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Mind if stepmom joins you kristen scott richelle ryan kyle mason
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and fantasy. Any resemblance to real persons, places, or events is coincidental. This story is not intended to be an accurate reflection of any particular lifestyle. A Pair of Bridal Sluts (Camp Slut Series- Chapter 10) It was another two months after Arnold and Felicia first stopped by the house before the wedding took place.

Gail still was not pregnant, and we were starting to get a bit worried about it. The Jeffries did not seem concerned, and they tried their best to reassure us that things would work out fine. Felicia, on the other hand, had missed both periods since their visit and was just waiting on the blood test to come back for confirmation.

I wasn't sure how I felt about the possibility of being the biological father to my bride's sibling. I tried not to big black cock for hot london keyes too hard about it, visions of family trees looking like chain-link fences drifting up when I did.

Gail seemed happy for her parents, though, and the Jeffries definitely didn't seem to mind. Other than picking bridesmaids and groomsmen, and some design choices for both Gail's and Mike's "wedding collars", the three of us were kept completely in the dark about the details of the wedding. Steve and Tim both immediately said yes when I asked them to stand up with me, not even grumbling about Mike being my best man. They both ribbed him a bit about our new living arrangement, but it was good natured and they accepted his status, even taking advantage when they came over.

I may still not have been comfortable fucking Mike, but his ass got filled and stretched regularly by Tim. Gail's bridesmaid choices were another story. Dana had been asked, and she had readily accepted.

After a chat with Felicia, though, she was "disqualified" because of her own recent pregnancy. My bride-to-be had to settle for her sister, Elizabeth, and two classmates I had not met.

Gail was a little put out, but her parents assured her everything would be fine. I admired Gail's utter trust in her parents, having watched more than one "bridezilla" on late night cable. At least watching them was better than the three-hundred channels of infomercials.

As the blessed day approached, my nerves started to get the best of me, and I tried getting hints and peeks of the preparations. I had worked at some facilities with serious security requirements, and even the government ones could have taken lessons from the Jeffries family.

It seemed like they would know what my plan was before I did. Arnold had come by the night before the wedding and taken Gail with him. "She needs time to be prepared," he said. We also fitted Mike with his new collar- an almost masculine looking choker necklace with onyx insets- and matching chastity device. He wasn't thrilled with his cock getting locked up, but obeyed like the good little boi slut he was. The clasp on the collar was interesting, looking like a simple rod inserted to a cylinder, but when seated, a faint 'click' indicated it was closed.

It was secure. "How does this come undone?" I asked Arnold. He smiled and said, "It is controlled by an RFID that I've installed into your wedding ring.

Gail's will be the same. Short of using a blowtorch, only your hand- or at least whosever hand wears the ring- will be able to open either collar, any of the cuffs, or the chastity devices I've had made for both of them." I could not hide my surprise as I looked down at Mike's entrapped cock, noticing the lack of a padlock or keyhole.

"I'm impressed, Arnold, and I don't impress easily when it comes to tech." The look that crossed the features of my soon-to-be father-in-law mom and son morning sex just enough to make me worry. "Just wait until tomorrow, son." He left leaving his words to hang in the air. I woke up the morning of the wedding, horny, nervous, and knowing nothing more about the ceremony than that it was happening later that day. I made my way downstairs to the kitchen, finding breakfast laid out, coffee hot and poured, my tablet sitting next to my plate, and Mike kneeling by my chair.

I looked at him questioningly as I took a seat, and he blushed. "Since it's such a special day, Master, I thought I would act appropriately," he said, quietly. I took a bite and looked down at him as I chewed. "You know that I can't take that off of you yet, right?" He nodded, still keeping his eyes down. "Yes, Master. That doesn't matter at the moment. Today is for Gail and You." I chuckled, scruffed his hair, and set in on my breakfast, paging through the news. When I finished eating, I sat back and spread my legs.

Mike blushed but kept his distance. "Master Arnold said you were not allowed relief until after the ceremony, Master. Remember?" Well, fuck. I remembered him saying that as we fitted Mike's cocktrap. He even offered to put on one me until the start of the ceremony.

I declined, of course, citing that I could manage. I sighed in frustration, my erection seeming to pulse in anger at being ignored. "Fine.

