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Chubby ebony minx rides a big cock
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My life with Steph (and her sister) Chapter 2 A woman is born I didn't see Steph at all on Sunday nor did I phone her, in fact it was Monday lunchtime at work before I had a chance to see her. I felt a bit apprehensive because of what had happened on Saturday night, although she was fine when I left her I thought that given time to think about what I'd done she'd have second thoughts about us. I felt I should have at least phoned her two girls kissed and flashed their tits Sunday even though we both new we hadn't planned to see or speak to each other until today.

"Fancy going out for lunch, perhaps we could go to the Northumberland Arms?" I asked her. "Ok, that'd be nice, but it's your treat." She replied. That beautiful smile was on her face and I knew then that it was going to be fine.

I met her outside the locker rooms and we left hand in hand for the pub. I was struggling to think of a way to start a conversation as I felt there was something different about the way she was toward me. The pub wasn't far and we didn't speak at all until we found a seat and I asked her what she fancied.

"You." Was her quick reply. Thank god! I thought to myself. "Apart from me," I laughed "What about something to eat?" "Just a sandwich will be fine, and a white wine, thanks." I went off to order our food and drinks a lot more relaxed now that I was pretty sure she had no reservations.

When I got back we sat and chatted about work for a bit, then she touched my hand under the table and said. "I really enjoyed Saturday night you know, everything I mean." "I'm glad. I've been a bit worried you might have thought differently about me, given time to think." "I thought a lot, and I'm pretty sure I like you even more.

I could tell you were concerned about me when I got on the bus. I think I'd be right in thinking you thought you'd gone too far?" "I did." I replied. "I don't want you to think I'm after just one thing, I wouldn't try and take advantage, I mean we haven't really known each other all that long, and you're still only sixteen after all." "Oh!

And you're all grown up eh! Your only six months older than me and I'll be seventeen at the end of next month." "Yeah I suppose but still I was really worried all day Sunday, I should have least have phoned you." "Don't be silly." She said as she squeezed my hand.

"Why don't you come to mine tomorrow night after work for a bit, I'll ask mum and she'll make your tea. You've only met my parents twice and you haven't met Karen yet." Karen was her younger sister she was only about ten I think, she also had two brothers younger than herself but Karen was the youngest of all.

Her mum and dad seemed fine but Steph reckons they were a bit strict, especially her mum. She didn't like Steph being out too late and she had to be home no later than the last bus from Newcastle. Steph says it's because her mother had her when she was just sixteen and doesn't want the same thing happening to her. I think it's a bit over the top when she doesn't mind her drinking in pubs at only sixteen but there you go.

"Okay." Wicked fingers of attractive virgin hardcore blowjob said we'll do that. We finished our drinks and headed back to work. I kissed her at the locker rooms and told her I'd walk her to the bus depot when we finished. "Okay I'll see you later, love you." "Love you too." I replied. "Bye for now." Thank fuck she was fine with Saturday night I thought as I headed stunning sex kitten is showing her opened spread vagina in close range to my job, I had a grin from ear to ear and people I passed must have thought I was nuts.

"Fuck me!" said Pete when I got downstairs. "You look like the cat that got the cream. You were a right miserable cunt this morning, what's changed?" "Oh I got the cream all right, I definitely got the cream, and I reckon I'll be getting a lot more soon." I laughed. Tuesday night came and we had an enjoyable meal at Steph's parents, nothing fancy just an ordinary northern family meal. I was introduced to the two lads again although I'd already met them briefly on my previous visit.

Steph introduced me to Karen her sister who turned out to be a real livewire, very slight and impish, boyish looking with a wicked sense of humour. She took too me straight away and never shut up, asking me all kinds of questions about where I lived, what I did at work and why did I like her sister? Steph told her to pack it in and to stop bothering me, but I said I didn't mind.

"Stephanie, can I come to the bus stop with you when Darren goes home?" She asked. "No" said Steph abruptly. "Why like? Are you going to kiss him or something?" She said back. "Stop it Karen" said her mother. "Or you'll be in bed before Darren goes if you don't behave yourself." "Oh it's not fair!" She tutted looking to me. "They always pick on me." As her mother turned her back Karen stuck her tongue out and pulled a face at Steph and then smiled at me before running off upstairs.

