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Lovely teen scarlett mae gets fucked and facialized
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*Author's Note- This is based of the KoRn song "Daddy," and this is just how I would view the events of the song to go by, if you don't know the history of the song, look it up. I hope I've done the song justice, with a spin of my own at the end, even though for those of you who have listened to the song, the melt down of Jon(the singer) at the end of the track kind of inspired the last entry.

Enjoy. :) * Entry One- April 20th 20** Had a good day with mom and dad today, we went out with some of their friends and their kids to the beach.

I didn't play much with them though, I'm kinda shy and don't get along with most kids. They sorta make fun of me most of the time anyway. Something interesting though, a new neighbor that moved in last week joined us, mom said it would be "hostpitabel" or something like that, she said her name was Liz. She seemed kinda nice, she was pretty to, she kept most of the boys around her including me, she must have a son of her own 'cus she knew the kind of things we like, talking about games and stuff.

She had us talking about girls at some point saying "Some can be strange, but sometimes mature is a better route to go." I don't really know what she meant but when she said it she gave me a particular look, I don't know why though. I don't like drawing attention to myself, but I really did enjoy talking to her, and when the others went to play on the beach, I stayed with her and talked.

No one has listened to me talk that long since I don't know when, I think we can be good friends. Entry Two- April 27th 20** I forgot to grab my key before heading to school and got locked out of the house for awhile. Mom and dad were still at work so I checked with the neighbors, only Liz was home though. She let me in and I told her what happened, she said I could use her phone to call my parents. When I did they said I should ask Liz if I could stay with her until they came home in an hour.

She said it fake agent milf threesome hd jane doux in when father is away stepmom will play ok. We talked about school and things. She showed me around her house, but she wouldn't let me go in a certain room, she said it was her "special place," I'm not sure what she was talking about, but she said "every grown up has one." I'll have to make sure and ask mom and dad about theirs… Entry Three- May 5th 20** I don't have many friends, really none to be honest, but Liz said she would be my friend.

I'm so happy, I've never had a friend as good as her.

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She lets me stay over when I get home from school, mom and dad said it was ok, I think they're just happy that I finally have a friend. Liz hugged me really tight, I almost couldn't breathe, when I came and visited her today, she says she missed me.

I didn't get to see her all weekend. I know I was blushing really hard, I could feel every part of her when she gave me that hug and it made me kinda embarrassed, but then she let go and gave me some cookies and we talked about what she did before she moved. She was a doctor in California, it made me wonder why she moved all the way to the other side of the US, she said she needed some rest away from the city, and she has family here.

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She says she has a son about my age, but she doesn't get to see him often cus he lives with his dad. She got a sad look on her face, but then she looked at me and smiled and said "but its ok, as long as you keep me company Davey." And she stroked my face and I felt the blush pop back up.

Only mom has ever done that to me and it felt weird, but, at the same time I did like it. I like Liz. Entry Four- May 25th 20** I can't remember what happened today. Mom and dad took me to the hospital because I blacked out and Liz's. They didn't find anything wrong but they are keeping me overnight.

I was at Liz's like normal, she greeted me with her hug ravishing rachel starr gets plowed from behind I've gotten used to, and she took me into the kitchen to give me some chocolate chip cookies.

I noticed the cookies tasted a bit differently then usual, but I didn't say clothed hottie sucks cock pornstars and big dick because I didn't want to hurt her feelings, so I kept eating them. Everything was fine, but after I ate a couple of cookies I started to feel a bit sleepy, and I started to sway in my chair and stumble in what I was saying to her. Then, I think it was just a "halloosination" but Liz smiled really weird at me and put her hand on the upper part of my thigh at touched me…there, before everything went blank.

I didn't tell mom or dad, I don't want to get her trouble for something I imagined. I can still feel that touch though… Entry Five- June 3rd 20** Everything has been normal with Liz, I haven't blacked out again, and she hasn't made any move towards me. But I can still feel that touch, and my privates still feel weird, really sensitive.

I saw this pretty girl the other day and it stood straight up, I've never had it happen and I got scared. I told mom and dad, and they said it was fine and natural and didn't do anything after. Late that night, I stayed up and it got hard again and I wondered what it would feel like to touch it.

When I did it felt really good, and I continued, then I felt REALLY good, and then my penis exploded with this white sticky stuff, I don't know what it was, but I cleaned it up. I didn't tell mom or dad. Entry 6- June 11th 20** Liz has gotten a bit strange, she kissed me on the cheek today, and laid her hand on my thigh when we were watching a movie, I didn't move it though, it felt kinda good and made my penis hard again.

I hid it with a pillow so she couldn't see. I hope she didn't, I don't want to offend her. I wonder if she does that too when she gets excited, I've never seen her or mom do it though. I'll have to ask.

Entry 7- July 4th 20** Why did she do that? Why? I don't understand? Daddy, why didn't you believe me? She hurt me and you don't care. Liz, I thought you were my friend, and you hurt me. I feel so alone, no one will believe me. She says she was going to love me, and she touched me, lead me to her "special place" a red room with a big bed, she made me undress, then tied me to the bed and played with me. She got naked…she made me feel good, better than my hand.

NO! nO! WhY?! I didn't want it! Why! She made me Daddy! Pleeease…believe me! Tied down… That's a good boy… No one heard my screams… I feel…dirty… WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY… Entry 8- August 20** She keeps doing it, she keeps huRTinG me, wHy…whyyyy, why won't you belive me mommy, why?

Fuck you! No, Fuck! I don't want it… I don't want to hurt anymore…why does it have to hurt… Entry 9- October 20** TheY woNT beliEve me, whY? What haev I donE to deseeerveee thisss? Daddy…it hurts…it hurrtsss…it huuuuuurtssss… Entry 10- Its covered in blood, found in Liz's home.

Dated November 6th 20** wHY? Wyh du u Hve to dOo thsi? to mE?

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I aM ur SON? WhY do U noT belIEVE me? I haD tooo stOP itt, sHe kept hurTINg ME and YOU DIDN'T CARE!

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fUck YOU! It's OVER NOW isn't it DADDY? I'M coVereD in her BLOOD now, in a WHORE'S BLOOD! I feel dirty, help me… Mother please forgive me, I just had to get out all my pain and suffering. Now that I am done remember, I will always love you. I'm your son… Can I be your Daddy? **Thanks for reading, this is one of my favorite songs by KoRn, and I felt the urge to write a fic about it. This is my first fic as well, and I think I will start writing more.

I hope you've enjoyed, rate and give feedback.**