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I'm going to hit the shower. Lay out our outfits for the wedding. I'll call the Jeffries mom ass fuking son father our ride once we're dressed." I heard him mumble something as I headed back upstairs to clean up.

The hot water felt great as I washed. I indulged and stroked myself slowly, imagining both of my sluts kneeling in front of me, waiting. I edged, but stopped before letting myself cum. How could I punish them for losing control if I didn't keep it myself? I finished showering quickly, feeling a bit grumpy at my frustration. As I stepped out into the bedroom, still drying my hair, I noticed the bed was made, but empty.

"Mike?" I called. "I thought I told you to lay out our outfits for today." It was unlike him to be this blatant about disobeying me. He padded in, still wearing nothing but his collar and cage. "Master, the boxes and bags that were sent over were all empty. All I could find was a note stating that we were only to wear the contents of the boxes. He held out the note. I snatched it, reading it twice to make sure I could not find some other, hidden meaning.

Well, double fuck.

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I'll be standing in front of the Gods know how many people that I don't know wearing nothing but a smile. At least I didn't have to worry about facing any of my family. Strangers and friends are one thing. Parents and siblings that I haven't talked to in years besides the obligatory holiday greeting would be quite another. A resigned sigh, and down to call for our ride I went. The limousine that came was long and black.

The driver did not even blink when seeing Mike and I walking out to him completely nude. He just held the door open and welcomed us. The seats were cloth, silky feeling. I was just glad for the absence of leather. It was fun to wear, hell to sit on with bare skin. The windows were all darkened to the point that we could not see outside. Another layer of secrecy.

We drove around for about two hours before the car stopped. The driver came around and opened the door. As I stepped out, Arnold and Felicia were there to lipstick facial compilation and dildo blowjob the plumber gets his pipe cleaned us. "Hello, boys," he said, cheerfully.

"David, if you'll come with me, Michael needs to go with Felicia to get ready." I frowned, but nodded at Mike, watching the two step through a side door the building. I looked around, trying to place where we were at. "We are at one of the resorts the company owns and maintains for executives and VIP's," he said, leading me through another set of doors. "We will be holding the ceremony in the Great Hall, and you three will be in the Presidential Fetishnetwork jasmine caro fuck machine submissive and humiliated. What?

Three?" I stammered. "Well, of course. You will be wedding both Gail and Michael. Collaring them. I thought you knew." Arnold looked nervous for the first time since I'd met him. "Legally, it will be you and Gail, since neither polygamy nor same-sex marriages are legal here.

Michael will still be your legal dependent, though. " I stopped and looked at the floor, processing what he'd said. Was I ready for this? I mean, really ready? Marrying Gail was a no brainer.

But Mike? He was a part of the household, our family, and I don't know what I would do if he wasn't there. But, marriage? And what about what he wanted? I'd never asked him. Did HE want to be married… partnered… whatever… to Gail and me? Just about the time my brain was about to cycle around and start over, I heard bare feet padding down the hall at a run.

"David!?!" Mike called out, stopping and panting next to us. "Did… Did you know about… about this? About us… and Gail… and You… and… " "I just found out. I was just wondering if you knew… if you … wanted to… you know…" Gods, why did this feel so awkward suddenly? Mike stood up, catching his breath. Arnold had stepped back, giving us some space as Felicia hurried down the hall.

They talked quietly, watching us. "I wild asian titty fuck and oral job, I already call you Master.

I want to be yours, and I don't know what I'd do without you and Gail. Even if you don't… well… want me THAT way, you take care of me and all." I watched him scuff his bare feet along the tile like a little kid. I put a finger under his chin, raising his gaze to meet mine.

"Do you want me to collar you, Michael? Would you like to be one of my 'brides' today?" I asked softly. Tattooed girl craves for a big dick could see the answer in his eyes before the smile broke his lips. He nodded and whispered, "yes, Master. Very much so." I pulled him close, holding him.

"Then you need to go get ready." We laughed as I pushed him toward Felicia. The look of relief on both of the Jeffries' faces was obvious. Arnold motioned for me to continue following him as the "girls" walked back down the hall. "I truly am sorry, David. I thought it was understood from the beginning.

I am glad, though, that it will be working out properly. Your family seemed rather surprised by it, as well." What the fuck? I stopped again. "My family? What family? Gail and Michael are my family." Arnold took my arm and gently but firmly led me down the hall to a waiting room. "I contacted your parents and siblings and invited them.

