A group of college teens got a real cock that they deserve

A group of college teens got a real cock that they deserve
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Steiner Solveig was a 6'6 blond giant with the rippling muscles of his Viking ancestors. His cold, glacier-blue eyes penetrated the world like few things could. When he looked at a person it was as if he saw right through you and yet also inside you like a predator cracking the shell of a newborn egg to slurp up its nutritious insides. It was a Friday night, calm and quiet.

The silvery glow of the moon cast the world in its complacent sheen. The foothills near the Colorado Rockies loomed like kneeling giants underneath their towering brethren, and as Steiner watched them out the window of his van he imagined them coming to life as creatures of earth and molten heat.

He had driven several hundred miles in the last few days, and for good reason. He had been on the hunt. The thrill of new victims surged in sexy milf lady in lingerie loves to fuck hardcore veins, and in the sleepier suburbs of Boulder he had found more than a few sweet and innocence specimens.

The nonde van he drove was brown and as unremarkable as a clod of dirt. Which was, of course, the whole point. People tended to forget the unremarkable, Steiner kept the van well-kept and clean, and that was all. It reflected the meticulous nature of its owner, and the desire for careful anonymity. Steiner pulled into the downward sloping driveway which led into the underground garage of a home built ingeniously into the hillside.

He stopped the engine and listened. In the back he could hear the sounds of two struggling women. The muscular blond rapist and serial killer wore black fatigues, combat boots, and night vision goggles. He hopped out into the harsh glare of the naked bulbs in the lair of his 'Den' outside Colorado Springs. He had many such dens; this is what he called them. They dotted not only the country but the world.

As a predator he took no chances.

When he pulled open the back doors of the van he admired the two women inside. Natalie's long dark hair contrasted nicely against her well-tanned skin and the rich brown of her eyes.

She was short and compact, with an innocent heart-shaped face and firm, bubble-shaped breasts. After Steiner had rendered her unconscious with a chloroform-soaked rag he had bound her in her bra and panties only, hog-tied with ropes.

Beside the 23-year-old Natalie lay 24 year-old Melanie. Melanie was a taller, long-limbed specimen. Despite her slender build, her breasts were full, the aureoles of her tits delightful. Melanie was a dark blond whose hair could almost be mistaken for brunette in the wrong lighting.

Her terrified blue eyes locked onto Steiner's, an unspoken plea for mercy screaming from her to him. She too was hog-tied in a pink bra and panty. "Good evening ladies. Welcome to my World of Torments. Welcome to Hell," Steiner whispered. He drew out his long combat knife and warned both women to remain completely still. Then, slowly, he cut through their bonds. Both girls wiggled away from him, cringing in horror and disgust. This was a good time to draw the Glock, so Steiner put down the knife and leveled the weapon at both girls.

In the near pitch blackness they could see him hardly at all, but he petite mixed teen xxx fatherly alterations pt see their fear as vividly as in daylight. "Do not move or I will send hot lead into your beautiful bodies.

Is that understood?" Both girls trembled and nodded. "What are your names?" He looked at the short brunette. "N-Natalie." Then he glanced sideways at the lithesome blond.

"Melanie." He grunted with satisfaction. Though he had kidnapped them separately, their names had a nice, similar-sounding ring. He didn't know why that pleased him so much, but it did. He threw a pair of handcuffs at Natalie's feet. "Cuff the blonde's wrists in front of her. Natalie hesitated for a moment, but hearing Steiner cock the pistol, she did as she'd been told. Next the blonde rapist-killer threw a second pair of cuffs at Natalie's feet and told her to cuff herself too. She did so, even though her hands trembled violently.

Stepping backward and taking off the night vision goggles, Steiner switched on the glaring lights of the garage and told his captives to come out. The wobbling girls managed to step down from the van as Steiner stripped, keeping the gun handy every single moment. Soon he stood naked, cock erect, blue eyes carefully appraising his new acquisitions with a gun in one hand and a knife in the other.

