Eat your own jizz for kate england

Eat your own jizz for kate england
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Jagan was a 21 year old man. He had recently married Deepa. Deepa was a 20 year sex bomb. She had excellent tits and ass. The vital statistics can be put down as 28-22-30.

Jagan felt that he was the most lucky person on the whole earth to get life mate as good as Deepa. Deepa was slightly taller than Jagan but it did not matter. She was looked almost a foreigner with her very fair skin. Only, her hair, which were jet back and her dress, which was always a Punjabi Suit (A long top and a pyjama of the same material worn along with duppatta of matching or contrast colour over the breast) indicated that she was an Indian babe.

Jagan had the pleasure of spending his Suhaag Raat (The First Night) just two weeks back. Deepa was excellent in bed too. Deepa was scared initially but Jagan calmed her.

Deepa was terrified at the juncture when Jagan was about to take her virgin cunt with his erect 9 inch dick. The penis of Jagan was very thick but Deepa endured the pain of the first night and all the nights & days after that. Deepa was now enjoying sex tremendously. Even Jagan was happy. After staying for a week at home they took a trip to Mahabaleshwar (Hill Station in Maharashtra) for their honeymoon.

The bus took them through the breath taking ghats which showed the nature's creation of mountain & waterfall. But Jagan was not at all interested in that. Whenever he got a chance and saw that no one in the bus was watching them, he would press Deepa's tits hard till she told him, "Jagan, Please it is paining. Leave them or I will give the same treatment to your member freaky babes get their cunts plowed by plumbers pornstars group sex. Deepa would then touch Jagan's penis in his pants which would always be erect.

She would rub it over the pants till he was satisfied. Deepa knew that Jagan had a very high sexual appetite. Soon they reached their hotel. Once in the room, Jagan could not wait. He raised her salvar (the top), undid her pyjama and slipped it down to her knees along with the panty. Deepa's cute little cunt surrounded by black pubic hair was very inviting scene.

Without any delay, he removed his pants and placed his penis at the lips of her cunt. Deepa got ready for the penetration. Jagan pushed his penis hard on her cunt. Her cunt feasting on a luscious fuck hole smalltits and hardcore & engulfed his full prick due to the high penetration pressure on the penis applied by Jagan.

Deepa screamed. She always found the initial dry strokes painful till the precum from Jagan's penis spread uniformly in her cunt. It was all her fault, Jagan said. On the wedding night, Jagan had nicely licked & lapped Deepa's cunt & had her very gently. But on subsequent nights, whenever Jagan demanded a blow job, she would say, "I am not going to do that.

It is so dirty to take your piss tool in my mouth. How can you think of it." Jagan said,"When I did it to you it is good, right. From now on even I will not suck yours". Deepa had felt very depressed. Jagan was good at muff diving but she could definitely not suck his so she lost her oral pleasure.Jagan was fast.

He was fucking Deepa very hard. Deepa was soon enjoying this bumping. Jagan leaned and kissed his bride on her lips. Deepa had known that Jagan likes it when she puts her tongue in his mouth. She did so & Jagan got more excited. Deepa was enjoying and soon she too was lifting her ass from the bottom to meet each thrust of Jagan as she neared her orgasm.

Deepa moaned & held Jagan as she felt her orgasm rip through her. Jagan was still fucking her at high speed. Jagan was like a fast train, skipping all the small stations. He also started groaning. He was close to his orgasm. Then Jagan withdrew just in time and sprayed all his cum on the floor.

The jets of sperms ejected and fell quite far. Again, Jagan initially used to spunk on Deepa's body. Deepa complained that she became all sticky and did not like it. ALso that she was not ready to take pills to control pregnency.

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Even Jagan was adamant. He did not want to use a condom and reduce his pleasure. So even though the couple was outwardly happy. They had already started to form rifes in their sexual lives. Jagan was way ahead & liberated while Deepa was conservative about it. But, Jagan loved Deepa deeply. Even Deepa was head over heels for Jagan and the fucking continued day in & day out.

After a few days, Jagan suggested that they go for boating.

They reached the resort which gave this service at around 5 pm. The river was enclosed in the big area. It had many trees & jungle type area surrounding it. There was a big queue as only twin boat with paddles were available. Deepa saw two or three couples who had already gone in the boat, they were simply drifting. They were paddling hard to stay on track, to go to the other side which was hidden from the view of this loading platform. Deepa knew she would get exhausted in no time if she started paddling as she suffered from Asthama (breathlessness).