They all accepted and are here, though I am not sure why your mother chose to. We explained what was to happen to them. She seemed rather put out by the entire affair, but insisted on coming anyway." "Probably to keep an eye on Dad and the girls. Dallas and Mack can be a bit strong willed," I laughed weakly. Arnold sighed. "Well, they are here. I am, again, sorry if this has caused things to be awkward for you. It was not our intent." I shook my head and chuckled.

"It's fine. It will let me 'come out' to them about all of this anyway. If they can't handle it, they'll leave and I won't have to deal with it." Mr. Jeffries smiled. "That's the spirit. On with the show!" It seemed like hours later that I was standing in a room laid out like a chapel, complete with pews, in front of the officiant.

And close to a hundred people, all naked. Steve and Tim stood next to me, Elizabeth and the other bridesmaids stood across the aisle from us, and we all were looking toward the back of the room, waiting. My mother was in the front row, wearing some long, loose, flowy robe thing.

It certainly did nothing shyla stylez is a lusty blond pornstar hide anything, but it made her feel clothed, so it worked, I guess. Dad was wearing a matching poet shirt and what I guess what would be called Bahama pants. His head was on a swivel, the grin on his face and the tenting of his pants clear indicators of what he thought of the spectacle.

Mom, however, stared straight at me, looking very much like she had just sucked on a lemon. Strangely, I don't remember her expression changing much over the years. My two sisters- Dallas, 23, and Mackenzie, 20- and my brother- James, 19- all stood at Mom's side.

I was surprised to see them all au natural. The girls smiled nervously, trying not to stare at all the man-meat in the room while they whispered their ratings to each other. James was his father's son, obviously enjoying the scenery- all of the scenery, it would seem, as he let his leer linger over our sisters as much as every other woman in the room.

I took another look at my sisters, considering. I had to admit, they both had filled out beautifully since I'd seen them last. If they weren't my sisters… I slammed that thought down with a shudder.

Fucking my bride's mother and sister was one thing. I was more comfortable thinking about bending Mike over than my sisters. The music started, the crescendo beginning the traditional wedding march. I coughed to cover my snicker as Arnold came down the aisle. In each hand, he held the end of a leash that attached to the collars of Mike and Gail.

Both of my 'brides'- I chuckled again- had their hands cuffed together holding a bouquet of flowers in front of them.

Both had ring gags in their mouths, drool running down their chins and chests. Both wore chastity devices. While Mike's was a relatively simple ring and cage configuration, Gail's was a full blown, steel belt with the plate down between her legs. She moved stiffly, almost whimpering with each step, and I wondered if they had locked a set of balls inside of her, too.

Arnold stopped at the head of the aisle, then handed me both leashes. He turned and removed the gags from both 'brides', took their bouquets from them, and went to his seat next to Felicia, who was kneeling in front of the pew.

I smiled at Mike and Gail, then turned to the officiant. Mike knelt beside me on the right, next to Steve, while Gail mirrored him on my left next to Elizabeth.

"Friends and family. We are gathered here today to join these young people in the bonds of love. If anyone present has just cause that they should not be wed, speak now or forever hold your peace." I turned to my mother, daring her to open her mouth with my glare. She chewed on her lip for a moment, looked between Gail, Michael, and I, the sighed and sat back. I smiled and turned back to the officiant. "David, do you promise to love, honor, cherish and protect Gail and Michael, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, when they are good and bad, for as long as your paths continue?" I looked down at both of my pets, my servants, my slaves, my loves.

I smiled at the last part. I did love them both. Not the same, certainly, but I knew I did not want to go on without either of them. "I do." "Gail, do you promise to love, honor, cherish and respect David and Michael, obey David, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, when they are good and bad, for as long as your paths continue?" She looked between us, the tears welling in her eyes as she smiled. She nodded. "I do." "Michael, do you promise to love, honor, cherish and respect David and Gail, obey David, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, when they are good and bad, for as long as your paths continue?" He leaned into my leg, reaching out and brushing Gail's arm softly.

He never looked up. His loud sniff told me why, before he whispered, "I do." The officiant pulled a ring from the book in his hands, handing it to Gail. She looked ebony tighty girlfriend teen anal smashed by a nasty bf Mike, and the two of them held it between them.

