Sunny leone full sex stories sex sex storiesporn

Sunny leone full sex stories sex sex storiesporn
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One day my friend Andrew called me over and said that his wife Samantha had given him a birthday present and he wanted to show it to me.

When I got there he opened the present box and pulled out one gf shares bfs big schlong with freaky roommate those see through flesh jack! It reminds of a shape of female's pussy and is made up of specific material which resembles the feel of hot woman's flesh! This is a type of sex toys designed for use by males. I looked at him and then at Samantha and smiled because I knew what was going to happen next.

We headed straight for their bedroom and started taking our clothes off. Samantha was the first one naked, because she was wearing the nightie and the robe only, whereas Andrew and I were both fully clothed. She came over and started to help me get my clothes off and as soon as she pulled my shorts down she took my already hard cock in her hand and started to stroke me.

Then she began to lick my cock. I looked over at Andrew as he took his last piece of clothing off: underwear. His almost fully erect cock sprang out and he turned towards us to watch Samantha suck my cock.

I reached over and took his hard cock into my hand and slowly started to stroke him from his huge balls to the top of his cock. I would pull his foreskin back so that the big head was exposed, then I would tickle his cock's tip. He started to moan and thrust his cock hard when I moved back down his shaft.

It didn't take him long before his cock started to leak pre cum. I leant over to lick it off for alura jacson and ninpolla and jordi but he stopped me and said that he was now ready for his new toy. He told me he wanted me to use it on him and fuck his wife at the same time!

This sounded like fun to me so I laid down on my back and Samantha climbed on top of me. Andrew took my hard cock and gave it a couple of deep throats before guiding me into his wife's soaking wet pussy!

God, that was amazing! Now concerning Andrew's wife! She feels so good and looks great too. She is about 6". She has got a long blonde hair and bright dark brown eyes! Anyway she started to slide up and down my cock and Andrew handed me the flesh jack.

And I held it so both Samantha and I could see him fuck it. He slid his cock into it all the way in one fluid stroke. His balls squished out when he reached the bottom of the plastic pussy. Since this is the see-through model, we could see his cock as he stretched it out inside the toy. He then pulled all the way out so that his cock's head was just inside the opening of the toy! Then he slid back all the way in. It was incredible to watch and Samantha and I stopped fucking and just concentrated on watching Andrew's cock fuck the toy.

Samantha climbed off my cock and we helped Andrew to lay down, each of us got on both sides of him. First Samantha took the toy and started to pump him, then I took it from her. With one hand I cradled his balls and gently squeezed them while jerking him off with this incredible toy. He was really moaning now and lifting his ass off of the bed to meet my downward stroke.

His breathing started to get ragged and we all knew that he was really close to cumming! Thus we just stared at his cock inside the toy! About 10 full strokes later he groaned that he was going to cum and I pulled the toy almost all the way off of his cock! I didn't pull it out entirely, just keeping his tip inside the toy while the left part of his erection was exposed.

With another hand I began jacking his cock off, soon I felt his cock swell and he started to pump his load into the toy. We were able to watch spurt after spurt of his thick cum how his cock exploded inside the clear flesh jack. His cock jerked and pumped about 8 times before he relaxed and lay back on the bed!

His balls drained of cum. Samantha took the toy away from me and took my cock in her other hand and said that it was now my turn. Andrew rolled over to his side so Samantha could pull the toy off of his dick while keeping his load of sperm inside the toy! That was something really hot and kinky! She took his spent cock in her mouth and licked the left sperm off of the flesh sex xxxc com porn storys When she was done cleaning Andrew up, she laid on her back and put the toy between her big tits facing her stomach and told me to fuck it like that, so that's he could see my cock fucking inside the toy!

Andrew smiled at me and said that I should enjoy it even more because his sperm would be a great add to the natural lube of the toy! I told Andrew to guide me in, climbed on top of his wife and aimed my cock at the slippery used toy!

Some of Andrew' cum was starting to leak out, when the glob of sperm started dripping down, Andrew caught it with my shaft and pushed it back in with my hard penis. It felt great and Andrew's cum was still warm and very gooey!

Samantha let out a low scream when she came watching my cock enter her husband's cum filled toy.

Andrew took my balls when I started to fuck the toy between his wife's tits. Samantha never took her eyes off of the toy, she kept watching my cock slide in and out of it. I reached back and slid 2 fingers into her soaking wet pussy and she immediately started to cum again! I was pumping my cock in and out of the toy and Andrew' cum was all over the shaft! I groaned that I was going to cum and Samantha wailed that she wanted me to cum inside of her pussy.

I pulled my throbbing cum covered cock out of the toy and slid my cock down her stomach, until my cock slid between her bulging pussy lips and with one thrust I was all the way inside her. She screamed for me to fuck her and that she wanted me to cum inside her. I looked over at Andrew and he was jerking his once again hard cock off. I opened my mouth; he just smiled and put the head of his cock inside of my mouth. After I slammed my cock into his wife's pussy he shoved his cock nerdy brunette babe fucked hard from behind fingering camfree and out of my mouth.

It didn't even take a minute before I started to cum and I spit his cock out and groaned! I shot spurt after spurt of my heavy clammy sperm into Samantha's pussy.

When I finally came down from my cum, I looked over at Andrew and he had a wild look in his eyes. I pulled my cock out of Samantha and rolled to her side and then Andrew climbed on top of her and plunged his cock into her pussy! His cock started to fuck her pussy and my sperm was now coating his shaft! I reached up and softly squeezed his balls.

Picking up girls is my hobby and i try to get as much fun out of it as i can for example my friend g

He groaned and I could see his balls drained and churn because he has shot his second load of cum for this day! Samantha was on her clouds, she was hot and on the verge!

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She came so hard she almost passed out. We all 3 laid there for a few minutes before collecting ourselves and then we headed to the shower to get cleaned up. After the shower Samantha made us a small dinner in the nude and we all sat naked together. When we were done, spouses decided that I was going to be dessert for the late dinner. They both got under the table and told me to keep the table cloth down so I couldn't see them and they both started sucking on my cock.

I couldn't tell who was sucking my cock and who wasn't! But it felt really good! It took about 8-10 minutes until I felt the familiar feeling of my sperm teasing my balls and I groaned that I was going to cum! With that I unloaded my second load of sperm into somebody's mouth.

When they reappeared, they were both licking their lips and I figured they must have shared my load. It was getting late so I excused myself, went out and got dressed. As I came out of the room Samantha was on top of Andrew in a 69 and they were both close to cumming.

I stayed to watch them both as they made each other cum with their mouths! I laughed and waved at them, and told them I couldn't wait until our next tasty teen toys ink pussy and sucks dick.