"Take off each other's clothes," he intoned. Natalie looked appalled. Melanie's eyes looked away, and she fidgeted nervously in her bonds. Both girls stood there, shaking their heads and trembling in fear. Steiner strode up to Natalie, thrusting his gun into her left breast. "What did I say, bitch? Get busy stripping your blonde friend!" he roared. Natalie jumped with a start and then hurriedly approached the blonde vixen.

The short brunette's hands fumbled awkwardly with the bra until it finally slipped free. Then she helped Melanie slip out of the panties too, revealing a clean-shaven pubic area and pouting, pink pussy lips. Melanie blushed in shame and turned away. So absorbed was the girl in her own humiliation, she did not even think to undress her fellow captive. Steiner's eyes narrowed in anger at the girl's slowness.

He put down the gun on a nearby workbench against the garage wall, far out of reach of both captives, and then approached Melanie with the knife. Her eyes widened in terror as his hand gripped her throat, forcing the slender girl to her knees. Her eyes bulged at the size of his thick cock, vein-ensorcelled and brimming with seed. "Did I not tell you to help the dark-haired slut strip? Yet you disobeyed me. This has consequences, stupid cunt. Suck my cock and I may let you live a while longer." He pressed the naked blade against her throat, drawing a thin line of blood as the young blonde gasped.

She leaned forward tentatively, licking the bulbous head of his shaft. "None of this pathetic kissy shit. I said SUCK IT, whore!" Steiner's growl was joined by his open palm slapping the blonde captive's breasts hard as she moaned.

Her mouth reluctantly collapsed over his cock-head, pressing against the sides of his shaft. He felt the warmth of her mouth encase him and was instantly gratified. He bunched her long raiment of hair in a convenient fist as her mouth began to slowly slurp down and up…down and back up…lubricating his prick. He idly noticed that the dark-haired slut was watching every second of her fellow captive's mouth rape, unable to tear her eyes away. Steiner groaned with contentment as Melanie's tongue laved his cock.

She risked sliding her tongue up and down his shaft for a good twenty seconds, letting his cock dangle free before re-smothering it and pressing her lips so hard against his shaft. Melanie thought to herself 'Please, oh god, just make him cum. Maybe if I please him, he'll let me go!' It was a delusion, but the young captive was desperate for any semblance of hope. Little did she know that Steiner was a predator who enjoyed toying with his victim before the kill. Steiner's groans reached new heights as he thrust Melanie's head back and forth onto his massive dong.

He could feel his seed churning in the reservoir of his testicles. The bitch wasn't half-bad at cock-sucking, he had to admit it. The naked rapist-killer began to fuck Melanie's face in earnest. Soon the blonde was gagging and sputtering as her rapist shoved his hd passion hd connie carter gets fucked by oily cock cock almost down her throat.

He heard her choke as he forced her to hold him completely in her mouth, pre-cum dangling where his shaft met the seal of her lips. At last he pulled out. Melanie gasped for air, cum swinging from her lips in gooey wisps. "Lay down, cunt. I want to fuck you now." Melanie's eyes widened in horror.

"Please Sir! Don't rape me. Look, I'll suck you more. You can cum in my mouth!" she implored. Steiner couldn't believe the captive's nerve. The fucking bitch actually thought she could bargain with him.

With HIM. Steiner slapped her hard across the face and she went down hard. He began to stalk towards her when he noticed out of the corner of his eye that the dark-haired slut, Natalie, was awkwardly stripping out of her panties.

"P-please Sir…d-don't hurt her," the short brunette begged. Steiner was impressed with the girl's courage and sacrifice.

This girl had never even met her fellow captive before, yet here she was already risking her captor's anger to try to save her from punishment. This intrigued Steiner very much. He approached the short brunette and brutally ripped the bra away, leaving the girl as naked as a newborn babe. His cold gaze took in every inch of her smooth, caramel-colored flesh, and the dark waves of hair that framed a beautiful, achingly innocent face.

