Fakeagent horny red head babe gets spunk on

Fakeagent horny red head babe gets spunk on
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Bridezilla Brenda's Beastly Brawl Part 4 -- The Reception Cast of named characters in this series: Brenda Robinson -- 26 years old, 5'10" tall 140 lbs --- Bride. Arrogant, spoiled, domineering, wealthy, self centered, and oh so tall and beautiful. Bradley Eaton -- 27 years old, 6'2" tall, 180 lbs --- Groom.

Physics graduate student. Intelligent, hardworking, handsome, faithful, reliable. Amy Robinson -- 21 years old, 5'10" tall 125 lbs --- Maid of honor. Physics undergrad student. Intelligent, hardworking, shy, cute, modest, and very nice.

Betty, Susan, and Rebecca -- 25-27 years old --- Bridesmaids. Brenda's best friends. All rather good looking, but none nice. Shallow, spoiled, parasitic. Brian Hard one eyed monster awards gorgeous bitch with cum -- 48 years old, 6'4" tall, 220 lbs --- Father of the bride. Wealthy doting father, most willing to spoil his two daughters.

Confident, loving. Claire -- 21 years old, 5'4" tall, 110 lbs. --- Amy's best friend. Short cute MIT student in same dorm as Amy. Also lives in Pasadena. Roger -- 25 years old, 5'9" tall, 140 lbs --- Best man. Brad's best friend at Caltech. Another nerdy grad student. Terrified of women. Kevin, Helmut, and Sean -- 26-28 years old --- Groomsmen. Brad's foreign friends at Caltech.

Smart, hard working, poor at wooing women. Bob and Larry -- 32 and 44 years old --- Brian's young associate and his lawyer Claire Eaton -- (well…just read the story) Note: This farcical romp is a total fantasy.

All names are made up and no connection to any real people… Synopses: Part 1 - Bringing on Bad Luck --- Brenda and Brad get engaged.

Brad rapes her little sister, Amy, mistaking her for Brenda on the morning of the wedding. Part 2 - The Brawl --- Brenda and her friends brawl with Brad ending in their total humiliation. Amy replaces Brenda on the altar and they wed. Part 3 - Taming a Spoiled Brat --- Brenda is tamed by her dad. He tries to get her pregnant and ends up marrying her in a sudden manner.

---------------------- PART 4 --------------------- The Reception ------------------- "We're in a real hurry. What's the quickest version you know?" "That goes something like this: Brian, do you take Brenda? "I do." "Brenda, do you take Brian?" "I do." "Then I pronounce you married, you may sign the papers." He saw that they were kissing. "Yea. You can do that. That's part of the longer version." "This is for you too, darling." Brad took Brenda's left hand and placed an elegant wedding band.

"This was your mothers. You may wear that whenever you like." "I love you so much. I am so happy." "Now let's go the the reception, and you be good to Amy and Brad." "OK, Daddy.

I promise. I promise. I'm a new woman." "And don't forget both sets of your car keys. And stop calling me Daddy." "Got them… Let's go Dadd… uhh… Honey." THE RECEPTION DINNER "Thanks Claire… thanks so much for everything." "It was really fun being your maid of honor, Amy." "I'm so glad you rounded up all my friends." "Hey… free food.

And really good food too." "This day has been just perfect… and I had my first swedish slavegirl vicky valkyries suspension bondage and hung spanking of redhea and I lost my virginity, but not in that order." Both girls laughed.

"Wow. And this is the best reception ever. How ever did you manage it?" "My sister helped me a lot. She has such good taste." They both laughed hysterically. "Your husband is really cute, Amy." "Yea." "Does he have any brothers?" "No. But he might have some smart nerdy friends you might like." "Really?" "Yea. Go play with the best man. His name is 'Roger'. He's really smart. He's very shy and he doesn't have a girlfriend." "Really? ok." "Ask him about his research… and then get him to kiss you." Enter Brad.

