Cindy jays gets mouth and pussy filled by cock

Cindy jays gets mouth and pussy filled by cock
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Terri tried calling Sylvia several times during the next couple of weeks after the initial meeting. One day Terri's wife came home and gave Terri an envelope and said "Message from Sylvia" Terry opened the envelope and read the letter. The letter specified a meeting date and place in an obscure part of town.

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The note also specified that Terri was not to be late and to only tell his wife that he was doing Sylvia's bidding. The last line of the note said, "Remember, you are training to be my obedient slave". Terri arrived at the building a couple of days later, the building looked like an old warehouse.

Terri entered the building and found the suite he was supposed to enter. The room looked like a dance studio with hardwood floors and full-length mirrors on the walls. There were also a couple of doors that looked like offices. Terri called out a couple of times, and then tried the office door, but outdoor slut wife cuckold films doors were locked.

After about five minutes one of the office doors opened and a young blonde woman wearing only a skimpy bikini walked into the room. She was a brunette with shoulder length hair and a pair of ample tits. She slowly walked towards Terry. "Hi, I'm Terri, and I was told by Sylvia to arrive here." Terri said.

The brunette girl replied, "Yes I know, I am also here doing Sylvia's bidding." She continued to walk towards Terri smiling and being extremely seductive. "Is Sylvia here?" Terry asked. No reply from the girl. She then began walking around Terri and touching his body.

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Stroking his shoulders, rubbing his legs, feeling his chest. She then stopped in front of him and grabbed his crotch and kissed him. Gently at first then began kissing him more passionately. The girl also kept rubbing his crotch, she also began rubbing her breast against him and pressing into his leg with her thigh.

Terri was very confused. What was he supposed to do?

Where was Sylvia? Who was this girl? Was this part of the training? What would ruvias gordas eyaculanden mini falda culonas anchas wife think? Was he supposed to resist or give in? As these thoughts were going through his mind he was becoming more and more aroused. When Terri was fully aroused she stepped back and started to remove his shirt and then opened his jeans and grabbed his now fully erect cock. When Terri's jeans were midway down his thighs the object of Terri's desire stopped and slapped his face hard.

As soon as Terri was slapped four powerful men entered the room and ran towards Terri. Shocked by what had just happened Terri was immobile. The first man reached Terri and punched him hard in the stomach. The second man to reach Terri grabbed him from behind and pinned his arms to his side. The third man to reach him threw a burlap bag over his head.

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The forth man grabbed his legs and Terri felt his shoes being removed. Terri began to yell and struggle against this surprise assault. The men held Terri firm and after removing his shoes began to remove his pants and then ripped off his underpants.

Now naked, Terri was dropped to the ground and promptly kicked several times around the midsection and legs. Still screaming, Terri was rolled onto his stomach by the four pairs of hands. He found himself being held down again. One man was holding him down from his shoulders to hands and another on the other side. Another man was lying on one leg and holding the second leg.

Terri heard one of the men speak "Hold him down good boys" and heard the distinctive sound of a belt coming off and pants being dropped. Terri then felt someone sitting on his thighs. Terri renewed his struggles and screams, but the men were too strong for Terri. Inside his head Terri was terrified. What was happening? He was powerless to stop what was happening. He was beginning to realize how helpless he was. Terri felt a pair of hands roughly pulling his ass cheeks apart and then he felt a finger begin he knows how tlick a pussy his anus.

A finger was inserted into his ass began pumping in and out. The intrusion continued as he felt a second digit exploring. The fingers were withdrawn and he felt the man begin to shift his weight. "Hold him tight boys", Terri heard the voice say. He felt the man between his legs lower himself and felt a cock being positioned at his ass.

The first thrust was hard and painful and Terri screamed under his hood. He could feel the cock sliding deep inside him. The man put his hands on Terri's shoulders and thrust his cock deeper into Terri. He began to thrust in and out and kept pressing more of his weight on Terri's back. "Oh yeah, this one's got a nice pussy hole. Fuckin' this ass feels really good." Terri was terrified by the events of the past few minutes but a strange wave of sensations began to overcome him.

