The world big cock sex

The world big cock sex
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[b] Brian and Lynn had finally found the perfect couple to swing with. They had been playing for a while but not yet comfortable enough to full swap with a couple. Looking and chatting was getting old but it had all finally paid off and they could finally fulfill the full swap dream. The other couple was just like them, smart asses, funny, up for anything and so hot too. She had long brown hair and the most beautiful breasts. He was dark and full of muscles.

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They met them at a local bar and danced, had some drinks, did a lot of flirting and grabbing. It was time to move on to playing. They all agreed to get a room at the nearby hotel and see if things went as well in the bed room as it had fully clothed in the bar.

Once in the room the girls began to make out and slowly undress each other. The guys sat back and watched, so far liking what they were seeing. Lynn lay back as her new friend began to lick and tease her body. She seemed to be in a world of her own as she enjoyed the touch of another woman. It was all so new and different. Her lips and hands were so much softer and the touch so gentle. It was as if she knew every place to touch and how much pressure to put there.

Kay spread Lynn's legs and began to flick her wet tongue across Lynn's clit. The feel of her hands on her hips and her tongue on her clit had Lynn moaning already. Kay slid her tongue up and down the full length of Lynn's box. Taking a moment to slip her tongue deep in Lynn's hole as she licked up and down. Kay then replaced her tongue with her finger.

She slid her finger in and out as she sucked on Lynn's clit. It wasn't long and Lynn felt her body tighten up and she came all over Kay's hand and face. Kay looked up at her with juices running down her chin and the licked her lips.

She then leaned forward to give Lynn a taste of her own juices with a long hard kiss.

After the way Lynn had felt she wanted to return the favor. Kay leaned back and Lynn moved down between her legs. Lynn on her hands and knees leaned down to taste her first pussy. She licked and sucked and flicked her tongue for what seemed to be forever.

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She was so into it and loving it so much she didn't realize what was going on in the room. She felt a hand rubbing on her cunt and realized they weren't in the room alone anymore. As she looked up she saw Brian rubbing and sucking on Kay's wonderful nipples and saw that Ken was the one rubbing on her already dripping clit. Ken slipped his finger into her pussy and fingered her adding finger after finger until he had 4 into her.

Brian straddled Kay's chest and slid his rock hard cock into her ready mouth. As her hubby got a blowjob from their new friends she got back to her job of licking as she felt those fingers slide in and out of her.

Kay's body tightened up and Lynn got her first mouth full of female cum. It was so sweet and wet and her face glistened with the juices. Lynn then sat up on Ken's hand and rode it like you would a cock until she was coming again. He lifted his hand up and she saw her cum running down his arm.

Brian then stood next to the bed and Kay and Lynn sucked upskirt voyeur amazing ass tube porn cock together.

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Tongues meeting every once in a while and taking turns holding his cock for the other. Ken came around behind and played with both pussies for a while. He then put his cock in Lynn's hot pussy as he played with Kay's. It was hard to concentrate on Brian's cock with this new one deep inside of her.

Brian turned Kay around and put her legs up and slipped into her pussy.

You could her the intake of breath when he first slammed into her. The girls played with each other as the guys fucked them. Lynn wanted to taste the pussy and cock together so the girls got into 69 and licked one another and the cocks running in and out of them.

It was so new and so good. Kay had said she loved 2 cocks at once and Lynn had always wanted to try it so now was the time. Brian lay back on the bed and Lynn sat on his cock. They leaned her forward and Ken also joined his cock into her pussy. Two cocks in her and she was loving it. The guys loved the feel of their cocks running up against each other the friction of it all. Brian played with Kay's pussy as she moaned about how hot it was to watch her husband DV with another female.

She came all over Brian's hand as Lynn came all over both the cocks. The guys began pumping harder and could feel one another cumming inside the stretched out pussy. They all layed back and basked in the glow of great sex. They got to talking about next time and what all they could try. Each couple went to their own beds. When Lynn and Brian lay back in outdoor slut wife cuckold films bed they could hear the other couple playing around.

Brian wanted to lick Lynn's pussy again so she lay back as he tasted all the cum in her. He sucked it all out and then climbed up on her and fucked her wet, full, stretched out cunt until they were both cumming again. They lay back with sweet dreams and until next time they had a great bed time story to talk about during sex.