"How are you two lovely ladies doing over here?" "We're doing just fine," answered Claire. "You two look like a pair of conspirators… and what's all this about kissing?" "I was just telling Claire about Roger," Amy said trying to fill in her husband.

Brad laughed. "You two would be perfect together. Don't miss this opportunity, Claire. I'll try to encourage Roger," offered Brad. "Wow!" Claire was surprised. "Hi guys! How are my groomsmen enjoying the reception so far?" "Oh yea. This is super great, Brad. Did you plan all of this?" replied Kevin. "No. No. I can't take credit. It was mostly Brenda's work." "Is she going to be here?" Sean wanted to know.

"I rather doubt that." "Oh. Too bad." Sean was hoping to see Brenda again. "Yea. It really is too bad… and all those empty chairs and extra food. Brenda invited a whole lot of friends but Amy only has a few." "Yea. Amy is really really nice… and very cute. You're so lucky, Brad." "I wish we had nice girls," lamented Helmut "Well, go talk to Amy's friends. You might get lucky tonight too," Brad laughed at his own double entendre.

"Ha! Maybe we will… but they all look like young virgins," was Helmut's retort. "Well then, let's send Kevin," laughed Five powerful vibrators for one cute and nasty asian slut named luna. They all laughed except Kevin. He didn't think it was a bit funny. Brenda and Brian arrived late and quietly hoping to avoid any sort of scene. They separated and Brenda headed to the fringes to talk to relatives, hoping to apologize for the exceptional confusion and scene she made.

She has some reputation rebuilding to do, and so she went at it like penance. After leaving one table of older relatives, she turned and came face to face with Claire, Amy's maid of honor. "Oh. Oh my!" exclaimed Claire with fear in her eyes. "I should be angry at you and wring your little neck," threatened Brenda "And… and I should apologize.

This really is a lovely reception you and your friends put together." "Hmmm." "No really. It's wonderful." "Hmmm." "I was just so happy for Amy, I couldn't contain myself properly. I knew how much she loved Brad and I felt so very sorry for her as she worked to help you wed the man that she loved so deeply. You have no idea how many times we cried together." "I'm really glad Amy has such caring and loyal friends." "Thanks… Truly thanks." "Did you bring a boyfriend tonight?" asked Brenda.

"No… I don't… Umm. No." "Do yourself a favor, girl, and get to know Roger. I've got to go see my sister." "thanks…I guess. bye." TWO SISTERS PLAN AHEAD "Congratulations Amy." "Oh Brenda. You came! You came! I'm so glad you came. I love you Brenda." "I love you too, you little groom thief." They hugged fiercely.

"I… I… didn't try to steal him from you. I tried so hard to be a good sister. He thought I was you. I was stuck behind the couch and…" "Stop! Stop. I have a confession to make." "Really?" "I knew that you loved him. I never did love him like that, but the more you loved him, the more I wanted him too. Jealousy between sisters is a strange thing." "And I was jealous of you. so very jealous. I cried so many tears." "I'm so sorry Amy.

Please forgive me. I can live without him, but it appears that you can't. And he seems to be totally in love with you. You know… It always pissed me off, but he utters your name in his sleep." "Really?" "Our relationship was always more about sex than about love." "I could see that." "Brad is the best in bed.

There is no one better. Trust me on that." "Lucky me." "Umm. By the way… Uhh… Do you think you could share your marriage bed with me sometime?" "Brenda!! Ha. Ha. Wait… You're serious aren't you?" "Umm." "Would you have shared him with me if he was your husband, and I had asked? "No. In truth, no. Because I know he loves you more than he loves me." "So, you're saying that you're just not a threat to my marriage?" "I think I'm not." "Well, I won't say yes now, but we'll see what the future brings.

Who knows?" "I love you Amy." "Just never do it behind my back… without me there. You know I would never ever betray you." "Deal." "Ha. My spoiled big sister just might get her favorite dick back in her again," she whispered in her ear. "I might even surprise you and return the favor with intense pleasure from somebody I dearly love, but you'd need to wear a blindfold." "You're so naughty, Brenda." They both laughed as they hugged again, cheek to cheek.