He continued to scream as this stranger was fucking his ass. The man started pumping quick and hard then Terri felt the man collapse on top of him and felt the hot heavy breath of a man that had just finished cumming. The man got off of Terri and he could feel the cock slide out. "Next" the man called out. Terri felt his legs being released and saw a small opening for escape. He tried to roll and pull his arm free but he quickly found out how outnumbered he was. The men retrained him without any problem and promptly let loose a new barrage of kick and a couple of stomps to his legs.

Terri was flipped over onto his back. Arms held tightly over his head and his legs held firmly to the ground. Terri felt a man sit on his stomach and then two rough hands grabbed his chest and nipples and pinched and pulled hard. He heard the first man spoke "Not cartoon doremon suzuka nobita xxx story good idea to try and leave us before we are through.

I am going to impress upon you why you should not try that again". His face was slapped hard several times and his balls were squeezed at the same time. He felt the man stand up and release his nipples. Terri then received several kicks to the mid section before the barrage stopped and his balls were released. Terri felt a foot being placed alexis loves lexingtons big cock inside her tight pussy his ankles and heard the sound of a belt being undone, pants opened and pulled down.

Terri's legs were then lifted over his head and he felt a man spit on his ass. Terri waited with loathing for the next part of the drama that he found himself in the middle of. He did not have to wait long as he felt a cock being positioned against his hole and the man pressing his weight against the back of his legs. The new cock slipped in quickly as the man let out a gasp. He roughly pushed his cock in as deeply as he could, and leaned all his weight onto Terri's legs.

The cock was smaller then the first one and again Terri felt the wave of sensation overcome him again. The man kept gasping and whispering under his breath and his pumping his hips faster and faster. The man came inside of Terri with a loud yell proclaiming this is the best pussy hole he has felt in a long time.

The man rolled off of Terri and his legs fell to the floor. "Look at his cock boys, I think he is enjoying this".

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He heard the men laugh and cajole him about enjoying the fucking he was receiving. Someone grabbed his cock and stroked it several times. Several people performed the same act, each with a comment insulting Terri's cock or commenting on how this pussy hole is enjoying his fucking. "Flip him over and hold him down, I want to fuck him like a dog" said a voice. Terri was picked up and placed on his real amateur cfnm party girl blowjob cumshot and his head held on he ground.

He felt one hand on his hip and a cock being thrust into his ass. One quick hard thrust and the cock was buried deep in his ass. The man grabbed hold of his hips and started to thrust his hips hard against Terri's ass.

Every couple of thrusts the man would spank Terri's ass hard, leaving a red mark on the side of his hips. Terri's hard cock and balls were swinging from the hard thrusts from the man.

As the man came he bent over Terri and sank his nails into Terri' hips. He then pulled out of Terri and kicked him over onto his back. Terri then heard the too familiar sound of a belt being loosened and a pair of pants being dropped.

Several men made comments on the size of the new cock being brought. "Hold his legs" Terri heard a voice say. He felt a pair of arms grab his legs and drop them down to by his ears.

Terri then felt a hand fondle his balls and stroke his cock. He felt the man lower himself and getting closer to Terri's backside. The hand kept stroking Terri's cock and fondling his balls. He then felt a finger dip into his swollen anus and the voice said "Juicy, nice".

All the men laughed. Terri then felt a cock head placed against his anus and a new wave of fear swept over him, the cock head that was pressing against his ass felt huge. "OK white boy, lets get it on", said the unknown voice.

Terri felt the huge cock being pressed harder against his asshole. Slowly sunny lione sex sex stories1080 p slid in, lubricated by two men previously cumming in his ass. The cock kept sliding in filling Terri's ass. Terri started crying, a backseat undressing leads to some erection issues stop, please stop".

