel as they met, twirling her into his arms and trapping her close. A cheerful giggle parted her lips as he dried her off quickly, making up sweet youthful amazing gal licked by pold man oldvsyoung and hardcore lost time.

With a soft kiss to her lips, the two carried on with their day. <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> The Sixth Prince leisurely walked out of his dressing room and silently closed the secret entrance behind him. He wore a long, masculine cut, black robe with silver on the edges. The royal symbols were scrolled down the left side in an elegant metallic colour.

And on his feet were. dark, fluffy slippers. Jasmine giggled. Izial turned and looked over at her. Decidedly naked, her curvy body was messily sprawled across his large bed. It smelled of him; spiced, smoky, and masculine. "Do you find something amusing?" She smiled to herself, trying to keep quiet.

"You're wearing bunny slippers." He looked down. "I did not know they were called that," The greyish ear of one bunny flopped to the side. "I believed them to be fierce horned beasts." Jasmine covered her mouth, struggling to contain her laughter.

"Bunnies are harmless, fuzzy little creatures that hop around and eat carrots." The demon examined his footwear in disbelief. "They are comfortable, but why must everything in the human realm be so. innocent?" He sighed. She rolled over and looked over at him. "I can wear them instead if you want. I think they're cute!" He glanced up at her with emerald eyes. "If you wish." He paused for a moment, then continued a bit unsurely. "Perhaps owning an item from your own realm would be… comforting for you, yes?" Jasmine smiled at his understanding.

It wasn't often that he caught on or realized certain things. "Yes, it would be very comforting." She beamed at him. He gracefully slid them off his feet and handed them to her. The bed shifted slightly underneath her as she sat up and settled her feet inside his slippers.

They were loose and warm. She flopped them around, watching the rabbit's ears sway; they were much too large for her feet. Izial noticed instantly. "I shall call Mylan to fix them immediately." He took a few steps to the doorway, and then stopped briefly.

"You must cover yourself, Jasmine. The ceremony for our joining is complete. Now only I am to see you unclothed." He stacked the empty plates from a past meal and continued toward the main entrance. For a moment, Jasmine worried how he would open the door with his hands full, but then she recalled how it didn't need or even have a handle; last time he used his tail to swipe a sensor instead.

She returned to the task at hand and hurried into his dressing room. Wisps of smoke from low burning candles floated gently towards the high ceiling, tainting the room with their familiar cabin-like smell.

She could tell that the candles were nearly finished and needed to be replaced soon; the dull candlelight flickered dimly against the dark stone walls. The room was barely lit. Izial probably hadn't noticed; he didn't need external light to see and he was usually quite busy. As she looked past the dripping wax pillars, a smile curled her lips. Right in front of her hung a lush, satin nightgown, probably placed there by her dark prince before he left. He certainly had good taste. She removed it from the wall and let the fabric pour over her head, gracefully falling into place.

It was a shimmery grey and slightly loose. It felt wonderful against her skin. She didn't have enough light to see herself in the mirror that he had made for her, but her even her silhouette looked smooth and sexy.

Pleased with herself, the human girl rushed back out to the main bedroom with a thrill of energy. Two other demons stood near the middle of the room beside her lover, conversing with him casually. They were noticeably twins; both had smooth red skin, pupils like dark shadows, and long, jet black hair. They also donned the same style of royal clothing, although it was much less intricate than Izial's. Jasmine walked over to them gingerly and stood slightly behind Izial.

They both looked very familiar. "-and so you've just been bonding? I know that's very important, but seriously, you have a kingdom to run!" Sylan was complaining.

"Father requests your presence greatly! You still have much yet to learn, and without the proper training-" He stopped midsentence.

Izial had silenced him with a wave of his hand. Mylan caught sight of Jasmine and his eyes sharply went to her feet. "These are the footwear you were speaking of?" Jasmine looked down as well. Izial spoke to him calmly. "Yes. They need to be fitted to her proper size of foot." "I don't remember making her such footwear," Mylan spoke as he studied the slippers, "Did I somehow make a mistake?" His voice was steady, though Jasmine sensed how nervous he was.

Izial looked at the twins, somewhat amused by their fear. He stood tall and waited for a moment, pretending to think deeply while the demons in front of him rested uneasily. "No, you did not." The nervous tension on their shoulders dissipated at truck picks up gay hitch hiker words.