"You're a lucky girl, Amy." "Oh… I know. I know. This is the happiest day of my life." "So what's next for you? "I think I might be pregnant," Amy whispered into Brenda's ear. "Really? I think I might be pregnant too," Brenda whispered back. Women living under the same roof often have their cycles in sync, and so it was with these two.

It seems that Brenda had planned to get pregnant on her wedding night and so there were no pills in her purse either. GROOMSMEN AND THE MAID OF HONOR "Hi Guys.

I'm Claire." "Oh yea… the last minute maid of honor replacement," replied Sean, smiling. "Well, you didn't think that Amy could be her own maid of honor, did you?" laughed Claire. "For sure no." "And you three are Brad's reliable groomsmen?" "Reliable?? Yea… very reliable," answered Helmut. "I hear that you were a big help to Brad and Amy this morning." "Oh yea. Xxx sex english storys mxvp4 was about to get the crap beat out of him, and Amy… well, I wanted to 'help' her, but Brad wouldn't let me," laughed Sean.

Both Claire and Kevin blushed at that comment since they all knew how Amy was positioned at the time when Sean wanted to 'help' her. "Well, Amy did warn me that you three had a naughty side to you. Do I need to warn my friends?" wondered Claire out loud. "You mean those three other cute bridesmaids over there?" wondered Kevin. "Yea. They need to meet nice men, not scoundrels like you guys." "I… I… I'm not a scoundrel," protested Kevin.

"But I'm sure you could be," laughed Claire teasing Kevin and tousling his hair. "Then you need to introduce them to Roger, the best man," offered Helmut. "Hmm. Roger? You're the fourth person to tell me that.

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Where is Roger?" "I think he's in the men's room. Brad told him he had to go over and get to know you, and I think he got scared." "Scared of me?" "Yea. You're really scary," laughed Sean standing eye to eye and toe to toe with Claire. Sean was only an inch taller.

Clair hit him in the chin with a gentle fist and in the gut with a much firmer fist. Sean leaned in pretending to be injured and surprised Claire with a sudden and playful kiss on her lips while capturing both her arms in a bear hug.

"Well… If you don't like Roger, please come back for me," pleaded Sean, whispering in her ear. "I might just do that." Sean kissed her neck just below Claire's ear and she shuddered as she wriggled free and started to run off.

"I'm off to warn my friends," she shouted back big body big milk x story them with a smile and a laugh. SISTER-IN-LAW SURPRISES BROTHER-IN-LAW "Guess who?" Brenda whispered, putting her hands over Brad's eyes from behind. "My beautiful bride." "You got that right… but you married your skinny sweet loving bride instead." Brad spun around in shock.

"Brenda! You're here… and not trying to kill me." "Yea. I spent so much time putting all this together. How could I miss it?" Brenda was putting two sets of keys in Brad's hands.

"What's this? Your Benz? You love your car. It's really special." "This is your wedding gift. Amy will look really good riding with you." "I'm… I'm sorry Brenda." "No Brad. Your indiscretions pale in comparison to mine. I should have believed you this morning." "I wasn't lying." "I know that now. You have always been worthy of my trust, and if I had trusted you, I'd now be married to you." "Still, I feel badly." "Be happy.

I'll get over you, and probably a lot sooner than I should." "Can we be friends?" "Better than friends.

I'll be the best sister-in-law you could hope for… and maybe even more," she whispered the last part. "Really? Oh. Oh. What does THAT mean?" "Go ask Amy." MAID OF HONOR FINDS THE BEST MAN "Hi there. Are you Roger? umm, the best man?" "Yea… Yes." "Why are you hiding over here?" "Uhhh… You're the maid of honor, aren't you?" "Yes I am. My name is Claire. And I found you… so. tell me about your research." "My research? Oh… Sure… I'd love to. Are… Are you a scientist too?" "I go to MIT.