The girl's dark, chocolaty eyes were shaded all the more vividly by the kira lynn sits on a dudes face brunette and cumshot of pure terror. It was so beautiful. So DELICIOUS. The blonde murderer and rapist gently cupped the brunette's jeanna lee erotic brunette adores hard dp banging anal ass to mouth blowjobs double penetration fac tits, squeezing them gently as she moaned.

"You would take her place, then, is that it two sexy women sharing on one lucky cock Natalie shook her head, tears gathered at the corners of her eyes. "P-please don't. I…I'm a virgin," she sobbed. Steiner's cold blue eyes warmed with anticipation.

That decided it. "All the better, little cunt." He saw her now looking down at the giant cock pressed up against her belly. The look on her sweet face was worth a thousand fucks. "Would you like this in your tight, little cunt? Nod your head 'yes' bitch, if you want to live." He stalked over to the bench while Natalie bit her lip and shook her head defiantly.

Then he swept the Glock off the bench and stalked over to her, pointing the barrel of the gun point-blank into her temple. The girl's sweaty face now shone with a new degree of submission in front of her captor. "Last chance, bitch. What will it be? A cock to your pussy or a bullet to your brain?" Suddenly the brunette's will seemed to crumble. She sputtered out, with tears still streaming down her cheeks. "I…I'll do what you want! Please.oh god…don't kill me!" she moaned. The muscle-bound blonde hulk was already inserting an index finger and forefinger into the dark-haired girl's delicate sex.

She squirmed and moaned as he grazed her clit and sank his fingers another inch into her sex. "You horny bitch. You're already soft perfect feet and legs are worshiped for me. You want a big, fat cock raping your virgin pussy, don't you?" He pressed the barrel of the gun against her cheek teensdoporn selfproclaimed slut auditions for porno pornstars hardcore told her to lie down on the cold concrete floor.

She did as instructed, shivering as her ass cheeks felt the slab underneath her like a sheet of ice. Steiner slowly spread the girl's sexy thighs and looked aside at the semi-conscious blonde sprawled on the floor luscious slut natasha nice has her cunt plowed hard. "Get over here, blonde cunt.

Your slut friend is taking a cock for you. The least you can do is come here and watch." Reluctantly the blonde crawled over to where Natalie lay, kneeling beside her fellow captive and the rapist-killer looming over her. Steiner did the unexpected now, lying back but holding the gun firmly in one hand. "Try anything stupid, bitches, and I kill both of you." They could see, in the frozen orbs in the rapist's head, that he anal tulip whore porn theater gang bang well meant it.

"OK blondie, you can position my cock with your hands and help your slut friend impale herself. Then, while I'm fucking her, I want you to sit and watch. Understood?" With disgust in her eyes Melanie slowly nodded. "Call me MASTER, bitch!" Steiner shouted, pinching Melanie's right nipple hard as she yelped.

"Y-yes Master!" Now Melanie leaned forward, slowly taking Steiner's massive, erect penis in her cuffed hands. She waited while Natalie awkwardly positioned herself. With her hands cuffed together in front of her, the short brunette didn't have the customary ability to balance as she straddled Steiner with her sexy thighs. Steiner smiled as he watched Melanie position his huge cock, then saw Natalie's virgin pussy slowly lower itself…inch by agonizing inch…until at last the bulbous cock-head slipped between her soft lips and into the velvety heat beyond.

Steiner groaned as he felt her encase him. But there were still a good three inches unsheathed, for she hadn't yet bottomed out on his cock. Gripping her waist with one hand and pressing the barrel of the pistol under Natalie's chin, he instructed her. "That's a good start bitch, but we need your pussy all the way impaled. Get it on me. Fuck me, and grind those hips!" Natalie groaned, gingerly pushing herself down the last few inches. Pain and fire shot through her core as she felt his cock writhe, alive and eager inside her pussy.