Sylan hadn't even spoken of the matter. Perhaps Mylan took care of all the formal conversations. "Sylan may be able to alter the design." Mylan offered after looking to his twin. Sylan gestured for Jasmine to step out of girl does a perfect blowjob hardcore amateur slippers.

In a swift motion, he scooped them up and examined the fabric. Sylan exchanged looks with his counterpart. "It would take roughly two moons for us to complete." "Excellent. Tend to them immediately." Both bowed and proceeded to exit. Sylan eagerly grasped Mylan's hand as they went through the main doorway. Mylan unsuccessfully tried to pull his hand away and sighed as they disappeared into the dark corridor.

Jasmine turned to Izial with a questioning look. "Why do they always touch each other?" Izial glanced back at where the two had left. "It may be that they share the same soul." He chuckled and returned his gaze to her. "Do not mistake that for the only reason. Their natures usually determine their actions. Sylan has a nature of incest and Mylan has a nature of bitterness. Mylan greatly helps to control our brother, for they are equals of opposite powers. I have seen them succeed and fail equal times when their natures battle." "But.

You're Sylan's brother too. and your nature is lust. So does that mean." Jasmine looked up at him nervously. "Did you ever." Izial remained quiet. "You. you did, didn't you?" She gasped. "I did not say anything." He held a dominant stance and kept a neutral, unreadable face.

She sighed. He would probably never tell her. Her mind wandered and soon she found herself looking down at her tummy again.

Jasmine ran her fingers overtop of the thin night gown and thought of her pregnancy. "Speaking of family." she glanced up at her lover and caught his gaze, keeping her hand thoughtfully above her womb.

"Yes?" Izial inquired. "We're going to have a baby." She tried to help him catch on to where this was going. "Yes." He spoke knowingly. "We're going to have a baby." She repeated. He paused, visibly puzzled. "Jasmine, is there something that you are trying to do that I do not understand? I do have limited knowledge about certain things." "Aren't you going to tell me about it?" "What is it that you wish so greatly to discuss?" She caught a hint of red starting to flare up in his bright irises.

He decidedly had enough of her foolish games and mocking clues. "I wish to know more about." She hesitated, trying to pinpoint her frustration, "about everything!" The petite woman threw her arms up in a confused anger. "You, me; us! The baby! Your culture. Your family-" "-Jasmine." His voice was strong, yet softer than usual. "Come." The human girl had been too flustered to notice that he had moved onto his bed, though, it was in his roots to be naturally stealthy, agile, and silent on his feet.

The angered ruby in his eyes was still dying down into a beautiful green. He had undone the ties on his dark robe; letting it slide loosely over his body and fall to reveal just enough of his ashen, muscular form to lure her closer.

It was always a temptation too hard to resist. "I realize that I have not yet informed you about several topics. The ones you have chosen are." He sighed. "Greatly complex. However, you are entitled to know about them. Select one topic and we shall begin there." "Well," She nuzzled into him deeper, breathing in his scent; she noticed that it had gotten stronger, almost as if he was wearing a heavy dose of a delicious, seductive cologne.

But, it was all too natural and beautiful to be fake. It just felt like him. "Let's start with you. Tell me all about you." She smiled softly.

She loved hearing him talk, just to hear his voice; it had such a deep, masculine tone that drew her close and made her feel warm. A deep chuckle was the response. "I am the Sixth Prince of Hell, as many are aware. Once our child is born, I shall be crowned as the Sixth King." He smiled at that with pride.

"I was born under the nature of lust, as you have discovered," His tail snuck up around her plump bottom and curved around her hip to her clit, "and in twelve moons I celebrate my next coming of age ceremony. It shall end what your kind refers to as 'the teenage years'." He paused to think, subconsciously tapping the tip of his arrowed tail against her sensitive nub, "In age, I will be nearly 1250 Earth years." Jasmine writhed with desire underneath him from his touch, but gained enough self control to somewhat hear what he had said; his last sentence left her stunned.

1250 years. She looked over at him in shock, but he continued as if it were nothing unusual. "I am fluent in both demonic and English. However, I am only able to read in demonic text.

As a royal, I am skilled in both defensive and offensive energy practices for combat; Mylan and Sylan taught me, as is tradition." "Mylan and Sylan are your teachers?" Her small body fit perfectly against his larger form, and his tail snuck inside her gown, spiraling snugly around her thigh.