I'm an undergraduate there in Course V." "Really? I'm in Biophysics at Caltech. They're related." "I know that, you cute little boy." "I'm… Brynn tyler gets drilled at the gym don't think I qualify for little boy any more." "And I'm not a little girl either." "Ummm. Uhh." "Shall we play some big boy and big girl games?" "Uh…like what?" "Like talking science and kissing… I want you to kiss me Roger." "Yea?

OK. I'm…" "You're what?" "I haven't done much kissing," he confessed. "That's OK. We'll take it slow and easy… like an oblate ellipsoid in a low Reynolds number fluid. "Oh… I think I'm going to really like you, Claire." He moved in to try to kiss Claire.

She pushed him away. "Huh?" Roger was confused. "Tell me about your research first." "Oh. But why science first?" "Because once I start kissing you, your brain will be useless." "Oh. OK." And so Roger gave Claire a 15 minute lecture covering all of the major points of his research in some detail.

Claire took it all in and even had some clever ideas for Roger to think about." "Wow. You really are smart," exclaimed Roger. "…better believe it. Enough science… kiss me already." They kissed.

It was clumsy but they both enjoyed it. "With practice, we'll be better," Claire offered. "Can we practice?" "Yes… and other stuff too…" Clair wanted a reliable lover she could give up her virginity to. "Now?" "Yes, but other stuff later." "When later?" "Every day until the end of Summer later, when I need to return to Cambridge." "Oh.

OK. Fervid girl is gaping juicy fuckbox in closeup and climaxing you'd be like my girlfriend?" "How in hell did someone as dumb as you get into Caltech?" "Oh… Um. Well…" "Shut up and kiss me again." GROOMSMEN DANCE WITH BRENDA "You guys!" Brenda blushed as she bumped into the three groomsmen.

"Oh. Hi Brenda," replied Sean with a smirk. "I… I didn't expect to see you here," stuttered Kevin as he blushed profusely. "Yea? …but I am." "We're sorry," blurted out Kevin who was wracked with guilt for what they all did to Brenda in the morning. "Are you guys really sorry?" "Umm.

We should be," replied Helmut. "Hmmm." "Would you like to dance?" asked Sean. "Didn't we already do that this morning?" Brenda laughed at her own joke. "Please?" begged Sean. "Yea… OK. Just dancing. No more naughty hands." "OK. OK. My hands will stay where they should be," promised Sean waiving his hands innocently. Sean led Brenda to the dance floor. She towered over him by about five inches and he held her close as they danced a slow dance.

Midway through the song when facing away from the other dancers, Sean leaned his head forward a bit started kissing the exposed top parts of Brenda's breasts. He slipped his tongue into her bra and nearly reached her nipple with it. "Naughty boy!" Brenda scolded pushing at him but he held her firmly. "I'm not using my naughty hands, "Sean laughed, "…and Brad said I should kiss the bride." "Well.

now I ban your naughty lips too." They continued to dance and Brenda could feel Sean's dick poking at her upper thighs. "You must be uncomfortable." "You have no idea." "May I cut in?" Helmut wanted a turn at dancing with Brenda.

"Yea. OK," allowed Sean reluctantly yielding to Helmut. "Don't I get a say?" enquired Brenda. Helmut was a bit taller than Brenda and he started to kiss her on the lips as they danced away from the crowd.

"You shouldn't be kissing me," she gasped. Brenda found herself kissing him back and she could feel him growing and poking into her groin area. "Then why are you kissing me back?" Helmut was slowly directing Brenda towards the side entrance of the hall as they danced.

"Hey! Where are we going?" "Just dance with me." "Let's head back towards the center." "I have a much better idea." Helmut suddenly bent down and threw Brenda over his left shoulder and started running out the door, around a corner, and then down a long corridor. "Put me down! PUT ME DOWN!!" Brenda was struggling and yelling and cursing and beating him on the back with both fists.