So she told Jagan,"Jagan, I will not be able to paddle. It would be very difficult for me with my asthama. I say you go ahead & enjoy the boating. I will wait here at this platform. Jagan felt stricken. He had planned to go to the other side & neck horny hot kylie quinn riding a huge cock for pleasure smalltits pornstars bit.

Now who the hell would come with him. Thinking this he went to get the ticket. While buying the tickets he came across a family. The mother & father were not interested in going but their two sons Rohit (13) and Ajay (15) and their daughter Paro (14) were dying to get into the boat. Getting acquainted with Jagan, the mother paired Ajay & Paro to go in a boat to paddle and assigned the youngest sibling Rohit to Jagan.

Rohit was furious and looking angrily at Ajay & Paro. Ajay and Paro were happy and laughing at Rohit. Jagan bought the ticket & told Deepa "I am going with this boy Rohit. I will introduce you to his parents." Deepa sat with the siblings parents chatting. Ajay & Paro boarded the first boat & started paddling away.

Jagan and Rohit took the next at fucking watch more of her at ulacamcom. Jagan had to paddle hard because there was minimial help from Rohit. He thought it would have been better if he had taken Deepa along instead of Rohit as he would have been the only one paddling the boat anyway.

Too late, he steered his boat toward the way to the other side. The boats were dense at the platform area but as soon as Jagan crossed the first curve, the boats drastically reduced in number. The reason being that there were multiple route (about seven) by which different boats could go. Jagan thought about it. Yes the boat owners had nicely deviced the scheme of payment. Rs. 150 per hour. Now with these many routes one would waste time thinking in which direction to go & how far and so inadvertly take more time than an hour.

Rohit was silent. Jagan asked him about his background and all. He learnt that his family stayed in Gujarat. They had a garment trading firm. They had come here for the third time as they enjoy the whether.

Jagan saw Ajay & Paro going into the second diversion. He was planning to take the third when Rohit said,"Uncle, take it behind them.

I want to see where they go & what they do."Jagan was curious. What they do. He paddled slowly. Ajay's boat had already disappeared ahead. He came across a boat which was steady by the grass on the sides. The couple inside were kissing.

The man had his hands in her partner's dress maybe carressing her breast. Rohit saw this. Jagan did not want this young boy to blowjob while wife sleeps redhead linda humped by dude about this & so He asked, "Why did your brother & sister laugh at you?" Rohit hesistated and looked at me, "I can't tell you.

You might tell somebody and they will never ever talk or allow me to join them in their game." Jagan could not understand and further inquired, "What game? Tell me I promise I won't tell anybody not even your parents." Rohit kept quite.

But then he said, "They do more than what that people were doing in the boat." Jagan was shocked. He encouraged Rohit to say more, "They become naked and play. Paro does not allow me to do what Ajay does to her. She just pats and kisses me for not telling the secret. She said she would allow him to play only after he was 15." Jagan could not believe what he was hearing.

Brother & Sister engaged in sexual acts. Incent was prevalent in the western culture, but in India that to in a state like Gujarat was news to him. He wanted to know more. Rohit just said, "They know a spot at the end of this curve. Last time I had a lady with me and she took me from the other side. Ajay later told me how he had enjoyed without me there to disturb him." Jagan got excited. He started paddling faster to catch up with Ajay's boat i which was no longer visible.

Rohit was looking at Jagan's pants. There was a big tent at that centre spot. Rohit knew what it was but the tent was too big.

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After paddling for few minutes, still Jagan could not see the boat. The river was clear with two boats ahead of him but neither had Ajay & Paro in it. Jagan was sure the pair had stopped somewhere in between the bushes they had passed. He focussed his eyes towards the left. He felt there was some movement. He paddled to that place to find the abandoned boat tied to beauty tiffany thompson rubs her pussy through her panties bush.

This was Ajay's boat for sure. There was an island type space beyond it. Rohit said, "I told you they might be enjoying there somewhere." Jagan settled his boat besides Ajay's. He jumped to the island and took Rohit with him. Just as they cleared the bush, Jagan, being tall, saw Ajay kissing topless Paro. Paro was around 5' 3'' while Ajay 5' 4''. Paro had a dark complexion with oblong face. Her shoulders were small but her tits were medium sized.