"They are my elder brothers and they instruct me on many subjects in our culture by passing on what they know. I have learned the medical properties of many energies and herbs from their texts and I am a highly skilled medic." His eyes appeared lost and filled with longing before he snapped back to his dignified, royalty mind set. "However, I am the last remaining being of demonic decent that carries the royal bloodline; I am the last hope for our kingdom.

I must rise to power and take over my father's rein. If I fall, our kingdom will fall back into chaos… My bloodline is the last remaining of the royal families." He spoke, listing off various Demonic words, all of which felt important. At the end, Jasmine heard him sigh. "… All dead." A mournful silence drifted through the room as her blue eyes sought out his.

She felt the weight on his shoulders as if it was her own. She spoke the only thought on her mind, her voice cautious and delicate. "What happened?" The strong, beautiful colour in his eyes was swallowed up by a sorrowful dull grey. "There was a time that my kind calls 'The loss of the Unborn'… We fell to our knees by an enemy still unknown. My grandmother was kidnapped.

My kingdom was among the first. The wives and daughters of all other royal kingdoms were stolen. The children of all generations yet to come were lost. We have sent hundreds of assassins and scouts. One kingdom nearby sent and an entire fleet of his best offences. There were over ten thousand tails. All have failed to locate even a single demoness of royal decent. Now, our people believe they have perished, perhaps slaughtered or drowned…" He looked to the ceiling, lost in thought, as if he were reliving the event thought the eyes of his ancestors.

"Still, no souls have returned to our land. Other royal bloodlines have dwindled and died. My brothers and I still live, for our kingdom reluctantly decided to capture and mate with young human women. There was nothing else to turn to. The unborn were lost." Jasmine let out a deep breath, trying to shake off the eerie feeling, and nuzzled her milky cheek against him in empathy.

Her thoughts turned inward; his burden was hers as well, no matter how much she wanted to run away from it. "What about me? Where do I fit in?" His smile was weak as he gently slid his hand over her womb. "You are my mate, Jasmine.

And soon, I will crown you as my queen." When he spoke the last phrase, the dark prince grimaced at himself. The truth cut into his best friend gave her a pounding mind, taunting that he had lied to his mate. Evil struggled inside his head. Quit whimpering like a child and fool her. You know it will not be true. Her body will fail. You will watch her die.

While he tried to calm his mind, Jasmine smiled lovingly, unaware. A childhood memory stirred up in her, brightening her eyes with a childish glee.

"So… I'm a princess?" She remembered all of the fairy tales of ball gowns and romance, even though she knew they were all just nonsense.

The realization made her blush and shy away, even though she had never really been shy in her life.

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She immediately tried to focus on the good news, rather than become enveloped in the horrors of the past. His heart relaxed a bit at her innocent delight, relieved that she hadn't felt his thoughts.

He yearned to be able to forget as easily as she had. A careful thumb tilted her chin back up to look into his dominant eyes. "You're not just any princess," He purred, "You're my princess…" He nuzzled her neck lovingly, trying to stop the ache in his heart, trying to trick himself as well as her.

For a moment, she hesitated to believe him; his aura troubled her. His actions didn't match his mind; physically, he felt so sweet and gentlemanly, more perfect than anyone she'd ever met, and certainly fit the figure of a prince, but something deeper felt terribly wrong. She could feel something was false… He was filled with sorrow and rage… He lied… Hung teen guy drilling three cougar snatches group sex, Jasmine's eyes went wide.

How could she have been so blind? Did he lie about everything? This wasn't a fairy tale. And he certainly wasn't a prince.

This was all a charade of his. He was a messenger of Hell. He had been controlling her mind. It was the first time it had dawned on her. How could she have been so stupid? His sweet words and temptations… All just to get her to do what he wanted. Her stomach felt sick. Had any of her actions even been her own? Her shock and despair suddenly flared into anger.

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How dare he try to control her! Hell, she was a feisty one by nature, and his charade wasn't going any further with her.

"Why are you doing this?" She yelled, pulling away from his embrace, "You're a demon, a monster! Why the Hell chose to be nice to me? Is this some sort of sick joke?" "Jasmine…" He stood up, reaching out to her calmly.

She slapped his hand away, hard; the impact stung, but he didn't even flinch. His irises flashed red with anger. Jasmine saw it; the Hellish fire in his eyes. It felt as if it were kicking her down to the floor, making her beg for forgiveness.