Sean was in close pursuit. In fact, Sean sped past them flashing a key card and a grin at Brenda. He was dragging a reluctant Kevin behind him by the wrist. Brenda could hear a hotel room door opening ahead of them. "Oh no! We're not doing this guys!" GROOMSMEN DANCE IN BRENDA Soon, Helmut was throwing Brenda onto an opened bed.

"Oh shit!" Four hands started to work at removing her clothing in a heated frenzy. Brenda struggled to escape. "Let me go. Let me go, you bastards!" "Come on Kevin.

We're doing this is for you," was Sean's encouragement. "Oh," Kevin was still hesitating. "Don't you like her?" asked Helmut. They all paused waiting for Kevin's response. Kevin remembered well the two orgasms he had that morning while holding her tightly, as she stood there and thrashed about helplessly. "She's the most wonderful thing ever," whispered Kevin, loud enough for all to hear. Now six hands started to work at removing her clothing.

Helmut held her down as Sean and Kevin removed her shoes. "Should we take off he stockings?" Kevin asked. "No need. They look real sexy," admired Helmut. "Flip her over, and don't rip her dress," urged Sean. Brenda was soon face down and she could feel her zipper coming down… all the way down. Brenda was flipped over again and she stared at them all. "Don't you dare!" "We dare. Yes, we dare," laughed Sean. Helmut held down Brenda's left arm and leg, and Kevin held down her right side limbs.

Sean was carefully pulling the dress down past her bra and then past her panties as Kevin and Helmut worked diligently to clear her dress from her arms and legs.

Soon, Brenda was lying there in just her lacy white stockings, her elegant bra, and her lacy white panties. "Oh. You look so wonderful!" exclaimed Kevin. Sean then went after her panties and she was helpless in preventing their removal. Her well trimmed blonde little hairs looked so inviting. The men spread her legs apart and looked at her pussy oozing lubrication in anticipation of what might be coming to visit. "Wow!" "Oh Wow!" "Hey Kevin… Can you get a bra off?" "…don't know.

…never tried." Kevin looked a bit confused. The others were laughing at him. "…center of my back." whispered Brenda to Kevin. "I know that, but thanks anyway, Brenda." "Kevin is a virgin," laughed Sean. Kevin reached around and fumbled with Brenda's bra. He finally pushed Brenda on her side so he could see what he was doing and soon Brenda was lying on her back without any bra. Her large soft natural tits with small areolae and very erect nipples poked upwards into the cool air.

"Oh my." exclaimed Kevin. "They're simply wonderful." "Kiss them while we undress." Brenda saw this as a chance to escape, but soon she saw that they were taking turns undressing while the other held her down. Kevin's mouth was all over her left nipple as his hands fondled the other one. "Let me go guys," Brenda panted as she continued to protest. "Soon Brenda. Soon," promised Sean. "Don't rape me!" "If you don't want to be raped, then give us permission," laughed Sean.

Brenda did manage to get up and tried to escape to the safety of the bathroom. Helmut and Sean intercepted her and each held one of her wrists as she continued to struggle.

"Let me go! Let me go! You bastards!" "Get undressed and lie on the bed," Sean commanded Kevin. "What are you petite teen megumi shino sucks cock in pov to do?" Kevin wondered. "Time to lose your virginity." "Oh. Really? Are you sure…" "Shut up and do it, Kevin." Kevin did as he was told and lay there shaking nervously while completely naked with his very erect cock pointing upwards.

It was waiting for Brenda's pussy. Kevin had a worried look on his face. The two holding Brenda started pulling her towards the bed. "Oh guys. Do we have to do natural big tits oiled asian fucks masseur worried Brenda as she struggled in their grip.

"Don't you like virgins?" Helmut and Sean then forced Brenda to lie atop Kevin face down and with her legs spread apart, one on each side of him. "No. No. Don't do this." Brenda pulled her knees up to keep away from Kevin's dick.