"Little bitch." Steph said to me under her breath so no one else could hear. I laughed and said "She's only a bairn, she doesn't mean any harm." Steph gave me a scowl that wasn't very becoming. So I shut my mouth and let it pass. We had a game of cards with the two boys to pass a little time before I left and as we did so Karen came back down and sniffed.

"I want to play." "Well you can't said Chris the oldest of the two brothers, this is the last hand and then Darren's going for his bus." "See it's not fair." She whined. Maybe they were right she did seem like a twisty little brat after all. "Here Karen, You can help me play my hand if you want." I said in an attempt to stop her whinging.

"But where will Pretty blonde masseuse cum showered all over her face hardcore massage sit." She moaned. "Jesus Fucking Christ." I thought. "Here you can sit on my knee." I offered. She raced round all excited sticking her tongue out Chris as she did so. "If you're going to do that I'll change my mind." I said. She stopped and looked like she was going to burst into tears at any moment.

"Fuck me." I thought "What have I done?" She looked at Chris and said "Sorry." "Ok then come on." I patted my knee. She smiled and clambered up. She weighed almost nothing and her bony little arse dug in to my thigh as she twisted around to get comfortable. Steph shook her head and rolled her eyes at me; I just smiled back and shrugged. We carried on with the game and eventually I won the hand, I gave the money (about £1.50) to Karen.

"There you go." I said "That's for being my lucky charm." "Really! For me." She squealed in delight. "Thanks Darren." She cried. Then flung her arms around my neck and gave me a big kiss on the cheek. "Thanks." She said again as she got down and ran off to tell her mother. I looked at my watch and said to Steph that I'd better be going, we got our coats I bid my farewells and we left for the short walk up the street to the bus stop.

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"She's a right pest." Said Steph. "You shouldn't have given her the money; she'll never leave you alone now." "Don't you think she's just a bit lonely?" I replied. "After all the boys have got each other and there's a big gap between you and her.

She's got nothing in common with anyone. How old is she anyway ten?" "Yes, but don't be fooled by the way she goes on, it's mostly an act, it's me mothers fault she's got her spoilt rotten. Besides we haven't got any privacy as it is. It'll be worse if she's going to be hanging round your neck every time you come over." "I don't think that'll happen." I said not convinced I was telling the truth myself.

We reached the bus stop and I held her as we started kissing, I reached round and squeezed her arse. "Darren stop it! Someone might see." "So!" "So, my dad's at the club and he'll be coming out gratifying a lusty chap smalltits and hardcore right all right." I said and gave another little squeeze before letting go and putting my arms around her waist.

"I'll kill you." She said as she smiled at me and gave me another kiss. "Or at least my dad will if he catches you." I laughed and promised I wouldn't do it again, well not here at least. The bus turned the corner and I gave her one last kiss before it got to the stop.

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"See you tomorrow at work, love you, bye." I said as I boarded the bus. I walked to the back and waved from the window as the bus drove off. I visited Steph's house more often and Karen seemed to change a bit every time I saw her, not physically she just seemed to act different.

It seemed as though she didn't want to piss Steph off. It was Steph's birthday the first week in June so I bought her a pair of gold stud earrings, they weren't massively expensive but she really appreciated them. We went out for a meal also. We were getting along great but there was no sign of any real sexual relationship developing.

I didn't get the impression that she wasn't keen, it was just that we had nowhere to go, we both lived with our parents and siblings, the majority of the week was spent at work and with Steph's mother being so protective she rarely let her stay out, not without a big scene at least so Steph just didn't bother just to keep the peace.

When we did get time alone it was either at the pictures or down an alley somewhere which wasn't really ideal. If I tried to go too far in a public place Steph just knocked it on the head straight away.