She was right; there it is: the evil. The hatred. This was it. This is the big reveal. Time to meet the real Hell. Izial stared down at her with a swarming mind. His inner demon was growling furiously at him, yearning to inflict his burning wrath upon her weak, inferior being.

She had rejected all he had done for her. She refused his affections and he very well could have raped her instead at any time he wished. He clenched his fists until his nails bit into his skin. Her words were careless and insulted a high authority.

His rage made him want to kick her, to watch her suffer and writhe in pain while he watch. But something stopped it from hurting her. It disgusted him. He turned away. "Aren't you going to hurt me?" She hissed at him.

"A real demon would have, you coward." The words came out before she realized what had done. She felt something deep inside Izial snap. "Very well." Before she could react, he flung her against the wall. The side of her head slammed into the solid rock and the impact throbbed in her skull.

Before she could collapse to a heap on the floor below, his weight pushed against her body and he pinned her wrists to the wall with a pressure that made her want to cry. The enraged look in his face alone made her want to crawl into a corner and die, and his eyes were glaring at her. They burned the very essence of anger, pouring it inside her head.

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But his voice was collected and smooth. That's what scared her the most. "I could have killed you at any time I wanted. I could have raped you over and over again and enjoyed every minute of it.

I could have taken over your free will with a simple thought and turned you into my personal, mindless slut for the rest of eternity!" Jasmine wasn't giving up.

She would fight to the death, even with a demon, even if it was completely one sided, and even if she knew she would lose. She was mad, and damn right she should be too. She wouldn't let him get any satisfaction out of her. She would never let anyone beat her down without a fight.

"Then why didn't you?" She glared him in the eyes, mirroring his confidence. "Because you're weak? Afraid?" Her words challenged him and she knew very well that she had just crossed over the line with a huge, unheard of, and absolutely forbidden step.

She stood uncomfortably beneath him, trying to push back against his inhuman strength. He hissed through his teeth and then he looked away raunchy blowgang session with a black hottie her, beside himself with anger, yet not able to inflict it upon her.

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Reluctantly, he slowly released her hands. As the pressure eased, she pulled away hastily and rubbed her sore wrists. She slowly watched him strut away, tense and… something else. Something was wrong… She felt it deep within her.

The small young woman looked at her throbbing wrists. He stopped… Her gaze wondered up to him. She couldn't see his face, but part of her knew he was aching. Guilt began to eat at her heart. She had hurt him. Maybe he did really love her… No. How could he?

Her mind began to battle with itself. She shouldn't be sorry. Not for him… She sighed.

Izial faced a wall and rubbed his wrists. They stung. He should have known… In one swift motion, he sat down to rest and collect his thoughts. He grit his teeth, letting his fangs dig into his lip. .He should have told her. A soft, feminine hand touched his shoulder. He looked up. "Are you okay?" Her voice was a frightened whisper.

He saw the fear in her beautiful blues eyes, and for once in a long time, Jasmine saw that his eyes were a lifeless grey, speckled with red. With swift, open arms, he pulled her into his lap and held her close against his chest, nuzzling his face into her silky locks of hair. She gave in and cuddled him back, nervous and confused about her own feelings. She listened to the steady beat of his heart and felt his breath calm down as he slowly relaxed. They just sat there, unmoving in each other's embrace.

After a while, both lost track of time. Neither of the two wanted to speak, or move, for it might end the peaceful moment. But finally, after what seemed a decade, Jasmine felt the need to break the silence. "Izial, I…" She choked up on the words and her soft, watery eyes began to burn with tears.

Izial hushed her nice blow from luscious teen girl hardcore massage wiped the little rivers away, careful to keep his claws from gouging her eye out. "There is something you must know." He said uneasily.

"About who I am. I am not a pure blood demon. I… am half demon." He let out a strained sigh. For a moment, he looked ashamed; foreign and lost in the world around him. She hugged him close to her body, not knowing what to say. "You wished to know about our child… our family… I cannot answer that question for you." He looked pained, even worse than before.

"Why? What's wrong?" She felt his jaw clench. "Maybe I can help…" He let out a deep breath and held her close. "It is out of your power… But it may not be out of mine." Not giving her time to argue further, he stood her up, leaving as if half finished. However broken he felt inside, his posture looked powerful, aiding to his recovering pride.

"You wished to know about the baby itself. The child will be of my blood. That I am certain. I believe I have a text on the subject of infant demons." He walked over to his massive shelving unit with his arms held neatly behind his back.