Helmut took some of what was oozing from Brenda's pussy and worked it into her anus. "Oh shit. You guys have a hell of a nerve." "Come on Brenda. You know what to do. Kiss him." While Kevin wrapped his arms around Brenda's chest anya ivy gives blowjob and fucks pov hugged her firmly, Helmut and Sean each pulled one of Brenda's legs downward and apart forcing Brenda to lie flat across Kevin.

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She could feel Kevin's erect dick searching out her entrance, and she worked to evade him with small movements. She knew what she was doing, and he didn't know what he was doing. But soon, hands were pushing her ass downwards and adjusting its position in an attempt to help Kevin.

"Come on… stick it into her." Kevin tried and tried again, and soon, Kevin got lucky and slid his penis deep into Brenda's moist pussy as the others continued to hold her down and adjust her position on top of him, pressing her tits at his chest, nipples to nipples, and forcing Kevin deeply into her. "OHHH!!" exclaimed Brenda "Wow!" cried Kevin. "Hold the boy and lika anal gaping teen gg exclusive analfucking and asstomouth him Brenda.

He just lost his virginity." They put Brenda's arms behind Kevin's shoulders and she held him wrapping her fingers over his shoulders from behind. Soon Kevin was kissing her lips as he started to fuck her deeply. Brenda was returning his inexperienced kisses. "Oh Brenda!" Kevin gasped. "Do you like me?" asked Brenda between kisses. "More than I could ever tell you." Helmut climbed on top of Brenda, wasting no more time, and slid his thick dick past her sphincter and deep into Brenda's ass from above.

"Stop that… Oh SHIT!! What is that monstrous thing??" Helmut pressed the back of her chest downwards with his hands and his weight made escape for Brenda impossible. "Oh SHIT!" "Come on Sean… use her mouth and shut her up," Helmut laughed. Sean stepped forward, pulled Brenda's upper body over towards him breaking her next kiss with Kevin.

"Sorry Kevin. Kiss her tits instead." Kevin latched his mouth on Brenda's left tit. Sean then smiled at Brenda as he whacked her cheek with his long erect dick. "Open up, Brenda." Brenda opened her mouth invitingly and Sean smiled wider as he inserted his most erect dick and started to play with her right nipple with his fingers. She winked at him as she closed her mouth and started to suck on it.

All four then started a persistent rhythm that would soon bring them all to orgasm. Brenda never ever had three at once, and she found this all rather exciting. Kevin was enjoying his first fuck ever and hugged her waist fiercely from below as he continued to nibble on her left nipple as he thrust his hips upwards driving him deep into Brenda.

Soon Kevin and Helmut were giving Brenda their all, with alternating hard and deep thrusts. "MMmnnaaaa <grunt> Maaannnnaa <grunt> <grunt>!!" Brenda was trying to say something as she felt three men simultaneously pumping semen into her. This sent her over the top with a series of loud grunts. "<grunt> <grunt> <GRUNT>!! <GRUNT>!! <grunt> <grunt>" Her orgasm washed over her mind and her brain's endorphins put her in a total erotic bliss state.

Sean pulled out after his second spurt and covered her face with his remaining spurts. So lost was Brenda in her own major orgasm that she even forgot to swallow what Sean had left in her mouth. "Unnhh." "Thanks Brenda… I'll never forget you," Kevin gasped from beneath her. Brenda was a dripping mess, still lying on the bed and breathing hard, as the men were walking out the door and back to the reception. "Oh my God." RECEPTION'S END "Daddy?" "Yes.

Amy?" "Thanks for spending $50,000 on my wedding. I never wanted a big lavish wedding, but thanks." "You're the one who deserves all that is good in this world.

Go and make me proud." "I love you so much Daddy." Amy excitedly threw her arms around his neck and kissed her Daddy on his cheek. He turned to look at her when she finished and just as she was coming in for a second cheek kiss.