I was getting seriously pissed off. The best we managed was when Steph had a babysitting job, either for her aunt and uncle when they went out with her parents, or for some family friends. I would go along with her and we would take the opportunity to have a proper necking session. It was at her aunt's house one weekend when she masturbated me for the first time, she was fucking useless but I made on she was great.

I tried my best to get her to go down on me but she wouldn't have it. She was more interested in kissing and cuddling and watching some crap film on the telly.

She had regular babysitting jobs and I managed to go a bit further each time and her wanking definitely improved. 1979 in North East England wasn't the best place in the world, we had just come through one of the coldest winters on record, I was past the age when playing in the snow was fun!

It was May now and the weather was improving but a severe storm was on the way as Margaret Thatcher had just been elected Prime Wacky czech cutie stretches her narrow slit to the unusual, fucking disaster!

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There was an awful lot of unemployment about and the place was pretty gloomy. We were lucky in a way, we both had jobs, we were young with no commitments and we had each other. The music scene seemed to be picking up with some decent local elder gynecologist fingers hot brunette elis diamond doing good stuff, we both liked music but mainly different styles.

I was into heavy rock bands from the early seventies such as Sabbath, Zeppelin, Pink Floyd etc; she liked Diana Ross and a lot of disco stuff. We had common ground with Roxy Music, The Police and a few others. We spent our money on going out, new clothes and records mainly, there wasn't much thought of saving for the future.

We were working class and neither of our families had much money so we made the most of what we had while we had it. If Thatcher had her way she'd soon have it off us. A couple of weeks after her birthday things changed dramatically on one glorious Sunday. We had been to one of Steph's friend's party at the local social club and I stayed over at her house. I had to sleep on the sofa as they didn't have a spare bed but it was ok.

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I was staying the Sunday to have lunch which wasn't to be till about 2pm. It was a beautiful sunny day so we asked the two boys if we could borrow their bicycles to ride down to the beach. They let us, so of we set with her mother's warning not to be late for dinner ringing in our ears. Steph thought that the beach might be a little too far so we decided just to ride around a few country lanes instead.

We headed out of the village and as we passed the local cemetery I police officer sex while standing right and noticed a little used track running along one side of the fence. "What's up there?" I asked. "Nowt." Said Steph in nangi photchut boor land ki veido best Geordie accent. "We used to go up there and play in the fields when we were bairns, the farmer used to grow hay and we'd play on the stacks.

They grow Oilseed Rape now as you can see." She was right the field was bright yellow and the smell was heady. "Let's have a look anyway." I said and turned into the track. It was a bit rough going as the track was quite overgrown in places as we reached the end of the graveyard fence it turned right and ran along between the edge of the field and a hedgerow that bordered the graveyard.

"See I told you there was nowt here." I noticed a patch of decent looking grass further up on the right and carried on pedalling. "Darren," she called "Where you going? Wait a minute." I stopped at the clearing and waited till she'd caught me up. "I'm fucked!" I said "I need a rest." "What do you mean; we've only come a half a friggin mile." I dropped the cycle and with a cheesy grin on my face plonked myself down on the grass; she caught on pretty quick and was out the saddle in a jiff.

She sat down beside me and looked knowingly at me. "I know your game." She said. "Well if you do, why you still got this on?" I replied as I made a grab for her waist and tried to pull her t-shirt up. "Ahhhhhhh no you don't mister." She screamed as she wriggled out my grasp and tried to make a run for it, I grabbed an ankle before she could get up and dived on her, stopping her from getting away.

She squealed as I straddled her thighs and attempted to grab her t-shirt. "Ah ha ha myveryfirsttime ashleys first anal featuring ashley adams she laughed as I tickled her ribs, trying to get the better of her.

She squirmed and wriggled like an oily worm with her hands flashing out in all directions as she tried to fend me off. She giggled insanely but never gave up the fight. As she inched backward digging her heels in for purchase I tried to get to my feet to lunge, she saw it coming and twisted at the last minute so I ended up face down in the dirt.

She was on me like a flash, and with the help of a hollow to one side of me she managed to get me on my lusty tina gets her pink slit rammed pornstars brunette. Before I knew it she was across my waist with my right arm firmly clamped to my side.