He gazed through the ancient texts and elegantly called one down from the top shelf using a simple flick of the wrist. It effortlessly glided into his reach as if floating on air. He then carried it to his elaborate chair beside the bed and sat down.

Still trying to piece together his moment of sadness, the curious human wandered over to him and sat on one of the large arms. "Uhm&hellip. So… you don't want to talk about anything…?" She asked carefully, not wanting to push too far, although too nosy to pass up the opportunity to ask.

She watched his chest and shoulders raise up and down in a frustrated sigh. "Izial, let's save the questions for later…" She said softly, placing her small, fragile hand atop his. "I think I know what you need." His slender ears twitched in recognition, followed by a sly grin. "I sensed that you were craving intimacy…" He smirked and set the book nearby, watching her sink to her knees.

Something inside him flickered to life, quite possibly his human side, and he felt… happy. To him, it was something he didn't like; it was unnatural for his kind. Demons were created out of sheer madness and chaos, born into a world of sin and anger. No demon had ever felt happiness… or upskirts brasilia por baixo da saia i tube porn, shame, regret, or empathy. They thrived on hatred, on the darkness and the pain.

Izial shook himself out of it. He couldn't be happy. His father would never allow it. Jasmine was right; he was being too weak. He stood up, his hands wrapping around her throat. Her beautifully framed eyes widened. "I believe that you should be punished, darling." A dangerous light shimmered in his eyes. "You did not appear to feel the true terror and power of my kind. You underestimated me." His obsidian coloured claws pricked the back of her neck and her breathing hitched in her throat; she thought he had forgiven her, or at least ignored her outburst or just let it go.

Though, something about his dominance made her quiver with lust; to feel his power, to watch him prove to her that he was superior and truly worthy of his title made a heat grow between her legs. He slowly released her, stepping back with a devilish half smile. A predator's look was all she could see in his emerald eyes, and it made her want to rebelliously rush toward him. This time she knew that it was her own will.

And she wouldn't want it any other way. His voice rang deep in the moment of sexual foreplay, adding to the mysterious thrill. "Let us see how you compare to me… Without all of the help I have given you." He clapped once, loud and clear, and suddenly everything was dark. The candles were out… And he was gone. The first thing she felt was panic raging inside of her, making her heart race like a scared mouse.

Her wit kicked in, and she found herself overwhelmed with hurry to find the luminescence in Izial's irises. There was none. He must have closed his eyes. Frustration mingled with her panicky adrenaline rush. She couldn't stay still out in the open. Jasmine ran blindly, hoping to find a hiding spot and prove to him that she had some tricks up her sex farmer storys my friends hot moms as well; darkness didn't make her stupid.

As she attempted to navigate her way as stealthily and silently as possible, two bright green eyes opened directly in front of her. Izial was standing in her path, arms crossed, like a wall. She yelped in a mix of terror and surprise, reactively scrambling backward until she fell back onto the solid pal looks at beauty fucked girlfriend and homemade floor beneath her.

His eyes closed as soon as they had opened, leaving no trace other than the image of his barely visible, but oh so obvious, smirk burned into her mind. She blinked, trying to clear it.

The petite human girl rose to her feet once again. She ran her fingers through the air in front of her, hoping to touch his body. Once again, he had disappeared. "I know you're there, Izial." She called out blindly, desperately, hoping he would reply and give a clue to where he is.

After a moment of silence, Jasmine huffed in defeat. The familiar sound of Izial's deep chuckle eerily echoed around the dome shaped room with no sense of where it came from. A slender finger glided across her back, making a lustful whimper escape her lips before disappearing like a shadow into the night. "Izial!" She cried out, desperately wanting to be able to find him, to fall into his arms, and perhaps to strangle him a little.

"Stop being a tease! Let me see you!" Cocky silence was his only reply. She sensed his smirk. A sharp rip of tearing fabric came from her back and she felt the gown fall to her feet. The air was cool against her skin, making her aware of how naked she now was.

Without thinking twice, she bent down to lift the gown back up and cover her bare breasts with the shredded remains. As soon as her small hands clutched the silky fabric, the heat of her demon's figure pressed firmly against her plump, exposed rear. Izial's smooth claw gently dragged down her back, tracing patterns in Demonic. "Here I am, my sweet." A smile tweaked his face and illuminated his eyes as he scooped her up, firmly holding her back to his chest as his member brushed against her inner thighs.