Her T shirt was lying on the ground. She was standing in her red skirt. Ajay was busy kissing her lips while occasionally pressing her tits.

Paro was constantly shaking her hand, obviously massaging Ajay's penis. Ajay had his back to Jagan. Rohit was spell bound looking at them. He whispered in Jagan's ear, "Didn't I tell you? They are enjoying." Jagan whispered back to Rohit, "Would you like to do what Ajay is doing?".

Rohit replied, "Yes, but not here." Jagan thought out a plan. I moved toward the pair exgaged in petting and said, "Ajay !! Aren't you ashamed?" Ajay turned around shocked. His 5 inch penis was pointing straight out. He somehow pushed it in his pants and started zipping it up. Paro took her T shirt and hid her tits with it. Both got scared to see Jagan.

Then they saw Rohit behind. They were sure this was all Rohit's doing. Jagan continued, "You both are doing grown up things and not allowing Rohit to participate. He could have told your parents today but I convinced him not to do so." Jagan blinked at Rohit. Rohit knew Jagan was joking. Jagan was keenly observing Paro. She was a hot girl. Her dark complexion was indeed her asset. She looked like cross breed between an African & an European.

Jagan said, "Ok, now in order to not to tell your parents, I suggest you do it with Rohit also" looking at Paro. Paro shivered and nodded. He further added, "I am arranging for you all to stay at our room in the hotel. Just agree with what I say or else big tits teen first porn and babe blonde cumshot hd xxx our dirty movie would all land up in trouble." Ajay said for the first time, "Uncle please don't tell our parents, we would do what you say!!" Paro pleaded, "Yes Uncle.

We were not doing what the married people do. We were just ." Jagan quitened them. He told them to reach the platform and turned around. Jagan & Rohit sat in the boat. Paro & Ajay now very silent started paddling back to the platform. They all reached within an hour.

Jagan praised the siblings parents as to how well behaved they were. Deepa looked at them and smiled. Jagan then suggested that they have dinner together. After dinner in the same hotel in which Jagan was staying he suggested that the children could stay at his place tonight. They could play games like cards, scrable, etc. The parents were more than delighted. They were happy to get time alone and so they agreed after confirmation by the kids. Deepa was confused. She was delighted to know that Jagan loved kids but tonight how were they going to adjust in a single honeymoon room with a single doublebed.

Soon they went to the room. Jagan told Deepa, "You and Paro can sleep on the bed while we guys could adjust on the floor." Jagan called the room service. He got the bedding placed on the floor for three person and the coffee for everybody.

Deepa changed into the night gown. Both the boys were looking at Deepa's tits. Her tits were protuding and brother and sister kissing with tongies up and down as she moved about the room placing her clother in the bag.

After coffee, all of them set on the bedding and started playing cards. Jagan was constantly looking at Paro from the top of his cards. He was fascinated by her face and tits.

She even had a sweet voice. But then Deepa said, "I am feeling dizzy." Jagan suggested that she should sleep, they would do so after two or three more games.

Deepa slept in no time. After two games, Jagan said, "Ok kids, start the show. First do what you generally do in front of me right here." Paro said, "Deepa aunty might wake up." Jagan calmly said, "She won't. Come on start" Ajay went close to Paro and placed his lips on her mouth.

He kissed her hard. Rohit moved his hands on Paro's tits. The siblings were excited. So was Jagan. His erection was strong. He would have to hump well in order to relieve himself.

Ajay caught Paro's T shirt and removed it. Her tits round with erect nipples i faced Jagan. She was a hot girl. Rohit was now kissing his sister while Ajay was busy kissing and sucking Paro's right breast. Even Rohit joined Ajay doing the same to the left breast. Paro was feeling shy looking at Jagan. But the boys were too involved to remember that Jagan was watching. Ajay unzipped his pants and presented his erect 5 inch penis to Paro. Paro moaned as Rohit was biting her nipple.

Ajay relaxed on the bedding as Paro started moving her hand all over his penis. Even Rohit followed lead and slept parallel to Ajay. Paro sat on her knees in between them. Jagan could see Paro's exposed back. He observed her ass in her red skirt. As she bent down to kiss Ajay, her skirt moved a bit down showing her black panty. Jagan got up and sat to the side so that he could see everbody.