She began to hump him in a slow, agonizing rhythm as Melanie sat and watched. The young blonde's eyes slowly followed the repeated descent of her fellow captive's pussy onto Steiner's enormous prick. The squelching sound of Steiner's rapidly burgeoning manhood and Natalie's moistening pussy soon grew into a symphony of sex-scented violence. Holding the gun to the hollow of Natalie's throat, Steiner urged her on. "That's it, bitch. Fuck me hard. Ease that tight cunt down my hard, nasty prick.

I want to feel myself tearing you a new pussy. YEAH. Harder, bitch. I said HARDER!" He growled, slapping Natalie's ass cheeks hard and spearing his pelvis upward to meet her downward impalements.

Meanwhile he barked at Melanie to lean over and suck Natalie's tit. When she balked at that, he switched the aim of the Glock and pressed it against the blonde's belly. "Do it or die bitch!" The startled young blonde leaned over. Soon the naked girl was frantically sucking on Natalie's left nipple.

Natalie moaned, clearly enjoying the stimulation, even though she was repulsed by what was happening to her. 'How can this evil rapist force us to do these things?!' Natalie wondered. 'I'm disgusting. This is so WRONG! This has to be a nightmare. It can't be real!' she thought. But as she eased her snatch all the way onto the fullness of her rapist's cock, she knew it was no nightmare.

It was humiliation made flesh, a raping cock deep in her virgin pussy. She had felt something tear inside of her, and now she felt a dull ache as the cock filled her twat.

Natalie groaned as Steiner cupped her breasts, squeezing them like stress balls, then removing his one hand so that Melanie's lips could return for another suckling. Natalie groaned as she felt Steiner stiffen inside her. His hard cock had become a slab of iron inside her…then a slab of diamond…and finally an erupting volcano spewing single-minded seed. She wondered idly if any of the tadpoles swimming up her brutalized pussy were going to actually impregnate her.

She hoped fervently not. "Uhhh…yes…I'm cumming in you bitch. Feel my hot seed scour out your worthless love-chute!" Steiner hissed. His spasms lasted for what seemed an eternity before the twitches subsided and his temporarily softened cock slipped free of its velvety female haven. "Lick my cock clean, blonde bitch. Vacuum your friend's fluids off my prick NOW!" he bellowed. The startled Melanie obeyed, experiencing the mixture of blood and male seed and pussy fluid in an odd cocktail of scent and taste.

The naked blonde's mouth finished the job, leaving Steiner's magnificent cock coated in saliva and rock-hard once more. With a cold smile Steiner shoved Natalie to the side and surged to his feet. He looked down at his pathetic female captives and then invited them to take in more of their surroundings.

With a wave of his hand he indicated the crazy architecture above; beneath the garage's ceiling a network of oddly angled pipes ran in all directions, and restraining chains hung from above, ending in bracelets which begged for female wrists to hold captive. Steiner soon had both girls back on their feet, and he undid their handcuffs only long enough to get both women's arms extended high above their hands, chained helplessly to the ceiling, dangling like two slabs of meat.

"Wh-what're are you going to do with us?" Melanie wheezed. Steiner punched her in the chest. "Did I say you could talk, bitch? You really do want to die, don't you?" He strode behind her, his cock already so hard again, yearning to try out the pussy nestled in that freshly-shaved pubic triangle.

He liked a woman with a shaved clam. It made him hard, seeing that smooth flesh around those pouting, pink pussy lips. He glanced over at Natalie.

Like Melanie, she was naked and on her tiptoes. Unlike Melanie, the short brunette had smears of blood on her inner thighs and cum dripped from her freshly raped cunt. He turned back to Melanie, admiring her finely chiseled nose and beautiful face. "You want to join your friend in experiencing the biggest cock of your short, young life, eh, slut?" "NO! Please Sir…M-master, have mercy!

You'll get me pregnant!" Melanie groaned as she felt his hard prick graze her ass cheeks. She heard his steps recede, wondering if he had miraculously heeded her request. Then, agonizing seconds later, she realized that he had only been retrieving a new tool of torture. With sudden, sharp pain, she felt him insert two needles into her nipples, and then he snapped two golden nipple rings into place to adorn her supple breasts.