She still couldn't see, but now, it didn't matter. His breath tickled her shoulder as he lustfully nipped a path up to her jaw. She leaned back into his warmth, making him press into her and growl a bit impatiently. A bead of musky precum dripped from the tip of Izial's heavy erection and trickled down the inside of Jasmine's leg. She giggled and reached between her thighs, gently massaging his eager cock.

"Someone seems really excited today!" The cute young woman rubbed her thumb on top his swollen head and another few drops of his nectar dribbled out. "Jasmine," he groaned between clenched teeth, "Stop wasting it." Before she could react, he cupped his hand over hers and guided himself past her soft pussy lips, plunging into her hot, slippery canal. The penetration alone made her melt in his arms. Oh, how she'd missed this. She felt him scoop her up off her feet, keeping his erection buried inside her as he walked gracefully toward his luxurious bed, hidden by the shadows in the room.

The dark prince carried her to the side where a smooth silk bedspread had been messily tossed and laid her down gently, but with a rushed hunger. Immediately he positioned himself atop her gorgeous figure, and his dark, sensitive tail swayed excitedly in the air above him. The small, yet curvy woman smiled lovingly up at her prince through the darkness, following the light of his eyes and reaching up to pull him into a passionate kiss.

As soon as their lips met, she felt him pound her relentlessly with the lust in his beautiful sapphire eyes and the assurance of the blackened room edging him on. A demon, so swift in his natural element. She moaned against his soft mouth and bucked her hips into him, feeling all nine inches of his girth slip deliciously in and out of her, stretching her out and filling her up completely. He growled deeply under his breath and nipped at her sweetly scented neck and lips as he rocked inside her.

His mind raced, though it only bore one thought: a simple, instinctive, impulsive desire; he needed to be inside her, to be as close as he possibly could… to feed a hunger that was not only his. Jasmine gasped aloud and wrapped her legs around his waist, trapping him inside her depths as he closed his eyes, spilling more precum inside her.

The warm, wet, silky fluid nearly tripled the pleasure, enhancing all of their senses and bringing them closer together amidst the powerful bliss. As her mind was taken to another intense level of pleasure, the petite human girl clasped a firm grasp of the strong, sexy body above her. The prince's breathing was ragged and untamed, yet his body insisted he keep going.

A deep breath filled his lungs as he forced his throbbing girth deep inside her once again, switching up the pace and catching her bouncing, C-cup breasts in his nimble grasp. As her hands wandered up his back, he began rolling her hard nipples between his fingertips. With each thrust, a moan escaped her lips until a strong orgasm built up inside both of them, yearning to be released.

With the small amount of willpower he had left, the demon held both of them on the edge, lingering on the very peak before orgasm for just a moment more. Jasmine laid trapped beneath him, her body locked in the throes of passion and waiting mindlessly for that one heavily anticipated moment. Finally, he could hold it no more. Nearly climaxing at the same time, Jasmine felt the trembling high take over her body as Izial opened his eyes again for a fraction of a second, just before releasing a second wave of his nectar, mixed with the familiar smell of his seed.

It flooded inside her, rapidly being absorbed by the area surrounding the very back of her convulsing sex. Her arms squeezed him tightly as her pussy milked his cock, and her mind was overrun with wave upon wave of heavenly release. As she felt his orgasm disappear, she openly invited him to share hers, trying to cling on to the fading rush of ecstasy. It took minutes before their bodies had fully recovered, and by then, Izial looked exhausted.

He placed a small kiss on her cheek and stood up to run his hands through his midnight hair, letting his shrinking member slip out of his lover's intimate embrace. Jasmine yawned, still able to sense his emotions from their connection. "You feel so sleepy." "Yet it has not yet been riding firm brunette grinds cock2 half moon." Her mind was still hazy from orgasm and now oncoming sleep.

The lack of light wasn't helping much. "What on Earth does that mean?" "It is not of Earth." He chuckled softly, murmuring something in his native tongue as he walked to his desk. "Well, what does it mean here, Izial?" "It is time, my love. There are three great moons in the sky by which we measure the cycles. One moon would be… what your world may call 7 hours. It is easier to see time as my kind does while you are to be here.

Each moon tells of a different time. There is Nuun, the moon of beginnings. Then comes Sesset, the moon of endings. Last comes Mishim, the moon of dreams." A freshly sculpted candle flickered to life in his hands, illuminating the room once more. "What about the sun?" His beautiful laugh danced around the room as he began replacing the large wax candles. "We have no sun." She watched him, her mind beginning to think normally again. "And how to you see the moons anyway?

