Tight teen girl drilled by her stepbro s big fat cock

Tight teen girl drilled by her stepbro s big fat cock
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As Mr. stevens, our writing teacher was reviewing the rising action of story structure, the intercom rang. "It is now the time for our annual winter pep rally. Will seniors please report to the fieldhouse." With me and Chloe being the only seniors in the class, we quickly left the darken classroom and entered the hallway.

She led me to a wall and got closer to me outside the classroom as she rubbed her hand on my crotch which was still sensitive to the touch because i had just came 20 minutes earlier.

"you busted too quickly last time.follow me." Instead of walking down the main hallway to go to the field house, she led me to the back of the school near the orchestra room. With every step, her thick ass jiggled tightly as Chloe's pink thong teased me through her see through black leggings.

I'd ask her a few times where we were going because id never been in this part of the school and everytime shed turn around and smirk at me.

After entering the music hallway, she opened the double doors leading to the orchestra practice amphitheater.

"so we're gonna fucking play musical chairs?" I asked sarcastically."dont be silly" chloe said. She looked around to make sure no one was there and strutted to the back of the room where a row of folded tables were blocking a part of the wall. "Help me move this." .Curious, but still suspicious, I walked towards her to help moved the makeshift tables. After putting them to the side, there was a wooden door that vaguely read on the side "Janitors Restroom".

Before I could think, Chloe took my hand and led me in the bathroom as she opened the door.

When we entered all I could see was black as she locked the door from the inside. Turning on the lights half expecting a dirty bathroom with old toilets, I couldnt believe what I saw. The bathroom was huge, almost as big as the one near the cafeteria and it looked brand new, almost untouched.

The floors were carpeted and the mirrors on the sinks looked spot clean."How the fuck did you find this place.?" I asked her. She smiled and pushed me down playfully on the soft floor as she straddled me again like she did in the classroom. I got instantly rock hard feeling her warm ass cheeks gripping my crotch area. Gently kissing my neck she whispered "The first few weeks of school, the music teacher let me hang out in the ampetheatre during lunch because I had no one to sit with.

I got curious one day and just walked around looking at things. I ended up finding this bathroom and used it ever since to skip class sometimes or during lunch to play with myself and be naughty." "Your'e such a fucking nympho. So are those stories true about you in Colorado then" She slowly took off her shirt and revealed her perfect C- cup breasts.

"Do you want to talk all day or fuck? we only have 2 hours" "I laughed to myself when she said that considering I only lasted 40 seconds from a blowjob under a desk.

What possibly could we do in 2 full hours I thought. "take off my bra Patrick" as she guided my hands to the back of her warm body.

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I began fondling her breasts after unhooking her bra to her pleasure as she started the slightly moan, grinding her thighs which still was hugging my crotch area. I could tell she felt my rock hard boner as I felt it could rip my pants because of how horny I was as she got up and pulled off my jeans quickly. Turning back around, she slowly squatted her tight ass in leggings to my face and she got in 69 position. she began teasing me by only massaging my balls without even touching my cock for the first few minutes.

I began rubbing her pussy as she started humping my face.

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Her ass smelled like sweat and cherry lollipops as her lavender perfume drowned out the entire bathroom. She then started sucking on my balls which got tighter and fuller every seconds as she glided her tongue from the sensitive tip of my cock to the back on my balls. Her warm breath and saliva on my cock and balls felt too good I almost wanted to blow my load right there, but I knew I wanted to fuck that booty so bad.

She put my entire 6.5 inch cock in her mouth and started gagging on it. Her ass bouncing up and down on my face rhythmically as I felt her spit dripping down on my balls. Her pussy started puffing up and I saw how wet she got with her pussy juice soaking her leggings. As she ferociously started to deep throat away, I started the feel the tight horny sensation in my pelvic area as I knew I was heading to the point of no return. I started breathing heavy and with each breath I took, the faster Chloe went as she started to make this sexy moan while still gagging on my cock.

"Fuck.uh.Chloe, Im gonna fucking nut baby girl" I panted as she went as far as she could and gripped my balls with her hand as I fucking exploded like a garden hose on a summer day. I cummed so hard as I moaned for a good 15 seconds, still cumming as her booty in leggings were fully wrapped around my face. Feeling almost light headed, I got her off of me and leaned back against the wall euphoric and almost ready to pass out.

"Oh no mister. Its my turn now" Chloe exclaimed as she sat next me. I told playgirl acquires her cunt pounded at last I wanted to fuck her non stop for a week straight but couldnt right now because my libido just dropped. She eye fucked me with those warm hazel eyes and said "I can fix that Patrick" She took my hand and placed it under her leggings inside her wet camel toe.

I started rubbing and fingering her, gradually speeding up every seconds. She kept staring at me with those eyes as I fingered her which made it even more hotter as she started the moan louder and louder.

Before she could scream, I kissed her and we sucking each others tongues and traded spit as she moaned heavily. I was going torpedo fast now and her pussy juice was soaking up her leggings.

Seeing this, I got instantly horny again and pushed Chloe down on the floor face down ass up. I put my cock which was still covered with spit and grinded on her heart shaped thick booty. My precum was already staining her leggings as I couldnt take her tease any longer and just took them off. I was already naked and so was she expect for the white converse and high socks she was wearing which I didnt take off because they redhead slut masturbates in front of cam so hot on her.

I flipped her around where I could see her tight body as I started to suck on her juicy breasts. "Ohhh fuck Patrick, dont stop" Chloe moaned as I felt her tits get harder in my mouth, I worked my way down and started to eat her out but then all of a sudden, the door burst open tbc.

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