The pain was so intense that Melanie temporarily blacked out, but a bucket of cold water over her head suddenly had the blonde's hair plastered against her skull and her blue eyes wide open with shock.

"Wake up, bitch. Welcome back to the party. I decided that your disobedient ass needed a little enhancement. Your titties are now works of art. How about that! Now where was I? Oh yes…time to rape your cute pussy!" She felt him probe her moist depths with his fingers, groaning and begging him not to.

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"Please Master, don't rape me! You'll get me pregnant! I'm not on the pill!" She suddenly realized how ridiculous that blurting admission now seemed, but her reddened cheeks suddenly chilled at the blonde rapist-murderer's response.

As he reached between her legs, slowly rubbing her clit, creating fiery tingles between her silken thighs, he gently sucked on her right ear lobe and whispered, "What makes you think you're going to live long enough to have a baby, hmm?" So saying, Steiner gently prodded his cock between her labia, finally sinking himself in from behind.

His hands continued to stimulate her clit, however, not letting up…and soon her moans joined the mingled grunts of her rapist and the squelching sound of his cock slamming repeatedly into her snatch to the hilt. With the rhythmic slap of his balls against the backs of her thighs, Melanie's wail of agony sailed through the underground garage.

Natalie watched with disbelief and revulsion as Steiner raped her fellow captive. Realizing how much harder the blonde's pussy was being fucked, the brunette decided that she'd had it good by comparison.

As Melanie's face streamed tears of pain, the brutal fucking grew more and more intense. Steiner's cock was a piston jolting into the soft, inviting sex of his naked captive. Meanwhile, though, his skillful fingers plied her sex…rubbing, cajoling, and caressing a rapidly hardening joy nub until eventually Melanie's clit was almost as rigid as her rapist's cock.

"Please stop!" Melanie wheezed. "You're hurting me!" "Hurting you bitch? You haven't even begun to feel hurt! Enjoy what you can while I'm feeling generous. Before you die I may even let you cum!" he rubbed her clit fiercely, abruptly pinching her nerve bundle between his fingers and then rubbing so firmly that she felt herself nearing the flood of orgasm. lovely teen gives a blow to an old dude NO!

You're going to make me…ugh. I don't want to…oh god." "Don't want to WHAT, slut? CUM? Who said you had any fucking choice in the matter. Your pussy is foxy brown stepmother needs some fresh meat with a big hard cock and now I'm going to make you cum on my hard prick.

You don't get a say in ANYTHING, understand bitch? Now shut up and cum. Cum on your rapist's nasty prick." Melanie moaned and thrashed as Steiner licked the side of her face, pinching her nipples before returning to his ministrations against her soft, warm sex. Several skillful strokes against her joy nub and her heaving torso began to pant double-time with release imminent.

Melanie tried to blot out all sensation, to distract herself with thoughts that this was all a mad illusion…but of course it wasn't, and her rapist's insistent fingers were all too firm and attentive to her clitoris' delightful sensitivity.

Suddenly the naked blonde spasmed, trembling as her cunt juice sluiced down her rapist's cock and coated Steiner's testicles in her feminine scent.

Steiner growled appreciatively, enjoying his captive's unwilling surrender. Then, looping his fingers through the blonde captive's glinting nipple rings, he tugged her tits gently forward, bringing exquisite fire to her doughy cones as he flooded her insides with gooey jism. "Uhhh…yeah, blonde cunt! Take your rapist's seed, bitch! Mmm…I might have to keep your hot little cunt alive for another few days until I tire of it!" he growled.

When the last spasm had ebbed, the blonde giant pulled out his manhood and watched his excess cum drip out of the blonde slave's slickened orifice. Melanie hung, dejected in her chains, wondering what new torments awaited her. 'Please, oh god…I don't want this bastard's seed to get me pregnant!' she thought. ***** Steiner left the two girls to hang in their chains. Although they could press their feet to the cold concrete floor, they could only do this on tiptoes, and this accelerated the strain on their legs and ankles.

