British blonde slut in ffm threesome on the car

British blonde slut in ffm threesome on the car
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I am Meena. I am married 3yrs b4 to a software engg. and now i am 27. my hubby name is rahul. he works in chennai, but often goes to banglore for work as a project leader. so i miss him a lot. we live in chennai itself. In our house there is maid servanta boy of age 20 and my aunty that is mother in law.

I and hubby both lead a happy life.we used to have sex daily. and 2 yrs went as usual as any couples. when he is away from house (banglore) i used to masturbate myself in my bed. Once my hubby went to banglore for 2 weeks. In our homei am and my aunty and my servant where there. every thing went normal. two days later, a call came to our house. Its oe of our distant relation and called for his grand mother funeral. My aunty asked me to come with her. But i refusedas not willing to attend the funeral that to a distant relation.

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So my aunty said she would go alone. Its to in distant village. She said she will come after one week only. I said ok. Maid servant is there to help me also. Servant is a good boy. His name is ram.He is 20 and dark colour. He is there from his child hood. So he is a part of family members. So i felt mom big hips sex son with him. He is 5.10 tall and wheatish colour.

lean but well built and strong. I am typical housewife. little fair. 5.10 tall and have good structure and curves of 35 30 36. i have black eye and black hair running up to just above the hip.

The first two days went normal. I used to look after daily activities. He used to help me in kitchen and washing clothes. He used to sleep in kitchen and i in mom sun cicret home xxnxc bed room. I used to masturbate in my bed at late night but daily as i miss my hubby. Its third day night, Ram went to sleep in kitchen.I went to my bed room.I change myself to nighty. Inisde i wear only bra and panty that to in white colour.

I lie on bed and feel like masturbating. So i pressed my boobs over the nighty and rubbed over my pussy lifting the nighty. After a while, i removed my nighty and made my self nude still removing my bra and panty. I rubbed my pussy lips, slowly and pressing my boobs by one hand and then stroked my pussy by fingering.hard and hard.until i cummed. Then i weared my bra and panty and nighty again. I felt thirsty. Usually ram keeps a jug of water in my bedroom but today he forgot i think.I used to have cool water.

But fridge is in kitchen. So i thought of going to kitchen and fetch water. Its late night so i donnt want to disturb ram who is sleeping in kitchen. So i myself went to kitchen. I went near to kitchen, its litted with dim night lamp. It has only one window which is closed, but it has no door but only screen on its entrance. I went near the kitchen room and can here a hizzing sound coming from kitchen. I donnt know what it is.but thought it might be some insects.

But as i nearer, it was rams voice he is moaning, i thought he would blaber in dream and went casually in to kitchen and putt on lights. There, i saw.i cannt belive my eyes.there ram's lungi is away from his bed sheet.

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and he is masturbating nude. oh his cock is massive hard and long than my hubby . i stir at it for few secs in lights are onhe saw me and in quick second looked for his lungi and put on it. I felt shock and shy and donnt know how to i turn away and came fast in to my bed room and closed the door and lie on bed.

I try to sleep, but his manlyhood, which is wet and shinny by cum and under lights too came in to my mind often.i just closed my eyes and try sleeping again.that time i heard, ram knoking my doors of bedroom. "knock.knock, mam.mam" For few seconds i keep quit, but then answered.what? he replied, " mam.what u want.?" I answered." i need cool water" then he saidok mam i bring.

after few mins.he came back and knocked again my door. "mam, i brought water open the door" I with little bit reluctance, but then took some courage and went and open the door. I didnt want to look at his his face, so i was looking down . Ram hold the jug.said in lower voice "mam water" As i was looking down .i can see sexy babes getting great cumshots compilation part cock still tented in the lungi.

I said" keep it on the table and go" Ram went to keep it on the table.i stir at his lungi itself.and dont want to look at his face. His cock came to my mind i kept stiring at his tented lungi. Hi kept the cool water jug over the table and turn towards me I am still at the doors, to let him go out.

As petite latina chick squirting camshow masturbation and masturbate turned facing me.i could see the tented lungi again.My eyes stired at it.and as ram came nearer, all of sudden his lungi fell down.(i donnt know whether he did it purposely or it happened accidently).

As it fell down, his cock standing uprightseems to inviting me.I was under magical wand i think so(yeh!his cock is a magic wand). as soon as i saw his cock.i couldnt control my self.i just kneeled b4 him and caught hold of his cock. this all happen in fraction of second. I pushed him to wall.and started sucking his cock. Ram stood astonished i think so.but he never touched me. that gave me more courage that his is harmless and started licking his i suck it.i could here him moaning.

aahhha.mammm.that elevated my sexual mood too. so i keep on sucking his cock hard and hard. His manlyhood erected more and more.and became so hard.i kissed it.rolled my tongue over it and licked his balls and my hands holding his thigh tight and tight as i sucked him hard and hard.his moaning sound increased . oahhha oahhha.but still he never even touched my hair. He stood just leaning the wall.i sucked hard and his is trembling b4 me.and finally cum oozed out and filled all my mouth and sprayed over my face.

"aahhhh.shhhhh, i said my thirst is over".but then only i realised oh what i have did.afterall he is a servant and i cheated my hubby too.i felt shy and ashamed.but thought he is harmful. now i get up and still didn't have courage to look at his face. And i asked him, ram pls dont say this to any one.promise me.and his cum is running on my face and chin and over the neck.

ram took few moment and promised that he wonnt say any one. I am little bit relief.and asked him to go to kitchen and said " i am going to wash my face". I turn and went to the bathroom. Its attached bathroom in my bedroom. I thought he have gone to kitchen. And everything ended. But unfaithful white girlfriend bbc took your bitch i am washing my face.I felt a hand from behind cupping my boobs over the nighty.with a shock i was ram.