Terri felt the stranger deep inside him and a shiver ran up his spine and he began to sweat. In his mind he kept repeating, "more, more". The cock kept going in deeper and deeper filling Terri's belly and he was only vaguely aware that his cock was being stroked and it richelle ryan and andi anderson get pounded oozing pre-cum juices. The new man was finally buried all the way in Terri's ass and he held still and continued to stroke Terri's cock.

He then began pulling his cock out until the head was just in side his ass. Slowly the forward motion began filling Terri's belly with this huge cock.

Terri was barely registering the comments from the other men about the size of this cock. Terri's mind was being overwhelmed with primal feelings of lust. The man worked his cock deeper into Terri then the previous stroke. This time grinding his hips into Terri.

Working on Terri's cock and balls. Smearing the juice on his shaft and balls. The man then placed both hands on Terri's legs and began to pull his hips back again drawing his cock so just his head was inside Terri's ass.

Then with one quick downward thrust the entire shaft was plunged deep inside Terri. Terri gasped, but the cries to stop had been quenched. The cries had been replaced with a low moaning sound.

Again he withdraw and deep plunge of the cock into Terri. The pace quickens and Terri's moans became louder. Terri did not register that his arms and legs were being held, or the comments from the men how he even sounds like a pussy during a good fucking.

The man with the large cock keep thrusting forward and withdrawing and quickening his pace. His thrusts were hard, and the other men had to hold Terri down to keep from being pushed on the floor. Terri's mind had gone to new place, all that registered was the sensations between his legs.

The man then leaned forward and started doing quick shallow thrusts and seeing a look of ecstasy on his face as he came shooting load after load of cum deep into Terri's ass. The men release Terri and talk and laugh amongst themselves. Terri lays on his back, feet on the floor not sure about how he currently feels. He has been forcefully fucked and beaten, but yet why is his cock so hard?

Terri only had a minute to wonder what came next as he was kicked a couple of times and the bag was removed from his head. His assailants were standing over him, grinning. One man squatted in front of Terri and held up an O-ring with a head strap. He nodded to one of the other men and Terri felt the quick sting of a cane coming down on his back. The man said, "Open". Terri looked confused and looked at his different captors, again the man nodded his head and Terri felt a second sting on his back.

The man said, "Open". Terri looked at the ring and opened his mouth for the man. The ring was placed in Terri's mouth and secured with the strap. Next a collar was placed on his neck with a 6' leash.

The men crowded around Terri and the first man dropped his pants. Several of the others held Terri's arms and head. The man held his cock and placed it in the O-ring and began to fuck Terri's face.

Terri found renewed strength and began to struggle against his captors to no avail. He then found himself being passed around from man to man each one sticking his cock into Terri's mouth and pumping a few times in his mouth.

When he got back to the main man, his cock was semi hard. He put his cock into Terri's mouth and moved Terri's head around and began to get aroused in Terri's mouth. When his cock was fully erect he started to fuck Terri's face more forcefully.

The cock was starting to go down Terri's mouth and choke and gag him. Terri retched after a minute of his face fucking experience. The men held Terri's head down until he finished retching and then pulled him up and the lead man stuck his cock back into Terri's mouth.

He told his men to hold his head on his cock while he fucked his new pussy hole. The man's thrusting kept gagging Terri and the man was enjoying it. After what seemed like an eternity the man started fake taxi santa bangs two hotties in his cab hardcore reality moan, then semen exploded into Terri's mouth.

The man then picked up he leash that was attached to the collar and began walking and pulling on Terri. In the mirror's Terri could see that each one of the men had a slender cane in his hand and they began hitting Terri on the back and legs. The men kept taunting Terri, every now and then a cock would be slipped into his mouth and a few thrusts would be performed. Terri's back arms and legs were receiving lots of welts. Terri was completely helpless; he was completely at the mercy of the men that were taunting him.

Finally the lead man said "Time's up" With that he dropped the leash, all the men buckled their pants and walked out the door. Just as quickly as it had begun it had ended. After a moment alone, Terri heard someone walk into the room. He looked and it was the young girl that had originally came into the room, now clothed in jeans and a shirt.

She squatted down and put an envelope on the ground and said, "This is from Sylvia".