By the time Steiner returned, well over two hours later, both girls were exhausted, pain emanating up and down their strained limbs. Natalie had tried to use her arms to hold up her weight and take some of the pressure off her feet and ankles, but now she was at the end of her tether. It was with an odd sense of relief that she saw Steiner re-enter the garage even though he held a five-tongued whip in one hand and a giant pink vibrator in the other.

"Did you miss me, sluts?" Natalie saw that his cock was obscenely stiff again. She gasped as he approached her, stuffing the vibrator into her pussy and attaching it around her waist before switching it to 'ON'.

She groaned and squirmed as it began to whirr deeply in her pussy. "You can have fun with Pinky while I bring us some new friends to play with." So saying, Steiner left and returned a few moments later with two naked young women.

Each wore a studded black leather collar threaded with a leash which Steiner held in his iron fist. He led a tall, gorgeous blonde named Silvana and a milky-breasted, curvaceous redhead named Roxanna.

Both women had been kept in their Master's Colorado den for over two weeks. They knew what pleased and displeased their owner, and their will had been broken. Steiner was almost completely naked, save for one important thing; a belt around his waist held a holster with his Glock. Though both Silvana and Roxanna were technically unfettered besides the collars and leashes dangling from their sexy bodies, they might as well have been as helpless as the two suspended captives.

Melanie surveyed the scene, wondering what sadistic ritual her tormentor would think up next. She didn't have long to wait. Approaching the lithesome young blonde, Steiner grasped the nape of her neck and gave her a long, startlingly passionate kiss. His tongue swirled in her mouth, possessing her and tasting her with relish. When he withdrew he nodded to Roxanna. "Help Slave Melanie straddle me, redhead cunt.

Lift her hips so that she can sink her cute cunt on my re-energized prick, yes?" "Yes Master!" Roxanna chirped. Melanie groaned in disgust. "No! Stop it! Don't help him rape me!" she whined. But it was no use, and soon Roxanna was painstakingly wrapping Melanie's legs around her rapist's muscular buttocks. Roxanna gently grasped Steiner's cock and guided it inside her Master's young blonde slave. Melanie shuddered as she felt the penis fit snugly into her snatch.

"Good, bitch. Now lick the slave's ass while I fuck her," Steiner hissed, his hands wrapping around Melanie's torso, crushing her breasts against his hairy chest. The rhythmic penetration began, Steiner's huge cock spearing upward, straining towards Melanie's womb. The naked blonde girl began to sob, begging for mercy. Suddenly she felt a tongue flick into her anal crevice, her whole body stiffening.

"No! Take it out! This is sick!" Melanie yelled. But the redhead ignored her. Roxanna's tongue began worming its way into her sexy bottom, flicking and licking until the sensations that grew in Melanie's anus were not entirely unpleasant. Meanwhile her rapist's cock filled her to the brim, his loins racing, and as his huge cock grazed the walls of her love-chute, Melanie began to feel a tingle of desire fester within. "No…oh god, just it seemed like she was cumming many times it!

You've already had your way with me once, you bastard! Just let me GO! Ughhhh!" Steiner stifled her protests with a ferocious kiss, cupping her ass cheeks and slamming his cock so deeply it seemed that their sexes would be enjoined for all eternity. He loved the feel of his captive's silken warmth, soft and delicate against his prick, hugging and squeezing him like a heavenly glove. 'Mmm…such a fine little cunt. Maybe I should replace Silvana with this new pussy?' he thought.

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The novelty of Silvana's cunt had been wearing off, and he wondered if it was time to dispose of the gorgeous blonde with this darker blonde specimen. As if sensing her Master's dangerous thoughts, Silvana asked submissively, "Master, may I suckle your testicles while you fuck her?" Steiner glanced at the gorgeous young blonde, her nipples beaded with arousal, and slowly nodded his permission.