Paro was shaking both the pricks. Rohit was only 3 inch and so he slipped out of Paro's hand now and then. Paro took her hand off from Ajay's penis. She spit on her hand and than unifirmly spread it all over Ajay's erect member pointing directly to ceiling. She started beating both the shafts up and down. Both Rohit and Ajay were moaning and breathing hard. Rohit jerked his body up and had his orgasm.

He was too young to have any sperms oozing out of him. Ajay was holding Paro's breast and pressing them hard. Paro left Rohit's penis, putting it in her skirt. Surely she was masturbating herself but Jagan could not see anything. Even Ajay could not hold any longer and groaned hard as his seeds in small amount ejected out of his penis. Paro's hand became wet with Ajay's discharge. She too shivered and finally bent down and orgasmed. Jagan's penis was so hard and wet that it was hurting him very much.

He was hoping the kids would do more but Paro slept between them exhausted. Ajay kissed her again. Rohit too smiled. Jagan asked, "That's it." Ajay said, "Yes uncle. We have decided long back that we would not interfere with Paro's private parts. She might get pregnant if we do it to her." Jagan said, "You boys, have you seen Paro nude? Her private, her ass, Uhhh!!!" Paro said, "No, I have shown them twice.

But then they get too excited and want to do that to me. That would make me pregnant. So I don't show tham anymore." Ajay said, "Yes, when I see her cunt it is really hard to stop myself." Rohit had fallen asleep.

He had got completely exhausted. Jagan wanted to have Paro but now it looked like he could not. He came close to Paro. He kept his hands on Paro's tits and squeezed them gently. Ajay looked at Jagan and said, "No uncle. You are like our elder brother." Jagan replied, "I don't want to tell your parents, but you are making me think about it again and again." Jagan undid his pants and threw it aside.

He removed his underwear. Both Ajay and Paro gasped at the sight of the 9 inch cock. Jagan wanted to fuck badly. Jagan kept Paro's hand on his penis. Paro was scared but she slowly shook his big penis. The precum started oozing out.

Ajay stood up. He was looking at Deepa who was sleeping on the bed on her back. Jagan saw that. He told Ajay, "Go and press her tits. They are very nice and as good as Paro's. Only that her tits are very large in comparison." Ajay sat on the bed but then he asked, "Uncle but if she woke up." Jagan said, "I drugged her with the coffee. She would wake up only in the morning." Ajay smiled and moved his hands on Deepa's tits.

This further excited Jagan. He enjoyed watching Ajay playing with his wife. Here Paro was now vigourously shaking his penis and using her other hand to rub her cunt over her skirt to masturbate herself. Ajay became bold. He opened Deepa's gown buttons at the top and spread her gown. He looked at her tits. He was shivering as he first touch her bare breast. Ajay stooped down and started sucking Deepa's tits. He was excited and started playing with his erect dick as he sucked on her nipples.

Jagan was dying to fuck. So he got up and went to bed. Paro too stood looking at the bed. Ajay sat aside as Jagan caught Deepa's breast and pressed hard. Jagan said, "Ajay, do you want to see what a mature cunt looks like". Ajay just nodded. Jagan caught Deepa's gown and raised it to her hips. Deepa's white panty had a small spot of dampness. Her pubic hair were projecting out a bit from the sides of her panty. Jagan raised her legs and pulled out her panty completely. He then spread her legs.

He gently parted her cunt lips and showed the pink hole to Ajay and Paro, saying, "This is where I insert my penis to fuck Deepa" Ajay placed his penis and thrusted in. He pushed in completely.

Both Ajay and Paro gasped. How can it be possible to push this big thing in was the question in their mind.

Jagan moved in and out enjoying the wet cunt of his wife. But his mind was fantasising about Paro. Jagan was holding on his orgasm for so long and now he could not and so he withdrew. He caught Deepa's panty and sprayed his sperms in it. Jagan calmed down a bit. He smiled at Paro and Ajay.

Ajay's penis was hard. Ajay asked, "Can I touch Deepa aunty's cunt?" Jagan said, "Treat me like a friend. I will let you do everything what I did to Deepa, but for that Paro has to agree to do something for me that too alone with you for sometime.

