Sweet porn mom sex creampie

Sweet porn mom sex creampie
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Voyeurs, Mom and Sis …I'm Gale, the mom. I am gifted with being a voyeur. I get thrills that other women don't get. I can orgasm just about anywhere by just thinking about watching people doing sexual things.

Here is my story&hellip. &hellip.I'll start it off when my son Derrick and daughter Rena discovered I had been in their computer&hellip. ---- Derrick&hellip. &hellip.

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Rena and I, noticed our computer was disturbed. We always logged out the same way, and someone had not. Mom or dad had to be the ones to get in.

We had secret things we didn't want anybody to ever see. Dad didn't even know how to turn on a computer, so that left mom as the snooper. &hellip. We figured we had a fail safe system&hellip.we did not. Rena was a real voyeur and loved to watch my sex life. The girlfriends I got in my bedroom were to much for her not to watch. First it was hidden cams. She told me she would watch them and masturbate while watching them. No big deal to me since I felt they were safe in our computer.

. That was fine for a while but then she wanted to hide in my bedroom and watch and listen to us live. I set her up with a space in my closet to watch me fuck my girlfriends.

Knowing I was being watched by her was a turn mom and sun dad is xxx story for me. I just knew she was fingering her self as my girlfriend and I fucked. … Rena and I were only a year apart, I was older. I watched her grow up and get tit's and pussy hair.

&hellip.I guess It started with her when I caught her watching me wank one night. I jumped up talked my wife intfucking black guy chased her into her bedroom as she giggled.

I tickled her and said to quit spying on me…then I felt my hardon against her ass. I had no underwear on. She turned and her eyes stared at my hardon. &hellip.From then on she tried to see me naked all the time. Feeling my hardon against her cute ass stuck in my mind. One afternoon I decided to get her all excited just for fun. I knew just what to do. I stopped her in the hallway and asked her if she wanted to watch something hot tonight.

She put her hand on her tits and said 'hell yes!' I said to come to my room after mom and dad had gone to sleep and to be quiet. She nodded her head fast, and was all smiles.

My plan was let her watch me wank, but she had to be naked. I wanted to see my sis's body, as it was now getting sexier by the day&hellip. Rena&hellip. …I was really excited about tonight. If we got caught made it very exciting.

I knew Dad would just smile, but he'd have to act all firm for mom's sake. &hellip.I get my voyeur desires from my mom. Derrick and I both would see her eyes light up looking at us naked as kids. She was always peeking at us naked or dressing. Derrick didn't like it, but I enjoyed her eyeballing me and would act sexy as she watched.

I started watching her naked for fun. She would see me but let me watch all I wanted, as we both would get turned on. She never knew I was spying on Derrick also. …Tonight I was going to watch Derrick wank and I was loving this. I begged Derrick to let me make a video of it. He said: "I'll think about it." He was teasing me and he knew it. I just set up a camera anyway as he just smiled it me.

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I showered and got all ready for the late night show. I had on a robe and was naked under it. I thought about mom and how I bet she would love to be me tonight&hellip.

Derrick&hellip. &hellip.I was having fun with this. I would get to see my sexy sister naked as I wanked. I decided to 'try a few things' to see just how bad she wanted to watch me wank. --- Mom Gale&hellip. …Knowing Rena was a voyeur like me I wanted to see what she might be hiding the their computer.

It wasn't easy…but I got in. I was excited as to what I might find, I loved to see my kids naked and what did it hurt, I had never touched them…only looked. …I dug into Rena's stuff first. She was a voyeur like me ok. I found pictures she had taken of her classmates sneaking feels at school.

Girl on girl, and girls with guys. Seeing those young people got me hot right away. She had snapped pictures in the girl restroom. She had snapped a picture over the top of the stall of a girl eating another girls pussy right a school. . My heart was racing looking at these. All those young girls fingering each other was making me real hot. One picture was a guy in a stall with a girl giving him a blow job.

Wow…these kids were bold and my own daughter was there taking sneak pictures of them. I never had such luck in my school to watch anything but some kissing between a guy and girl. I wanted to watch sex stuff, but had to be satisfied watching my own kids secretly.

&hellip.No one ever knew it, but my husband would let me hide in our closet and I would watch my husband undress and then play with himself. I would then jump out and play attack him and hold him down and fuck him. He did the same to me&hellip.but the watching him part, was where I would get so turned on.

I watched him take showers and undress all I could. I liked having a wet pussy&hellip. all the time&hellip. &hellip.This all started when Oiled up cam girl plays with her pussy was a teen.

I accidentally walked in on my dad jacking off. It was to late for him to stop and I watch him shoot cum up in the air. I froze as I almost orgasmed myself. Later he said it was a real turn on having me watch, and I could watch him anytime no one else was around. We set up a signal system of when he was going jack off, so I could come and watch.

. He put an erasable note pad in a book I had in my room. I was constantly checking it and then erase any note immediately. The ones that said "Now", made me the hottest as I would run for his room, the bathroom or wherever he was. He would already have his hardon out and ready. I would lift my skirt, or drop my shorts and panties and join him in masturbating. He had told me the first time, it was 'ok' if I wanted to finger my funny one piece hentao1001funny one piece hentamp4 porn story pornflexorg as I watched, in fact it made his cum's feel even better if I did.

… I did and had hot orgasms while watching. I found I could orgasm just watching also. I soon realized I could orgasm just thinking about things. &hellip.I use to just smile in classes at school for no reason as I thought about watching him jacking off. (no one knew I was having an orgasm right then!). &hellip.I have some hot memories from those days… …I got real hot looking at Rena's computer pictures. I emailed them to myself and carefully erased my actions.