He smiled at me winkfully.I said ram pls go to kitchen. But, he said,"mam, do u want me not to tell any one that u sucked my cock"I silently noded my head for,"yes".

Ram," then mam u have to obey me when ever no one is at home" I said,"no, ram. i shall give u money,more much u want.but leave from here now" He said,"mam, i am ur servant but u have to obey ur servant thats what i want" I replied," hi only u and i know this,no one will believe u.

so get lost or i will complient abt u to my hubby and throw u out" Ram smiled and continued," mam, i am not the sinneronly its u. Remeber still u have to spend one week alone with me. If u obey me its only between u and me.But if not.i make it open to nieghbours first.they r all keen to hear even gossip abt others but this is true.Its ur choice to decide. I wont compel. I am ur good servant mam." I was in two minds.but donnt know what to do.yeh it was my sin to suck his i had no other go.

i said," ok. i obey u" He asked me to stand b4 the dressing mirror. I did. He came behind me and said, mam i want to press ur boobs please lift ur hands.I did.and he whishpered in my ears "mam u should not close ur eyes".and holded my boobs and started pressing.i watched him pressing my boobs in smile from behind.i felt nervous and uncomfortable. but as he started worked well.i started to realease moan now and then.He enjoyed my expression seeing over the mirror.I felt little wet between my legs.

After massaging my boobs over nighty for few mins.he asked me to remove my nighty.I refused.but he again black mailed so i obeyed to remove my nighty. Ram said, "mam i am ur servant let me do it" and he removed my nighty buttons one by one.

he is eager to see my expression through mirror. I tried to close my eyes. He whishpered in my ears again, mam obey me.donnt close ur eyes. Then he took of my nighty.He was in gr8 surprise to see me in bra and panty only. I felt very shy.and tried to hide my boobs with my arms. Ram turned me saying," What mam, u saw me nude but u hide u even in half nude" and took off my hands.

He took a steady look all over my body.I became like crying I have never imagined standing like this b4 a servant. Now he took the cold water from the table and came near to me and poured it over my bra.

The white bra became transparent and my dark nipples seems to be exposed.

and as cold water touches, my boobs still got erect and nipples became hard. I cried to him, ram what is this? Mam, keep silent he ordered and again from front he now started rubbing my boobs over bra.and pinching my nipples. I am sweating and also wet with cold water, he enjoyed touching my wet belly.

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He holded my belly with one hand and went behind me again. Asked me to see in mirror and rotated his finger over my belly button and one hand rubbed the boobs over bra.

Now he kissed my back and neck. i felt fethised. He whishpered to turn my face to him. As i turn, he gave a prolong kiss over my lips for almost one min. and chewed my lips.Really i got excited and never denied him.I melted in his arms. His hand from belly runned over my panties now.I murmured in low voice no ram.pls no.But he unhooked my bra and turned me and hugged me.saying ," i love u, i love u so much, u r so sexy" and started caressing all over my body.

Then he took me in his arms and put me on bed. He then removed my panty slowly lieing at my feet.kissing my belly and thighs.

Now i am nude b4 my servant on bed.He became very happy to see my pussy. He kissed my pussy and started licking it, gradually. My hands holded the pillows.and started moaning. he licked me hard and hard.I squeesed the pillow and my boobs in excitement. He caressed my thighs and belly and kissed then and there and started licking my pussy. his toungue went deeper and deeper.

as my pussy is wet already. He licked and sucked lup lup lup lup.hard and rythm and in harsh. i shouted to his rythm mmmahhh ammmahh ohhhchh nicceee rammmmahh. my body is shaking and trubling over the bed, he made his suckking perfect as professionalist. and explored my pussy very deep and wide.Finally.i too cumed over his face.a tit for tat.but he enjoyed it.

Then he lie beside me.asked me to lick my cum over his face. I licked. After one lick, he asked to stop and feed it to his mouth. So i kissed to feed him my this i whipped all my cum over his face and feeded to him. Then we both went crazy.and hugged each other ad kissed each other. I forgot i am with my servant. He acted as if he was my hubby. He slowly caressed my boobs again and i caressed his cock by hands.

His manlyhood again erected to my surprise.he then came over me and positioned his cock to my we can do whatever we want pornstars hardcore. He kissed me and inserted little by little to my pussy. He inserted with ease as its wet and his huge cock got almost to my deep. and he started moving his hips.

i caressed his back Rubbed his bare body and kissed his chest and pulled his hair.he started pumping over my and outin and out.i moaned oohhshhch shhhaahhh hhaaappapp.ooochhh nooo.yehhhh make it fast fast. ram.ohhhh He pumped hard and hard and now whishpered in my ears "meena.i love u." " meena i fuck u" meennaaa oaaahhhh" I enjoyed and he fuced me hard and hard and cummed fully in my pussy.and lie tired over me.then we did a little foreplay agian and slept in same bed. Morning, he woke me up and removed the thaali tied by my hubby and he retied it and said meena i am ur hubby here after and kissed me.

He is more caring than my hubby now. we enjoy sex when ever we have time.He is servant to our home and i am his. This is my first story.pls sent ur comments abt it. Thanks xnxx.