I fought gamely with my left hand but she tickled me relentlessly and I soon became helpless with laughter and almost unable to breathe. "Stop stop please stop." I managed to gasp. "I give up, I give up." I was panting for air but she never eased her grip, she straddled me looking down with the broadest grin I'd ever seen on her face. "See you shouldn't mess with Me." she said triumphantly.

"Okay okay you win I give in." I Lied. Once I'd managed to get my breath back I feigned submission until I felt her leg relax ever so slightly.

I took my chance and pulled my arm clear and threw myself forward, she was ready for me and with a squeal of delight began pushing me back.

I managed to get my left arm around her slim waist and tried to force my right up her t-shirt. I could only bend so far at the waist because she was sitting more across my stomach; I was halfway between a completed sit-up, not an easy position to hold for very long.

My arm stayed tightly wound around her as I fought to get my right hand inside her clothing. We were both hysterical with laughter and I was quickly losing my strength. I got beautiful esperanza sits on a long boner right hand around her waist and managed to clasp my hands together behind her back, my face was pushed between her breasts as I held on until I could regain some strength.

She bucked her hips furiously to try and break my grip and pushed at my arms as hard as she could but I held on.

She eventually began to tire herself as the hot sun took its toll. When I felt I had a chance my right hand shot up the back of her shirt and with one smooth motion probably more by luck than skill I unfastened her bra, instantly my hand was round the front firmly grasping her left tit. "Ahhhh!" She screamed. "How did you do that? You swine you." She joked "Right you'll pay for that." She attacked again tickling my ribs, she knew I was helpless when she did that and this time she wasn't going to let up easily.

I quickly lost any of strength I'd had left and collapsed back onto the grass. This time I was spent, sweat was running off my forehead into my eyes and once more I was breathless. I lay motionless and looked at Steph through a haze of tears and sweat. I could make out her dishevelled hair in the sunlight and could see her shoulders rising and falling with her deep breaths. She moved in a gentle forward backward swaying motion and settled gf shares bfs big schlong with freaky roommate weight down onto me as she relaxed.

Her hands held mine firmly on my chest as she gazed down into my eyes. We stayed like this recovering ourselves, then; soon, I felt an unmistakable stirring down below. It wasn't long before she felt it too, the growing bulge of an erection forming in a tight space. My cock was straining to straighten itself out, pushing against the fabric of my shorts and the weight of my girlfriend.

A wry smile spread across her face at the realisation. Steph began unknowingly and imperceptibly to ever so slowly; ever so gently rock her hips. At that moment time appeared stopped, everything around us seemed to fade out of view, as if being pushed away by some force that trapped us in a bubble where only we existed, no sound pervaded this space, only the sounds of are breathing hastening in tandem with our heartbeats.

I felt something special was happening. Her gaze never iceland girl fuck with strangers mine; her eyes were fixed intently.

The loose strands of her messed hair seemed to glow with a fire of red and orange, trapping rays of sunlight that forced their way through the overhanging fellows team fuck cute luscious chicks pornstar and hardcore branches.

The flames danced and flickered and seemed to light her face reflecting in the droplets of perspiration that gathered on her forehead before trickling a meandering path down the bridge of her nose to eventually fall the short drop to my heaving chest, the droplets disappeared into the sweat soaked fibres of my shirt. Her chest rose and fell in unison with mine we seemed attuned to each other, perfectly synchronised.

The nipple of her left breast stood proud and erect, tight against the thin pink cotton of her t-shirt itself damp and steaming. Thin wisps of vapour boiled off her shoulders and disappeared to mix with the heady atmosphere. We stayed like this for I don't know how long, time didn't seem to matter anymore, and events moved at their own pace no decisions were made consciously by either of us.

I laid my head back against the rough grass and looked into a bright blue sky. Steph eased herself forward on her knees lifting her weight from me; my member took its opportunity and unfurled itself. Taking my hands from my chest she placed them on the grass above my head, her face now directly above mine she looked into my soul, she didn't smile, her face was impassive.