Now to take a look and Derrick's stuff. …As I went through lot's of guys stuff looking for the sex things…my mind drifted back to when I decided to test Rena to see if she was a voyeur too. …One afternoon we were alone and I got one of dads porn magazines. She was a teen and lay beside me in my bed. She watched as I made it secret that we shouldn't be looking at dads magazine.

This perked up her interest even more. I had one picked out one that showed a hidden camera showing men and women playing with themselves. I went thru some and handed it to her. She was already breathing hard and looked at the pictures. She said: "Mom…I love these!…their making my pussy wet and I&hellip." She stopped and trembled a little. .She took a big breath and said: "Mom&hellip.oh my god…I just had an &hellip." "an orgasm?" I said.

She smiled and said yes, how did I know. I told her she was gifted too and we talked all about how lucky we were to be voyeurs. She smiled and ask if she could keep the magazine. I said yes, it was really mine and not dads&hellip. &hellip.I continued thru Derricks stuff. I found a file buried in another file with just a number on it. I opened it. It had a video in it, I clicked to play it… …"Oh my god", I said out loud.

…I sat stunned as I watched my son lay on his bed slowly jacking off. That was my first instant orgasm. Next, I see my daughter Rena enter the picture&hellip.naked. She stepped close to the bed and was fingering herself. I got the trembles so bad I was shaking.

My pussy was contracting by itself and very wet. Never in my wildest dreams had I ever though about my college sorority sluts riding faces during hazing daughter masturbating …together.

This had to be a voyeurs dream watch. I stopped the video and ran and got a empty disk. .I quick downloaded it as I tried to calm my self. I logged out and went in and hid the disk. I had about 4 orgasms in a row and they left me weak and panting for breath. I tried to lay down to rest, but all that was on my mind was those two masturbating together. I felt so content and happy as I drifted into a nap. I dreamed&hellip. all of us were watching each other as I must have had more orgasms during my nap.

I woke up hot, horny and smiling&hellip. Rena&hellip. &hellip.It was just as well mom didn't watch it all. Derrick and I got carried away and we…well…oh shit… I can't think to well.

I knew Derrick was up to something when he wanted me naked…but I was getting so turned on getting to watch him jack off live right in front of me Two skinny sluts blow on a dick brunette cumshot didn't care. I had already orgasmed once and now he ask me to stand by his bed. I was pumped as my eyes locked on his hand slowly stroking himself. I let my fingers play with my clit as I panted for air.

When he reached out an took my other hand and put it on his erection I felt faint. . Now both our hands stroked him. I couldn't orgasm&hellip. it was to intense.

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I found my self sitting on his bed. I was fingering myself and stroking him both now. He whispered ("…oh god yes Rena…") He took his hand away as I continued to stroke him. He slowly put his hand on my pussy. I just opened my leg and now he slipped his finger inside my pussy as I rubbed my clit.

This was almost to much. I had the most jitters of my life. It was hard to realize what we were doing. I couldn't take my eyes off seeing my own hand stroking him and the warm feel of his erection.

I found my self scooting my pussy around to lay on the bed. I got my face closer to his erection. delightsome and arousing three some hardcore and blowjob. We slowly turned and lay sideways. His fingers felt wonderful inside my pussy as I lifted one leg for him. Now I was staring his erection right in my face. This was all something I had never done before.

I kept stroking him but as I got more and more turned on I jacked it faster. I knew what was going to happen. His hand began to move in and out of my pussy faster too. I had to rub my clit faster. Something had a hold on us to do all this and I loved it.

I inched my face closer to watch him cum close up. I opened my mouth, gasping for air. I left it open as that excited me for some reason. Closer I went as I stroked him. … I just had to&hellip.put my lips on the end of his erection.

It was a new desire and I had to do it. I felt his erection touch my lips. I felt way more that an orgasm building up in me, and it was awesome. I now had his erection head all the way in my mouth. It was so sexy feeling I just kept it in my mouth. He started to moan and thrust his erection in and out of my mouth.

I felt his other hand pull my hips to his face. He started licking my wet clit along with my fingers.

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.His tongue felt better than my fingers, so I moved them away. I held his head as he held mine. I guided his flicking tongue firm to my clit…as I knew now I was going to have the climax I had heard about. He drove all of his erection deep in my mouth and moaned.".oh god Rena." That's when I felt it. The hot liquid of his cum shooting in my mouth. My pussy clamped down on his fingers and I began to shake uncontrollably.

The feeling of a climax is like no other. I sucked hard on his shooting erection as moans came out of nowhere. I felt juices come out of my pussy as I trembled and shook. His cum was exciting and flowed all over in my mouth. He held my head tight as he pumped and pumped his load in. …My pussy quivered inside on his fingers.

He took his fingers out and began to lick my pussy all over and my clit became so sensitive I jumped with every lick he gave it. We felt our now hot bodies all over and just kept on and moaned&hellip.

…The video camera was still running&hellip. Mom&hellip. …Yes, that's what I eventually saw. I keep my jewel of a disk hidden. I watch it anytime I want now. …Oh jezz…I just had an orgasm thinking about it&hellip. …Now the kids and I have new disk we all like to watch&hellip.but I can't talk about what we do when we are all alone&hellip. .Well I have to go now, I just got out hot emo teen blowjob a taste of the holidays the shower, dads gone hunting for the weekend and I see the kids car just pull up in the driveway.

I have my video camera set up in my bedroom and&hellip. .if you'll excuse me now, my kids have just ran in my bedroom and… (I want to watch them undress…&hellip.)