Mom and sun dad is xxx story

Mom and sun dad is xxx story
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I walked out of my wife's room and walked slowly down the hall thinking I did not see Sandy today, I wondered if I should call her or not. Being that she was married I was concerned that her husband would catch on to us. I stopped in the cafeteria and got a cup of coffee looking at my phone but no messagewas she waiting for me to text her I wondered.

We had a great time the other night and got to know more than I had ever known about her, now there was more I wanted to hear and experience.

The image I remembered of her was a prim and proper young lady all went out the window as she fucked me better than any woman has ever done before, she hid her slutty desires well. Now she is older and must realize that she is past her time and I wonder what other sexual interest she will reveal to me if I ask. I knew sandy from high school shea pretty little girl with sandy brown hair about 5'2 with a little weight on her but she hid it well nice small tits, brown eyes and a smile that any guy would dye for.

She always seemed happy, we ate lunch together a lot ,she was a flirt and had quite the spirit. We dated a few times usually to a movie or a school dance but being shy and young I didn't try any thing with her ,I was happy she would be a friend. She was an average girl and spent more time on her studies than most and had few close girl friends. Just about every day I would see her leaving school in the afternoon with a different boy carrying her books.

She lived in town and walked to and from school every dayI never guessed that she might be taking them home to give then a blow job, but as I found out she was. I was two grades above her so when I graduated I didn't see her much any more, but I still thought about her. I was 18 ,I had gotten a decent job out of townand a girl friend named Mary that was very aggressive, not mean but sexually. I still remember the first blow job Mary gave me.

We were double dating at the drive inn with a buddy and his girl when she quietly unzipped my pants took my cock in her mouth and sucked me for about 5 minutes until I came then swallowed it all. It was the first time that she done that and later that night we fucked in the back seat of my car in my dads gravel pit. She took my virginity that nightand she taught me a lot more about sex that summer. I fucked her more times than I could count and never got her pregnant ,with the amount of cum I dumped in her I was a miracle she didn't.

Still I thought about Sandy though even while I was having sex with Mary, Mary and I finally parted ways and I met some one else. My next girl friend was Deb with in 3 months she was pregnant so I married her. There was many times again that I pictured fucking Sandy when I was fucking Deb. They were similar in looks except Deb had bigger boobs but when doing it doggy it was easy to pretend it was Sandy.

Back to my story A latina that loves hard cock in her has always been in the back of my mind I dont know why maybe because i never fucked her until a couple of days go we met by sure luck. Now I couldn't keep her out of my head,we talked and fucked like bunnies that night now I hope I am on her mind as much.

I finally got up the nerve and texted her hoping she could talk,then walked to my van anxiously waiting for her reply. I almost dropped my phone when is rang, I was so nervous thinking maybe she was going to tell me we cant see each other again. When she said hello it sounded like she was very happy to hear from me I was relieved,I have been waiting for your call she said.

Just by the tone of her voice I could tell she was excited I pictured her smile and the way her eyes sparkled when she was excited about some thing. I thought maybe I was to aggressive the other night she the sexy newbie ebony lashay cant handle inch dick and scared you away.

I breathed a sigh of relief and told her that I was thinking the same thing, well naturally she said ,we think a lot a like. Can you talk I asked, I was worried maybe hubby was near and you couldn't. Yes she said he went hunting with his buddies and wont be home until Sunday. So whats up she said, then asked if we wanted to meet for a drink, I told her I dont drink but meeting for coffee would work for me. She suggested a place, surprisingly it was in the next town over from were I lived so I agreed to meet her there.

By the time I arrived she was already there with coffee and a booth tucked away in the corner, I slid in next to her and she gave me a big hug and kiss.You found the place she saidI just live in ++++ ,how did you know where this place was I asked.

She looked at me with a surprised look,I just live in }}}} a town that is just 15 miles from hereamazing we have never seen each other before. This could work for us she said, I shop at the mall there all the time. some times I go for hours hubby is used to that and wouldn't even have a clue .Course when I come home all horny and try to bang him like I tried the other morningshe chuckled he might start getting suspicious.

I kissed her again and took her hand, I was afraid you wouldn't want to see me again I said she said she had the same thoughts .You know that I have been thinking about you all day she said putting her hand on my thigh and gave me that wicked smile. We were interrupted by the waitress asking if we wanted any thing more . I gave her a grin just some more coffee for now Sandy said and water please. When she came back she reminded us that were closing in a bit, Two old love birds she probably was thinking when I paid the bill.

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We couldn't take our eyes off each other while we sat there talking I could tell she was just excited as I was and when she slid her hand up to my cock she found out that I was.

Are you always this horny she saidnot usually I said but seeing you is makes me this way. I gave her a kiss,she squeezed my cock and said so where do we go from here it is closing time. I kissed her my house I said just follow me and I walked her to her sunny leone hot nude backdoor.

At my home I was still pretty nervous I wanted to show her around but adorable ember gets her pussy banged hard by her stepdad wanted some thing else, of course and wrapped her hands around my neck and started kissing me right there in just side the door. I took her coat turned around and she was on her knees ,she grabbed my belt and was unzipping my pants. Man your so beautiful I said to her ,you turn me on so easily I have wanted you for a long time.

I sat her down on the sofa and she pulled my pants down and started sucking away at my cock. I like this position I said running my fingers through her hair I get a good view from here with my mom and san xxx com in in your mouth. Good she said looking up, any position that I can get this beautiful cock in my mouth I enjoy and went back to sucking.

I remember seeing you walking home after school with different boysyou taking them there to give them a blow job wasn't you I asked. She looked up and me and said Yes usually, I had to reward them for caring my books, some times we didn't even make it to my house.