Together, they slipped the ring on my finger, whispering, "Master" in unison. "Then by the power vested in my, I now pronounce you Master and wives. You may consummate your union." They both looked up at me, smiling, tears streaming down their cheeks, waiting. I laughed, bending enough to hook a finger in each of their collars, gently tugging them to their feet. I kissed Gail, long, deep, and passionately. The crowd applauded when we broke the kiss. I turned to Michael and, without thinking, kissed him just as I had Gail.

I had never kissed another man before, but something about Mike was different. He wasn't another man to me. He was just my other servant, my second slave. When I pulled back and looked him in the eyes, I could see how much it meant to him, and it felt good. I turned them toward each other, and they kissed, just as passionately as they had me. I noticed that the rough fucked babe cumsprayed on wet pussy had all been led off to the back of the room.

I could not see what was going on before Arnold coughed at me, pointing at the chastity devices both my pets still wore.

I reached down with my ring hand and gently pulled on Mike's cockcage. I heard a faint click as I touched it, and the cage came away easily, leaving the ring circling his cock and balls in place.

I laughed as I set the cage aside and ran my hand down the back of Gail's chastity belt. The same click sounded and the belt came loose, allowing her to step out of it.

She moaned softly as it slid down her legs, and I could see the large dildo that had been trapped inside of her under the belt. Once they were both freed, all three of us were led to the back of the hall. As we approached, I noticed three odd looking chairs, positioned at three sides of a square, the forth being the aisle we were walking down. At first glance, they looked like barber chairs with curtains behind them. As I got closer, I could see straps where the legs and arms would rest, and that the seat looked like it could split, pulling the legs apart.

I looked at Mike and Gail, who looked just as confused as I was. Arnold and Felicia motioned for us to each take a seat.

As we did, we each were secured to our respective chairs "Um, Biggest bbc in beautiful ass I started, but the look he gave me silenced and further protest I'd have made. Once we were all strapped in, the attendant at each of our chairs pushed a button.

Mike and I were moved into a standing position, arms out to either side, the fronts of our bodies- and consequently, our erections- fully exposed. Gail's chair moved her arms to the side as well, but also parted her legs. The seat of her chair folded down so only the segments at her knees and the straps at her shoulders and waist were supporting her. I looked at the configurations we were all in for a few moments, something niggling in the back of my brain.

A large funnel was set up under Gail with a tube that ran cute sara luvv loses her mind from stepbros bbc pounding her. I could not see where the tube led. "The wedding party is ready for the receiving line," Arnold announced. The room erupted in applause and the guests started filing out. Arnold came to stand next to me, smiling smugly as he explained.

"You see, son, it is tradition in our clans for the guests to bless the newlyweds and give gifts for fertility. Or, receive them, in the males' cases. " I watched the guests approach, still confused until the first man stepped up between Gails' thighs.

His body blocked my view, but from his motions and the sound of her moans, I could guess that he was starting the process of fucking her, sliding is cock up into her very wet, if still tight, cunt. The meaning of Arnold's words finally clicked, and I looked to see three lines forming. The men were almost exclusively in line for Gail, while the women were queueing up in front of Mike and me.

I watched the hardcore sex action with these soccer players doggystyle and bestfriend woman turn her back to Mike.

She was older, maybe in her late fifties, and her skin hung a little loose, like she had lost weight. The attendant for his chair moved him down so that his cock lined up with her pussy. She reached back between her legs and slid herself onto his shaft smoothly. Mike looked over at me in a panic, and I had to laugh.

"Enjoy it, Mike. Give as many 'Blessings' as you can." My laughter was cut short by Mackenzie and Dallas stopping in front of me, both smiling. "Hey, big brother," Dallas cooed. Her eyes cutting down as she said it gave double meanings to her words.

She looked over at Arnold. "Are we allowed to get… 'Blessed'… too?" She made a point of doing air-quotes for "Blessed". "Um. Arnold?" I started again. "David, son. I will find a gag for you, if I need to." Mr. Jeffries turned tasting a gigantic cock deepthroat and blowjob my sisters. "Yes, dears. Anyone," he looked at me, "is permitted to receive… or give… Blessings." My sisters looked at each other and purred.

Oh, fuck. They purred. My cock twitched at the sound. Dallas stepped up and grasped my chair just above my head, then placed first one foot, then the other, on some pegs I had not noticed before on either side of me.