He groaned with satisfaction as Silvana knelt, her mouth sucking in the wrinkled folds of his scrotum and suckling with exquisite delicacy. His cock speared upward again, impaling the cute blonde bitch that was Melanie. He grasped the mop of her dark blonde tresses, bunching them into a messy heap as he forced her mouth to join with his. Melanie groaned, and it was a groan containing pleasure now mixed in with the pain. The giant cock embedding itself deep into her pussy was creating sensations which ricocheted throughout her core.

She found herself increasingly disgusted with her body's own responses. Her cheeks began to blush, and her stifled groaning rose an octave as Steiner's fierce kiss deepened. He kneaded the naked blonde's young ass cheeks, thrusting so hard into her core now that she gasped in delight. Something inside her seemed to melt then, and she hugged her hips to him willingly, encasing his cock in her captivating feminine sheath.

Steiner grunted in surprise as the slender blonde began to gyrate her hips upside down face fuck megan rain little, enhancing the velvety vice that was her cunt pressed against all sides of his angry shaft. He groaned as he felt her suddenly shiver with a minor orgasm, pussy clenching and unclenching as it brought him to a euphoric surge of his own.

Steiner looked down at Silvana frantically suckling his testicles, then growled his release, cum surging up into Melanie's twat even as Roxanna continued to lick out Melanie's virgin ass. With a contented grunt Steiner pulled out his spent cock, ordering Silvana to clean up the tainted pussy of her fellow blonde slave. "Get your tongue in there, bitch! I want that smelly cunt to look pristine when you're done with it!" he bellowed. Steiner watched critically as Silvana's tongue licked up every dripping swath of male seed as it oozed out of Melanie's hot snatch.

Then, grasping the nape of Silvana's sylvan neck, he thrust her face deeply into Melanie's freshly raped love-chute and ordered her, "Now lick this bitch to a real orgasm, and make it GOOD." As he stood back and watched Silvana's desperate cunnilingus combined with Roxana's ass-licking, his cock grew frustratingly rigid once more.

'Ohh shit…I need another pussy to fuck,' he realized, as his raging hard-on was returning full force the more he watched Silvana eat out Melanie's sopping cunt. The squelching sound of one slave's tongue exploring the other slave's pussy now filled the chamber. Steiner motioned at Roxanna. The pale-skinned redhead withdrew her face from Melanie's sexy bottom and knelt at her Master's feet. "What does my Master wish of this worthless fuck-toy?" she asked dutifully.

"Jump on, bitch. It's your turn to get fucked!" So saying, the hulking blonde rapist picked Roxanna up as if she weighed nothing, impaling her on his rejuvenated penis. Her arms desperately wrapped around his neck, holding her body to him while they fucked. He slid his cock like a spear into her love-hole, filling her so alura alura jonson full movies that she crooned and gyrated her hips with wild approval.

"Yes Master! Fill up your worthless slave's cunt with your big, nasty cock! Fuck my brains out! Fuck this slave's cunt so hard she screams!" Roxanna knew all too well that her Master loved such rough language.

She knew that pleasing him was all that mattered now…and she had already witnessed what happened to those slaves who failed to please. Steiner Solveig grunted his reluctant approval, fucking his obedient slave so hard that the slapping sound of his cock ramming into the soft moistness of her pussy echoed loudly in the chamber. He glanced to the left and saw Natalie's trembling nakedness now squirming in the throes of orgasm as the buzzing vibrator forced her body to respond despite her attempts to resist.

Meanwhile Silvana's teeth raked against Melanie's clitoral nub, throwing jolts of sparks through her core until the lithesome dark blonde groaned and spurted her cunt juice directly into her fellow captive's face. The excess fluid streamed down Silvana's chin as Silvana happily licked her chops and turned to her Master for further instructions.

***************** END OF PART ONE. PART TWO COMING SOON. I hope you enjoyed the story. Disclaimer: all characters in the story are 18 or older, and all events are entirely fictitious. Remember, this is a fantasy. Always follow your dreams, the darker and kinkier the better! ~Gaggedkitty