They kissed on the lips and both lips parted in an instant as they fit together. He wrapped his arms around her chest and held her to him gently feeling her soft small tits press into his chest. In just seconds, she felt him poking into her. "Oh. Oh Daddy." "I love you too Amy." She blushed as she escaped.

Brian was reluctant to let his younger daughter go. "I'm ready to go home Daddy." "Brenda… Where have you been off to?" "Oh. I was talking to Brad and I gave him my car keys and then I was just getting to know some of Brad's friends a little better." "That's nice." "Yea it was," Brenda whispered to herself with a small smile.

Brenda wondered if her baby would look more like her Daddy or more like Kevin. Brenda then noticed that that Brian had an enormous erection. "Have you been thinking about me?" "I love thinking about fucking my daughter," answered Brian truthfully, but he had been thinking of Amy, not Brenda.

"Well then, let's go home and find some place to put that thing," she whispered in his ear. GROOMSMEN AND BRIDESMAIDS "Hi guys. Still having a fun time?" enquired Amy. "The very best," answered Kevin with a satisfied smile, as if he had a big secret. "Yea. This was a most exceptional party evaaah," added Helmut. "This really was the best wedding ever," added Sean. "Are you three still sober?" "Yea. We're lousy drinkers, but your wine was really something special," replied Helmut.

"Brenda picked them out." "She has really good taste," added Sean. "I think she chose by price, not taste," laughed Amy. "Oh… What did your father say?" wondered Kevin. "He wasn't too pleased that they went $10,000 over budget." "Wow.

I hope she does something really special for him," said Kevin. Amy blushed and thought back to the kiss she shared with her father. She wondered exactly what Brenda was doing for him. And she wondered what he did to Brenda to make her so nice at the reception. How was such an unexpected transformation possible? She weighed her suspicions. "So, are you about to leave?" asked Kevin interrupting Amy's reverie.

"Yea. Soon. Brad wants us anya ivy gives blowjob and fucks pov go up to our suite in a few minutes." "Well, enjoy yourselves," Sean added with a smirk and a laugh. "We'll never tell… But I am worried about my friends over there," she added pointing at three of her sprawled out friends who were her impromptu bridesmaids. "Are they drunk?" asked Kevin. "For sure," answered Helmut. "They're all so cute when they're drunk." added Sean.

"Can you make sure they all get home safely and intact," begged Amy. "We'd be proud to," offered Sean. "And by intact, I also mean their hymens intact too," added Amy. "Oh. Do they all still have hymens?" asked Sean. "That's for them cute teen is gaping yummy vagina in closeup and cumming spreading and hairless know and for you to find out," laughed Amy as she led the men to the girls. "Can you introduce them to us properly?" asked Kevin.

Kevin likes proper. "I doubt it. Just look at them." laughed Amy. "Hey bridesmaids! I've got steeds to take you home?" "Steeds or studs?" slurred one of them. "Can we ride them?" slurred another. "They better not ride us," slurred the third. Amy turned to the groomsmen and grabbed their hands. "You'll take good care of them?" she pleaded. "And not get any of them pregnant please?

Promise?" entreated Amy. "We promise," answered the three in near unison. "Do they need to go home tonight?" Asked Sean holding up three hotel keycards. "I guess not, but don't make any of them sad… please." Helmut held open a bag for Amy to look into. She looked in and saw three unopened boxes of a dozen condoms each.

"You guys!!!" "We hate sloppy seconds," laughed Sean. "Too much information. Too much information. Too much information," chanted Amy. "Bye Amy." Amy reluctantly left the six of them together, and watched as the men tried to get the girls to walk, but ended up carrying them all to separate rooms.

She knew that they'd all go home tomorrow afternoon well fucked as the men would move from room to room, all night long and all morning long, fucking each in turn again and again and again, and in nearly every position. Thinking about it made her rather wet, and even made her wish that she was one of those girls. THE BRIDAL SUITE "Excuse me. Hotel management here…" Roger and Claire stopped kissing. Their clothing was disheveled. Some hands were not visible.