I will be very gentle and also would not do anything that would make her pregnant." Paro got scared. She shook her head looking at Ajay. Ajay said, "Paro, Uncle would not fuck you will you?" looking at Jagan. Jagan said, "No, I would only touch her cunt and do something which would not make her pregnant." Paro said, "Where can we be alone and why alone??" Jagan explained, "Alone so that we do not give Ajay any ideas which you might not like." Ajay was already exploring Deepa's cunt.

He was kissing her smooth white thighs while his finger was moving in and out of Deepa's cunt. Jagan told him, "You can also insert your penis in your aunty's cunt." Ajay got aroused fully. He sttod between Deepa's exposed legs and guided his penis in her gaping cunt. Ajay screamed with delight. This was his first experience and he was going mad with pleasure. He felt that his penis was enclosed in a hot box of pleasure, sucking on his dick to draw out his seeds. Ajay slept haydee the best fucked big dick new hentai Deepa kissing her breast after he was completely inside Deepa.

After a few minutes Jagan told him, "Move your penis in and out for more pleasure." Ajay raised and lowered his body holding Deepa's tits fer support. Paro looked at Jagan's penis which had started to harden again. Slowly and steadily his penis was raising its head. Here Ajay was slipping in and out his body sweating and wetting his shirt. Ajay's balls tightened and then it happened.

He jerked a few fast strokes and orgasmed. He lay exhuasted on Deepa still kissing her tits. Ajay's penis lost its shape and slipped out of Deepa's cunt. Jagan touched Deepa's cunt. It was wet but there was also some cum of Ajay which had been deposited there. He felt better that sexy big booty girl sucks cock and gets nailed had slipped a contraceptive pill in her coffee also. Ajay slept besides Deepa.

Jagan took hold of Deepa's wet and sticky panty and dressed her up. Ajay did not allow him to close her front buttons. He said, "While you are with my sister, I will relax myself with Deepa Aunty's tits. She has gorgeous ones." Paro was a bit tensed. Jagan held her hand. He was looking at the young breast still exposed. Paro saw his rampant hard penis. She was terrified as to what would he do with her. It was no use talking to Ajay.

He was more than happy to have the pleasure of fucking Deepa aunty. Jagan lead her to the bathroom and closed the door behind. He bolted it. He then caught Paro and kissed her lips. This was an exquisite pleasure to kiss a minor girl. Never in his life had he thought about it but today he was actually having a lay in front of him.

He squeezed her balls hard. Paro screamed a bit. J agan said, "Don't scream unnecessarily. Ok let me have a look at your cunt" Paro was scared. Jagan xxxx storys captain america com paroody her red skirt. It dropped to the floor. i Paro was in her black panty. Jagan moved his hands on her thighs.

They were still developing. Paro moaned. Jagan then concentrated on her ass. He held both the delicate globes in his hands and squeezed them.

He was delighted. He put his hands in the waist band. He pulled down her panty. Her cunt had very faint growth for black pubic hair. The cunt lips were very dark brown. Jagan genetly parted her cunt and observed her. She was cute down there. He laid her on the bathroom floor. He parted her legs. Paro was resisting in no way. Jagan moved his face between her thighs. He kissed her thighs progressively till he reached her cunt. He lapped her cunt lips.

Paro moaned putting her hand on Jagan's head. She was enjoying the wet tongue on her cunt. Jagan raised his hands and squeezed her tits. Jagan inserted his tongue in her cunt. Paro was amazed at the pleasure she was receiving. Jagan applied his tongue a t the small projection of her clitoris. Jagan took the small penis of Paro in his mouth the sucked on it.

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He started frigging the clitoris with his tongue. Jagan was going mad with lust wiht Paro's feminine smell. Paro too was close to her crisis. Jagan placed his german teen girl gets fucked at a parking spot pornstars and hardcore finger in her cunt and moved it in and out. Paro was raising her buttocks to help Jagan.

Jagan said, "Are you enjoying all this Paro?" Paro shyed and said, "Uncle this is the best thing which has ever happened in life to me!!". Jagan was now kising her buttocks. His tongue was now salivating at her small asshole. The brown hole spread a bit to accomodate the tongue. The finger and the tongue filled her with so much force that she fell prey to this pleasure ride and orgasmed.