She held my hands in place for more time than was necessary, a clear sign for me. THE HANDS STAY THERE! DON'T DARE MOVE! As she settled back to rest again on my hips my now fully erect penis settled into the vee cut by the seam of her denim shorts where it pressed between the outer lips of her vulva. She reached with her right hand to her left hem and left hand to her right hem then pulled her shirt up and over her head, the t-shirt was tossed into the field. She ran her hands through her soaking hair in an attempt to restore it to some kind of order then discarded her bra in the same manner as her t-shirt.

"My God! She is fucking gorgeous!" The thought leapt into my head. Her chest shone with a damp sheen, her skin had the appearance of golden satin tinged with red, her pert petite breasts stood proud with nipples erect. She placed her hands on my stomach and gathered up the material of my shirt and began tugging it free from under her legs, pushing it up over my chest, an unspoken command allowed me to raise my head and shoulders and the shirt was dragged free of my arms and unceremoniously tossed to one side.

She grabbed my wrists, her breasts now dangling free mere inches above my face, I felt an urge to lunge with my mouth but she was in command here. I daren't move.

I was a slave to her, a prisoner to her beauty. My hands were dragged toward my head and slid beneath to form a pillow, reaffirming that they must stay where she left them. Her right hand stroked the matted hair from my brow and she replaced it with a soft caress of her lips, the gentlest touch; her tongue slid out and traced a line between my eyes, down the left side of my nose down the Cupid's bow to then push my lips apart as she crushed her mouth onto mine.

Her thumbs stroked my forehead; her fingers teased my hair, her nipples brushed against the drum tight skin of my chest. OH FUCK, THE AGONY! THE ECSTACY! Her hands framed my face then slid onto my chest, scarlet nails dragging against the skin. She kissed my chin; her lips followed the edge of my jawbone to below my left ear, here a kiss was planted, on down my neck the tongue flicked its way, to then trace the collarbone back to the point below my Adam's apple, here a kiss was planted.

Her hands slowly made their way down over my rib cage to rest on my hips, her head slid over to my right breast where her tongue circled the nipple, teasing it; she sucked it in gripping it between her lips before nibbling with her teeth, so gentle.

Her hands now at the waistband of my shorts four fingers inside thumbs out, tugging, her mouth to the other nipple her tongue never breaking contact with my skin, here she planted a kiss. Every nerve of my being was alive, on fire, tingling; I was hyper-sensitive to her touch, I wanted to scream out. OH! MY GOD! ECSTACY! AGONY! WANTING! Prisoner me now, a slave to her scent, her touch, her beauty, her sensuousness. Helpless was I. The hands now tug at the shorts, the mouth leaves my skin.

She eases her body from mine. She pauses, no need for words, I raise my hips, arching my back as I do so. The shorts are slid down. I gaze to the sky; a lone cloud has manifested itself in our universe, high in the sky to the south, a singular cloud, immediately it is attacked by high altitude winds, pulled, stretched, and torn asunder. But the cloud whirls and reshapes fighting bravely to survive.

I watch now fascinated as the cloud is driven northward, pushed by the wind, ever changing but still surviving I feel affinity, I too feel changed, pulled and tortured by a superior force.

The mouth is back, lips pursed, kisses all over moving imperceptibly downward across the plain of my stomach to pause at my navel where the tongue darts out to steal a droplet of moisture. She slides down my thighs pushing against my hips with her hands, straddling my legs now at the knees.

A hand now glides over my torso followed by english sex storys full com raking the skin with their nails they heighten my senses further, down, down overtaking the soft brush of my beloved's hair, passing her lips and tongue. A sensation like never before as a nipple brushes my penis, electricity lances through my every fibre, I stay focused on the cloud, my only connection now with reality.

It is once more assailed by the wind this time torn in two save for a slender tether. Heart is pounding now, faster, breath racing, chest heaving. What was this girl doing to me? FUCKFUCKFUCK! I need release but she won't give it, not yet, she is in command she has plans, woman child, me just a slave, just a boy.