"Yes?" "It's well after midnight and it's time for the cleaning crew. You're the only ones still here." "Oh," Claire looked about, disappointed.

"We're the maid of holy mother of jugs amazing big boobs blonde and the best man. Can you please book us a room nearby? Please?" Roger handed the man his credit card. "I'll see what I can do," he replied while refusing to take the card. He exited. "I have a feeling about you, Claire." "What feeling?" "I feel like I've just met the love of my life." "Do you like that feeling?" "I want to take you home to meet my parents." "I have that feeling too." "Really?" "And my parents are a hell of a lot closer." "I'd really like to meet them." "…and see my bedroom too?" "Claire!

I'm all yours… body and soul." "They will like you." The two kissed again, and continued to kiss until the hotel manager returned six minutes later. "We have the Bridal Suite ready for you, with complements from management and with hopes that if you two get married, that you will have your reception here." "Isn't the bride in the Bridal Suite?" "No. The Presidential Suite was booked for them some time ago." "Wow!

Roger? If we get married would you want our reception here?" "I will leave that entirely up to you, Claire darling." "Would you like to check me out in the Bridal Suite?" Claire whispered to Roger.

"Very much so," he whispered in return. "We'll take it. And we promise to have our reception here if we get married within the next ten years," Claire replied to the manager. "Very good. In that case, would you like complementary champagne on ice too?" "Yes please." "Hey Claire… Have you ever seen a Bridal Suite before?" "No, Roger. Have you?" "Just look at this place. It must cost a fortune." "I'm sure it does, but it apparently wasn't good enough for Brenda," laughed Claire.

"What a dope. Let's get some of that champagne." "OK." "Hey Claire. Can we play a pretend game?" "What game?" "Can we pretend that we just got married?" "Uh… Haven't you heard that good girls don't screw until the third date?" "Well… This is our third date.

We held hands at the rehearsal. Our second date was yesterday at the reception, and now it's a new day." "Oh. Yea?… It's great that you're so smart." "And who said I wanted you to be good girl, anyway." "But what's your rush?" "You're the best thing that ever happened to me, and I'm tired of being a virgin.

Please teach me about love and sex, Claire." "Did it ever occur to you that I might be a virgin too?" "Oh… Really? Are you saving your virginity for your wedding night?" "I always imagined that I would lose my virginity in the Bridal Suite." "I think you just might," laughed Roger. "Oh Claire. I just love you so much." "Slow down there, Roger." "I can't help myself. I need you now." "Ahhh.

The hell with waiting. Roger me, Roger. Give it to me hard and slow." "Ohhh Claire!!" "Unnnhhh!! God that hurts… but don't stop. Ohhh! Don't you dare stop!" "I'm going to cum soon." "So soon? Cum on my tits… Oh God! I feel you squirting. Ohhh! Pull out! …more? Oh No! …still more?" Roger pressed into Claire hard as he made multiple deep deposits. Claire could feel them all. "Unnnh!! Too late Claire&hellip.

sorry… too late. Kiss me!" Claire kissed Roger with utter passion as she lay sprawled beneath him filled with his seminal fluid. "You're not supposed to get me pregnant, you dummy!" Claire gasped beating him on his sexy hot babe alex raye gets creampie by her stepsis husband with her fists.

"I'll stand by you if I do," promised Roger. "I believe that you would." "Uhhh. Should we stop?" worried Roger. "Hell no! I haven't cum yet. Fuck me again and again… all night long." "As you wish." THE PRESIDENTIAL SUITE "Oh Mrs. Eaton. I've got something for you." "Again? So soon?" "I'll never get enough of you." "Can I be on top this time?" "Go for it, Amy" "Oh Brad. I've dreamt of this night. It's just so perfect!" -------------------------- End Part 4 ---------------------------- Part 5 -- Crime and Punishment Barbarian Dogwoggle