Her juices ran down her cunt. Jagan trailed a path to move her juices from her cunt to her asshole with his fingers. Then he sat on his knees licking his fingers. Jagan felt he was licking the nectar of life. He said, "Now I made you enjoyed this amazing sensation. Now you should allow me mine." Paro was very excited and she caught hold of Jagan's penis.

She moved it up and down but Jagan stopped her, "No, I need to have you. Paro trust me, I would not even touch my penis to your cunt. Just stand on your hands and knees." Paro was not sure what Jagan wanted to do but she agreed as this man had given her an out of world experience. He won't hurt or harm her in red pussy and hot sex. Paro stood on all fours.

Jagan stood behind her. She felt him parting her buttocks. Next she felt his hot breath against her asshole. He was smelling her poop chute.

Jagan wetted his thumb in her cunt and inserted it in her asshole. Paro groaned as the stretching of her ass was a bit painful. Jagan could not hold on, he stood behind her. Paro now felt a hot thick object pressing at her asshole.

Jagan realised that he has to be gentle or Paro would go out of control with pain. He held her breast in one hand and with the other fingered her clitoris. Paro was again in a trance. Soon Jagan was slowly slipping in. His penis head had been lodged firmly in Paro's anus. It was very tight and hot. Paro looked back and said, "Uncle, please remove it, it is paining very much." Jagan was not going to let this happen, he said, "Don't panic.

First time it does pain. Let me get in completely and you would experience the same pleasure as my fingers gave your cunt. Just relax" Jagan pressed more firmly. He was moving in but Paro was screaming in pain. He inserted his finger in her mouth to reduce the pitch of her screaming and pushed mighty thrusts. He was almost fully in. Paro was biting on his fingers to cope up with pain. Jagan controlled his scream from the pain in his fingers. He pulled his fingers out.

Paro was crying in pain. She said, "Uncle no it is very big. It is paining very much please pull it out." Jagan was immune to what she was saying. For the first time he was enjoying i this anal pleasure. He pulled out a bit and pushed in. He was going crazy with the hot friction with which his penis was rubbing with her rectal walls. He was now moving in and out continously. Paro was suffering from the feeling of deep pain. She kept crying and screaming as Jagan pushed in after pulling out a bit.

Jagan, held her by her hips then he went in the power mode, fucking her asshole as if it was a wet cunt. Paro screamed at top of her voice pleading Jagan Uncle to stop. Jagan showed no mercy. Paro collapsed on the floor with pain. Jagan held her buttocks up and kept on furiously pumping his penis in abd out.

He was approaching his climax. He looked down on her. Her small ass hole spread to the limit with her small buttock surrounding his big penis. He almost fainted as his seeds erupted deep down in her anus. Paro screamed at the final thrust which propelled the penis very deep.

She felt the hot fluid fill her up. Jagan lay on top of Paro exhausted. He withdrew his penis from her asshole. It gave a loud pop sound and his cum started oozing out. Paro kept on slleping on her tummy. Jagan said, "Thank you. You were very good. I know it was painful to you but if you do it again it would be enjoyable." Paro just said, "Never in my life will I let anyone touch my asshole.

i It fills so stretched out." Jagan took the napkin and parted her buttocks. He cleaned up her ass rubbing hard. Paro moaned. Jagan got up and showered. Paro stood up still shaking from her anal copulation.

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Jagan threw some water on her too. They came out of the bathroom to find Ajay sleeping with his face on Deepa's tits. Paro asked, "Do you put your private in Deepa aunty's ass too?" Jagan replied, "She is not as lucky as you to try it." Jagan moved out Ajay and laid him on the bedding on the floor.

Paro slept i besides Deepa. Jagan buttoned up her gown. He then turned of the light and slept content that he was lucky to have experienced a revenge jerk rikki rumor average tits and real tits girl.

In the morning, Deepa was having a headache and when she went to toilet, she had a tough time removing her panty which had stuck to her cunt.

She was not sure how come the sticky cum had come on her panty. As she wiped her hands and mouth on the napkin, she could smell come and a dirty smell. She thought that maybe she was dreaming. After everybody woke up, siblings parents came to the room. Ajay smiled at Deepa saying bye. Rohit looked at Jagan and winked.

Paro did not look at Jagan. The whole night, she was having pain in her rectum. After everybody left, Deepa asked, "I feel as if I had been nicely fucked last night." Jagan just smiled and said, "Even I felt the same.

Ha ha hah hhhhhaaaaaa ."