Everything is solid rock." She tapped on the floor for emphasis. The hard obsidian surface was pleasantly warm and seemingly indestructible. "We sense the moons in the same way I sense our child." He smiled softly at that floozy playing with one eyed monster girlfriend hardcore word, yet a feeling of dread began to swarm him once again.

Jasmine smiled too, her gaze drifting downward toward her stomach. A very tiny baby lump was already visible. She softly glided her hand over top of it. "Can you tell me about her now?" "Her?" Izial froze in his tracks. Jasmine looked at him oddly. "Yeah, the baby." He sighed and set another candle in place. "It cannot be female." "It feels like a female." She countered sassily, mimicking his slight accent at the end. "Do not challenge me." Izial's irises flashed a bright crimson red.

"…The child… cannot be female." He promptly left the room to light up the passageways, leaving his new wife to gather her thoughts.

Jasmine huffed and sat down on the edge of his elaborate chair, looking over at the book he had chosen from his collection the shelf earlier. Something made her want to open it, to touch the pages and breathe in the scent of a foreign knowledge that all seemed so… normal now. She watched him walk back into the main room, sealing the doorway once more. His eyes had calmed down to a dark green. "Can you at least read a little to me? About our baby?" She lightly tapped the cover of the ancient text as a hopeful gesture.

Izial casually sat down beside her. "You wish to learn about the baby stage? That is still many moons away." Jasmine looked up at him, full of curiosity. "There are stages?" "Indeed." He opened the old text on his lap, which was neatly bound together between two leather-like covers with a thick strand of what looked quite like sinew, or at least the internal remains of some sort of creature.

The pages were rough and worn, and smelled like an old library full of books, but natasha nice ashely pink lacey london lesbian threesome faintly like Izial himself; rich of smoke and spices. Every available inch of space was covered in an intricate symbolic language that only one of demonic decent could ever comprehend.

Some of the ink lines had faded slightly, making Jasmine wonder exactly how old it would possibly be. Izial's naturally seducing voice gently broke off her thoughts and drew her closer to him. "After birth, the being will have aged enough to contain its own soul. It shall be taken down to the gardens and given a ceremony under the trees that first seeded our world. In weight, it shall be two pounds and only be able to make one sound." Her baby blue eyes watched him as he read, much like a child trying to look at pictures in a story book and follow along.

She noticed that he covered each symbol with his hand as he read. He seemed to read them vertically, skimming along the soft, worn pages with his upper palm and fingertips.

Jasmine took the chance to ask a question as he paused. "What sound will it make?" Izial thought for a moment, and then reread the piece of text. "I would have to do an imitation.

There is no translation." The intrigued young woman looked at him and simply nodded in anticipation. The dark prince buddha bang introducing the big booty originally diamond out a shrill cry, and wobbled it in his throat. Suddenly, his lover cupped her hands over her ears and he stopped immediately.

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He chuckled in amusement as he stared into her shocked face. Slowly, she lowered her hands, and he kissed her lush, frightened lips. "They will only make that sound when they believe their life is in danger." She sighed in relief and laid her head on his firm shoulder. "However," An arrogant half-smile played out across his lips.

"I can make that sound any time I please." His challenging, mocking voice made her shoot him a disapproving look. He laughed and closed the book, playfully drumming his nails on its worn cover. "Do you wish for me to read more? Or do you want to play a game, little rebel?" A dangerous twinkle shimmered in his eye as he looked at her pretty, feminine face.

"Would it be a sin to accept your challenge?" She teased. "Would you like masturbation in the bathroom 4 tube porn find out?" He smirked, setting the book aside and pulling her into his lap. Just for a heartbeat, a fraction of a second, Jasmine's eyes flickered softly. Izial's eyes widened. "What?" She cupped his cheek.

"What happened? Is something wrong?" "Perhaps I do require rest." He wrapped his arms around her tiny body and held her close, his mind beginning to taunt him again. It has started. The battle between child and mother.

So unnatural… And unpredictable. He placed the tip of his sensitive tail over her womb. It the perfect hostess lela star grow strong now… Too strong for a human. A faint whisper escaped his lips. "I cannot lose you Jasmine…" "…I love you." Thanks for reading, and as always, rate and comment!

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