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Auf den geschmak gekommen amateurs porn woxokcom
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He stood at the entrance of a massive vault in the side of a rock corey. Hot busyt babe makes herself squirt on cam had called them safe zones in prewar time.

But now everyone calls them treasure vaults. Back in prewar time the United States had started a program to build "Safe Zones" so that the high ups in society could be sheltered from the horrors of war. Now 57 years after the fallout of nukes and war the knowledge of the vaults are close to none.

Population have dropped to an extreme low. No one really knows what lays inside of them now. Rumors are that they house massive underground city's. Complete with mess halls, clothing centers, even full size auto garages. With a overstock of car parts and priceless cars from brand new to some of the first Ford cars invented. Gardens and seed storages. And an armory big enuff to arm a small army.

Finding them isn't the hard part. It's getting in that is impossible. Untill about a week ago. His name is David. And being 17 in the post apcocloptoc world means your a full grown man.

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He has no ties to anyone.He ran away from his father who was always shit faced and looking to beat someone just for fun. But that's all behind him now. But a boy has to eat right? So he would scavenge and look for useful stuff to sell in town. Radios, car parts, guns and ammo. It's wasn't but about a week or so ago He found a house all by its self.

The other thing that made it stand out was the solar panels on the roof. And with any luck it still would have some power.

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He went to investigate. As he got closer to the house he noticed the door was open just slightly. It was likely that some raiders where still hangin out so He had his sawn off shotgun at the ready. You can never be to carful in the waste land. Opening the door slowly it made a daniela de itaquera sp caiu na net creak.

The door opened about halfway then hit something. When he looked behind the door he found a skeleton of a woman was blocking the door. The thing that had his eye was the cell phone she had dropped a few inches away from her hand. After checking and double checking to see if the house was clear. He then turned his attention back to the cell phone. Now David's job was to go through dead peoples stuff, family photos, clothes, and especially cell phones.

People love to see how people lived in prewar time. And cell phones are a key to the past world. Especially if it still worked. About how you could send messages and reread them.

And also you could send pictures. He had found a few phones of girls sending there boyfriend or boyfriends nude pictures, but first things first. David would have to find the right charger to fit it. And he finally found what he was looking for in the girls room. Shaking with anticipation he plugged in the charger.

Just waiting to unlock its secrets and read her private chats and pics. When he plugged the phone in it gave a loud ring and the screen came on with a picture of a battery. He knew well enuff that it took a little bit for it to get aroused beauty gets fucked after a blowjob. So he decided to explore her room a little bit as the phone was charging.

He started at the dresser first reveling cute tops and skinny pants. Then he went down a drawer and found the jackpot. Panties! From ones that had a cat waving at you to really skinny ones they called thongs back in the day. The one thing David was fascinated by underwear. He didn't know why they hot police woman fucks guy and his wife outdoors him on so much.

But gave him a boner just as much as a girl standing naked in front of him. Unfortunately David had never been with a woman. In town the whore houses are so expensive that he could only afford to get in the door. But then all he could do is watch half naked girls go by. By the time he stuffed 5 or 6 panties in his backpack the phone gave another loud tone.

David almost jumped out of his skin to get to the phone. His fingers were a blur trying to find the pictures first.

His dick grow harder with anticipation. Then he found the picture file. The screen of the iPhone was in almost perfect condition and had no trouble seeing. And he began his search one picture at a time. The first thing he noticed was see was very pretty. With blond hair down to her shoulder blades. Bright green eyes. And a prefect smile.

It was a picture of her with a birthday cake. He stared at the picture for a few moments then slid over one. Same thing but different pose. He got to see her full body this time. She was a good sized girl. Not fat but by all means plump. There was no belly day to be seen. But her thighs where bigger than any girl in the wasteland now a days.

And big breasted. He didn't know anything about bra sizes but it was more than a hand full. But the next picture was an eye full.

It was her pool side with what looked like her younger brother. She had on a small dark blue string bikini.

David, at that point, pulled his 7" penis out and began slowly stroking himself. Mesmerized by the size of her boobs he laid down on her bed. Even tho it was very old it was very comfy. He rested his head on her pillow. As he did he began to think "This is the very pillow that she used". He didn't even know her name but somehow felt closer to her. Like a special bond that the pillow held that made him fell like she was really there.

He resumed playing with himself and flipped to the next pictures. One was a dog, some were a car she had. Then David hit the mother load.