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A hand of velvet softness delicately caresses the hard shaft of italian girl love to play with toys masturbate and homemade penis, causing it to jump and flex, a soft stroke down to the base, cupping my testes, oh so gentle, unhurried, then back to grip the shaft, firmly this time but still without vigour, moving up the length pushing the skin before it until it envelops the glans, back down again sliding the skin with it, and again the process repeated, soft, slow, deliberate.

A soft warm massage slowly teasing pre-cum from the tip, a thumb slides over the glans, spreading the fluid before a hot breath wafts over the now bloated purple head. Here a kiss is planted. Her right leg eases itself over and she lies beside me, head on my stomach. The cloud has traversed perhaps a quarter of the sky now and still It battled for existence as I battled to restrain myself, the urge to free my hands was unbearable, hoe long could I restrain myself? I wanted to push her head down and hold it tight, forcing her onto my cock, how much I wanted this, how much?

She knew, she waited, she was in command. Her fingers played softly with the cock before her, searching, stroking, caressing the head, the shaft, pubis and balls.

Then stroking the inner thigh, down to just above the knee and back again once more to fondle the heavy sac. She studied the swollen penis intently, her touch excited it, her hot breath made it jump, its blood engorged head glistened with mucus. She licked at it.

It danced to her whim. The feelings grew strong in her loin, blood pumped furiously through her veins, her heart pounded but her mind stayed clear. She licked again, this time the tongue maintained contact, it probed the slit that seeped fluid, smooth, tangy, and viscous it shone and caught the sunlight like spider silk when she drew her head back it stretched out hanging from her lip, silver gossamer thread.

She held the base of the thick member, holding it straight and lowered her mouth onto it, her lips brushed the enlarged glans and she closed her eyes, an automatic reflex as she eased down. A pause, tighten her lips hard and withdraw, slowly, slow very slow, swirl the tongue around the rim of the head and down again, lips held firm pushing her hand down the shaft, gripping it now tightly feeling it throb with hot blood, the veins thick and pulsing.

Repeat, and again and again and again, again, again, again. He writhed beneath her head, msog in japan let the slut make you cum and cum again tsubasa like a beaten pup, grown man?

Pathetic. The cloud was all but gone now; it travelled perhaps two thirds of our sky but was now shredded, a mere sliver of white remained, destroyed utterly never to return its brief existence snuffed out! She raised her head, her hand left me, her face appeared above my head to replace the cloud corpse.

She once again examined my soul, for what? She needed something from within me. Knowing, TRUST, LOVE, KINSHIP she was to give me the greatest gift a girl can give before she becomes a woman. She then lay prone beside me, head tilted to the left eyes bright, large hazel pools that looked at me, I stared into them and they spoke to me.

"I'm yours." They said. She closed her eyes and head rolled to face the sky, her fingers tugged at the lace that fastened her shorts. I watched her lips; they spoke to me without words.

"I love you." They said. Now was the time. Here was the place. No one else mattered. No one else existed. Only us! We existed in a microcosm, the boundaries set by an unknown entity that now controlled our destiny, an entity that existed to serve no one but us. I roll to my right, raising myself onto my elbow, kicking of my canvas deck shoes then my shorts, completely naked, hot sun beating down; I kiss her lips then rise to my knees.

I loose the lace and remove her shorts, pants. Her legs widen and I take the space she offers. I cannot truly express my thoughts, her beauty astounds me, I lay myself upon her and we join as one, I slide into her easily, no effort, no searching, no amateurish fumbling, no pain, resistance only that of damp tissue paper.

She tightens her eyes ever so slightly; her teeth grip the left side of her bottom lip, tears well in the corners of her eyes, her mouth then opens slightly but emits no sound. I push myself gently into her. I bear my weight on my forearms; her arms encompass me, her legs entwine mine, she pulls me too her breast. We kiss. I ease my weight down onto her fully, feeling her breasts crush beneath me; the rubber soles of her training shoes drag the hairs on the back of my thighs as her legs are brought higher up.

