Hot latina rides a stiff meat pole brunette and cumshot

Hot latina rides a stiff meat pole brunette and cumshot
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. I loved dancing, I don't know if I'm a good dancer or not, I have got rhythm but when I have a drink I dance like I'm on my own and couldn't care less what other people think. A few blokes would surround us and dance, and depending on how drunk or how attractive they were we would dance with them. All of a sudden a muscled up black guy came up behind me and started gyrating behind me.

Donna had also pulled so I turned round and started dirty dancing with this guy, I couldn't remember his name, I don't know if he told me or not but I couldn't remember the morning after. I always made sure that I wasn't leaving one of the girls on their own.

There were only four of us out that night and there's nothing worse then dancing on your own when all your mates have pulled! He was trying to say something to me, but I couldn't understand what he was saying, partly because he had a strong accent, and partly because we were standing right next to the speakers. Big (as we shall call him cos as aforementioned I have no idea what his name is!) was running his hands up and down my stringy haired blonde lily love roughed up on couch, each time going a little lower.

Soon he had his hands cupped round my arse, pressing my groin to his leg. I could feel his cock through his jeans, and he was big! Donna grabbed my arm to get another drink; Big passed me a £20 to get them and one for him too. I felt in over my head! I had no idea how old he was, he was a complete stranger!

I'd danced with him for 10 minutes and I already had an idea how big his cock was.

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Donna asked me if I was ok, and I nodded. I'm normally pretty good at judging people and I didn't feel uneasy round him, if anything those big strong arms made me feel safe.

So I returned to him and gave him his drink, he leant down and kissed me on the cheek, I tried handing passing him the change but he pressed it back towards me, and mouthed 'taxi'.

I was a bit wary at that point; did he mean a taxi for me and him, or for me and the girls? I downed my double vodka and continued dancing with him.

'Push it' was playing and we were literally having sex on the dance floor, albeit fully clothed. Big lifted my chin and kissed me. His tongue was girl gets hardcore anal with tanner mayes big! It nearly filled my mouth, but he was a soft kisser. I could hear the girls whooping at the sight of seeing me kissing this stranger! We kissed for about 10 minutes, our arms wrapped around each other our groins pressing against each other.

We had moved off the dance floor and were now sitting in a dark corner. We continued kissing, and he had put his hand in my top and was squeezing my tit gently.

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I had one hand round his neck, one rubbing his cock through his jeans. The girls came and sat by us, but to be honest I didn't notice them, till I came up for a drink! I needed the toilet so I signalled to him that id be 2 minutes. I was in the toilet and I heard a knocking on the door. I could see his shoes so I opened the cubicle and let him in, luckily we were the only ones in there. He sat down on the toilet (I had finished my wee and flushed and put the seat down) and pulled me on top of him.

I sat on his lap so we were facing each other and began grinding on top of him as we were kissing. He lifted my top off and placed it on the cistern. He grabbed my tits and squeezed them before sucking the nipples. He had made lots of love bites all over my tits, which I was worrying about having to explain to Craig. I wanted to fuck him!

Play with my tits for 2 minutes and I'm ready to shagg! I stood up and shimmied out of my skirt, whilst he pulled his jeans and underwear raunchy blowgang session with a black hottie. When I looked at the size of his cock I could've cried! It was massive! Bigger than any cock id seen! It was a longer then Craig and about the same thickness as Chris. He sat back down and I sat on top of him, worrying about the pain that was coming.

I felt my pussy, trying to get myself wet, but to my surprise I was already very wet! He lined his cock up and I impaled myself onto it. There was a little pain, but it was more pleasure then I could ever imagine whilst being fucked. I just thank God I was wasted- because I know that hurt- but the alcohol numbed it!

I had lowered myself completely on to him so that his pubic hair was touching my outer twat. I was shocked that I could take his whole cock in my cunt that a year ago struggle to even allow Craig's cock in! The feeling of him in me was amazing. He put his hands under my ass, and then lifted me up; I immediately wrapped my arms round his neck to hang on as he stood up.

My legs wrapped round his hips.

He pushed me against the wall of the cubicle and began fucking me, hard and fast! I threw my head back biting my lip, trying to suppress the moans of pleasure.

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I could hear people coming in and out, talking about lip stick, and cute guys and here I was fucking a guy I'd met an hour ago a metre or so away from them. He was really into it, staring at my tits bouncing as he lifted me up and down on top of his huge cock.

I had to put my hand on top of the door to steady myself. This fuck was better than any Craig or Chris had given me! I never wanted it to end. I loved the feeling of his cock in me, when it was fully in me I felt full and satisfied; when he withdrew I couldn't wait for him to thrust in me again! I had 2 orgasms during the 15 minute fuck. He backed away from me, and I unwrapped my legs and he made sure I was safely backed on the floor.

He then lifted the toilet lid; I think he was aiming to shoot his load in the bowl- but Big came instead all over the seat, lid and even a bit on the walls! I have never seen so much cum! I stood there with my arms round his waist, running my hands over his muscled body whilst he shuddered. When he had finished he turned round and kissed me again. I stood back and looked at his now flaccid cock and it was still bigger then Chris's hard cock!

I began to get dressed, now getting worried about the girls and hoping they hadn't moved on or gone home. When we were both dressed I left the cubicle first to make sure it was empty before we both slipped out back into the heaving club! Luckily the girls were still sitting there looking absolutely wasted.

I sat beside them with the biggest grin on my face! They looked at me and laughed knowing full well where id just been! Big had stopped off at the bar to pick up some drinks and came back, with a tray full of glasses. He had brought us all double vodka and tequila! He sat next to me, also with a massive grin on his face. He passed the drinks around leaving mine till last.

When he did give me my drinks he gave me another long lingering kiss, before joining his mates. The last thing I can a very sexy blonde milf gets her pussy licked before she rides lovers cock remember of that night is dancing with him again, and grinding against him whilst kissing passionately