It was so sudden the he almost passed it. There she was, in front of a mirror, bare naked.

The image was so clear it was as if he could stick his finger through the little window and rub her tits. Forget about being mesmerized, he was now hipmatized by her hour glass figure. And not to mention her neatly trimmed pussy. And to beat it all, she still had that perfect smile. You could tell she was proud of her body. She was sexy and she damn well knew it. David doubled his speed. He wish he could be with her.

Inside the picture. Right behind her. Holding her and feeling her warm skin, like fire on his body. He felt so good, pleasuring himself to her perfect figure. He turned his head and closed his eyes so he could imagine penetrating her. Looking down as he thrust his manhood inside her making her moan with exited pleasure. Looking victoria valencia rides and fucks two aged cocks into her eyes as she sighed with relief.

As he had his head turned he could almost smell her hair spray. It only drove him deeper into his lust for this nameless beauty. He had to see more. "Please!" He whispered softly to himself. "Let there be more". He flipped through a few meaningless pictures. Then came to a video. David had only seen one video in his life. And it was a video of a father playing with his son in the back yard.

They were superheroes. All dressed in bed sheets and glasses.

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He remembers wishing that his father would treat him the same. Like a loving father is suppose to be. But his father only seen David as a weight holding his father paris lorenz and tatiana know how to throw a party. He hit the play video on the phone and it began to play. It was dark at first. The camera was shaking and he could hear voices, but couldn't make out what they were saying. Then it focused on a fully erect penis.

Almost as big as David's. And right next to it was his dream girl. Smiling with anticipation. "Ready?" She asked. For the first time he got to hear her sweet voice. It was so soft and so unexpected that it made his heart flutter. "Ya. Go ahead". The male voice said. And not a moment later she put his member in her mouth. The man moaned in approval. She looked back at him, then straight into the camera. It felt as if she was doing it all for David.

His own little private show. She continued to stare at him as she slowly bobbed up and down on the mans hard prick. Almost piercing his soul with her bright green eyes. David's hand was a blur now. He had never been so turned on so much. After a few minutes or so the male voice said " do that trick you do!" She looked back at him and said "ya?" David then seen something he thought to be impossible. She then put the head of his dick in her mouth then, keeping eye contact with David, and went all the way down to his balls.

He could hear her choking and gaging. It was almost to much for the man in the video and for David both. David could feel himself on the verge of cumming. Then to mans voice on the video broke is concentration. "Oh fuck baby. I'm gona cum all over you sexy fucking face. Get ready baby." She then pulled his dick out of her mouth and started jacking him furiously.

Her hand was moving as fast as David's was. And then without warning he began squirting his white fluids all over her face. All the time she was talking and moaning. "Oh fuck baby. Give it to me! I want it all over my face." When he finally stopped her face was a mask of seman. And then she opened her beautiful eyes, looked at the camera and blow him a kiss. Then the video ended. It was the straw that broke the camels back. And he could tell it was going to be a big one. But he didn't want to waste a good orgasm all over himself.

But what of hers could he cum on? He turned his head to get the faint smell of her lovely hair spray. Then I dawned on him. He would cum on her pillow. He jumped up to his knees and prepared to fire at his target. He closed his eyes imagining the pillow was her. Laying underneath him, begging him. "Give me your hot load baby. Give it all to me. Jerk that big load right out of you long dick baby." He couldn't resist her any more.

And he let lose his first load in a long time. He opened his eyes. His dick had become a dark red now and swollen with anticipation. And then his hard cock shoot close to 7 or 8 long thick ropes of cum.

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Covering the pillow with his hot load. When he finished he almost lost conciseness. All he could do was roll over and let out a sigh or relief. After he had regained his composure, he began a search of the whole house for goods he could sell. He found a toaster and a coco clock. But the best prize if this score was the phone. Afterwards he went back to the phone and went through her messages. As he did he found something amazing. She seemed to know the location of a "safe zone" and she know how to get in.

From what David read the phone is the key to open the door somehow. Then he got the lovely haley rides hard on a bbc of finding it himself. How rich and powerful he could be when he unlocks it secrets. So he set out in his new quest. But as he passed the body of his dead crush he couldn't help but fell sorry for her. So he covered her skeleton with a blanket. And now here he stood two weeks later. In front of a real treasure vault.

Phone in hand. In the middle of a sand storm. Tell me what y'all think. And I will be making more of these soon. I hope y'all enjoy it as much as I did writing it