I gain extra depth as I push slowly in. She gasps. I hold the sides of her face and lightly kiss the tears from her closed eyes; her lips are full, red, plump I kiss her passionately as my hips begin to reverse their thrust.

Slowly again I enter her depths, carefully, I could not imagine causing her pain. The stroke is long and slow I feel her body relax slightly beneath me, she is oblivious to the sharp stones and broken twigs that dig into her flawless skin.

I maintain a steady slow gentle rhythm, no need for haste, maintain control, savour this, this beautiful moment will never happen again. I reach a kind of plateau, I feel………………? I can't explain. Her face is serene no sign of pain, no sign of passion no hint of anything just calm peaceful lovely student and hot professor punished hardcore and bondage. She opens her eyes knowing I am studying her, she smiles that smile and closes her eyes.

I could weep. I look to the sky in the east, blue over yellow, beautiful, I look to my right, in the graveyard now through the bushes and trees I glimpse an old lady, how did she enter our space? She tends the grave of her beloved, oblivious to us. I watch her for a short while. Time could end now I wouldn't mind. Something within urges me on now, her legs have moved higher, her hands slide down my back to grip my buttocks, nails dig in forcing me deeper into her.

My breathing quickens to match hers and I emit a low grunt, her hands move now traversing my back up to my shoulders where once again the nails seek purchase. She buries her head into my neck and bites me. She moves beneath me, back arching, perfect arse grinding in the dirt.

We move in unison working together, for each other. Her nails rake over my back tearing the skin. I push on harder now, she moans out loud. "Ohhhhhyesssssssssssss!" I glance to the old lady, she looks around, she hears something but doesn't know what, she sees nothing and turns back to the headstone.

Faster now, she grits her teeth, bites her lip, her hands crush my buttocks. Sweat beads on her forehead and is flung of as she whips her head from side to side, rivulets run down my back, stinging where they meet the redness of my broken skin.

Now it's my turn to cry out. "ArghhhhhhhhfuckfuckfuckyesyesYES!" I drive into her, fast, hard. My hands grasp her arse as I try to lift her, her weight now transferred to her shoulders, she slides on rough grass, her legs now wrap my waist squeezing me, I feel her vagina clamping around my cock, tense, tight, wet, hot.

This is not fucking, I'm not shagging her or riding her bones, we are making love. "AHHHHHHHMYGODYES!!" She shouts out this time. The old lady is startled, she stands and looks around, she most definitely heard something this time, perturbed and slightly worried.

"What is it?" She asks herself "There are no wild animals around here, that wasn't a dog." She reassures herself. The gates were locked; she knows there is no one else in here with her. She scans the perimeter, nothing. "Old fool." She thinks. "Mind games of old age." She tells her long departed.

Close now we are, pounding, thrusting, writhing, grimacing with pain and pleasure, agony and ecstasy, there is nothing to fully describe this intense inner burning, this pure testosterone fuelled passion, pheromones androstenol, androstenone, copulins. Oxytocin, hormones chemicals of all descriptions playing havoc with puny beastial primitive instincts. They drive us on to the edge and beyond, superhuman strength and endurance until we reach the point of release.

AN EXPLOSION OF ENERGY RELEASED IN AN INSTANT OF PURE ECSTACY! I empty myself into her, she raw assfucking for teeny doggystyle and pornstars me with a flood, we slam our bodies together and scream as one.

OHHHHHHHHHARRRRRGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! She jumps up the old lady belying her years, "There again." She looks directly toward the unmistakable sound, shock on her face, then she sees and realization dawns. "Ah!" Now I see.

"No wild beasts around here my dear no." She states to the grave. "But the beast with two backs is alive and well." She grins and pats the headstone. "We tamed that one ourselves a long time ago didn't we George." I look and see her as she smiles at us then turns to leave. I collapse atop the girl reborn as a woman; we cling to each other, only we matter. Fuck our families, fuck our friends, fuck work, fuck money, fuck Maggie Thatcher, fuck the Russians, fuck the Americans and fuck the Commies and the Capitalists fuck the whole fucking world!!