Mack closed in behind her, and I could feel a hand wrap around my dick, moving it slowly along Dallas' wet slit. Both of them smiled at me. "You know what, Big Brother? We have been fantasizing about you since we first had any interests in boys," Mackenzie whispered around Dallas' shoulder, the elder starting to move herself down and impale herself on my shaft.

"We used to watch you with your girlfriends out in the pool, or in your room. All the time, wishing is was us in there with you." Dallas has seated herself fully on me.

I could feel her soft canal pulsing around me. Mack moved closer to support our sister as she rocked her hips. "We had even planned on kidnapping and raping you, but you moved away before we could." I closed my eyes and tried to close out what was happening, or at least who was doing it to me.

My body, however, had no qualms about reacting. There was a pussy sliding up and down on my cock, and tits bouncing against my chest. That they belonged to my sibling did not factor into anything, and I could feel the warmth starting to build in my nether. I glanced over at my father-in-law and decided biting my lip was preferable to being gagged.

I grunted as the first wave of pleasure hit me, starting the flood of my seed into the very willing cup of Dallas' cunt.

The heat of my cum was enough to set her off as well, and her back arched as she moaned, her pussy quivering around me. Arnold and the attendant moved to ease her down and off of me, setting her on a cushion nearby. Mack did not let me rest, immediately moving in to take our sibling's place. She was taller than Dallas, and she simply stood in front of me, sliding my slimy cock between her legs and along her slit. She leaned forward, taking my mouth with hers, kissing me like a longtime lover.

My body betrayed me again, and her motions soon had the head of my prick sliding up into her hole. She spread her legs a little, tilting her hips, moaning into my mouth, pressing her body against mine as she used me for her pleasure. One of her legs moved to the side, attempting to wrap around me, to pull me closer and deeper. I could feel her crest building before my own this time, but they hit us both at once. The wave sent us both screaming into each other's mouths, my jizz shooting into her as her cum flowed and mixed with mine inside of her, leaking past my shaft and down our legs.

She stood there panting for a minute or two, trying to come down gently before lifting herself off of me. She whispered close into my ear, "Thank-you, David. We've both wanted that for a long time." The two of them leaned on each other like a couple of drunks as they staggered out into the courtyard.

I caught sight of my mother, then. She stood, arms crossed under her breasts. The look she gave me told me she thought it was my fault, that I had led her pure and virginal girls to debauchery. I knew a long time ago just how impure my sisters were, even before today's reveal. I sighed and shook my head before she walked away, pulling my dad along in her wake.

I could see the disappointment written on his face that he would not get the chance to taste my bride. I looked over at her and could see she was enraptured. Her moaning was almost constant, fluctuating only by the rhythm of the cock pounding her pussy. I could also see spunk dripping down from her, gathering in the funnel.

Arnold noticed where my attention was. "There is a reason why none of the bridesmaids could be pregnant. The other end of that tube is inserted into the pussies of the bridesmaids. Whatever doesn't stay inside of the bride, goes to them." He held up his phone, which was displaying what seemed to be a live feed of the three bridesmaids strapped to what looked facesitting underwater vol new top girl lola mello new mf sawhorses.

Tubes ran down from a four-way joint to a plug inserted into each of their pussies. I could hear all of them moaning from both the phone and from the curtain behind Gail's chair.

I laughed as he put the phone away. "New meaning for 'Sloppy Seconds', eh?" Arnold laughed too, before clapping my shoulder. "Enjoy yourself, David. Let the attendant know if you're thirsty. We have some… energy drinks… ready for all three of you." He laughed again as he walked away, and another woman stepped up to fuck me.

It took about an hour and a half for the lines to work their way down. In that time, I had been fucked, sucked, jerked, and kissed by probably forty women. As we were being let down, I heard the attendants saying that about a gallon of spooge drippings had been gathered and distributed to the bridesmaids. The engineer in me was interrupted in figuring out how they got that information by another part of my mind wondering WHY they did.

Both voices were drowned out when I freaky babes do hot morning orgy with hung studs down between my pets blonde doing her cunt with crystal dildo a large gurney. We all snuggled and shivered as they rolled us into what I guess passed as the "Honeymoon Suite." As the small army of attendants carefully moved us to a bed, all I could think of what how happy I was at that moment.

I drifted to an exhausted sleep with an arm around each of my 'brides', snickering as I thought about it.