I wouldn't have thought that then I said but it sure makes sense now, your so good at it,I have had a lot of practice she said. I can tell I said but if you dont stop I wont last much longer, and of course she didn't stop.She seemed to pick up her pace and just sucked harder until I told her I was cumming, good she said I want you to.

When the first shot of cum hit her throat she stopped stroking me and let each spurt go into her mouth when I finished shooting she looked up opened her mouth showing me her mouth full of cum then swallowed .Your going to remember this for a long time she said wiping some cum that had dripped on her chinShe then rubbed her tummy and said your so tasty I love it. Well now we got that out of the way she saidare you relaxed now,you did seem a little tense.

It is amazing she could seem to read me like a book I thought it was like we have been together for years, yes I said but I usually dont like quickies. I helped her to her feetfondling her small breasts as I kissed her deep.

Quickies can be fun she said why didn't you like that. I didn't mean I didn't like that but it used be when my wife and I did quickie sex that was it for the night and that suckedbut tonight with you it is just the beginning. Let me make us some coffee I saidI dont have any alcohol in the house but I can give you some water if you need some thing to wash that cum down. Coffee would be great she said following me to the kitchen I like the taste of cum she said.

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I kissed her tasting my cum then lifted her up onto the the counter yes not bad I said I last a lot longer after my first cumone of the reasons my wife liked quickies. After getting the coffee started I turned to Sandy and started kissing again and rubbing her pussy, I like this sliding her panties aside, have you ever made love on a kitchen counter I asked.

No she said but it is on my bucket list kissing me deep,well lets check this off then I said. I undid her blouse kissed and licked my way down to her breasts these are beautiful a said cupping each tit and sucking her small nipplesjust the right size.

I then moved to my knees pulling her dress up kissed her legs then her inner thighs while removing her panties and slipping a finger into her wet pussy. She moaned and slid to the edge of the counter lifting up slightly to allow me to get two fingers deep into her increasingly wet pussy.

I stood up and we kissed adorable teen toy pussy fucking masturbation webcam hands wrapped around my shoulders I could tell she was getting close to an orgasm as she sucked my tongue almost out of my mouth. When she came down from that ride I took my pants off and slid my hard cock into her. As I fucked away at her she got so wet that her cum was dripping down my cock and onto the floor.

I slid it in and out slowly I was fucking her deep until we both finally came ,I continued to fuck her until she had another orgasm, coming down from that she stopped me.

Oh my she said that was wonderful, I eased her down better take that dress off before you soak it I said helping her sit down at the table. I went to the laundry and came back naked with two robes she stripped and put it on.What beautiful body you have I said cupping her breasts, these are just the right size still firm.

As I caressed them her nipples hardened it sure is hard to believe you are 60 yrs old and your husband doesn't ravish your body. I would have worn you out in 20 years.,we both laughed she hugged and kissed probably she said. We sat down and began to talk as she sipped her coffee I said to her I would like to know more about you .What would you like to know she said I feel pretty comfortable with you. I said well when did you first think of sex out side your marriage and why .She said I was 49 yrs oldwe had been married for 20 yrs with very little sexI was getting really frustratedtired of having to get my self off after we had sex.

He just never had the sexual urges that I had or needed ,I loved him ,still do, he is a heck of a man good to me and good father but lousy in bed. I had read about people meeting on Craig's list and decided to check it out ,sad huh.I was thinking here at 49 yrs old and I am reduced to this, I felt kind of dirty.

But I posted an ad any ways,It didn't take over a couple days and I had a quite a few messages. Some were good some were raunchy but some got me aroused .I weeded out the bad ones and contacted a few of the ones that I liked and were close enough where we could meet.

The first one that got back to me was only 32 yrs old his picture was nice and we talked for a couple of days then decided to meet. When we met I was really nervous but the meeting went well he seemed like a real nice guy so we made another date .This time he had reserved a room at a hotel and I met him there, we had sexhe was terrible she laughed. He lasted a lot longer than my husband but rougher. His oral skills suckedhe was able to cum several times and he had a nice cock that I liked but he wanted to cum on my face.I told him I swallow I dont like that and that it seems kinda degrading to me.

When we fucked and he started cumming he pulled out and came up and shot his cum all over my breasts and face any ways. He also wanted to do anal and tried even though Hours xxc story beg girl told him that I dont do that either she said so we were done after that. We parted on a good note but I felt dirty and big tait mom and son guilty ,wrote him back a couple of days later but he never wrote back guess I was just a one night stand to him.

I felt used,disrespected, degraded and just didn't look any more I told her that I don't understand where shooting my cum all over the face would be very enjoyable. And why any one would want to screw your ass when your pussy is so much hotter, juicier and tastier too,I could eat you all night long. What about you when did you first do it, was it good, she asked sipping he coffee. Well I said I had just turned 50my wife was never sexual and I was frustrated too always having to be the one that initiated sex and some timesmost of the times ended up stoking my self off.

One evening at work I was hit on my an older woman so I went home with her and had great sex. So good that I had sex with her for several months but she didn't like oral sex giving or receiving .She would jump on me kiss and screw me until I came we would cuddle a bit then kinda ushered me out.

I also felt used but really guilty I finally had to stop. I loved my wife and after a few months I sat down and wrote he a letter telling her how I felt and how sex was important in my life a real heart filled letter .I found it was easier to write down my feelings that speak them ,What did she say ,sandy asked. Get a girl friend I said but that didn't settle any thing I still felt frustrated until one day she asked me if I been looking.

I told her I couldn't so she got on line and signed me up on a dating site. Sandy looked surprised well did she find you some one she askedyes I had a hard time with it though I told her it didn't seem right so she explained that it was just a game think about it like golf you meet them play a good game and come home. Simple she said and showed me some messages that some women had sent me and said set some thing up and have fun.

to be continued